List of Top 10+ Complaint Management Software In 2023 (Free & Paid)

To err is human and to solve, divine. Mistakes happen in every business and are inevitable. Many companies are turning heads from paper-based complaint management to automated processes such as complaint management software to manage customer complaints and their resolution. With having an efficient customer complaints management software, companies receive complaints, track and resolve them. It also helps in reducing customer complaints with time. A complaint handling software benefits organizations in several ways. From improved customer service, maintaining quality control, enhancing IT support, managing compliance and preventive lawsuits to tracking customer feedback in real-time. Features of a customer complaint management software include automated complaint processing, enhanced workflow, and improved documentation, advanced report processing with customization related to different industries. Here is the list of top-rated customer complaints management software by SoftwareWorld. This list will help you decide and choose the best complaint management software for your company.

Best Complaint Management Software

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List of Best Customer Complaint Management Software | Complaint Management System Reviews

1. Zendesk – Cloud customer service software

Our Score 98/100

About Zendesk: Having cohesive customer support helps in understanding what your customers want! Zendesk is power-packed, flexible customer complaint management software that connects organizations with their reverent customers. Zendesk is a platform which establishes a connection with customers over email, phone calls, chats, social media, and various other channels and generating effective solutions. Zendesk plays a pivotal role in deriving customer satisfaction and assisting the company to focus on improving service experience.

Zendesk Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Forms Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing, Self Service Portal, Social Media Monitoring, Survey Management

“Ellevest was built by and for our clients. Zendesk allows us to stay calibrated to who our clients are and what they want. With Zendesk tools, we can quickly respond to client requests — both spoken and unspoken.” – Margaret Kim

Zendesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000



Yes , get a free trial


2300+ Reviews


2700+ Reviews

2. Salesforce Service Cloud – Deliver personalized service across any channel.

Our Score 98/100

About Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for customer service and support, built on the company’s CRM software for sales professionals. Service Cloud gives you a 360-degree view of your customers enabling you to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service. Salesforce is the leader for CRM customer engagement. With Service Cloud, you can automate service processes, streamline workflows, and surface key articles, topics, and experts to transform the agent experience. Connecting one-to-one with every customer, across multiple channels and on any device, was never easier.

Salesforce Service Cloud Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Forms Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing, Self Service Portal, Social Media Monitoring, Survey Management

“Major help is that it helps to streamline workflows with customers and in turn helps us to deliver fast and efficiently. Service cloud helps us to automate the service process, streamline workflows and improve the sales rep experience. The best part is that it connects one-to-one with every customer and easily accessible by the mobile devices on the field or anywhere.” – Krishna Kashyap

Salesforce Service Cloud Reviews


United States




Yes , get a free trial


450+ Reviews


1480+ Reviews

3. Freshdesk – Online Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Solution

Our Score 98/100

About Freshdesk: Freshdesk is one of the best complaint management software in terms of features, intuitiveness, and affordability. Freshdesk tracks and manages incoming support tickets and streamlines similar queries in one window. SLA management features in-built in Freshdesk helps the organization to respond to each query according to a different business hour or categories. Freshdesk saves a lot of time for the employees by offering canned responses and automizing them for repeated actions. If you are looking for affordable customer management software, then Freshdesk is your call!

Freshdesk Complaint Management Features : Complaint Classification, Customer Complaint Tracking, Issue Tracking, Routing

“We began looking for a new tool in autumn and were keen to get one in place and optimised ahead of the Christmas peak period. Freshdesk ensured that the implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours.” – Vaughan Potter

Freshdesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000



Yes , get a free trial


2010+ Reviews


2250+ Reviews

4. Zoho Desk – Industry’s first context-aware Helpdesk Software

Our Score 98/100

About Zoho Desk: Happy and satisfied customers are an inevitable part of a successful business. Zoho Desk understands this requirement and provides a contextual platform to organizations. Zoho Desk provides agents and employees of the company with a right set of tools to understand their customers. This complaint management software aids in increasing productivity, working in sync with customers demand, understanding critical issues and making the right decisions. Zoho Desk is a ticket to answers which customers can seek on their own without disrupting the employee’s productivity.

Zoho Desk Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Self Service Portal, Social Media Monitoring, Survey Management

“Our company has been trying a lot of help desk apps for a long time, always feeling that something is missing, Zoho Desk helped us to change that.” – Felipe Quiceno

Zoho Desk Reviews

Zoho Corporation





Yes , get a free trial


1590+ Reviews


1870+ Reviews

5. Instabug – In-app feedback & bug reporting for mobile apps

Our Score 97/100

About Instabug : An all-in-one mobile app is one of the best solutions to manage customer queries and get user feedback. Instabug is the new in-app feedback SDK equipped, comprehensive bug reporting mobile app that allows hierarchy inspection to each query and feedback. Instabug drives negative feedback to a private channel for better inspection without disrupting your happy customers. The application supports in getting five-star ratings and feedbacks from relevant customers by eliminating irritating pop-ups and troublesome emailing.

Instabug Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Self Service Portal, Survey Management

“Instabug makes it easier for our beta testers to quickly send feedback directly from within the app, helping us identify and fix critical issues in an easy-to-use testing environment. We also love that their customer service team is quick to respond to our requests.” – Billy Pham

Instabug Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes , get a free trial


80+ Reviews


160+ Reviews

6. LiveAgent – Help Desk Software

Our Score 97/100

About LiveAgent: Stay on top of all customer requests and inquiries with LiveAgent, the most reviewed and top-rated help desk software for SMB in 2022. LiveAgent boasts the fastest chat widget on the market and has over 30k customers. LiveAgent is a fully-featured cloud live chat and helpdesk software. LiveAgent harnesses the power of a universal inbox, real-time live chat, built-in call center, and a robust customer service portal.

LiveAgent Complaint Management Features: Case Management, Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Forms Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing, Self Service Portal, Social Media Monitoring, Survey Management

“We built our success on providing whole experience. It is our best effort to keep the customers satisfied. This cannot be done without brilliant helpdesk solution as our beloved LiveAgent.” – Martin Palus

LiveAgent Reviews



11 – 50





800+ Reviews


1200+ Reviews

7. Preferred Patron Loyalty – Top rated customer loyalty software program

Our Score 95/100

About Preferred Patron Loyalty : Preferred Patron Loyalty is one of the robust software programs that entitle customer management for small, medium, and large scale customer-service oriented industries. Preferred Paton Loyalty has been rated with five stars by most of the software reviewing sites for its customer-oriented advancements. With this loyalty platform, you get a unified marketing portal that helps in establishing omnichannel communication with your customers. You can engage your customers with meaningful incentives and make them come back again and again with the marketing automation programs.

eCasework Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Issue Tracking, Survey Management

“I had to focus on my improving customer relationships, to form a bond that would instill a sense of loyalty. I have seen significant improvement with retaining customers and feel satisfied that going with their solution was, perhaps, one of the smartest things I could have done!” – Richard Lamkin

Preferred Patron Loyalty Reviews

Preferred Market Solutions

United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


01 Reviews

8. i-Sight – Investigative case management software

Our Score 95/100

About i-Sight: Investigating frauds, feedbacks, compliances, and complaints are crucial for a developing company to establish a better customer relationship. I-Sight is one of the best investigative case solution management that fits like a glove in the company. This platform is built by the industry experts to support the companies with complaint and case management. The platform manages multiple investigations, uploads notes, interviews and evidence to enforce investigative process on allegations. It helps in reducing liabilities by providing comprehensive insight reports to reduce risk and fraudulent.

i-Sight Complaint Management Features : Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing

“We can just look up the information regardless of who has ownership of the case. And we can do it whether we are at our desks or we are at home.” – Jonaura Wisdom

i-Sight Reviews



51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



07 Reviews


10+ Reviews

9. NABD System – Multi-channel Customer support & Help Desk software

Our Score 94/100

About NABD System: NABD System is affordable, easy to use, best customer complaint management software for the business of all sizes. With its rich management features, the software ensures customer service experience across all channels. Whether it is social media, emails, chats, or mobile, NABD develops cross –channel strategies and establishes a better customer relationship. With NABD, organizations can smartly listen, analyze, operate and measure customer grievance and improve service level.

NABD System Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Forms Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing, Self Service Portal, Social Media Monitoring

“I was concerned with working with a company so far from home and I was pleasantly surprised at how much everyone with NABD wanted to help and worked hard to make sure that the product met our exact specifications. Any time that I ran into issues response time from support was very quick and the issue was resolved the first time.” – Ryan

NABD System Reviews

NABD System


11 – 50



Yes , get a free trial


30+ Reviews


03 Reviews

10. – Visual bug tracking tool

Our Score 94/100

About : is a visual bug and feedback collector tool and report generator software. This is one of the best complaint management software which provides a various efficient tool to the employees that helps in collecting feedbacks instantly. explains feedback by drawing annotations and assigning labels to the team members. The software is connected with user-friendly platforms which transforms the feedbacks into visual bugs and create reports that can be accessed with a single click. Complaint Management Features : Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing

“Logging new issues in Jira is a very clunky process. That’s why we love so much! It makes it so easy for anyone on the team to report visual issues directly into Jira without leaving our app. Huge improvement to our testing & QA workflow!” – Romain Dardour Reviews

United States

02 – 10



Yes , get a free trial


50+ Reviews


02 Reviews

11. Katabat – Customer comms, marketing and debt management for lenders

Our Score 93/100

About Katabat : Katabat is a unique cloud-based customer experience management solution which supports the organization in building a healthy customer relationship. Organizations can Unite, Liberate and Restore customer relationship with Katabat. The software has won hearts of international clients with its antiquated features and seamless technology. Katabat supports the futuristic business by assisting in the generation of profitable results. From activating new accounts, marketing, servicing collection, recovery, and getting feedbacks-Katabat do it all!

Katabat Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Complaint Classification, Corrective Actions (CAPA), Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Forms Management, Issue Tracking, Quality Assurance Management, Routing, Self Service Portal, Survey Management

“I have used the Katabat solution in 2 organisations in Australia and found it both times to be a very effective tool for managing both collections and customer lifecycle. The interface is both easy and simple to use as well as backend changes in the system can be done quickly.” – Syed A.

Katabat Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor

Yes , get a free trial


08 Reviews


0 Reviews

12. eCasework – Case management & CRM for representatives and their staff

Our Score 91/100

About eCasework : eCaseWork is a customized platform for case management and CRM. This software is an all-in-one program for councilors, MLAs, MPS, AMs, MSPs, and Unions. eCaseWOrk is a notebook, an address book, diary, email box, and a blank spreadsheet to collect case information and record all relevant inputs. It is a cloud-based program that helps you manage information and case data from anywhere irrespective of what platform and place you are. With integrated security features, eCaseWork helps you deal with real data and real problems without worrying about breach of data.

eCasework Complaint Management Features : Case Management, Customer Complaint Tracking, Feedback Management, Issue Tracking, Self Service Portal

“Fantastic software for councillors & MPs to keep tabs on casework. Very easy to add resident cases. Easily accessible from phone, iPad, laptop, PC. Simple operation and information entry, and the reminders are so useful when I have so many queries to keep up with and officers to chase! Well worth the subscription.” – Fran

eCasework Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50



Yes , get a free trial


09 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Complaint Management Software

Complaint Management Features Zendesk Zoho Desk Freshdesk Instabug Preferred Patron i-Sight NABD System Katabat eCasework
Price $5.00/ month/user $12.00/month $19.00/ month/user $49.00/month $69.00/month Not provided by vendor $30.00/ month/user $19.00/month Not provided by vendor $5.00/ month/user
Case Management                
Complaint Classification                
Corrective Actions (CAPA)          
Customer Complaint Tracking                    
Feedback Management                
Forms Management      
Issue Tracking                    
Quality Assurance Management              
Self Service Portal            
Social Media Monitoring      
Survey Management          

Complaint Management Software Buyer’s Guide

Complaints are an unavoidable part of any business, and managing them effectively allows you to deliver a high-quality service to end customers. Complaint Management is a process of assessing, analyzing, and responding to customer complaints. Businesses are now using the automated complaint management system to streamline customer service management and to resolve complex issues promptly and professionally.

» What is Complaint management software?

The Complaint Management Software allows organizations to record, resolve, and respond to customer complaints and requests, as well as facilitates feedback. It helps in handling multiple problems with simple solutions, giving you ample time to concentrate on other important tasks. The software allows organizations to provide consistent support across various channels.

» What Are the Features of Complaint management software?

The primary goal of complaint management for any business is to improve customer service. Setting up the right complaint management tool helps to increase your productivity, works closely with customer demands, understands critical issues and makes the right decisions. Several types of Complaint Management software programs exist in the market now, each with distinctive features.

Depending on your business needs, you can choose software to resolve all your customer complaints. Before you decide on one, you need to carefully look into the features of every software. The following list of features provides you an idea of what your chosen solution should offer:

› Integration With Existing Systems 

Your software should integrate with your existing databases to reduce or eliminate the time-consuming tasks, and ensure that other internal systems have up-to-date investigation information.

› Web-Enabled and Mobile Access 

Look for the software that provides tools that are required to manage investigations remotely as well as effectively through a simple and intuitive web interface. It should allow you to access case files anytime and anywhere to add or update information using a mobile or tablet.

› Quick And Easy Search 

Just by entering a keyword, you should be able to find across the database or within a specific field.

› Customization Capabilities

The software should enable you to customize your workflows, agent roles, customer portal, custom ticketing, custom URL, and more to make it easy on the helpdesk.

› Security

Security is the priority for any business. The customer complaints management system should strike a balance between protecting customer data and giving your team enough flexibility. The system should be able to control who can access, view, and modify the data.

› Easy Collaboration

Enabling to share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into development being made on the issue. This helps in resolving the issues quickly and effectively. The tickets are linked together to keep track of widespread issues and deliver constant responses.

› Support Across Channels

The software should unite and manage all communication sources through multiple channels including email, phone, website, social media, and live chat, on a single platform.

› Self-service

With the software, you should be able to create a self-service experience for your customers with a knowledge base and forums. It should allow relevant solutions to pop-up for customers, saving a lot of time for your agents and customers.

› One-Click Investigation Reports

Your software should create final case reports easily and quickly, which saves lots of administrative time and effort.

› Smart Workflows

Software should ensure all your information is collected, and no important data is missing, and every action taken during the investigation should be recorded.

› Investigation Dashboard

Your software should display any complex information related to the investigation in an easy-to-understand format on the dashboard.

› Case Assignment and History

Look for software that streamlines case assignments, ensuring no data is missing. The entire case history of an investigation should be exported as a comprehensive investigation report.

» What Are the Benefits of Complaint management software?

Companies that have the best complaint management software will receive, track and resolve the complaints easily, as well as reducing customer complaints in time. Complaint management software also benefits organizations in many ways.

› Centralizes customer complaint data

The software eliminates the need for paper and spreadsheet-based systems by recording, tracking, and reporting the customer complaints in a centralized web-based database, that is accessible across your company.

› Addresses all kinds of complaints

The software manages different types of complaints from customers, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, while also recording complaint type, severity, and every single important information, necessary to have in store.

› Streamlines complaint reporting process

The software establishes a consistent system across the company to record, track and respond to customer complaints. By configuring report forms that meet your specific needs, it ensures all your important data is captured.

› Quickly respond and correct complaints

The software automatically assigns and schedules follow-up CAPA to track the progress of complaint completion. Automated escalation of email notifications is sent for overdue and upcoming tasks to drive completion.

› Monitors and measures the success of your business

Monitoring performance and measuring results are easy with real-time dashboards and reports.

» What is the Cost of the Complaint management software?

Happy and satisfied customers are inevitable for a business to be successful. Maintaining consistent customer support helps you understand your customers more. This is the main reason why several companies are turning their heads from the paper-based complaint management to the customer complaints management software to manage and resolve customer complaints. However, there are several software programs are available in the market now for complaint management.

Depending on various factors such as your company size, which industry you are in, what specific features you are looking in for the software, and finally considering your budget you can choose the best complaint management software. The price of complaint software ranges from $5/month/user to $70/month/user. Shortlist a few best compliant software to request a demo and quotes, and you can even try their free trial for a limited period to understand how well that software fits with your company's needs.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Complaint Management Software

1. How will your software help me classify customer complaints? 
2. How will the system monitor customer complaints? 
3. Does the complaint management software offer workflow guidance? 
4. Can the system notify if an employee isn’t handling consumer complaints as per the set organization policy?
5. Can the software automatically turn new complaints into tickets? 
6. Does the system offer multi-channel support to monitor and manage complaints? 
7. Does it provide a complete consumer view? 
8. Does the software include an advanced filter for a quick search? 
9. Can the system summarize complaints based on a specific issue or time period? 
10. Will the system offer automated alerts and updates when pre-decided metrics are met? 
11. What kind of preventive and corrective actions will the software provide? 
12. How will the software help manage forms and cases? 
13. Does your complaint management solution provide means to manage feedback? 
14. Can I track a particular issue via the system? 
15. What kind of data and reporting does it offer? 
16. Does the software offer routing capability? 
17. Is there a function to monitor social media? 
18. Can I manage surveys and polls within this solution? 
19. Does it include a self-service portal?
20. Will the software ensure compliance? In what ways? 
21. Will I be able to export and import data? 
22. How can I ensure quality assurance through the software? 
23. Will the software scale with my growing requirements? 
24. Does it provide hassle-free integration with other solutions? 
25. Which features of your solution can I personalize? Does it offer a customized user interface? 
26. How long would it take to implement this software? 
27. What is the training period? 
28. What kind of ongoing support do you offer? 
29. How can I reach your support team? 
30. Does the cost include future upgrades, support, and regular maintenance?

» Conclusion

Customer complaints are common and important of all businesses as poor customer service is the main reason why customers stop doing business with any brand. When this aspect is improved, an organization can increase their retention rates by preventing customer grievances. If a business places an automated complaint management system, they will find it easy to manage and address their customer complaints promptly. However, it’s upon you to choose software that benefits your company the most.

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