You run an established business with a string of regular interactions with customers. These interactions also include a growing number of inquiries and support requests for your products/services. Though you have a dedicated customer service department to assist customers with their queries, somewhere, things are lagging. Read More
Pull out your thinking hat and tell us what names come to your mind when we say healthcare, social media, finance, or Fintech. There’s a good possibility you might be naming businesses that started small and grew exponentially. Instagram, Zerodha, Facebook, Freshworks, and Intercom are a few companies that have scaled extensively. Read More
You must have come across the word “help desk” at least once if you have used a tech product: a software system or a web/mobile application. You must have used a help desk, too, either as an employee or a customer. But that hasn’t clarified the concept of help desks in your head. Multiple internet searches have only added to your confusion. Read More
Technology has advanced immensely since its inception. The Cloud has replaced floppy drives. Landlines have long gone and made way for 21st-century real-time messenger communication. We can go on and on about how technology has evolved and created a strong foothold. Technology is also a growth enabler for businesses. Read More
Whether you’re a big corporation or a start-up, chances are you’re catering to your customers directly or indirectly in one or more ways. And that either makes your business or breaks it. It won’t be exaggerating if we say that customer service is one of the critical pillars of any business, regardless of its industry, size, and stature. Read More