List of Top 10+ Help Desk Software In 2020

The Help Desk Software can help an organization manage all it's IT solutions problems and issues through a single interface. From SLA Management to Asset management, from Requisitioning to Contracts managements and from Servicing to Damage control; everything has been taken care of by this Help Desk Software. A typical IT Help Desk Software acts as a one-stop-shop solution to all the technology-related needs of end-users be it a service, request or complaint. It categorizes amongst the three types and provides solutions as per the given timeframe to end-users.In smaller organizations, a Service Desk software would bring instability in the operations while in larger organizations it helps them to optimize their business efficiently and robustly ensuring all business goals meet in the desired format. There are many Help Desk Software available in the market for you to adapt; however, we have studied various options and bring to you the ten best Help Desk Software from which you can choose for yourself.

Help Desk Software

» What is Help Desk Software?

Help Desk Software in an application that connects the customers with the customer care operators for the resolution of customer queries and problems. The software helps businesses to resolve the customer issues and problems by managing the issue tickets from the receipt until the issue has been resolved. It also provides various collaboration tools which help the agents to resolve the issues or problems more quickly and in an efficient manner.

Generally, the help desk is often a part of a bigger umbrella called service desk, which includes asset management and IT service management. Often the help desk is used synonymously to service desk. However, help desk software generally refers to the system which addresses the customer queries.

The goal of the help desk software is to reactively resolve customer issues at the tactical level. Whereas the goal of the service desk is to proactively improve the IT services for an entire organization at a strategic level. Many service desks have a help desk, but the overall goal of the service desk is to take the data-driven approach to improve the business processes and enable continual service improvements.

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List of Best Help Desk Software | Top Service Desk Software

1. ServiceDesk Plus - IT help desk software

Our Score 98/100

About ServiceDesk Plus : The ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a revolutionary Help Desk Software that has received accolades from the world's top brands. It ensures all your IT related problems are taken care of with utmost ease and that too with zero downtime. The software can easily integrate with any of your existing IT Apps or software; it has efficiencies of running Smart Automations. It can be deployed in any Cloud format as well. Hence there is no need to purchase a new server to implement it.

ServiceDesk Plus Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“We never knew the importance of IT help desk ticketing software until we got one, and got the right one. We chose ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus and it has never disappointed us.” - Serkan S.

ServiceDesk Plus Reviews



1001 - 5000





130+ Reviews


150+ Reviews

2. Freshdesk - Online Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Solution

Our Score 98/100

About Freshdesk : Freshdesk is one software that can be genuinely used to delight customers as well as make life easy for the end-users. Its capability of providing Omnichannel support through a single tool enhances employee productivity. Its Robotic Process Automation feature can convert mundane tasks into system driven tasks, thus lessening human intervention. In contrast, the Self-Service options build empowerment in customers by the usage of support bots. Overall Freshdesk is an accurate Gen-next software and hence has been rated the best by the Industry Experts.

Freshdesk Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“Freshdesk is one of the greatest ticket management software. It has a marketplace with add-ins that can expand its features and possibilities and is easy to use. We deployed Freshdesk looking to upgrade how we managed our customers. They are now improving with AI features.” - Juan Pablo

Freshdesk Reviews


United States

1001 - 5000





2100+ Reviews


2200+ Reviews

3. Zendesk Support - Cloud-based Help Desk & Customer Support Platform

Our Score 98/100

About Zendesk Support : Zendesk is one help desk software which has been adopted by diverse industries across Retail, Education, E-commerce, IT Companies as well as Enterprises. The secure usage mechanism for both agents & end customers makes it most adaptable. The ability to convert complex tasks into easy automation enhances productivity, and it's one view option across all channels of interaction makes it stand out. The software has over 500 existing Apps and integrations available for companies to choose from.

Zendesk Support Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“Zendesk is an easy-to-use platform for our team to use in supporting our customers. The screens and workflow are simple, easy-to-navigate and reduce the friction in the tools interaction, thereby allowing our team to focus on delivering a great support experience to customers.” - Greg B.

Zendesk Support Reviews


United States

1001 - 5000


Not provided by vendor



2300+ Reviews


1800+ Reviews

4. HubSpot Service Hub - Help Desk & Ticketing Software

Our Score 98/100

About HubSpot Service Hub : HubSpot Service Hub is a software that enables you to track, log, prioritize, organize all your customers' queries and bucketize them, enabling faster resolutions. Their service delivery motto is to turn customers into promoters. The feature of converting frequently asked customer questions into a robust Knowledge Base is a pioneer by itself which no other software offers. HubSpot's Conversational Chat Bots feature and advanced Reporting mechanism also get it through the cutting edge.

HubSpot Service Hub Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Automated Routing, Document Storage, Knowledge Base Management, Ticket Management

“It took us some time to get used to the new way of working but after that period, Service Hub has prove to be another Key Pilar of our daily operations. Together with the rest of HubSpot modules ( CRM, Marketing, Website...) is a great addition to a better way of working with our clients.” - Jon U.

HubSpot Service Hub Reviews


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1001 - 5000





100+ Reviews


250+ Reviews

5. LiveAgent - Help Desk Software

Our Score 98/100

About LiveAgent: Stay on top of all customer requests and inquiries with LiveAgent, the most reviewed and top-rated help desk software for SMB in 2020. LiveAgent boasts the fastest chat widget on the market and has over 30k customers. LiveAgent is a fully-featured cloud live chat and helpdesk software. LiveAgent harnesses the power of a universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and a robust customer service portal.

LiveAgent Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“We built our success on providing whole experience. It is our best effort to keep the customers satisfied. This cannot be done without brilliant helpdesk solution as our beloved LiveAgent.” - Martin Palus

LiveAgent Reviews



11 - 50





800+ Reviews


1200+ Reviews

6. Zoho Desk - Industry’s first context-aware Helpdesk Software

Our Score 98/100

About Zoho Desk : Zoho Desk brings together the magic of Artificial Intelligence within a marketplace of customer experience solutions enabling high-end Process Management tools. This tool brings something for all users, be it your customers, agents or the business managers. Agents can organize, contextualize, collaborate and respond more efficiently. Managers can monitor, analyze, Automate and use native integrations to extend excellent customer experience. And for your customers, they have built-in easy to use Self-Service options as well as faster connectivity via all mediums of communication.

Zoho Desk Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“We manage thousands of customer conversations on a daily day basis, across channels. With Zoho Desk, we can do this from a single place. Using self-service, our customers can look up FAQs and find answers instantly. This ensures that my team is more productive, and that we are able to go to the next level and achieve satisfaction and customer delight.” - Shoaib Qureshi

Zoho Desk Reviews

Zoho Corporation


5001 - 10000





1600+ Reviews


2000+ Reviews

7. OneDesk - Help Desk and Project Management in One App

Our Score 98/100

About OneDesk: OneDesk is a combination of HelpDesk and Project Management in one application. With OneDesk you can support your customers and manage projects without the need to purchase, learn, integrate and switch between multiple applications. OneDesk is also highly customizable, enabling users to configure their accounts to best serve their needs. OneDesk also includes customer-facing applications: real-time chat, customizable webforms, and a customer portal. These integrated applications allow you to serve your customers while conveniently working on your projects in one platform.

OneDesk Help Desk Features: Alerts / Escalation, Automated Routing, Customizable Branding, Document Storage, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Knowledge Base Management, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Self Service Portal, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Ticket Management

“I have all the information about the staff, equipment and hourly time pay down, so it's easy to propose a project, knowing ahead the selected staff for the task, the cost of the hours dedicated to the project and the estimated time to have the project completed, it's very helpful.” - Hiralis M P

OneDesk Reviews

OneDesk Software Inc


11 - 20





02 Reviews


02 Reviews

8. Jira Service Desk - Simple service desk built on Jira

Our Score 98/100

About Jira Service Desk : Jira Service Desk is an intelligently thought through IT helpdesk software which can help in all your IT related issues from expediting Service Requests to Incident tracking and from Change Management to Problem Management. The Integrated knowledge base also comes with an advance self-service feature which employees can leverage for faster searches. Bake in robust SLAs and track timelines efficiently. It also has a built-in feature for extracting CSat feedback from customers.

Jira Service Desk Help Desk Features : Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Real-time Chat, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“In a crowded space for helpdesk apps, Jira Service Desk stood out because of the company that backs it up, its family of related apps and, the current integrations with existing third-party apps out there. Jira SD is well worth trying out.” - Josemaria G.

Jira Service Desk Reviews


United States

1001 - 5000





130+ Reviews


150+ Reviews

9. UseResponse - All-in-one Customer Support Suite

Our Score 98/100

About UseResponse : UseResponse is customer support and service software that helps to organize efficient customer support and communications. It combines tools for collecting feedback from customers, managing tickets, creating help articles and FAQs, and engaging with customers through different channels in a simple solution. This enables users to perform better, deliver fast and effective customer service, and increase customer satisfaction.

UseResponse Help Desk Features : Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, Knowledge Base Management, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“We have been looking for a help desk solution, but wanted the application to be on premise basis. Useresponse was then the brilliant solution! Good design, scalable, perfect! Many Thanks!” - Jens Havelberg

UseResponse Reviews

UseResponse Inc.


11 - 50





25+ Reviews


15+ Reviews

10. Salesforce Service Cloud - Customer service & support software

Our Score 98/100

About Salesforce Service Cloud : Salesforce Service Cloud is a highly advanced technology help desk software which can automate everything for business efficiency. Features like ready-to-use templates and Macros enhance agent productivity, whereas auto-routing based on skill competency mapping can enable faster & accurate resolutions to customers. With AI integrated insights & presumptions, work towards smarter business goals and collaborate with the best CTI systems to adapt world-class telephony within your organization.

Salesforce Service Cloud Help Desk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Real-time Chat, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“SalesForce is a great tool that will help small to big companies in driving revenue, and helping each company drive results and performance to each client in their business development, recruiting and lead generation efforts in just a short span of time.” - Romy A.

Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews


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450+ Reviews


1400+ Reviews

11. Mojo Helpdesk - Centralize, assign, and track helpdesk requests with Mojo

Our Score 98/100

About Mojo Helpdesk : Mojo Helpdesk brings to you a Digital Customer Service Platform, which is recognized by top brands, where the customer is attended, engaged and his queries are resolved all in one thread. Powerful automation enables In-App messaging experience for customers. Integrate their AI-powered Answer Bot to respond to your customers with lesser turnaround time and accurate resolutions. Create your Customized BOTs for enhancing the customer experience. Simplified Ticketing desk wherein threads of conversations get populated for better agent understanding and resolution.

Mojo Helpdesk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“It's very easy to manage with easy integration into google. We are able to add users in just a few seconds and the system is very low maintenance. A stable and reliable helpdesk ticketing system.” - Jeremy P.

Mojo Helpdesk Reviews


United States

11 - 50





60+ Reviews


5 Reviews

12. Vision Helpdesk - Help Desk, Multi Company Desk and ITSM / ITIL Service Desk

Our Score 98/100

About Vision Helpdesk : Vision Helpdesk provides multi-faceted solutions for customer support – Helpdesk software for your employees, Service Desk capability for managing IT solutions and Satellite Help Desk to control other companies and portfolios under your umbrella. Channelize all your customer interactions from the Web portal, Email, Social media, Chat, etc. in one unified platform. Manage complex tasks like Asset Management, Incident records, Knowledge Management & Problem management, etc. with ease through their Service Desk capabilities.

Vision Helpdesk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Interaction Tracking, Multi-Channel Communication, Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Automated Routing, Document Storage, IT Asset Management, Knowledge Base Management, Network Monitoring, Self Service Portal, Ticket Management

“It has a brilliant outline when you sign in. You can see everything that is going ahead in your Support Department as far as your clients and their requests. The way that it can be so effectively incorporated with other programming like SugarCRM, Joomla, WordPress is awesome!!!” - Albert L.

Vision Helpdesk Reviews

Vision Helpdesk


11 - 50





28 Reviews


50+ Reviews

13. HelpDesk - Ticketing software for effortless customer support

Our Score 98/100

About HelpDesk : HelpDesk is a trusted service desk provider which ensures robust and cost-effective solutions are provided for optimizing business. From collaborating the email management tool to correcting routing of tickets and from accurately tracking your tickets to maximizing data security; Help Desk does it all. That too, with am the unmatchable price point. They also have a 14-day trial period wherein you can check their services before integrating. Known & trusted by the who's who of the industry.

HelpDesk Features : Alerts / Escalation, Customizable Branding, Email Integration, Multi-Channel Communication, Automated Routing, Ticket Management

“We’ve used Salesforce, Zendesk, Groove and others. With HelpDesk, we’re able to manage tickets in a clean and visually minimal environment.” - Richard Eib

HelpDesk Reviews


United States

11 - 50





6 Reviews


3 Reviews

» Is it worth investing in Help Desk Software?

Customers these days are very demanding. More than 40% of the customers expect that their issues or problems are resolved in less than an hour's time. Also, the competition is too high in the present day. So to retain the customers, the organization has to be on their toes in resolving the customer issues.

In all such scenarios, help desk Software offers a good fitment. They help in recording customer complaints in a systematic way. They provide a platform for easy assignment of complaint tickets to the service engineers, monitor the tickets, measure the aging of the tickets and finally ensure that the tickets are closed.

Customer Service and Help Desk are becoming increasingly popular these days.

» Before you choose any Help Desk Software

Help Desk software comes in different forms - it can be standalone software, a sub-module inside the CRM software, or as a part of Service Desk software. There are plenty of players in the market who offer Help Desk Software.

With many vendors available who can offer affordable Help Desk Software, It is necessary to come up with a good case study followed by a charter to put forth your organizational needs in terms of providing services to your customers and also to monitor individual tickets. Conduct a questionnaire session with the Help Desk Team to understand their pain points in their day to day activities. This would help in listing down the requirement features needed from the new software.

Try to get the requirements from other key stakeholders who will be interested in the outcome of the Help Desk Software. This can be the product owners or the business owners, who need to understand the major issues getting raised from the product. They will be needing a summary of the issues or the problems raised on a daily or a weekly basis. A good dashboard could be a requirement of the management team.

Pay attention towards the training needs of the new software. The team needs to get trained on the new software and its features to make the best use of it. Adapting to the change is always a challenge within the team, and the new software vendor needs to ensure the best training which can convince the team to start using the software.

Pricing will also be one of the key factors while choosing the Help Desk Software. Get the approval for the budget, the company is willing to spend on implementing the Help Desk. Evaluate the Help Desk Software available in the market and calculate the best ROI.

Each company's need for Help Desk will be different. So don't get carried away by other companies' Help Desk Software. Plan, evaluate, and implement the Help Desk Software which is best suited for your company’s needs.

With these lists of requirements and features to look forward to from the new software, try to study the list of software available in the market. Evaluate the pros and cons of each of the software. Make the judgment based on the best fit model for your company’s needs.

» What are the key features of Help Desk Software

The basic features of any Help Desk Software are Contact Channels, Ticketing system, and Reporting & Analytics. All other features are extensions or addons to these basic features. Here are few of the key features of the Help Desk Software:

› POC (Point of Contact):

This is a feature within Contact Channel or Support Channel. This includes phones, email, Chat. Even Social Media has now become one of the points of contact for Help Desk. These are all the various ways or methods by which the customers contact the support team to raise a ticket for their issues or problem. Some of the Help Desk Software offer support for all the points of contact while few may support limited channels.

› Ticket Management:

This is the core feature of Help Desk Software. This helps to record and organize all the customer complaints into support tickets and track them from the time of receiving the ticket till the closure. Many Help Desk Software offers a portal page that shows the status of all the tickets and to whom the tickets are assigned to. Many systems will have the features to convert the Complaints from the Email directly to a ticket.

› The Knowledge Base:

Many of the customer complaints could be repetitive. The same situation could be faced by other customers as well. In such a situation, it does not make sense to have the call center person to keep repeating the same solution to all other customers. The same time can be utilized to resolve new issues.

The knowledgebase or self-service is one of the key features of Help Desk Software. All the Closed tickets with the resolution will be stored in a format that can be retrieved later. Any repetitive queries will be first searched in this knowledge base. This saves a lot of time and also the resolution time is very fast.

› Escalation:

Few Help Desk Software offer Escalation features. In this way, the support person can escalate his/her tickets to the respective Managers when the support person cannot resolve the issue. This will help for faster resolution.

› Dashboards:

The Dashboards are the centralized portal where all the key information about the tickets is available. It will list all the tickets which are newly created, the assignee’s name, high priority tickets, etc. This Dashboard also provides the managers and/or the supervisors with the customizable reports to check the Ticket resolution time, Support person efficiency, any escalation details, etc.

› Business Analytics:

This can be the main source for Sales Opportunities, Market reviews, and Product performance. Many Help Desks are coming up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics. This would help the companies to get future predictions for their sales and product growth.

› CSAT (Customer Satisfaction survey):

The Help Desk Software comes with the Customer satisfaction survey. This helps to measure customer feedback and incorporate them into future product designs.

› Integrations:

Help Desk Software can also provide out of box integration features with Social Media and other popular CRM systems like Oracle, SAP, and others. Social Media integration will help to track the comments about the company or the product and help to get informal customer satisfaction surveys.

» What are the Key Benefits of the Help Desk Software?

Customer retention is one of the key challenges faced by many organizations. It's important to keep the customers happy by ensuring all their issues and problems are addressed at the right time. So it's important to address this organizational issue with reliable software. Help desk software provides the following benefits to an organization in this area.

› The efficient way of resolving tickets:

Help Desk Software can be used to assign tickets to the Agents with the right skill sets. Also, Tickets can be monitored closely by the managers and supervisors until they are resolved or closed.

› Address Service Level Agreements:

Service Level Agreements or SLAs are the agreement between the service provider and the end customer. It has clauses about how the Issues can be classified and within how much time the issue of each category needs to be resolved. Supervisors can use the Workflows in the Help Desk Software to categorize the tickets into different levels and pay special attention to the aging tickets.

› Maintain the Knowledgebase:

Help Desk software provides the functionality to maintain all the issues addressed. This knowledgebase can be used in the future to address the issues more quickly and also more accurately.

› Faster ticket resolution:

Help Desk Software allows the agents to work in a collaborative way. They can interact with each other, and share the knowledge base so that the issues can be resolved much faster.

› More channels:

Many latest Help Desk Software provide features to connect with the customers in online and social media networking. These being on the preferred ways of communication by the customers in recent times, will help in collecting the information and responding to the queries much faster and efficiently.

› Dashboards and Reporting:

Many latest Help Desk Software comes with sophisticated reporting tools like Data Visualization. It allows for easy drag and drops features to build your own customized reports.

» How to choose the best Help Desk Software

As a company, you need to evaluate yourself with the way of services offered by you to the customers. This would help in understanding the need for Help Desk Software. Help Desk software comes in three different types.

› Basic Help Desk:

These are mainly the SaaS model of Plug-and-play software. These are subscription models and take very little time to get it ready for use. Managing Tickets is one of the key features in such types of Help Desk. They can be easily integrated with other systems to create the tickets. They are very scalable and affordable. They are good for small and medium level businesses.

› Enterprise Help Desk:

They offer more features compared to the basic models. They come with a complete implementation model and hence take time to implement and start using. Many Enterprise Help Desk comes along with IT asset management, SLA management. They can be customized heavily to match the enterprise’s needs.

› Open Source Help Desk:

These are the free Help Desks with open source code. This would need developers who can alter the code to match the requirement.

» What are the Pricing options of Help Desk Software

The Pricing of Help Desk Software depends on various factors. For the SaaS model of Subscription, the pricing depends on the number of agents subscribed and the ticket volume. Also if the more features like knowledge base, analytics, reporting are opted, then the pricing will increase. The Pricing could vary from $5/agent/month to $199/agent/month.

The Pricing for an Enterprise level Help Desk will be much more. There will be a huge initial investment cost and the implementation cost. A huge in-house IT team is also needed for the maintenance of the Database and the application.

» Conclusion

The Business model is now more Customer-centric, and hence retaining the customer base is always the major challenge any company would face. If the customer issues are not handled in a professional way and not resolved at the right time, then there are more chances of losing the customers.

Using the right Help Desk Software to address customer issues is much needed. There is nothing like the Best Help Desk Software. Choosing the right Help Desk software depends on various factors and the company’s needs.

The right Help desk software will help to address all the customer issues and problems in a professional way. No Tickets will be missed, and all the tickets will be monitored till closure. A strong knowledge base over time will help in resolving the tickets faster. The Customer satisfaction level can be measured, and the right actions can be taken to ensure to retain customer loyalty.

Since Service Desk is a wider umbrella under which the Help Desk comes, it is also wise to go with a good Service Desk that can fit the company’s needs.

Get Quick Comparison of Top Help Desk Software

Help Desk FeaturesServiceDesk PlusFreshdeskZendesk SupportHubSpot Service HubZoho DeskJira Service DeskUseResponseSalesforce Service CloudMojo HelpdeskVision Helpdesk
Price$120.00/ year/user$19.00/ month/userNot provided by vendor$50.00/ month/user$12.00/ month/user$10.00/ month$49.00/ month$25.00/ month/user$29.00/ month/user$8.00/ month/user
Alerts / Escalation        
Customizable Branding          
Email Integration         
Interaction Tracking        
Multi-Channel Communication       
Real-time Chat        
SLA Management       
Automated Routing         
Document Storage        
IT Asset Management       
Knowledge Base Management          
Network Monitoring       
Self Service Portal         
Ticket Management          

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is help desk software used for?

You can easily improve your customer service department’s efficiency by providing fast and quality support to end-users and customers through help desk software. This software is helpful to respond effectively. Help desk software improves customers’ and employees’ satisfaction. You can easily improve your ticket tracking and customer service support methodologies through this software.

What are the features of help desk software?

  • Knowledge base
  • Self Service portal
  • Ticketing/issue tracking and management
  • Alerts
  • Escalation
  • Automation
  • Dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Multichannel communication
  • SLA Management

Why help desk is important?

  • Improved Customer Service
  • Improved accuracy with ticket management
  • Powerful Knowledge base
  • Easily focus on other tasks
  • Resolve ticket faster
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved Employee productivity

What is the best software for help desk ?

  • ServiceDesk Plus
  • Freshdesk
  • Zendesk Support
  • HubSpot Service Hub
  • Zoho Desk
  • Jira Service Desk
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Mojo Helpdesk
  • Vision Helpdesk
  • HelpDesk

What's the best free help desk software?

  • HubSpot's Service Hub
  • Agiloft
  • Freshservice
  • Zoho Desk

How much does help desk software cost?

The software can begin around $08/month/user to $50/month/user.