Top 10 Best Email Marketing Software in 2020

To choose the best email marketing software you need to understand the various aspects of what makes it the most sought-after software for marketers. Companies are using email marketing to reach more customers, increase sales and build brand loyalty. Marketers want an easy-to-use, affordable email marketing tool that offers a wide range of features to engage prospects and increase sales. The purpose of an email marketing software is not just sending emails. Email marketing tools build customer loyalty, nurture leads and increase direct sales. It helps companies build brand awareness every time a recipient clicks on the email. It includes preparing a list, segregating it to sub-groups, sending the actual emails and creating feedback reports. Sending bulk emails is a time-consuming process for marketers. Email marketing tool works efficiently with automation and allows marketers to save time. Email marketing software helps marketers create campaigns. Marketers observe in real-time how campaigns are performing with the solution streaming key metrics and do the necessary changes if required. To buy the best email marketing software available in the market, SoftwareWorld has listed the top-rated ones below.

Best Email Marketing Software

» Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.

List of Best Email Marketing Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Campaign Monitor – Elegantly simple email marketing

Our Score 99/100

About Campaign Monitor : Make your emails unforgettable with Campaign Monitor; the best email marketing software offers automation feature to your business. The user can find drag-and-drop email builder feature to create gorgeous email campaigns; the software provides hundreds of professionally-designed templates for that. The user can create smart segments for the better result through Campaign Monitor. Through signup forms, you can grow your email list and reach a bigger audience. It’s easy to integrate with the third-party platform.

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Customer Surveys, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Mailing List Management, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“Very good email marketing application easy and convenient to use with many essential tools. If you want to highlight a good email so that your clients do not miss it, Campaign Monitor is ideal. Campaign Monitor provides us with a large number of essential tools for an email marketing job.” – Brayan Agostinho D.

Campaign Monitor Reviews

Campaign Monitor

United States

201 – 500



Yes, get a free trial


410+ Reviews


550+ Reviews

2. GetResponse – The world’s easiest e-mail marketing

Our Score 98/100

About GetResponse : All-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business; GetResponse is the world’s easiest email marketing software offers marketing automation, landing pages feature, webinars and much more features along with email marketing. The user can easily grow their lists, increase business conversion and optimize their audience engagement through best email marketing. Getresponse offers unlimited design possibilities and 500+ predesigned templates to create an effective email for marketing and it puts marketing communication on autopilot with autoresponders feature.

GetResponse Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Customer Surveys, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Image Library, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“GetResponse is superior to any other email marketing software. Its UI is awesome and super fast. In terms of features, it’s ahead of everyone; it’s also super easy to set things up.” – Peep Laja

GetResponse Reviews



201 – 500





210+ Reviews


560+ Reviews

3. SendX– Marketing automation and email marketing tool

Our Score 98/100

About SendX : Get higher opens and reach more subscribers with SendX; the intuitive, affordable and feature-rich email marketing software offers great features for better email campaigns to the users like email drip sequences, drag-and-drop editor, automation & segmentation, reporting & analytics, lead capture tools, and much more features. Ensure that you drive more ROI through SendX email marketing software; it’s a better way to send personalized emails to your audience.

SendX Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Image Library, Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“I can create sophisticated email marketing campaigns. I’m able to plan my launches. I’ve been able to generate more sales because of this. The team are also superb – helping me with my requests very quickly. I’m barely scratching the surface as far as using the software to its fullest extent.” – Jon Buchan

SendX Reviews


United States

02 – 10





20+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

4. Bitrix24 – Free collaboration, communication & management tool suite

Our Score 97/100

About Bitrix24 :  A free collaboration platform offers collaboration, communication and management tool suite to the businesses; the user can find communications feature, task and project feature, CRM feature, contact center, website and landing page development feature, and much more features through Bitrix24. The software provides the best email marketing features to users like A/B testing, auto-responders, customer surveys, drip campaigns, mailing list management, reporting/analytics, template management feature and much more.

Bitrix24 Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Customer Surveys, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Image Library, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“Many employees immediately began organizing numerous work & project groups. They are now communicating internationally and collaborating on documents without having to resort to unsightly e-mail newsletters or time-consuming searches for the most relevant and latest document versions.” – ANDREA VAN BEZOUWEN

Bitrix24 Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


390+ Reviews


310+ Reviews

5. Agile CRM – Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

Our Score 96/100

About Agile CRM : Improve sales enablement, marketing automation, customer service with Agile CRM; customer relationship management (CRM) software offers email marketing solutions to the businesses; you can consider Agile CRM as best email marketing software for your business where you can get prepackaged & custom templates for professional design, email lead scoring feature, email A/B testing, drag-and-drop email builder feature, auto-responders feature, real-time alerts, tracking & metrics, and much more features to make your email marketing campaign successful.

Agile CRM Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Customer Surveys, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Image Library, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“I had a small issue with some stats, and as I needed them very urgently. Worte a mail to support, and they were very fast. Thank you guys for your outstanding attitude, and help. I recommend AgileCRM to everybody. Worth the money.” – Arpad Czimbalmos

Agile CRM Reviews

Agile CRM


51 – 200





350+ Reviews


260+ Reviews

6. ZeroBounce– Online email validation system

Our Score 95/100

About ZeroBounce : Improve your email marketing campaign with ZeroBounce; it is email verification and validation software for businesses; the email validation tools of ZeroBounce includes abuse email checker, disposable email checker, email validation API, catch-all email checker, selectable download options, spam tap checker, social append feature, email bounce checker, IP information append feature, toxic domain checker, MX record detection & recording feature, overview reports feature and much more.

ZeroBounce Email Marketing Features : CAN SPAM Compliance, Mailing List Management

“When you have a high demand in emails, this application is very helpful to keep the tray clean of spam since it allows you to place filters and thus receive the emails you really need, improving management.” – Karla L.

ZeroBounce Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


340+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

7. Moosend – Email marketing, campaign management & automation software

Our Score 95/100

About Moosend : Create beautiful email campaigns, automate campaign, monitor performance in real-time with Moosend; email marketing automation software offers drag-and-drop editor feature to create stunning emails for marketing campaigns. The user can also get advanced list segmentation feature, API integration, real-time analytics feature, and much more features through Moosend. Collect verified data and grow your email list automatically with this email marketing software. The user can send unlimited email campaigns with Moosend.

Moosend Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Image Library, Mailing List Management, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“I really like the easy way of importing custom templates, the statistics per campaign are great, the importing & removing accounts is really fast. And the support is great, polite and helpful! Also it is absolutely value for money!” – Christina K.

Moosend Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50





90+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

8. WebEngage – WebEngage is a multi-channel B2C marketing automation cloud

Our Score 93/100

About WebEngage : Bring your marketing ideas to life in seconds with WebEngage. The software provides the ability to businesses to engage the audience through mobile push notifications, In-app messages, emails, SMS, web Push and more. The user can get powerful email marketing features through WebEngage software like A/B Testing, auto-responders, customer surveys, drip campaigns, dynamic content, mailing list management, reporting/analytics, subscribe/unsubscribe feature and much more.

WebEngage Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Customer Surveys, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“Besides the immediate analytics it provides, my favorite feature is the ability to model user journeys and ensure that users are properly supported through their use of the software.” – Stewart Rogers

WebEngage Reviews



51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


20+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

9. SENDER – Deliver Charmingly Effective Email Campaigns

Our Score 92/100

About SENDER : Sender makes it easy for e-commerce marketers to send automated marketing emails and drive more revenue for a fraction of the price of other email marketing providers, such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact. With 1-click integrations you can connect your Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, PrestaShop and other webshops and send transaction emails as well as highly converting newsletters in order to grow your business. Everything you need for effective email marketing within a few clicks.

SENDER Email Marketing Features : Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Customer Surveys, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Image Library, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“Well delivery is very good! I like the way emails are sent to my customers, I tried using getresponse before but it failed miserably.” – Neimuntas G.

SENDER Reviews

Lithuania (EU)

02 – 10


Free up to 2500 subscribers

Yes, get a free trial


40+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

10. EmailOctopus – Email marketing tool via Amazon SES

Our Score 90/100

About EmailOctopus : Make your email marketing campaign robust and simple with EmailOctopus; the powerful and affordable email marketing software offers email marketing features to the users like integration, automation, beautiful responsive templates, real-time analytics feature and much more. The user can integrate EmailOctopus to the third-party platform with Zapier integration. The software provides other beautiful features like unlimited emails, bounce handling feature, Developer API, great deliverability and much more features for an effective email marketing campaign.

EmailOctopus Email Marketing Features : Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Drip Campaigns, Dynamic Content, Image Library, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“Best Email Service Anywhere! I have been a user of EmailOctopus for years and have seen the company, services, and functionality grow and develop over time. The customer service has been extraordinary whenever I have had questions and I have always received highly respectful communications from this company. ” – RYAN B.

EmailOctopus Reviews


United Kingdom

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

11. Automizy – Email marketing automation for non-technical users

Our Score 89/100

About Automizy : Discover the best email marketing features with Automizy; it is cloud-based email marketing software offers an automated solution to the small and medium-sized businesses. The software offers the great ability to the user to create effective high-performing emails through drag-and-drop email editor, provides insight and analytics feature to review overall email campaign performance, and integration feature to integrate with most loved platforms or applications and much more to develop the best email marketing campaign.

Automizy Email Marketing Features : Auto-Responders, CAN SPAM Compliance, Drip Campaigns, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“Easiest drip campaign creator I have seen thus far. The process is very fluid and easy to navigate and flows seamlessly. Great feature integration here because my existing segment and existing email template pulled through for the drip campaign.” – Sid Menon

Automizy Reviews



02 – 10





10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

12. Taximail – Drive your business with email marketing

Our Score 89/100

About Taximail : Taximail is an email marketing automation software designed to simplify the planning, testing, implementation, and post-campaign analysis of email marketing campaigns. It comes with user-friendly features like drag-and-drop email interface for quick and easy creation and design of marketing content. Taximail provides optimization and testing tools to increase reader engagement and improve conversions. Analytics and reports provide users with a clear picture of the campaign’s performance.

Taximail Email Marketing Features : A/B Testing, Auto-Responders, Customer Surveys, Dynamic Content, Event Triggered Email, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Mailing List Management, Mobile Optimized Emails, Reporting/Analytics, Subscribe/Unsubscribe, Template Management, WYSIWYG Email Editor

“It’s easy and secure. Email blasting ensures a fast deliverability. The statistics are very clear. It helps marketers to improve their email campaign and understanding customers. They have great customer support to back you up.” – Pakamon Tulyapizitchai

Taximail Reviews


Thailand, Bangkok

11 – 50





01 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing FeaturesCampaign MonitorGetResponseBitrix24Agile CRMZeroBounceMoosendWebEngageSendXEmailOctopusAutomizy
Price$9.00/ month$15.00/ month/user$39.00/ month$8.99/ month/user$10.00/ one-time$10.00/ month$199.00/ month/user$9.99/ month$19.00/ month$9.00/ month
A/B Testing       
CAN SPAM Compliance          
Customer Surveys     
Drip Campaigns         
Dynamic Content        
Event Triggered Email       
Image Library      
Landing Pages/Web Forms      
Mailing List Management          
Mobile Optimized Emails       
Template Management        
WYSIWYG Email Editor         

Email Marketing Software Buyer's Guide

Every industry or business wants to emerge as the leader in the industry by providing its customers with top-rated products and delivering better services. However, the steep increase in the number of companies has resulted in a much more competitive environment for others. At such a time, implementing revolutionary and innovative marketing ideas to enhance productivity and reduce time wastage can prove beneficial to the operating companies. Hence, many of the big, as well as small companies, have started using creative solutions such as Email marketing software to deliver their company ideals and products to a broader audience.

The email marketing software has gained considerable administration from reputed companies as well as individuals in recent years thanks to its myriad of facilities and benefits, which we will learn later. But, before going any further, let’s start with understanding the basics of E-mail marketing software.

» What is Email Marketing Software?

As the name describes, e-mail marketing software is a solution which when implemented helps in the efficient organization of marketing emails of a business or a company. With the software, one can plan, execute, and track the productivity of the marketing campaigns. The email tracking software facilitates tracking the results of the email marketing campaigns by providing real-time availability feature, automatic linking to Google Analytics, and many more. No wonder, the popularity of the small yet powerful software has been watching a steady increase over the years.

Now, let’s study the reasons pertaining to the email tracking software’s popularity among its users.

» What are the benefits of Email Marketing Software?

Marketing strategies are many, but no one can deny that the most befitting one is email marketing campaigns. This is because the best email marketing software can provide reduced risks while ensuring maximized profit to the company. In this list, we have hand-listed some of the significant benefits of the email marketing software which out pars other marketing strategies in terms of excellence. So, let’s have a look over them.

› Improves Marketing Strategies

As the email campaign software comes with various pre-installed benefits like real-time availability and linked with Google Analytics, it helps in better understanding of the user. This can assist in understanding the needs of the user and what things to avoid, which helps out by creating customer-specific marketing strategies. When proper measures are taken to ensure better marketing outcomes, the company or business also becomes successful in getting profits.

› Reduces Time and Use of Resources

The best email marketing software also allows users to create, customize, edit and send bulk emails targeted at a specific group. When the bulk emails are sent, it not only saves a lot of time but also reduces the need for user interference and financial resources. Thereby helps in cutting down the burden on the company’s expenditure. One needs to set the details of the targeted group and click on the ‘Send’ option.

› Good for Customer Retention

Email marketing software can also be used to send emails to the partners, stakeholders, or customers to intimate them regarding the launch of new products and services. This can result in achieving a better and enhanced customer interaction platform, thereby, creating a pathway for increased click-through-rates of their products.

› Expands Reach

Using email marketing campaigns can also result in expanding the business’s reach in the market as it enables more and more people to know about the company. Hence, a company can also target another group to find more active participants by sending them emails based on their products.

» What are the features of Email Marketing Software?

The facilities and tools provided in email tracking software are many. And hence, understanding them, in brief, can help achieve the desired results within a short time. So, let’s start with understanding how the numerous features of the email campaign software can help in the growth of a business.

› Mail Editor

Email Marketing Software come with editing tools, such as drag and drop functionality, pre-designed templates, photo editing and more. This allows an individual to create good professional emails and also enables preview to check how the email will be displayed.

› Managing Mailing List

Various software also provides users with specific metrics to place their customers in different groups based on certain factors. These factors include geolocation, demographics, feedback history, and more.

› Testing Tool

Almost all best email software comes with testing tools which can be used to verify any potential demerits when bulk emails are sent to a group. This is done by adding a testing tool to the software where the bulk email function is tested before sending it to the actual public.

› Merging Tags

Merging tags increase the number of click-through-rates by replacing variable figures with the recipient’s name. These are usually used in coupon code-specific emails as studies have stated that the amount of clicks on an email increases if the recipient’s name is provided.

› Analytics and Metrics

Understanding the need for companies to track their success, the best email software companies have also implemented analytics and reports option. Using this one can easily understand customer retention and behaviour.

› Auto-responding Tools

Numerous email campaign software applications also come with auto-responding tools which automatically send an email whenever a customer subscribes or asks for technical help.

› Integration with Social Media Platforms

Many email tracking software applications come with in-built social media integration. This can help expand the reach to a much wider audience with just a few clicks while enhancing the brand’s popularity simultaneously.

» Before you Choose Email Marketing Software

There are some things which one should always remember before choosing email marketing software. These small ideas can save you from any future headache by giving you the required ideas on how to efficiently manage your company’s operations.

› Understanding the Traffic

Getting a detailed understanding of one’s traffic helps the company to make customer-specific products and services. Hence, this can enable better engagement of the customers by tailoring services as per their need to make the products more alluring.

› Choosing the Group

Choosing the group your company makes products for, is also as essential as searching for the email marketing software for small businesses. For example- If your company expertise in IT related products then choosing a group which focuses on IT-related products or news can enhance the subscriber counts as well as increase the product purchases. However, if you send product-based emails to other groups, they might not be pro-active in subscribing to your activities and trying out your products and services.

› Analyzing Budget

One of the essential aspects of being successful in choosing email marketing software is when it does not put a dent in your pocket. The price of email marketing software differs from one to another, hence analyzing the budget, streamlines the process of hiring the best email software from the heaps of many.

› Taking Help

In case you are relatively new to the field and do not want to take any risk, then seeking help from experienced and professional people is the best option. This is because less information can result in the jeopardizing of your company, which is a certain scary situation for any business person. So, taking help from the experts can help you cut-out the most tedious and intimidating part of going through the funnel of choosing the best email marketing software.

» How to choose good Email Marketing Software?

The facilities and tools provided in each email marketing software for small business differ from software to software. This situation can quickly intimidate a beginner and sometimes professionals too due to their complexity. To help you recover from such circumstances, we have created a list which perfectly fits as an answer to your doubts and confusions. Check them out.

› User-Friendly Interface

It will be a waste of finances if the email marketing software you have subscribed to has a very complicated design. This can lead to doubts and confusions while working on it. Hence, one should always prefer email campaign software which provides a user-friendly interface. Similarly, a responsive display is a must for maintaining good marketing results.

› CAN-SPAM Availability

Many nations like the U.S. and EU prohibit companies from sending spam emails to the public, which when violated can lead to hefty fines or ultimately closure of the company. So, it is wise to hire an email software which complies to the laws and notifies in case of any legal breaches beforehand.

› Available Tools

The best email marketing software come with a myriad of pre-installed and built-in facilities which helps achieve operational efficiency without the need for spending more finances. Apart from this, a good email tracking software must have an efficient email builder, linked with analytics and reports, provide real-time availability, auto-responding, tag-mergers, and many more.

› Emailing Capacity

Many free email marketing software have limited mailing capacity on a daily or monthly basis. This can result in frustration as an individual may not be able to complete sending intimations to a target group within the stipulated time due to the expiry of the emailing capacity. This can be avoided by choosing other free email marketing software providers offering unlimited emailing ability or picking a premium one.

› CRM Integration

The most basic function every email software must have is CRM integration. This is because integrating with CRM helps in transferring customer data for sales, marketing, partnership, and business which can then be used for conversions or expanding the company's reach. Moreover, the software should also support importing and exporting different file formats as used in sales.

› Real-time Availability

The feature helps to track the click-on rates of the emails sent to the recipients by showing the real-time data to the companies. This can then be used to understand the customer orientation and calculate the probability of the possible conversions.

» Is it worth investing money in Email Marketing Software?

This may be a tricky question as it depends upon the company and it’s targeted users. Although many experts and recent surveys have stated the positive impact of the implementation of the email tracking software, one must carefully analyze every aspect so as to make a good choice. No wonder using an email marketing software can increase the company’s results in a short time; however, using the software is not advised for companies with a lesser audience.

For companies where implementing the software makes sense, email software can help achieve faster positive results. The software helps create, collect, customize, edit and send bulk emails to specific groups all within a single software. But if it is done by assigning employees, then it will inevitably result in a 30-50% increase in the total expenditure of the company.

» How much does Email Marketing Software cost?

The pricing plan of the email software varies from one to another as it is mostly dependent on the facilities and tools provided as well as the emailing capacity of the software. However, the average price of the software starts from as low as $7 which can also reach to a high of $99 as per its usage. Some of the software companies also allow users to receive maximum benefits by offering them with pay-as-you-go packs, allowing users to install more software as desired by paying for them afterwards. Despite that, it is highly advised to choose a free version of the software you want to subscribe, so as to check if all the services are provided or not. Afterwards, you can easily subscribe to the premium version of the software or just change to another free email marketing software.

» Conclusion

It is always better to take prevention rather than suffering after paying a hefty amount as the subscription charges for email marketing software. One must be extra careful and explore as much information as possible about the software beforehand to be on the safe side. This is because email marketing campaigns may seem easy, but this is not always the case. A simple mistake can cause your empire to come crashing down while destroying the brand name as well. Hence, before stepping on the field be prepared and list out all the points and services you want the software to have to streamline the choosing process and enjoy better results.

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