10 Best Shipping Software Solutions For Your eCommerce Businesses in 2022

list of top rated Shipping Software

For any growing e-commerce business, handling the increasing volume of orders the traditional way is nothing less than a struggle. From ensuring the products have the right shipping labels to calculating appropriate costs for each shipment, the process turns too hectic and time-consuming. That’s why more and more online businesses are turning to shipping software to streamline this entire process.

Shipping software is a software solution that brings automation to your organization’s shipping process. The system streamlines everything right from managing the shipment to tracking its delivery to your customers. It also lets you generate and print shipping labels and packing slips, in bulk, with complete accuracy.

What’s more? A majority of enterprise shipping software offers integrations with leading e-commerce platforms. That not only helps you manage your orders from one place but also speeds up the shipping process.

Furthermore, integration with multiple shipping carriers allows you to select the one that best matches your needs for each shipment. Besides, the system packs in real-time calculations of shipping charges based on factors, such as an item’s dimensions, weight, and delivery location. That ensures just shipping rates, for every individual order, helping you control costs significantly.

To put it in simple words, a shipping system optimizes your shipping and helps reduce costs. All while taking care of the compliance needs.

Luckily, there are plenty of such systems out there in the market. And to save you the trouble of looking up the best ones, we’ve compiled the list of the top 10 shipping software solutions here. So, let’s check them out.

10 Best Shipping Software For Your Business

1. ShipStation

Best Shipping Software ShipStation

ShipStation empowers you to not only organize but also streamline your entire order fulfillment cycle. This shipping software for e-commerce lets you add multiple selling channels and carriers on a single platform with ease. That means no more switching between different systems, along with a smoother order management process.

ShipStation is known for its robust set of offerings, ranging from branding and automation to label printing and order tracking. The software also lets you detect the lowest rates for shipping based on the destinations and package sizes. The best thing is, the system saves these rates to apply them automatically for future order fulfillment.

The software caters to the needs of more than 100,000 merchants at present. It is suitable for e-commerce businesses of all sizes and stature.


    • Order management: Hassle-free imports and management of orders from multiple funnels.
    • Shipping labels: Generation and printing of discounted shipping labels.
    • Tracking: Manage in-transit orders as well as your inventory levels.
    • Branding: Personalized customer experience through branded order tracking pages, custom emails, packing slips, returns portal, and SMS notifications.
    • Automation & batching: Scan-based workflow & automated shipping.
    • Integrations: Integration with leading e-commerce platforms and shopping carts.


    • It makes your order fulfillment process simpler, quicker, more affordable, and centralized.
    • It sends instant, accurate notifications on the shipments to both the customer and the selling channel.
    • It integrates with major order management platforms, marketplaces, and shipping carriers, like Shopify, FedEx, and Amazon. That further simplifies your business activities.
    • It helps you choose the lowest shipping charges, letting you control costs.
    • It offers comprehensive, free support services for hassle-free onboarding.


ShipStation offers various plans and packages. Its most popular plan, Gold, costs you $69 a month for 3000 shipments. Its Starter pack costs as low as $9 a month for 50 shipments.

2. Shippo

Best Shipping Software Shippo

Shippo is multi-carrier shipping software for e-commerce that is trusted by over 100K brands. The company partners with more than 85 global carriers as well as dozens of online store platforms. As a result, you can get up and running immediately without having to undergo the hectic integration process.

From allowing you to connect all your stores in one place to monitor your shipments, Shippo offers it all. It takes care of your need to generate discounted shipping labels efficiently. Additionally, it facilitates the generation of automatic labels for returns without any extra costs. Add to that the prompt notifications about the shipments to your clients and you. And it makes for a complete solution to manage and grow your overall operations in the smoothest way possible.


    • It offers syncing of multiple sales channels in one place.
    • It allows the creation of shipping labels at discounted rates.
    • It streamlines returns with automatic return label generation.
    • It provides accurate post-purchase monitoring of shipments with instant notifications, keeping you and the consumers in the loop all the time.
    • It offers easy integrations with 85+ carriers and e-commerce platforms globally.


    • It makes order management quicker and conflict-free.
    • It helps you choose the lowest shipping rates for each order.
    • It is scalable to meet your growing needs.
    • It can offer you potential savings of about 90% on the shipping labels.
    • It is an easy to use system that gets up and running immediately, even for a non-tech savvy individual.


Shippo shipping software is available in three plans: Starter, Professional, and Premier. The Starter pack is available for free with all the necessary features in place. The cost of the Professional plan begins at $10 a month, and the Premier one is a custom solution with personalized pricing.

3. ShippingEasy

Best Shipping Software ShippingEasy

One of the best online shipping software solutions, ShippingEasy, is built to simplify your entire shipping procedure. It has an intuitive, easy to move aroundinterface that helps both the smaller and bigger e-commerce merchants to launch their operations in no time.

This software system automates your conventional workflows so that you are able to ship faster than before. It also packs in the function to generate and print labels almost instantly. What’s more? It allows you to automatically import orders from all your online stores in a seamless manner.


    • It offers the lowest shipping rates, exclusive discounts, insurance savings, and USPS commercial rates irrespective of the size.
    • It streamlines your order management with real-time order downloads from multiple platforms.
    • It automates and tracks your shipments in real-time with timely alerts.
    • It packs in advance reporting functionality with comprehensive and customizable shipping reports.
    • It automates returns with a mere click.


    • It helps manage all your shipping operations from a single platform, saving you significant time.
    • It offers you valuable shipping insights with its precise reports.
    • It helps reduce costs with its discounted shipping rates.
    • It offers integrations with the top marketplaces, shopping carts,multi carrier shipping software and platforms.
    • It comes in with ongoing unlimited support for free.


ShippingEasy is available in six different plans: Starter, Basic, Plus, Select, Premium, and Enterprise. All these plans cost $5, $29, $49, $69, $99, and $159 per month, respectively.

4. Orderhive

Best Shipping Software Orderhive

With Orderhive, you can sync all your orders and shipping data in real-time without any troubles. Considered one of the most reliable multi-carrier shipping software, its robust automation tool brings in a great yet low-cost shipping experience for your e-commerce business.

Whether it is receiving orders from different channels or carrying out bulk label printing, Orderhive is easy to navigate. It also lets you compare shipping rates and personalize shipping collaterals. In fact, you can set a default template for shipping labels and packing slips to give operations a boost. All in all, the system includes everything you may need for a simpler and more efficient shipping process.


    • It supports order imports from multiple channels for shipping.
    • It lets you choose the best fulfillment method for every individual shipment.
    • It has a shipping rate calculator for comparing shipping rates, insurance rates, label charges, and services.
    • It offers bulk actions such as details’ imports, exports, and printing.
    • It automates shipping workflows with personalized rules for repetitive tasks.
    • It offers end-to-end tracking of the delivery.


    • Its streamlined, automated workflow accelerates your shipping process, which, in turn, lowers the order fulfillment duration.
    • It provides accurate, real-time updates on orders and shipments.
    • It brings flexibility and transparency into the entire shipping process, helping you improve your operations.
    • Its smart bulk actions reduce the order processing time.


Orderhive shipping software is available in five plans, including the free one for Shopify users and a custom Enterprise package. It’s Lite, Starter, and Growth plans cost $44.99, $134.99, and $269.99 per month, respectively.

5. Stamps.com

Best Shipping Software Stamps

Whether you ship a single order or deal with thousands of shipments a day, Stamps.com is there to make the process simpler than ever. It is a reliable enterprise shipping system with a simple interface, making it easy to operate by an expert and novice alike.

The solution packs in powerful automated tools for shipping that help you get things done faster without stretching your budget. From automatic order imports to tracking alerts, the system is designed to streamline the shipping process from beginning till the end.


    • It offers a single dashboard to ship and manage all your orders from different marketplaces and stores.
    • It can automatically choose the best shipping method as per the delivery speed, package weight, size, and rates.
    • It provides order tracking information to you and your consumers.
    • It lets you use presets for applying shipping preferences when there are multiple orders.
    • It provides one-click printing of labels for bulk orders.


    • It helps decrease your shipping duration without increasing costs.
    • It offers a centralized dashboard to manage each incoming order, boosting your order management process.
    • It works for businesses of any size.
    • Its rapid, trackable delivery helps meet customer expectations while increasing your ratings as a seller.


You need to get in touch with the Stamps.com team for pricing details of their shipping solution.

6. Easyship

Best Shipping Software Easyship

Easyship, one of the best cloud-based shipping software, fulfills the shipping needs of all types of businesses, from small to micro to big firms. It enables you to obtain the lowest shipping rates without compromising on the overall customer experience.

The software provides an efficient solution for handling both your local and international shipments seamlessly. You can manage multiple sales channels with its integrated and easy to use platform. And since it has an elaborate network of global 3PL partners, you can improve the transit times significantly while leveraging the tailor-made fulfillment strategy.
The best part? Easyship lets you get started in mere minutes.


    • Access to over 250 couriers with smart flat-rate services. You can also connect your courier account without hassles.
    • Advanced shipping management, including scheduling, customer alerts, delivery estimates, batch shipping, printing, analytics, and much more.
    • Integrations with all the leading e-commerce marketplaces and platforms.
    • Insurance and rates at checkout.
    • Automation with store-wide configurations and shipping rules.
    • Finance management with a flexible, pay-when-you-ship method.
    • Shipment creation with document generation, product catalog, address validations, and more.


    • It is simple to use.
    • It helps enhance customer experience with up-to-date tracking and personalization.
    • It speeds up the order fulfillment process.
    • It provides the best shipping rates, delivery method, and courier for every shipment.
    • It opens up avenues for global growth with its seamless partner network.


Easyship shipping software comes in four different plans: Free, Plus at INR 1999 a month, Premier at INR 3999 a month, and Enterprise at custom pricing.

7. Intelliship

Best Shipping Software Intelliship

As a free enterprise shipping software, Intelliship brings a host of powerful functions to the table. Intuitive in design, this software system is simple to navigate, even for someone from a non-tech background.

With Intelliship, you can centralize all your shipping operations in one place. The system supports a multi-carrier and cloud-based shipping process, letting you stay on top of what’s happening all the time. Moreover, the system provides you with automatic shipping at the lowest rates and precise data management, along with reporting functions. The best part? It takes care of your domestic and international shipping needs with as much efficacy.


    • It allows you to ship through multiple carriers, locally and globally.
    • It automates shipping by choosing the minimum rates to post comparisons.
    • It lets you configure shipping rules and compliance as per your process.
    • It offers the creation & printing of shipping labels.
    • It performs address validation.


    • It empowers you to make informed business decisions, leading to consistent business growth.
    • It helps control cost through price comparison and automated selection of the best-priced carrier for each order.
    • It offers quick start-up time, no special training required.
    • It helps improve customer satisfaction levels through centralized, systematic shipping management.


Intelliship cloud-based shipping software is available for free.

8. Ordoro

Best Shipping Software Ordoro

If you have more than one channel of suppliers and sales, Ordoro can be an ideal choice for your business shipping needs. One of the best shipping software for e-commerce, this system can turn into your centralized hub of operations with its hassle-free third-party integrations.

From multi-carrier shipping to order management and inventory management, Ordoro offers it all. Furthermore, it supports dropshipping functionality with Vendor Portal activation and options of manual and automated routing. On top of it all, the software packs in an adequate security mechanism. That makes all the sensitive store data and customer information thoroughly secure.


    • Discounted rates for shipping through USPS.
    • A range of integrated shipping carriers to choose from.
    • Ability to customize shipping presets and automation rules.
    • Printing of shipping labels individually or in batches.
    • Inventory management with automatic tracking, syncing, and barcode scanning.
    • Supplier feeds for back-end communication in real-time.
    • Rapid drop-shipping operations.


    • It is a comprehensive solution that streamlines your orders, inventory, and shipping management.
    • It automates your workflow, saving you time and resources.
    • It supports customization and integrations, letting you leverage the system as per your unique business needs.
    • It eliminates human errors, accelerating the fulfillment process.


Ordoro shipping software system is available in Express, Pro, and Enterprise plan that begin from $59, $499, and $999 per month, respectively, with zero set-up fees.

9. ShipHawk

Best Shipping Software ShipHawk

As an advanced shipping software, ShipHawk is built to tackle the requirements of high volume e-commerce, wholesale and retail companies. It supports multi-carrier integration into its platform for a smoother shipping process.

What’s more interesting is, ShipHawk is not just another shipping solution since it also offers a powerful packing process. The system assists you in building business operations that are driven by accurate data. It also takes care of all your shipping documentation while boosting your order processing capability by up to five times. The highlight, however, is that it lets you manage your sales and fulfillment from wherever you are.


    • It offers customization of business rules.
    • It supports multi-carrier shipping and packing, together with a multi-warehouse optimization function.
    • It provides tailor-made reporting as well as real-time shipping analytics and data.
    • It supports integration with multiple marketplaces, plugins, and online stores.
    • It offers shipment tracking and seamless management of high volume orders.


    • It enhances order management through its centralized platform.
    • It eliminates manual warehouse steps, speeding up your fulfillment process.
    • It selects the right shipping carriers and services for each shipment automatically.
    • It is scalable enough to meet your growing business’s needs.
    • Its smart algorithms help you reduce shipping costs and boost your revenues.
    • Its data-driven insights improve your business decisions.


Contact the ShipHawk team for the pricing of their multi-carrier eCommerce shipping software.

10. ShipperHQ

Best Shipping Software ShipperHQ

Whether you sell ice creams or electronics, ShipperHQ can be your ideal shipping and delivery software. It is a flexible solution that can adapt to your distinct business logic to optimize the entire shipping experience.

With ShipperHQ, you get the freedom to craft a relevant shipping strategy that fits in with real-world expectations. It facilitates integration with more than 50 carriers across the world to help expand your business. What’s more? It breathes transparency into the process by providing your customers with the most credible shipping options, elevating their trust in your brand.


    • Creation of shipping strategy as per your requirements.
    • Custom shipping options and rates depending upon your business logic.
    • Integration with 50+ shipping carriers from around the world.
    • Unparalleled accuracy even for last-mile deliveries.
    • Innovative, faster delivery methods.
    • Order shipping insights and real-time data.
    • Flexible and scalable to meet your evolving shipping rules and needs.


    • It helps boost your customer conversion rates with its rapid delivery options.
    • It is capable of tackling any logistical shipping issues and conversion problems before they take place.
    • It lets you enjoy complete control of the shipping options and rates that your customers would see.
    • It offers seamless shipping across the globe without stretching your budget.


ShipperHQ for Shopify costs about $45.83, $91.67, and $275 per month for Essentials, Standard, and Pro plans, respectively. You must note that it offers different plans and pricing for different platforms. For instance, pricing for BigCommerce varies from that of Magento or Woo Commerce.

Curious to know more about shipping systems? Check out this shipping software buyer’s guide that digs deeper into the concept, right from its features and benefits to factors for choosing the right shipping software for small businesses.

Buyer’s Guide: Shipping Software

Shipping forms an integral part of every business, whether online or offline, that caters to the needs of its customers by offering a variety of goods. And with ever-evolving technologies, shipping operations are increasingly going digital through dedicated shipping systems. What are these systems? Why should you switch to one? We’ll look at all that and more in this blog.
But before we do that, let’s first begin by exploring the definition of shipping.

» What is Shipping?

In the simplest terms, shipping refers to the process of moving goods from one point of the channel to the other, domestically and across the borders. For instance, delivery of merchandise from your warehouse/store to the customers’ address. Or transfer of raw materials/goods between warehouses or from the manufacturing unit to the wholesaler’s depot.

In a product lifecycle, shipping comes only after product manufacturing and packing as per the predefined standards.

Shipping is usually handled by dedicated shipping agencies or logistics companies that charge a certain amount for their services. Known as shipping charges, these rates depend on various factors, including the package weight, size, distance, and speed of delivery. Many small businesses, however, take care of their shipping requirements on their own while starting.

» Types of Shipping

Shipping is done via either land, sea, or air, or a combination of one or more of these forms.

Land/ground shipping is the most popular and effective type of shipping. But it can prolong the delivery when points of pick-up and drop are across states/nations.

Shipping by sea works best for international shipments. However, it is a cost-effective yet slower method. In some cases, it can take up to six months for the packages to reach their destinations.

Shipping by air, on the other hand, is faster than land and ocean shipping. But it is more expensive, too, in comparison.

In the end, it all comes down to the type of products you want to ship, the pick-up and drop end, and the priority of delivery.

» What is Shipping Software?

Shipping software is a software system that automates the conventional management and tracking of your entire shipping mechanism. The system can handle every task related to shipping, right from the creation of quotations, documentation, and bills to reporting and analytics. It also lets you schedule and monitors your shipments in real-time, speeding up the order fulfillment process.

And that’s not it. A shipping software solution allows you to bring together all your selling channels in one place. Let's say you are selling on your website, a brick-and-mortar store, and even marketplaces like Amazon. Now, with shipping software, you can integrate all these selling points on a single platform. That not only streamlines your operations but also eliminates confusion and the potential of human errors.

Add to that the ability to partner with multiple carriers at discounted rates. And you get to offer the best shipping experience to your customers while saving your costs. Plus, it offers integrations with other solutions, such as ecommerce platforms, supply chain management software, inventory and fleet management systems, and simplifying things even further.

The best part? There are many paid and free shipping software available out there. So, you can easily pick the one that suits your distinct requirements. To do it the right way, though, you must know the common features these solutions pack in. Let’s discover what those features are.

» What are the Top Features of Shipping Software?
    • Multi-carrier support

Businesses often tend to partner with more than one shipping carrier for their varying shipping needs. And that’s why the best shipping software companies include multi-carrier support in their software system. Having this feature enables you to set the workflow and define rules to choose the best fit carrier for a particular order automatically. All while complying with the guidelines and the carrier’s requirements.

    • Shipping rate calculations & comparisons

All the leading shipping systems come in with in-built calculators that calculate precise shipping rates as well as compare charges from various carriers. Such calculations and rate comparisons help you choose the best-matching carrier offering the lowest rates, in real-time, for both bulk and individual orders. Interestingly, this entire function is often an automated one, saving your time and resources even further.

    • Shipment tracking

Shipping systems are frequently referred to as shipping tracking software due to their inherent geo-tracking capabilities. It is because of this real-time monitoring that you get to know where your shipments are at any given time. Furthermore, the system allows you to manage and store all the transit data and documents in digital form.

    • Customization

Every leading shipping solution for businesses allows the personalization of its features, including branding elements. That enables you to create shipping labels and bills that are in line with your offline business identity, establishing a stronger recall value and trust among your clients.

    • Integrations

For overall smoother business operations, shipping software lets you integrate with other business solutions and 3PLs hassle-freely. Such as accounting systems, shopping cart platforms, and warehouse management software.

    • Bulk printing

With the bulk printing feature in your shipping software, you can print multiple packing slips and shipping labels, at the same time, for each order. It provides you with an option to either print individual labels or group them in batches.

    • Shipping reports

Any top-rated shipping software offers reporting and analytics tools for you to generate insightful shipping reports as and when you need them. It enables you to create reports considering one or more aspects, like customer type, package dimension, delivery locations, shipping rates, total orders, and unshipped orders.

    • Drop-shipping

With drop-shipping functions in place, you can easily manage to ship products directly to the customers from the manufacturers or other sellers. And keep track of the shipments as well. That way, the software frees you from the need to store the goods in your warehouse.

    • Product returns

Sometimes, customers opt to return the products they purchase, and thus, a lot of enterprise shipping solutions offer return shipping. Such returns also adhere to predefined return policies.

    • Mobile access

Plenty of shipping software solutions offer remote access and support multi-device compatibility. Some also come in with a dedicated mobile app to let you stay on top of your shipping process, no matter where you are.

» What are the Benefits of Shipping Software System?

Switching to an efficient business shipping software can bring a host of benefits to your online store in the following ways:

    • Increased transparency

With accurate, real-time monitoring of shipments, you always know the exact status of the shipped orders with locations. That not only makes the entire process more transparent but also helps make faster deliveries. Moreover, the system can also send order status updates to customers, enhancing their overall experience and trust in your brand.

    • Discounted shipping rates

The shipping software can auto-select the lowest shipping rates after a thorough rate comparison considering factors like delivery speed, item weight, and destination. And it happens for every order coming in, letting you bring down your costs to a great extent.

    • Accurate billing and labels

Once you implement the shipping solution, you no longer need to manually create the bills of lading, shipping labels, or packing slips. The software, with its plenty of readymade, customizable templates, does it all with unmatched accuracy, eliminating the possibility of human errors.

    • Faster order fulfillment

Thanks to the automation of multiple processes like carrier selection, rate calculation, and geo-tracking, you will be able to fulfill orders more rapidly. That, in turn, will help elevate customer satisfaction and reliability in your brand.

    • Elimination of manual errors

Whether it is the calculation of shipping rates or generation of shipping labels and packing slips, the shipping software would take care of it all. Thus, there would be greater accuracy with no room for mistakes arising out of human carelessness or ignorance.

    • Optimizes cost and time

The shipping software would become a centralized, integrated hub of your shipping operations, allowing you to manage everything from a single dashboard. From orders to shipping carrier details to inventory to pricing and reports. All of these together will not only help you optimize your time but also make your business operations cost-effective.

    • Better decision-making

Whether it is insights on the latest shipping trends, shipment monitoring, or real-time analytics, the shipping software is designed to improve the quality of your business decisions significantly. The better decisions you make, the swifter it would be your business growth.

» How to Choose the Best Shipping Software?

Since each local and international shipping software comes in with its own set of features, it becomes even more vital to select the right solution. And to do that, you can simply assess where do your shortlisted systems stand in terms of the following factors:

    • Ease of use

How simple is it to use the software? Can you move around its different functions without any hassles? If yes, you can go ahead with it. If no, it’s best to remove the solution from your shortlist. After all, there is no practical point in using a system that makes you scratch your head every time you use it.

Remember, powerful functionality does NOT have to be complicated to use.

    • Rich set of features

Ensure that your enterprise shipping software ticks off all the list of features that arise out of your shipping needs. From order management to multi-carrier support to real-time tracking to batch shipping to automation rules, the software should make the shipping process smoother and smarter for you.

    • Scalability

Your business will grow over time and so should your shipping software. Make sure that the system you choose is capable of handling your increasing requirements in the future. The software should also be easy to scale down too. Moreover, there must be hassle-free upgrades and feature add-ons/removals. Switching software, after all, is hectic, time-consuming, and far more expensive.

    • Customization

The ideal shipping solutions offer the flexibility to meet your unique needs in the form of personalization. So, while picking the software, check if it allows you to tweak features and functions. And the extent of such customization. However, customizations should never make the software complicated to use.

    • Integration

The whole point of using a shipping software solution is to streamline and accelerate your shipping operations. Hence, a majority of systems offer integrations with diverse systems you may already be using. For instance, marketplace software, accounting systems, ERP, and order management software. All of that to free you from having to shuffle between multiple solutions. Therefore, always determine what kind of integration the software has to offer before finalizing it.

    • Compatibility

In today’s fast-paced world, the best shipping software offers you the ability to work on the go. To make the most of it, choose a system that is compatible with your existing hardware. Also, ascertain that whether it offers anytime, anywhere accessibility so that you don’t miss important work updates just because you’re on the move.

    • Business tools

There is no point in obtaining data from the system if you can’t put it into action. Thus, keep in mind to go for a software system that comes in with accurate analytics and real-time reporting. Such functions don’t just keep you updated about your shipping operations but also help you make the right decisions, at the right time.

  • Training & support

No matter how easy the software is to use, you will still need some sort of training and assistance. So, before locking the final deal, figure out the kind of implementation and ongoing support the vendor has to offer, along with the duration of training. How can you reach the support team? Will there be a dedicated point of contact? What happens if the system crashes? Such questions also need to be asked.

» How Much Does the Shipping Software Cost?

Like every business, every shipping solution is unique with its own set of features, and functionalities to help achieve your goals. And therefore, there is a great amount of variability when it comes to shipping software pricing.

There are multiple factors that determine the cost of the software, including features, customization, scalability, number of users, shipping volume, and cloud connectivity, to name a few. Some of these systems are available for a monthly subscription, while the others come at an annual fee. There are free shipping solutions as well. However, they lack certain functionality or limit the number of users or shipping volume.

To give you a rough estimate, the price of shipping software can start as low as about $10 per month. And it can shoot as high as $999 a month. Some also charge about $499 as annual fees.

In the end, it all depends upon your requirements and what you want out of the system.

» Conclusion

Shipping software, as we explored, is a boon for businesses that cater to customers through their product range. Especially those with an e-marketplace presence. It streamlines the shipping process from start to finish while reducing the duration of order delivery. The system’s automation helps save you time and cost. And its insightful, actionable data empowers you to make informed decisions even in the most dynamic situations.

It’s a win-win for all: customers get rapid delivery and a better experience while you achieve smoother, organized operations.

Are you using any shipping software? If not, do you consider switching to one? What are your concerns about using the system? Tell us in the comments.

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