List of Top 10 Benefits Administration Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What do you understand about Benefits Administration Software? 

Benefits administration software is designed to reduce the traditional paperwork and automate employee benefits eligibility, elections, and enrollment for medical purposes like dental and other ancillary options. The management uses the software to track the timings, attendance, performance management, and others. The benefits administration technology saves your time by replacing the paperwork for selecting employer-sponsored benefits. The employees have access to the self-service system that would automatically enroll them in all approved coverages through a digital employee self-service system.

» How to pick the best Benefits Administration Software? 

Choosing the best benefits administration software is essential for the betterment of workforce management. You will find that HR dynamics drastically changed over the years, considering how cloud-based processes replaced manual benefits, administration, and other HR tasks. The factors you should consider while choosing the best benefits administration software are:

  • Consider the amount of workforce.
  • The kind of employees working in your company
  • The size of the company
  • Budget constraints
  • Your requirement 
  • The type of industry 
  • Overall management system
  • The amount of support required for the growth of your organization. 

It would give you a fair idea of which software would be the best for your company when you compare the features of each business administration software. Also, the reviews will help you decide when you perform thorough online research.

» What are the advantages you get from Benefits Administration Platforms?

The benefits administration software benefits the company in some of the following ways.

  1. The organizations use benefits administrative systems to manage employee benefits like insurance plans with stock options and facilitate opening enrollment through an administration dashboard.
  2. Organizations use these applications to view, adjust, and manage employee benefits packages. The employees can access their portals via employee benefits administration software with self-service options. The benefits administration tools enable them to view, manage, and update their profile by uploading new documents.
  3. It enables the HR department to administer & manage benefits packages, encouraging healthy usage among the employees.
  4. You can implement the software as a standalone solution or as part of an integrated HR management suite. Most benefits management software solutions providers also work for business enterprises as Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) by rendering the services like administration and payroll.

» List of Top 10 Benefits Administration Software

best Benefits Administration Software

1. Ease


Are you losing out on time using traditional paperwork? Well, the good news is that technology has advanced so much that it would manage employee benefits and HR online, especially when you manage millions of employees in an organization. Ease empowers the company employees & clients with digital solutions. Is your business a startup? Is the cost your concern? Ease helps the growth of new businesses & expands your clientele through advanced features. You have every scope to build deep relationships with the employees.


      • Frees you from all chaos created by manual administration through an easy online enrolment.
      • Protects you from upcoming challenges that you might encounter.
      • Easy mapping through digitally mapped forms.
      • Easy form submission to the general agent and carrier TPA partners.
      • It is user-friendly software.


      • It is a user-friendly benefits administration system enabling you to add employees.
      • It is the best benefits administration software that allows the employees to view a comparison with coverage details and the cost per-pay period.
      • Provides the employees with a unique login and enables them to discuss the benefit options at home.
      • Helps determine the eligibility of the plans they add from time to time.
      • Helps you to work with your existing partners smoothly.


      • Ease offers three pricing packages:
      • Bronze: $22 per pay period. 
      • Silver: The cost of the silver package is $30 in case of per pay period. 
      • Gold: It comes to you at $42 per day. 

2. Rippling


Rippling is a benefits administration software that enables you to manage the entire administration matter under a single roof. It includes management of employees, salaries, perks, devices, and more. Rippling lets you shop for new and affordable benefits within a few minutes. It allows you to quote, compare, and enroll in over 4000 plans that leading insurance companies like Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield would offer. Even the brokers can access Rippling for more guidance when they select a new plan or coverage.


      • It comes to you with customized branding.
      • Effective management of job applications and interviews.
      • Automatic enrollment of recruits in health insurance, retirement benefits, and others.
      • Free from paperwork.
      • Cost estimation and comparison.


      • Efficient & effortless management of staff, employee benefits, payroll, and others.
      • Offers many plans with different plans and enables comparing the quotations.
      • Instant connection of your current plan with the existing plan and prices.
      • Allows automatic enrollment of recruits in company benefits.
      • Enables you to track the performance & progress of the employees.


      • Bronze: The cost of a bronze package is $263, which the company pays $237. 
      • Silver: In the silver package, when you invest $336, the company would pay $205. 
      • Platinum: The platinum package comes to you at $403, of which the company would bear the expense of $267. 

3. PlanSource


It comes to you in the form of a mobile app comprising similar features and functionality to a desktop platform. The application got designed to automate and simplify each aspect of employee benefit programs so employees and HR teams can make smarter decisions regarding the benefits. It renders a suite of technology-enabled services that maximize the benefits of the people in the organization. It comprises varied employee groups in a company. PlanSource also designates the contributions of employers & employees into benefits premiums.


      • It contains a configurable window
      • Allows data import and export
      • Management of feedback
      • Integration of accounts
      • Forecasting of labor


      • Management of employee benefits within a short time.
      • Enables the employees to make wiser decisions.
      • Enables the reductions of offering benefits to the employees.
      • Spend less time on compliance.
      • Simplifies the tasks of the HR department.


The pricing for PlanSource starts from $4 per month.

4. Paycom


Paycom is one of the benefits administration mobile tools that enable managers and supervisors to complete the most critical management tasks involving employees in any location. It includes approving hours worked, time-off requests and expenses, and viewing the schedules of visiting team members. Paycom is a benefits administration system that streamlines and automates employee enrollments to maintain the confidentiality of their sensitive data. It reduces the errors that could lead to costly violations of rules set by HIPAA, COBRA, & others. Paycom provides you with many other features.


      • The software comes to you with reports and dashboards.
      • Provides the employees with self-service options
      • Designed to simplify the tasks of the management and the employees.
      • It is highly scalable.
      • Provides you with customized auditing and reporting.


      • Easy enrolment of employees
      • It frees the management & employees from paperwork
      • Enables you to know pay per period & deductible amount.
      • Provides access to add & modify beneficiaries & dependents.
      • Protects your business from CORBA violations, fines, & penalties.


Paycom comes to you with five types of benefits administration software.

      • Deel: $49 per user.
      • Whistle Willow: Whistle Willow offers a free trial. The paid version is $0.50 per user.
      • Gtmhub: The software comes to you for a free trial. The paid version costs $7 per user.
      • Test Invite: Free Trial available. Paid Version: $100 (one-time payment)
      • Hourly Talent: $1 per user. You also have an option for a free trial.

5. SyncHR


The purpose of SyncHR is to eliminate the burden of traditional benefits and provide a user-friendly application to the employees so they can perform research and select the best-suited events for them. They need not depend on the HR team to update their activities. It enhances employee experience, offering a simplified enrollment that makes the job of the administration department easy. SyncHR is one of the advanced tools for zero-stress benefits administration that offers you an enhanced employee experience on simplified enrollment. The application offers you some of the following features & benefits.


      • It comprises data management for compliance reporting, including a dynamic organization chart, document storage, position management, and a self-service portal for each employee.
      • The employees can run the date-based payroll to perform the past, present, and future calculations.
      • Enables smooth recruitment through onboarding.
      • It supports a variety of functions related to compensation.
      • Supports multiple login times, including mobile devices, time clocks, and web punching.
      • Offers a customized rule-based event.


      • It provides the company with a unified platform to store all information in one database.
      • The tools present in the software allow you to create tabled dashboards, charts & ad-hoc reports.
      • It helps the company deliver e-learning through a learning management platform.
      • It includes the performance management component with the required tools for the employees to perform better.
      • Best-suited for industries like retail, high tech, manufacturing & distribution, financial services & more.


The basic plan comes to you at $0.01.

6. PrismHR


PrismHR Benefits Administration Software helps manage your clients’ benefit programs, even if there is an increase in benefit complexity. It features the flexibility required for customizing benefit programs according to client requirements. Prism HR employee benefits administration offers the business intelligence that you need for making amendments for changing healthcare regulations from time to time. PrismHR offers a highly configurable set of parameters that support absence processing, flexible spending, administration, and others.  It offers employers a date-sensitive benefit plan setup and company rules, making the most complex calculations easy. These calculations also include the eligibility level of the clients & contribution rules.  


      • It provides clients with customized benefit programs according to their needs.
      • It is a full-tool set that can configure and set up parameters.
      • Contains built-in safeguards that allow the complete collection of benefit plans.
      • Designed to handle complex calculations, including client-level eligibility.
      • Provides complete and detailed processes and reports that facilitate auditing, payment collections, and benefit premiums.


      • Helps the professional employer organization & administration to reduce risks.
      • It increases staff efficiency, enabling the business to expand.
      • It can deliver payroll benefits & HR to over 2 million worksite employees.
      • It can process the payroll for more than $80 billion annually.
      • Provides security to your data & handles complex calculations.


Please contact the vendor to know about the pricing.

7. SAP


The SAP benefits administration software enables an organization to manage all business aspects like finances, HR, procurement, and logistics. It is a business suite that comes to you with a wide range of business applications. The purpose of SAP is to streamline and simplify the online benefits of employee enrollment, communications and administration. It contains a suite of tools that helps the administration department to manage benefit programs like cloud deployment. You can also access SAP through smartphones or iPhones.


      • It is a unified user interface, easy for the consumers to operate.
      • It comes to you with a streamlined transition between recruiting, onboarding, and employee benefits enrollment.
      • Self-service for HR and other employees.
      • Prebuilt integration with hundreds of leading benefits.
      • It is a mobile interface that gives access to benefits information.


      • It reduces the benefits expenses substantially.
      • Increases visibility & control over benefits programs.
      • Empowers the employees with more information.
      • IT procurement & support is made more accessible.
      • Accessible to all devices
      • Enables proactive management of benefit costs.


Contact the vendor to know about the price.

8. Namely


Namely is the only benefits administration software with a talent management platform for the employees apart from the payroll benefits. It focuses on building HR technology and services to encounter challenges that medium-sized companies face. The software covers the critical needs of the Human Resource department, such as compliance under a single roof. Namely helps recruit, onboard, and manage the employees to ensure they would get paid on time. It allows you to experience the integrated power of benefits accompanied by HR & payroll.


      • It is a modern application that provides an intuitive platform.
      • The software offers a powerful and efficient process that provides onboarding solutions and automated tasks.
      • It is a talent management application.
      • Tracking the time and attendance.
      • It contains time off-tracking, newsfeed, onboarding, and eVerify integration.


      • Helps in attracting, interviewing, and hiring the right candidate.
      • Removes the stress of payroll processing and increases your confidence.
      • It provides you with a platform to provide access to prominent persons for gaining support for your leadership.
      • It contains a powerful compliance library that deals with changing regulatory requirements.
      • Helps in attracting & retaining talents via top-tier benefits.


Get in touch with the vendor to know the pricing plans.

9. Benefitfocus


Benefitfocus is software designed keeping in mind the requirements of consumers, employers, insurance carriers, and brokers. It is an online portal that comes to you with many solutions that support communication enrollment, administration, and services. Benefitfocus helps in simple enrolments and controlling costs. It also increases engagement to ensure a happy environment that increases the productivity of a workforce. It increases the efficiency of the operations by delivering end-to-end solutions, which would also improve customer satisfaction. Benefitfocus also offers the employees an innovative platform for customer service, which optimizes their benefits strategy & their exceptional experience for business enhancement.


      • Designed according to user requirements
      • Free access to the management, HR, and employees.
      • It helps in creating reports and dashboards
      • It is a third-party carrier that provides access to build a unique marketplace.
      • Helps in facilitating employee enrollment in health insurance plans.


      • Provides an innovative platform to serve your customers
      • Makes enrolment simple and helps control cost
      • Increases operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction via end-to-end solutions.
      • Provides you with end-to-end solutions required for increasing the efficiency of the employees.
      • Optimizes the employee benefits strategy that gives a memorable experience to the employees.


For the pricing details, please contact the vendor.

10. SmartLinx Benefits

SmartLinx Benefits-best-benefits-administration-software

Are you looking for a benefits administration software that reduces your workload & helps you to attract or retain the best talent? How about considering SmartLinx benefits? SmartLinx Benefits is one of the most critical components of SmartLinx that comes to you with an integrated suite of products designed to provide a solution for removing the administrative burden of management of the benefits program. It lets the employees make informed decisions about choosing their plans according to their present situation. It also enables you to share the enrollment data with the SmartLinx suite to reduce HR & payroll tasks for providing an efficient & open enrollment solution to the organization.


      • Support over 140 benefit types of benefits.
      • Designed to provide a great user experience.
      • Enables easy administrative process
      • Availability of enrolment data, dashboards & reports.
      • Robust and flexible technology for supporting HR goals.


      • Encourages strategic & clever work
      • Streamlined user experience for the employees
      • Informative to the employees about benefit plans via engaging videos & custom content.
      • Helps in maintaining the data of the employees.
      • Protection of employee data via 3-tier architecture.


Contact the vendor or customer support for pricing details.

» Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does HR do with benefits administration software?

HR uses the benefits administration systems for creating, managing, & updating the benefits of each staff member, like managing health insurance, retirement accounts, vacations, and paid leaves like medical and parental off. With the help of the benefits management software, the HR directs & plans day-to-day operations of group programs like group health, dental, vision, compensation, life insurance, accident, life insurance, & others.

2. Why is benefits administration software important?

Earlier, business enterprises used manual benefits administration, which was time-consuming. It also took lots of effort and resources that you can use elsewhere. However, with the evolution of technology, you will find many applications that would help the business processes streamline by automating tasks. Benefits administration software features you with automation which saves your time and resources. It would also increase the speed and efficiency of business processes by eliminating repetitive tasks involved in shopping, enrollment, and bill handling.  Here are some reasons that mention the importance of benefits administration systems:

      • It saves time for the HR department.
      • The employee benefits administration software enables employers to exercise 100% efficient control, monitor, & analyze the entire management process.
      • It minimizes errors.
      • The business administration has got designed to meet government regulations which are the most critical aspects like financial stipulations, medical authorization, labor laws, and others.
      • It offers convenience to access benefits data in any location.
      • It enhances employee experience by facilitating the workflow of HR and other employees in the organization. 

3. What are the significant types of employee benefits?

There are four significant types of employee benefits. 

      • Medical insurance
      • Life insurance
      • Retirement plans
      • Disability insurance

The above-mentioned benefits come in the category of work benefits, health benefits, financial security & lifestyle benefits.

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