Top 10+ Best Employee Scheduling Software In 2019

Employee scheduling software, as the name suggests automates and schedules the employees’ regular schedule. So the basic definition goes like this – software that processes, creates and maintains the schedule of staff or an employee of any company is called employee scheduling software. This unique format of the software manages the productivity of the staff and also manages their output. Times have gone when automating the staff scheduling, keeping a manual record on the staff’s productivity and work or creating and managing manual scheduling positions has gone obsolete. With the shift in time and technology, people are getting more and more knowledge and are becoming aware of this unique staff scheduling software. With this software, you can count on the top contender or the best performance of your staff and employees. Now let us take a quick sneak peek at the 10+ best employee scheduling software of 2019 below.

Top Employee Scheduling Software


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List of Best Employee Scheduling Software | Top Staff Scheduling Software Reviews

1. UltiPro – HR, Payroll, and Talent Management

Our Score 99/100

About UltiPro : UltiPro is a cloud-based employee scheduling software that simplifies and improves the working experience for all employees. It offers HR, payroll, compensation, talent, labor and time management for users. Top benefits of using the application include administration, open enrollment, life events, modern learning management experience, etc. It helps in personalized recruiting and onboarding experiences and uses the predictive and prescriptive analytics tool embedded in the software suite.

UltiPro Employee Scheduling Features : Employee Database, Reporting/Analytics, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“Ultipro best trait is the ability to customize the settings or features in a way to mold it on how the business works.This is a very intuitive tool, that even our non tech people can manage and control their own data and find everything they need on UltiPro.” – Yendi

UltiPro Reviews

Ultimate Software

United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



678 Reviews


789 Reviews

2. Findmyshift – Online employee scheduling

Our Score 98/100

About Findmyshift : Findmyshift enables users to create and share staff schedules, manage the workforce with time-clocking, shift reminders, get real-time reports, calculate payrolls, etc. It is an all-in-one staff scheduling software that helps track the hours of working by the employees and gives automated reports assisting users to manage salaries and cost reporting. TOp features include SSL encryption, employee noticeboard, backups, customizable filters and database, templates, calendar integration, etc.

Findmyshift Employee Scheduling Features : Employee Database, Schedule Distribution, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“Ability to use it anywhere anytime, ease of use. Ability to communicate with staff members and trace all updates and changes. Simple to use, easily accessible!” – Tony G.

Findmyshift Reviews

Out Crowd

United Kingdom

11 – 50





330 Reviews


1 Reviews

3. Appointy – Appointment scheduling software

Our Score 96/100

About Appointy : It is a simple, functional scheduling tool that aims to grow a business exponentially with features such as group scheduling, automated scheduling, swift swapping, schedule distribution, etc. Appointy is a top-rated employee scheduling software with full customization and is very user-friendly. It is an advanced cloud-based scheduling tool enabling an organization to manage their clients and market services by speeding up your word-of-mouth publicity.

Appointy Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling, Shift Swapping

“I have been using appointy for my every appointments in my personal business classes. Having a free trial has helped me to try and see if its best suitable for my business and it has been a pleasure using the service. Easy peasy appointy is easy.” – Iniyavan T.

Appointy Reviews


United States

11 – 50





250 Reviews


12 Reviews

4. Homebase – Free employee scheduling, time tracking, and more.

Our Score 95/100

About Homebase : Homebase is a cloud-based staff scheduling software that tracks and monitors employees schedules. It makes the hourly work more manageable for the employer to keep real-time updates of the employees working. Users build employee agendas with drag & drop feature, send the plan to employees with a text message or email and eliminates paperwork and headaches of scheduling. Primary functions include automated programming, reporting analytics, employee database, leave tracking, etc.

Homebase Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Employee Database, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“I thoroughly enjoy the Homebase platform and its ease of use. Everything is color coordinated, which is my favorite part. I use this to schedule my employees for all my locations. My employees enjoy it too because they can request time off, trade shifts, and see when they are scheduled on their phone.”- Teresa C.

Homebase Reviews


United States

51 – 200





201 Reviews


34 Reviews

5. CakeHR – Your HR. Simplified.

Our Score 95/100

About CakeHR : CakeHR is an employee scheduling software that helps HRs of small and mid0-sized companies. With this solution, managing time-offs, attendance, leaves, etc. becomes way easier for HR and is hasslefree. It is cloud-based allowing remote access. With user-friendly navigation and customizable dashboards, it automates tasks, eliminates spreadsheet dependence and lets the user decide what communication medium is best appropriate to convey the information.

CakeHR Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Employee Database, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“What I like most when using CakeHR is the ease of registration and access; the function “history of changes made” to facilitate the tracking of changes in the data is very good; and when generating reports with a single click is wonderful.” – Nereida B.

CakeHR Reviews

HR Bakery

United Kingdom

11 – 50





192 Reviews


17 Reviews

6. Zoho People – Human Resources Information System

Our Score 93/100

About Zoho People : An easy to use software that manages employee attendance, time sheets, tracks leaves and time off. It enables users to setup IP restrictions for employees, imports data from a biometric device into the system. Zoho People is one of the top-rated staff scheduling software with features such as leave management, performance management, attendance management, centralized employee information, real-time collaboration, HR analytics, etc.

Zoho People Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Employee Database, Schedule Distribution, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“Zoho People has delivered and surpassed expectations. A cloud solution that covered our HR needs end-to-end. I liked the most hoe intuitive it is to use, no training whatsoever was needed to new employees to get them started using Zoho People.” – Ahmed S.

Zoho People Reviews

Zoho Corporation







148 Reviews


33 Reviews

7. ClockIt– Employee time clock & attendance management

Our Score 92/100

About ClockIt : ClockIt is a cloud-based scheduling solution that helps organizations with time sheets, payroll and leaves management, attendance calculation, etc. With numerous automation tools, it ensures higher efficiency and reduces intervention. Employers can keep tracks of employee’s working hours, leaves and can also track the real-time location of employees. It schedules the activity and gives real-time updates of the whereabouts of an employee, helping businesses to increased productivity.

ClockIt Employee Scheduling Features : Employee Database, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“I love that I can have employees clock-in information easily available online constantly for a great price (or free!!). I like that I can monitor my employees’ hours whenever I want. I like that the software is low-cost and the customer service is top-notch.” – Ashley F.

ClockIt Reviews

TECSOL Software


02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


66 Reviews


0 Reviews

8. ShiftNote – Employee Scheduling and Manager Log Book

Our Score 92/100

About ShiftNote : ShiftNote is an employee scheduling software and manager log book for any shift based industry like restaurants, retail stores, and hotels to name a few. It’s features include an easy to use scheduler, time off management, daily communication and KPI tracking via the manager log book, a forecaster, checklist system, easy messaging, and more. ShiftNote allows managers to create schedules 75% faster while also saving on labor costs by reducing overtime and improving communication by utilizing the log book every shift. It also includes free training and onboarding setup!

ShiftNote Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution, Shift Swapping

“ShiftNote allows me to check my daily schedule for work, as well as schedules in upcoming weeks. It also allows me to enter my availability for work, and request any time off as needed. Effective and reliable application!” – Taylor R.

ShiftNote Reviews


United States

11 – 50





03 Reviews


02 Reviews

9. Schedulefly – Restaurant employee scheduling software

Our Score 91/100

About Schedulefly : Schedulefly is a staff scheduling software designed for use by restaurants. It helps restaurants in scheduling, forecasting, messaging, job-posting and storing information. It can be accessed remotely making users bring in more productivity to the restaurant business. Top features include employee database, schedule distribution, reporting, shift swapping, scheduling, leave tracking, etc. From encouraging communication to sharing useful updates, it enables connection between managers and coworkers efficiently.

Schedulefly Employee Scheduling Features : Employee Database, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“Schedulefly is a great tool for a multi-location restaurant unit. There’s a parent login to each of your locations, and it’s easy for staff who work between them to participate in multiple of them. The mass text feature is great for staff who aren’t so great about checking email.” – Jon A.

Schedulefly Reviews


United States

11 – 50





64 Reviews


14 Reviews

10. Time Clock Wizard – Free Online Time Clock & Employee Scheduling

Our Score 91/100

About Time Clock Wizard : Time Clock Wizard is an integrated employee scheduling software with features such as time tracking, payroll processing, employee database, schedule distribution, leave tracking, shift swapping, benefits management, etc. It has a simple design enabling users to create regular individual work schedules for employees and empowers users to respond with specific requests. With smart colour coding for personal employee profiles, it allows employee management with maximum productivity and efficiency.

Time Clock Wizard Employee Scheduling Features : Employee Database, Schedule Distribution, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“I love this software because it is very easy to use by employees. It also, allows you to see through charts how many hours you have worked during the month and the salary you have earned. This makes it easier to track overtime hours and pay the correct amount of money for hours worked during that month.” – Adria A.

Time Clock Wizard Reviews

Time Clock Wizard

United States

11 – 50





49 Reviews


8 Reviews

11. Veribook – Online Booking Software and Appointment Scheduling System

Our Score 90/100

About Veribook : It is a real online scheduling solution empowering patients to book appointments and receive immediate information without any delay. The top feature of Veribook includes automatic EMR integration, automated scheduling, schedule distribution, reporting, group scheduling, etc. It delivers a streamlined workflow without any risk of double bookings. It takes charge of a receptionist and does the work at a fraction of the cost of having a manual receptionist.

Veribook Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Reporting/Analytics, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling

“I really like how easy this site is to use, compare to the other site I use…. The customer service is great, [they] always [get] back to me on a timely manner.. My clients rave how great the system is.” – Maria Orellana

Veribook Reviews

Amobius Group


02 – 10





24 Reviews


0 Reviews

12. stratustime – Time & Attendance Software

Our Score 90/100

About stratustime : Stratustime is a cloud-based employee scheduling software that tracks employees in real-time and manages the attendance. Suitable for any size of business, it allows payroll integrations, making it an all-in-one solution for the organization to manage employees schedules and shifts. Top features include enterprise reporting, advanced scheduling, geofencing, intuitive dashboards, clock-in via call-in, time forecasting, overtime tracking, ACA compliance, etc.

stratustime Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Time Clock, Vacation/Leave Tracking

“I love that there are IP restrictions, but you can still grant employees with mobile clock in functionality but only if their GPS location is provided to you. It is very easy to configure. Employees and managers have an easy time using the software. Customer support gets back to you quickly.” – Emily P.

stratustime Reviews

Nettime Solutions

United States

11 – 50





21 Reviews


13 Reviews

13. Ubeya – Managing your events team has never been this easy

Our Score 89/100

About Ubeya : Ubeya is a staff scheduling software that provides an all-in-one platform for scheduling and management of staffs for any event based business organization. It is cloud and mobile-based, allowing users to automate scheduling, communication, workforce management for industries that manage teams on hour basis. It brings practicality, efficiency and reliability for managing and scheduling works. Top features include employee database, schedule distribution, shift swapping, time clock, etc.

Ubeya Employee Scheduling Features : Automated Scheduling, Employee Database, Schedule Distribution, Scheduling, Shift Swapping, Time Clock

“Receiving scheduling notifications on ones phone is awesome, as well as communicating with Staff via the App has really streamlined our scheduling confirmation process. The ability to turn rules on and off and customize parameters for punching in and out is also helping us manage our Labor more efficently.” – Jay G.

Ubeya Reviews



02 – 10





21 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling FeaturesUltiProFindmyshiftAppointyHomebaseCakeHRZoho PeopleClockItScheduleflyTime Clock WizardVeribook
PriceNot provided by vendor$35.00/ month$19.00/ month/user$0.01/ month$4.20/ month/user$0.83/ year/user$15.00/ month$30.00/ month$14.95/ month$15.00/ month
Automated Scheduling     
Employee Database        
Schedule Distribution        
Shift Swapping         
Time Clock       
Vacation/Leave Tracking        

Employee Scheduling Software Buyer's Guide

It is difficult to coordinate and manage your employee’s schedules for your organization, especially if you own a restaurant or healthcare or breweries or retail business. No matter if you have 10 or 1000 employees, you will spend hours trying to plan and schedule each employee's work. With the availability of employee schedule software, you can now put down the pen-to-paper traditional method.

» What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Developing and distributing work schedules for your employees are time-consuming that can be simplified with automated employee scheduling software. The software helps you in employee scheduling and communication needs at the workplace across your organization. The employee scheduling software helps you collect, track, and save your employee's information to build schedules with less effort.

» What are the Features of Employee Scheduling Software?

The main reason for implementing employee scheduling systems into your business is to simplify the process of schedule building. Based on the platform you choose, you will have access to those additional features that are vital for your business needs other than scheduling needs. Hence, it is important for you to be aware of all key features to have a better understanding of what your solution will be able to do.

› Employee Management

A comprehensive solution enables you to easily track and access all employee details while building a schedule. It should generate accurate payroll data by combining staff timesheets, pay rates, and overtime rates. It should also process pending manager approval, and employees should be able to log in to request, cancel or swap shifts with their colleagues.

› Time Management 

If you choose software with advanced features, it should include time and attendance tracking, overtime tracking, blackout dates, tracking biometrics, and so on. This feature ensures all your employees show up to their shifts they are scheduled for.

› Shift Management

Your software must have the ability to recognize any open shifts to perform shift scheduling and find the staff to fill them. Based on their skill set, you can assign tasks to employees and schedule shifts accordingly. It should also send alert notifications to keep you informed regarding any conflicts when identified.

› Schedule Management

This is the most used feature and looked in for in staff scheduling tools. This feature eliminates guesswork and automates the schedule building process. Look for a platform that generates automatic schedules while also counting on budget and employee preferences.

› Holiday Management

Your software should track both your employees working and missing days, including employee’s vacation and their vacation requests. This ensures you will have enough coverage even when your staff is away.

› Integration

You should be able to customize your database and the software should integrate seamlessly with existing systems you are using.
Mobile Scheduling and Time Clock – You should be able to access your staff shift schedule information on your phone and set alarms for upcoming shifts.

» What are the Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software?

Every business has a different employee scheduling process which benefits them in various ways. However, one thing that is commonly seen in every organization is, they seek for the scheduling software to improve their process. Every organization thinks over for potential benefits after the implementation of the software. Employee scheduling tools increase your business productivity and efficiency. There other benefits too with the platform which helps you to focus more on other tasks.

› Assigns Work Effectively

Planning schedules better ensure your employee's skills are used to their fullest potential. The platform helps you to recognize your employee's best skills set and schedule them accordingly.

› Manage Your Business Needs

Scheduling tasks to your employees always have a great impact on different aspects of your business. The software ensures your top priority business needs have proper coverage during business hours and also be aware of the trends within your industry. This data is later used to predict what is needed for your business in the future and saves your money on employees by avoiding unnecessary scheduling.

› Increases Productivity

You can save a lot of time on employee scheduling and attendance. You will get to spend more time working on other important tasks that help to grow your business. Moreover, when your employees are happy, they are more productive at work.

› Increases Employee Accountability

Staff scheduling software improves your employee’s accountability significantly by sending instant updates and notifications to them related to their work. It also reduces no-shows and keeps your staff informed of their work all the time.

› Dealing Changes With Ease

You can always keep track of your employee's shift change requests and random time-off, as well as eliminate rebuilding schedules by reviewing and approving your employee's requests in real-time.

» What is the Cost of Employee Scheduling Software?

Once you have decided to install employee scheduling software into your business, your goal is to select the best for your needs. You will have to define what you want from the product and apply them with features each software offers. There are several product features to compare with another to determine which product will suit your organization is a big task, but not difficult if you know what you want.

The best employee scheduling software costs just a few dollars a month per employee, while many offer free versions. The basic plan ranges from $1.50/employee/month to $4.50/employee/month with access to almost all features. Some software providers have different pricing options for various plans ranging from $50/month to $70/month. The price also varies depending on your number of employees.

Most of these software platforms are cloud-based, allowing employees to access and share calendars, time-clocks, employee communication, manager approval flows, and shift swapping. Some software programs also have included time and attendance tracking features for free. To understand the software functionality better use their free versions which have access to full features for a limited period.

» Conclusion

Employee Scheduling Software saves your time, money, and effort spent on other tasks. If that is what you are interested in, then it is time to look for the software that addresses all your business needs or maybe even a little extra. It is suggested to evaluate various options available to decide which software is best for your needs. Consider to conduct a software comparison during your buying process and ask your vendors various questions to ensure you understand the pros and cons of the software. Once you decide on your perfect match, you can speed up your scheduling process and enhance productivity.

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