Top 10+ Recruitment Software In 2019

Say goodbye to the missed hiring chances forever with the recruiting software! There is no denying that recruiting is quite a time-consuming process. You couldn't agree more, could you? Hiring managers and recruiters face an overload of resume. Every single application needs to be sent to the right person, sorted and ranked for review. Applicants are to be interviewed, screened and on-boarded. It is high volume. It is complex. And we have not even started covering offer letters and job postings yet. Luckily, this entire hiring process has now gone digital. Organizations have replaced paper resumes and dated systems with the latest technology which offers real-time data analytics, online assessments and social media platforms for recruiting. From now on, the recruiters will have a system outlook towards hiring. This would not only save you resources, energy and time; but also leaves applicants with an amazing brand experience. Demand for the recruiting software vast and growing steadily. Finding the best hiring software doesn't have to be guesswork anymore! And selecting one for your organization shouldn't be based on just features, whistles and bells. Capability to modify solutions as per your organization's need, scalability and ease of use are the critical ones that should be taken into account. Achieve better applicant placements, reduce the submission time and increase your candidate pool with hiring software! But the real question is, with a number of recruitment software out there in the market, which one will best suit your organization’s needs? To save you trouble, we have listed the best 10+ recruitment software. The ratings and reviews have been gathered from high-end websites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd.

Top Recruitment Software

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information. If your software is part of this list, use this badge on your website and social media to let your readers know about your success.

List of Best Recruitment Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Indeed – Mobile applicant tracking, recruiting & job board

Our Score 99/100

About Indeed : Indeed is one of the best recruiting software that gives access to the most talented resume in every field. Indeed helps the hiring manager and recruiters in posting jobs online and finding the right fit for the same. The software has easy to use features and helps in reviewing applications, manage candidates and scheduling interviews. Indeed also helps in finding candidates located all over the world through target search that includes fields like title, skills, education, and experience.

Indeed Recruiting Features : Assessments, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Self Service Portal

“This is easiest job searching platform I’ve ever came across. It is easy to use and allows you to filter by pay range, job title, location, and distance from location. It allows me to easily search for hundreds to thousands of jobs in my nearby area; and you can even search for work at home jobs! .” – Amanda Josalene

Indeed Reviews


United States

5001 – 10000





1113 Reviews


154 Reviews

2. BambooHR – Personalized HR software for SMBs

Our Score 98/100

About BambooHR : BambooHR is a software application which beliefs in finding the best candidate and making the hiring process easier for the recruiter. The software is a modern, reliable, and mobile-friendly tracking app that evaluates, and finds the right candidate for the job. The application is backed with full suite automated; preboarding and onboarding tools that make it focus more on creating a healthy work environment. BambooHR is a new comprehensive approach to performance and organizational growth.

BambooHR Recruiting Features : CRM, Internal HR, Job Requisition, Onboarding

“BambooHR has completely changed the way that I do HR. I’m totally set free to focus on development, to focus on team dynamics, to focus on diversity and inclusion—the things that actually matter. It really allows me to get to the heart of the matter which is the people.” – Emily White Hodge

BambooHR Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



805 Reviews


353 Reviews

3. UltiPro – HR, Payroll, and Talent Management

Our Score 98/100

About UltiPro : Ultipro is an ultimate human resource, payroll management software that brings people together with the information they seek. Ultipro deals in human resource management, talent management, payroll management, workforce management, human capital management and more. Ultipro has been accredited as the best recruiting software of 2019 for its ability to manage HR efficiencies with increased speed and flexibility.

UltiPro Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Reference Checking, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“I like Ulti-Pro since it is our means of getting paid. It’s very easy to use, and I’m able to make adjustments (if needed). I’m also able to submit vacation requests, time off requests, which is then sent electronically to my boss for approval. Very simple and works efficiently. Very easy to use software!” – Karya W.

UltiPro Reviews

Ultimate Software

United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



678 Reviews


789 Reviews

4. Zoho Recruit – All in one Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting software

Our Score 96/100

About Zoho Recruit : Zoho Recruit is a cutting-edge resume tracking system that helps the hiring personnel in finding the best employees. Zoho Recruit is one of the powerful recruiting software that sources the best talent for the companies and helps in tracking resumes and scheduling interviews. The application provides a necessary platform for the recruiters to post job openings, and update spreadsheet according to various fields. Zoho Recruit features an array of integration that helps in the smooth workflow.

Zoho Recruit Recruiting Features : Assessments, CRM, Interaction Tracking, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing

“I am very pleased with the support offered. The solutions are found with great agility. The service is excellent, very technical, and always ready to understand the client, even if it is of another nationality and that I’m in Brazil and only speak Portuguese.” – Andrea Passos

Zoho Recruit Reviews

Zoho Corporation


5001 – 10000





598 Reviews


632 Reviews

5. iCIMS Recruit – Applicant tracking and recruiting software

Our Score 95/100

About iCIMS Recruit : iCIMS is one of the best recruiting software that supports in tackling the complexities of finding job recruits around the world. The software feature market-leading technologies which assist the recruiters in managing job recruitments and resumes. iCIMS offers to tailor your job advertisements prospects, finding suitable applicants through in-built search features. iCIMS takes over social media and makes it easier to cultivate the social presence of your company by connecting to more job seekers around the region.

iCIMS Recruit Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Interaction Tracking, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Reference Checking, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“I am a complete iCIMS fan on all fronts! iCIMS allows me to perform my job and maintain order with candidate flow, statuses, and I am currently creating a platform for hiring managers to manage consultants, including an automated iForm for the statement of work.” – Vicky O.

iCIMS Recruit Reviews


United States

501 – 1000


Not provided by vendor



487 Reviews


308 Reviews

6. Workday – Global Human Capital Management

Our Score 93/100

About Workday Performance Management : Finance management, HR management, and Planning are three important challenges that any organization has to face in order to achieve success. Workday is not just recruiting software, but a magic quadrant for businesses. Workday manages to handle the three intensive management systems through cloud ERP system and guarantees better growth of the company. Workday gives you deep insight into your business and helps you achieve desired goals faster.

Workday Recruiting Features : Internal HR, Interview Management, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing

“I like the ease of entering time worked and the time off request policies. That system works very well for my colleagues and I am able to revise entries and easily submit it to my supervisor. Sending reminders to everyone about updating info in workday is another good feature that we utilize often. Very good timesheet system” – Vera

Workday Reviews


United States

5001 – 10000


Not provided by vendor



368 Reviews


12 Reviews

7. CEIPAL TalentHire – Web-based Recruitment Management & Onboarding

Our Score 93/100

About CEIPAL TalentHire : CEIPAL is one of the best recruiting software that guarantees better value, the best candidate, and extensively integrated workflow. CEIPAL manages to track prompt vacancies, and screen applicants effortlessly. The software handles digital onboarding of candidates at the right place through a fully integrated tracking system. CEIPAL offers job recruitment, job searching, publishing job posts, VMS integration, Job board integration, resume parsing, and CRM management for the organizations.

CEIPAL TalentHire Recruiting Features : Assessments, CRM, Interaction Tracking, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“We have explored a lot of products out in the market before signing-up with CEIPAL. We have had this product for over a year. Ever since we signed up, we have recommended lots of features/enhancements to be implemented and CEIPAL team has been very cooperative and responsive in meeting those needs. Great tool!” – Prabhu J.

CEIPAL TalentHire Reviews


United States

51 – 200





309 Reviews


3 Reviews

8. Workable– All-in-one recruiting software for hiring teams

Our Score 92/100

About Workable : Workable is one of the trusted recruiting software that has streamlines recruitment process for more than 6000 companies. Workable has an integrated system that manages candidate’s profiles, matches with the job requirement, schedules interview and evaluates scoreboard to fit the best person. The software accelerates job recruitment by handling spreadsheet and emails for the company that can be tracked on mobile or laptop. This not only speed-up the whole process but also reduces the overall expenditure.

Workable Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Interaction Tracking, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Reference Checking, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“It’s straight to the point for what I need. I am not a professional recruiter, I am a manager who helps in the recruiting. Workable has a simple interface that makes it easy to understand how the platform works since the first use. Simple interface, great Customer Support!” – Filipe G.

Workable Reviews

Workable Software

United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


303 Reviews


40 Reviews

9. Recruitee – Powerful software that makes hiring easy

Our Score 90/100

About Recruitee : Recruitee is a leading Talent Acquisition Platform, designed for recruiters and hiring managers alike. Our goal is to enable hiring teams to fully own their talent acquisition by helping them attract the right talent, automate manual tasks, and predict their hiring success. Recruitee’s award-winning software is used by high-growth companies such as Lacoste, VICE, Dunkin’ Donuts, Hotjar, Engie and Louis Vuitton.

Recruitee Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Reference Checking, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“It was made by recruiters for recruiters. The BEST ATS I have ever worked with, it was made to make our lives easier. I just love it and now introduce it to all my clients as an Interim Talent Acquisition Expert.” – Rita Hambalko

Recruitee Reviews



50 – 100





120 Reviews


52 Reviews

10. CATS – Applicant tracking system for professional recruiters

Our Score 90/100

About CATS : Many organizations and business enterprises have accredited CATS as the best recruiting software for its incredible features, and faster streamline the process. CATS organize data; collects job applicants, syncs emails, and searches resume finding the best candidate for the company. CATS has curated to custom fit any business requirements. The software integrates with popular tools like Google spreadsheets, MailChimp, Slack, MS Word and many more.

CATS Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing

“I love that the technical support of very responsive and open to new ideas in order to continuously improve the system. Overall a great experience utilizing CATS to get work done!” – Danny C.

CATS Reviews

CATS Software

United States

11 – 50





118 Reviews


111 Reviews

11. iSmartRecruit – Staffing CRM & Applicant Tracking (ATS)

Our Score 90/100

About iSmartRecruit : iSmart Recruit is best-recruiting software that has integrated applicant tracking system and advanced staffing tools. This staffing software publishes job resumes on companies’ behalf and promotes your jobs on social pages and accounts. The software also customizes screening questions for the candidates that shortlist the resume according to various field requirement. iSmart Recruit is a customized platform that manages the automatic and smooth job hiring process while giving bets hiring experience to the candidates.

iSmartRecruit Recruiting Features : CRM, Interaction Tracking, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“Quality is amongst the best, very user friendly, its features and functionality flows align perfectly with recruitment stages, great value for money and top customer support and customisable solutions available in the market today. Highly recommended. Outstanding personalised and prompt service and customer support everytime!” – Zuzi A.

iSmartRecruit Reviews

iKraft Solutions

United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



66 Reviews


12 Reviews

12. RecruitBPM – Recruiting Software

Our Score 90/100

About RecruitBPM : RecruitBPM is a cost-effective cloud-based talent acquisition and end-to-end recruitment management platform that helps companies optimize their hiring process. Designed for small to mid-sized staffing and recruiting firms, it can accommodate 1-1000+ users. RecruitBPM as a customizable recruiting platform offers various features but the most prominent ones are Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Social Recruiting and Job Publishing, Semantic Search and Recruiting Analytics and Reports.

RecruitBPM Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Interaction Tracking, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Reference Checking, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“Finally, an all in one ATS & CRM at an affordable price. 19 years in the business made me understand the importance of technology for optimized recruitment. After months of researching, I had discovered RecruitBPM as a 100% scalable, affordable and KPI driven ATS.” – Sean M Hill

RecruitBPM Reviews

Recruit BPM

United States

51 – 200





33 Reviews


51 Reviews

13. CleverStaff – Applicant tracking system & recruitment automation

Our Score 89/100

About CleverStaff : CleverStaff is a dual version of professional recruitment software that features an enterprise and cloud management system. The software features quick vacancies report, resume parsing technology, customized templates, and auto emails. CleverStaff helps in saving energy of manual job search by integrating job profiles with LinkedIn, local job boards and other platforms. CleverStaff guarantees data security and offers to run timely backups to restore the system.

CleverStaff Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“We love how customizable the system is! We can add unique stages & positions just for our recruitment workflow, import & export large amounts of data, & send emails to both internal team members & external candidates all from the platform. This allows us to be very efficient & work with a high level of professionalism!” – Alex

CleverStaff Reviews



11 – 50





59 Reviews


2 Reviews

14. talentReef – All-in-one recruiting & talent management system

Our Score 89/100

About talentReef : talentreef takes charge of overcoming company challenges with the best-recruiting services and HR management tools. talentreef provides quality applicant inflow, manages federal compliances, engages on the floor employees, and provides standardized advanced tools for office and home use. Leveraging the complete version of talentreef offers onboarding, recruiting, planning, training, scheduling interview and engagement facilities for the companies.

talentReef Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Internal HR, Interview Management, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Self Service Portal

“TalentReef is supper user friendly, and customer service is excellent. It is amazing how TalentReef helps you keep every candidate’s file organized. I am able to keep all employee related documents in the system so when I need something I can find it right away. TalentReef is helping me organize our hiring and onboarding process!” – Adriana

talentReef Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



58 Reviews


22 Reviews

15. Klimb – Recruiting Software beyond an ATS

Our Score 89/100

About Klimb : Klimb is a recruiting software that offers unique automation and AI capabilities that distinguish it from traditional applicant tracking systems. Our unique solutions give more power to talent acquisition teams with capabilities that are beyond the scope of traditional ATS software. For instance, recruiters can automate Outbound Recruitment & Talent Rediscovery to unearth interview-ready candidates in significantly less time than traditionally required. Our virtual sourcing assistant can enable every single applicant to be assessed using automated video interviews, even when recruiters are not around. Furthermore, by choosing to automate Candidate Engagement & Employer Branding, talent acquisition team can function as a powerful marketing unit.

Klimb Recruiting Features : Assessments, Background Screening, CRM, Interaction Tracking, Interview Management, Job Board Posting, Job Requisition, Onboarding, Recruiting Firms, Resume Parsing, Self Service Portal

“Klimb successfully digitised our Talent Acquisition function across 80+ locations in India. The software got adopted internally primarily because of its ease of use. However, Klimb continued to align easily to our growing needs and complexity of recruiting across regions & teams. The speed of new features & enhancements kept everyone excited and they got the job done all the time.” – Ravi

Klimb Reviews



11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



22 Reviews


00 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Recruitment Software

Recruitment FeaturesIndeedBambooHRUltiProZoho RecruitiCIMS RecruitWorkdayCEIPAL TalentHireWorkableCATSiSmartRecruit
Price$150.00/ monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$25.00/ month/userNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$19.00/ month/user$50.00/ month$69.00/ month/userNot provided by vendor
Background Screening    
Interaction Tracking     
Internal HR        
Interview Management         
Job Board Posting        
Job Requisition        
Recruiting Firms       
Reference Checking   
Resume Parsing        
Self Service Portal      

Recruitment Software Buyer’s Guide

Quickly hiring the right minds to uplift your work in progress is a daunting task indeed. Irrespective of your years of experience into recruitment and manpower outsourcing, the auxiliary tasks such as maintain contacts, sorting CVs, scheduling interviews, saving data for future follow-ups, etc. can never be easy for an HR team. In this regard, what really comes as a relief when you have helping hands by your side to take care of the auxiliaries without any problem – Yes, we are talking about the Recruitment Software that is currently finding its place in the wishlist of every organization lately.

» What is Recruitment Software?

Recruitment Software is nothing but an online recruitment system that helps to find and hire the right people for your business. The talent management platform empowers HRs with various proactive sourcing tools and streamlines candidate relationship management. It helps to create self-branded career pages that candidates find easy to search and apply for respective positions. Moreover, as a recruitment management system, it performs a lot of activities such as managing payroll system, mobile-optimizing your website for better user experience, selecting best and yet budget-friendly sourcing channels, among others.

» How does Recruitment Software work?

As we’ve just discussed, the hiring software empowers itself with a lot of tools and third-party applications to perform various complex HR activities with ease. For instance, an online recruitment system has multi-lingual plugins integrated inside to enhance candidate experience. Also, it can track the performance of candidates based on online tests taken to help you save time on on-premise pre-recruitment processes. To track the progress and find weak spots in current HR practices, recruitment management software offers interactive reporting and analytics dashboards which can help you better address the red flags.

» Is it worth investing money in Recruitment Software?

A cloud-based recruitment software empowers you to go from a paper-pen based process to an automated process. It allows you to give more time to core HR activities without getting involved in daily repeated recruitment rituals. You can significantly increase your business expansion with new strategies while it takes care of the involved processes. Your entire HR team can optimize their talent management journey with ease.

» What are the features of Recruiting Software?

With the introduction of the recruiting software, the work of the Human Resources Department has been made easy, all thanks to the full range of facilities and tools provided by the software. The various tedious jobs of an HR team such as looking for ideal candidate profiles, organizing a meet-up, and many more are done by the single software. But how does a single software can manage so many functions without any glitches? Let’s have a closer look at the various features which come together to do the work of recruiting a straightforward affair to deal with.

› Intelligent Searching Tools

Going through huge heaps of candidate’s profile is undoubtedly a very troublesome work for anyone. Moreover, when it is done manually, it can take long hours to find out the most befitting candidates for the job. Hence, the recruiting software uses advanced tools like machine learning and artificial intelligence to automize the searching process of candidates using specific keywords. This helps in saving both times as well as usage of resources.

› Interview Management

Managing interviews have been made easier by the recruiting software due to the availability of its various facilities and tools. Using the software scheduling interviews can be done without any hassle, while the same can be intimated to other employees of the Human Resources Team as well. Additional side duties performed includes work such as providing feedback, approving or rejecting a candidate, and so on.

› CV Importing Tools

This feature allows the recruitment management system to import CVs from multiple platforms without any user interference. As compared to the traditional methods of searching and downloading desirable resumes, the software works by examining a candidate’s CV with a specific keyword. Afterward, they can be downloaded in bulk amounts and imported in excel formats to streamline the process further.

› Cloud-based Hosting Tools

Nowadays every recruitment management system takes the help of cloud networks to provide customized solutions to the companies and businesses using them. As all the candidate and employee information are stored in the cloud, searching and retrieving data from them becomes easy.

› Job Posting Tools

Apart from helping the Human Resource Department on their job, the recruitment management system also supports the hiring companies and businesses post vacancy in various social media platforms. This tackles the need for posting the same job vacancy details in separate platforms, thereby, saving loads of time.

› Informative Tools

Each company needs the tracking tools to gain an understanding of the response on the recruiting campaign from the market. Providing users with the most updated market insights on the recruitment campaign’s performance, this feature helps in detecting the lacunas and effectively solving them in real-time.

› Collaborative Facilities

Nowadays many online recruitment systems facilitate the users to collaborate with other teams which helps minimize the workload. This also ensures that your employees remain updated on the most recent job vacancies and move ahead with them on time.

» What are the benefits of Recruitment Software?

There is no surprise that the interests of the online recruitment system out pars the achievements of the traditional methods of recruiting candidates for the company. Starting from the simplest tasks to overtaking the most complicated as well as time-consuming jobs, the online recruitment system does it all. So, let’s now study the plethora of benefits the software endows on the companies and businesses.

› Increases Recruiting Efficiency

As previously discovered, all the tasks in the Human Resources Department are automated by the hiring software which thereby enhances the processing time. This helps by filling the job vacancies immediately by finding the right people with the desired qualification and experience.

› Helps Candidates find you

When the hiring software is used to post job vacancies on various platforms, it increases the traffic inflow to your company site. This will enable the right candidates looking for the position to come to your site and upload their CVs. In such cases after thorough looking, the shortlisted candidates can then be called to appear for the next phases of the interview.

› Reduced Administration Work

The hiring software completes the searching and other recruiting processes within just a few clicks. Hence, one does not have to sit for elongated hours searching for new employees; instead, it creates more opportunities to make time for other HR-related works. Moreover, a scheduling calendar can also be used to schedule appointments as well as interviews.

› Makes Hiring Good Candidates Easier

As the software gathers and piles vast amount of candidate information from different platforms such as Linkedin, Naukri, and more, the next processes are streamlined. One can easily find the perfect candidates for the job vacancy as the groups compiled by the software are efficiently tagged.

› Maintain Records

Noting down the progress of the candidate in the various rounds of the interviews can be done by the help of the online recruitment software. As the details are digitally stored, the risks of loss or manipulation are drastically minimized. This method is also useful when compared to the traditional pen and paper-based processes.

› Provides safety to the data

Understanding the need for securitizing sensitive information, the software developers have devised many advanced solutions in the online recruitment software. These software mostly have a two-factor authentication system or an activated firewall which provides security against forceful intrusion.

» Before Choosing Recruitment Software

Before choosing a recruitment management software, there are indeed some crucial points which are worth-remembering to be on the safe side. These points let’s one decide if the software is needed or not. So, let’s learn about some of the points which can help in making an excellent choice for your company or business’s future.

› Usage of the Software

Although implementing the recruitment management software can be pretty exciting as it has many benefits, the case is not always the same. This is because companies and businesses differ from one another based on various factors. Similarly, if your company has just started and you are looking for a small number of candidates, then using the traditional methods of recruiting is advised. This can avoid the extra expense on your monthly budget, thereby, leaving you with good finances to invest in other company-related matters.

› Take Notes of the Software’s Services

The facilities and tools provided by the recruitment management software differ from one another. Hence, before choosing the software, it is highly preferable to note down the various requirements you want from the software beforehand. This will help in narrowing down the massive list from many to a few perfect ones, which makes the work of choosing the best recruiting software easy.

› Load on the Budget

The pricing of each software is different from the other. Hence, it is always highly recommended to check the pricing plan of the software before installing it. Another preferred method is to estimate the budget which the company can handle in a given time beforehand. This can increase the chances of landing with the perfect cloud-based recruitment software.

» What are the Key Buying Factors to Consider in a Good Recruitment Software?

Choosing the best recruiting software is like searching for a needle in a bundle of straws. The situation can be both intimidating as well as scary for both beginners as well as professionals. While each software has its own set of weaknesses and strengths, choosing for a specific cloud-based recruitment software, based on the company’s claims can be an act of foolishness. Hence, we have hand-picked some of the essential points which can ensure that you get the best deal in the market.

› Simple Customisable Interface

The best recruiting software is always hardwired with a simple yet fully customizable interface. While the simplicity means that anyone and everyone without prior programming knowledge and technical skills can operate the software, the customizing capabilities can be used to use the software as desired.

› Instantaneous Customer Care Solutions

A good cloud-based recruitment software is nothing without 24/7 customer support which excels in providing instant and useful solutions at any time. The customer support system acts as a trust-worthy layer connecting the users and the companies using the software. It should also provide step-by-step guidelines in case of complicated problems while adhering quickly to customer service requests.

› Securitizing Information

One of the most critical aspects of the online recruitment management system is its specialty in providing security to sensitive data in the companies. As these data are at the most risks of getting mutilated by malicious attackers, the software must have adequate strict security protocols to prevent any unauthorized or forceful entries to the systems.

› Mobile Accessibility

Another feature one should look in the prospective online recruitment management system is its accessibility capacities across different channels. If the software allows users to track the progress of the recruitments as well as post jobs in different platforms using their smartphones, then it is definitely an add-on. This will help in accessing candidate information and carry on with recruitment procedures no matter where the individual is located.

» How Much Does Recruitment Software Cost?

Depending upon the facilities and tools availed, the pricing structure of the recruitment management system software differs from one to another. While many of them come with a free primary version trial which is given to the users for a certain period, others ask a particular amount for a subscription to their premium plans. One can find these premium plans ranging from as low as $5/month to a considerable amount of $199/month. However, many reports have stated that signing up for a free basic version although provides a lesser amount of facilities, it usually helps in getting a brief knowledge of the service quality of the software. In case if the software interests you in the trial period, then only choosing the premium plan is profitable for a company or business.

» Conclusion

Now that you have fully understood about a recruitment management system software, it will be easy for you to select the best one amongst rest available. Most people just make a rush and vendors take the wrong advantage of that. So, it is important to have a sufficient amount of time in hand while selecting an online recruitment management system as a wrong one can equally bring damages to your organization.

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