List of Top 10 Complaint Management Software In 2023 (Free & Paid)

To err is human and to solve, divine. Mistakes happen in every business and are inevitable. Many companies are turning heads from paper-based complaint management to automated processes such as complaint management software to manage customer complaints and their resolution. With having an efficient customer complaints management software, companies receive complaints, track and resolve them. It also helps in reducing customer complaints with time. A complaint handling software benefits organizations in several ways. From improved customer service, maintaining quality control, enhancing IT support, managing compliance and preventive lawsuits to tracking customer feedback in real-time. Features of a customer complaint management software include automated complaint processing, enhanced workflow, and improved documentation, advanced report processing with customization related to different industries. Here is the list of top-rated customer complaints management software by SoftwareWorld. This list will help you decide and choose the best complaint management software for your company.

Best Complaint Management Software

Our Score98/100
  • Zendesk
  • United States
  • $5.00/month/user
  • Yes

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Our Score98/100
  • Salesforce
  • United States
  • $25.00/month/user
  • Yes

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Our Score98/100
  • Freshworks
  • United States
  • $19.00/month/user
  • Yes

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List of Best Customer Complaint Management Software | Complaint Management System Reviews

1. Zendesk Suite - Best Software For Proactively Address Customer Complaints

Zendesk - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Zendesk Suite As a Complaint Management Software?

As per our evaluation, Zendesk Suite is one of the best customer complaint software in the market for every business size. It offers robust features that can help your business or company proactively address customer complaints to be more flexible, reliable, and scalable. You can also improve interactions with your customers and precisely filter massive amounts of customer data.

Furthermore, using Zendesk Suite, you can efficiently handle customer complaints and offer state-of-the-art customer care from one place. Using its omnichannel support, you can easily drive all customers under one roof from different communication channels. You can also provide localized customer support using 40 different languages that are dynamically applied to every aspect, like automation, triggers, and knowledge base.

› What are The Prime Features of Zendesk Suite For Complaint Management?

    • Custom Roles: Define custom roles for agents and assign those roles to particular agents to streamline workflow.
    • Mobile App: Empower your agents to resolve tickets from wherever they are using a powerful mobile application.
    • Direct Reports: Effectively use customer data and analytics together and generate reports to get actionable insights for improving customer experience.
    • Integration: Explore your favorite apps at Zendesk Marketplace and integrate with them to expand Zendesk Suite’s capability.
    • Intelligent Routing: Intelligently direct tickets to the right agent who can resolve them efficiently and timely.
    • Ticketing System: Use Zendesk Suite’s powerful ticking system to track, prioritize, and resolve tickets to serve customers better.
    • Voice: Use integrated voice software and talk with customers to provide personalized resolutions for complicated issues.
    • Knowledge Base: Provide a self-serving portal so customers can get quick and convenient resolutions for their common issues.
    • Messages: Use messages to make customer interactions more engaging and personalized with built-in AI and automation.
    • AI: AI agents interact with customers and suggest responses to know their issues better and direct them to the right agent for quicker resolution.

› What is The Pricing of Zendesk Suite?

Zendesk Suite offers convenient and straightforward pricing packages. It offers foundational support plans with essential features starting at $19 per agent/month/billed annually. Zendesk Suite’s plans for everyone start at $49 per agent/month/billed annually. Its high-priced plan pricing is $215 per agent/month/billed annually. It also has other subscription plans that you can explore at Zendesk Suite’s official pricing page.

2. Zoho Desk - AI & Automation-Based Software For Managing Customer Complaints

Zoho Desk - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Zoho Desk As a Complaint Management System?

In our research, we found that Zoho Desk is one of the best AI & automation-based complaint management software that can handle customer complaints efficiently. Many successful businesses are using this application as we speak. Its customer feedback system offers multichannel capabilities, cross-functional collaboration, and advanced reporting tools. It can help agents to resolve customer complaints with ease.

Furthermore, Zoho Desk offers the simplest form of Round Robin automatic ticket assignment. Using this automation, businesses can start distributing tickets among their agents based on defined limits. This ensures that not a single ticket goes unattended from a complaint management system.

›  What are The Prime Features of Zoho Desk For Complaint Management?

    • Agent Scorecard: Know the number of tickets assigned to an agent, their response and resolution time, and customer satisfaction rating from one place.
    • Dashboards & Reports: Generate detailed reports and view them on dashboards to identify the incoming traffic per channel.
    • Macros: Combine agents’ routine actions performed on tickets as a macro and initiate that macro wherever required to save time and effort.
    • SLA: Easily configure SLA in Zoho Desk based on criteria like channel, time due, priority, and customer demographics.
    • Workflow Automation: Set rules that automatically trigger alerts and tasks to streamline the workflow.
    • Integration: Support integration with other apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Slack, Jira, and Google to resolve complaints faster.
    • Agent Collision Alert: Notify agents who are viewing the same complaint to prevent overlapping of work using agent collision alert.
    • Telephony: Use cloud telephony to make and receive calls within the system. Also, record, log, and monitor calls for future use.
    • Live Chat: Chat in real-time with customers to understand their issues better.
    • Social Media: Also view and manage customers’ interactions on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
    • Web Form: Embed web forms with websites so customers can easily fill out details and submit their queries as tickets directly into the complaint management system.
    • Email: Get all your customer service emails to Zoho Desk so you can easily react to them from one place.
    • Mobile App: Easily assign tasks to agents even if you are not in the office using a powerful mobile application.

› What is The Pricing of Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk offers cost-effective pricing packages with a 15-day free trial. It also offers a free plan for businesses with minimal support requirements. Zoho Desk’s lowest subscription plan pricing is $20 per user/month billed monthly. Its highest subscription plan pricing is $50 per user/month billed monthly. Check out Zoho Desk’s official pricing page to learn more about its pricing details.

3. Front - All-in-one Software to Resolve Complaints

Front - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Front As a Customer Complaint Management Software?

As per our analysis, Front is an all-in-one complaint management software with robust features. It is best suitable for every business size, from small to enterprise level. Even highly-impact teams like HubSpot, Shopify, and Altour are relying on its robust features to manage their customer complaints. For instance, Front allows businesses to provide 1:1 responses to strengthen their relationship with customers to provide quicker and more personal responses.

Furthermore, agents can see the overall conversion history and CRM data of particular customers in one place. This way, agents do not need to go back and forth between apps to collect relevant data. It helps them understand the real issue to give reliable resolution.

› What are The Prime Features of Front For Customer Complaint Management?

    • Assignments: Easily assign inbound requests to specific team members and let them handle it end to end.
    • Team Inboxes: Front enables businesses to segment their team inboxes based on many aspects, like urgency, tier, location, and channel.
    • Automation: Create automatic workflows to filter and sort incoming tickets and direct them to the relevant agents.
    • Email Templates: Create email templates for the resolution of the most common issues to provide faster responses through email.
    • Reports & Analytics: Create reports on response time and support activities to get crucial insights that can be used to improve customer service.
    • Flags: Front has a built-in process of automatically flagging complaints that require immediate response to keep up with SLAs.
    • Templatized Response: Agents can create templates of responses for common issues so every team member can respond with one voice.
    • Integration: Easily manage all third-party apps that the businesses already use directly from Front. I.e., Aircall, Cordless, Calixa, and Asana.
    • Front Mobile App: Never mind if your agents are on the move, Front mobile app empowers them to stay connected from any device.
    • Team Collaboration: Facilitate remote teams with Front’s built-in team collaboration tools to keep them agile, connected, and motivated.

› What is The Pricing of Front?

Front offers various subscription plans for every business size. Its Starter plan is budget-friendly and best-suitable for small teams. It will cost $19 per seat/month with annual billing (2 to 8 seats). Front’s Premier subscription plan will cost $229 per seat/month with annual billing (50-seat minimum). There are other subscription plans and add-ons available as well. You can navigate through them at Front’s official pricing page.

4. Freshdesk - Top-Notch Software to Provide an Effortless Customer Experience

Freshdesk - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Freshdesk As a Complaint Management Software?

In our analysis, we found that Freshdesk from Freshworks is top-notch software to easily track customer complaints, deeply understand customer requirements, and provide an effortless customer experience. It offers tons of high-tech features that are capable of managing heavy complaint traffic from different channels. Using these features, businesses can reduce customer churn, stop negative word-of-mouth, and improve agents' efficiency and productivity.

What’s more, Freshdesk has a completely free plan to offer up to 10 agents. It is best suited for smaller teams and growing businesses. The Free plan contains fundamental features that are essential to scale businesses. The features it includes are ticket dispatch, knowledge base, analytics, reporting, team collaboration, etc.

› What are The Prime Features of Freshdesk For Complaint Management?

    • Cross-team Collaboration: Agents can invite other internal teams to be on board with ticket threads to improve internal team communication.
    • Ticketing System: Categorize and prioritize tickets to assign and drive them to the right agent with Freshdesk’s powerful ticketing system.
    • Automation: Automate many complaint management workflows to drive particular complaints to the right agents for quicker resolutions.
    • Self-service: Use a powerful knowledge base and enable customers to troubleshoot common issues by themself and reduce ticket traffic.
    • Analytics: Robust analytical abilities provide in-depth insight into support team’s performance and help managers to make data-driven decisions.
    • Integration: Freshdesk offers seamless integration with more than 1,000 apps like CRM, OMS, and billing to handle all processes from one place.
    • Customization: Create a helpdesk that fulfills all your business requirements using Freshdesk’s awesome customizable capabilities.
    • Omnichannel: Facilitate your customers across traditional and digital channels to offer flawless customer service.
    • Mobile Application: Deliver effortless customer experience on the go with a dedicated mobile application.

› What is The Pricing of Freshdesk?

Freshdesk offers free and paid subscription plans. Its paid packages are cost-effective and suitable for every business size. It also offers a 21-day free trial with every paid package. Freshdesk’s lowest subscription package is Growth. Its pricing starts at $18 per agent/month, billed monthly. Freshdesk’s highest subscription package is Enterprise. It will cost $95 per agent/month, billed monthly. Please visit Freshdesk’s pricing page to learn more about its features and other subscription packages.

5. Salesforce Service Cloud - Leading Ticketing Software to Scale Customer Experience

Salesforce Service Cloud - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Salesforce Service Cloud As a Complaint Management System?

As per our research, Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the leading and high-rated complaint management software. This marvelous customer support software allows agents and customers to connect and communicate faster to resolve customer issues via various channels, like web, chat, phone, or email.

Salesforce Service Cloud consists of many easy-to-use and powerful features, such as pre-built integration apps, support ticketing, knowledge base, routing, case management, queue management, customer access across all channels, and seamless integration with data systems. Moreover, this superb solution enables businesses to streamline their service team processes to improve customer satisfaction rates by reducing average call response time.

› What are The Prime Features of Salesforce Service Cloud For Complaint Management?

    • AI: Use Salesforce’s Einstein Bots to assist customers in resolving common issues to deliver more intelligent self-service.
    • Messaging: Connect with customers on popular messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp using Einstein Bots.
    • Live Chat: Empower websites and mobile apps with live chat support using intelligent chatbots to deliver quicker complaint resolution.
    • Social Customer Service: Monitor and reply in real-time to address issues over social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
    • Self-Service: Improve compliant management by providing resolutions of common issues with a beautifully crafted self-service portal.
    • Chatbots: Boost agents' productivity by supercharging your service team with AI-powered chatbots.
    • Routing: Efficiently assign the right tickets to the right agents using AI-based routing systems from Einstein to ensure every ticket is addressed.
    • Customization: Easily customize Service Cloud per business requirements to streamline processes and drive consistency.
    • Newsfeed: Get every customer interaction, email updates, voicemails, and more about tickets in a newsfeed.
    • 360-degree Customer View: Combine every bit of information that agents require using a 360-degree customer view to serve them better.
    • Telephony: Integrate Service Cloud with the most advanced CTI tools to manage customer calls efficiently without leaving Service Cloud.
    • Automation: Automate multi-step and common processes to make support agents free so they can solve customer problems effortlessly.
    • Contact Management: Empower agents with crucial contact data from previous communications so they can be ready whenever customers make contact.
    • Custom Reports: Create custom reports to track tickets and customer info to get a 360-degree customer view for making data-driven decisions.
    • Mobile App: Use Service Cloud’s robust functionalities and efficiently manage agents on the go using a dedicated mobile application.

› What is The Pricing of Salesforce Service Cloud?

Salesforce Service Cloud offers various subscription packages with a 30-day free trial. They are suited for every business size. Its Essentials package is budget-friendly, and its pricing is $25 per user/month, billed annually. Its Unlimited subscription package pricing is $300 per user/month, billed annually. Service Cloud also offers other packages and add-ons. You can visit its pricing page to learn more about them.

6. HappyFox Help Desk - Best Software to Simplify Complaint Management

HappyFox Help Desk - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick HappyFox Help Desk As a Customer Complaint Management Software?

According to our analysis, HappyFox Help Desk is one of the top software in the market to simplify complaint management. It has a user-friendly interface that can really help agents to boost productivity. It offers fascinating features like email ticking, SMS, a self-service portal, SLA management, email notifications, and an internal knowledge base.

Businesses can leverage these fascinating features of happyFox to save time and money spent on support services to increase customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, businesses can improve complaint resolutions to increase customer retention rates. Businesses can also achieve high-performance standards by using this all-in-one complaint management software.

› What are The Prime Features of HappyFox Help Desk For Customer Complaint Management?

    • Dashboard: Easily sort and organize tickets into different categories and see them on dashboards based on various aspects like priority and status.
    • Omnichannel: Efficiently manage incoming tickets from various channels like email, chat, phone, and social media.
    • Contact Details: Empower agents with comprehensive customer information and let them provide more personalized customer support.
    • Ticket Routing: Easily route tickets to the agents with the right skill set to make sure that every ticket gets the best resolution.
    • Self-Service: Refer customers with common issues to the knowledge base and FAQ section to provide quick resolution without raising a ticking.
    • Support Widget: Embed a support widget on websites and let customers submit their tickets here instead of writing long and boring emails.
    • Automation: Use intelligent rule-based workflow automation and automate routine and repetitive processes to offer quicker support.
    • Analytics: Use high-tech analytical abilities to analyze agents and help desk performance to measure SLA.
    • Customization: Customize the help desk as per your business rules and regulations to boost brand awareness.

› What is The Pricing of HappyFox Help Desk?

HappyFox Help Desk has simple pricing packages. Its lowest subscription plan starts at $39 per agent/month with monthly billing. HappyFox Help Desk’s highest subscription plan pricing is $4,999 per month/unlimited agents with annual billing. It also offers other subscription packages to opt from. Please visit its official pricing page to navigate through other subscription plans.

7. LiveAgent - Excellent Software to Manage Customer Complaints

LiveAgent - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick LiveAgent As a Complaint Management Software?

In our evaluation, we found that LiveAgent is an excellent customer complaints management software best recommended for every business size. It can efficiently connect your agents with customers to improve customer interactions via seamless omnichannel support. Additionally, at the same time, the tool can measure agents' progress using advanced analytical abilities.

What’s more, businesses can flawlessly integrate LiveAgent with many popular VoIP providers. Hence, they can easily perform activities like receiving and making calls, recording complaints in logs, and making recorded call logs accessible to every agent to improve service quality. Moreover, LiveAgent offers the best-in-class chat widget to provide an unforgettable customer experience.

› What are The Prime Features of LiveAgent For Complaint Management?

    • Ticketing System: Effortlessly manage all customer tickets from one intuitive interface using an excellent ticketing system.
    • Agent Collision Prevention: Stop agents from working on the same ticket to improve collaboration.
    • Ticket Distribution: Automate the ticket distribution process and streamline the workflow to lighten the workload of your agents.
    • Email Sync: Synchronize different email accounts and connect them in one help desk system using the email forwarding feature of LiveAgent.
    • Email Templates: Create templates for the resolution of common issues to reply faster.
    • Filter: Easily filters tickets to sort them into different categories so agents can find them faster.
    • GIF: Add relevant GIFs into tickets to make the conversation more interesting.
    • Notes: Create notes inside tickets for your colleagues’ reference.
    • Mass Actions: Take mass actions like deleting tickets, transferring tickets, changing SLA levels, and more to save agents time and effort.
    • Universal Inbox: Drive emails, calls, chat messages, knowledge base tickets, social media messages, and more into one place to get a unified view.
    • Integration: Expand your customer service by integrating LiveAgent with many popular apps like Slack and Zapier.

› What is The Pricing of LiveAgent?

LiveAgent offers a free version with fundamental features for small businesses and new startups. It also has paid subscription plans with a 14-day free trial that are suitable for every business size. Its lower subscription plan pricing is $15 per agent with monthly billing. Its higher subscription plan price starts at $85 per agent with monthly billing. If you are looking for more in-depth details about LiveAgent’s pricing and plans, you should explore its official pricing page.

8. ProProfs Help Desk - Trending Complaint Management System with AI

ProProfs - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick ProProfs Help Desk As a Complaint Management System?

According to our evaluation, ProProfs Help Desk is one of the trending AI-based software to manage customer complaints effortlessly. It offers magnificent features to perform comprehensive complaint management activities with ease. For instance, you can easily fetch all the complaints of customers regardless of the channels they are coming from, like web forms, chats, or emails, and put them in one place to ensure every complaint is properly handled.

What’s more, You can access ProProfs Help Desk account from any device like PC, tablet, or mobile to track, view, and solve complaints anytime, anywhere. What you need is just a compatible device and an active internet connection.

› What are The Prime Features of ProProfs Help Desk For Complaint Management?

    • AI-based Reports: Create smart reports using advanced analytics to improve customer experience.
    • Email Signs: Create custom email signatures and use them in all emails to give them a professional touch.
    • Preserved Responses: Smartly use canned responses for most common customer issues to respond faster.
    • Cloud Hosting: The software is hosted on the IBM cloud platform to secure all your business operations.
    • Easy Implementation: Due to the easy implementation of the tool, you will not require any developer skills and start solving customer issues in no time.
    • CSAT & NPS: Use CSAT and NPS to efficiently track customer experience.
    • Automation: Create a seamless workflow by setting up rules, permissions, and priorities using Help Desk’s powerful automation capabilities.
    • Chat: Understand customers' issues better by interacting with them in real-time using ProProfs’s chat function.
    • Knowledge Base: Promote self-service and minimize ticket traffic using a powerful knowledge base.
    • Attachments: Empower your customers to add attachments with tickets to express the issue more conveniently.
    • Web forms: Create and embed web forms on websites so customers can submit their tickets conveniently.
    • Collaboration: Every agent is allowed to see every customer ticket so they can know which agent is working on which ticket to improve collaboration.
    • Notifications: Agents will get crucial notifications for different ticket-related activities like assigning new tickets, re-assigning old tickets, notes added to the tickets, and more.
    • Business Hours: Easily customize availability timing for agents to meet SLAs.
    • Parent-child Tickets: Divide original tickets into segments and create sub-tickets to assign them to other agents.

› What is The Pricing of ProProfs Help Desk?

ProProfs Help Desk offers only one straightforward subscription package with a 15-days free trial. What’s more, you will not require a credit card to register for a free trial. Help Desk’s pricing starts at $30 per user with monthly billing. You can save 30% by choosing an annual billing cycle. Here, you have to pay $20 per user/month. Please visit ProProfs’s pricing page to get in-depth knowledge of its delightful subscription plan.

9. Issuetrak - Top-class Ticketing Software to Optimize Operations

Issuetrak - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Issuetrak As a Complaint Management Software?

As per our in-depth research, Issuetrak is one of the top-class ticketing software available in the market. It offers cool features that can optimize your business operations by letting you practice transparent, organized, and quicker resolution. Using its web forms feature, you can create standard or custom web forms. Both are intuitive and allow customers to easily submit their tickets.

What’s more, you can allow customers to use different modes of channels to submit their issues and provide feedback at their convenience. For instance, customers can chat with agents in real-time, send emails, fill up web forms, and more. Additionally, they can use mobile devices as well to interact with support agents.

› What are The Prime Features of Issuetrak For Complaint Management?

    • Custom Forms: Customize complaint forms to make sure you get all the information required to solve customer issues.
    • Surveys: Create surveys that can easily capture CSAT scores to measure and improve customer service.
    • Task Manager: Efficiently manage tasks by creating effective checklists to track each and every step of the processes.
    • Dashboards: Filter open tickets by type, priority, assignments, and more to see them at a glance on intuitive dashboards.
    • Automation: Streamline the workflow and escalate the complaint resolution processes using powerful automation capabilities.
    • Notifications: Make customers aware of every update their tickets get by sending notifications for each update.
    • Mobile Responsive: IssueTrak is fully mobile responsive. Hence, you can easily perform every ticket-related operation from mobile devices.
    • Issue Hub: See every open ticket that is assigned to you in one place to access and start working on them quickly.
    • SLA: Easily manage, set, and monitor expectations of service for customers from the SLA configuration option to improve service quality.
    • Scheduled Reports: Use this feature to automatically generate specific reports on the scheduled time and deliver the outcome to specific recipients.
    • Knowledge Base: Facilitate your customers with a searchable knowledge base to encourage self-service.

› What is The Pricing of Issuetrak?

Issuetrak does not have any complex pricing packages. Its pricing is based on the deployment. Issuetrak Cloud’s starting price is $69 per agent/month, billed yearly. Please explore Issuetrak’s official pricing page to dive deep into its features and add-ons.

10. Bitrix24 - Robust Software Supporting Almost Every Communication Channel

Bitrix24 - Best Complaint Management Software

› Why We Pick Bitrix24 As a Complaint Management System?

According to our comprehensive research, Bitrix24 is a robust complaint management system obtainable in the market. It is compatible with almost every communication channel to provide a hassle-free customer experience. No matter what channel your customers will use - web forms, messengers, social networks, email, or real-time chat on the website, they can easily start interaction and submit tickets to get reliable resolution.

Furthermore, we found that Bitrix24 provides a completely free version with basic features included, such as unlimited users, public & private chat, custom fields, task control, a mobile app, a personal drive, and a knowledge base. This free version can provide a life-changing opportunity for new startups and small teams.

› What are The Prime Features of Bitrix24 For Complaint Management?

    • Omnichannel: Allow customers to use multiple channels for communicating with support agents, like email and live chat on the website.
    • Access level: Give access rights to specific agents so that crucial communication data is kept secure.
    • Routing: Easily edit and modify routing and queuing methods to streamline the ticketing management processes.
    • Telephony: You can rent phone numbers and even get toll-free numbers for smart routing and call tracking.
    • Mobile App: Use a dedicated Bitrix24 mobile application to facilitate agents in resolving customer issues from wherever they are.
    • IVR: Utilize the IVR system to collect essential information on customer issues and direct them to relatively skilled agents.
    • Wait Time Rules: Set waiting time rules for customers so they do not have to wait longer in queues and be directed to the agents in a timely manner.
    • Separate Channels: Create separate communication channels to streamline the workflow.
    • Greetings & Canned Replies: Set greeting messages and create canned replies for common issues to improve customer experience and quick resolutions.
    • Internal Messenger: Use internal messenger to easily deliver new tasks and updates to every agent. Even create groups to start group discussions.

› What is The Pricing of Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 offers free and paid subscription plans for every business size and type. Its paid plans are budget-friendly and straightforward. Its most affordable subscription plan is Basic. Its pricing starts at $61 per month for 5 users. Its most expensive subscription plan is Enterprise. Its cost is $499 per month for 250 users. There are other paid plans available as well. Please visit Bitrix24’s official pricing page to learn more about them.

» More Complaint Management Software That You Can Find Useful:

    • ComplianceQuest: Great software with embedded intelligence to identify trends and patterns to minimize ticket traffic in the future.
    • Sprinklr Service: Superb AI-powered software to scale complaint management systems and increase customer satisfaction rate.
    • Workpro Complaints: Easily track agents’ performance, catch feedback to learn from them, and refine business processes with this awesome software.
    • Aptean Respond: Amazing software for responding to tickets faster, smarter, and more confidently.
    • Qualityze: Wonderful software capable of transforming customer issues into development and improvement opportunities.

Get Quick Comparison of Top Complaint Management Software

Complaint Management Features Zendesk Zoho Desk Freshdesk Instabug Preferred Patron i-Sight NABD System Katabat eCasework
Price $5.00/ month/user $12.00/month $19.00/ month/user $49.00/month $69.00/month Not provided by vendor $30.00/ month/user $19.00/month Not provided by vendor $5.00/ month/user
Case Management                
Complaint Classification                
Corrective Actions (CAPA)          
Customer Complaint Tracking                    
Feedback Management                
Forms Management      
Issue Tracking                    
Quality Assurance Management              
Self Service Portal            
Social Media Monitoring      
Survey Management          

Complaint Management Software Buyer's Guide

Complaints are an unavoidable part of any business, and managing them effectively allows you to deliver a high-quality service to end customers. Complaint Management is a process of assessing, analyzing, and responding to customer complaints. Businesses are now using the automated complaint management system to streamline customer service management and to resolve complex issues promptly and professionally.

» What is Complaint management software?

The Complaint Management Software allows organizations to record, resolve, and respond to customer complaints and requests, as well as facilitates feedback. It helps in handling multiple problems with simple solutions, giving you ample time to concentrate on other important tasks. The software allows organizations to provide consistent support across various channels.

» What Are the Features of Complaint management software?

The primary goal of complaint management for any business is to improve customer service. Setting up the right complaint management tool helps to increase your productivity, works closely with customer demands, understands critical issues and makes the right decisions. Several types of Complaint Management software programs exist in the market now, each with distinctive features.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose software to resolve all your customer complaints. Before you decide on one, you need to carefully look into the features of every software. The following list of features provides you an idea of what your chosen solution should offer:

› Integration With Existing Systems 

Your software should integrate with your existing databases to reduce or eliminate the time-consuming tasks, and ensure that other internal systems have up-to-date investigation information.

› Web-Enabled and Mobile Access 

Look for the software that provides tools that are required to manage investigations remotely as well as effectively through a simple and intuitive web interface. It should allow you to access case files anytime and anywhere to add or update information using a mobile or tablet.

› Quick And Easy Search 

Just by entering a keyword, you should be able to find across the database or within a specific field.

› Customization Capabilities

The software should enable you to customize your workflows, agent roles, customer portal, custom ticketing, custom URL, and more to make it easy on the helpdesk.

› Security

Security is the priority for any business. The customer complaints management system should strike a balance between protecting customer data and giving your team enough flexibility. The system should be able to control who can access, view, and modify the data.

› Easy Collaboration

Enabling to share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into development being made on the issue. This helps in resolving the issues quickly and effectively. The tickets are linked together to keep track of widespread issues and deliver constant responses.

› Support Across Channels

The software should unite and manage all communication sources through multiple channels including email, phone, website, social media, and live chat, on a single platform.

› Self-service

With the software, you should be able to create a self-service experience for your customers with a knowledge base and forums. It should allow relevant solutions to pop-up for customers, saving a lot of time for your agents and customers.

› One-Click Investigation Reports

Your software should create final case reports easily and quickly, which saves lots of administrative time and effort.

› Smart Workflows

Software should ensure all your information is collected, and no important data is missing, and every action taken during the investigation should be recorded.

› Investigation Dashboard

Your software should display any complex information related to the investigation in an easy-to-understand format on the dashboard.

› Case Assignment and History

Look for software that streamlines case assignments, ensuring no data is missing. The entire case history of an investigation should be exported as a comprehensive investigation report.

» What Are the Benefits of Complaint management software?

Companies that have the best complaint management software will receive, track and resolve the complaints easily, as well as reducing customer complaints in time. Complaint management software also benefits organizations in many ways.

› Centralizes customer complaint data

The software eliminates the need for paper and spreadsheet-based systems by recording, tracking, and reporting the customer complaints in a centralized web-based database, that is accessible across your company.

› Addresses all kinds of complaints

The software manages different types of complaints from customers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, while also recording complaint type, severity, and every single important information, necessary to have in store.

› Streamlines complaint reporting process

The software establishes a consistent system across the company to record, track and respond to customer complaints. By configuring report forms that meet your specific needs, it ensures all your important data is captured.

› Quickly respond and correct complaints

The software automatically assigns and schedules follow-up CAPA to track the progress of complaint completion. Automated escalation of email notifications is sent for overdue and upcoming tasks to drive completion.

› Monitors and measures the success of your business

Monitoring performance and measuring results are easy with real-time dashboards and reports.

» What is the Cost of the Complaint management software?

Happy and satisfied customers are inevitable for a business to be successful. Maintaining consistent customer support helps you understand your customers more. This is the main reason why several companies are turning their heads from the paper-based complaint management to the customer complaints management software to manage and resolve customer complaints. However, there are several software programs are available in the market now for complaint management.

Depending on various factors such as your company size, which industry you are in, what specific features you are looking in for the software, and finally considering your budget you can choose the best complaint management software. The price of complaint software ranges from $5/month/user to $70/month/user. Shortlist a few best compliant software to request a demo and quotes, and you can even try their free trial for a limited period to understand how well that software fits with your company's needs.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Complaint Management Software

1. How will your software help me classify customer complaints? 
2. How will the system monitor customer complaints? 
3. Does the complaint management software offer workflow guidance? 
4. Can the system notify if an employee isn’t handling consumer complaints as per the set organization policy?
5. Can the software automatically turn new complaints into tickets? 
6. Does the system offer multi-channel support to monitor and manage complaints? 
7. Does it provide a complete consumer view? 
8. Does the software include an advanced filter for a quick search? 
9. Can the system summarize complaints based on a specific issue or time period? 
10. Will the system offer automated alerts and updates when pre-decided metrics are met? 
11. What kind of preventive and corrective actions will the software provide? 
12. How will the software help manage forms and cases? 
13. Does your complaint management solution provide means to manage feedback? 
14. Can I track a particular issue via the system? 
15. What kind of data and reporting does it offer? 
16. Does the software offer routing capability? 
17. Is there a function to monitor social media? 
18. Can I manage surveys and polls within this solution? 
19. Does it include a self-service portal?
20. Will the software ensure compliance? In what ways? 
21. Will I be able to export and import data? 
22. How can I ensure quality assurance through the software? 
23. Will the software scale with my growing requirements? 
24. Does it provide hassle-free integration with other solutions? 
25. Which features of your solution can I personalize? Does it offer a customized user interface? 
26. How long would it take to implement this software? 
27. What is the training period? 
28. What kind of ongoing support do you offer? 
29. How can I reach your support team? 
30. Does the cost include future upgrades, support, and regular maintenance?

» Conclusion

Customer complaints are common and important of all businesses as poor customer service is the main reason why customers stop doing business with any brand. When this aspect is improved, an organization can increase their retention rates by preventing customer grievances. If a business places an automated complaint management system, they will find it easy to manage and address their customer complaints promptly. However, it’s upon you to choose software that benefits your company the most.

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