10 Best HR Analytics Software for 2022 (Free & Paid)

» What is HR Analytics Software?

HR analytics software is a specialized tool designed to help HR uncover critical insights from data and make better decisions for the workforce. It solves the imminent issue that is very common in the HR department: “Where Do I get the data? Since most HR systems spread data across multiple software, reaching the correct data at the right time is often challenging to make the right decisions. HR analytics software solves all this. 

» How to Choose the Right HR Analytics Software For Your Organization?

There are several things to remember when choosing the right HR analytics programs. Here are a few critical points. Choose the software with self-service. Large organizations with 1000 employees will need access to software daily. So, all of these individuals must be able to scour the software without needing an expert to help them with every task. Choose cloud over traditional tools requiring an IT team. Choosing a cloud-based solution will give your company complete control and reduce IT costs and resources. The HR analytics solution must connect with data from various sources to maximize its potential. For example, simple reporting metrics like retention, absence, and productivity aren’t enough. To grow faster, you must have data from various sources outside the HRMS solution to look at the bigger picture. There are other factors, such as cost and features, to keep in mind before you buy the HR analytic tool. Below, we have a detailed HR analytics software comparison for you. 

Now, let’s see the top HR analytics tools for your organization. 

» Top 10 HR Analytics Software To Maximize The Potential Of HR Data


1. datapine


In every company, Human Resources play an important role. datapine HR Analytics software gives HR the power of its workflows, providing a 360-degree view of HR data. Thanks to their drag-and-drop interface, even nontechnical users can fully leverage the HR analytics tools, build dynamic interactive dashboards and gain new business insights that they have no access to before. 

Whether automating reports, collaborating with other business professionals, joining data from various sources, or designing interactive dashboards, the datapine HR analytics tool is every HR’s dream.

datapine Features

  • HRs can use the employee retention feature to visualize how employee retention initiatives impact worker productivity.
  • Using interactive dashboards and analytics, HRs can measure workforce value and drive business performance.
  • With the workplace management feature, organizations can store and manage all data in one place and share it with others.
  • The enhanced recruitment process allows HR to collect dynamic data from interviews, feedback, and applicants’ experiences. This data will help HR hire the best candidates.
  • The HR analytics software helps monitor the employee’s performance and activity, including retention, labor efficiency, and absenteeism.

datapine Benefits

  • HR can leverage insights from previous hiring sessions in upcoming sessions to increase productivity. 
  • By leveraging HR data analytics, you can also reduce attrition rates significantly.
  • Interactive HR reports help automated reporting by allowing recipients to receive updated information at a designated time.
  • With data connectors, HR can get a centralized view of all HR performance.

datapine Pricing

datapine provides four different pricing plans.

  • Basic: $249/Month
  • Professional: $449/Month
  • Premium: $799/Month

Branding & Embedded: $1099 per Month

2. peopleHum


peopleHum is a cloud-based AI-driven HR analytics platform covering the employee lifecycle from hiring to retirement. The platform offers features from the hiring funnel, a performance dashboard, and employee engagement. peopleHum’s reporting tools allow businesses to generate instant and detailed HR reports with few clicks. The HR reports highlight the factors affecting productivity, turnover, and performance. The platform is also enabled with a built-in Learning Management system that provides time-to-time personalized course recommendations for upskilling.

peopleHum Features

  • Pulse surveys help with timely checks tailored to the organization.
  • Reporting features help generate visual and detailed HR reports anytime. 
  • The performance speedometer helps identify high and low performers and visualize employee performance across the organization.
  • The hiring funnel provides a real-time snapshot of the recruitment funnel to see the time to fill, drop rates, etc. 

peopleHum Benefits

  • HR can quickly identify top and low performers to assign projects accordingly.
  • An employee engagement index is an excellent tool for understanding factors affecting employee engagement productivity, turnover, performance, etc. 
  • Pulse surveys are excellent tools for collecting quick employee feedback.
  • The platform uses gamification methods to increase employee engagement within the workforce.

peopleHum Price

  • The peopleHum package starts at $2/month/employee. 
  • The vendor also provides customized pricing plans to include features you want in the software. Contact the team directly to request a custom package. 

3. Freshteam


With 700,000 plus users, Freshteam is a leading HR analytics platform. Its motto is to let go of the traditional hiring model and modernize the HR department by handling everything from one place. The software has saved over 50% in higher cost, reduced onboarding queries to 90%, and saved 80% time on managing time offs. Organizations such as SAP, Penn University, MoneyCorp, and Nissan use Freshteam to manage their work efficiently. 

Freshteam Features

  • Time off management automatically tracks time off and absence. 
  • Easy access to employee information such as date of joining, contact number, org structure, etc. 
  • Holiday calendar management features let HR create multiple holiday calendars for different locations.
  • Secure document management helps you choose who and when to access employee information. 
  • Who are who charts help HR learn the names and professions of employees so that they can reach out to the right person at the right time? 

Freshteam Benefits

  • HR can save up to 80 percent of their time that would otherwise go into chasing new information.
  • Freshteam stores all hiring-related information like candidate profiles, interview feedback, panel member comments, and emails in one location to save time.
  • An active candidate database helps recruiters and HR leverage older profiles whenever the organization needs to fill a new position.
  • Improves candidate experience through in-built email and Candidate 360. 

Freshteam Pricing

  • Free: Up to 50 active employees.
  • Growth: starts $1/employee/month + $59 platform fee/month billed annually
  • Pro: Starts at $2 per employee/month + $99 platform fee/month billed annually
  • Enterprise: Starts $4 per employee/month + $169 platform fee/month billed annually

4. Sisense


Sisense platform provides a highly customizable and AI-driven analytics cloud dashboard that delivers the right intelligence at the right time. Sisense allows organizations to integrate analytics throughout customer applications and employee workflows. With an easy-to-use platform, customers can overcome analytics adoption barriers and make better decisions based on their data.

Sisense Features

  1. You can use Sisense Fusion Analytics’ comprehensive analytics platform to answer a wide range of business questions.
  2. Using the Elasticube feature, you can join, manipulate, and query data from multiple sources as if they were one large set.
  3. The code-first, low-code, and no-code features allow you to investigate, visualize, and analyze complex data.
  4. Just type a question to access forward-looking insights and discover new possibilities using built-in code-first statistical and predictive analysis libraries and ML technologies.
  5. Through Infusion Apps, you can access data using the tools you already use, eliminating skills barriers associated with specialized business intelligence environments.

Sisense Benefits

  • Create a single store for your data by securely connecting to cloud data warehouses.
  • You can combine data from various sources to get a complete picture of your business.
  • You can optimize performance and resource use by combining live and cached data models.
  • With the robust library of widgets and certified add-ons, you can create beautiful visualizations and actionable application components.
  • With white-label analytics, you can enhance your products and services in-house or on the go.

Sisense Pricing

The Sisense Platform doesn’t provide any pricing plans. However, you can request your business by clicking here.

5. Board


Board is an HR and people analytics software that enables HRs to go beyond HR data analytics. Their intelligent platform provides deeper insights into employee segmentation, data forecasting, and the deployment of human resource metrics to help with better decision-making. It also provides a deeper understanding of core human capital management values. 

The intelligent solution makes it easy to automatically calculate critical business KPIs such as cost per hire, turnover rates, tenures, absence rate, and so much more!

Board Features

  • Use the data modeling capabilities feature to portion any human resources data set based on the drivers and dimensions you specify.
  • Data mining activities allow you to extract business behavior insights and employee productivity patterns.
  • The quantitative and business modeling capabilities will enable you to define detailed profiles of high-potential talent. 
  • The statistical functions and advanced predictive analytics tools help you create human resources variables projections.
  • Platforms allow you to integrate human capital management into workforce planning, payroll, and compensation.

Board Benefits

  • Boards extract maximum value from the company’s raw data, so there is no waste of human resource potential. 
  • Built-in statistical functions and advanced predictive analytics make it easy to project variables such as headcount, retention, etc. This gives the organization an insight into the future and thus makes the right decision.
  • Using Board, you can collect data from various sources, such as legacy systems with transactional data. 

Board Pricing

The Board platform hasn’t given out its pricing package. However, you can request a demo here.

6. Talentia’s HR Analytics

Talentia’s HR Analytics

Talentia’s cloud-based human resource analytics software enables organizations to handle all employee-related issues, including recruitment and retirement. Their web app provides tools for managing people, managing talents, analyzing data, charting organizations, and collaborating. Using Talentia, HR departments can manage employees individually while reducing their time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

Talentia’s HR Analytics Software Features

  1. With Talentia’s People & Organization solution, you get unified data management and organizational agility.
  2. Talentia Core HR Software allows you to manage all employee data in a centralized system.
  3. The platform’s user-configurable ‘data dictionary’ enables HR to combine global capabilities with local requirements.
  4. Talentia’s HR Analytics Software gives the HR department a centralized source of accurate, up-to-date information, which results in faster, more productive, more visible, and more engaged employees.
  5. Using advanced reporting software, HR and managers can quickly and easily generate reports based on verified and secure HR information. 

Talentia’s HR Analytics Software Benefits

  • Talentia’s HR Intelligence integrates directly with its payroll solution to provide all the company’s HR data management information. 
  • You can access real-time payroll, tax, and accounting data using HR Intelligence, so you aren’t relying on outdated data. 
  • Analytical and dashboard reports provide HR managers with all the data they need for optimizing their HR management.
  • Talentia HR Business Intelligence solution maps company employees’ skills to their jobs. 
  • With Talentia Advanced Reporting, you can easily manage HR processes such as recruitment and interviewing.

Talentia’s HR Analytics Software Pricing

Talentia’s HR Analytics software hasn’t provided any pricing plans. However, you can request a demo by clicking here

7. IntelliHR


intelliHR is a people management platform for HR, leaders, and managers. It helps businesses to align and manage employees’ data through its built-in HRIS and performance management features.

The HR team can use continuous feedback features to create a culture-based environment. The feedback feature provides structured reports on real-time insights over employees. The platform allows HR managers to create dynamic reports about employee performance without prior knowledge. 

Built-in AI-powered Sentiment analysis tool generates reports to understand problems and hidden biases inside the environment. 

intelliHR Features

  • Get actionable insights into your data with dynamic and interactive reports that let you explore your data in detail. 
  • The platform provides 30 built-in reports that give insight into people and organizations within companies, including employee engagement, wellness, and more.
  • Organizations can use interactive HR analytics to identify hidden biases, opportunities, and problems within their environment. 
  • intellIHR’s continuous performance management feature provides analytical reports on training, feedback, and performance matrices to engage employees.

intelliHR Benefits

  • There is no need to know spreadsheets, pivot tables, or data science.
  • HR can use the platform to visualize and explore headcount, recruitment, remuneration, attrition, employment conditions, and training.
  • It is scientifically proven that the platform is easy to understand and handle.
  • Workforce analytics tools help you visualize and share your company’s data simply and intuitively.
  • The platform allows businesses to identify trends and insights regarding changes in culture, employee engagement, and performance.

IntelliHR Pricing

intelliHR provides four pricing plans. Among them 

  • Employee Engagement: From US$3.6 / employee/month
  • Performance Enablement: From US$6 / employee / month
  • Strategic HR: From US$9 / employee/month 

If an organization wishes to have a custom plan, it can choose Enterprise Solutions from here.

8. Alteryx


A leader in data blending and predictive analytics, Alteryx offers comprehensive people analytics tools to propel organizational growth. 

Best of all, Alteryx provides all these advanced reporting and analytics capabilities within a drag-and-drop environment that requires no coding knowledge. This means users at all levels can access its functionalities without being overwhelmed.

HR can leverage its insights to make decisions within hours, not weeks! Users love it because it packages data blending, analytics, and reporting in a single workflow. Global brands such as Siemens Energy, Coca-Cola, McLaren, and 7 eleven leverage Alteryx. 

Alteryx Features

  • For HRs who want to stay away from coding, Alteryx allows them to build predictive models without complex statistics or code quickly. 
  • Automation features help automate every stage of HR analytics, including preparing data, blending, reporting, and data science. 
  • Alteryx provides insights across hundreds of use cases. 
  • Allows internal and third-party and cloud data are blending with over 60 pre-built tools for predictive analysis.

Alteryx Benefits

  • Alteryx is exceptionally intuitive and lets you prep, blend and analyze data with hundreds of no code or low code analytics building blocks.
  • Alteryx provides access to a community of 300k passionate users so HR can learn, share and connect with others. It also includes use cases and training. 
  • Another perk of Alteryx is its unified design. It combines several tools and capabilities in one platform to make enterprise analytics easy. 

Alteryx Pricing

Alteryx hasn’t provided any pricing plans; however, the platform offers 30 trials for its services. You can use the platform features by clicking here.

9. Zoho People

Zoho People-best-hr-analytics-software

Zoho has become a household name worldwide with its innovative business solutions. Its cloud-based People analytics software, Zoho People, allows organizations to transform their HR processes. The platform is designed to nurture employees, adapt to changes and make HR management more agile and effective. HR can also get insights into how each team or individual works, their skill level, and their potential to improve organizational performance. Brands using Zoho People include SpiceJet, GEP, McDonald’s, and others. If building a high-performing workforce is your priority, then Zoho People is where you should be looking.

Zoho People Features

  1. The Collaborative analytics feature allows HR to collaborate with its team to develop and analyze reports and share them securely.
  2. Prebuiltreports & dashboards give users access to 75+ reports and dashboards prepared using Zoho People data.
  3. Data blending allows you to create cross-functional reports from data sourced from multiple locations, gaining insights that would be impossible otherwise.
  4. With Embedded analytics, HR can embed BI, reporting, and analytics within company products and applications under their brand name.
  5. AI-powered assistants will assist with all questions and provide reports and KPI widgets to help you answer them.

Zoho People Benefits

  • Zoho People’s HR analytics provides intelligent reports showing performance breakdowns and workforce trends.
  • Provides proactive solutions that help you identify issues quickly.
  • You can generate a detailed analysis of your entire HR department in just a few clicks.
  • The platform improves visibility at all levels – C-Suite, HR, managers, and teams.
  • Through Zoho People’s integration with Zoho Analytics, you can make both macro-level and micro-level assessments of your workforce.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People platform provides four different pricing plans.

    • Essential HR: $1.25 /month, billed yearly.
    • Professional: $2/month, billed yearly.
    • Premium: $3/month, billed yearly.
    • Enterprise: $4.5 /month, billed yearly.
  • People Plus: $9 /month billed yearly.

10. SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics

Using SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, HR can take data-driven analytics decisions without any guesswork but by leveraging accurate cloud-based people analytics solutions. Through this platform, organizations can empower HR professionals, analysts, and other HR stakeholders to answer business questions and influence business decision-making using data-driven insights.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Features

  • With a data-driven approach to HR processes and predefined HR and talent metrics, the solution offers comprehensive insights into your HR processes. 
  • SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics can help organizations gain insight into real-time workforce data that will help the organization’s future strategy.
  • HR best practices, industry benchmarks, and more than 2,000 standard metrics enable HR to improve its effectiveness.
  • Workforce Analytics enables organizations to improve decision-making by understanding and addressing workforce challenges.
  • Using interactive HR analysis, users can explore data on diversity, engagement, and turnover.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Benefits

  • Determine workforce supply and demand and identify workforce gaps through analysis, forecast, and planning.
  • Prepare action plans for targeted talent management interventions.
  • Implement an evidence-based decision-making culture and answer workforce-related questions quickly.
  • Establish standard definitions of workforce metrics to create a single version of the truth.
  • You can influence business decisions with an evidence-based HR approach with data-driven insights.

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Software Pricing

  • SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics provides only one pricing plan starting from USD 6.17 per User/ Month. 

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What can HR analytics be used for?

An HR analytics tool can provide insights to manage employees and accomplish business goals. Considering the data available today, HR departments must identify the most relevant data and how to utilize it efficiently and effectively.

2. How is Workforce analytics software changing the workplace?

Workforce Analytics software helps recruit better candidates by providing sets of predictive analytics tools for HR and preventing them from making mistakes. To select better candidates, HR professionals analyze the existing compiled data that the organization has to determine what personality tests, skill tests, and assessments are needed. The platform enables them better to understand candidates’ backgrounds and qualifications via online data.

3. Who Uses HR Analytics Software?

Larger companies focus on HR analytics because it provides essential analytical tools to HR for handling employee data. Human resources professionals use HR analytics software to analyze, identify, and collect critical metrics related to people. By combining business data with people data, these tools recognize how HR impacts the performance of the business. 

4. What are the benefits of the HR analytics system?

HR analytics and people analytics software collects data to understand the workforce and teams’ effectiveness. There are a few benefits that make HR analytics important for the organization.

  • Enhances talent acquisition
  • Enhances employee retention
  • Ensures workplace safety
  • Enhances productivity
  • Finds skills gaps
  • Enhances employee satisfaction

5. Why is HR analytics needed?

HR analytics aims to assist organizations in managing employees and achieving their business goals. Organizations can effectively leverage HR analytics to combat challenges such as low diversity, high turnover, and more. HR teams must identify the most relevant data and use it wisely to maximize ROI. Because so much data is available, it’s nearly impossible to capitalize it manually. Organizations can effectively leverage HR analytics to combat challenges such as low diversity, high turnover, and more.

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