Marketing analytics software is a tool that allows businesses to collect, store, and analyze large amounts of data from various sources such as websites, social media, email campaigns, and more. The software uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms. Read More
The world of education and learning was forever changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Schools and universities were forced to shut down, leaving students and teachers scrambling for a way to continue their education. But, just as the world was adjusting to this new normal, a solution emerged in the form of E-Learning apps and platforms. Read More
Every business wants to use formulae to boost sales in its marketing strategies. You can use digital media and online marketing platforms. The social media platform is an excellent resource for producing fresh, targeted leads online. Businesses may generate more, higher-quality leads that convert to paying, devoted consumers. Read More
The financial sector is set to undergo a radical transformation over the next few years, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing an increasingly important role. AI technology has already made its mark in finance and banking, but by 2023 it will be even more deeply embedded into the industry’s infrastructure. Read More
I appreciate your thought process for choosing a SaaS platform for your B2B marketplace business and believe your enthusiasm for launching this business is the market’s promising future. Let me tell you, according to Statista – the B2B market size has reached 2.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Read More