List of Top 10 Employee Management Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is employee management software?

This software is a comprehensive combination of tools that are used for the management of employees. This system stores and manages the employee’s confidential data and enables the HR team to handle and process all functions related to the employees, including recruitment, performance appraisals, onboarding, offboarding formalities, and more. 

The employee management software solutions include employee performance and engagement, information, and value-driven organizational tools.

» How to choose the best employee management software?

Several employee management software for small businesses are available in the HR technology industry; therefore, it can be challenging for you to acquire a perfect solution. We can help you narrow down the selection process; consider the aspects listed here to ensure you make a perfect buying decision. 

The software should be easy to install and 100% user-friendly. It should be cloud-based software that offers role-based access and audit trails. The system should offer multi-device compatibility. It should also have a self-service dashboard for employees and should be able to connect with 3rd-party APIs seamlessly. 

Such employee management software should send alerts and notifications on reports, insights, and other management dynamics. It should come with great reviews on online platforms.

» Top 10 Employee Management Software in 2023

best Employee Management Software

1. Connecteam


Connecteam is a pioneer of people management software that offers a wide range of business management solutions in one go. It provides top-notch solutions for employee communication, employee scheduling, employee time-clock, employee task management, digital checklists and forms, and HR & people management. It empowers the management processes linked with your workforce to ensure that you have ample resources to grow your business for better returns and profits.


  • All-in-one business management solutions
  • Automated admin dashboard
  • Employee communication and time clock
  • Employee scheduling, checklists, and forms
  • Employee task management
  • HR and people management


  • With this employee management software, you can communicate, manage and train your employees – an all-in-one, especially the non-desk ones. 
  • This software also helps the HR managers to keep the employees in a close loop by engaging and motivating them continuously.
  • You can measure and track your company’s procedures in real time because this software is 100% automated.
  • This user-friendly software features everything that can provide you with a better, stronger, more reliable team than ever before.


You can effortlessly move your business forward with this staff management software. This software offers enhanced solutions such as basic, advanced, and expert packages for larger enterprises. The brand offers a 14-day free trial to explore the products and features for small business solutions with up to 10 users.

  • Basic operations: $29/month
  • Advanced operations: $49/month
  • Expert operations: $99/month

2. Kissflow


If you have to manage a lot of work on a single platform, then Kissflow is the best employee management software. It is a dynamic application builder offering uncomplicated employee management software tools for all HR processes. It is simple to use, flexible for all enterprise requirements, and powerful enough to boost your employee’s work efficiency. It offers several features, which are discussed further.


  • Cloud-based, automated software
  • 100% customizable system 
  • Applicant tracking and recruitment
  • Leave & attendance management
  • Performance and appraisal management
  • Employee on-boarding & off-boarding
  • Intuitive, interactive work boards
  • Enterprise-grade privacy and security


  • You don’t need different apps for different HR processes when you have this system. You can complete all procedures from hiring to retirement with this single software.
  • This software gives you seamless access to monitor your employee’s performance and offers a scope of improvement within your workforce. 
  • This system can be customized per your requirement, which means you can make flexible HR processes possible with employee management system tools.


Access to this employee management software is available in simple segregated packages, which include small business, corporate, and enterprise packages. Let’s understand per user pricing of each package.

  • Small Business: $10/month (min. 50 users required)
  • Corporate: $20/month (min. 100 users required)

You need to contact the sales team at Kissflow for employee management software features and a personalized quote if you wish to opt-in for the Enterprise Package.

3. Rippling


Rippling is complete people management software – it lets you handle all HR and IT processes on a single system. With any hassle, managers can now take care of the employee’s devices, performance, payrolls, benefits, onboarding/off-boarding, and more from a single application. It is 100% automated, cloud-based software.


  • 100% automated, user-friendly system
  • Time and attendance management
  • Talent and learning management
  • Single sign-on with app provisioning
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Enhanced password management
  • Payroll and PEO services


  • The payroll system that this software offers makes complex processes of multi-state employees straightforward – it offers hands-on solutions every time.
  • The software is updated, often offering more and more integrations for businesses. This makes tasks user-friendly for the team on every update.
  • You can operate, manage and communicate all processes related to employee management with this single employee management software


Rippling offers its solutions at a mere $8 per month for one user. They believe in offering precisely what you want; therefore, you need to contact their sales team to ensure you get a personalized quotation and software package.


monday-best-employee-management-software is among the best employee management systems to consider engaging and pipeline your employee talents. It can provide you with high-level visibility in employee’s regular performance so that you can utilize their talents for enhanced business returns and profits. This software can cater to your HR team’s requirements like a PRO!


  • High-level overview with valuable insights
  • Employee development management
  • Confidential communication platform
  • Automated reminders and notifications
  • Autopilot tools for repetitive tasks
  • Multiple data viewing options
  • Automated 3rd-party tools integration 


  • With, it becomes easy and convenient for HR managers to recognize top talents within the company.
  • This software offers ready-to-use recruitment and employee templates with which you can choose the best possible talent from the available potential candidates.
  • With this software’s innovative dashboard, you can view and manage all employee management processes on a single screen.


Three major variants are available when you intend to subscribe to the employee management software. These monthly packages include:

  • Basic: $8/month
  • Standard: $10/month
  • Pro: $16/month

You can subscribe for free if you need to login with not more than five users; however, if you have extensive use, you can also contact the sales team for a customized enterprise package. They will cater to your requirements to offer you the best possible features within your budget.

5. Asana


Asana provides best-in-class employee management software features, which can help HR managers coordinate tasks across departments and teams. It helps streamline systematic procedures with readymade, easy-to-use templates. It allows you to keep your workforce well-aligned by centralizing all critical information. 


  • Automated dashboard 
  • Cross teams coordination
  • Streamline recurring processes
  • Centralize internal resources
  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and storage
  • Boards, lists, and calendar views
  • Easy, hassle-free integration


  • With Asana, the HR team can track the team’s performance and generate better results from them for high profits.
  • All the HR processes are made easy with the employee management platforms offered by Asana. It helps in hiring, onboarding, offboarding, and supporting the team.
  • This employee software makes HR processes, including interviews, recruitment pipelines, internal resourcing, and more simple and convenient.


Asana offers its solutions for free for individual solutions; however, it does offer paid packages for businesses with added features and advantages. As we all know, employee management tools need to be purchased per user; let’s understand their monthly costs.

  • Premium: $10.99/month
  • Business: $24.99/month

You may also contact the sales team for personalized solutions if you require a different or large-scale package for your enterprise. 

6. Paycor


Avoid cost-effecting errors within your company and automate all your HR processes with the Paycor employee and people management software. This software has a stronghold in the industry with 30 years of experience and more than 2 million premium subscribers. It offers you top-notch implementation technology with software that is good enough for both small businesses and large-scale enterprises.


  • Automated overtime dashboard
  • Tax management with stress-free compliance
  • Labor cost and expense report management
  • Real-time notifications and news alerts
  • Online readymade to customized templates
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Seamless analytics and reports
  • Background screening and pay solutions
  • Video interviewing and payroll certification


  • This employee management software is an ideal investment for growing businesses – it keeps you away from a manual process that can lead to costly errors.
  • Paycor doesn’t believe in selling all-in-one technology; it serves its clients individually per their needs and budgets – the solutions are 100% customized.
  • Employee payroll and taxation processes are ongoing and require continuous curve checks, which isn’t 100% possible manually. This expert software does the job for you.


Paycor offers a few readymade plans for small (up to 50 employees) and medium-to-large-scale businesses (up to 1000 employees.) For small businesses, the enrolment pricing for monthly plans are:

  • Complete: $199/month + ($14 per employee)
  • Core: $199/month + ($8 per employee)
  • Essential: $149/month + ($7 per employee)
  • Basic: $99/month + ($5 per employee)

You must contact the sales team for medium and large enterprises, and they shall design a complete, budget-friendly package for your company. You can also get a 3-month membership free by subscribing to it.

7. Dayforce HCM Software

Dayforce HCM Software-best-employee-management-software

You can draw employee management software comparison aside by putting your workforce records in one place with Dayforce HCM. With this software, you can now manage your employee better than ever, as it lets you integrate other apps and receive all employee information. It offers easy, user-friendly access to multiple mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and tablets.


  • Single employee record system
  • Multi-device access with 3rd-party API integration
  • Organizational hierarchy navigation panel
  • Role-based privacy on sensitive data
  • Geographical pay zones
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Workflow and letter management 


  • This software provides a comprehensive growth platform to the company as it follows six aspects: customer focus, agility, equity, transparency, optimism, and shared ambition.
  • You don’t have to surf and swap apps to gain information about an employee; with Dayforce HCM, you can manage and view everything in one place on the employee card.
  • As an HR head, you have complete control over what employees can add, edit, view, and delete. Your complete burden gets shifted on this software once you use it.


Dayforce hasn’t disclosed its pricing for employee management software as it believes in handling its clients one-on-one. You must contact its sales team for complete information on the software and a quote per your requirement.

8. Goco


Goco offers one of the best employee management systems for small businesses for a consolidated HR experience. Get all your HR processes, such as hiring, documents, onboarding, time-keeping, organizational charts, performance, benefits, off-boarding, reports, and payroll, in one place. This software is helpful simply on-the-go as it offers real-time notifications and alerts on your dashboard with employee updates.


  • Automated employee management platforms
  • Customized onboarding solutions
  • Third-party integration with apps
  • Fully compliant with rules and regulations
  • Complete access to employee benefits
  • Real-time dashboard notifications and alerts 


  • You will feel engaged and empowered with the employee management tools that enable the HR team to manage employee benefits.
  • It is an all-in-one solution for the HR manager who is under the burden of multiple tasks for the employees, including everything from hiring to off-boarding and payroll to benefits.
  • GoCo provides exceptional customer service with an excellent understanding of what their clients require; they offer extraordinary service at all levels.


GoCo offers workforce management software solutions from $5 per month per user; however, you must contact customer service or the sales department for a detailed quote. They will provide customized solutions with budget-friendly quotations per your company’s requirements.

9. Workday HCM

Workday HCM-best-employee-management-software

The Workdayhuman capital management system is a perfect solution if you always want to be a step ahead of the trend. Most well-known companies have partnered with Workday for employee management software solutions. With this one, you can develop an innovative talent strategy that is skill-driven and a talent-engaging experience. The seamless insights are 100% decision-oriented to ensure that the HR manager makes fruitful, profitable decisions.


  • Innovative, futuristic question forms
  • Talent management programs
  • Engaging experiences with feedback
  • Augmented analytics with surfaced insights
  • Intelligent automation HR processes
  • Attract-to-pay, empowerment process
  • Intuitive dashboard with real-time notifications
  • Flexible benefits and compensation tools


  • Workday software lets your HR manager understand the skills of your employees, such as where and how they stand in the company, what they have, and what they’ll need in the future.
  • With this software, you will be able to increase your employee’s work performance and get their feedback regularly to ensure they are happy and satisfied.
  • This software is completely automated wherein your manual tasks minimizes and allows you to perform better in other business sections, bringing you higher profits.
  • You can now plan and analyze your workforce by bridging the manager’s and employees’ gaps.


Workday hasn’t uncovered the pricing structure as it promises customized solutions for its clients. You must contact the sales team to ensure you discuss your requirements in detail and get a perfect solution with a quotation that fits you best.

10. Zenefits


Are you wasting too much time on the HR process within your company? Are you not getting enough time for your other business process? If this is the case, Zenefits employee management software can help. This user-friendly people management software can help you quickly streamline all HR processes. You can handle everything from onboarding to offboarding on a single platform. 


  • Streamline people management
  • Curate and simplify employee benefits
  • Easy payroll management
  • Stay compliant with the compliance calendar
  • Hire and retain top-quality candidates
  • Improve productivity and employee experience
  • Do more with reduced errors


  • This software allows you to schedule and streamline tasks, experience employee benefits, and manage payrolls easily and swiftly without having manual errors.
  • The onboarding of employees is quick and convenient with this employee management software. HR can focus on employee satisfaction, performance, and benefits with the saved time and effort.
  • You will no longer have to keep track of PTO requests as you can link your company’s payroll with the employee management system tools.


Zenefits offers readymade plans for those who want to pick and start using the services immediately. Let’s have a look at the monthly plans that it offers.

  • Essentials: $10
  • Growth: $18
  • Zen: $27

When you are opt-in for annual plans, you can benefit from the monthly rates; thereby, we recommend you to choose the annual plans, which are listed below:

  • Essentials: $8
  • Growth: $14
  • Zen: $21

Apart from the base plans, the brand also offers customized solutions for enterprises with dedicated needs; you must contact the sales team to ensure you get a tailored quotation for your specified requirements. You can also request a customized demo for the features you use the most.

» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the uses of employee management software?

Employee management software is an easy tool that allows managers to keep a check on the employees. It helps in adequate management and proper planning of working hours to ensure the labor cost is under control and the company yields high-level productivity. This software provides creative insight to ensure the company’s workforce is adequately managed. It helps the HR team organize employee information, such as medical and salary information, appraisals and incentives, attendance and leave data, and more.

2. Why is employee management software a must-have?

For small and large-scale enterprises, employee management software solutions are primary tools that can help HR experts streamline their employee information, process, and efficiency. You can improve company relationships with these tools to ensure business empowerment. It also creates transparency between management and employees and promotes continuous improvement. You can improve the overall company’s performance and standard practices by implementing the best employee management software.

3. What are the benefits of using staff management software?

Various benefits are associated with this new-age employee management system tool. They offer high efficiency with minimal time, effort, and money wasted. It offers you complete and adequate control of major enterprise processes. You can also acquire a detailed understanding of your customer’s requirements. You can regulate working practices that prove successful in your business and improve risk management. Such systems help you in improving employee participation and provide you with overall business growth.

4. How to use employee management software to improve the work culture?

You can use employee management platforms to smoothen the HR processes of the organization; it will improve the company’s work performance and increase productivity. You can promote continuous communication between managers and employees, creating a tight-knit workplace to offer your staff a comfortable work culture.

5. What are the disadvantages of using employee management system tools?

We have all learned about the immense advantages of this software; however, you need to administer the system correctly for its smooth functioning. If not, then you may experience a few drawbacks too. There’s a risk of internal competition if results are publicized. If not used effectively, the system can become time-consuming, costing you time, effort and money. You must also ensure that favoritism isn’t displayed when the employee management software comparison is made.

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