Top 10+ Best Marketing Analytics Software in 2019

Do you know about marketing analytics software? Over the years the businesses are expanded into new technologies and marketing categories adopted for supporting them. With new technology, the result was a disconnected data environment. The marketers started deciding by data from individual sources.

Data from social media was not enough and so web analytic data. But with marketing analytics, all marketing efforts from all the sources that are important for better decision making and efficient, effective program execution are considered.

Taking a data-driven decision is the right way to successful marketing. So when you choose the right marketing data analytics, it measures your data appropriately and optimizes the marketing efforts. It will bring a difference in failing to reach the marketing goal and crush them all.

But, what exactly is Marketing Analytics Software?

Marketing data analytics means the process and technology used by marketers for evaluating the performance of their marketing enterprises. It uses essential business metrics like ROI, marketing attribution and effectiveness completely.

The marketing analytics first gather the data from all the channels and combine them as a common marketing point of view. From this, the analytical result is extracted that are providing invaluable assistance in leading marketing efforts onward. To benefit from big data marketing analytics, use a balanced variety of techniques, assess the capabilities of your analytics and fill those gaps.

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    Act wisely from what you learn and reap the greatest reward from this tool. There are different marketing data analytics available with various features, goals, strength, and weakness. You have to make sure you choose only the right tool.

    We here bring the 10+ best marketing analytics software that is popular in the market now. They are gathered by reviews and ratings given in the high-end and popular websites GetApp, Capterra and G2Crowd.

    List of Best Marketing Analytics Software | Marketing Data Analytics

    1. SEMrush – Online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform

    About SEMrush : SEMrush is a SaaS product used by over 3,000,000 marketers worldwide. For the past nine years, SEMrush has grown into an all-in-one marketing suite consisting of more than 33 tools and reports that help companies market better online. On top of being one of the best keyword research tools worldwide, SEMrush now helps users fix technical website issues, improve the health of their backlink profile, and track local rankings. Marketers can easily spot opportunities they are missing compared to their rivals and get ideas for their SEO, PPC and content marketing campaigns.

    SEMrush Marketing Analytics Features : Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

    “My favorite thing about SEMRush is the keyword search tools. Even though keywords are everything when it comes to SEO anymore, they’re still very important both for ranking and as an insight into a company’s market share. I use SEMRush to monitor the SEO health of all my clients.” – Greg D.


    United States

    501 – 1000





    333 Reviews


    434 Reviews

    2. Smartlook – Qualitative analytics for websites and mobile apps

    About Smartlook : Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for web and mobile helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the “whys” behind users’ actions — why do users churn, or why aren’t they using a feature, or why are they skipping onboarding? Now you can eliminate the guesswork. With a unique feature set, Smartlook gives you a way to finally understand user behavior at the micro level. Always-on visitor recordings show you what every last visitor does on your website or app, and heatmaps give you mass data about where most people click and scroll.

    Smartlook Marketing Analytics Features : Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Website Analytics

    “We were watching users trying to log in on our website, and they kept getting error messages. I sent the Smartlook video to our programmers to find out what was causing it. Suddenly, the problem was fixed! This is so much more than just looking at statistics.” – Petr Kovacik


    Czech Republic

    11 – 50





    79 Reviews


    295 Reviews

    3. BuzzBoard – Data-driven insights for marketers & sellers

    About BuzzBoard : BuzzBoard uncovers data-driven insights about SMBs that drive more meaningful conversations for marketers and sellers, resulting in increased sales across the customer lifecycle. By applying data science and digital signals to the world’s most extensive collection of business intelligence about SMBs, BuzzBoard answers the most important question for marketers and sellers: why will my prospects and customers want to engage? BuzzBoard transforms unproductive sales interactions into customized opportunities to improve customer engagement, book more appointments and close deals faster.

    BuzzBoard Marketing Analytics Features : Channel Attribution, Website Analytics

    “Because of BuzzBoard I have the title that I have. It’s why I was named Digital Specialist of the Year and it’s why I’m going to Costa Rica courtesy of the company in January. It’s the reason I’m on this path. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this tool; I couldn’t even put it into words.” – James Premo


    United States

    51 – 200

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    Not provided by vendor



    74 Reviews


    33 Reviews

    4. AgencyAnalytics – SEO reporting software and marketing tools for agencies

    About AgencyAnalytics : AgencyAnalytics is an all-in-one marketing platform for SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics and more. The drag and drop dashboard is completely brandable, as well as the mobile app included with all packages. Master SEO with the rank tracker, backlink monitor and site audit included. Schedule beautiful reports to go out weekly or monthly that delight clients. Limit employee access to their accounts and delegate work through the intuitive task system.

    AgencyAnalytics Marketing Analytics Features : Campaign Management, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

    “Agency Analytics has revolutionised our client reporting. The platform is easy to use and simple to set up. The white label dashboard and reports are fantastic and intuitive and clients would never know its not yours! Clients love the transparency you can offer them with the live dashboard and its also a great client retention tool.” – Stuart



    02 – 10





    63 Reviews


    56 Reviews

    5. Mixpanel – Advanced mobile & website analytics platform

    About Mixpanel : Mixpanel helps businesses build better products with the most advanced analytics software for mobile and web. With almost 20,000 customers worldwide and 14% of the Fortune 500, Mixpanel has earned a reputation for crafting a delightful customer experience and an innovative approach to analytics. Our ambitious, collaborative team makes it possible by finding creative solutions to new challenges with scaling, reliability, design, and customer service. Mixpanel has a rapidly growing team of 250+ in our offices in San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and London.

    Mixpanel Marketing Analytics Features : Customer Journey Mapping, Predictive Analytics, Website Analytics

    “My product team is heavy user. Being in the Marketing team, I appreciate the reports we get from it, they really provide a deeper understanding of what our customers actually do with our product. It allows my product team to track the use and outcomes from each part of our platform. It’s a must have for our product owners.” – Tiago O.


    United States

    201 – 500


    Not provided by vendor



    53 Reviews


    214 Reviews

    6. Birst– Business intelligence and analytics platform

    About Birst : Birst, an Infor company, provides an advanced networked business analytics platform. Organizations can achieve a new level of trusted insight and decision making by connecting their data and people via a network of analytics services. Birst scales from individuals to the enterprise in a manner that is smart, connected, and scalable.

    Birst Marketing Analytics Features : Campaign Management, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics

    “These are exciting times for Birst, as we embark on the next leg of our journey in defining and delivering the next generation of cloud-based networked business analytics.” – BRAD PETERS


    United States

    201 – 500


    Not provided by vendor

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    37 Reviews


    42 Reviews

    7. Percolate – Campaign management & social publishing

    About Percolate : Percolate offers solutions to introduce visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content. The world’s largest brands — including Mastercard, Cisco, Cigna, Electronic Arts, and Bosch — use Percolate to create a coordinated customer experience, reduce production costs, and understand marketing impact.

    Percolate Marketing Analytics Features : Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics

    “The most interesting thing is that you can find in this platform all in one, it allows you to optimize time and efforts. One of the great tasks that we have who dedicate ourselves to digital commerce is to give the time, this platform allows to carry with each client a concrete strategy that offers results in a short time.”- Santiago A.


    United States

    201 – 500


    Not provided by vendor



    32 Reviews


    55 Reviews

    8. TrackMaven – TrackMaven makes it easy to prove marketing ROI

    About TrackMaven : No one knows your brand better than you. But instead of running campaigns, you’re stuck defending your decisions and getting bogged down by data. We believe data should be an asset to your business, not a burden. Let us become your reporting and insights team — so you can stay focused on telling your brand’s story. TrackMavens marketing analytics platform helps you prove ROI and improve results on 18 digital channels including social, ads, PR, automation, and CRM.

    TrackMaven Marketing Analytics Features : Channel Attribution, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

    “We tried free tools. We tried natively looking for this level of reporting. If you worked hard at it, you could probably get some of this data, but TrackMaven makes it easy.” – Rob Bonsall


    United States

    51 – 200


    Not provided by vendor



    23 Reviews


    62 Reviews

    9. WebEngage – WebEngage is a multi-channel B2C marketing automation cloud

    About WebEngage : WebEngage is a powerful Marketing Cloud for Consumer Businesses which automates communication and improves retention across users’? life-cycle. It enables cross-channel user engagement via these channels – Web Message (notification, survey and feedback), In-App Message, Push Notification, Email, Text Message and Web Push. In addition, WebEngage Journey Designer is a drag-and-drop user workflow builder for implementing multi-channel campaigns.

    WebEngage Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, ROI Tracking, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

    “This is simply a great tool for marketing Automation. Comprehensiveness of offerings across multiple channels of communication. Great Support team. Niket our SPOC from Webengage has been available literally 24*7 to help us with our queries. Value for Money. Great pricing as compared to other tools in the market.” – Mrinal S.



    51 – 200





    21 Reviews


    12 Reviews

    10. CleverTap – The Intelligent Mobile Marketing Platform

    About CleverTap : CleverTap helps consumer brands retain their users for life. It is a powerful mobile marketing solution that brings together user data from online and offline channels on one centralized platform. Every day, thousands of brands use CleverTap’s machine learning models to create differentiated customer engagement strategies that help marketers drive omnichannel growth. Build valuable customer relationships using actionable, real-time insights that help create amazing customer experiences.

    CleverTap Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Predictive Analytics, ROI Tracking, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

    “CleverTap’s impact is clear: our conversions and traffic have increased over 50% in the last several months. CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. Their advanced mobile CRM lets us implement complex yet easy-to-set-up automated campaigns for our users.” – Marzdi Kalianiwala


    United States

    51 – 200





    14 Reviews


    12 Reviews

    11. Whatagraph – Marketing Analytics and Social Media Reporting

    About Whatagraph : Digital marketing agencies and businesses use Whatagraph to save time and present analytics data in a way their clients and teams can easily understand. Use visual reports to help you track and understand the data behind your website, ecommerce site and digital campaigns performance. Set up automated report delivery to selected email recipients, so everyone is up-to-date with the latest data. Create custom reports with selected metrics, add own logo and change colour scheme.

    Whatagraph Marketing Analytics Features : Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

    “The automated reports are very easy to understand and have graphics which even non IT persons can relate to. Amazing service for my clients which saves me a lot of time. ” – Marc M.



    11 – 50





    10 Reviews


    9 Reviews

    12. PushAd – Push notifications for customer engagement

    About PushAd : PushAd is the most effective way to reach your customers, even after they left your side. Within 5 minutes you can get subscribers and start sending notifications. With our dashboard, you can easily analyse what works best for your subscribers and reach predefined segments with the use of automatic triggers.

    PushAd Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Website Analytics

    “PushAd changed my approach to attracting users to my website. Thanks to notifications I can send messages, e.g. on new items, to a large number of customers. My readers subscribe eagerly to receive notifications.” – Ewa Kawecka



    11 – 50





    6 Reviews


    0 Reviews