9 Factors To Consider Before Choosing A CRM For Your Small Business
It’s true that even the biggest brands had to start with a small set up but they have managed to become giants because of sheer determination and impeccable customer service. Small business owners have to do a lot of struggle in establishing their identities but one of the best ways with which they can do this is by collecting, retaining, and converting quality leads. Comprehensive sales CRM for small business can be the right tool Read More
How Social Media Has Changed the Customer Feedback Scenario
Getting customer feedback on products and services is essential for all businesses, be it a small business or a large corporation. Surveys or feedback forms were the most common method to get customer feedback for many decades. They are no more relevant due to the ubiquitous use of social media bringing about a transformation in feedback modes. And social media is a great tool to get instant feedback. With a presence in this high visibility Read More
Make Your Business More Secure
Data security has become one of the biggest problems in the digital world. The cost of the average data breach for the companies around the globe is $3.86 million. Taking a proactive approach when it comes to cybersecurity is one of the best investments a company can make. The impact of a cyber-attack can have an enormous effect on the reputation of a business, its daily working schedule, its clients' trust, and financial plan, and Read More
7 Steps for Custom App Development
A mobile application or App (as it is commonly referred to) is something that we need for almost all our online transactions these days. From normal updates like weather check to request for services like food ordering the app-based system is driving the on-demand service ecosystem. Apps are a must have for firms in order to operate their business online. Having an app is necessitated as it provides: › Ease of transaction for the user Read More
6 Characteristics to Look for in an Innovation Management Software
According to Accenture’s Innovation Survey, 86 percent of large US companies use ideation platforms to support collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. Because innovation is all about the ability to generate, collect, develop and implement new ideas, having a dedicated tool for managing the process makes it a lot easier. What comes to larger organizations, the role of an innovation management software becomes even more important as it helps engage thousands of people and allows Read More