Best IT Project Management Software

IT Project Management Software is currently considered to be one of the most important parts of business projects. The software is being used in IT businesses for planning tasks, scheduling meetings, resource allocation, and changing management. It helps the project managers, users, and stakeholders to control costs, manage budgeting, and perform various other important functions. This software is used for proper communication and collaboration between the project stakeholders. A dedicated IT project management tool can perform diverse functions, including ...

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List of Best IT Project Management Software

The Work Management Software To Maximize Business Efficiency is a versatile work operating system designed to streamline collaboration and project management. Its colorful and intuitive interface simplifies complex workflows, offering customizable boards to fit various team needs. From task tracking to project timelines, adapts to your unique processes. Team members can easily communicate, share files, and update progress in real-time... read more about

7 Days

$9 Per month



Manage Projects Faster & Collaborate Better

Hive is a robust software solution designed to streamline collaboration and boost productivity for teams and organizations. It serves as a centralized hub for project management, task tracking, and communication, simplifying teamwork and ensuring projects stay on course. With Hive, you can effortlessly create, assign, and monitor tasks, guaranteeing that everyone stays aligned and project ... read more about Hive

7 Days

$1 Per month

United States


Project Management, Time Tracking, and Invoicing for Small Businesses

Paymo is a fascinating project management tool developed for small and medium-sized businesses, focusing on streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity. Its standout feature is the seamless integration of task management, time tracking, and invoicing in one platform. Users can easily plan projects, assign tasks, and set deadlines, while the time tracking functionality ensures accurate billing... read more about Paymo

15 Days

$5.9 Per month


Apptio Targetprocess

Enterprise Agile made easy

Apptio Targetprocess is a flexible and agile project management software ideal for organizations adopting lean and agile practices. Its strength lies in providing a holistic view of company portfolios, products, and teams, thereby fostering transparency and alignment across all levels. The software enables customizable visual boards for planning, tracking, and adapting work processes, from ... read more about Apptio Targetprocess


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United States

Planview AdaptiveWork

Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Planview AdaptiveWork is a comprehensive project and portfolio management software tailored for enterprises seeking to improve agility and collaboration. It stands out with its ability to adapt to various business processes and methodologies, including Agile, Waterfall, and hybrid models. The software's robust planning and execution tools allow for detailed project tracking, resource management, ... read more about Planview AdaptiveWork

30 Days

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United States


Issue & Project Tracking Software

Jira from Atlassian is a popular project management tool widely used in app development. It facilitates collaboration among development teams, helping streamline the entire development lifecycle. In Jira, tasks are organized and tracked through customizable boards, making it easy to visualize the progress of the project. Teams can employ different workflows, such as Scrum or Kanban, to adapt to ... read more about Jira

14 Days

$7.16 Per month

United States


Versatile & Robust Project Management Software

Wrike, a dynamic project management platform, revolutionizes team collaboration with its user-friendly features. Designed for simplicity, Wrike empowers teams to plan, track, and manage projects seamlessly. The platform's customizable dashboards offer real-time insights, enhancing decision-making processes. Wrike's flexibility adapts to various work styles, making it suitable for diverse teams and... read more about Wrike

14 Days

$9.80 Per month

United States


Work Management Software For Professional Services

Scoro, a business management software, simplifies work processes with its user-friendly design. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, Scoro integrates project management, CRM, and billing seamlessly. Its intuitive interface allows easy collaboration, helping teams stay organized and efficient. Scoro's powerful features include task scheduling, time tracking, and financial management, providing a ... read more about Scoro

14 Days

$26 Per month

United Kingdom


Manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online

Asana is a powerful project management tool that streamlines collaboration. With a user-friendly interface, it's easy to create tasks and assign them to team members. Tasks can be organized into projects, making it simple to track progress. The platform allows real-time communication within tasks, reducing the need for endless email chains. Asana's calendar feature helps teams stay on schedule, ... read more about Asana

7 Days

$10.99 Per month

United States


The enterprise work management platform

Smartsheet is a versatile work management and automation tool that simplifies complex tasks. With a spreadsheet-like interface, users can easily create, organize, and collaborate on sheets. These sheets serve as dynamic project plans, allowing for real-time updates and seamless collaboration. Smartsheet's grid structure makes it easy to track tasks, deadlines, and dependencies. Automation features... read more about Smartsheet

7 Days

$7 Per month

United States


The platform to build next‒gen apps

Airtable is a top-notch app development platform that empowers users to extend the functionality of their databases effortlessly. With a user-friendly interface, creating custom apps becomes accessible even for non-developers. Start by defining data models, then add custom views and interfaces. Leverage Airtable's API to connect with external services and integrate data seamlessly. Its flexibility... read more about Airtable

7 Days

$20 Per month

United States


One app to replace them all

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that caters to diverse team requirements. Its user-friendly interface simplifies task organization and collaboration. It also offers customizable views to adapt to different workflows. With features like Docs, Goals, and Time Tracking, ClickUp centralizes tools and eliminates the need for multiple applications. The platform fosters transparency ... read more about ClickUp

14 Days

$7 Per month

United States

The All In One Team Project Management Software is a collaborative project management tool that simplifies teamwork. It streamlines task management, making it easy to assign and track progress. It enhances communication among team members with a user-friendly interface. offers Gantt charts for visual project timelines. It allows file sharing to promote seamless collaboration. The platform integrates with popular tools ... read more about


$9.99 Per month



Manage your team’s work, projects, & tasks online

Workzone is a user-friendly project management software designed for teams seeking efficient collaboration. With its intuitive interface, it simplifies task management and project tracking. Workzone offers customizable dashboards for a personalized overview of projects. It supports file sharing, facilitating seamless collaboration among team members. The tool's Gantt charts visually represent ... read more about Workzone

7 Days

$24 Per month

United States


Collaborative Project Management Software

ActiveCollab is a comprehensive project management tool designed for streamlined collaboration. Its user-friendly interface simplifies task management, enabling teams to organize work efficiently. With features like time tracking and invoicing, ActiveCollab supports project planning and budgeting. The platform facilitates clear communication through comments and file sharing. Gantt charts provide ... read more about ActiveCollab

14 Days

$3.17 Per month

United States


Unified Project & Work Management for Teams

Avaza is a versatile business management platform that integrates project management, time tracking, and invoicing in one user-friendly interface. It simplifies collaboration and boosts productivity for teams of all sizes. Avaza's project management tools enable efficient task tracking and resource allocation, ensuring projects stay on schedule. The time tracking feature provides accurate insights... read more about Avaza

7 Days

$11.95 Per month

United States


Elevate Your Professional Services with ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is a fantastic project management tool designed to simplify team collaboration and task management. Its user-friendly interface makes project tracking and coordination straightforward. ProWorkflow's customizable dashboards provide a clear overview of project progress and team activities. The platform supports time tracking, facilitating accurate project budgeting and resource ... read more about ProWorkflow


$20 Per month

New Zealand


Project management platform that helps small teams move faster and make more progress

Basecamp is a popular project management and collaboration tool known for its simplicity and user-friendly design. Basecamp's straightforward interface facilitates seamless communication and task management for teams of all sizes. The platform organizes projects into intuitive to-do lists and message boards, enhancing clarity. Basecamp's document-sharing feature streamlines collaboration, allowing... read more about Basecamp

7 Days

$4.19 Per month

United States


Modernize your service management instantly

Freshservice is a dynamic platform designed to streamline and enhance your IT service management. It can allow you to automate tedious tasks for efficient issue resolution. It enables seamless collaboration among team members to foster a productive work environment. This platform provides a user-friendly interface so users can easily navigate and access the tool. Freshservice offers customizable ... read more about Freshservice


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United States


All-in-one free platform to manage your team and run your sales

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform designed to streamline tasks and boost team collaboration. It serves as a centralized hub, integrating tools for communication, project management, and customer relationship management. With features like file sharing, automation, calendars, and task tracking, Bitrix24 simplifies daily operations for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly ... read more about Bitrix24

15 Days

$49 Per month

United States


Best Professional Services Automation Software

BigTime is a robust time tracking and billing software designed for professional service firms and businesses. Tailored for efficiency, it simplifies project management, time tracking, and invoicing, streamlining operations for project-based teams. BigTime's user-friendly interface and powerful features enable accurate timekeeping, expense tracking, and client billing, ensuring transparency and ... read more about BigTime


$20 Per month

United States


Project Management Software for Virtual Teams

Backlog is an extraordinary issue and bug-tracking software that streamlines project management by recording, prioritizing, and resolving tasks. It serves as a centralized hub, fostering collaboration among team members. This tool categorizes issues, allowing teams to allocate resources efficiently. Users can assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress, enhancing overall project visibility. ... read more about Backlog

30 Days

$35 Per month



Flexible project management web application

Redmine is an open-source project management and issue-tracking system that stands as a versatile solution for teams seeking efficient collaboration and task management. It offers a centralized platform that allows teams to plan, track, and manage projects seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface enhances transparency, offering a clear overview of project progress and priorities. Redmine also ... read more about Redmine




Zoho Projects

Cloud-based project management solution that helps teams plan, track, collaborate, and achieve project goals.

Zoho Projects is a versatile project management and collaboration tool that stands as a valuable asset for teams aiming to streamline workflows. This cloud-based platform offers many top-notch features like task management, time tracking, and team collaboration. Zoho Projects facilitates efficient project planning and execution, ensuring teams stay organized and meet deadlines. With its intuitive ... read more about Zoho Projects


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Your connected workspace for wiki, docs & projects

Notion is like a digital workspace where you can jot down notes, plan your tasks, and keep everything organized in one spot. It's great for both solo projects and team collaborations. You can set up pages however you like - kind of like a digital notebook with superpowers. There's a bunch of templates to help you get started, whether you're planning a trip or managing a big project. Plus, you can ... read more about Notion


$8 Per month

United States

IT Project Management Software Buyer's Guide

Project managers and teams can easily complete client requirements, manage time and budget, and scope limitations with the help of IT project management software. Several small and medium-sized businesses are using IT project management software as it plays a crucial role in IT operations. Organizations can make changes in their strategies and achieve their goals with the help of the software.

What is IT Project Management Software?

IT Project Management Software refers to the applications that are intended to make project delivery and make it more efficient easy. Organizations can set more realistic milestones and deadlines, automate assignments while focusing on your deliverables consistently with the help of project management software.

What are the Features of IT Project Management Software?

You need to understand IT project management software to select the right software platform for your organization. The software enables your company to oversee tasks, monitor projects, archive work-related files, and perform various operations effectively and easily. Organizations tend to choose the most popular project management software, but what’s most important is choosing the right one that suits your requirements.

There are several options available for project management software to choose which are confusing. Here are the key features of the software that you should look for before invest in one.

› TASK MANAGEMENT: Your chosen software should be able to set dependencies on the task along with the management of subtasks from huge tasks. You should be able to set the tasks to repeat them at a specified time and date as well as assigning users to those tasks.

› TEAM COLLABORATION: This feature allows any number of team members to communicate and hold work-related discussions. IT project management tools provide virtual space to create discussions easily and save its history, create documents and share them, sends alerts, notifications, and private messages to several recipients.

› LEARNING MATERIALS: The software must allow every team member to get access to adequate materials. It should serve all levels of users, no matter if they want to learn by reading articles, or participating in a webinar, or watching videos.

› CUSTOMIZATION: The best IT project management software allows its users to get customization for their brand and their requirements. This feature can be vital for some users, while for some it is not useful enough.

› SCHEDULING: Your software allows you to set tasks schedules, create milestones and timelines, and decide on dependencies and resources. This is core functionality that many buyers consider to be present in their software. However, for companies who do simple projects with small teams within a short duration, this feature is not useful.

› REPORTING: All project management software has this functionality, as this is extremely important. However, the software should contain different kinds of customizable reports to have a definite advantage out of them.

What are the Benefits of IT Project Management Software?

IT Project management software programs are associated with time management, project planning, and resource allocation for change management. Several other benefits of project management software an organization are:

› EASY COLLABORATION: The software gives employees a method to collaborate on the projects by discussing timelines, documents, outstanding work, and more.

› BUDGET MANAGEMENT: The software helps your managers to determine the work budget, as the success of any business depends on on-time product delivery to their clients.

› COMMUNICATION: The software develops a bridge for both internal and external communication regarding tasks and projects. The software allows your clients to log in and view information about their project data. They can also provide valuable feedback, make edits, and review.

› MONITORING: The best IT project management system monitors the work progress of projects at various stages, providing insights into the project's finishing time.

› DOCUMENT SHARING: Be it an integrated third-party system or the tool within the company, the project management software enables document sharing to find a wide range of documents that allows communication and transparency.

› MAXIMIZE DECISION MAKING: The software assists you in making the right decisions that enhance the decision process with much accuracy. This is possible as you will have all the required details of the project at one designated place.

› IMPROVED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: The software allows the customer and supplier relationship to carry on. You can focus on and meet your goals to improve your delivery as well as the success rate by applying basic project management strategies.

› REMOTE WORKING: The best project management software offers flexible and effective remote working for users without getting detached from their team. Users can get access to all resources while working remotely, with the help of the software.

What is the Cost of IT Project Management Software?

All sizes of businesses manage numerous projects, plans, people, and tasks. Having project management software in their business helps them to keep everything in structure while planning and running projects. The software does not compromise on accuracy while being predictable and profitable. Generally, the best approach to understand the product is to try their free trial plans. You can even request a demo from the project management software vendors to find out the key features of their product.

This way you can get a first-hand comparison of project management tools before you invest your money in one of them. Once you finish your comparisons, you can look for the best product that suits your organization. You should also consider what their cancellation and refund policies are if you do not feel happy with the product. Usually, the price starts from $25/user/month or $450/user/annually.


Deciding to invest in an IT project management software is essential, but it is also important to see how experts evaluate that particular software product you are willing to buy. You will need to find real people and companies who purchased the same product you are interested in and find out about their level of satisfaction regarding the product. Find out if the software is flexible, depending on your business plans and strategies. In the end, establish the perfect software for your business, so, your organization can organize plans quickly and effectively.