Top 10+ Best Marketing Analytics Software in 2019

Do you know about marketing analytics software? Over the years the businesses are expanded into new technologies and marketing categories adopted for supporting them. With new technology, the result was a disconnected data environment. The marketers started deciding by data from individual sources. Data from social media was not enough and so web analytic data. But with marketing analytics, all marketing efforts from all the sources that are important for better decision making and efficient, effective program execution are considered. Taking a data-driven decision is the right way to successful marketing. So when you choose the right marketing data analytics, it measures your data appropriately and optimizes the marketing efforts. It will bring a difference in failing to reach the marketing goal and crush them all. Marketing data analytics means the process and technology used by marketers for evaluating the performance of their marketing enterprises. It uses essential business metrics like ROI, marketing attribution and effectiveness completely. We here bring the 10+ best marketing analytics software that is popular in the market now.

Top Marketing Analytics Software


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List of Best Marketing Analytics Software | Top Marketing Data Analytics Tools

1. SEMrush – Online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform

Our Score 99/100

About SEMrush : SEMrush is one of the best marketing analytics software for online marketers. It helps in increasing the online visibility of businesses ensuring measurable results from online marketing. It allows marketers to build, manage, and measure campaigns across all the marketing channels available online and works for every industry. This solution consists of 30 tools for content, search, social media, data and market research in over 140 countries.

SEMrush Marketing Analytics Features : Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

“My favorite thing about SEMRush is the keyword search tools. Even though keywords are everything when it comes to SEO anymore, they’re still very important both for ranking and as an insight into a company’s market share. I use SEMRush to monitor the SEO health of all my clients.” – Greg D.

SEMrush Reviews


United States

501 – 1000





333 Reviews


434 Reviews

2. Smartlook – Qualitative analytics for websites and mobile apps

Our Score 98/100

About Smartlook : Smartlook is a marketing data analytics software that helps in providing users with qualitative analytics about the conversion rates and tracks events, sessions, etc., for the users. The insights delivered by this solution help in understanding the online response of customers on websites and mobile applications. It gives real-time behavior analytics, and conversion funnels provide trend behavior of customers. It also offers extensive integration with many apps and services.

Smartlook Marketing Analytics Features : Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Website Analytics

“We were watching users trying to log in on our website, and they kept getting error messages. I sent the Smartlook video to our programmers to find out what was causing it. Suddenly, the problem was fixed! This is so much more than just looking at statistics.” – Petr Kovacik

Smartlook Reviews


Czech Republic

11 – 50





79 Reviews


295 Reviews

3. BuzzBoard – Data-driven insights for marketers & sellers

Our Score 98/100

About BuzzBoard : BuzzBoard is a cloud-based marketing analytics tool with business intelligence. It helps users in analyzing insights, driving more meaningful conversations. It increases the overall sales revenue and customer lifecycle by providing target based marketing analytics and potential leads. From transforming prospects into sales to making unproductive sales interactions into customized opportunities and allowing marketers to close deals faster, BuzzBoard enhances the growth of the companies with the help of BI.

BuzzBoard Marketing Analytics Features : Channel Attribution, Website Analytics

“Because of BuzzBoard I have the title that I have. It’s why I was named Digital Specialist of the Year and it’s why I’m going to Costa Rica courtesy of the company in January. It’s the reason I’m on this path. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this tool; I couldn’t even put it into words.” – James Premo

BuzzBoard Reviews


United States

51 – 200

Not Found

Not provided by vendor



74 Reviews


33 Reviews

4. AgencyAnalytics – SEO reporting software and marketing tools for agencies

Our Score 97/100

About AgencyAnalytics : AgencyAnalytics is a marketing analytics software that focuses on saving time with various crafted marketing campaigns. It allows users to generate reports and dashboards to help search engine optimization (SEO) auditing, social analytics, Google Analytics, third-party integrations, mobile apps and more to create a whole marketing picture. It allows users to create reports with pay per click tool and has a drag and drop feature for customizing dashboards.

AgencyAnalytics Marketing Analytics Features : Campaign Management, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

“Agency Analytics has revolutionised our client reporting. The platform is easy to use and simple to set up. The white label dashboard and reports are fantastic and intuitive and clients would never know its not yours! Clients love the transparency you can offer them with the live dashboard and its also a great client retention tool.” – Stuart

AgencyAnalytics Reviews



02 – 10





63 Reviews


56 Reviews

5. Mixpanel – Advanced mobile & website analytics platform

Our Score 97/100

About Mixpanel : Mixpanel helps businesses build better products by providing the most advanced analytics software. About 14% of Fortune 500 uses this marketing data analytics software to craft and delightful customer experience. It brings an innovative, ambitious and collaborative approach by the team to creating solutions that are scalable, reliable and designed with specific goals. It is a rapidly growing organization with a group of more than 250 employees.

Mixpanel Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Predictive Analytics, Website Analytics

“My product team is heavy user. Being in the Marketing team, I appreciate the reports we get from it, they really provide a deeper understanding of what our customers actually do with our product. It allows my product team to track the use and outcomes from each part of our platform. It’s a must have for our product owners.” – Tiago O.

Mixpanel Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



53 Reviews


214 Reviews

6. Birst– Business intelligence and analytics platform

Our Score 96/100

About Birst : Birst is an advanced network business analytics platform that helps organizations achieves new levels of insights. It gives users better and sound decision-making ability with the data it collects. It gathers raw data and administers it through their Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process. From visual analytics to reporting tools, it gives users quick and detailed answers even to the most complicated queries.

Birst Marketing Analytics Features : Campaign Management, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics

“These are exciting times for Birst, as we embark on the next leg of our journey in defining and delivering the next generation of cloud-based networked business analytics.” – BRAD PETERS

Birst Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor

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37 Reviews


42 Reviews

7. Percolate – Campaign management & social publishing

Our Score 95/100

About Percolate : Percolate is a cloud-based marketing analytics tool that gives visibility to the processes involved in marketing, improving coordination of work, building marketing campaigns as well as content. With the integrated task management system, it becomes easier to track and complete marketing tasks from start to the end. Brands such as Cisco, Bosch, etc., use this solution to have a better understanding of the customer experience, production costs, and overall marketing impacts.

Percolate Marketing Analytics Features : Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics

“The most interesting thing is that you can find in this platform all in one, it allows you to optimize time and efforts. One of the great tasks that we have who dedicate ourselves to digital commerce is to give the time, this platform allows to carry with each client a concrete strategy that offers results in a short time.”- Santiago A.

Percolate Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



32 Reviews


55 Reviews

8. TrackMaven – TrackMaven makes it easy to prove marketing ROI

Our Score 93/100

About TrackMaven : TrackMaven is a digital marketing analytics software designed to help digital marketers implement qualitative digital marketing strategies with the help of competitive intelligence. It creates optimized content strategies, useful campaign analysis, comprehensive reports, etc. It helps in bringing the online presence of social media, blogs, email, news, SEO and digital advertisements. It is designed for big companies or brands to collect data from various sources and provide marketers with accurate data.

TrackMaven Marketing Analytics Features : Channel Attribution, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

“We tried free tools. We tried natively looking for this level of reporting. If you worked hard at it, you could probably get some of this data, but TrackMaven makes it easy.” – Rob Bonsall

TrackMaven Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



23 Reviews


62 Reviews

9. WebEngage – WebEngage is a multi-channel B2C marketing automation cloud

Our Score 92/100

About WebEngage : WebEngage is a marketing cloud and data analytics tool for automating communication and improving retention across users’ life cycle. From helping companies segment customers to engaging with them in a contextual and personalized manner through various channels, it allows tools like push, in-app, SMS, web push, email, on-site notifications, on-site surveys, and on-the-spot Feedback. It helps companies in B2C sectors to maximize their growth and revenue.

WebEngage Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, ROI Tracking, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

“This is simply a great tool for marketing Automation. Comprehensiveness of offerings across multiple channels of communication. Great Support team. Niket our SPOC from Webengage has been available literally 24*7 to help us with our queries. Value for Money. Great pricing as compared to other tools in the market.” – Mrinal S.

WebEngage Reviews



51 – 200





21 Reviews


12 Reviews

10. CleverTap – The Intelligent Mobile Marketing Platform

Our Score 90/100

About CleverTap : A robust, comprehensive and integrated platform, CleverTap provides real-time behavioral analytics and user engagement for businesses to maximize their profits with better participation of customers and knowledge about their brand. With the help of core analytics, this software makes it possible for leading global brands such as Samsung, Star Network, create meaningful content and get actionable insights about their marketing campaigns.

CleverTap Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Campaign Management, Channel Attribution, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Predictive Analytics, ROI Tracking, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

“CleverTap’s impact is clear: our conversions and traffic have increased over 50% in the last several months. CleverTap is a trusted partner for BookMyShow. Their advanced mobile CRM lets us implement complex yet easy-to-set-up automated campaigns for our users.” – Marzdi Kalianiwala

CleverTap Reviews


United States

51 – 200





14 Reviews


12 Reviews

11. Whatagraph – Marketing Analytics and Social Media Reporting

Our Score 89/100

About Whatagraph : Whatagraph, a marketing performance reporting solution and a marketing analytics tool simplifies analytics and reports for marketers to have a better understanding of data received with data visualization and reporting. The top feature of this solution includes the capability of collecting electronic data from over ten sources. It provides businesses with fresh visual looks for having a clear concept of the given data. It simplifies reports for users.

Whatagraph Marketing Analytics Features : Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Social Media Metrics, Website Analytics

“The automated reports are very easy to understand and have graphics which even non IT persons can relate to. Amazing service for my clients which saves me a lot of time. ” – Marc M.

Whatagraph Reviews



11 – 50





10 Reviews


9 Reviews

12. PushAd – Push notifications for customer engagement

Our Score 88/100

About PushAd : One of the best ways to reach the most customers is PushAd. With this marketing analytics software, users can get subscribers and sending notifications. Top features include notification wizard, dashboard, desktop & mobile browsers, A/B tests, etc. With panels and easy to use analytics, it provides comprehensive data to have better-informed decisions in the course of marketing. It is an AI-powered push notification delivery platform for marketers to create specific campaigns.

PushAd Marketing Analytics Features : A/B Testing, Customer Journey Mapping, Dashboard, Performance Metrics, Website Analytics

“PushAd changed my approach to attracting users to my website. Thanks to notifications I can send messages, e.g. on new items, to a large number of customers. My readers subscribe eagerly to receive notifications.” – Ewa Kawecka

PushAd Reviews



11 – 50





6 Reviews


0 Reviews

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Website Analytics        

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