List of Top 10+ Attendance Tracking Software In 2022

It doesn't matter what size your company is as long as there is an attendance tracking software. It helps in recording employee attendance. It allows you to easily record and report tasks as well as streamline the work. With attendance tracking software, sharing information across departments becomes easy. Attendance tracking software is necessary for a daily intensive recording of your employee's commitment to work and their working hours. The benefits of attendance tracking software include keeping track of time via web apps, manage work hour time, shifts, scheduling people with working hours, etc. Attendance management software comes handy for small business as well as big. Maintaining a daily record is essential for companies to know employee performance. Employee attendance software is a necessity for all companies as it increases the overall productivity of the team. SoftwareWorld's list of best attendance tracking software has the best of the best time and attendance software for your company. Find the most appropriate one according to your specific needs.

Best Attendance Tracking Software


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List of Top Attendance Tracking Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. UltiPro – HR, Payroll, and Talent Management

Our Score 99/100

About UltiPro : UltiPro is a cloud-based software and it is responsible for simplifying as well as improving the work experiences for the employees. It helps in managing numerous functions that include payroll, HR, project management, and various other important functions. It is also responsible for synchronizing data in real time, providing cloud security, and also provides insights. It is also responsible for efficiently managing time as well as the attendance needs.

UltiPro Attendance Tracking Features : Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I used Ultipro for years at my previous company until I left in April 2018. Our entire company used the platform for payroll management. It made it really easy to request time off, view my PTO hours, and view my paychecks.” – Sarah Stauber

UltiPro Reviews

Ultimate Software

United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


850+ Reviews


1000+ Reviews

2. Replicon – Cloud-based time tracking software for any business

Our Score 98/100

About Replicon : Replicon, the Time Intelligence™ company, has over 20 years of industry leadership and is pioneering a new approach to time management. Time Intelligence elevates time as a strategic asset within an organization, to improve operational productivity, performance, and profitability. Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform offers solutions for global time and gross pay compliance, enterprise time management for ERP, business operations software for professional services, and an SDK for continued development.

Replicon Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I Love this product.It makes running payroll very easy, check on current hours and where everyone is on their vacation and sick time. I also love the fact that if you have an issue, customer service is on top of it. They are easy to get a hold of, they are fast and then solve the problem the first time around. I don’t know of any company that has this type of customer service.” – Carol G.

Replicon Reviews


United States

201 – 500





470+ Reviews


410+ Reviews

3. Time Doctor – Accurate Time Tracking Software

Our Score 98/100

About Time Doctor : The software Time Doctor was built in the year 2012 by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson. It helps in tracking the employee time, which allows your organization as well as the entire team to perform efficiently each day. The software is considered to be a cross among project management software, employee monitoring software, and tracking time. This software allows you to remain productive as well as track all the activities.

Time Doctor Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“Using this software allows us to accurately bill our clients. With the time usage reports, we become pretty much transparent to our clients as we are able to document how our staff manage their time.” – Matt Bowd

Time Doctor Reviews

Time Doctor

United States

51 – 200


$9.99/user per month

Yes, get a free trial


290+ Reviews


130+ Reviews

CakeHR New Logo

4. CakeHR – Your HR. Simplified.

Our Score 97/100

About CakeHR : If you are looking for software that is going to provide a complete human resource solution for your business, you should definitely go for the software CakeHR. It helps in streamlining the attendance as well as manages the performance of the employees. It is a perfect solution for the small as well as the medium businesses. It helps in scheduling employees and tracks leaves or vacations.

CakeHR Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“An important part of our work culture is flexibility. CakeHR has helped us manage our time-off, work from abroad, work from home, and sick days policies in a very easy way, without taking time from managers, and giving transparency inside the company.” – David Basulto

CakeHR Reviews

HR Bakery

United Kingdom

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


280+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

5. isolved – Comprehensive Human Capital Management

Our Score 96/100

About isolved: isolved is a nationally recognized provider of SaaS-based Human Capital Management technology solutions. isolved is a comprehensive solution for HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance and Benefits Enrollment. With more than 3 million employees committed to the technology, isolved is leading the transformational HCM movement for businesses of all sizes. Comprehensive, completely scalable HCM software that delivers a better work life and transforms your company, while managing all your workforce management processes — payroll, HR, time, and benefits.

isolved Time Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“Forcasting PTO for current and upcoming year. Helps for planning vacations. – Preview Paycheck. Can see the potential breakdown of pay before pay day. – Multiple options for clocking in and lunch breaks.” – Heidi E. A.

isolved Reviews


United States

501 – 1000


$49.00 One-time



150+ Reviews


110+ Reviews

6. Calamari – Modern HR, online leave and attendance tracking

Our Score 95/100

About Calamari : Important human resource software, which has been designed for all the profiles of a particular organization, is Calamari. It comes with the number of crucial features and helps in absence management, FMLA tracking, vacation tracking, overtime tracking, calendar management, employee scheduling and also comes with the self-service portal. With the help of this software, your customers are going to pay for only the services that they require.

Calamari Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“It took me time to find tracking management system that would be the best solution for our company. With great and flexible costumer service we managed to implement 2 different policies for our 2 offices: US and Spanish. Very open to changes and flexible. I would definitely recommend Calamari.” – Anna Grzywinska

Calamari Reviews



11 – 50





300+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

7. Ximble – Flexible employee scheduling with precise time tracking

Our Score 93/100

About Ximble : Effortless staff scheduling with fast and error-free time tracking. Ximble delivers an intuitive, web-based employee scheduling and time & attendance solution that helps companies streamline and automate their workforce operations while increasing communication and flexibility. Ximble offers a powerful and easy to use suite of schedule building and time keeping features that help companies schedule better, track better, and manage better.

Ximble Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I use this software every day to schedule hundreds of employees over multiple sites. It works. Automated workflows related to scheduling, comparing time worked vs. time scheduled in an easy-to-use format, company-wide visibility of schedules, and superior customer service.” – Wade F.

Ximble Reviews


United States

11 – 50





160+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

8. Darwinbox – Keep A Track Of Your Leaves And Attendance Real Time

Our Score 93/100

About Darwinbox: Darwinbox is a new-age & disruptive mobile-first, cloud-based HRMS platform built for the large enterprises to attract, engage and nurture their most critical resource – talent. It is an end-to-end integrated HR system consisting of promising modules like Performance, Leave, Attendance, Recruitment, Expense, Rewards & Recognition, Travel etc, which aid in streamlining activities across the employee lifecycle (Hire to Retire). Our powerful enterprise product features are built with a clear focus on intuitiveness and scalability, with standards of best in class consumer apps. Darwinbox’s motto is to engage, empower and inspire employees on one side in addition to automating and simplifying all HR processes for the enterprise on the other.

Darwinbox Attendance Tracking Features: Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“At Arvind, we believe in simplification and value addition in the truest sense. So when it came to HR Solutions for our own people, we wanted a brand that could be a great combination of functionality & usability.” – Shalom Christian

Darwinbox Reviews



201 – 500


Ask to Vendor



10+ Reviews


3 Reviews

9. Jibble – Time & attendance tracking for teams

Our Score 92/100

About Jibble : If you are finding it difficult to track the time as well as the attendance of the employees, you can try using Jibble. Managing the workforce is not an easy task and this application helps the staff to efficiently manage the workforce. It does not matter as to what kind of business you are into, this software helps with the billing, payroll, as well as the team productivity, in an appropriate and proper manner.

Jibble Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Employee Time Clock, Self Service Portal, Timesheets

“We finally found an affordable Toggl alternative for our team! We wanted a time tracking tool with a Chrome extension, so that’s a big part of what made us choose Jibble.” – Kari Ahlschwede

Jibble Reviews



02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


100+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

10. TrackSmart Attendance – Online Time & Attendance Software

Our Score 91/100

About TrackSmart Attendance : Tracking time has never been easier and with this web-based attendance and time software, which is known as Track Smart, you can do it even more easily and conveniently. It is perfect for small businesses as well as the big businesses and it is extremely affordable. It is cloud-based and a perfect solution for the owners, HR professionals, as well as the managers and helps businesses to track overtime.

TrackSmart Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“Very simple to use. Employees can trade shifts without me being involved. Reporting at the end of the pay period is easy. The mobile app makes it simple for employees to clock in and out.” – Mark R.

TrackSmart Attendance Reviews


United States

11 – 50





240+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

11. ClockIt – Employee time clock & attendance management

Our Score 89/100

About ClockIt : ClockIt is one of the best workforce automation tools, which has been helping numerous organizations with tracking attendance and time, leave management, timesheets, as well as the payroll. You can expect a high efficiency with the help of this software. It helps in calendar management, absence management, managing time sheets, track overtime, and more. It works great with RFID cards, fingerprint, facial recognition, and you can choose the best.

ClockIt Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“ClockIt is amazing- be it time management, recognition of our efforts or making it easy for teams to work together. ClockIt helps me and my team get more work done. Leave requests are much more simplified now and approved easily as well! Also if my team works during vacations , their effort does not go unnoticed.” – Ann J.

ClockIt Reviews

TECSOL Software


02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


60+ Reviews


01 Reviews

12. Tanda – Workforce management, employee scheduling & more

Our Score 87/100

About Tanda : Tanda is the world’s #1 platform for workforce success. We build world class technology to help business build happy and productive workforces so they can create more jobs. Tanda has clients from mum & pop operations to global businesses with over 30,000 employees, and offices in 4 countries! We’re best known for our fear of paperwork.

Tanda Attendance Tracking Features : Budgeting & Forecasting, Labor Projection, Scheduling, Skills Tracking, Time & Attendance, Variable Workforce

“Software is quite easy to set up but more importantly quite easy to use for employees. Product support and help is exceptional and the whiole team hasbeen very helpfull. I was guided through the steps and any queries were asked very promptly. Integration with QuickBooks & KOUNTA is a great feature.” – Christian S.

Tanda Reviews



51 – 200


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


05+ Reviews


13. DeskTime – Time & productivity tracking app for companies & freelancers

Our Score 86/100

About DeskTime : DeskTime is one of the best real-time and automatic software, which not only helps in tracking time but also aids in analyzing the productivity by sorting all the applications that the employees are using. It is perfect software for both the companies as well as the freelancers. You can track the billable hours, track attendance as well as productivity, and also manage numerous tasks and projects.

DeskTime Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Employee Time Clock, Overtime Tracking, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“DeskTime has provided us with a non-intrusive and cost-effective way to monitor productivity. Its greatest feature is simply that everyone knows it’s there. It helps busy traveling attorneys keep up with what is going on in our various offices without feeling like big brother.” – Matt Daniel

DeskTime Reviews

Draugiem Group

United States

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


120+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

14. Clockspot – Time and attendance tracking service

Our Score 86/100

About Clockspot : Managing time is undoubtedly a difficult task and many times online time clocks are required, and Clockspot is one of the best web-based timesheet software for the employees. It helps to track the time of the employees as well as their attendance. It can be used by the business owners, payroll professionals, and the bookkeepers. It allows employees to track time with the help of online interfaces.

Clockspot Attendance Tracking Features : Employee Time Clock, Timesheets

“As a small business owner I have to wear many hats. Clockspot looks after keeping track of my employees hours so I don’t have to! I have saved literally hundreds of hours in time that I can devote to growing my business instead of handling time sheets. Best investment I ever made!” – Rick Robertson

Clockspot Reviews


United States

02 – 10





10+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

15. ComOps – Workforce management solution

Our Score 85/100

About ComOps : ComOps is a software, which helps in providing an effective and efficient solution for managing your workforce easily. This includes managing the labor cost, award interpretation, leave management, and more. It is responsible for developing financial as well as operational advantages by aligning the people, performance, and productivity, and also increases the profitability. You can use it easily and adapt to the features that it has.

ComOps Attendance Tracking Features : Absence Management, Calendar Management, Employee Scheduling, Employee Time Clock, FMLA Tracking, Overtime Tracking, Self Service Portal, Timesheets, Vacation / Leave Tracking

“I have used Rostima and still using till now and just want to check up on upgrade with Comops. I hope to get a great course from Comops” – Chidozie N.

ComOps Reviews



51 – 200


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


01 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Attendance Tracking Software

Attendance Tracking Features UltiPro Time Doctor CakeHR DeskTime Calamari Ximble Jibble TrackSmart Clockspot ClockIt
Price Not provided by vendor $5.00/ month/user $9.99/ user per month $4.20/ month/user $1.00/ month/user $1.00/ month/user $2.00/ month/user $21.95/ month $5.00/ month/user $15.00/ month
Absence Management                
Calendar Management              
Employee Scheduling            
Employee Time Clock                  
FMLA Tracking        
Overtime Tracking                
Self Service Portal                
Vacation / Leave Tracking                

Attendance Tracking Software Buyer's Guide

Managing your employee’s various schedules and tracking their time is a time-consuming process. Here’s why the Attendance Tracking Software helps you to manage it with less effort. By making scheduling and payroll seamless, attendance tracking system enhances the human resources and productivity. You may have overwhelmed with the issue of choosing the right attendance tracking software.

» What is Attendance Tracking Software?

The Attendance Tracking software helps a company in managing its entire employee’s whereabouts. The application tracks the employee’s sick time off, overtime, absence’s, vacation off, and paid off, and looks for patterns in absences as well. Attendance Tracking Software is related to Payroll software, Human Resource software, and Time Clock software. Attendance tracking is a big help for startups and remote teams. Ultimately, the software eliminates human errors in recording employee’s clock in and out information, and input their working hours manually.

» What are the Features of Attendance Tracking Software?

The time and attendance tracking system can influence your organization’s productivity and profits. With the help of any one of the attendance tracking software, you can keep being aware of every employee activity. You must carefully analyze the features of various software’s available and finalize the right one according to your company needs.

› Clock In and Out

This is the most obvious feature of Attendance Tracker software, which helps in recording employee’s working hours. Various options that must include are biometric scanners, magnetic card readers, and identifying employee’s fingerprint

› Flexible Scheduling

The software should go beyond monitoring the presence of employees and allow them to create and manage schedules, which come with alerts, notification, poor attendance, overtime and so on.

› Reports

Easily customized report generation of employee’s complete time and attendance patterns that have an impact on the company’s performance and productivity.

› Real-time Attendance Capture

The software should capture attendance from the bio-metric device and showcase the data on the employee portal. Along with this, the software should also manage leaves, shifts, scheduling, absents, week off’s, overtime calculation, ordinary work-time and so on.

› Web-based System

A centralized web-based attendance tracker maintains data accuracy and integrity, increases productivity and efficiency of HR, and reduces admin work and costs.

› Integration

Your software must integrate seamlessly with your payroll, accounting, and other functionalities. When your software is connected with other apps and data is exchanged without any trouble, the HR staff can stop data reconciliation and duplication manually. This feature improves the data confidentiality, accuracy and prevents payroll errors.

› Remote Clock in

This feature helps to record employee clock in/out, who work remotely. As everything is going mobile around us, the attendance tracking system too should work easily on mobile. Mobile apps must also include a GPS tracking system to track location.

› Inbuilt Security

There are several security features such as biometric password, fingerprint storage improves the accuracy of reporting.

» What are the Benefits of Attendance Tracking Software?

There are several important benefits of the attendance tracker software and is as smooth and sophisticated as any business needs it to be. The software should work on-site and for remote workers all across the world. The key benefits of bringing in attendance tracking software are:

› Reduces Payroll Costs

Attendance tracking software helps in reducing the payroll costs significantly as it is fast, flexible and customization. The employees can use the web-based portal, use desktop or mobile for time tracking, with ample customization options.

› No more time tracking fails

Both your employees and managers, who are often on the go can benefit more from the software. There are no more excuses for failing to submit the accurate time, on time, and every time, as the employee can have access to the software anytime and from anywhere.

› Comprehensive Time Analysis

Attendance profiling pulls data from each category of time and attendance, which offers a clear picture of different types of leaves taken, ordinary time worked, absence recorded, overtime worked, and more. This helps in identifying, analyzing, and actions taken quickly for payroll savings.

› Easy Time Edits

Whenever an employee modifies the time, which is already submitted, it can be done easily, sending an automatic alert of time change to the manager who can review it easily.

› Employee Self-Service

All employees will have equal access to the software, benefitting for employees who work remotely through a web-based application, and can be adapted according to employee needs.

› Easy Attendance Policy

Human resources staff time is saved from manually tracking planned and unplanned absences. This is automated in compliance with the company’s specific attendance policies.

» What is the Cost of Attendance Tracking Software?

The best Attendance Tracking Software should help track employee’s valuable hours and their attendance. Maintaining accuracy in attendance increases your company’s productivity and efficiency. With the availability of various software’s in the market, you must decide on one software which best suits your company. Look for features of every best attendance tracking software, while keeping your budget in mind. Shortlist some best attendance tracking software and ask for a demo of those, or try their free trial version that is available on the internet to download.

The free premium version supports limited user access with limited features of time and attendance software and limited storage for a limited period. With this free version, you can get clarity on how the software helps you with your company. Request for the quote for software and compare the features and prices. If you feel any of the shortlisted software fits your company well in all means, you can invest in it. The cost of various attendance tracking software depends on various factors, that include your company size, the plan you choose and so on. The basic plan starts from $5/month per employee and ranges up to $35/month.

» Questions to ask a vendor when buying best Attendance Tracking Software

1. Does your attendance tracking software contain an employee self-service portal?
2. Does the system include time tracking capabilities? Is it manual or completely automated?
3. Will the software provide employees with a time clock? How easy and accurate is that process?
4. Will the solution allow me to schedule employees? 
5. Does the software include tools to handle absence management more effectively?
6. Are there functionalities for calendar management?
7. Does your product offer FMLA administration?
8. Is the system capable of calculating employee overtime hours?
9. What about leave and vacation tracking? How can I tackle that through this software?
10. How do the software’s timesheets work? Is it possible to import/export the sheets in any format?
11. What kind of trends and analytics will the software produce? 
12. What type of reports can be generated out of the software? 
13. What level of customization is possible? Would it cost me extra money?
14. Will the software help in maintaining flexible work schedules?
15. Does your product come in with any special features for distraction management?
16. Will your software simplify payroll management?
17. Is the software as efficient for my remote and contractual workforce?
18. Will this product easily integrate with my current organizational solutions?
19. Is it scalable enough to carry the load of a growing organization’s requirements?
20. What practices do you follow for privacy and security?
21. What is the implementation process?
22. Does the system support anywhere, any-device access?
23. How much time should we take apart for training?
24. What is on offer as far as regular maintenance and support are concerned?
25. Do you offer round-the-clock service? 
26. Are software upgrades a part of the package?

» Conclusion

Finding the right time and attendance software for your organizations, especially for small businesses is a real help for streamlining processes of monitoring, enhancing employee’s productivity, as well as automates the process of timesheets and payroll. However, it is overwhelming when you have to choose the right one from the sea of options out there. Depending on which important factor is influencing your company’s productivity, you can choose the best attendance tracking software by going through their various features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is employee attendance system?

HR professionals can easily track employees’ working hours and attendance through attendance tracking software. The software offers powerful features where you can manage absence & leave management, overtime tracking, and much more. Let’s understand the features of the software.

What are the features of attendance tracking software?

  • Clocking in and out
  • Time Tracking
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Calendar Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • Payroll Integration
  • Reporting/analytics

What are the advantages of attendance tracking software?

  • Improved Efficiency & Productivity
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Monitoring Absence Status
  • Effective Payroll Processing
  • Reduce Employee Time Theft
  • Reduce paper usage
  • Monitoring Employee Schedules

What is the best attendance tracking software?

  • UltiPro
  • Replicon
  • Time Doctor
  • CakeHR
  • iSolved Time
  • Calamari
  • Ximble
  • Jibble
  • TrackSmart Attendance
  • ClockIt

What is the best free attendance tracking software?

  • ClockInEasy
  • Homebase
  • OnTheClock
  • Time Clock Wizard

How much does attendance tracking software cost?

The software can begin around $1/month/user to $12/month/user.

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