Best Appointment Scheduling Software

With appointment software, take angry clients and overbooked schedules permanently off your company’s list. Appointment Software offers anywhere-anytime auto-booking facilities that can handle the downpour of new and existing clients efficiently. It enables your customers to bring in excited friends for a hassle-free group session, leading to extra revenue for your organization. The software’s flexible built-in calendars with easy canceling, rescheduling, viewing, and editing features always keep you synced in with the business operations without ever having to miss out on a ...

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List of Best Appointment Scheduling Software

Acuity Scheduling

Flexible scheduling software to help you succeed

Acuity Scheduling is a user-friendly online appointment scheduling platform that streamlines the booking process. With its intuitive interface, users can effortlessly set up personalized calendars, making it easy for clients to book appointments. It supports multiple time zones, catering to a global user base. Acuity Scheduling integrates seamlessly with popular calendar applications and payment ... read more about Acuity Scheduling

7 Days

$16 Per month

United States


Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Calendly is a user-friendly scheduling tool designed to simplify appointment coordination. It lets users set availability preferences to make booking effortless and create a seamless experience. With its intuitive interface, clients can easily schedule meetings without the back-and-forth hassle. Calendly sends automated reminders, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments. The platform ... read more about Calendly


$10 Per month

United States


Best Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointlet is a user-friendly scheduling tool designed to streamline appointment booking. With its intuitive interface, users can easily set their availability and allow clients to book appointments at their convenience. The platform syncs with various calendars, preventing scheduling conflicts. Customizable forms enable users to gather essential information during the booking process. Automated ... read more about Appointlet


$8 Per month

United States


Online scheduling software that will help you save time and grow your business exponentially

Appointy is a versatile appointment scheduling tool, perfect for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface allows seamless scheduling, empowering clients to book appointments at their convenience. The platform offers customization options, enabling businesses to tailor their booking pages to match their brand. With real-time calendar synchronization, users can avoid double bookings and ... read more about Appointy

14 Days

$19.99 Per month


Sign In Scheduling, formerly known as 10to8, is a convenient tool that streamlines the process of managing appointments and sign-ins. It offers an intuitive interface for users to schedule appointments effortlessly. The platform's key feature is its seamless integration with sign-in procedures, combining both tasks for a streamlined experience. With real-time updates and notifications, users can ... read more about Sign In Scheduling (formerly 10to8)


$460 Per year

United Kingdom

Online Booking System for all service based industries is a versatile online booking system that simplifies appointment scheduling for businesses across various industries. Its user-friendly interface allows seamless booking for clients to enhance the overall customer experience. The platform offers customizable booking pages to let businesses tailor their online presence to match their brand. With real-time availability updates, clients... read more about

14 Days

$8.25 Per month

United States


Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Setmore is a user-friendly appointment scheduling software that simplifies booking and enhances business efficiency. Its intuitive platform allows seamless appointment management, empowering users to schedule, reschedule, and cancel bookings with ease. The customizable booking page feature lets businesses showcase their brand and services to create a personalized online presence. Real-time syncing... read more about Setmore


$5 Per month

United States


Free appointment scheduling and booking system

SuperSaaS is a high-quality appointment scheduling software designed and developed for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface allows users to easily set up and manage appointments online. The platform allows customization of booking pages to ensure a seamless integration with a business's brand and services. Real-time availability updates help prevent double bookings and maintain an ... read more about SuperSaaS


$9 Per month

United States


Free Scheduling Software to Automate Your Business

Trafft is a high-performing tool for booking appointments online. It helps businesses manage their schedules smoothly. With Trafft, clients can easily book appointments at their preferred times. The tool syncs with your calendar to avoid any overlaps or confusion. You can create personalized booking forms to collect necessary details from clients. Trafft also sends automatic reminders to decrease ... read more about Trafft

14 Days

$23.67 Per month



It's the Easy way of Booking Online

BookSteam is a user-friendly online appointment scheduling tool designed to simplify booking processes for businesses. It's a practical solution for managing appointments, allowing clients to book services at their convenience easily. The platform syncs seamlessly with your calendar, preventing any scheduling conflicts. Customization is key with BookSteam, as businesses can tailor booking forms to... read more about BookSteam

14 Days

$19.95 Per month

United States


Simple, effective and innovative email client and organizer

EssentialPIM is a practical personal information manager that helps users stay organized and efficient. It is a digital hub for managing tasks, appointments, contacts, and notes in one central location. With an intuitive interface, EssentialPIM is easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of all levels. The tool provides customizable features, allowing individuals to tailor their experience... read more about EssentialPIM

7 Days

$49.76 Per year

United States


Effortless online appointment scheduling software

Bookafy is a user-friendly online appointment scheduling tool designed to simplify booking processes for businesses of all sizes. It offers a hassle-free way for clients to book appointments at their convenience. The platform seamlessly integrates with calendars, preventing double bookings and reducing scheduling conflicts. One of Bookafy's strengths lies in its customizable features, allowing ... read more about Bookafy

7 Days

$9 Per month

United States


Create the best booking experience for your customers with fully customizable online scheduling.

YouCanBookMe is a straightforward online scheduling tool that makes appointment booking a breeze for businesses. Clients find it easy to schedule appointments at their preferred times. The platform syncs seamlessly with your calendar, preventing any scheduling conflicts or double bookings. YouCanBookMe stands out with its customizable booking forms, allowing businesses to gather specific ... read more about YouCanBookMe


$10.80 Per month

United States

Ovatu Manager

The most comprehensive and intelligent online booking system on the market

Ovatu Manager is a handy tool for businesses, making appointments and scheduling a breeze. It's like having a personal assistant for your bookings. With Ovatu, you can easily set up appointments, manage your calendar, and keep track of client details. It is a user-friendly tool perfect for businesses, big or small. The intuitive interface makes navigating a cinch, saving you time and reducing ... read more about Ovatu Manager

7 Days

Contact Vendor

United States

Square Appointments

Free Appointment Scheduling Software & Booking App

Square Appointments is a user-friendly scheduling tool that streamlines appointment management for businesses. With its intuitive interface, businesses can easily create, edit, and manage appointments. The platform allows clients to book appointments online, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience. Square Appointments syncs seamlessly with the business owner's calendar, helping them stay... read more about Square Appointments


$29 Per month

United States

Microsoft Bookings

A simpler way to organize schedules and manage appointments.

Microsoft Bookings is a convenient scheduling tool designed to simplify appointment management for businesses. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for clients to schedule appointments online. The platform syncs seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 calendar, helping you stay organized and avoid scheduling conflicts. Automated reminders reduce no-shows, ensuring a smooth workflow. Microsoft ... read more about Microsoft Bookings

30 Days

$6 Per month

United States


Fastest and easiest way to schedule anything — from meetings to the next great collaboration

Doodle is a user-friendly scheduling software designed to simplify the coordination of appointments and meetings. With its straightforward interface, users can easily create polls to find the best time for everyone involved. The platform eliminates the back-and-forth communication often associated with scheduling, saving time and reducing confusion. Doodle's real-time updates ensure that users ... read more about Doodle

7 Days

$6.95 Per month



Online Appointment Scheduling Software

TimeTap is an outstanding scheduling system that simplifies appointment management for businesses. Its intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly schedule appointments, reducing the administrative burden. The platform's real-time availability feature ensures accurate booking, preventing scheduling conflicts. TimeTap enables businesses to customize their booking pages, providing a seamless ... read more about TimeTap

14 Days

$22.45 Per month

United States


The #1 software for fitness and wellness businesses

Mindbody is a comprehensive business management platform that simplifies operations for health and wellness businesses. Its user-friendly interface allows seamless appointment scheduling, class bookings, and client management. With Mindbody, businesses can streamline their administrative tasks, saving time and improving efficiency. The platform's real-time scheduling feature ensures accurate ... read more about Mindbody

7 Days

Contact Vendor

United States

DaySmart Appointments

Top Appointment Scheduling Software

DaySmart Appointments is a top-level scheduling solution designed to streamline appointment management for businesses. Its intuitive interface allows for easy scheduling and efficient calendar management. Businesses can customize their booking process with personalized details, ensuring a branded and professional experience for clients. DaySmart Appointments syncs seamlessly with popular calendars... read more about DaySmart Appointments


$99 Per month

United States


Online appointment scheduling for your business

Schedulista is a user-friendly scheduling platform that simplifies appointment management for businesses. Its intuitive interface allows easy scheduling, empowering businesses to organize calendars efficiently. Clients can effortlessly book appointments online, providing a convenient experience. The platform's customization options enable businesses to tailor their booking pages to reflect their ... read more about Schedulista

15 Days

$19 Per month

United States


Book Appointments and Classes Online

Schedulicity is a user-friendly scheduling platform that simplifies appointment management. Businesses of all sizes benefit from its intuitive interface, streamlining the booking process. With just a few clicks, clients can book appointments, reducing administrative hassles. The platform sends automated reminders, minimizing no-shows and enhancing customer satisfaction. Schedulicity integrates ... read more about Schedulicity

7 Days

$34.99 Per month

United States


Free online Appointment scheduling software

Picktime is a handy scheduling tool designed for easy appointment management. Its user-friendly interface makes scheduling effortless, catering to businesses and individuals alike. The platform allows you to create and customize your booking page, providing a personalized touch. With automated reminders, it helps reduce no-shows and keep everyone on the same page. Picktime's versatility shines as ... read more about Picktime


$3 Per month

United States

Book Like A Boss

Book Like A Boss - Booking Page Builder

Book Like A Boss is a versatile scheduling tool that simplifies appointment booking for businesses and freelancers. Its user-friendly interface makes customization of booking pages effortless for reflecting your brand. The platform supports various appointment types, making it adaptable to different industries. With seamless calendar integration, managing your schedule becomes a breeze. It offers ... read more about Book Like A Boss

14 Days

$8.33 Per month

United States

Zoho Bookings

Online appointment scheduling software

Zoho Bookings is a high-performing solution that streamlines appointment scheduling for businesses. With its user-friendly interface, clients can easily book appointments online. The platform offers customizable booking pages, allowing businesses to showcase services and availability. Integration with calendars ensures real-time updates and avoids double bookings. Automated reminders reduce no-... read more about Zoho Bookings

7 Days

$4.31 Per month

British Indian Ocean Territory

Appointment Scheduling Software Buyer's Guide

Appointment Scheduling Software is a tool that helps companies to better manage their bookings and appointments without any hassle. Nearly 67% of the subscribers belong to the corporate world and 22% belong to the healthcare niche. It facilitates service providers to access more customers and enables users to check the real-time availability of servicemen and book them as per their availability.

What is the definition of appointment scheduling?

As the term suggests, appointment scheduling refers to a systematized arrangement to meet someone at a specific time on a particular day. Your appointment schedules will contain an organized record of all your meetings in one place. It will also ensure that no meetings clash with one another, helping you invest your time wisely.

What is Appointment Scheduling Software?

Online appointment scheduling software is used to automate scheduling tasks such as fixing appointments and meetings, integrating calendars, and autoprocessing payment systems to save productive hours of business for other purposes. The application is also capable of Revenue processing and reminding of the upcoming appointments which makes it even more sought-after by B2B companies. For a service-based business, especially companies involving large-scale scheduling on a daily basis, managing all the above-discussed processes manually can be a daunting affair resulting in more waste of time and resources.

How does appointment scheduling software work?

Before understanding how it works, it is important to know the types of this application. To be specific, Appointment Scheduling Software can be categorized into two types – Desktop applications and Web-based Systems (SaaS). The former type application comes with a license and is installed on the user’s hardware whereas the latter is a web-based system provided by a third party who is also called as SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. Desktop applications are solely managed by end users for their installation, support, and upgrades. Thus, they do not offer any web interference. On the other hand, Web-based applications enable customers to schedule and book appointments online powered by a hosted software solution provider.

One of the major uses of this kind of software is to schedule and route in-house service appointments which are used by mobile servicemen. Such type of application is called Customer Application Management (CAM) Software. This software uses proprietary algorithms to understand the work pattern of mobile employees in order to accurately schedule the appointment of a service technician. The algorithm helps to reduce the average waiting period up to 60 minutes.

Before choosing the best Appointment Scheduling Software

Before choosing a good online appointment scheduling software it is important to know some of the most important basics which can help you in choosing a good ASS.

» Properly research and explore before installing any particular ASS app: Boring or not, a piece of good knowledge on the app can prove to be very beneficial to know and understand its working procedure, target group, and its authenticity.

» Targeting your audience: Learning and understanding your target group behavior is as important as choosing an ASS app to work for your company. As this streamlines the tedious affair of getting to know what the audience needs and developing appointments on the basis to attract a lot more opportunities.

» Before a complete yes, always say might be: It means an individual or a company should always go for the trial test first to see whether the ASS app is actually meeting the requirements or just delivering a set of fake cheesy lines.

How to choose the best Appointment Scheduling Software?

Constant development and update of these appointments scheduling software are helping many corporate sectors, businesses, companies, and individuals firms to boost their working efficiency. However, not all software is the same. Some may have featured those you may not require and vice versa. In this regard, careful observation and comparison are necessary for sure. Once everything is clear then only one should move ahead. Before selecting the ideal appointment booking software, you need to set out some essential planning.

› Look for the popular lists:

There is no doubt that these days, you can easily get answers to your queries over the internet in no time. Why not use the same here? See what people are suggesting you on your social media forums and if possible make a little research on your own. Fetch the lists starting with “Top 10”, and “A list of trending “ in this niche.

› Select as per your business niche:

Certain applications are meant for small and medium-size business farms whereas some target only big farms only. If you are a solo entrepreneur, let’s say a freelancing photographer, then look for the applications targeting individual users.

› Monthly budget:

Budget planning is one of the primary things to do before finalizing any software. That makes your vision clear on choosing the right software over the rest. For instance, you have a small organization of size 50 and are newly entering into the market. Clearly, there is no need for choosing mega plans that come with high subscription charges. Just get into a small plan, see how it works for you and then consider switching to big plans periodically.

› The number of user access:

Giving too many accesses to the software may put you in a state of jeopardizing. Decide beforehand the maximum number of responsible employees to run and manage the application. It will help you choose the ideal package.

› Any possibility of email marketing:

In most Appointment Scheduling Software, Email marketing comes as an added feature and hence increases the monthly subscription by nearly 20%. In case you are only interested in scheduling and managing meetings, it is better to cut-off the name of the software that costs high because of providing Email Marketing as a compulsory feature.

Although there will be many self-proclaimed best appointment booking software, one has to be wise enough to differentiate between the fake and legitimate ones through careful observations. Before zeroing upon any appointment booking software, it is recommended to visit various websites, compare applications on various platforms or take recommendations from close allies to save time and money.

Questions to ask a vendor when buying Best Appointment Scheduling

1. Does the product meet all of my business requirements?
2. What level of customization do you offer?
3. Will I be able to integrate it with the other systems already in use at our organization?
4. How would you rate the software for its user-friendliness?
5. What is the frequency of the software fixes and new releases?
6. How long would it take for us to get started post-deployment?
7. Is it an appointment scheduling software or an appointment requesting system?
8. Does the software include the booking process? How smooth is it?
9. Does the product offer reminders and updates?
10. Which all calendars can be synced with this software?
11. Is there the functionality to print, export and view the appointments?
12. Would the software let me set up specific hours for appointment booking?
13. Is the product platform-independent?
14. What standards do you follow for the security and privacy of the data? Who gets the data ownership?
15. Does the software provide real-time updates on any changes or staff availability?
16. Does the system offer role-based access control?
17. What kind of payment mechanism does it include?
18. What kind of support and maintenance is provided?
19. Are the measures for expected downtime in place? What are they?
20. What level of authentication is offered for all users?

What are the features of Appointment Scheduling Software?

1. Online Appointment Scheduling:

The one-click appointment booking feature allows customers to schedule a booking without having to get off from the couch. The appointment scheduling software offers booking, rescheduling and prompts follow up within a matter of seconds. Some best appointment scheduling even comes with smart features which automatically connect with desktops, mobile and tablets, making it easier for you and the customer to keep track of their appointment.

2. Online calendar integration:

Some online appointment scheduling software allows users to integrate google calendar or other third party calendar apps in the system. The detail of the booking automatically syncs with the online calendar, helping the users to remind them of their scheduled appointment.

3. Prompt Reminder:

Your clients will get a reminder of their upcoming appointments on their devices in the form of email and SMS. You can set the time to send an auto reminder to your clients. Some apps allow you to customize the content of the reminders which you are intended to send to your customers.

4. An interactive scheduling experience:

Your customers won’t have to pick a phone and wait for a booking confirmation while using an appointment booking app. Apart from booking, the app allows the customers to reschedule or cancel their reservation within a specified time limit. The app instantly denies an appointment if a customer tries to book an already booked appointment. It also allows customers to put themselves on a waiting list, ensuring successful scheduling of appointments when an existing scheduled customer cancels or reschedules an appointment.

5. Tailor-made schedule for customer and employees:

If a customer wants to book his/her appointment with a particular person within a business organization, then an appointment scheduling app can help with that. It enables a customer to view the calendar of all the professionals within an organization and decide when to book their appointment.

You can access the calendars of your employees, and look at their work schedule. With that, you can arrange the work time of your employees as per the requirement.

6. Lucrative marketing features:

It lets you attract your clients by offering them lucrative offers for a limited period. The deal created by you will be displayed on the devices of the clients, drawing them toward an appointment.

7. Easy payment procedure:

An appointment scheduling software is integrated with all electronic payment offering a sense of trust to customers while scheduling a booking.

What Are the Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software?

› Hassle-free and customized scheduling:

A survey suggests that a large number of customers prefer an online schedule system as it offers more flexibility and convenience. Your customers don’t have to go through any phone calls, nor have your employees flip through the appointment book to squeeze a customer. Now, your clients can book an appointment as per their convenience and time with just one click. With a fully scheduled appointment, your employees don’t have to wait during the regular business hours. The comfort this appointment scheduling application offers will cast a significant impact on your business as well. Everyone loves simple and transparent procedures which will help you further to retain and attract more customers in the future.

› Escalate revenue generation:

The prolonged process of manual scheduling will be an issue anymore. Appointment scheduling software comes with an auto appointment fixing feature. Without the burdensome task of manual programming, your employees will have more time on hand, which they can utilize to attend to the customer even better.

Now onwards, no customer of yours will complain about the lack of proper attention at the helpdesk. Your employees can work on upscaling their customer services and create a warm environment to retain your valuable clients.

The appointment booking software easily integrates with all payment gateway. Hence, your clients can pay the appointment fee without having to leave the website.

› Eliminates appointment errors:

With the burden to attend a client along with fixing schedules of others, often hampers the productivity of your employees. A mistake as simple as double booking can result in escalating frustration among customers. With this appointment booking software, it will be your customers who will be scheduling and rescheduling their appointment. Upon a scheduled booking, your employees can call the customer and ensure a successful appointment booking.

› Ensure high customer visits:

The online appointment scheduling software helps to track all the upcoming appointments, and effectively remind the customers about their meetings. The appointment confirmation feature of the app ensures the arrival of a client. Maximum customers’ turn-up helps in maintaining a smooth time management planning for your employees.

What are the latest trends?

With a constant rise in the popularity level, appointment scheduling software is witnessing some change of taste from customers in terms of the following.

› More Mobiles, Fewer PCs:

A great portion of the total subscribers are mobile users and they are preferring a mobile-optimized software over the other.

› Safari over Internet Explore:

Due to a constant increase in the number of iPhone and iPad users, Safari browser compatible Appointment Scheduling Software is in more demand than the non-compatible ones.

› Freebies are reducing:

The number of free software is decreasing day by day. The companies are shifting their focus from customer acquisition to customer retention by offering free support.

How Much Does an Appointment Scheduling Software Cost?

The cost of appointment booking software starts from as low as $10/month, and the price extends up to $499/month. From the amount, we can make it clear that apps with more integration cost you more. The necessary integrations which you must look at in an appointment scheduling software are a calendar, analytics, mail integration, constant contact, text reminder, event scheduling, and customer payment.

There are other add-ons you might require such as email marketing, staff filters, location staff sharing, multiple access, etc. The price of the monthly billing of an appointment scheduling app depends upon the number of users the app can handle, the threshold of appointments it can make, including several other advanced features. There are applications that offer a free version for solo users while there are some others who offer a limited period free trial and then charge on a per month basis. Think and analyze well before investing money into any appointment scheduling software. Most importantly, it can work seamlessly without any technical glitches.


The recent study shows that the global market for service-based business is going to increase by 10% in the next two years. Needless to say, it will demand more attention to cater for managing meetings and using appointment scheduling software. In this regard, adoption and full utilization of an ideal online appointment scheduling software will not only help service providers to minimize losses from scheduling errors but also will boost company review with increased customer satisfaction.