Our Methodology

How To Rank Products In Our Research?/How To List?

1. Finding Customer Reviews on Social Media

Product review plays a vital role in web ranking. Social media is a highly influential medium to collect customer reviews - meant for an individual product. We analyze the popularity of the software and web applications based on its functionalities and easy user-interface.

2. Customer Reviews Collection

Individual detailed reviews help potential consumers in buying the product. We scan customers review on social media platforms, blogs, and individual product sites and provide collective reviews that influence others to follow the lead.

3. Review Analyzation

We are application hub which embeds third-party review analysis from various software review sites. We provide authenticated, credible, and non-manipulated review by collecting information and providing a structural product review.

4. Online Presence

Monitoring of online presence helps in ranking of apps minutely. An app that has a high density of active users, follow regular upgradation, have clean and elegant designs, and leverage social integration is monitored through strategic formulas and ranked accordingly.

5. Final Score

Final scores are calculated by considering some important aspects of apps, which also includes the overall impression of the software. This may include computation on the basis of main functionalities, collaboration features, available integration, security, and safeguarding of data.

How To Score a Product In Our Research?

1. Leading Functionalities

Main functionalities of a product make the highest percentage of scoring for ranking purpose. The important function of any product is to provide the best utility to its users without wasting any resources. the product must be true to its aspect.

2. Easy To Use

The product must be easy to use and highly compatible with users demand to achieve best ranks. The design of the product must have a straightforward concept and simple enough to be used by its intended users.

3. Easy to Customize

A feature-packed, powerfully innovative and easy to customize product has a better chance of getting high scores for ranking purpose. We evaluate the products on the basis of user-integration and ease of customization to calculate the final scores.

4. Integration Features

Integration features are vital to hold consumers within the application ecosystem. A product has to score percentage by building real-time integrated through essential features. The better are the features, the higher is the chance to get scored and earn a better ranking on the user platform.

5. Security

Products with high-security features, world-class anti-virus programs, and phone boosters have a better chance to earn high scores for ranking purpose. Security is a vital attribute that cannot be overlooked. We thoroughly scan this aspect for better ranking.

6. Support

The embedded support system is mandatory for apps to earn better ranks and get highly scored in our research. Instant app support is a key feature which enables improved user retention, lead to better reviews, and gain recognition among users.