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If you do not answer your customers in time, your competitors will, and hence, help desk software is your ultimate key to a happy customer. The software provides multichannel support so that there are no barriers to communication with your online shoppers. Ticketing tools auto-convert grievances into tickets and directly send them to respective agents, saving valuable time. Best help desk software also includes efficient tracking tools to monitor agents handling particular tickets, avoiding duplication of service. Customizable and attractive ticket templates ...

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The efficiency of a help desk with the familiarity of email.

Front is a customer communication platform that centralizes email, social media, and other messaging into a single, streamlined inbox. It allows teams to collaborate effectively on customer communications by assigning, sharing, and discussing messages without switching between tools. Front's features include shared inboxes to ensure transparency and prevent duplicated efforts, and personalized ... read more about Front

7 Days

$19 Per month

United States

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Design, automate, deliver, and manage critical IT and business services

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a robust IT service management tool designed to simplify and enhance your support processes. It can efficiently handle diverse IT issues and allow quick resolutions through its user-friendly interface. The software provides customizable reports that offer valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making. Automation capabilities streamline routine tasks, ... read more about ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


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Delight your customers with omnichannel support solutions that drive meaningful conversations across channels.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software offering a suite of tools to streamline support processes. It features a multi-channel ticketing system, allowing teams to manage conversations from email, chat, phone, and social media in one place. The software includes automation tools to assign tickets to the right agents and prioritize urgent issues. Freshdesk's self-service options, like ... read more about Freshdesk

14 Days

$15 Per month

United States

Zoho Desk

Top Rated Customer Service Help Desk Software

Zoho Desk is a customer service software designed to help businesses manage customer support activities efficiently. It offers a range of features including a ticketing system, which organizes customer inquiries from various channels into a single interface for easier tracking and response. The software also includes a help center, allowing customers to find answers on their own through knowledge ... read more about Zoho Desk

15 Days

$14 Per month

British Indian Ocean Territory

Jira Service Management

A new take on ITSM software

Jira Service Management is a versatile tool designed for IT service management and customer support. It streamlines incident, problem, and change management, enabling teams to respond to and resolve issues efficiently. This platform integrates easily with other Jira products, fostering collaboration among development and operational teams. Key features include a customizable service desk, ... read more about Jira Service Management

30 Days

$17.65 Per month


Sprinklr Service

The Leading AI-Powered CCaaS Platform

Sprinklr Service is a modern customer care platform designed to manage customer interactions across various digital channels. It centralizes communication from social media, messaging apps, email, and web chat into one unified dashboard. This tool enables efficient handling of customer inquiries and feedback. Features include automated responses to common questions, which helps in quick resolution... read more about Sprinklr Service

30 Days

$249 Per month

United States


No-Code Platform to automate workflows and CRM

Creatio is a unique software platform that combines CRM, process automation, and low-code development capabilities, catering primarily to medium and large enterprises. Its standout feature is the seamless integration of these three core functionalities, enabling businesses to manage customer relationships, streamline processes, and rapidly develop custom applications. Creatio's CRM module excels ... read more about Creatio


$25 Per month

United States


Implement multi-channel customer support software with powerful tools to reduce support time

UseResponse is a comprehensive customer support and feedback system tailored for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and service. Its standout feature is the all-in-one feedback tool, which consolidates customer suggestions, questions, and problems, fostering an interactive community environment. This integration allows businesses to gather valuable insights directly from their users... read more about UseResponse

14 Days

$49 Per month

United States


Modernize your service management instantly

Freshservice is a dynamic platform designed to streamline and enhance your IT service management. It can allow you to automate tedious tasks for efficient issue resolution. It enables seamless collaboration among team members to foster a productive work environment. This platform provides a user-friendly interface so users can easily navigate and access the tool. Freshservice offers customizable ... read more about Freshservice


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The Next-Gen ITSM Platform

SysAid is a comprehensive IT service management (ITSM) platform designed to streamline and optimize IT operations for businesses. It offers a user-friendly interface that facilitates efficient tracking and resolution of IT issues. SysAid covers various aspects of IT support, including ticket management, asset management, and self-service portals for end-users. The platform enhances communication ... read more about SysAid

30 Days

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All-in-one free platform to manage your team and run your sales

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform designed to streamline tasks and boost team collaboration. It serves as a centralized hub, integrating tools for communication, project management, and customer relationship management. With features like file sharing, automation, calendars, and task tracking, Bitrix24 simplifies daily operations for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly ... read more about Bitrix24

15 Days

$49 Per month

United States


Simplify your business operations with Business Management Software.

Apptivo is a cloud-based suite of business applications designed to support various aspects of organizational management. It includes a comprehensive CRM system for effective customer relationship management, streamlining communication and sales processes. The software offers project management tools, facilitating task tracking and team collaboration. Inventory management within Apptivo assists in... read more about Apptivo

30 Days

$15 Per month

United States

Salesforce Service Cloud

Top Customer Service & Support Software Solutions

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service application that combines various support features into one platform. It offers a comprehensive ticketing system that handles customer inquiries from multiple channels, like email, phone, and social media. The platform includes a knowledge base for self-service support, allowing customers to find answers quickly. Live agent chat and AI-powered ... read more about Salesforce Service Cloud

30 Days

$25 Per month

United States


Customer Service Made Easy for Online Stores

Gorgias is an e-commerce-focused customer service platform designed to centralize and streamline customer interactions. It integrates various communication channels like email, social media, and live chat into one interface, facilitating easier management of customer queries. Gorgias enables automated responses to common questions, enhancing efficiency in handling customer inquiries. The platform ... read more about Gorgias


$10 Per month

United States

Vtiger CRM

Maximize Growth with the best AI-powered CRM and GPT

Vtiger CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. It centralizes customer information, making it easy to track interactions and manage customer relationships. The software offers sales automation, helping in managing leads, opportunities, and sales pipelines. Marketing tools within Vtiger assist in executing campaigns and tracking ... read more about Vtiger CRM

15 Days

$12 Per month



Explore ticketing and live chat solutions that simplify workflows, improve customer satisfaction, and make agents' lives easier.

TeamSupport is a customer support software designed to help businesses manage client interactions and support tickets more effectively. It enables teams to collaborate on resolving customer issues by providing a shared view of customer data and interactions. Key features include ticket management, which organizes and prioritizes customer inquiries, and a knowledge base that helps customers find ... read more about TeamSupport

7 Days

$29 Per month

United States


Accelerate Your Growth With #1 AI Customer Service

Tidio is a chatbot and live chat software designed to enhance customer communication. It allows easy integration with websites, offering both automated chatbot services and options for live chat support. Key features include customizable chatbots that can handle common queries, saving time for customer service teams. Tidio also offers a real-time visitor list, providing insights into customer ... read more about Tidio

7 Days

$29 Per month

United States

RingCentral Contact Center

Omnichannel Contact Centers for every budget and business size

RingCentral Contact Center is a cloud-based communication solution designed for customer service operations. It offers an array of features for efficient customer engagement and management. Key functionalities include interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), and omnichannel support, which allows agents to interact through various channels like voice, email, chat, and ... read more about RingCentral Contact Center

7 Days

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LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales.

LiveChat is an online customer service software renowned for its efficiency and ease of use. Primarily, it offers a live chat system that businesses can integrate into their websites, allowing for real-time communication with visitors. This feature is highly customizable, enabling companies to tailor the chat experience to fit their brand and customer needs. Beyond simple messaging, LiveChat ... read more about LiveChat

14 Days

$20 Per month


Help Scout

Shared Inbox, Help Center, & Live Chat Software

Help Scout is a customer service software designed to provide an efficient and organized way for businesses to handle customer support. It's primarily known for its shared inbox feature, which allows support teams to manage all customer emails in one place. This helps ensure that no customer query is missed or overlooked. Help Scout also offers a knowledge base platform, enabling companies to ... read more about Help Scout


$20 Per month

United States


The AI-Powered Customer Service CRM Platform

Kustomer is a cloud-based customer service platform renowned for its innovative approach to handling customer interactions. Unlike traditional customer support systems that manage queries as separate tickets, Kustomer views and treats all interactions with a customer as part of a single, continuous conversation. This holistic approach ensures a more personalized and context-rich customer ... read more about Kustomer

7 Days

$89 Per month

United States


World's 1st Gmail-based Helpdesk

Hiver is a unique email management software designed primarily for Google Workspace users, focusing on streamlining Gmail for teams. It transforms Gmail into a collaborative hub, enabling teams to manage shared inboxes like support@ or sales@ without leaving their email interface. Hiver allows for efficient email delegation, status tracking, and seamless internal team communication, all within the... read more about Hiver

7 Days

$19 Per month

United States

ProProfs Help Desk

Help Desk & Support Ticketing for Customer Delight

ProProfs Help Desk is a cloud-based ticketing system designed to streamline customer support processes. It centralizes customer inquiries from various channels, such as email and chat, into a single platform for easier management. The system features shared inboxes, allowing multiple team members to access and respond to customer queries efficiently. ProProfs Help Desk includes a knowledge base ... read more about ProProfs Help Desk


$19.99 Per month

United States

Kapture CX

Power-On Efficient Customer Care

Kapture CX is software designed to help businesses improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. It offers various tools to collect customer feedback, manage interactions, and streamline support processes. With Kapture CX, companies can easily gather insights from surveys and reviews to understand customer preferences better. The software simplifies tracking customer interactions across different ... read more about Kapture CX

7 Days

$39 Per month



Customer Service and Helpdesk Ticket Software

AzureDesk is a user-friendly, cloud-based help desk software designed to simplify customer support. It's best suited for small and medium-sized businesses. AzureDesk makes it easy to manage customer queries and issues by organizing them into a clear, trackable ticketing system. It integrates email, chat, and social media platforms, allowing support teams to respond to customers from one central ... read more about AzureDesk

14 Days

$33 Per user

United States

Help Desk Software Buyer's Guide

» What is the definition of a help desk?

In a general sense, a help desk is a department within a company responsible for resolving their consumers or prospects, or users’ queries. The term help desk is used more often in the context of an IT company where its users reach out for help to find a solution to their technical issues.

» What is Help Desk Software?

Help Desk Software is an application that connects the customers with the customer care operators for the resolution of customer queries and problems. The software helps businesses to resolve the customer issues and problems by managing the issue tickets from the receipt until the issue has been resolved. It also provides various collaboration tools which help the agents to resolve the issues or problems more quickly and in an efficient manner.

Generally, the help desk is often a part of a bigger umbrella called service desk, which includes asset management and IT service management. Often the help desk is used synonymously to service desk. However, help desk software generally refers to the system which addresses the customer queries.

The goal of the help desk software is to reactively resolve customer issues at the tactical level. Whereas the goal of the service desk is to proactively improve the IT services for an entire organization at a strategic level. Many service desks have a help desk, but the overall goal of the service desk is to take the data-driven approach to improve the business processes and enable continual service improvements.

» Is it worth investing in Help Desk Software?

Customers these days are very demanding. More than 40% of the customers expect that their issues or problems are resolved in less than an hour's time. Also, the competition is too high in the present day. So to retain the customers, the organization has to be on their toes in resolving the customer issues.

In all such scenarios, help desk Software offers a good fitment. They help in recording customer complaints in a systematic way. They provide a platform for easy assignment of complaint tickets to the service engineers, monitor the tickets, measure the aging of the tickets and finally ensure that the tickets are closed.

Customer Service and Help Desk are becoming increasingly popular these days.

» Before you choose any Help Desk Software

Help Desk software comes in different forms - it can be standalone software, a sub-module inside the CRM software, or as a part of Service Desk software. There are plenty of players in the market who offer Help Desk Software.

With many vendors available who can offer affordable Help Desk Software, It is necessary to come up with a good case study followed by a charter to put forth your organizational needs in terms of providing services to your customers and also to monitor individual tickets. Conduct a questionnaire session with the Help Desk Team to understand their pain points in their day to day activities. This would help in listing down the requirement features needed from the new software.

Try to get the requirements from other key stakeholders who will be interested in the outcome of the Help Desk Software. This can be the product owners or the business owners, who need to understand the major issues getting raised from the product. They will be needing a summary of the issues or the problems raised on a daily or a weekly basis. A good dashboard could be a requirement of the management team.

Pay attention towards the training needs of the new software. The team needs to get trained on the new software and its features to make the best use of it. Adapting to the change is always a challenge within the team, and the new software vendor needs to ensure the best training which can convince the team to start using the software.

Pricing will also be one of the key factors while choosing the Help Desk Software. Get the approval for the budget, the company is willing to spend on implementing the Help Desk. Evaluate the Help Desk Software available in the market and calculate the best ROI.

Each company's need for Help Desk will be different. So don't get carried away by other companies' Help Desk Software. Plan, evaluate, and implement the Help Desk Software which is best suited for your company’s needs.

With these lists of requirements and features to look forward to from the new software, try to study the list of software available in the market. Evaluate the pros and cons of each of the software. Make the judgment based on the best fit model for your company’s needs.

» What are the key features of Help Desk Software

The basic features of any Help Desk Software are Contact Channels, Ticketing system, and Reporting & Analytics. All other features are extensions or addons to these basic features. Here are few of the key features of the Help Desk Software:


This is a feature within Contact Channel or Support Channel. This includes phones, email, Chat. Even Social Media has now become one of the points of contact for Help Desk. These are all the various ways or methods by which the customers contact the support team to raise a ticket for their issues or problem. Some of the Help Desk Software offer support for all the points of contact while few may support limited channels.


This is the core feature of Help Desk Software. This helps to record and organize all the customer complaints into support tickets and track them from the time of receiving the ticket till the closure. Many Help Desk Software offers a portal page that shows the status of all the tickets and to whom the tickets are assigned to. Many systems will have the features to convert the Complaints from the Email directly to a ticket.


Many of the customer complaints could be repetitive. The same situation could be faced by other customers as well. In such a situation, it does not make sense to have the call center person to keep repeating the same solution to all other customers. The same time can be utilized to resolve new issues.

The knowledgebase or self-service is one of the key features of Help Desk Software. All the Closed tickets with the resolution will be stored in a format that can be retrieved later. Any repetitive queries will be first searched in this knowledge base. This saves a lot of time and also the resolution time is very fast.


Few Help Desk Software offer Escalation features. In this way, the support person can escalate his/her tickets to the respective Managers when the support person cannot resolve the issue. This will help for faster resolution.


The Dashboards are the centralized portal where all the key information about the tickets is available. It will list all the tickets which are newly created, the assignee’s name, high priority tickets, etc. This Dashboard also provides the managers and/or the supervisors with the customizable reports to check the Ticket resolution time, Support person efficiency, any escalation details, etc.


This can be the main source for Sales Opportunities, Market reviews, and Product performance. Many Help Desks are coming up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics. This would help the companies to get future predictions for their sales and product growth.


The Help Desk Software comes with the Customer satisfaction survey. This helps to measure customer feedback and incorporate them into future product designs.


Help Desk Software can also provide out of box integration features with Social Media and other popular CRM systems like Oracle, SAP, and others. Social Media integration will help to track the comments about the company or the product and help to get informal customer satisfaction surveys.

» What are the Key Benefits of the Help Desk Software?

Customer retention is one of the key challenges faced by many organizations. It's important to keep the customers happy by ensuring all their issues and problems are addressed at the right time. So it's important to address this organizational issue with reliable software. Help desk software provides the following benefits to an organization in this area.


Help Desk Software can be used to assign tickets to the Agents with the right skill sets. Also, Tickets can be monitored closely by the managers and supervisors until they are resolved or closed.


Service Level Agreements or SLAs are the agreement between the service provider and the end customer. It has clauses about how the Issues can be classified and within how much time the issue of each category needs to be resolved. Supervisors can use the Workflows in the Help Desk Software to categorize the tickets into different levels and pay special attention to the aging tickets.


Help Desk software provides the functionality to maintain all the issues addressed. This knowledgebase can be used in the future to address the issues more quickly and also more accurately.


Help Desk Software allows the agents to work in a collaborative way. They can interact with each other, and share the knowledge base so that the issues can be resolved much faster.


Many latest Help Desk Software provide features to connect with the customers in online and social media networking. These being on the preferred ways of communication by the customers in recent times, will help in collecting the information and responding to the queries much faster and efficiently.


Many latest Help Desk Software comes with sophisticated reporting tools like Data Visualization. It allows for easy drag and drops features to build your own customized reports.

» How to choose the best Help Desk Software

As a company, you need to evaluate yourself with the way of services offered by you to the customers. This would help in understanding the need for Help Desk Software. Help Desk software comes in three different types.


These are mainly the SaaS model of Plug-and-play software. These are subscription models and take very little time to get it ready for use. Managing Tickets is one of the key features in such types of Help Desk. They can be easily integrated with other systems to create the tickets. They are very scalable and affordable. They are good for small and medium level businesses.


They offer more features compared to the basic models. They come with a complete implementation model and hence take time to implement and start using. Many Enterprise Help Desk comes along with IT asset management, SLA management. They can be customized heavily to match the enterprise’s needs.


These are the free Help Desks with open source code. This would need developers who can alter the code to match the requirement.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Help Desk Software

1. Is the software on-site or cloud-based?
2. How robust are the features of the help desk software?
3. Can the system help me prioritize my crucial management processes for IT services?
4. Does the system include an intuitive dashboard and comprehensive views?
5. Does the solution support mobility?
6. Does the product offer seamless integration with other popular software and third-party applications that I already use?
7. What is the level of customization offered? What are its limitations?
8. How easy is it for us to get going with the system after implementation?
9. What kind of channels does the system contain for extending support?
10. How scalable is your software when it comes to future growth?
11. Can you help us with your existing customer references?
12. Will I get ongoing support? Is included in the pricing structure?
13. Which services classify as routine maintenance?
14. Do you offer a fully-featured trial period of the software?
15. How often do the software upgrades and new releases take place?
16. Does the software offer anytime, on-the-go functionality?
17. Are there any hidden charges?

» What are the Pricing options of Help Desk Software

The Pricing of Help Desk Software depends on various factors. For the SaaS model of Subscription, the pricing depends on the number of agents subscribed and the ticket volume. Also if the more features like knowledge base, analytics, reporting are opted, then the pricing will increase. The Pricing could vary from $5/agent/month to $199/agent/month.

The Pricing for an Enterprise level Help Desk will be much more. There will be a huge initial investment cost and the implementation cost. A huge in-house IT team is also needed for the maintenance of the Database and the application.

» Conclusion

The Business model is now more Customer-centric, and hence retaining the customer base is always the major challenge any company would face. If the customer issues are not handled in a professional way and not resolved at the right time, then there are more chances of losing the customers.

Using the right Help Desk Software to address customer issues is much needed. There is nothing like the Best Help Desk Software. Choosing the right Help Desk software depends on various factors and the company’s needs.

The right Help desk software will help to address all the customer issues and problems in a professional way. No Tickets will be missed, and all the tickets will be monitored till closure. A strong knowledge base over time will help in resolving the tickets faster. The Customer satisfaction level can be measured, and the right actions can be taken to ensure to retain customer loyalty.

Since Service Desk is a wider umbrella under which the Help Desk comes, it is also wise to go with a good Service Desk that can fit the company’s needs.