List of Top 11 Employee Recognition Software of 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What is Employee Recognition Software?

Employee recognition software is a tool that simplifies the employee recognition efforts of organizations, regardless of their size, stature, or sector. Think of it as a digital platform where you can acknowledge & appreciate the achievements, as well as efforts your workforce puts in, day in and day out. Not just that, you can also attach real rewards to your praises in the form of gift cards, for instance. To make it more interesting, engaging, and interactive, a majority of these employee recognition systems use gamification capabilities. The aim is to foster workplace recognition, which, in turn, helps improve company culture, corporate values, and employee morale significantly.

» How to Choose the Best Employee Recognition Software?

Since every employee recognition software has its distinct set of features, zeroing in on the best one can get difficult. Thankfully, there are a number of factors that make a system stand out. For starters, your employee recognition solution should offer ease of use, along with a fun user experience, to employees across levels. The system should pack in top-notch security, flexibility, and scalability. The ability to stay aligned with your unique organizational values is a must-have too. It should provide seamless integrations with other business tools you already use to streamline the entire process. And since the solution would need to deal with monetary rewards, it should also let you define and manage recognition funds with ease. The software must provide transparency to all the stakeholders. The good thing is that you will find many top-performing employee recognition systems in the market. To narrow down your search and save time, we’ve listed the best ones below.

» List of Top 10 Employee Recognition Software

best Employee Recognition Software

1. Bonusly


One of the popular employee recognition platforms, Bonusly, is engaging, fun and highly functional. The software enables everyone on the team to indulge in recognizing and appreciating their peers. The system provides sufficient levels of visibility and scalability to build a consistent culture of recognition throughout the organization. It also facilitates conducting lightweight surveys to collect genuine feedback from your workforce. Moreover, the tool works well with other communication tools you may already be using.

› Features

    • Intuitive and easy-to-use employee recognition and rewards platform
    • Monthly allowance to employees to recognize the contributions of their colleagues
    • A public feed of bonuses to let the teams stay updated about the work & recognition being done
    • An extensive global catalog of digital rewards
    • Customizable rewards
    • Digital signage
    • Ability to gather employee feedback
    • Custom experience for your managers
    • Hassle-free integrations with leading business solutions
    • Detailed reports and analytics on employee recognition trends


    • It helps build a pleasant, encouraging culture at the workplace.
    • It aids in establishing and nurturing team spirit.
    • It boosts engagement, transparency & fairness across the organization.
    • It helps you make your staff feel heard and valued.
    • It streamlines the entire workflow with its seamless integrations.
    • It empowers you to modify and introduce policies & processes based on employee feedback before it’s too late.
    • It offers a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS.


Bonusly’s personal employee recognition & rewards software is available in three different pricing plans, which are as follows:

    • Core plan at $3 per user per month (monthly billing)
    • Pro plan at $5 per user per month (monthly billing)
    • Custom plan at tailored pricing as per your requirements

2. Kudos


Kudos is a reliable performance recognition software that can be tailored to your unique organizational values, culture, and goals. It is the only tool that offers multiple recognition levels to support employee performance and appreciation. Its comprehensive dashboard provides you with an accurate standing on your rewards process. What’s more? The system consists of actionable analytics for you to make more informed decisions.

› Features

    • Multiple levels for employee recognition
    • Powerful, easy-to-navigate dashboard
    • Accurate data on employee experience and performance
    • Access to customizable as well as pre-built in-app campaigns
    • Up-to-date information on recognition patterns
    • Tailored promotional materials
    • Actionable insights on people analytics as well as workplace culture
    • Robust reporting tools
    • Easy integration with third-party business tools


    • The software helps you boost employee engagement, which, in turn, improves their productivity & performance considerably.
    • It enables you to create a positive work culture, contributing to a reduced workforce turnover.
    • It fosters stronger team spirit and a sense of belonging among the workforce.
    • It offers thorough visibility into inclusion and diversity in the overall recognition efforts, helping you fill the gaps if any.
    • It boosts the quality of decision-making with precise analysis.
    • It streamlines the entire business process with integrations.
    • It is accessible anywhere on any device – the system is designed to work well whether you have an in-office workforce, contractual workers, remote professionals, or a mix of all three.


The pricing information of the Kudos employee recognition platform is not available. You can get in touch with the team and request pricing details or a product demo.

3. Nectar


From recognizing outstanding work by employees to building a strong community to promoting core organizational values, Nectar is one of the top employee recognition software. Its comprehensive platform offers social recognition, supporting both peer-to-peer and top-down recognition. The system packs a powerful rewards suite, including everything from Amazon products to virtual gift cards to branded items. The process of redeeming rewards is also simple. The best part? The system allows you to give a shoutout to your best-performing employees right from your Microsoft Teams or Slack, saving you precious time.

› Features

    • 360 employee recognition and rewards platform
    • Offers both top-down and peer-to-peer recognition
    • Powerful rewards suite, letting employees choose from multiple options for rewards
    • Access to the common and tailored award types
    • Centralization of incentives – you can conduct department-specific or company-wide awards
    • Ability to run incentivized challenges – be it for learning & development, employee wellness, or CSR activities
    • Ability to schedule bonuses upon achieving milestones, work anniversaries & birthdays
    • Access to thousands of exclusive discounts for your employees across the nation
    • Third-party integrations


    • It helps keep your employees engaged & involved.
    • It makes employees feel valued, thereby boosting their efficiency and productivity.
    • It strengthens the company culture that prevents people from wanting to leave.
    • It enables you to recognize efforts from third-party tools, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, simplifying things further.
    • It turns the entire business workflow smoother.


The employee recognition platform by Nectar is available in two pricing plans:

    • Standard at $3 per user/month (monthly billing)
    • Plus at $4.50 per user/month (monthly billing)

You can also ask for a 1:1 product demo or try the software for free by signing up.

4. Awardco


Awardco is an all-in-one employee recognition system that makes it simpler for you to recognize and reward employees for their efforts and achievements. The software includes multiple reward options for a tailored & custom experience. You can reward employees with Amazon gift cards or Awardco points which one can redeem for tickets, hotels, donations, and more. The system is designed to make employees feel good about their work, no matter where they are. In other words, you can appreciate your in-office and remote workforce with equal ease using Awardco.

› Features

    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Robust rewarding platform with plenty of reward options – from Amazon products to hotel discounts to event tickets to custom rewards
    • Automated reminders for celebrations, such as work anniversaries & birthdays
    • Incentivization of programs through Earn
    • Ability to tailor programs for spot recognition, holidays, and peer recognition
    • A buzzing social feed to keep everyone on the team aware & included about all that is happening
    • In-office and remote recognition support


    • It contributes to increasing the rate of employee engagement.
    • It enables you to provide your employees relevant rewards through its multiple rewarding options.
    • It helps in boosting employee productivity through incentivized programs.
    • It aids in creating a positive work culture, enabling everyone to feel motivated & lift each other up.
    • It fits well with your employee recognition needs, whether you have an in-office workforce or a team of remote professionals. Or a mix of both.


For the pricing details of Awardco’s employee recognition system, contact their team. You can also fill in your details on their website to request a demo.

5. Workhuman Social Recognition


With Workhuman’s employee recognition software, you can recognize & appreciate the efforts of any member of your team from anywhere. Whether it is team awards or peer-to-peer acknowledgment & recognition, this solution supports both with unparalleled efficiency. It contains a social feed, too, making everyone across the company join in on the celebrations in an instant. What’s more? The tool also packs in powerful analytics and reporting functions to elevate the way you work and recognize talent.

› Features

    • Social Recognition to thank & appreciate anyone on the team from anywhere
    • Peer recognition as well as team awards
    • An enriched, locally-sourced rewarding platform with a tailored experience
    • Team-based and company-wide social feed
    • Interactive features – like & comment – for the awards/rewards celebrations
    • Push notifications on your mobile
    • Custom reminders & notifications to help the team not miss anything important
    • Collective insights
    • Recommendations about the how’s & where’s of your processes in real-time
    • Support 34+ languages for a single-click translation


    • It enables you to engage your workforce organically, increasing their efficiency and interests, and involvement.
    • It provides a personalized experience to your workforce.
    • It boosts fairness and transparency in your employee recognition efforts, promoting inclusion & diversity at your organization.
    • It strengthens the core values and culture at the workplace.
    • It helps retain employees.
    • Integration with tools, such as Microsoft Team, Slack, and Outlook, makes things streamlined.


The Workhuman employee recognition software pricing is not known. You can connect with the team to request the details. You can also book a free virtual demo of the product.



BRAVO is an employee reward and recognition platform. It promotes a positive culture in an organization. Employees that use BRAVO experience higher productivity, less turnover, better workplace relations, and most significantly, what it’s like to work for a superb enterprise.

Improve the workplace experience for your employees by boosting their productivity and uplifting their spirit in a fun way with BRAVO.

› Features

    • Keep the motivation kicking by exchanging points and recognition on its interactive home feed.
    • See who’s doing best with detailed analytics and reporting features.
    • Easily integrate all customer feedback from multiple sources and share them publicly.
    • Built-in data protection, local hosting, and anonymization support to comply with local regulations.
    • Praise employees with customizable reward shops.
    • Automated rewards on personal occasions and accomplishments like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year.
    • Enjoy Hassle-free integrations with Slack to recognize peers on the go.

› Benefits

    • It helps in building a positive workplace environment.
    • Aids companies in reducing employee turnover and improving retention.
    • It fosters company loyalty in a modern and fun way.
    • Frequently recognizing keeps staff much more engaged with work.
    • Congratulating and rewarding outstanding work will make it easier for your employees to produce more.
    • BRAVO enforces a genuine purpose of appreciation that improves employee morale on an individual level.
    • Investing in BRAVO can take values from concept to reality.

› Pricing

BRAVO’s employee recognition & rewards software is available in three different pricing plans, which are as follows:

    • Starter – $39 per month, up to 10 employees
    • Premium – $79 per month for up to 50 employees
    • Enterprise – $199 per month for up to 200 employees

7. Blueboard


Blueboard is one of the leading employee recognition solutions used by businesses worldwide. It is a scalable and easy-to-use software system. Whether you have a global team of thousands or a mere hundred locally, sending experiential rewards to your team takes only a few seconds. The tool provides you with complete control when it comes to managing your employee recognition programs and budgets. The best part? You can automate the delivery of rewards and avail insights in real time.

› Features

    • A global, scalable platform that offers ease of use
    • Easy management of your employee recognition budgets & programs
    • Automated delivery of rewards
    • Automated employee feedback to understand how your program has faired first-hand with real-time reporting capability
    • Integration with tools, including Microsoft Teams & Slack
    • Real-time insights for accurate analysis of the program impact

› Benefits

    • The automation in the system helps save time while ensuring you don’t miss out on any important anniversaries and milestones of your teammates.
    • The personalization in reward distribution makes employees feel valued, improving their sense of belonging and productivity.
    • It offers an overall personalized experience, keeping the employee engagement rate high.
    • It provides you with total visibility into your workforce recognition efforts, enabling you to make timely changes whenever necessary.
    • Consistent & fair recognition efforts up your employee retention ratio.
    • It generates valuable insights to make effective decisions, boosting business continuity.


The pricing information of the software is not available. You can reach out to the Blueboard team and request a product demo by elaborating on your unique requirements.

8. Bucketlist


With Bucketlist, it becomes simpler for your team not only to acknowledge but also reward each other with just a few clicks. Be it for a milestone, a task well done, or a project achievement. This software offers ease of use with personalized recognition and reward programs. That means you can choose from its existing bucket of extensive reward options. Or tailor rewards unique to your organization, for instance, company car access for one month. Apart from that, you can also set up automated rewards to never miss any critical dates or accomplishments of your workforce.

› Features

    • Peer-to-peer and manager recognition
    • Public recognition of milestones, achievements, work anniversaries, and a well-done job
    • Automation of anniversaries as well as milestones
    • Collaboration tools, including emails and newsletters
    • Ability to create custom awards to recognize high performers
    • More than 4000 items to choose from as employee rewards across 20 countries
    • Personalized experiences for both local & overseas workforce
    • Integration with top business tools, such as Gmail, BambooHR, and Microsoft Teams
    • Training and proactive support


    • It helps motivate your entire workforce with appropriate & fair recognition.
    • It boosts employee engagement, resulting in higher productivity levels.
    • It helps strengthen the core values and company culture.
    • It breaks down barriers, fostering seamless collaboration.
    • It helps lower workforce turnover while making it easy to pick out future leaders.


The price of Bucketlist’s employee recognition software is not known. You can connect with the team to request a personalized product demo. Also, you can get a free 14-day trial of the system.

9. Recognize


Recognize provides you with a platform to recognize, reward, and nominate your peers for the outstanding work they do at your organization. It is an easy-to-use employee engagement system, which you can configure as per your individual business needs. There are 10 free templates for award certificates in the tool, whether you want to acknowledge employees for yearly contributions or service anniversaries. The best part? The software is mobile-friendly and is also available as a dedicated mobile app for iOS and Android.

› Features

    • Multiple rewarding options, including cash cards, gift cards of top brands, and nonprofits
    • Ability to redeem rewards at zero extra cost
    • Single tool to recognize employees across organizational levels
    • Recognition badges for specific roles, for example, executives and managers
    • Dashboard for direct report managers
    • Auto-login for Google, Yammer, Office 365, and SSO accounts
    • Easy add-on for Slack
    • Tailored, gamified recognition strategy with leaderboard, points, badges, and more
    • Single sign-on
    • Award certificates and hall of fame for employees
    • Text message recognition
    • Dedicated mobile apps


    • It aids in increasing employee engagement throughout the organization, which, in turn, boosts employee productivity.
    • It helps retain your workforce.
    • It provides positive experiences that help strengthen company culture.
    • It works well with other top organization software, streamlining your overall business processes.
    • It empowers you to stay on top of things, regardless of where you are, with its mobile app.


Recognize is available in four different plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The pricing of all the packages is customized and available on request. You can also sign up for a free trial of the product.

10. Motivosity


A modern employee recognition software, Motivosity, lets you do much more than just extend rewards. Anyone in your workforce can easily appreciate another through this company-wide recognition platform. The software empowers both your managers and employees to celebrate in real-time their everyday “wins.” The tool offers everything from personal profiles, social feeds, and interest groups to announcements, influence currency, and custom rewards. It helps build a real connection with your co-workers, creating a strong company culture aligned with your values.

› Features

    • Company-wide recognition with social feed
    • Peer-to-peer recognition tool
    • Ability to attach dollars with the appreciation act
    • Personal profiles, latest company announcements & highlights, and interest groups
    • Automatic management of your gift card inventory and balances
    • A pool of rewards for employees to select: gift cards, local products, branded swag, and custom rewards
    • Employee spot bonuses which they can choose to spend however they wish
    • Milestone tracker to ensure appreciation over every critical achievement and work anniversary


    • It helps employees feel valued and involved in the organization, leading to increased engagement levels.
    • It enables employees to receive rewards that they truly want.
    • It encourages communication at all levels of the organization.
    • It assists in creating a positive environment at the workplace, boosting everyone’s productivity genuinely.
    • It ensures you never forget to celebrate any vital milestone or event.
    • It helps cut down employee turnover, helping you retain your workforce for longer timeframes.


The Recognize platform by Motivosity, an employee recognition tool, is available for $5 per user per month with annual billing. The vendor also offers volume discounts. Moreover, you can book a product demo.

11. Workstars


Employee reward and recognition software by Workstars help you make work rewarding for your workforce with ease. The system is designed to offer ease of use while enabling you to strengthen your employee engagement strategy. It supports peer-to-peer recognition across the organization. Besides, the tool offers a real-time catalog of your digital rewards for simplified tracking & management. What’s more? The software comes in with multiple recognition models. That way, you get to pick a model that fits perfectly for your business and sector.

› Features

    • Dozens of employee recognition models to choose from
    • Suitable to any type of business across industries and nations
    • Smart UI with easy navigation
    • Interactive and versatile social recognition feed
    • Simplified teamwork
    • Manager dashboard
    • Company awards
    • Time & activity perks and rewards
    • Rewards in terms of prepaid cards and e-vouchers that work across the globe
    • Robust analytics & reporting tool
    • Integration with other solutions, such as Slack, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams
    • Compatible with computers/laptops, tablets, and mobile


    • It helps enhance the employee engagement ratio.
    • It ties recognition with rewards that make employees feel truly valued, improving their productivity.
    • It strengthens team collaboration and company culture.
    • It streamlines your entire workflow.
    • It enables you to stay updated no matter where you are.
    • It offers customizable programs to help you stay in line with your unique business processes.
    • It is scalable to grow alongside your organization.


The employee recognition system by Workstars is available in three types of pricing plans:

    • Entry at about $1.80 per user (monthly billing)
    • Pro at about $3.60 per user (monthly billing)
    • Global at about $4.79 per user (monthly billing)
» FAQs

1. What is employee recognition software?

Employee recognition software is a solution that empowers you to recognize employees for the work they do. Think of it as a tool that simplifies appreciating and rewarding your workforce.

2. What is the purpose of an employee recognition program?

The purpose of an employee recognition program is to engage your workforce and make them feel valued for the work they put in day in and day out. It is also used to build a positive work culture.

3. How much does an employee recognition software cost?

The cost of the best employee recognition software varies from vendor to vendor. Some systems may cost $2 per user/month, while some may cost you $100. It all depends on the features, customizations, functions, and scalability offered.

4. What are the key features of employee recognition software?

The key features of employee recognition software include an intuitive dashboard, ease of use to recognize peers, a social feed, multiple reward options, award certificates, personalized rewards, easy collaboration, and integration with other business tools.

5. What are the benefits of employee recognition software?

Using paid or free employee recognition software helps you retain your employees, motivate and keep them engaged, achieve increased employee participation, experience a productivity boost, create a positive work culture, and strengthen your company values.

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