Top 10 Best Task Management Software in 2019

In the world of change, Task Management software brings a lot of useful tools bundled as one software for immediate use by companies and organizations. It helps in managing tasks, tracking dependencies, estimating and scheduling, etc. It is one of the need-to-have software for employers.

From to-do lists to collaborative teamwork, a task management software helps in small, medium and large scale industries and companies. It allows organizing everything a company needs to keep track of individual tasks and team tasks. Keeping track of tasks from start to the end, delegating sub-tasks to co-workers, and maintaining deadlines to make sure projects are finished timely, a Task Management Software bridges the loose ends of teams working in a company.

The benefits of a team task management software are easy to use, task prioritization, central managing accounts, distribution of workload, geographical challenges, team collaboration, resource allocation, project planning, document filing and storing, time management, etc.

Business task management software is a useful tool for every company, small or big. Are you thinking of buying a task management software for your company? Well, you can look and compare through the SoftwareWorld's list of best team task management software below.

To know about the best task management software that is currently ruling the market, consider the list of the top task management software mentioned below, coined together by SoftwareWorld.

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    Best Task Management Software

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    List of Best Online Business Task Management Software | Team Task Management Software Reviews

    1. Trello – Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

    About Trello : Prioritizing business projects are highly important to get through the rewarding way. Trello is an efficient business task management software that lets you work collaboratively with your team and derive fruitful results. Trello is not only for your business but can be used on personal front to manage family vacations and personal plannings as well. Businesses can manage side projects and keeps you in sync with the latest planning updates. With Trello you can power up your workflow and meet business needs.

    Trello Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Gantt/Timeline View, Mobile Access, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management

    “Amazing functionality, straight up no fuss. hit the ground running with no sweat loss. Configuration is quick and easy with an easy to follow interface. If you have never used this before, not a problem, just feel your way around and you will be cooking in no time. I love it.” – Chris G.

    Trello Reviews


    United States

    51 – 200



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    5179 Reviews


    2633 Reviews

    2. Wrike– Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

    About Wrike : Planning and collaboration are important for a business to achieve fruitful results. Wrike is one of the best online task management software that also acts as project management software for the company. Wrike is cloud-based and understands business protocol very well. The software application helps in keeping your priorities straight by enabling dashboard customization. Companies can manage teams and handle resource management together.

    Wrike Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Gantt/Timeline View, Mobile Access, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Reporting/Analytics, Time Tracking

    “Wrike is the solution that I found to be the best fit for how we work. It’s customizable enough for each person on the team to easily see the big picture and get things done.” – Courtney Hatch

    Wrike Reviews


    United States

    501 – 1000



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    1054 Reviews


    565 Reviews

    3. Samepage – Real-Time Collaboration & Task Management Software for Teams

    About Samepage :  Samepage is all-in-one collaboration management software that makes business tasks easier and fun. Handling projects can be cumbersome for teams and involve wastage of time and energy during the work process. Samepage keeps the team on the same page which enhances productivity and team morale. You can find projects, files, comments, and discussions on a single page and utilize them efficiently. Marketing team, human resources, sales, production, medical offices use Samepage to coordinate schedules and accomplish new projects.

    Samepage Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management

    “Samepage helped us break down the silos and cultural barriers that were holding us back. We needed a solution that would bring our teams together, let customers and vendors collaborate with us, create a new culture of transparency, and increase accessibility.” – Vito Fabbrizio

    Samepage Reviews


    United States

    11 – 50



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    234 Reviews


    88 Reviews

    4. ActiveCollab – Powerful, yet simple project management tool

    About ActiveCollab : If you want the real-work to happen and derive prolific results, then ActiveCollab is one of the best solutions for your business. With ActiveCollab you can keep a check on your deadlines, establish your own method of working, organize your team, and connect with the team members easily. ActiveCollab has helped more than 50000 teams till date and continuing to make work simple for many other organizations. With its incredible features, ActiveCollab is one of the simplest online task management software available.

    ActiveCollab Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Gantt/Timeline View, Mobile Access, Recurring Task Management, Reporting/Analytics, Time Tracking

    “We moved away from Basecamp and never looked back. The extras that come with ActiveCollab give it so much power. For example, we used to pay $50/month on top of Basecamp for Harvest to track time, but not anymore. We’re happy with the switch.” – Mark Gjaltema

    ActiveCollab Reviews

    Active Collab

    United States

    11 – 50





    241 Reviews


    31 Reviews

    5. I Done This – Agile task management tool

    About I Done This : I Done This is an agile task management software that has assisted more than 1.5 million users in generating powerful progress reports. The software provides daily status updates of undergoing work, provides robust reports, and makes team members more productive by achieving designated goals. With I Done This application the management learns about work accomplished, what’s getting done and what tasks cannot be done. It also assists in finding out valid reasons for the work that cannot be completed.

    I Done This Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Time Tracking

    “I Done This is an incredible management tool which has provided me with unprecedented visibility into our productivity and the areas where we need to improve.” – Harley Finklestein

    I Done This Reviews


    United States

    02 – 10





    114 Reviews


    11 Reviews

    6. Pipefy – Cross-functional business process management & automation

    About Pipefy : Pipefy is one of the best online task management software that not only assists in organizing work but gives superpowers to the management as well. The superpowers we are talking about are the ability to control the team, guiding the team, and finding bottlenecks to understanding the root cause of work failure. With Pipefy organizations can track and improve SLA at every step. The software also plays a role in reducing costs incurred in accomplishing a task.

    Pipefy Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Mobile Access, Reporting/Analytics

    “Discovering Pipefy was a game changer for our core processes efficiency and productivity.” – Felipe Leal

    Pipefy Reviews


    United States

    51 – 200





    67 Reviews


    19 Reviews

    7. Accelo – Automation software for all Professional Service Businesses

    About Accelo : Accelo is a smart, cloud-based solution for your business. The software manages all your clientele tasks at one place making it simple to manage and organize. Work automation helps companies in carrying out tasks that are left and discriminating between tougher ones that need more attention. Accelo is easy to use, highly integrated software that easily connects the organization with other parts of tasks and people involved. Accelo includes sales management, purchase management, relationship management and service management features for a profitable business.

    Accelo Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Gantt/Timeline View, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Time Tracking

    “One of the great features of Accelo is that you can mold and customize it to fit the way you do things, rather than change your methodology in order to fit in with the software” – Mark Hirst

    Accelo Reviews


    United States

    51 – 200



    Yes, get a free trial


    3 Reviews


    74 Reviews

    8. DropTask – Visual task management: a simple and fluid way to get things done

    About DropTask : DropTask is outstanding task management software for individuals and teams. The software application has been curated for visual thinkers who love to organize their tasks well. DropTask is decked up with unique features that help the team in taking powerful decisions. Companies can now manage their projects in a unique way like never before. The software is highly adaptable and easy to handle thus enhancing work efficiency.

    DropTask Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Gamification, Mobile Access, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Time Tracking

    “I’m really loving the mix of visual and text and the choice of views. I’ve left my Reminders and Trello behind (sorry), and this is all I use for both my business and personal to-dos. It’s easy and quick to setup and I’m in love.” – Kylie Ross

    DropTask Reviews


    United Kingdom

    11 – 50





    55 Reviews


    12 Reviews

    9. Flow – Simple project management & task tracking software for teams

    About Flow : Flow is an incredibly flexible task management platform that boosts online project efficiency among teams. The software is designed to give a smooth flow to work management and help in designing an easy to manage the task. Teams can set priorities, manage time, and track projects from scratch level. Flow provides a simple checklist to keep a track on projects accomplished. Flow provides an insight view and clear visibility to the team and enhances the company’s initativeness.

    Flow Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Recurring Task Management, Time Tracking

    “I stopped waking up in the middle of the night wondering if something was getting done, and if it would be on time. I can take a look at the Dashboard and see what the team is producing as it happens—and I don’t have to interrupt anyone.” – Stacey Nash

    Flow Reviews

    Flow Technologies


    11 – 50


    Not provided by vendor



    76 Reviews


    29 Reviews

    10. Forecast – Resource scheduling & project management for agencies

    About Forecast : It is important to know the company’s resources and team strength before handling any project. The forecast is just another outstanding resource management and task management platform that helps in building up the team and streamlining projects. With Forecast, you can connect your work and pipeline the resources to fulfill the deadlines. The forecast provides a visual perspective and helps in scheduling the task on the dashboard for quick viewing. Now you can mitigate risks and finish you deadlines while managing your resources well with this incredible software.

    Forecast Task Management Features : Collaboration Tools, Create Subtasks, Gantt/Timeline View, Mobile Access, Percent-Complete Tracking, Recurring Task Management, Reporting/Analytics, Time Tracking

    “Increased staff efficiency , better communication with clients and delivering projects smoother within budgets. Really good software.” – Gordon H

    Forecast Reviews



    11 – 50





    13 Reviews


    10 Reviews


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    Task Management Features Trello Wrike Samepage ActiveCollab I Done This Pipefy Accelo DropTask Flow Forecast
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    Gantt/Timeline View          
    Mobile Access            
    Percent-Complete Tracking              
    Recurring Task Management                  
    Time Tracking