List of Top 10 Employee Goal Setting Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

top 10 Goal Setting Software

» What is Goal Setting Software

Goal setting software is a specialized tool designed to help employees set goals, track their progress, and see the areas that need improvement. The online goal setting software handles almost every single part of goal planning, from goal setting to monitoring, saving employees and managers precious time. A benefit of employee goal setting tools is that it improves employee engagement and ensures the business doesn’t become stagnant because employee goals are not aligned with organizational goals. Another perk of this software is that it eradicates the need to manage paperwork. 

» How To Choose The Right Goal Setting Software?

Before choosing goal setting software, you must understand the features to look for to get the most out of it. Although features will vary from software to software, some factors, such as basic goal setting and tracking, remain constant. An ideal employee goal-setting software would help managers and HR easily create goals for your employees. It should also have features like surveys and forms to collect feedback from all the staff in the organization. The managers should be able to track employees’ progress and see whether they are on the right track. 

In this article, we’ve researched and listed the top 10 employee goal planning and monitoring software so that you can make the right choice for your organization. 

» Best Goal Setting Software For Employees In 2023

best Goal Setting Software

1. Trakstar


Want to develop a highly motivated, engaged, and focused workforce? Look no further. Trakstar is the leading employee goal-setting software that lets you set SMART goals for your crew while allowing them to track progress without issues. One of the best perks of using Trakstar as your employee goals software is real-time information on your employee’s progress so that you can provide evidence-based feedback. 

› Trakstar Features 

    • In-depth HR appraisals and provide real-time feedback.
    • Set a SMART goal for team members. 
    • 360-degree feedback is a game changer in encouraging accountability, motivating employees, and resolving unspoken issues.
    • They have automated email reminders to remind employees of their progress and keep them on track. 
    • Groom current employees to grow with organizations while preparing them for potential risks.
    • Smart tangible data from the flexible Performance History, Performance Ranking, Rater Bias, and Rating Distribution reports help organizations make competent workforce planning decisions. 

Trakstar Benefits 

    • The Trakstar goal-setting software is designed for teams to track progress on both individual and team levels. 
    • The software provides multiple features to help with meeting professional needs and goals. 
    • Managers can get a real-time view of employee progress through live dashboards and see which employees are performing well and which need more training.

Trakstar Pricing 

A free trial is available for new users. 

For more pricing details, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Trakstar team. 

2. PerformYard


Are you a mid-sized organization looking for performance management and goal tracking software? Then, PerformYard is an excellent way to transition from your current pen and paper performance management to their goal-setting software. The company prides itself in having a wide range of features, from continuous feedback to annual evaluations, recognition, and client feedback. Prominent clientele includes The Catholic University of America, Friedman LLC, eggstrategy, etc. 

PerformYard Features 

    • The live progress dashboard provides managers and HR staff with critical information to ensure high participation rates.
    • The whole software is designed to keep user experience and aesthetics in mind. This is a goal-setting software that most visual architects and interior designers with an eye for designs will love! 
    • PerformYard provides a simple, minimalist goal-setting software for employees with features like single sign-on, email alerting, receiving, and giving feedback. It’s easy to use without any prior training. 

PerformYard Benefits 

    • People outside your organization can comment on employee performance at no additional cost. 
    • The software is designed to include all the staff, from employees to stakeholders, to share feedback freely.
    • Nothing’s more frustrating than being stuck with new software. Well, PerformYard understands this. The company provides live human support, including account setup, training sessions, and a dedicated success manager. 

PerformYard Pricing 

Customers get each feature at a fractional cost and a dedicated customer support manager to implement, train, and support without additional costs. 

    • Professional: Price ranges between $4 to $8 per employee per month. This includes all Performance Reviews, Goal Management, Continuous Feedback, 360s and Peer Evaluations, etc. 
    • Enterprise: Tailored to business needs. Please connect with PerformYard for more details. 

3. Quantum Workplace


Quantum Workplace is an employee goal management software that turns goals into fun activities all year. Quantum Workplace serves more than 8700 organizations and gives leaders direct access to employee feedback through pulse surveys and real-time insights. The system is multi-metric, which means different goals have different metrics to track. Rather than working in siloed structure, Quantum gives employees a holistic view of cross-functional teams so that the whole organization can work together. The software integrates with Namely, Workday, ADP, and more. 

Quantum Workplace Features:

    • Managers and organizations can use quantum workplace goal-setting software to provide employees with clarity and transparency about their goals.
    • It helps managers save time with automated goal summary emails and real-time progress alerts.
    • It provides a feature of flexible goal formatting for individual employee goals and roles.

Quantum Workplace Benefits:

    • Skill-building and employee goals that align with business goals will ultimately result in growth in the organization.
    • Using Quantum workplace, HR can use customizable templates to design and launch employee surveys. It also provides services like census surveys, pulse surveys, and lifecycle surveys. 
    • The Quantum workplace integrates easily with Microsoft, Outlook, Gmail, and Slack.


Quantum workplace starts pricing from $10000.00 /year. Please contact the vendor for more information on Quantum Workplace goal-setting software. 

4. Lattice


Lattice is leading goal planning and monitoring software that blends company goals and OKR directly into employee routines so that they can stay at the top of organizational goals. The managers and leaders get a chance to regularly track progress in real-time and identify which areas need work. The system integrates with top third-party tools like Jira, Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Organizations that trust Lattice with their goal setting are Reddit, Slack, Monzo, Asana, and many more. 

Lattice Feature

    • Lattice provides a dynamic dashboard with ongoing performance tracking functionality.
    • Feedback management with engagement tracking makes it possible to monitor real-time time analytics.
    • Self-assessment, as well as skill-assessment, helps HR to track their employee performance. 
    • The platform interface is Intuitive, which helps enable employees to manage tasks, provide feedback, and track growth and OKRs.

Lattice Benefit

    • Lattice supports third-party integration with great tools like Slack, Gmail, and Google Workspace.
    • With Lattice, you can set, track, and reflect on your company’s goals quickly and easily.
    • Lattice OKR and Goals feature helps businesses to keep their priorities above all by including them in employees’ daily routines task list.
    • With Lattice, users can assign tasks to individual employees and track their progress until the tasks get completed. Productivity graphs enable teams to view all in-progress tasks.

Lattice Pricing

Lattice provides different pricing packages such as:

    • Performance Management + OKRs & Goals : $11 for person/month
    • Engagement : $4 for person/month
    • Grow : $4 for person/month

5. AssessTEAM


AssessTEAM has one motto, to make employee goal setting and performance evaluation as simple as possible. The employee goal-setting software has already processed over 2 million assessments across 79 countries. The system is fully customizable, so organizations can configure it as per their liking. The software also integrates with over 200 third-party tools like Zoho, Google Suite, and Microsoft 365. 

AssessTEAM Features 

    • The software provides complete control over goal settings by giving configuration options to configure goals on both individual and team levels.
    • Employees also get the option to create individual goals, be it personal or part of overall organizational goals.
    • Library of over 3000 KPIs. Managers can simply select a KPI and send a survey to employees. 

AssessTEAM Benefits 

    • Integrates with over 200 systems, including Google Suite, Zoho, and Microsoft 365.
    • AccessTeam’s goal tracking software is designed for smart devices and is available on all tablets, mobile phones, and everything in between. 

AssessTEAM Pricing

AccessTEAM provides a free trial. AssessTEAM has pay as you go model without fixed contracts.

    • Basic: Starts at $3/person per month. 
    • Premium: Starts at $4/person per month.
    • Enterprise: Starts at $5/person per month.

6. Synergita


Synergita is cloud-based goal-setting and tracking software for thriving organizations to meet their goals. The software seamlessly connects employee engagement, goal tracking, development, rewards, and recognition in one place. One of the software’s unique features is the Hipo rating, which allows organizations to filter high-performance employees and retain them. The entire system is configurable based on industry standards and quickly adapts to the company’s requirements. 

Synergita Features 

    • Simple analytics helps analyze your OKR progress and guide you in the right direction. There are no vanity metrics to distract employees from their goals. 
    • The coach-to-reach and continuous check-in features allow for constant communication between managers and employees to focus on their goals.
    • The goal management system maps goals to cross-function managers, thus supporting the agile matrix organizational hierarchies.
    • The HR team and managers can develop an employee development plan where they can recommend a skill training program to make employees ready for growth.

Synergita Benefits 

    • Synergita OKR helps blend different departments and teams to blend with organizational goals and maximize outcomes. 
    • Help employees understand how their contributions have made the change and resulted in company growth.
    • Synergita highlights problem areas so that employees and managers know where the issue arises and tackle it faster.

Synergita Pricing

OKR Starter: This plan is free for up to 2 Company Objectives, 5 Team Objectives, 20 Individual Objectives, and 10 Users. Some features provided are 

    • OKR alignment
    • Assess OKRs
    • The approval process for OKRs
    • Confidential OKRs
    • Dashboard & reports
    • OKR progress trajectory

OKR Growth: This is a premium plan. For pricing information, please contact Synergita. Some features include are as follows:

    • OKR Starter
    • Unlimited objectives
    • Unlimited users
    • Single Sign-on (SSO)

7. Engagedly


As top-notch goal-setting software Engagedly aligns strategic business objectives with employees’ work objectives. Engagedly revolves around the concepts of continuous feedback to track goals, KPI, and OKR. Unlike other online goal-setting software, Engagedly focuses on improving employees’ experience. It fosters ongoing communication between managers and teams for continuous improvement and goal tracking. One unique perk of this software is that it uses gamification principles and social praise to keep an employee motivated and focused on end goals. 

Engagedly Features 

    • Leverage social praise and employee recognition feature to motivate employees. 
    • Find what employees feel about working with your organization through pulse surveys.
    • Set cascading goals with regular check-ins. 

Engagedly Benefits 

    • The online course module helps in developing online courses to encourage learning.
    • The one-on-one feedback feature proves highly beneficial to praising employees.
    • Users can turn features on or off depending on their use. This way, they are not overwhelmed with the software.

Engagedly Pricing 

A free demo is available for those interested. However, there is no free trial. The plans are divided into three parts. However, the pricing of each plan depends on customer requirements. 

    • E3 Practitioners
    • E3 Champions
    • E3 Leaders 

Please get in touch with Engagedly for a custom quote. 

8. intelliHR


IntelliHR’s employee goal management software is designed for HR, leaders, and managers to develop, align and track their organization’s goals. The system lets you centralize essential data in one place to get a holistic view of what’s happening. On the other hand, the employees have functionalities to self-manage their goals and communicate progress along the way. The software comes with an HRIS built-in. 


    • intelliHr provides continuous performance management features to empower high-performing teams in every organization.
    • intelliHr’s Dynamic dashboards and interactive charts allow you to filter pieces of data with various options like a business unit, tenure, gender, pay grade, and work type. It also helps quickly identify the latest trends and opportunities.
    • An inbuilt tool like employee engagement helps you analyze and track your employee’s mental health, wellness, loyalty, and satisfaction on an ongoing basis.


    • intelliHR provides a Continuous feedback mechanism. By using this mechanism, managers and employees can have meaningful conversations. As a result, they can improve individual coaching opportunities and organizational performance entirely.
    • Setting business goals is an excellent stress buster. Goal-setting software, such as intelliHR, keeps employers focused on what’s most important to their business instead of jumping from one task to another. 
    • A company’s goals play an important role. By aligning employees with the organization’s mission, they can shape an organization’s future.


intelliHR provides different options for their service like

    • Employee Engagement: AU$6.8 per employee/month
    • Performance Enablement: AU$11 per employee/month
    • Strategic HR: AU$18 per employee/month

Also, they provide Customized plans according to the organization’s needs.

9. BizMerlinHR


BizMerlinHR is a goal-setting and monitoring software for continuous performance improvement in the organization. The software is best suited for midsized and large enterprises and provides several functionalities to help employees focus. It integrates with over 100 applications such as JIRA, Slack, QuickBooks, and many more. The best perk of this software is that it’s all-inclusive, meaning all features are provided in a single place.

BizMerlinHR Features:

    • The software provides tools like peer reviews, agile feedback, and check-ins to create performance management and effective reviews.
    • HR can merge individual employee evaluations and employee goals with corporate strategy.
    • BizMerlineHR can easily integrate with Google Workspace, Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Jira Software, and LinkedIn.

BizMerlinHR Benefits:

    • Get a visual representation of which individual or team is working towards a specific goal. 
    • The Tally progress insights tell managers how an employee is progressing and if they are progressing on the right track. 
    • The child goal feature allows employees and managers to break a more significant goal into minute parts so that employees are not overwhelmed. 

BizMerlinHR Pricing 

BizMerlinHR provides a free demo for all those interested in their products. For custom quotes, please get in touch with the Bizmerlin team. 

10. Zimyo Performance


Zimyo is an intuitive goal planning and monitoring software that allows organizations to measure overall employee performance—currently serving over 500 organizations with 1,00,000+ active users. Organizations around the world love Zimyo because it’s easy to switch to. Users also noted that they could easily set up complex processes. The automation features help managers save up to 80percent of their time while keeping track of goals. 

Zimyo Performance Features 

    • Set SMART goals for your employees to improve their overall performance. 
    • Leverage detailed reports and analytics to keep track of employees ‘ performance.
    • Quickly assign goals to employees with automated goal assign modules. 
    • The OKR tool helps set up, track and monitor feasible and quantifiable goals.

Zimyo Benefits 

    • Zimyo comes with a bilingual mobile app to make the employee experience smoother. 
    • The majority of processes are automated, so there is no need for regular humans in intervention. 
    • Managers can quickly identify talent gaps along with identifying top players.
    • Organizations also get a clear picture of employee performance, skills, and behavior through 360-degree feedback from employees, reporting managers, colleagues, etc.  
    • Their OKRs (Objective Key Results) ensure that every employee works in a single direction to achieve a common goal. 

Zimyo Performance Pricing 

Zimyo goal-setting software provides three plans. The lowest plan starts from $2 per month/employee. For more pricing information, please contact the Zimyo Performance team. 

    • Performance
    • Performance Standard
    • Performance Enterprise

» Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is goal setting? 

Goal setting is the process of identifying what your business needs and the desired outcomes. Goal setting often starts by setting goals for the entire organization and then setting the goals for employees that align with your organization.

2. Why is it essential for employees to set goals?

Goal setting gives employees direction, so they do not run in several directions without purpose. Not only does this save the organization’s time, but it also improves employees’ productivity. 

3. Why should you use employee goal management software

Employee goal software for employees is more beneficial than spreadsheets and email reminders. The goal-setting software gives your entire team accountability and provides additional features like visualization and feedback that spreadsheets don’t. 

4. What must-have features for goal tracking software? 

Some must-have feature for online goal-setting software is: 

    • Automation: Automation saves employees and managers time when creating and monitoring goals. The paperwork is reduced to a minimum.
    • Advanced Analytics and Reporting system: 
    • Customization: Since every industry and business has a custom requirement, customization options are essential to configure the system per industry standards. 
    • Integrations: Since most organizations use multiple software for business operations, the goal-setting software must have an integration facility with the already existing software.
    • Alerts and Notifications: Alerts and notifications will help notify employees and managers 

5. What are the SMART goals?

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

6. Does employee goal management software improve employee productivity?

Yes, absolutely. The employee goal management software allows employees to focus more on achieving goals than managing them. 

7. How to measure goals? 

To measure goals, your organization must define the performance indicators in goal setting software that you use. However, you can measure goals through qualitative and quantitative measurements. 

    • KRA(Key Results Area)
    • KPI (Key performance indicators)
    • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) 
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