10 Best Employee Database Management Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is an Employee Database Management Software?

An employee database management system is an essential tool used by companies to manage the employees in their organization. It provides a central place to store any kind of records related to all the employees. Essentially, it allows HR to keep track of personnel data, such as attendance, leaves, salary, and performance, in one central location.  Companies with large workforces often rely on this tool to make sure HR runs smoothly.

» How to Choose the Right Employee Database Management Software for Your Organization?

Data management isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. However, the software makes data management easier, faster, and more efficient. Here are a few things that you should consider while choosing your next (or maybe first) employee database management software. The software should follow the centralized employee management mechanism. This approach allows HR to access employee data from a single place easily. The system should also support digital document management so that whenever HR needs any employee document, they can retrieve it with just a few clicks. Changing an employee’s information is simple, yet updating information in many organizations is challenging. Thus, software must have an employee self-service portal.

Now, let’s see the top employee database software for your organization. 

» Top Employee Database Software That Your HR Will Thank You For


1. BambooHR



BambooHR is an employee database management system that offers a secure and centralized database, helping track employee records efficiently. The platform gives complete control over the dashboard so that HR can add personal and payment information. Also, it allows you to add custom information tabs as required. The platform has no restrictions, allowing businesses to access their data anywhere and anytime.

BambooHR platform uses organized, accurate, and enterprise-level security to protect employee sensitive data and help save hours on administrative tasks.

BambooHR Features

    • BambooHR offers a central HR database that shares information within the software with other features, avoiding double-entry errors.
    • The custom access feature by BambooHR allows employees to edit their personal information while limiting their access to company data.
    • The custom field allows HR to create and store personal information about every employee in the database. 
    • The platform provides accurate and enterprise-level security to protect employee-sensitive data.
    • BambooHR provides built-in document storage and management features that allow employees to store their documents in the database.

BambooHR Benefits

    • With BambooHR, HR can focus on people rather than managing information.
    • The customs reports for payroll and performance are worth every penny. This makes it easy for HR to come up with critical reports instantly.
    • The platform operates on the cloud, allowing businesses to have real-time access anywhere. 
    • Allows HR to assign and limit access to employee information. 
    • There’s also a backup and a data recovery plan in an emergency data loss.

BambooHR Pricing

BambooHR does not provide any pricing plan. However, businesses can quote custom pricing according to requirements by clicking here.

2. Freshteam



A growing organization needs database software like Freshteam. The platform allows HR to manage employee records with a self-service portal, an employee profile directory, and an organizational chart map across multiple locations. By using the platform, employees can manage their profiles, edit their information, and connect with peers on a self-service basis. 

Freshteam Features

    • The customizable personnel fields feature enables HR to drag and drop custom 40+ predefined employee fields to add to the database.
    • The platform is Simple and organized, allowing HR to browse through employee data easily.
    • Freshteam’s employee ID sequencing enables HR to assign custom IDs based on specific criteria.
    • Freshteam offers central, secure storage allowing the employee to store all HR documents.

Freshteam Benefits

    • The platform increases the HR process accuracy by collecting and analyzing data comprehensively.
    • The platform ensures that employees have secure and exclusive access to their data.
    • With Freshteam, employees can connect and communicate with each other.
    • The platform simplifies HR tasks by allowing employees to edit their personal information.

Freshteam Pricing

The Freshteam provides four different pricing plans

  • Free: No fees required
  • Growth: $1 employee/month billed monthly
  • Pro: $2 employee/month billed monthly
  • Enterprise: $4 employee/month billed monthly

3. Zoho People



Zoho People is a cloud-based employee database management system that works intending to provide a seamless and secure database system. It allows businesses to manage their global workspace easily. It also enables HR to manage the database according to the business’s unique requirements.

Zoho People Features

    • Zoho People’s data synchronization and integrity feature allow businesses to sync employee data quickly.
    • Employee self-service features reduce errors, redundancy, and administrative burden by allowing employees to add or edit their information.
    • Built-in Zoho Vault secures passwords and enables employees to generate complex ones.
    • The field-level access controls allow HR to control employee access based on job roles. 
    • The customization feature allows organizations to build organizational structures by adding custom entities and their divisions.

Zoho People Benefits

    • It enables businesses to make employee data more visible globally.
    • This platform ensures the privacy and security of employees’ sensitive data.
    • Businesses can customize and manage their workforce information according to requirements.
    • Self-service portals provide employees with a sense of empowerment.
    • The platform allows businesses to access databases easily from mobile devices.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People platform provides four different pricing plans.

    • Essential HR: $1.25 /month, billed yearly.
    • Professional: $2/month, billed yearly.
    • Premium: $3/month, billed yearly.
    • Enterprise: $4.5 /month, billed yearly.
  • People Plus: $9 /month, billed yearly.

4. Worknice



Worknice is a single and secure employee database software solution that allows HR to track each employee’s records easily. Using the platform, HR can collect and organize all the essential employee information and then organize it accordingly. Worknice enables businesses to have complete control over all of their centralized data and easily access it from anywhere around the globe. 

Worknice Features

    • The platform is enabled with built-in compliant contracts and HR documents.
    • Worknice provides an organized and secure HR database to manage all of your sensitive employee records in one organized and secure HR database.
    • The employee self-service feature automates the HR process and reduces admin tasks.
    • The employee directory allows the team to find and connect with their peers easily.
    • The visualization feature allows organizations to turn employee records into actionable insights.

Worknice Benefits

    • Worknice allows streamlining HR from anywhere globally.
    • Keeps businesses up by staying up-to-date with compliance changes.
    • Using Worknice, employees can feel connected, keep tabs on wellness, and customize workflows based on time zones.
    • Keep track of key dates and activities automatically with automatic alerts and email reminders.
    • With Worknice, HR can easily create payroll records by seamlessly onboarding employees and sharing their information with Xero. 

Worknice Pricing

Essentials: AU $6 per employee/month – paid annually.

Performance: AU $9 per employee/month – paid annually.

5. Myhrtoolkit



With Myhrtoolkit, HR can manage employee records from appointments to training schedules. Myhrtoolkit’s HR software simplifies and improves employee database access. 

As this is a cloud-based employee database management platform, businesses can access the HR database more accurately with real-time information. With many built-in features, the system allows business owners and decision-makers to keep track of employee performance and data within a secure setting. 

Myhrtoolkit Features

    • With the Bulk data management feature, HR can easily update staff and company information, such as job titles, departments, and projects.
    • Myhrtoolkit has employee self-service features to simplify managing and updating employee data in the staff database.
    • The HR reporting tools within myhrtoolkit allow HR to make data-driven decisions by accessing employee database information.
    • Document management enables staff and organizations to store documents safely.
    • With its dedicated Security Center, Myhrtoolkit is a highly secure HR software system. 

Myhrtoolkit Benefits

    • HR can access employee information via a centralized location.
    • For flexible access, the application is available on desktops and mobile devices.
    • A self-service option reduces admin work.
    • The platform provides paperless compliance and appraisals.
    • The organization’s staff always has access to the information they need.

Myhrtoolkit Pricing

Myhrtoolkit provides pricing depending on the number of employees using the platform. You can check out the pricing here 

6. Bitrix24



In Bitrix24, HR teams can manage, store, search, and collect all data associated with their employees. These programs provide an advanced approach to data storage: HR can include all the necessary information, such as name, age, position, education, working hours, responsibilities, salary, date of service, etc.  This platform offers maximum flexibility and makes team management easy for HRs.

Bitrix24 Features

    • The Online documents management system allows easy file sharing in the workplace.
    • The easy integration feature allows the employees to easily access files from other platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.
    • The built-in Bitrix24 Drive provides cloud storage of up to 5 GB.
    • Bitrix24 Drive security features include data encryption, automatic backups, and versioning.

Bitrix24 Benefits

    • Platform stores information in a centralized place, making necessary information accessible.
    • Make it easy for employees to provide information about themselves.
    • A team can invite other teammates for online collaboration by creating a group folder for a department or project.
    • HR can restrict access to specific files and lock them within Bitrix24 Drive to prevent accidental file changes.

Bitrix24 Pricing

Bitrix24 came up with five different pricing plans

    • Free: Unlimited users 100% free
    • Basic: Allows up to 5 users at USD 43/month. 
    • Standard: Allows up to 50 users at USD 87/month. 
    • Professional: Allows up to 100 users at USD 175/month. 
    • Enterprise: Allows up to 250 users USD 399/month. 

7. APS’ Employee Database Software



With APS’ employee database management software, HR can easily track and manage employee records and report on staff activities. The platform allows employees to manage their files online and receive dashboard alerts about essential employee information. HR can filter or sort employee records so that open, upcoming, and past due employee events are visible quickly.

APS’ Employee Database Software Features

    • APS’s employee file management system tracks and manages the employees’ information.
    • Easy Configure helps HR identify what type of employee information needs to be tracked based on the organization’s specific requirements.
    • The categories features allow HR managers to view real-time employee information, such as certifications, training, and pay changes.
    • APS provides a staff record feature that allows HR to see activity statuses and take action accordingly.
    • The easy filter feature enables HR staff to search work records software using employee names, numbers, social security numbers, and activity descriptions.

APS’ Employee Database Software Benefits

    • HR can track enrollment status and completion dates when employees enroll in recurring or as-needed training courses.
    • This platform provides industry-level security with two-factor authentication.
    • Information entered by employees is immediately available across the entire platform.
    • Managers and employees can access the APS platform from their smartphones and tablets.
    • Organizations can track and manage all critical employee events.

APS’ Employee Database Software Pricing

The APS platform hasn’t given out its pricing package. However, you can request a demo here.

8. Collage HR



College HR is an employee data management system allowing businesses to store employee records that sync with payroll and benefits providers. The Collage HR platform eliminates double-entry employee data, allowing HR to manage employee data more efficiently.

With Collage, HR systems and processes are centralized into a single platform. With this solution, you can manage everything from employee data to performance reviews in one place.

Collage HR Features

    • The self-service portal allows employees to access their profiles. 
    • Employees can manage their banking, tax, and personal information using the mobile time off feature. 
    • The file management feature allows HR to Store all critical employee information, including documents, notes, promotions, and more.
    • The e-signature feature allows users to sign important documents, such as contracts and tax forms, without requiring paper copies.
    • With custom access rules, HR can protect sensitive data and make sure the right people have access to the appropriate information.

Collage HR Benefits

    • The custom fields allow each employee profile to capture the exact information the company requires.
    • Whenever an employee’s data is updated, it is reflected automatically everywhere, without additional effort.
    • With industry-standard encryption and secure file sharing, businesses can ensure that all company information is kept safe.
    • HR can drill into payroll, benefits, and other essential areas with custom and out-of-the-box reports.
    • The system includes modules to accomplish training objectives 

Collage HR Pricing

The Collage HR provides only one Pricing package, i.e. Core HRIS, starting from $8 per user per month. Also, businesses can add add-on features from here.

9. HRMatrix


HRMatrix is one of the best employee management systems that stores employee information for self-service and offers multiple benefits. The automated tool helps streamline every aspect of employee management, including recruitment, training, and performance evaluations.

By providing quick access to employee data, this platform acts as a vault for storing and securing employee information. These applications can handle vast amounts of employee information regardless of company size.

HRMatrix Features

    • Using HRMatrix’s digitalization feature, HR can encrypt employee paper records, preventing unauthorized access.
    • An easy-to-understand dashboard helps HR gain a quick understanding of trends and competencies.
    • With HRMatrix, businesses control what can get stored in their databases and file systems.
    • Multilingual Centralized Employee Data Management makes businesses compliant in multiple languages.
    • With the innovative search feature in the application, HR can retrieve employee data within minutes.

HRMatrix Benefits

    • Performance reviews enable users to set business goals and objectives and evaluate their employees according to them.
    • Employees can apply for vacation and request absences through the time and attendance module.
    • Businesses can maintain employee payrolls, bonuses, and additional company benefits and perks.
    • Platforms provide built-in tools for attracting, screening, and assessing candidates for company positions.
    • Organizations can keep track of employee accomplishments and development.

HRMatrix Pricing

HRMatrix does not provide any pricing plan. However, businesses can try their free trial by clicking here.

10. StaffCircle



StaffCircle is an employee management software that offers an employee directory with a skills search feature to assist HR in finding employees. Also, HR can access relevant information by searching files and folders. 

Using the employee timeline, HR managers can monitor employee engagement and activity, and skills management tools allow businesses to allocate skills to employees. Using it, HRs can administer skills to employees and log the skills they acquire through training and achievement.

StaffCircle Features

    • The platform’s performance management features make it easy for HRs to visualize team goals and evaluate their performance.
    • People Directory allows HR to search for specific employee accounts based on name, role, site, manager, or even skills.
    • Using employee records, HR professionals can manage employee information like joining dates, leaves, salaries, and competencies.
    • With custom fields, HR can store extra employee data on the platform.
    • The Self-Service feature reduces HR’s administrative workload significantly.

StaffCircle Benefits

    • The platform has multichannel communications keeping teams connected, so there are no misunderstandings or lost information.
    • All data sources are easily connected, making it easy to maintain accurate data.
    • StaffCircle provides a “Today” module that displays employee performance and events.
    • Organizations can provide a custom branded workplace app for the organization’s modern workforce to create a better employee experience.
    • The built-in template editor allows companies to customize internal communications to increase engagement. 

StaffCircle Pricing

StaffCircle provides pricing depending on the number of employees using the platform. You can check out the pricing here.

» Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs)

1. What Is Employee Database Software?

An employee database software is a software application that stores and manages employee information in an organized way. It provides streamlined HR processes and enhances employee-management relationships.

2. How Do You Manage Employee Databases?

Every business needs to keep track of employee records. A well-organized business record will allow organizations to manage their business more efficiently and avoid potential lawsuits.

Following are some of the methods to manage employee databases.

    • Maintaining employee records
    • Inspecting employee records
    • Completing & storing timesheets.
    • The rules around accessing meeting notes.

3. How can a database help an organization manage employee information?

An organization’s most valuable asset is its employees, and properly managing them is essential to ensuring the company’s success. Employee data must get maintained carefully to make informed business decisions, 

Employer database management systems can provide an organization with the following benefits:

    • Provides a single point of entry for all the data
    • Enhances data security
    • Boosts overall productivity
    • Improves employee collaboration
    • Reduces compliance risks

4. How Does Records Management Affect HR? And Why Is It Important?

There is a significant impact of records management on HR departments. During an employee’s time with the company, employee records provide an overview of their activities.

The following are some important things that will cover the importance of Record management. 

    • Employee performance report allows HR to decide whether to raise pay, promote him or her and determine a career path.
    • Employee handbooks, job applications, and performance review goals show a written account of employee behavior.
    • A record of disciplinary actions and employee conversations is essential for legal proceedings.

Employee records management is crucial to support career development and business growth.

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