List of Top 10 Employee Engagement Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

» What Is Employee Engagement Software? 

Employee engagement software is an HR software to help HR and managers understand how connected the employees feel with their organizations. Businesses can use this software to promote employee engagement through surveys, community formation, rewards and recognition, performance management, etc. 

» How To Choose The Best Employee Engagement Software? 

A reliable employee engagement software helps businesses improve their overall experience. This is because when employees are happy working with organizations, they are more productive and improve the overall profitability of the business. Choosing the right employee engagement solution is done by looking at features and budgets. The top features you must see in software are surveys or feedback forms to collect employee feedback. Predictive analytics to measure KPIs like eNPS. The tool should also offer rewards management features to reward and encourage employees to work hard.  Communication is yet another essential feature that is a must. A reliable platform will have advanced communication features to help team members communicate efficiently through a shared medium. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 best employee engagement software so you can make the best choice for your company and grow your employee engagement rate. 

» Top Employee Engagement Software in 2023

best Employee Engagement Software

1. Culture Amp 

Culture Amp-best-employee-engagement-software

Culture Amp is an employee management solution used by around 2500 companies worldwide, including Airbnb, Yelp, and Adobe. The system is intuitive, so it’s easy to navigate the platform without tech knowledge. The surveys are customizable, with over 30 templates available. The managers and team leads can view each employee’s skills through skill inventory to pick the best employee for projects. The advanced reporting and analytics features help companies pinpoint areas of improvement, performance levels, and strengths. Overall, an affordable, intuitive solution for companies of all sizes.

Culture Amp Features: 

  • Get access to over 30 science-backed employee surveys to understand onboarding, engagement, and exit experience.
  • Understand focus areas and take immediate action. 
  • Reduce attrition rates and maintain top talents through predictive analytics.
  • Empower your management leads through powerful insight in the leader’s report. 
  • Excellent content repository, including guides, walks through, and articles to help employees understand the system. So there is no need for companies to hire trainers. 

Culture Amp Benefits: 

  • Give managers, leads, and teams insights on focus areas, improvement areas, etc. 
  • The system automatically reminds employees to give feedback, so companies don’t have to keep haggling with employees for feedback. Surveys are customizable and easy to set up. 
  • Get a sense of how employees feel about working in your company through 360-degree feedback.
  • Segment your employees based on selected criteria. 

Culture Amp Pricing

The company did not mention pricing on its page. However, the plans are divided into three levels based on the features and no. of users. They are as follows: 

  • Self Starter for 25 to 200 employees.
  • Standard for 201 to 999 employees.
  • Enterprise for 1000 plus employees. 

For more information on pricing, please contact the Culture Amp team.

2. Connecteam 


Connecteam brings essential employee management tools in one single app. Connecteam removes the need to shuffle between apps by providing communication tools like scheduling, time logging, and workflows in one system. It’s one of the best employee management platforms for remote teams and frontline workers, where work is not limited to the desk.  In-app chatting makes it easy to communicate directly with employees and engage them. The social feed is another feature that is worth looking at. It’s where employees and managers can post company news, updates or events and even follow each. Customizable reporting is another mention-worthy feature that makes it easy for HR managers to collect feedback and measure data. 

Connecteam Features 

  • Employee scheduling tools help in scheduling employees for specific shifts or tasks. This feature allows scheduling multiple employees and also helps with recurring shifts. 
  • Employees can Connecteam mobile app to clock in at work by clicking on the Start Shift button. 
  • Online timesheets make it easy for managers to track employee time records. 
  • A communication hub is an excellent approach to boost communication within the organization. Companies can create multiple communication channels to send messages and plan and discuss important things. 

Connecteam Benefits

  • Users have the choice to opt only for features that they want to use. 
  • The free plan is available for small companies and covers almost 80 per cent of the software’s features. 
  • The user-friendly interface can set up a new account in five minutes. The software also supports overseas employees, which makes it useful for remote global teams.

Connecteam Pricing

Free trial available for 14 days. 

The free plan is also available for up to 50 employees with limited features. Paid plans are divided as follows

  • Basic – $47/month or $39/month (billed annually)
  • Advanced – $95/month – or $79/month (billed annually)
  • Expert – $191/month – or $159/month (billed annually)

3. Alaya 


Magino Marveaux-Cochet and Pierre-Jacques Dauvert founded Alaya in 2018. Although it’s a relatively new platform, Alaya has managed to help companies make a positive impact worldwide. The software primarily focuses on volunteering and giving opportunities. As a result, Alaya has processed over $8 billion in donations and recorded over 43 million volunteering hours. With a presence in over 70 countries, Alaya supports 23 languages and serves prominent brands such as L’Oréal Paris, BNP Paribas, PWC, etc. 

Alaya Features 

  • Give purpose to employees with purpose challenges. Choose from several purpose challenges such as well-being, sustainability, inclusion, etc.
  • Instantly gain insight into how an employee feels about working with your company values through pulse surveys.
  • Allows your employees to vote for the causes they support through voting campaigns. 
  • Keep employees engaged through a point-based reward system. 
  • Alaya, as a cloud-based solution, integrates many third-party tools with its platform, including Okta, Workday, Slack, Google, Stripe, etc. 

Alaya Benefits 

  • Alaya helps you search for charities where you can donate, along with the location and the initiative. There’s also an option which tells how much your workers can give to charity. 
  • Encourage your staff to volunteer for non-profit organizations through their Do Good program.
  • Create a series of activities to help your employees live a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Customizing the platform is effortless. Everything is easy and intuitive, from creating purpose challenges to searching for fundraisers. 

Alaya Pricing 

Alaya’s plans are divided into three levels. The pricing depends on your company’s requirements. Please get in touch with them to get the quote. 

  • Impact Starter – Start your employee engagement journey here. 
  • Engagement Booster: Includes features from impact Starter and additional features like volunteering events and reporting. 
  • Purpose Leader: All-in-one customizable platform to improve engagement. 

4. Blink 


Blink is an employee engagement tool that has won hearts. The platform majorly focuses on team communication. It is best suitable for frontline workers in the healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries, enabling them to be productive even while moving. Blink takes a mobile-first approach to present all information in one place. Overall, it’s an employee engagement software that’s worth considering, especially if you work with a frontline workforce. 

Blink Features 

  • Customize employee programs to take employee engagement to a whole new level. 
  • Show appreciation for your employees through rewards line customized merch, experience, and much more. 
  • The employee recognition feature recognized employees’ contributions to companies and made them feel valued. 

Blink Benefits 

  • Blink integrates Microsoft 365 and G Suite, Zapier, Salesforce, and Zendesk to help you connect with the tech stack instead of starting from scratch. 
  • Employees can quickly get updates from activity feeds and take action. 

Blink Pricing 

Blink plans are divided into four categories. They are 

  • Essential: Starts at $3.40 per user/month, billed annually
  • Business: Custom Pricing
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing
  • Enterprise Plus: Custom Pricing

For more information on pricing, please contact Blink tea on their official vendor site. 

5. Cooleaf


Established in 2016 with a mission to revolutionize the HR industry, Cooleaf is an employee engagement platform that has won hearts. With Cooleaf, organizations can easily discover exactly what their employees need, want and feel and take action to develop richer experiences. Among its top features are employee recognition, pulse surveys, review and analytics, and performance monitoring. The team recognition feature allows employees to celebrate core values, achievements, and work anniversaries and make them feel important. Whereas its community features strengthen the bond between staff through community feeds and community-building activities. 

Cooleaf Features 

  • Employee recognition features allow team members to reward each other for extraordinary efforts. These rewards can be redeemed through gift cards. 
  • Performance monitoring features let managers set a common goal. This helps organizations understand the top performers, create benchmarks, and individually reach objectives. 
  • Pulse survey features allow companies to take immediate action based on employee feedback. The themed templates are available to help create surveys instantly and save time. 

Cooleaf Benefits

  • Anyone can set customizable professional and personal goals with due dates and milestones within the system. The plans are shareable and also track performance. 
  • Coolleaf provides robust file sharing and communication features with external and internal stakeholders.
  • Managers can segment employees based on several factors, such as location, demographics, language, etc., to distribute or filter surveys. 

Cooleaf Pricing 

Cooleaf pricing is based on the company’s requirements. Please connect with them for a custom quote. 

6. Xoxoday Empuls


Xoxoday Empuls is a holistic employee engagement platform that helps improve workplace culture. HR leaders use Empuls to connect employees with the organization’s shared purpose, eliminate information silos, provide a common channel to communicate better, and build a culture of appreciation throughout the organization

 Empuls has everything covered with its rich features to drive continuous engagement, from a social intranet to surveys, engagement scores, contests, water cooler conversations, one-on-one feedback, peer and social recognition, and a wide variety of rewards. HR, People Leaders, and Employees can get started with Empuls easily, thanks to its intuitive UI. Empuls is trusted by over 1000+ clients and 500,000+ employees from small to mid-size businesses.

Empuls’ Benefits

  • Empuls is a DIY, user-friendly platform that lets you get started within a day.
  • It integrates with various HRMS Tools like Zoho People and Keka, Collaboration tools like Slack, Teams, or G-Suite, to do the job seamlessly and in minutes.
  • Platform comes with a bot that interacts with your employees to encourage participation
  • Empuls offer a common social feed, making it easier for teams to socialize and stay informed.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices.

Standout features

  • Gather actionable insights with built-in NPS, and pulse surveys and know what your employees think from feel time to time.
  • Build a culture of Peer-to-peer recognition by appreciating your colleague for their performance on the shared company social feed.
  • Leverage milestones, badges, leader boards, goals, and awards to gamify the experience and increase sales team engagement.
  • Automate and configure reward workflows to reward your employees on their birthdays, work anniversaries, and completing company milestones.
  • Social intranet platform to allow employees to create groups and engage in meaningful conversations.


7. Lattice 


Based in San Francisco, Lattice is a global, cloud-based employee engagement tool trusted by over 4,250 organizations worldwide. This includes Reddit, Slack, Asana, and Monzo, among others. The platform perfectly combines performance management and employee engagement in one solution. Its magic comes down to its ability to take complicated employee management processes and break them down into easy-to-use tools that are powerful for administrators yet designed for employee engagement. 

Lattice Features 

  • Combines employee engagement and performance management in a single tool. 
  • Pre-made templates to create employee surveys designed by academicians and practitioners.
  • Insights into critical KPIs to help put the next plan into action.
  • Combine individual success with overall organizational success to accelerate growth. 

Lattice Benefits

  • Lattice combines performance and compensation to let employees know how their performance affects the compensation. 
  • Listen to what employers say through feedback tools, including pulse surveys, eNPS, and onboarding surveys. 
  • Accelerate talent by creating career tracks, developing individual development plans, and making employee expectations clear through competencies. 

Lattice Pricing

Lattice requires a minimum annual agreement of $4000. All the plans are billed annually. 

  • Performance management + okr goals : At an additional $11 person /month.  
  • Grow: Starts at $4 person/month. 
  • Engagement: Starts at $4 person/month.

8. Vantage Circle 


Vantage Circle is a cloud-based, global employee engagement platform with a mission to help organizations create a winning work culture. The platform is divided into four parts: Vantage Rewards, Vantage Perks, Vantage Pulse, and Vantage Fit. Each part addresses the need to enhance workforce productivity by improving employee experience. Over 1.8 million+ employees from top corporations like HCL, Accenture, Infosys, WIPRO, Aricent, GE, Mu Sigma, and Capgemini use Vantage Circle. 

Vantage Circle Features

  • Companies can leverage their real-time analytics to get insights into employee behaviour and trends. 
  • Vantage also integrates with platforms Microsoft 365, Slack, Azure, SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, etc. 
  • Internal Classified section modules allow employees to buy or sell goods by posting an ad. This is similar to the ad posting side but is accessible only within the organization. 
  • Vantage fit, one of the modules of Vantage, focuses on rejuvenating employees’ overall wellness through customizable apps. 

Vantage Circle Benefits 

  • Employees receive gift cards as rewards which they can redeem through shopping websites. This is an excellent initiative to encourage engagement.
  • The platform allows the effortless migration of its software from legacy tools and other vendors. 
  • Vantage Circle is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and hence automates employee engagement processes, thus reducing the need for constant human intervention. 

Vantage Circle Pricing 

Since the platform is divided into four major parts, each of them has separate plans. The price starts from $2/user/ month. For premium and Enterprise plans, please contact Vantage Circle for more information. 

Vantage Perks:

  • Free 
  • Premium 
  • Enterprise 

Vantage Pulse:

  • Free 
  • Premium
  • Enterprise 

Vantage Fit:

  • Premium 

Vantage Suite:

  • Free 
  • Premium 

9. Network Perspective


Network Perspective is an analytical software giving leaders data with actionable insights about teams’ collaboration habits to decrease workload and boost well-being in the new reality. The platform syncs with collaboration and communication tools (G-Suite, Jira, Slack etc.) and analyzes teams’ work patterns in an ethical, impactful way. It brings together data, benchmarks, and actionable insights to help people leaders and their teams experiment with improving work habits, syncs & connectivity to enable people-centric & high-performing hybrid organizations.

Network Perspective features

  • Analyse your teams’ collaboration habits, compare it to the high-performing teams experience, and take tailor-made actions to make the most of your teams’ potential in the hybrid work reality.
  • Get access to the detailed analytics of your teams’ work patterns across six dimensions: meetings, deep work, and context switching time, intra-team bonding, cross- team learning, and work-life harmony.
  • Help your management team understand the root causes of high workload and decreased well-being and provide them with actionable insights to face the challenges.
  • Encourage your people leaders to experiment with improving teams’ work habits, syncs & connectivity.
  • Reduce attrition rates and maintain top talents through predictive analytics and deep dive into employee experience for different job families and employee life cycle stages.

Network Perspective benefits

  • A great solution for the technology sector, with complex tech ecosystems and project-based structures.
  • Use of collaboration meta-data from multi sources with strong ethics upfront, high-security levels, and data anonymization process.
  • Flexible pilot projects and implementation costs included as part of the subscription fee.
  • Use cases around managing high workload during the pandemic, leading teams remotely, and designing returns to offices.

10. WTW Employee Engagement

WTW Employee Engagement

WTW is an employee engagement tool suitable for midsize and enterprise organizations with an aim to build an exceptional employee experience. The software engages employees and collects employee feedback through surveys such as pulse surveys and lifecycle surveys. WTW also helps you know employee engagement inside and outside your organization through different models, including employee experience, merger and acquisition, talent, etc.

WTW Features 

  • WTW offers a wide range of employee engagement surveys, pulse surveys, and life cycle surveys to collect feedback at various stages. 
  • Leverage virtual focus groups to improve the reach of employee engagement surveys powered by AI analytics. 
  • Invest reward dollars with the highest perceived value for employees at the most economical level for your organization. 

WTW Benefits 

  • The comprehensive array of benchmark data helps decide the final results. 
  • The system is easy to implement and requires little to no training.
  • No more guessing. Easily predict turnover and other critical business outcomes with our Advanced Analytics. 

WTW Pricing 

WTW pricing is customized to your company’s requirements. Please connect with WTW for a custom quote.

11. Clear Review 

Clear Review-best-employee-engagement-software

Clear Review claims to be one of the most straightforward employee engagement software companies. The company boasts they have helped over 200 companies ditch the traditional appraisal process and move to the communication-based performance model. That said, the software is suitably organized with more than 50 workers. Clear Review operates around three performance improvement principles: regular check-ins, real-time feedback, and near-term objectives. Their automated, science-backed tool measures employee well-being and engagement within seconds while advising employees on how to improve themselves. 

Clear Review Features 

  • Clear Review encourages frequent employee-manager conversations known as Check-ins to ensure performance action points are completed. 
  • On-demand reporting features provide a holistic view of critical system and workforce metrics such as check-ins, feedback, etc.
  • Talent snapshots help with talent management and talent planning.

Clear Review Benefits 

  • It is one of the most straightforward no-click engagement software and requires no training to get started. 
  • Clear Review encourages meaningful conversations between employees and managers. 
  • It facilitates a learning culture through a continuous performance management approach.
  • Mobile apps give instant access to employees, which drives engagement.

Clear Review Pricing

  • Clear Review provides a free trial. 
  • Clear Review
  •  Pricing varies based on several users. It requires a minimum of 50 user licenses. Fifty-user licenses cost starts at £ 2400/ year with free implementation. 

12. Trakstar


Trakstar is a cloud-based employee engagement tool that facilitates 360-degree feedback from employees. Specifically designed for HR and managers, Trakstar handles competencies and goals that align suitable candidates for available positions. The main perk of Trakstar is that it helps administrators save time and enable them to focus on core operations by streamlining the admin processes. Its customer support, ease of use, and value for money are a few of the reasons Trakstar is a go-to software for many businesses. 

Trakstar Features 

  • Customizable workflows for performance management. 
  • Status reports and email reminders to help employees and managers stay on track. 
  • Self-service portal for employees.
  • Eliminate the paperwork by streamlining, making and collecting appraisals. 

Trakstar Benefits

  • 360 feedback feature gives a holistic view of employee performance. Its multi-rate feedback is gathered through employees, managers, and peers and is not limited to the manager’s perspective. 
  • Trakstar is highly customizable, easy to use, and delivers all the promised features. It also provides plenty of tutorials and training materials. 

Trakstar Pricing 

Trakstar tailors prices to your needs and answers all your questions. Please connect with them through the official website.

» Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Meant By Employee Engagement?

In simple terms, your employee’s engagement answers one question. How happy is it to work with your organization? This is critical for company growth. But why? It’s because happy, productive employees bring positive outcomes for the company. 

2. How Do You Achieve Employee Engagement?

Any company can achieve positive employee engagement through various activities such as community building, rewards, recognizing employees’ efforts, addressing issues based on employee feedback, and so much more. All these features are available in one platform called the employee engagement system. 

3. What Is A KPI For Employee Engagement?

Engagement is complex. KPI for employee engagement is a metric to measure how satisfied employees are with your organization. However, unlike sales, employee engagement is difficult to measure through quantifiable data. For example, an employee can be happy working with an organization but completely burned out. That’s why most organizations use KPIs such as eNPS, Employee retention rate, voluntary employee turnover rate, employee performance, and employee satisfaction to measure employee engagement. 

4. Is employee engagement an HR metric?

Yes! Employee engagement is a vital HR metric because engaged employee means higher retention, lower attrition rates, improved quality of work, and more revenue. 

5. Why Use An Employee Engagement Solution? 

Employee engagement solutions bring several benefits to the organization. Here we have listed the top benefits. 

  • Make your company culture rich 

Employee engagement solutions provide several ways to enrich your company culture. For example, if you want your company culture to revolve around performance. Try gamifying the work. 

  • Increase employee retention. 

Attrition rates have been higher than now. Employees are leaving behind the toxic work culture and adopting a healthy work culture. That’s what employee engagement solutions help you provide them. 

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