Top Rated MDM (Mobile Device Management) Software With Buyer’s Guide

Within a few years, mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our lives. Bringing own smart phones and mobile devices to work place has become a common practice among employees. The rapid proliferation of corporates bringing their own devices has become a matter of concern in relation to security of data. It has become necessary for corporate companies to establish a MDM Software to secure critical information’s from misuse. Moreover, employees have varied mobile operators with their devices running on different operating systems. Companies have to overcome this inherent risk by using an intricate mobile device management tool that will manage the security factor, monitor, and secure employees’ devices such as laptops, tablets, and smart phones that are used at workplace.

Top MDM Software

What is the meaning of MDM (Mobile Device Management)?

Mobile device management (MDM) denotes the process of improving data security in corporate organizations through tracking, managing, and securing mobile devices they use like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The intent is to enforce stringent security throughout the corporate network so that the information stays accessible yet safe.

What is Mobile Device Management Software (MDM Software)?

In relevant to today’s scenario, IT departments implement security software that manages, monitors and secure employee’s laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices that may be deployed across varied operating systems and different service providers. The software implemented to eradicate the misuse of crucial information and optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices is called Mobile Device Management Software.

1. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

The ManageEngine is well-known for high-range integration services that all your mobile device management solutions require. It works remotely and controls the safety of your mobile devices to its best. This MDM software is a comprehensive solution to increase the productivity of your organization’s workforce that uses mobile devices to manage operations and corporate security. This tool allows easy management of computers and smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktops, and more. This free mobile device management software supports all types of operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Chrome.

This MDM system may be used to provide variant services, including device management, security management, content management, application management, containerization, email management, and more. It assures 100% enterprise mobility solutions being easy-to-use for your workforce. The benefits associated with this mobile device management system are many. You can readily bring mobile devices under your management with this tool. It offers an interactive and user-friendly dashboard with the interface. Out of the many MDM tools in the market, this one ensures that your devices are 100% compliant with company policies and gives real-time troubleshooting support. You can distribute apps, manage inventory, distinguish personal and professional apps, and run only company-dedicated apps on workforce mobile devices using this MDM solution.

2. Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro is an ideal MDM software if you need to manage and operate your smart devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook, and more) remotely from anywhere around the globe. The solutions with Jamf Pro mobile device management software include deployment, app management, inventory management, security services, self-solutions, and device management. This system is dedicated for mobile device management for iOS users and works exclusively towards Apple MDM solutions and security since 2002. Some of the well-known Jamf Pro applications most useful for iOS users are Jamf Reset, Jamf Parent, and Jamf Setup.

This MDM tool is highly-flexible, and its EMM platform can merge seamlessly with your applications such as network access controllers, asset management tools, and other IT systems. You can integrate this MDM system with your existing MDM tools list, including apple school manager, Cisco ISE, SSO/SAML, Fast Lane, Security Connector, SCCM, apple business manager, active directory, API, and Mac conditional access. Although this is not a free MDM mobile device management tool, you can always try it for free to ensure you like it before you buy the premium version of Jamf Pro. Various discounts and schemes are available to avail premium membership at a reasonable price for this MDM system.

3. Hexnode MDM

Hexnode MDM software is amalgamated endpoint management for your organization's mobile and computers. Businesses today prefer using this tool because of various reasons; these include zero-touch deployment, budget-friendly solutions, endpoint management services, workforce-friendly integrations, and intelligent automation. You can manage and use this mobile device management software on wide-range of devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, desktops, and laptops) and operating systems (iOS, Android, tvOS, Windows, Fire OS, and macOS.) The platforms that this MDM system supports include web-filtering, Apple VPP, iOS kiosk lockdown, Apple DEP, configure and restrict, and App management.

It also provides easy integration facilities of dashboard and tracking systems. You can also avail of other features such as remote control, Geofencing, reporting, and analytics with this mobile device management. It is an ideal place where you can manage devices using innovative ways. Industry-Giants – Volvo, Logitech, McDonald's, EY, Swatch, Carnival, Martin, and others use this software out of the many available MDM tools in the market. Hexnode is capable of providing various types of device management services, all-in-one kiosk lockdown solutions, device security solutions, and a wide range of enterprise integration. You can avail of a 30-days free trial option for enterprises that wish to check the features and capabilities of this tool as it is not free mobile device management.

4. AirDroid Business MDM

AirDroid Business is a one-stop solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM) that specializes in Android devices, along with remote control and access, for businesses of all sizes. It comes with a rich set of features including application management (AMS), kiosk mode, location tracking, bulk configurations, and more to help you easily manage large fleets of devices. This MDM solution can be used in a wide range of industries and is designed to run on various types of Android-based devices, such as smartphones, tablets, digital signage, mPOS, self-serving kiosks...etc. Using AirDroid Business MDM, business owners and IT managers can remotely manage enterprise devices while securing corporate data effortlessly through a centralized platform.

AirDroid Business prides itself on making MDM experience smarter and better by offering a holistic view on device monitoring with the real-time system tracking on device status. With this cloud-based system, organizations can stay up-to-date with their remote devices and be able to access information anytime and anywhere, simply through the online admin portal. The Android device management software also offers in-depth data with customizable filters on your device and app status where you are able to set alerts when a device or application has failed to operate as expected. This allows IT managers to proactively identify potential system errors in advance and take actions to shorten troubleshooting time. The software offers a free-trial period that allows trial users to explore and test out all features extensively with up to 50 devices.

5. KACE Cloud MDM

Kace Cloud MDM software offers you complete control of your organization’s mobile endpoint workforce environment. Using this cloud-based system, you can provide high-end security to your company’s environment and enhance your user’s productivity. Gain absolute visibility and control that you require on the smart devices that you use within your organization. Avail features such as complex inventory management, system management and configuration, and business resource security with this mobile device management software. Being a cloud-based MDM tool, you can implement, manage, and use the data within days (with no long wait time) and get high ROI for your enterprises.

The major features include abridged device deployment, automatic policy and process management, location tracking, powerful device control, application store enablement, unified endpoint environment management, modernized mobile device management (MDM), identity management, and more. It is compatible with most android and iOS devices, and various internet browsers (for admin access only.) Other related products of Kace include Kace product line, Kace systems deployment appliance, Kace system management appliance, and Kace MSP. The brand offers support for a product, technical glitches, MDM knowledge, and Kace academy. You can sign-up on the website for a free trial and then available premium access to this MDM system.

6. Scalefusion MDM

Have you deployed the modern workforce in your organization? If yes, then the Scalefusion MDM system should be your most preferred tool. You can monitor, manage, and secure your IT department’s devices, which access the corporate information and control its visibility with this mobile device management (MDM) software. Using a single platform, you can manage your complete team’s devices easily and swiftly. It allows your IT managers to gain access to secured, robust insights. Say the device, and this MDM tool can provide absolute security to the – Android, iOS, Windows 10, or macOS. You can secure your company devices and work-related information quickly and securely with this mobile device management software.

The different enrolment methods offered by Scalefusion MDM software are email-based enrolment, Google AfW-based enrolment, QR Code/URL enrolment, Android Zero-touch enrolment, IMEI-based enrolment, Apple DEP enrolment, ROM-based enrolment, G-Suite enrolment, Office 365 enrolment, and Windows autopilot enrolment. This MDM system follows enterprise policies and security protocols strictly to keep the internal data and information safe and secured. Some of these policies and regulations include passcode policy, MDM kiosk mode, SafetyNet attestation, protection via factory reset - remote, capturing control screen, Wi-Fi settings configuration, compliance violation detection, and monitoring of safety incidents, profile removal restrictions, activity logs administration, and restrictions on data sharing.

7. Vmware AirWatch MDM

The Vmware Airwatch MDM software helps organizations – small and large to control their workplace devices along with a unified endpoint management system. If you are concerned about the Investment returns, then this mobile device management software shall aid your process; it will lower your ROI and enhance the safety of the company’s data and information. Air management is what it is famous for – it works on each endpoint, which includes desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, IoTs, and tablet PCs. It regulates the complete lifecycle of these devices. The tools include everything from iOS and Android mobile devices with the MDM tool list and Windows 10 or macOS or Chrome OS laptops and computers to IoT-enabled Linux.

This MDM tool is reasonably priced; however, it doesn’t offer 100% free mobile device management. It helps businesses to secure every layer of its workspace by working on the Air watch mode. It is highly preferable by companies operating iOS and macOS – so, if you are one of them, then all you need is this mobile device management for apple. This system is compatible with most apps that can help businesses to increase productivity. The BYOD feature in this tool allows you to access personal devices without compromising the company’s security. If you are interested, yet want to check out the features practically, then the brand also offers a 30-day free trial. In this trial, you can enroll up to 100 devices and enjoy a fully-functional product.

8. Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki MDM is a cloud-based mobile device management software, which can help you to secure, manage, and operate all the endpoints – devices of your organization centrally under a single system. You can keep track of changes at all times with its real-time features. This MDM software works on three theories – provision, monitor, and secure, which makes this software an excellent option to go with. The product provides three major solutions, such as integrated, advanced security against big and small potential threats, a chance to expand your working environment in-house and remotely with enhanced security provisions, and delivery of superior productivity in the next-gen wireless environment.

Meraki, along with mobile device management (MDM), offers additional variant products, which are wireless LAN, wireless WAN, switching, smart cameras, security and SD-WAN, and Meraki insight. The brand is useful to major industry giants of various sectors, including primary education, manufacturing, retail and FMCG, government, hospitality and lifestyle, and higher education. The tool offers integration with your organization’s network conveniently and swiftly – all this happens with easy system manager’s access points, and SD-WAN and security appliances. You can trustfully access the BYOD environment, devices used by contract workers, and guest Wi-Fi networks.

9. MobileIron MDM

For any secured mobile-based business, mobile device management (MDM) is the key foundation. MobileIron MDM system is an ideal tool, which can offer your organization controls to IT facilities and fundamental visibility. This, in turn, aids your workforce in managing, securing, and monitoring employee-owned or employee-owned smart devices or computers, especially those that critically access information of enterprises. This MDM software is a great way to onboard and safeguard a wide-range of employee smart devices used within the organization.

The MobileIron MDM tool offers various comprehensive solutions such as automated device setup, mobile-based IT infrastructure; simple/smart device enrollment; secure connectivity for an enrolled mobile device; and policy enforcement & device compliance. Additional solutions that this brand provides include mobile-centric zero trusts, mobilizing enterprise processes, BYOD security, frontline workers empowerment, cloud-based access, and mobile data protection. Other products that MobileIron offers include unified endpoint management for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10, mobile threat defense, and access points. It is not one of those free MDM solutions; however, it offers a 30-day trial – free of cost. Most industries, such as financial services, government, manufacturing, health and pharmaceutical, public safety, automobiles, retail, software, technology, and retail, use this MDM software for ease of mobile device management.

10. SureMDM

SureMDM has completely simplified the concept of mobile device management (MDM). Although this software is famous in the name of SureMDM, the brand is produced by 42Gears UEM, which provides exclusive UEM solutions for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. Your organization using this MDM software can manage, safeguard, and monitor company-owned and employee-owned devices that are used to access BYOD and company-based data. This system integrates all types of enterprise mobility using unified endpoint management (UEM), which also includes mobile apps management, MDM, and mobile content management.

SureMDM can securely and remotely manage your company’s smart devices with features such as device provisioning, device enrollment, device grouping, location tracking, UEM engine analytics, device security, and device health monitoring. Now, with these MDM solutions, you can offer your employees the facility to utilize their smart devices to work under all circumstances and places. With this MDM tool, you can add an office email to your organization’s device, you can configure a Wi-Fi network on your device, and you can even configure VPN on your private device. The product rules industries like hospitality, retail, primary & higher education, construction, logistics, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, financial services, and home security.

11. SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl MDM software is the most preferred system to control enterprise devices and its associated security that is linked with business data, these days. It helps organizations in managing your smart devices such as phones, tablets, computers, laptops, and netbooks actively with SOTI MobiControl feature. This MDM solution works under utmost compliance, which falls under the highest organization’s priority. The tool follows company policies and compliances that helps the enterprise workforce is acting along with the set regulations within the working environment. This feature helps in lowering the overall company’s cost, which may be incurred due to policy breaching.

Another feature is safeguarding enterprise information and data which is saved in smart devices, these days – SOTI MDM system works perfectly to solve this issue. Mobile device management integrates with the existing apps and secures your devices. Other features that SOTI MDM includes fast track provisioning and enrollment, all OS compatibility, advanced IoT management services, secured content management solutions, and flexible apps management. All these features and software capabilities result in increasing the business’s ROI more than ten times than usual. The brand offers additional solutions such as Apple MDM solutions, mobile security, enterprise mobility management, Windows device management, Linux and android device management services, and training MDM solutions.

12. Citrix Endpoint Management

Citrix endpoint management is an employee-favorite mobile device management system when compared to other free MDM solutions available in the market these days. It allows organizations to transform the employee’s workplace experience completely by assisting every endpoint device – laptops, smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other smart devices. The MDM system uses UEM technology – unified endpoint management. This enables the enterprise workforce to operate, monitor, and manage projects, tasks, and other company-based data remotely, giving a free-hand to your staff to work anywhere and anytime as per their convenience.

Citrix Endpoint Management MDM software is compatible with most operating systems, including android and android enterprises, Mac OS, tvOS, iOS, iPadOS, Windows 10, Chrome OS, and Citrix (Citrix Ready workspace hub and assistants.) Isn’t this appealing? With this MDM tool, your complete workspace management is easy to operate and 100% secure. All IT operations are managed using its UEM technology, and to be a cloud-based system, it can help you in moving your deployment process online using this cloud platform along with variant benefits. As this isn’t a free mobile device management tool, many packages are available, and you must choose one that fits your business. Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Apple Inc., and Fujitsu are their strategic partners.

13. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Are you keen on offering a free-hand to your workforce? Let them loose, and let them operate anytime, from anywhere without any kind of security concerns. Trend Micro MDM software is what will do the job for you. It allows your company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices with utmost security no matter what you do and where you go. It is ideal for both android and iOS users; however, for the rest operating systems, this MDM system isn’t compatible enough.

You can enjoy increased privacy and security with this mobile device management for apple and 100% trust the complete user-experience. Additionally, you can improve your company ROI and stop internet threats with this mobile device management for android. It also offers Wi-Fi protection and ensures that your organization’s data remains safe at all times. You can enjoy many free MDM solutions with Trend Micro, which includes anti-ransomware tools (Ransom Buster and Decryptor Tool) mobile security apps for iOS and android smart devices, Trend Micro password manager, and Trend Micro ID security. You can also enjoy various threat protection and device cleanup tools for free. This mobile device management (MDM) allows you to make the best use of your device’s online security.

14. Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a revolutionary MDM system that can transmute your IT services and its delivery worldwide for your modern working environment – it is an integrated and highly-secured mobile device management system. Microsoft – the name itself is enough when it comes to reputation, brand value, and trust; therefore, it gives enterprises various reasons to choose this MDM software. First, it can upkeep your different mobile ecosystems. Second, being a cloud-based tool, you can achieve IT efficiencies to the zenith. Third, with this MDM tool, you need not enroll your mobile device – protect enterprise data with or without any device enrollment. Fourth, after available Microsoft MDM solutions, you always get 24 x 7 backup support.

Microsoft Intune MDM system can completely transform how your businesses operate. It uses the latest integrated endpoint management platform, providing a highly secured mobile and desktop experience. It lets you gain the highest productivity with exclusive user-experience. The major features of this mobile device management software include modernize OS management with full control, manage device ecosystem with cloud, front-door protection with limited access, and Office 360 cutting-edge data protection. Better, Entrust Datacard, evertrust, Jamf, pradeo, Check Point, Citrix, and Datalert are some of its technology partners, yet the list is never-ending.


APPTEC360 MDM tool gives your organization exclusive mobile device management solutions along with variant associated benefits. These benefits include simple, interactive admin-console; most OS compatibility; automated email configuration and VPN settings; company-owned and personal data protection; strict guidelines and privacy policies; simplified MDM system roll-out using SMS technology; infrastructural integration; high-end anti-virus protections; and extensive reporting solutions. APPTEC360 is well-known for its three state-of-the-art features – security, controllability, customized MDM solutions. You can always check-out the demo on the website; however, if you wish to use this before buying the premium version practically, then there’s a free mobile device management trial option available.

APPTEC360 also provides different products such as enterprise mobile manager, universal gateway, contentbox, automatic secure VPN, advanced web filter, custom launcher, secure browser, secure PIM container, malware, and anti-virus protection, remote control, and android API extender. All these products, along with mobile device management software, offer various solutions, which include mobile app management, mobile content management, digital signage, and kiosk mode, data loss prevention, and bring your device tool. The company also provides consulting services along with software training. APPTEC360 serves major industry giants like Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors, Polizei, Caritas, Medisana, Vodafone, Benjamin Steel, Suavinex, and Mobilcom debitel.

16. Rippling

Rippling mobile device management software allows both large and small organizations to secure and manage company devices with ease. Rippling offers various other products related to employee management, apps and access, payroll, devices, and security. This MDM software is a simplified solution for all your IT requirements; it connects IT devices (tablets, desktops, iPads, iPhones, and other smart devices) with a single employee system that is stationed within the premises for keeping and safeguarding the records. With this MDM tool, you can purchase, configure, manage, secure, and operate mobilized devices automatically. You can also manage cross-platform MDM with this tool – this is a unique feature that no other MDM solutions offer. The device management becomes completely hands-free with this system.

Onboarding newbies and managing existing employees becomes simple and easy with this mobile device management (MDM) – if you have an Apple business account, then you can obtain additional discount benefits. For every operating system, the pricing is different – this is not a free mobile device management system. Sitting in one place, a team-member can remotely install and configure apps on all MDM operated devices – anywhere and anytime. Similarly, you can protect business data distantly. If you find a threat, you will, from anywhere, be able to block it. Also, you can customize smart devices with this MDM system. The brand serves various industries that encompass accountants and brokers.

What are the factors to be considered before buying Mobile Device Management Software?

› Trial period

Even if the management is assured of the MDM solution it chooses, there must be a trial period to analyse the usability and credibility of the software. The trial period is considered as the test period that helps in considering technical implementation, smart time solution, and allows building a group of internal employees for the BYOD initiatives.

› Device support

With the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative, there are chances that the devices may support different operating system or handles varied service operators. The MDM solution implemented in the corporate system must be capable of managing various devices. It is also important to take an upfront decision and conveys during BYOD initiatives on what devices you are going to support and what devices may not be allowed.

› Security management

The MDM tools used in the company must have upfront security management services to avoid misuse of crucial information within the company. The MDM security management service will govern standard device security which will include passwords, passcodes, encryption, and authentication. This feature plays a vital role while initiating BYOD program in your company. It also cuts off all the links from the device as soon as the employee leaves the workplace.

› Software architecture

When choosing the right mobile device management solution for the business it is important to consider the rising popularity of Cloud services and infrastructure of the software. Each MDM solution has an on-site, cloud and hybrid platform which can be opted according to the business requirements.

› Integration

One of the major factors that every organization has to consider when choosing the right MDM tool is the integration of the software with the existing base of security and controls. The software has to be easy to use and complex at the same time for security functions. The right MDM software must be compatible in terms of security and efficiency while allowing the administration to monitor and control the overall systems.

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What are the essential features of the Mobile Device Management Software?

The best mobile device management software that an enterprise considers must pursue the following essential criteria;

The software must be cloud-based to automate the operation

Fully manageable with 24/7 monitoring features

Remote access, configuration, and monitoring

Software must have password protection, blacklist features, and other security enforcement.

Passcode enabled to prevent unauthorized access to mobile devices

Backup and restore functionalities

Reporting and Logging for compliance purpose

Jailbreaking and Rooting alerts for users

Compatibility with the major operating system and service providers

Ability to operate through multiple service providers

Protection against data breaches, wipe out

Improved productivity and efficiency for end users

What the benefits are to implement Mobile Device management software?

Implementing BYOD through mobile device management software has many tangible benefits for the company which includes reduction of cost, increased efficiency, reduced office space, and decreased IT staff burden. Other guided benefits of implementing MDM tools are;

Prevents data loss which is a major concern for IT managers

Controls auto wipe option from any mobile devices. This saves the data from unauthorized access from any rival business employee.

Automates work process which aids t greater ease of management.

Makes it easier to work from remote locations. MDM software requires internet for access, hence as long as there is uninterrupted connectivity, work process can be managed.

Why does a business need Mobile device management software?

Below are the points that justify the need for implementing MDM solution in the business system.

› The asset management or tracking mobile devices

The main reason for implementing MDM is to keep a track of devices that are working in the infrastructure. The asset management system helps the business to track the number of devices employed in the work area along with the types of devices. This helps in building a configuration system and analysing reports from each device along with ensuring the security of data transferred on each mobile device in the company.

› Screening apps

With the best mobile device management software, a business can screen the apps that are installed on mobile devices in the company. This further enables the business to achieve a comparable level of control on the devices and monitor the apps that are installed on them. This is also called whitelisting of apps, which allows you to form a list of apps that are allowed for installation. Furthermore, companies can blacklist apps that may cause security concerns for the company’s data.

› Keeping data confidential

Another vital factor that justifies the use of MDM software in the business system is keeping data confidential and hidden from the rival business. Since smartphones and other mobile devices have this facility of saving data on the devices and can be carried away from the offices, the risk factor is higher. MDM systems allow encrypted policy for data stored in various mobile devices. This ensures that data is encrypted during transmission itself and saves the files from being shared.

› Controlling device configuration

As mobile devices are feature-rich with functionalities like Bluetooth, internet, wifi access; they are equally useful. However, it can be a major concern for IT departments as there are risks prevailing around the security of data and information. MDM systems control the vulnerability of the features and allow remote control configuration that prevents the effects of misuse.

Questions to ask a vendor when buying MDM software

1. Is your MDM software simple to use and learn? 
2. Is your solution the right choice for my business niche? 
3. Is the system cloud-based, hybrid or on-site? 
4. Is it a fully-managed solution? 
5. Will I be able to configure it on my end without reaching out to you?
6. Does the system come in with remote monitoring? 
7. What kind of security policies are in place? 
8. Does the software facilitate smooth compliance? 
9. How does the system help in preventing unauthorized access? 
10. How secure will be our data?
11. Is there a provision to wipe out data remotely? 
12. Does the solution pack in geofencing capabilities? 
13. What is the process for data backups and restoration?
14. What type of reports can I get out of the software?  
15. What would the system do if a user tries to bypass the set restrictions?
16. How can I stop/disable unauthorized devices or applications? Can I do that remotely? 
17. How flexible is your software to accommodate increasing users and advanced devices?
18. What happens if security is compromised? 
19. Do you provide 24/7 support? Are your support and maintenance services included in the product cost?
20. Is it easy to integrate this solution with my existing tools and workflows? 
21. Are there additional charges for future upgrades?

How much does Mobile Device Management Software cost?

Usually, most of the MDM solution vendors charge on per device basis. Several other vendors offer packages that include maintenance, configuration, additional support, software update fees, and minimum device. Few other vendors charge perpetually on an annual subscription basis. It is advised to get quotes from multiple vendors, perform cost analysis, implementation ease, and then finalize on what type of subscription is suitable for the company. The more advanced MDM solution, the higher is the subscription charges. There are different tired plans for a different type of companies as well.


Mobile Device Management Software is an end-to-end solution for security- meaning configuration of devices, blacklisting of apps, monitoring network data transfer and handling multiple service providers. Depending on the companies’ requirements, one must choose the best mobile device management software.