List of Top 10+ Affiliate Software in 2019

Affiliate software assists websites in outsourcing another website to advertise your marketable outputs for a certain amount of commission. The commission is decided mainly by the number of people the affiliate management software can reach out to and is sent to the merchant website. Else, it may also be decided by taking into consideration the number of people who buy or do some other activity on the merchant website coming via the affiliate website that you own. Being in possession of affiliate management software is one of the most cost-effective and minimal resources utilizing ways to spread the word about one’s product online. It helps in maintaining a stable customer base as well as maintains a standard to work up to. These are the kind of software’s, which enable you to attain reviews and suggestions regarding a product without spending high rates for a survey. The most affiliate marketing software is easy to set up and fully customizable according to one’s needs. They have been designed in a way to completely integrate into one’s system and usually come with well-described documentation to help with. They offer to-the-point steps and help with marketing activities instead of analysis reports. The ambiguity that surrounds online marketing transactions is almost completely removed by using those affiliate tracking software, as they remove spam emails, temporary addresses, invalid and global domains. Here are the top 10+ affiliate software that will help you in your work.

Top Affiliate Software

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List of Best Affiliate Software | Top Affiliate Management Software Reviews

1. Post Affiliate Pro – Sell more with better affiliate software

Our Score 99/100

About Post Affiliate Pro : It is the most prominent Affiliate Management Software available worldwide and is a powerful solution for online stores and eCommerce websites that help them track and monitor their affiliate network. Trusted by more than 27,000 companies globally, Post Affiliate Pro allows you to create and manage affiliate programs from top to bottom. It creates personalized commission structures and settings and helps users monitor commission payout.

Post Affiliate Pro Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Contest Management, Coupon Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Multi-Language, Social Sharing

“Getting started was easy, & the support team was extremely helpful & responsive to our questions as we fine tuned our setup & testing of our campaigns prior to launching. The software provides all the functionality we were looking for, but the support we had during the setup was really awesome..” – Drew

Post Affiliate Pro Reviews


United States

11 – 50





301 Reviews


40 Reviews

2. LeadDyno – Affiliate tracking software

Our Score 98/100

About LeadDyno : A successful lead generating Affiliate Management Software, that helps organizations and individuals to track their affiliate and referral program, LeadDyno, allows users to create an affiliate program in minutes and manages the affiliates and their payment efficiently. It gives detailed information about the best online marketing channel practices and helps users in integrating online advertising methods. It works with any website and automatically runs affiliate programs, tracking them from its lead sources.

LeadDyno Affiliate Features : Affiliate Tracking, Commission Management, Social Sharing

“My geographic locations is well incorporated with a great cashboard, also it works amazingly well with my tiers. Flow of user is very well tracked and works well with wordpress. Note: I don’t use shopify or other alternatives). This is one of the best affiliate softwares.” – Amit T.

LeadDyno Reviews


United States

02 – 10





85 Reviews


2 Reviews

3. Refersion – Referral tracking and affiliate management software

Our Score 97/100

About Refersion : From building own network of affiliates to tracking affiliates sales, Refersion is one of the best affiliate software. It is a simple to use and integrated affiliate marketing platform that helps customers turn into affiliates allowing simplified payments, helps online shops track sales by promoters, influencers, etc. Online marketing agencies prefer having this software over any other as it offers businesses reports and results based on real-time data.

Refersion Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Contest Management, Coupon Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection, Multi-Language, Social Sharing

“This was so easy to setup in my shopify store and I quickly had affiliates ready and setup to start promoting my products for me. Excellent would recommend this system. It makes my Shopify Affiliate Program So EASY” – Jessica C.

Refersion Reviews


United States

11 – 50





35 Reviews


3 Reviews

4. TrackingDesk – Conversion tracking platform for affiliates & media buyers

Our Score 97/100

About TrackingDesk : It is one of the leading traffic and tracking management platform used by online marketers, promoters, influencers and media buyers. TrackingDesk is comprehensive and easy to use software that integrates with top ad networks and affiliate networks. It manages all the digital marketing campaigns and provides real-time features like analytics, landing page rotation, call-to-action optimization, A/B testing, user-agent targeting, etc.

TrackingDesk Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Commission Management, Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

“If you earn your money as an affiliate this tool is a must have. And although if you are interested in the statistics of your site and you want to be indendant of Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and so on. Some data TrackingDesk is providing to you only TrackingDesk can provide. It is like a gold mine of great insights.” – Matthias S.

TrackingDesk Reviews



02 – 10





12 Reviews


1 Reviews

5. Offerslook – Smart tracking for performance marketing networks

Our Score 96/100

About Offerslook : A performance management solution, Offerslook make online businesses look easy and smart. Organizations create new networks, manage publishers and generate invoices. It provides real-time information and visual data snapshots. With strong connectivity functions and prioritized fraud management capabilities, it clears spam. It simplifies the whole processes with its modern interface. It is also noted for its transparency and simple usability.

Offerslook Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection

“Using the Offerslook platform allows us to efficiently manage our platform, campaigns and publishers in real time. With the all-in-one dashboard and customized reports, we are empowered to make instant and wise decisions, hence generating better ROI.” – Özgür Kayabey

Offerslook Reviews


Hong Kong

11 – 50





21 Reviews


0 Reviews

6. Tapfiliate – Affiliate tracking software for eCommerce & SaaS

Our Score 95/100

About Tapfiliate : Tapfiliate is Affiliate Management Software that helps businesses and content creators grow through affiliate marketing. From creating own affiliate program to tracking and optimizing, from one-click social sharing to fraud detection and asset management, this software offers a wide range of features for users to explore and use. Being a cloud-based solution, it allows remote usability and is fully customizable according to the user needs.

Tapfiliate Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Coupon Management, Fraud Detection, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Multi-Language, Social Sharing

“This is one of the best applications for managing your affiliate programs. Honestly speaking, the updates are made the quickest over here. Excellent affiliate software” – Alison M.

Tapfiliate Reviews



02 – 10





20 Reviews


0 Reviews

7. Scaleo – Affiliate tracking & management software

Our Score 93/100

About Scaleo : Scaleo is easy to use with features like anti-fraud technology and has access to different landing pages, campaign redirects and multiple conversion points with statistics and multi-client functions. It is a cloud-based affiliate marketing solution that offers real-time reporting and full API access and is one of the best affiliate software. It is an alternative to any of the affiliate software available in the market.

Scaleo Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Fraud Detection, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Multi-Language

“Save money and run your own affiliate marketing programs. Scaleo is a solid value for companies looking to expand into affiliate marketing but not have to pay the money to get listed on a big affiliate network. It was extremely easy to implement the tracking code and was able to have it up and running with minimal effort.” – Ted

Scaleo Reviews


Czech Republic

11 – 50





19 Reviews


0 Reviews

8. iDevAffiliate – Affiliate program management software

Our Score 92/100

About iDevAffiliate : iDevAffiliate is a cross-platform Affiliate Management Software enabling users to manage commission and payout structure efficiently. Top features include cover payout structures, marketing templates, billing integration, shopping carts and activity reporting. With proven stability and hundreds of more features, it is one of the most sought-after affiliate marketing software. It is user-friendly and allows users to high-end customization and integration.

iDevAffiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Commission Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

“We’ve managed our Affiliate program via iDevAffiliate and I must say, it works great! The easy to use dashboard lets me set up new campaigns fast and easy, while iDev itself takes care of the knotty part showing commissions, stats and graphics logs in a transparent and easily perceived manner. Highly recommended!” – Linda Ragaine

iDevAffiliate Reviews


United States

11 – 50

Not Found




5 Reviews


0 Reviews

9. ClickMeter – Link tracking, affiliate tracking, conversion tracking

Our Score 91/100

About ClickMeter : It is a web-based marketing application tool that helps advertisers, agencies and online marketers in creating a custom affiliate program that monitors, compares, and understands marketing campaigns. ClickMeter is easy to use and records solution and activities that occur in different channels. It provides real-time reports and status of affiliate programs. It allows users to make decisions based on up-to-date information. Top online marketer prefers this solution and is one of the best affiliate software.

ClickMeter Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Commission Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection

“Each salesperson in my company has a series of forms they use for clients and in house processing of information. ClickMeter allows me to track the performance of my advertising on a per agent basis and see where we are getting the best bang for our marketing buck.” – Stefany B.

ClickMeter Reviews


United States

11 – 50





4 Reviews


0 Reviews

10. PayKickstart – Shopping cart & affiliate management for online vendors.

Our Score 90/100

About PayKickstart : PayKickstart is the ultimate shopping cart and affiliate management platform, empowering online Entrepreneurs and digital publishers with the tools to sell their products online. PayKickstart is an online shopping cart and affiliate management platform with built-in conversion enhancing features like one-click upsells for credit card/paypal, order bumps, custom checkout pages/widgets/embed forms, coupon management, auto-complete shipping fields, subscription saver sequences, and more.

PayKickstart Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management. Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Contest Management, Coupon Management, Fraud Detection, Multi-Language

“We’re absolutely thrilled we are with PayKickstart! Your support staff bent over backwards to help us and made our software integrations work – was civility personified. Our business has been online for over 15 years and we have NEVER received such first class customer support in all those years.” – Judith Conroy

PayKickstart Reviews


United States

11 – 50





05 Reviews


0 Reviews

11. HasOffers – Unbiased, Proven Technology for Performance Advertising

Our Score 89/100

About HasOffers : HasOffers is an Affiliate Management Software that tracks and manages affiliate programs. It is flexible and scalable, supports advertisers, agencies and networks that require tracking of the performance of the promoters and influencers. It generates invoices, calculates payout, manages publishers, creatives and campaigns. Being one of the most popular apps, it is available for integration with various types of third-party software and metrics, platforms, and different devices, and integrates both in mobile and desktop data with ease.

HasOffers Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Coupon Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection, Multi-Language

“Using the HasOffers platform allows us to efficiently set up and deliver our campaigns at a very detailed level. We have a complete view of and access to all key data such as mobile device, carrier or offer. This information allows us to manage our platform, campaigns and publishers in real time.” – Stefan Benndorf

HasOffers Reviews


United States

201 – 500





17 Reviews


22 Reviews

12. Orangear – SaaS performance marketing tracking software

Our Score 89/100

About Orangear : Outstanding, intuitive, intelligent SaaS platform offering easy-to-use smart tools for online marketers to effectively and effortlessly deliver successful campaigns and efficiently monetize an audience. There are lots of solutions for businesses at an online advertising market, but only one is ready to propose a many-years’ experience in this sphere of its creators. Must-have options are organically correlated with the most recent technologies, powered by self-educated artificial intelligence. This masterpiece is called “OranGear” and now it keeps its doors opened for start uppers and gurus of advertising business.

Orangear Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Contest Management, Coupon Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Multi-Language

“The thing that really impressed us is preset of API integrations which was already uploaded in our platform, we’ve integrated with 500+ partners in two clicks. The second important feature is inbuilt Antifraud solution and integrated Checker, each tracking link can be verified automatically. Thanks to the support team.” – Igor M.

Orangear Reviews


United States

11 – 50





05 Reviews


05 Reviews

13. Trackier– Smart Performance Marketing Software

Our Score 85/100

About Trackier : Affiliate Management Software that gives total control over marketing campaigns, Trackier can build, automate, assess, and optimize each campaign within a single platform. It helps in creating and running campaigns natively with the existing model of CPC, CPM, CPA, CPI etc. The software provides a label system that allows users to tweak and configure all aspects of marketing efforts, making it one of the best affiliate software available in the market.

Trackier Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management, Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Contest Management, Coupon Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection, Multi Level Marketing (MLM), Multi-Language, Social Sharing

“Using the Trackier platform allows my team to efficiently manage our platform, campaigns, and publishers in real time. With the all-in-one dashboard and customized reports, we are empowered to make instant and wise decisions, hence generating better ROI.” – Husam Eyadat

Trackier Reviews



02 – 10





11 Reviews


0 Reviews

14. Radius – Broaden the Scope of Your Partnerships.

Our Score 84/100

About Radius : Grow your partnerships by managing them all on a single flexible, intuitive platform. Affiliate marketers boast unparalleled insights, maximum flexibility and easy workflows for managing their coupon, rewards, loyalty and cashback sites, and other eCommerce partners. Influencer marketers can finally gauge the true value each partner contributes to a conversion, as well as the true influence of their program against other marketing channels. Business development managers can ditch the manual workflows. Flexible electronic contracting, powerful tracking, and automated payment processing make it easy to manage even the most complex B2B partnerships.

Radius Affiliate Features : Affiliate Management. Affiliate Tracking, Banner Management, Commission Management, Coupon Management, Email / Newsletter Communication, Fraud Detection, Multi-Language

“My overall experience with Radius is great! I like how now after set up everything is right there for me. I love being able to see how everyone is doing right when I log into the software. This software has made my life easier and has made us work with people we may have never worked with without this software.” – Jake K.

Radius Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



05 Reviews


0 Reviews

Affiliate Software Buyer's Guide

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based profit earning system where one gets a commission for selling a product or service for a company through affiliate links. The affiliates earn commissions on every full sale that happens through their shared links. However, when you run an e-commerce company, managing multiple affiliate marketing campaigns becomes a tedious process. To ease the process, marketers use Affiliate Software to run numerous campaigns under a single time frame.

What is Affiliate Software?

It is a software application that helps you setting up and running multiple affiliate marketing campaigns simultaneously without any hassle. The use of hashtag URLs to track individual performance will help you distributing profits accordingly. The software caters towards increasing the traffic on your website thereby directly working towards SEO optimisation. The affiliate software also improves the conversation rate by drawing more footprints towards your business from different affiliate links. The entire process runs automatically without requiring you to brainstorm on the critical individual process on a frequent basis. Moreover, as the software is mobile compatible, it becomes easy to manage the work remotely from any place at any time.

Is It Worth Investing In Money?

Those who are running individual campaigns, they know the pain of managing the burden daily. First of all, authenticating successful conversions becomes a dull affair on a daily basis. Secondly, it becomes certainly impossible more than one campaign at the same time without any additional helping hand. Lastly, when it comes to distributing the profits, it takes a significant amount of working hours on a daily or weekly basis. Taking into consideration the above-said factors, it is worth investing money in this software. Also, you will get to know the usability of the software through a free trial period thereby enabling you for an easy decision-making process. Thus, the bottom line is it is worth investing your money in any affiliate software application to reap the best benefits.

How Does Affiliate Software Work?

The affiliate software works in 4 steps – Creating offers, Signing up new affiliate users, Drawing more sales and traffic for the business, Paying successful conversions. Through the software, you can create proposals without having any prior technical knowledge. Once the offers are created, the software does its part of adding interested affiliates to its channel. They will be provided with hashtag URLs attached affiliate links to promote your products or services. When people will click on those links and will complete a purchase, the software will count that as a successful conversion and will let you know about the same on the dashboard. Thus, it will be easy for you to pay only for the successful conversions through the software. All you have to do is to choose an ideal software to meet your demands with ease.

Before Choosing Any Affiliate Software

Before you decide to go for any affiliate software, it is imperative to determine your budget beforehand. Without finalising your budget if you let yourself into the marketing gimmicks of the sellers, you will end up making a big purchase. Instead, sit with your management team and come with a budget with min and max limits that will help you remain grounded during the selection process.

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Software?

Though there are many affiliate management software available in the market, it takes an eagles eye to separate the wheat from the chaff. To make you a smart decision, here are a few tips worth taking into consideration.

› No long term contracts:

If the software is imposing a long term contract then it’s better to avoid that for sure because in case the software fails to meet your expectations, you would still be forced to stick with it till the term gets over. Instead, go for the one that charges you under the “pay-as-you-go” scheme so that you can cancel the subscription at any time you want.

› Use of own domain:

The software should give you the option of using your preferred domains. Some affiliate tracking software has their domain and thus like to use that for affiliate programs. The software can give that option to the sellers with little modifications in its setting. Also, there are few affiliate software available in the market those help affiliates in purchasing a new domain without hassling on other websites.

› Free Trial period:

If you have never used any software like this before or don’t want to rush into a final decision, it is better to go for a trial period. Even a 7-day trial period will allow you to understand the usability of the software well and will enable you to make a quick decision. Though that may require your card information with them locked for auto purchase post-trial period, you should definitely go for it as you can withdraw yourself from the deal at any moment.

› Easy to get started with:

The first thing that is important is the ease of set up. The software should be easy to install without requiring any tool or plug-in to work. The ideal software will have all the necessary tools integrated into it so that you will not need any HTML knowledge to get started with.

› No need for any additional helping hand:

You should be self-sufficient to install and run the affiliate management software by yourself. In case, the software needs the additional support of developer or any third party software (that is payable), it is better to cut it loose from your list. Otherwise, every time you want to make some small changes in campaigns, you have to look for the helping hands to get the job done.

› Should be able to run multiple campaigns:

Often there would be situations when you have to run more than one campaign under a single time frame. It can be for different products or services or any special occasion. Unless your software allows running more than one programs at a time, you have to again look for the alternatives. Therefore, always go for the software that allows unlimited affiliate programs to run in one installation.

› Mobile compatible:

Mobile devices are in more use these days than PCs. So, you can think of catering more number of affiliates through mobile compatible affiliate tracking software than the other. It will help you manage the campaigns, check the commission reports and take care of other aspects even if you are not in your office.

› Securely hosted:

Make sure the software does not need any separate server for hosting. It should have its server to take care of the same. It will guaranty you of best security and reliability. Also, it will eliminate the need of looking after at other periodic aspects related to software such as backup, update and upgrade.

› Easy to Integrate:

The software should provide a natural mean to integrate it with other systems such as a merchant site or a payment gateway system. Enquire about the same beforehand. Most people do not know about such requirements and end up paying more to the software makers as add-ons.

› Total Management Control:

Unless you can have full control on your campaign starting from running multiple sessions to managing back-office stuff, the software can hardly fetch you a good ROA. No matter whatever your purpose is, the software should be providing total management control in terms of bringing tech support, integrating it with other software systems, sending e-mail newsletters etc.

› Full tracking even without cookies:

Usually, the cookies of the software help in identifying the successful affiliate links and thereby enable the software to do the needful. However, if the buyer clears the cookies, the software fails to guaranty on authenticating the same with surety. Thus that creates a big loophole in the system. Most affiliate software provides cookies for certain period of time. However an ideal software program uses more than one type of cookies to track the referrals, in case one fails, the other gets the job done.

› Phone and ticket Support:

As you would have invested in the software, you certainly would not be able to afford downtimes due to technical glitches as you may lose business for that period. Thus, make sure that the software has a 24/7 support system through phone and chat to handle any type of downtime almost immediately.

What Are The Features Of Affiliate Software?

An Affiliate Software comes with features and benefits that vary from one to another. However, make sure, to crosscheck the followings for sure:

› Social Share widget:

It helps your business to remain a buzz word on social platforms through easy link sharing option.

› Easy reward system:

You can easily reward the successful conversions as the software does that for you through trackers.

› Free email templates and Thank You pages:

It enables you to land your buyers on custom thank you pages to feel overwhelmed with your business courtesy. Also, it offers you pre-written customizable email newsletters for your affiliates to draw more customers from their contact list.

› Auto Sign up:

Some software also has this feature of auto signup where they turn customers into affiliates through an easy sign-up process.

› Contest Manager:

It creates contents for your referral programs to draw more affiliates thereby increasing your business directly.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Software?

There are a number of benefits to having Affiliate Marketing software by your side. Some of the top benefits have been described below:

› Running Multi-tier marketing:

The software enables you to run affiliate programs in multiple tiers. It can create multiple levels inside a marketing campaign for creating additional revenues for the merchant. Thus, it comes as one of the best ways to run a successful affiliate program.

› Improved Google Rankings:

The software helps for improving the rank of the website in Google search results. It does so by attaching a separate hashtag URL to each affiliate link. The URL contains the tracking information of each affiliate user thereby makes it easy for tracking them on daily basis. The recent search engine algorithms are advising to use hash URLs to improve ranks and the software can do that for you with ease.

› Increase in conversion rate:

The affiliate software helps in increasing the traffic of your website through various affiliate links. That ultimately results in an increased conversion rate. That’s because the audience those come to your website has already been influenced through the affiliates and just need a little push from your on page marketing to get converted into permanent clients.

› Option to rebrand:

One of the major benefits of having an affiliate software is that it gives you a rebrand option. Basically, by the use of this option, you can sell the products as your own under your own brand name and charges your customers on a periodic basis for the same.

› Auto Translator:

If your affiliate marketing campaign is targeting an international audience, then this is another good reason to have the software by your side. The software offers in-built language translator plug-in to promote your products in any country in their native language. With a little modification of a file, you can enable the language translator on.

› Free resources to boost business:

Many software applications give you access to elite articles and notes on boosting your business through easy tricks. You may find those useful and may certainly implement them at no additional fees. Some also provide free weekly webinars and individual guidance sessions to help their buyers stick with them forever.

How Much Does an Affiliate Software Cost?

Taking into consideration of all the necessary features required to run a successful affiliate campaign, an ideal affiliate marketing software application may cost you as low as $50 per month. Though some have basic plans starting at $15 per month as well they will have very little features. The pricing varies with increasing numbers of tracking requests, and affiliate users. Also, very few software charge extra on the basis of monthly SEO support through add-ons. Almost all software gives you free set up advice, help you in listing directories and charge almost nothing on transactions.


The affiliate program software can certainly help anyone to set up and manage multiple campaigns under a single time frame to boost their customer base. However, it is your responsibility to choose the best from a group of average to get quick returns on your investment. In case, you need more guidance to arrive at any certain decision, take help of social forums, your friends and other public networks to be able to figure out the best affiliate marketing software ideal for your business.

Get Quick Comparison of Top Affiliate Software

Professional Services Automation FeaturesPost Affiliate ProLeadDynoRefersionHasOffersTrackingDeskTrackierOfferslookTapfiliateScaleoiDevAffiliateClickMeter
Price$97.00/ month$49.00/ month$89.00/ month$279.00/ month$50.00/ month/user$99.00/ month$0.01/ month$69.00/ month$29.00/ month$39.00/ month$29.00/ month
Affiliate Management           
Affiliate Tracking           
Banner Management       
Commission Management           
Contest Management   
Coupon Management     
Email / Newsletter Communication       
Fraud Detection        
Multi Level Marketing (MLM)      
Social Sharing     

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