Automating Your Compliance Workflow
No one wants to lie on the wrong side of compliance. Other than the hefty fines that come with non-compliance, you might have to accept the burden of losing a couple of customers. For instance, failing to comply with security regulations can easily lead to you losing customers who value data security, not to mention the idea of your business’ reputation taking a hit. A good case in point would be the story of Facebook Read More
Tips And Tricks To Get Rank In Google Featured Snippets
Google is continually rolling out featured snippets for a range of queries to offer searchers with answers quickly. And SEO gurus are going gaga over it. After all, another opportunity to prove their grounds and most importantly, a chance rank above the first result itself. While the excitement is brimming up, let’s help you out with some proven tips and tricks to nail the art of making it to the featured snippets. Wanna know more? Read More
Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in eCommerce Website Design
Website design is a crucial element of success across all industries in today’s business world. It can impact user experience, SEO results, and brand reputation. While all businesses should focus on web design in 2019, it is particularly important in eCommerce. One of the biggest issues eCommerce businesses face comes from hiring an amateur design company. With hundreds of companies claiming they can build an effective eCommerce site, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Read More
There has been growing interest in taxi app development in recent years. It was the time when Uber was the only online taxi provider company in the market. But if we look at the current scenario, so many small and medium scaled online taxi provider companies have been launched in the market. Scope of the taxi business is so noteworthy that all online taxi service provider companies are making a profit in the neck to Read More
MVP What It Is and When You Need It
As we live in a fast-changing environment, the opportunities come and go very quickly. Users’ behavior and needs change rapidly and what’s popular now can become a thing of the past in just a few months. That’s why timing is a very important concern when it comes to software development. Developing and releasing a product fast gives benefits to its creators by saving time and money for its further improvement. Reduced investments mitigate the risks Read More