List of Top 10+ Best IT Management Software 2023 (Free & Paid)

With the improved technological advancements, the IT management software is beneficial for your business as it can automate simple tasks, unify the different software projects, and manage the collaboration of different projects. It will help your company to extend its reach in the market as you can access the necessary information from any location worldwide. The IT management systems have an important role in increasing the efficiency of the processes involved in the software development. It has the tools to perform the specific functions that help in completing complex tasks such as creating online help systems, developing multi-platform games, and building mobile apps. The IT management refers to the process that encompasses all the technical resources of your company including the computers, servers, application, operating system, and the employees. The IT management software makes it easier to manage the resources depending on the priorities and initiatives of your establishment. Below is the list of the top 10+ software that is compiled from reviews and ratings of the top-end websites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd.

IT Management Software

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List of Best IT Management Software | Top IT Asset Management Software

1. Freshservice– A complete IT service management (ITSM) tool for business

Our Score 98/100

About Freshservice : A cloud-based IT service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution, Freshservice leverages ITIL best practices. Enables organisations to provide exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction with refreshing user experience on top of powerful ticketing and asset management capabilities. Being extremely user-friendly it is easy to configure for use in business functions like HR, Finance, etc. It is best suited for small and mid-sized organizations in the management industry.

Freshservice IT Management Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“FreshService is a simple to use system that has allowed us to manage IT issues, assets, and changes within a quickly growing company. With FreshService implemented we’re now able to put metrics to the volume of support our team provides to the company. We’re tracking assets across multiple states.” – Bryan S.

Freshservice Reviews


United States

11 – 50



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360+ Reviews


700+ Reviews

2. Lansweeper – IT Asset Management Software

Our Score 97/100

About Lansweeper : It is an agentless IT Asset Management software that is suitable for all the sizes of businesses across various industry verticals. It offers integrated tools for managing all network inventories, business assets, help desk operations, etc. Lansweeper gives full information on hardware and software that is scanned and deploys software and runs command lines on all the assets. Top features include setting up AD integrated scanning, specifying crucial servers that require scanning, etc.

Lansweeper IT Management Features : Compliance Management, Event Logs, Hardware Inventory, License Management, Patch Management, Remote Access, Scheduling, Software Inventory

“Great Product for all your IT needs. Software provides IT with all the tools we use in one place. Software also manages devices and easy reports. It offers Large community support to their users.” – Steve L.

Lansweeper Reviews



51 – 200





40+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

3. Wrike – Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

Our Score 97/100

About Wrike : Wrike, Inc. increases the efficiency of work of any organization. Being a fast-growing private corporation, it has a stable annual growth and diversified customer base such as PayPal, Hubspot, Google, etc. It’s the first choice of Fortune 500 companies. It comes with enterprise-level security, scalability, stability, along with features like Gantt charts, Custom Dashboards, Calendars and many other, making it the most sought-after software in the IT management software industry.

Wrike IT Management Features : Scheduling

“With Wrike, I am able to track and monitor all of my projects in one place. If asked about one of my projects, I can instantly go into Wrike and give them an update within 30 seconds.” – Lisa Matthews

Wrike Reviews


United States

51 – 200





1540+ Reviews


1080+ Reviews

4. AnyDesk – Remote Desktop Software That Actually Works

Our Score 96/100

About AnyDesk : Fast remote desktop software that allows desktop sharing, web presentation and remote support. It is very popular with rapidly growing users worldwide. AnyDesk is the leading technology compared to all the other competitors. The fast code, DeskRT, is specially developed for screen content transmission and enables people and organizations to collaborate almost without latencies. The software also offers AnyDesk Enterprise and SaaS solution AnyDesk Professional for organizations to use in the workplace network.

AnyDesk IT Management Features : Remote Access

“Our technicians work as if they were right there on the remote computer and can fine tune settings. AnyDesk has shown us that it can rise to the challenge. Performance is noticeably better than our previous solution, and everything runs smoothly.” – Jan Peters

AnyDesk Reviews

AnyDesk Software


11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



350+ Reviews


310+ Reviews

5. Remote Desktop Manager – Centralize, Manage and Secure Remote Connections

Our Score 95/100

About Remote Desktop Manager : Centralizing all remote connections on a single platform that is secure between users of an organization, Remote Desktop Manager is a built-in enterprise-grade password IT management software. It supports hundreds of integrated technologies with multiple protocols and VPNs, global and granular-level access controls and robust mobile apps to complement desktop clients, helping IT organizations with security and productivity. The key features include a remote connection, screen sharing capabilities, password management, audits and reports.

Remote Desktop Manager IT Management Features : Event Logs, Hardware Inventory, IT Budgeting, License Management, Patch Management, Remote Access, Scheduling, Software Inventory, User Activity Monitoring

“I came across Remote Desktop Manager in my search to find a better solution to what was becoming a time intensive process of updating, managing and remoting into what was growing to be a substantially large number of various types of connections. Holy Grail of Remote Desktop Software.” – Iva O.

Remote Desktop Manager Reviews



51 – 200





220+ Reviews


60+ Reviews

6. LogMeIn Pro– Remote access tool for individuals & small businesses

Our Score 95/100

About LogMeIn Pro : The leading, remote access tool and systems management software for small businesses and entrepreneurs, LogMeIn Pro, offers cost-effective packages allowing users to access files and applications from remote locations. It enables the sharing of data and collaboration of all the devices at any point in time. With simplified processes to actively monitor progress and performance of activities, it boasts enterprise-level security, helping organizations boost their efficiency and productivity.

LogMeIn Pro IT Management Features : Capacity Monitoring, Event Logs, Hardware Inventory, License Management, Remote Access, Software Inventory, User Activity Monitoring

“LogMeIn has been a lifesaver for us. Our scheduling software is on-premises only and with LogMeIn Pro, we can access the system remotely. This provides flexibility for us as a business and allows us to provide superior service to our residential and commercial clients.” – Victoria Amador

LogMeIn Pro Reviews


United States

11 – 50





120+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

7. Accelo – Automation software for all Professional Service Businesses

Our Score 94/100

About Accelo : A cloud-based, smart technology IT management software, it allows users to manage all client-related works. Accelo automates, streamlines and integrates with other solutions making users access all the information from one place. Creates follow up meetings, updates other fields and sends template emails. It is suitable for businesses of all size across all verticals. Information is stored, archived, and easily accessed and boosts more productivity, profitability and stability for all size of organizations.

Accelo IT Management Features : Event Logs, IT Budgeting, Remote Access, Scheduling, User Activity Monitoring

“I found it very useful. Using Accelo i can manage my all the task like my emails, messgaes, and other client related task. I can also track the progress of task like which task are completed and which are pending and accodingly i can manage those task. It saves my time.” – Gourav S.

Accelo Reviews


United States

51 – 200





130+ Reviews


110+ Reviews

8. ManageEngine Desktop Central – Integrated Desktop & MDM Software

Our Score 94/100

About ManageEngine Desktop Central : An essential web-based unified endpoint IT management software solution that helps in managing many devices from one central location, ManageEngine Desktop Central manages servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets both in LAN and WAN, standardizing the devices with uniform configuration. It automates desktop management activities, allowing administrators to install software, patches, and service packs as well as standardizes and secures the network. It also helps in software deployment, asset management, auditing and remote desktop sharing.

ManageEngine Desktop Central IT Management Features : Capacity Monitoring, Hardware Inventory, License Management, Patch Management, Remote Access, Scheduling, Software Inventory

“Since we’ve deployed Desktop Central, we been able to manage our ever-growing environment with much ease. Not only do we have control over the end-points, but we are now able to easily deploy updates and patches to these end-point, addressing the increasing risk of outdated systems.” – Jacobus Steyn

ManageEngine Desktop Central Reviews



5001 – 10000





50+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

9. PagerDuty – Incident Management & Operations Performance Software

Our Score 94/100

About PagerDuty : The SaaS-based software solution, PagerDuty, empowers over 10,000 small, mid-size enterprises and global customers such as Slack, Lululemon, etc. It is an operations performance platform created to improve the reliability and performance of the operations lifecycle. Top features include real-time alerts, visibility into critical systems and applications, automated scheduling, advanced reporting and machine learning. It gives an innovative approach to increase business responses and efficiency.

PagerDuty IT Management Features : Scheduling, User Activity Monitoring

“We have been able to roll out this tool to our team as well as others that we work along side. It has made it much easier to communicate alerts that are received. It has also significantly lowered the amount of noisy alerts that we receive as well as assist us in not missing alerts when we are not at our desks.” – Patrick W.

PagerDuty Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



170+ Reviews


500+ Reviews

10. Device42 – Automated IT infrastructure visualization & management tools

Our Score 93/100

About Device42 : It is the leader in Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and DCIM Software Marketplace. It is an IT management software that delivers low-cost solutions, tracks and manages all IT and non-IT assets. Device42 Inc. helps businesses in automating their systems and helps companies maintain an up-to-date inventory of their IP-based devices and non-IP assets. It enables companies to discover, visualize, and understand infrastructure and its interdependencies.

Device42 IT Management Features : Compliance Management, Hardware Inventory, IT Budgeting, License Management, Software Inventory

“Everyone has been so professional, courteous and willing to accommodate above and beyond my expectations. I’ve had numerous questions and problems but each inquiry was returned with such enthusiasm and eagerness to help. Thank you again for the wonderful customer service.” – Christina Sharp

Device42 Reviews


United States

51 – 200





40+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

11. NetSupport Manager – Innovative software solutions for schools and enterprises

Our Score 93/100

About NetSupport Manager : From managing and monitoring multiple systems simultaneously over LAN, WAN and internet to combining secure remote control access from any device, NetSupport Manager, delivers hands-on support with a single action and collaborates and even records sessions. It gathers real-time hardware/software inventory, file transfer, chat and monitor services and allows operating system configuration remotely. It has an intuitive user experience making it one of the most demanded software solution available for businesses that require remote access.

NetSupport Manager IT Management Features : Event Logs, Hardware Inventory, Remote Access, Scheduling, Software Inventory, User Activity Monitoring

“It is very helpful in supporting our customers on site and off site. It is easy to install on computers we need to access. Our customers are happy we can support them immediately when needed. Always a good experience with this software.” – Diane N.

NetSupport Manager Reviews


United Kingdom

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



20+ Reviews


06 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top IT Management Software

IT Management Features Wrike Freshservice Deltek AnyDesk Remote Desktop Manager LogMeIn Accelo PagerDuty ManageEngine Lansweeper
Price $9.80/month/user $19.00/month/user Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor $199.99/one-time/user $9.95/month/user $16.00/month/user Not provided by vendor $795.00/one-time/user $495.00/year
Capacity Monitoring    
Compliance Management    
Event Logs        
Hardware Inventory        
IT Budgeting      
License Management        
Patch Management      
Remote Access            
Software Inventory        
User Activity Monitoring        

IT Management Software Buyer’s Guide

The very nature of all assets is to purchase and deploy them at a different place within an organization. When a particular asset fails to perform, it is set for maintenance purpose. However, when you own a wide range of IT assets including computers, mobiles, laptops, scanners, printers, etc.; it’s practically impossible to track each and every detail of assets. Imagine you have 20 systems and six months ago, one of the systems went through some hardware changes. Will be it possible to remember the critical details of the event even after a long period? An asset tracking software provides the history of each asset and changes made to the asset. Such critical details help an organization to plan the maintenance and depreciation value of an asset.

» What is IT Management Software?

IT Asset Management or asset tracking software assists in accumulating the detail information of hardware and software inventory of an organization. Such information is further utilized in making valuable decisions regarding the purchase and usage of assets in the future. Unnecessary IT assets purchases undoubtedly increase the operational costs of an organization. An IT asset tracking software helps a company to streamline its asset purchases and enabling them to avoid unnecessary asset purchases.

The IT management app utilizes the metadata and electronic records associated with the assets to track and categorize the assets of the company. Metadata includes the description of digital or physical assets. One can refer to the metadata when they require information regarding a particular asset. Metadata ranges from a single word description to in-depth information of an asset.

» How does IT Management Software work?

An IT asset management software uses asset tracking features utilizing physical devices, barcode scanners, barcode labels, desktop software, and mobile devices. The software facilitates an easier platform for an organization in tracking the IT Assets from the point of acquisition until their departure from the office.

The best asset management software includes essential functions like documentation, identification, and calculation. The process of IT Management starts by documenting all the devices within an organization and store them in a centralized location. The software also helps in identifying the whereabouts and current conditions of the IT assets of the companies. In the next process, an organization can schedule maintenance for the assets along with calculating the depreciation of these assets.

» Is it worth investing money IT Management Software?

Manual compilation and reconciliation of IT assets require intensive efforts while leading to possible errors in the future. A web-based asset management software helps an administrator to automate the task and generate informative reports periodically. The software helps in storing & tracking inventory details of IT assets. Not only physical assets but managing digital IT assets like software also became a headache as they need to some license renewal and subscription issues as well. With a myriad of software, using an IT management software comes as a great help in software updates, detecting adware/ malicious software, blocking prohibited software, etc.

» What are the features of IT Management Software?

IT Management Software helps in managing different aspects of an IT company. Here are some of the main features of the software.

› Hardware Asset Management

Tracking hardware products of a company has been made easy, all thanks to the IT Management software. Using the feature, one can easily know the specific location details of their assets by using bar codes, QR codes, or RFID tags. Moreover, it also helps owners to verify the maintenance status of the hardware assets in real-time without any user interference.

› Software Asset Management

Not just hardware, you can even keep a track on your software assets using the IT Management software. It helps users to gather in-depth information on the IT assets and how they are functioning. Furthermore, users can also schedule regular audits while simultaneously simplifying the process to increase worker productivity while enhancing the positive growth of the company.

› Track vendors, costs and Procurement Schedules

If you are struggling with your purchase orders and are not able to understand if you are making the right decision or not, then the IT asset management software can be your saviour. From tracking and verifying the procurement schedules to understanding the fees charged by the vendors, you can do almost anything and everything through this single software. Thus, the software enables the users to have a complete brief on the IT assets lifecycle without much head churning.

› Inventory Management

Isn’t it frustrating when you are not able to purchase the IT consumables at the right time before they expire? In such cases, the asset management software can be of great help. The recent software applications come with in-built stock module controls which intimate users in case the IT assets reach their minimum mark. Thus, it ensures that you are never running behind the schedule due to the sudden absence of some essential IT assets.

› Software License Management

Additionally, the asset management software also helps in searching and detecting unused software licenses in your company which is choking up your finances. The software does the work by prioritizing the software according to their usages per user while pushing down the rarely used ones to the bottom area. Afterward, the operator can easily run a check and unsubscribe the ones which are no longer required.

› Configuration Management

Companies and businesses work by distributing their work to various platforms for efficiently executing the task. Hence, it becomes easier to extract several crucial data from multiple sources using IT asset management software. This data is then shared among the approved members who then decide the strategies required for the growth of the IT company.

» What are the Benefits of IT Management Software?

There is no doubt that IT asset management software is indeed one of the most significant innovations for IT industries. As discussed above, it helps in improving work productivity and maximizing output by offering cutting-edge technologies which help to automate the daily tasks of the companies and businesses. In this list, let’s have a look on its list of benefits.

› Track complete asset lifecycle

Previously tracking the lifecycle of the IT assets solely depended upon the pen and paper-based methods which had no or very less authenticity. However, the situation has changed recently and the users can easily track the details of their assets without any worries. This helps build a trust layer among the clients and the customers as they can verify the location of the assets in real-time.

› Offers Scalability

If you are looking for the easiest yet the most effective way of maximizing your profits, then, the IT asset tracking software can lend a helping hand in achieving the mission. The software automates more than half of the daily work, helps in cutting down the need for hiring additional human resources, manage IT-related projects, and much more. This helps in tackling the need for extensive financial resources and time required for executing the tasks.

› Manage Software and License at One Place

Whether it is completing the daily chores of the IT industry or managing the software licenses hired by the company, a single platform of the asset tracking software does all. The asset tracking software helps to reduce the wastage of time as the employees don’t have to toss between one to another, thus, avoiding several unavoidable mistakes.

› Keeps Track on Metrics that Matter

One of the most interesting aspects of the IT asset tracking software is that it helps companies and businesses keep a watch on various key metrics which decides the future of the software. The metrics include detailed information on both hardware and software, IP networks, Windows Domains, and more. This data can then be used to design customer-engaging products to keep the customers hooked to the IT company.

» What are the buying factors to consider before choosing IT Management Software?

Although choosing an IT asset tracking software for your company or business may seem to be the best option, it may not always be the case. No wonder the software has a vast number of benefits when it comes to solving IT tasks and projects, yet there are some points worth remembering to be on the safe side. Hence, in this list, we have hand-picked some of the crucial points to ensure the best deal before choosing an asset management software for your business.

› In-Built ITIL Process

The software must have in-built ITIL tools to help analyze the perfect conditions for your company by gathering details on the customer’s profile. When implemented correctly, these services can increase the profit of the company by several folds by ensuring that the projects are executed properly.

› Intelligent Automation

One of the features of the asset management software which is rather essential is the smart automation factor which automates tedious and time-consuming jobs. These include planning, scheduling, resource management, efficient product delivery, handling complaints and requests, amongst others. As the software eradicates the need for user interference, the tasks are executed with maximized gains and within lesser time.

› Easy Customization

If you are a company which wants creative and inspiring solutions rather than depending upon already available ones, then this feature is the best option for you. Loaded with plenty of innovative tools, the simple drag and drop functionality, amongst others, the software offers plenty of opportunities to design their creative solutions.

› Visual Workflows

A visual workflow as provided by the best asset management software creates an efficient pipeline for the users by providing inputs on crucial information on IT assets. This data can then be used to device a way which can be used to increase the sales of the IT-related products of the company. Hence, one should look for software which provides these tools without any further charges.

» How to choose a good IT Management Software?

Choosing the best asset management software may not always be easy, provided the vast amount of software which is available in the market. To help you out, we have listed some of the most important aspects which can help you in choosing a good IT asset tracking software for your businesses. Check them out now.

› Understanding your IT world

Before stepping into the journey, one must understand how the software can be used to achieve desirable results. Hence, one must choose software which excels in providing access to both tangible as well as intangible IT asset departments. This will help in cutting down the intimidating work of hopping between the two worlds.

› Have a clear view of what you want

Every company has its own set of demands when it comes to choosing an IT asset tracking software for its IT operations. Hence, having a detailed knowledge of the requirements from the software can offer an upper hand when it comes to choosing the best software for your company. This also helps in reducing the number of available software to fewer perfect ones.

› Look for public opinions

One can also find various testimonials or comments left by old customers of the software. These data can then be used to assess the quality of the software along with their services provided.

› Compare Prices

The budget controls almost all functions as well as decisions in a company. Hence, one should always be careful enough to choose the software which perfectly fits into the budget. Else, if you want an expensive software which out pars your budget, it may lead to jeopardizing your company decisions, hence, creating a ruckus in the working of the company. No one will ever want to have added to their financial expenses or surprise in their expenditure bills.

› Technical Considerations

The best asset management software must have a simple and user-friendly interface to enable the users to work on the software. This eradicates the need for hiring talents with technical skills or having prior knowledge of coding. Hence, anyone and everyone can efficiently work on the software, thus, saving both time and reducing wastage of resources.

» How much does an IT Management Software cost?

The pricing structure of the asset tracking software starts from as low as $7/month and can reach up to a high of $229/month, depending on the facilities and tools provided. However, to remain on the safe side, experts often advise going with a free basic plan initially. This can help you to understand the actual strengths and weaknesses of the software. After that, if you find it to be worth investing, you can avail switch to its premium plans.

» Conclusion

Without a doubt, we can say that stepping up towards an IT asset management journey could be a heavy undertaking especially for managers who don’t have enough knowledge with utilizing complex software. However, the scenario of software development has tremendously transformed from Technology laden features to User-friendly approach. You will find ample of IT asset management software which doesn’t require the skill of a technician to use them.

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