SoftwareWorld Unveils VCC Live® as a Leading Call Center Software

Vcc live

What is VCC Live®:

VCC Live® is an innovative company offering professional call and contact center software and telecommunication services.

It provides cloud-based technology currently used by 7000+ operators around the world. The key aspect of its worldwide success is a product being constantly developed to fit changing industry business needs.

With VCC Live®’s software, call and contact centers can handle a full spectrum of incoming and outgoing services – through Phone, Email, SMS, Chat and Social Media.

VCC Live® main features

⇒ Multichannel

Handle communication with your customers using a wide variety of channels by interacting with them via phone, email, SMS, chat and social media in parallel.

⇒ Powerful predictive dialer

Double your efficiency with our predictive dialer! By using a predictive dialer, you can achieve between 30 and 49 minutes of active talk time per hour, while the number of abandoned calls can be kept under 3%.

⇒ Real-time statistics and monitoring

Our powerful real-time statistics and reporting tools allow your business to better monitor your team’s performance while generating inbound and outbound call statistics in real time.

⇒ VCC Pay

Our unique feature, VCC Pay, allows your agents to initiate 100% secure credit and debit card payments during a phone conversation. VCC Pay holds the strictest PCI DSS certificate, making it one of the most secure payment methods available on the market.

⇒ Advanced script editor

Empower your agents by giving them powerful call center scripts! Our advanced script editor allows you to create and tailor-made complex scripts in a few simple steps.

⇒ Telco services

As an experienced telco service provider we offer all the phone numbers and lines your call center needs – both national and international. This includes cheap call tariffs from as many phone numbers as you need.

Future of VCC Live®

⇒ More than a software company

VCC Live® is more than just a software company: after the setup and training period, our support team and dedicated account managers continue to offer ongoing support as needed. Furthermore, our expert team provides call center consulting services using the expert industry knowledge they have acquired through the years.

⇒ Agile development method

Customer-centric approach is the heart of our company, providing our customers with developments based on their unique business needs. Our agile development methods ensure that our clients enjoy the benefits of a customized and state-of-the-art call center software solution.

⇒ VCC Live® Expansion

VCC Live® is a global leader in providing call center software and telecommunication services, with a strong presence in the European, American and African markets.

About VCC Live®

VCC Live provides innovative cloud-based call and contact center solutions that empower businesses to provide the best customer experience. For additional information, visit

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