Top 10+ Appointment Scheduling Software in 2019

Are you aware of wonderful software known as Appointment Scheduling Software? To run a business is not easy at all. You have to make many plans to survive in this competitive market. Competition is firing all around the world. No field is left untouched where race is not there. To deal with all the problems as well as to make plans for the future we need to schedule everything systematically. A company uses appointment booking software to automate scheduling tasks. You can use this software to line-up your meetings as well as to update your tasks and improve the efficiency of a company. The striking feature about the online appointment scheduling software that has attracted the most is that it sends reminders and e-mails, facility of online payment, group booking, live reports and is used for all size of the business. There is various software models can make you perplexed. To choose the best appointment scheduling software, consider the list of the top software mentioned below, coined together by SoftwareWorld.

Appointment Scheduling Software

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best Appointment Scheduling Software & Apps With Ratings & Reviews

1. Acuity Scheduling – Online appointment scheduling software

Our Score 99/100

About Acuity Scheduling : It is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software enabling business owners to manage appointments online. Acuity Scheduling provides the needs of small and mid-sized business organisations as well as individual business professionals: an easy to use and user-friendly software that allows booking with real-time availability. Top features include great calendar coordination, real-time appointment booking, automatically sync calendars according to users’ time zones and can send regular alerts and reminders to users regarding their appointment schedules.

Acuity Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Client Database, Group Scheduling, Mobile Access, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“The 2-way sync, timezone conversion, multiple appointment booking, multiple calendars/users, customization settings, and billing integration (to name a few) are all amazing features of this product that others simply lack. The superhuman support they provide continues to prove a happy and unexpected bonus.” – Jared Matthew Weiss

Acuity Scheduling Reviews

Acuity Scheduling

United States

11 – 50





1337 Reviews


221 Reviews

2. 10to8 – Appointment management system with automated text reminders

Our Score 98/100

About 10to8 : Being a cloud-based appointment scheduling software, 10to8 provides a system for small startups, large businesses and independent practitioners to manage customer reservations, bookings and calendar coordination for every customer. Companies that use this software have reviewed it as a helpful software that increases bookings and reduces admin-time. Customers get to book, change and cancel their reservations and with a single user interface, it shows the conversations with clients in the calendar and permits remote access through mobile apps.

10to8 Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Group Scheduling, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“With the ability to see an immediate history of all interactions with your client, the synchronisation with external calendars & the Zapier integrations, I am thrilled I kept testing other programs until I found 10to8. I Love it!” – Paul Colaiani

10to8 Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50


Free Forever



539 Reviews


13 Reviews

3. – Scheduling software for service based industries

Our Score 98/100

About : A cloud-based booking software that allows service companies to accept bookings and reservations of customers, is a dynamic solution that also offers mobile responsive booking site. It is a fully customizable, easy to use solution for travel and reservation companies. It can work for small, medium or even large-scale business. With many automatic functions such as sending SMS or Emails to customers on booking to cancelling through a message, this software is one of the most trusted software. Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Client Database, Group Scheduling, Mobile Access, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“ has reduced our monthly costs, increased our number of online bookings, and has helped us better communicate to our patients by customizing the email and notification preferences to suit our needs,” states Jared. made it super easy for our patients to book appointments..” – Dr. Mitchell J. Mandel Reviews


11 – 50





514 Reviews


60 Reviews

4. Calendly– Meeting and appointment scheduling software

Our Score 97/100

About Calendly : Calendly is one of the most powerful yet easy to use automated appointment scheduling software that saves time, accelerate sales, and improve service quality for the organization. It works for both small and large companies. It works splendidly with Office 365, Google and Outlook calendars and apps like Salesforce and Zapier as well as Stripe for seamless user experience. From allowing organizations to be flexible, it enables customers to book or reserve their requirement from any remote location.

Calendly Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Group Scheduling, Online Booking, Online Payments

“I honestly recommend Calendly to anyone who meets with external parties. This is one of those small things, that you had no idea existed, but once you start using it you never want to go back. It really can save you a lot of time and facilitate arranging meetings.” – Piotr B.

Calendly Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


424 Reviews


170 Reviews

5. Setmore – Online scheduling software for small businesses

Our Score 95/100

About Setmore : Setmore is a very reliable appointment scheduling software that empowers businesses with a beautifully designed and super intuitive, free online scheduling platform. Customers are allowed to book or reserve with you 24*7 without even a single phone call requirement. With convenient features such as text reminders and mobile scheduling, it delivers exceptional services to customers in the frontend and the organization at the back.

Setmore Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Group Scheduling, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments

“I recommendes this at my workplace to be used for booking different healthcare services. So far it worked wonders. We didnt have double bookings (unless deliberately done so lol), we didnt have clashing appointments. And best of all we save a whole lot on diaries and pens. Perfect product.” – Clarisse C.

Setmore Reviews


United States

51 – 200





208 Reviews


21 Reviews

6. SuperSaaS– Online appointment scheduling software

Our Score 95/100

About SuperSaaS : Being an online booking software, SupperSaaS allows businesses, small or large, to accept online reservations through any online device at any moment with flexible and customised software which works for every type of scheduling requirement. It has a user-friendly interface and is effortless to use. You can accept reservations from the Facebook page, official website or even through the Instagram page. It integrates with the major payment gateways and supports all currencies and works in 29 languages.

SuperSaaS Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Client Database, Group Scheduling, Mobile Access, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“SuperSaaS is Super! So far I have been able to create any kind of schedule to meet any needs I have. It’s very customizable. I also like that I can upgrade and downgrade (or even cancel) my subscription as my needs change. SuperSaaS has been a real gold find for me. I have recommended to a number of other people.” – Matt Pickard

SuperSaaS Reviews



11 – 50





199 Reviews


79 Reviews

7. Bookafy – Free online appointment booking software

Our Score 93/100

About Bookafy : An appointment scheduling software which automates meeting schedules, calls and services appointments, Bookafy empowers small business owners with increased efficiency, decreasing cost and improving customer experience. It is simple and easy to use, cloud-based application with high customization to every need, making it a very intuitive solution. It can integrate into many web browsers, operating systems and mobile applications and runs on secure servers through Amazon AWS.

Bookafy Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Group Scheduling, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments

“Simple to implement, cheap for what it is, great customization components, they really have the end user and their clients in mind. I love that after a trade show before I’ve even had a chance to call prospects they are already booking appointments with me!” – Micka M.

Bookafy Reviews

Bookafy Scheduling

United States

11 – 50





111 Reviews


11 Reviews

8. YouCanBookMe – Appointment scheduling for teams, individuals & clients

Our Score 92/100

About YouCanBookMe : YouCanBookMe offers teams and individuals a single platform to process online appointments and users can manage the availability of bookings, reservation and can directly integrate with Google calendars and iCloud calendars. An intuitive platform for many, it allows users to increase their revenue, sales, onboarding, customer success and also support calls. Automated workflows, embed booking links, are top features of this software.

YouCanBookMe Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Group Scheduling, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments

“Easy to use and for a free version, it does the job pretty well which is rare ! I managed doing the set-up my-self and it work automatically. I love not to waist time anymore to fix the appointment. People can see the date where i am available without having to ask me. That’s awesome.” – Eric G.

YouCanBookMe Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50





100 Reviews


149 Reviews


9. FareHarbor – Mobile-Friendly Reservation Software

Our Score 90/100

About FareHarbor : It is an online-based booking and reservation management solution. FareHarbor’s ease and efficiency in every aspect of the reservation and scheduling help organizations to boost their revenue. Top features include keeping track of phone, in-store and affiliate bookings in real-time availability, building unlimited custom reports and seamlessly communicate with customers. It also integrates with travel and booking services such as TripAdvisor and PicThrive increasing the company’s reach to more customer base.

FareHarbor Features : Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Group Scheduling, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Room Booking Management

“Best part is the customer service. Very easy to get in touch with and always professional and knowledgeable. Very easy to add headlines to bookings if a trip gets cancelled or modified to let all of our employees up to date. Great reservations booking software.” – Michael B.

FareHarbor Reviews

FareHarbor Holdings

United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



784 Reviews


17 Reviews

10. Appointy – Appointment scheduling software

Our Score 88/100

About Appointy : An all-in-one cloud-based scheduling software, Appointy allows users to manage their clients and market their services with word-to-mouth publicity. Top companies such as Google, The New York Times, etc., use this software for many service-related processes. From accepting online appointments, sending automated email/ SMS reminders, to integrating with social media and Google Calendar, it allows online payments and repayments for customers. It keeps real-time data and shows them on a single dashboard making it easier for users.

Appointy Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Group Scheduling, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“Appointy is a great scheduling software for managing a business. I really like the reminders. Also, the software is really user-friendly. There is nothing negative about this software at all. Really amazing and useful software.” – Emeka O

Appointy Reviews


United States

11 – 50





250 Reviews


12 Reviews

11. Ovatu Manager – Appointment scheduling & online booking platform

Our Score 87/100

About Ovatu Manager : A smartphone compatible scheduling software, Ovatu Manager is a rapidly expanding cloud-based solution with features like reminders, online bookings, calendar integration, etc. It supports all kinds of devices synchronization and medical companies, education companies, as well as thousands of other organizations, use this software. It deals with appointment based organizations and creates value for users with seamless compatibility through many devices and systems.

Ovatu Manager Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Client Database, Group Scheduling, Mobile Access, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“It is extremely easy to set up. Even if you are not good with computers the step by step guides are really easy to follow and the support online and over the phone is amazing!! It makes life so much easier as customers can book their own appointments online rather than messaging back and forward trying to organise..” – Samantha C.

Ovatu Manager Reviews



02 – 10





107 Reviews


1 Reviews

12. Cogsworth – Appointment scheduling that converts visitors to customers.

Our Score 86/100

About Cogsworth : Build a booking page that you can embed in your website, social media or share a link to in your email signature. Add your own logo and colors to make your booking page your own. Translate it and customize the wording of your page as you like it. Add custom questions and securely gather data from your customers for appointments. Connect it with your Google or Outlook calendars for 2 way sync to allow customers to book you only when you are free..

Cogsworth Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments

“I am a highly organized person and keeping everything in order is a high priority for me. With Cogsworth, I feel relaxed as I am sure all the meetings are arranged accordingly. I share my my available time with my colleagues, boss and the clients.” – Tigran K.

Cogsworth Reviews



02 – 10





36 Reviews


04 Reviews

13. Yocale – Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Our Score 86/100

About Yocale : Book appointments with local businesses through Yocale; it’s free online appointment scheduling software offers search feature where the user can search local businesses and services by reviews, city or names; easily book appointments with the best availability. The user can also manage email & SMS reminders and modify appointments through the software. Yocale offers robust community management solutions to users where they can find event & group management, member directory & management, social media management, and much more features.

Yocale Appointment Scheduling Features : Appointment Reminders, Automated Scheduling, Calendar Sync, Client Database, Group Scheduling, Mobile Access, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Recurring Appointments, Room Booking Management

“Yocale is much more than a booking system, it’s also an office management system. The booking process for me went from a big headache to a very streamlined process. My clients like it and I like it.” – NICOLE MAIER

Yocale Reviews



11 – 50





15 Reviews


3 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment Scheduling FeaturesAcuity SchedulingFareHarbor10to8SimplyBook.meCalendlyAppointySetmoreSuperSaaSBookafyOvatu Manager
Price$15.00/ monthNot provided by vendorFree Forever$10.00/ month$8.00/ month/user$19.99/ month/user$25.00/ month$8.00/ month$7.00/ month/user$15.00/ month
Appointment Reminders         
Automated Scheduling          
Calendar Sync         
Client Database    
Group Scheduling          
Mobile Access    
Online Booking          
Online Payments          
Recurring Appointments        
Room Booking Management       

Appointment Scheduling Software Buyer's Guide

Appointment Scheduling Software is a tool that helps companies to better manage their bookings and appointments without any hassle. Nearly 67% of the subscribers belong to the corporate world and 22% belong to the healthcare niche. It facilitates service providers to access more customers and enables users to check the real-time availability of servicemen and book them as per their availability.

What is Appointment Scheduling Software?

Online appointment scheduling software is used to automate scheduling tasks such as fixing appointments and meetings, integrating calendars, and autoprocessing payment systems to save productive hours of business for other purposes. The application is also capable of Revenue processing and reminding of the upcoming appointments which makes it even more sought-after by B2B companies. For a service-based business, especially companies involving large-scale scheduling on daily basis, managing all the above-discussed processes manually can be a daunting affair resulting in more waste of time and resources.

How does appointment scheduling software work?

Before understanding how it works, it is important to know the types of this application. To be specific, Appointment Scheduling Software can be categorized into two types – Desktop applications and Web-based Systems (SaaS). The former type application comes with a license and is installed on the user’s hardware whereas the latter is a web-based system provided by a third party who is also called as SaaS (Software as a Service) providers. Desktop applications are solely managed by end users for their installation, support, and upgrades. Thus, they do not offer any web interference. On the other hand, Web-based applications enable customers to schedule and book appointments online powered by a hosted software solution provider.

One of the major uses of this kind of software is to schedule and route in-house service appointments which are used by mobile servicemen. Such type of application is called as Customer Application Management (CAM) Software. This software uses proprietary algorithms to understand the work pattern of mobile employees in order to accurately schedule the appointment of a service technician. The algorithm helps to reduce the average waiting period up to 60 minutes.

Before choosing the best Appointment Scheduling Software

Before choosing a good online appointment scheduling software it is important to know some of the most important basics which can help you in choosing a good ASS.

» Properly research and explore before installing any particular ASS app: Boring or not, a piece of good knowledge on the app can prove to very beneficial to know and understand its working procedure, target group, and its authenticity.

» Targeting your audience: Learning and understanding your target group behavior is as important as choosing an ASS app to work for your company. As this streamlines the tedious affair of getting to know what the audience needs and develop appointments on the basis to attract a lot more opportunities.

» Before a complete yes, always say might be: It means an individual or a company should always go for the trial test first to see whether the ASS app is actually meeting the requirements or just delivering a set of fake cheesy lines.

How to choose the best Appointment Scheduling Software?

Constant development and update of these appointments scheduling software are helping many corporate sectors, businesses, companies, and individuals firms to boost their working efficiency. However, not all software is the same. Some may have featured those you may not require and vice versa. In this regard, careful observation and comparison are necessary for sure. Once everything is clear then only one should move ahead. Before selecting the ideal appointment booking software, you need to set out some essential planning.

» Look for the popular lists:

There is no doubt that these days, you can easily get answers to your queries over the internet in no time. Why not use the same here? See what people are suggesting you on your social media forums and if possible make a little research on your own. Fetch the lists starting with “Top 10”, and “A list of trending “ in this niche.

» Select as per your business niche:

Certain applications are meant for small and medium-size business farms whereas some target only big farms only. If you are a solo entrepreneur, let’s say a freelancing photographer, then look for the applications targeting individual users.

» Monthly budget:

Budget planning is one of the primary things to do before finalizing any software. That makes your vision clear on choosing the right software over the rest. For instance, you have a small organization of size 50 and are newly entering into the market. Clearly, there is no need for choosing mega plans that come with high subscription charges. Just get into a small plan, see how it works for you and then consider switching to big plans periodically.

» The number of user access:

Giving too many accesses to the software may put you in a state of jeopardizing. Decide beforehand the maximum number of responsible employees to run and manage the application. It will help you choose the ideal package.

» Any possibility of email marketing:

In most Appointment Scheduling Software, Email marketing comes as an added feature and hence increases the monthly subscription by nearly 20%. In case you are only interested in scheduling and managing meetings, it is better to cut-off the name of the software that cost high because of providing Email Marketing as a compulsory feature.

Although there will be many self-claimed best appointment booking software, one has to be wise enough to differentiate between the fake and legitimate ones through careful observations. Before zeroing upon any appointment booking software, it is recommended to visit various websites, comparing applications on various platforms or take recommendations from close allies to save time and money.

What are the features of Appointment Scheduling Software?

1. Online Appointment Scheduling:

The one-click appointment booking feature allows customers to schedule a booking without having to get off from the couch. The appointment scheduling software offers booking, rescheduling and prompts follow up within a matter of seconds. Some best appoint scheduling even come with smart features which automatically connects with desktops, mobile and tablets, making it easier for you and the customer to keep track of their appointment.

2. Online calendar integration:

Some online appointment scheduling software allows users to integrate google calendar or other third party calendar apps in the system. The detail of the booking automatically syncs with the online calendar, helping the users to remind them of their scheduled appointment.

3. Prompt Reminder:

Your clients will get a reminder of their upcoming appoints on their devices in the form of email and SMS. You can set the time to send an auto reminder to your clients. Some apps allow you to customize the content of the reminders which you are intended to send to your customers.

4. An interactive scheduling experience:

Your customers won’t have to pick a phone and wait for a booking confirmation while using an appointment booking app. Apart from booking, the app allows the customers to reschedule or cancel their reservation within a specified time limit. The app instantly denies an appointment if a customer tries to book an already booked appointment. It also allows customers to put themselves on a waiting list, ensuring successful scheduling of appointment when an existing scheduled customer cancels or reschedules an appointment.

5. Tailor-made schedule for customer and employees:

If a customer wants to book his/her appointment with a particular person within a business organization, then an appointment scheduling app can help with that. It enables a customer to view the calendar of all the professional within an organization and decide when to book their appointment.

You can access the calendars of your employees, and look at their work schedule. With that, you can arrange the work time of your employees as per the requirement.

6. Lucrative marketing features:

It let you attract your clients by offering them lucrative offers for a limited period. The deal created by you will be displayed on the devices of the clients, draw them toward an appointment.

7. Easy payment procedure:

An appointment scheduling software is integrated with all electronic payment offering a sense of trust to customers while scheduling a booking.

What Are the Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software?

» Hassle-free and customized scheduling:

A survey suggests that a large number of customers prefer online schedule system as it offers more flexibility and convenience. Your customers don’t have to go through any phone calls, nor have your employees to flip through the appointment book to squeeze a customer. Now, your clients can book an appointment as per their convenience and time with just one click. With a fully scheduled appointment, your employees don’t have to wait during the regular business hours. The comfort this appointment scheduling application offers will cast a significant impact on your business as well. Everyone loves simple and transparent procedures which will help you further to retain and attract more customers in the future.

» Escalate revenue generation:

The prolonged process of manual scheduling will be an issue anymore. Appointment scheduling software comes with auto appointment fixing feature. Without the burdensome task of manual programming, your employees will have more time on hand, which they can utilize to attend the customer even better.

Now onwards, no customer of yours will complain about the lack of proper attention at the helpdesk. Your employees can work on upscaling their customer services and create a warm environment to retain your valuable clients.

The appointment booking software easily integrates with all payment gateway. Hence, your clients can pay the appointment fee without having to leave the website.

» Eliminates appointment errors:

With the burden to attend a client along with fixing schedules of others, often hampers the productivity of your employees. A mistake as simple as double booking can result in escalating frustration among customers. With this appointment booking software, it will be your customers who will be scheduling and rescheduling their appointment. Upon a scheduled booking, your employees can call the customer and ensure a successful appointment booking.

» Ensure high customer visits:

The online appointment scheduling software helps to track all the upcoming appointments, and effectively remind the customers about their meetings. The appointment confirmation feature of the app ensures the arrival of a client. Maximum customers’ turn-up helps in maintaining a smooth time management planning for your employees.

With a constant rise in the popularity level, appointment scheduling software is witnessing some change of taste from customers in terms of the followings.

» More Mobiles, Fewer PCs:

A great portion of the total subscribers are mobile users and they are preferring a mobile-optimized software over the other.

» Safari over Internet Explore:

Due to a constant increase in the number of iPhone and iPad users, Safari browser compatible Appointment Scheduling Software is in more demand than the non-compatible ones.

» Freebies are reducing:

The number of free software is reducing day by day. The companies are shifting their focus from customer accusation to customer retention by offering free support.

How Much Does an Appointment Scheduling Software Cost?

The cost of appointment booking software starts from as low as $10/month, and the price extends up to $499/month. From the amount, we can make it clear that apps with more integration cost you more. The necessary integrations which you must look in an appointment scheduling software is a calendar, analytics, mail integration, constant contact, text reminder, event scheduling, and customer payment.

There are other add-ons you might require such as email marketing, staff filters, location staff sharing, multiple access, etc. The price of the monthly billing of an appointment scheduling app depends upon the number of users the app can handle, the threshold of appointments it can make, including several other advanced features. There are applications that offer a free version for solo users while there are some others who offer a limited period free trial and then charge on per month basis. Think and analyze well before investing money into any appointment scheduling software. Most importantly, it can work seamlessly without any technical glitches.


The recent study shows that the global market for service-based business is going to increase by 10% in the next two years. Needless to say, it will demand more attention to cater for managing meeting and using appointment scheduling software. In this regard, adoption and full utilization of an ideal online appointment scheduling software will not only help service providers to minimize losses from scheduling errors but also will boost company review with increased customer satisfaction.

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