Top 10+ Productivity Software In 2020

The competition in the business world is increasing constantly, and during such situations, the best Productivity Software is necessary to help the employees produce important things like databases, documents, presentations, worksheets, and graphs. A number of productivity applications have been designed especially for business users. Productivity software is capable of increasing efficiency by facilitating the tasks of the employees within an organization. Like most of the other applications, this software is also becoming available for mobile devices. In order to increase the efficiency of the employees within an organization, this software is used. Business productivity software has been providing a number of advantages to the organizations that are using it. It helps in collaborating with the clients in a better manner, thereby allowing all the projects to move fast. It helps a business to operate all the critical functions despite being in any physical location. If you want to know about the top 10 productivity software that you can use, go through the list that has been coined by SoftwareWorld.

Best Productivity Software

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List of Best Productivity Software | Top Business Productivity Software Reviews

1. Samepage – Real-Time Team Collaboration & Project Management Software

Our Score 99/100

About Samepage : You are getting the job done faster through Sampage; it’s the best team productivity software. The user can find all-in-one office suite through this software which one helps to get an idea about projects and conversations in real time. The global team can work easily on the same project and it also offers chat feature like the whole remote team are working in one place. The user can find endless virtual possibilities through Samepage.

Samepage Productivity Features : Collaboration, Database Creation, Document Creation, File Sharing, Notes Management, Office Suite, Presentation Tools, Project Management, Task Management, Team Chat

“Samepage is a one-stop resource for us. Having all the information we need on a single page, organized the way we want it, has been awesome…. I don’t know how we could manage as many growers as we do right now without it.” – Luke Heinrichs

Samepage Reviews


United States

11 – 50



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740+ Reviews


140+ Reviews

2. MeisterTask – Collaboration and task management tool

Our Score 98/100

About MeisterTask : MeisterTask is an online project and team collaboration management tool which allows users to create project dashboards, collaborate team members and work together in real time. MeisterTask dashboard provides an overview of all the projects and notifications. Users can create an unlimited number of projects and invite others via email to work together. It also has customizable project dashboards which allow users to create project sections according to their needs.

MeisterTask Productivity Features : Collaboration, Document Creation, File Sharing, Notes Management, Project Management, Task Management

“Create a project, add as many team members as you want, assign tasks and follow each other’s progress. MeisterTask’s flexible project boards adapt to your workflow and make sure everyone is always on the same page. Task management has never been more intuitive.” – Brett Terpstra

MeisterTask Reviews



11 – 50





790+ Reviews


60+ Reviews

3. Drag – Turn Gmail into a Shared Inbox for your team

Our Score 97/100

About Drag : The ultimate way to turn your Gmail into a shared Inbox for your team and it’s all possible through Drag. By using Drag as unique business productivity software, you can manage all tasks through this software. It’s simple and intuitive software where the user can find the ability to get things done with ease. The user can easily turn their Gmail into CRM, Marketing platform, project management platform and help desk platform.

Drag Productivity Features : Collaboration, File Sharing, Notes Management, Project Management, Task Management, Team Chat

“Drag is a lifesaver for my inbox and gave me the ability to get things done more productively. It has allowed for less work to fall through the cracks – future business was lost.” – Sahr S.

Drag Reviews


United Kingdom

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


110+ Reviews


17 Reviews

4. Flock – Communication and collaboration platform for teams

Our Score 96/100

About Flock : Increase your team focus level through Flock; the user can find more flexible ways to improve team productivity and communication level with the help of this software. It’s communicational software where team members can easily collaborate with each other. The user can discover all the collaboration tools and communication medium through this software; he/she don’t need to access multiple tools and emails for collaboration. Flock offers real-time communication feature to the team.

Flock Productivity Features : Collaboration, File Sharing, Notes Management, Project Management, Task Management, Team Chat

“It was a seamless experience for us at TechSparks. We loved how we could keep our social media, sales and technical teams engaged throughout the event with the help of Flock.” – Gaurav Derebail

Flock Reviews


United Arab Emirates

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


230+ Reviews


140+ Reviews

5. Trello – Visual collaboration tool for shared project perspectives

Our Score 95/100

About Trello : Trusted by millions, Trello is the visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Trello’s boards, lists and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your personal and work life in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. From sales and marketing to HR and operations, teams can design and customize Trello to fit their unique needs and work styles. And with over 100+ integrations with other key tools like Google Drive, Slack, Jira and more, Trello is a living, breathing project hub of cross-team collaboration no matter where your work needs to happen.

Trello Productivity Features : Collaboration, File Sharing, Notes Management, Project Management, Task Management

“I love that there is minimal learning curve when starting to use the software. You can use Trello to plan holidays, parties, a wedding, as well as keep your business/work life organised – in other words, the software is so flexible, and can suit almost any use case which involves keeping “bits and pieces” of information together.” – Melissa D.

Trello Reviews


United States

51 – 200





14990+ Reviews


10010+ Reviews

6. Zoho Cliq – Team communication software

Our Score 93/100

About Zoho Cliq : The cloud-based team communication and collaboration software offer the robust way to stay connected. The team can use team chat, audio & video calls, and file-sharing feature to improve the productivity level of business through Zoho Cliq. Software, Marketing, Operation, and Tech Support teams can easily collaborate and run their business strategies smoothly. The user can easily integrate this business productivity software with third-party platforms.

Zoho Cliq Productivity Features : Collaboration, File Sharing, Team Chat

“This is awesome, I can finally connect with my entire staff on the fly! I have 12 employees all selling and collaborating with my customers and I am out creating business, or on vacation, and I have full connection with my staff. Wow. Perfect app. Thanks Zoho.” – Jay Bernunzio

Zoho Cliq Reviews

Zoho Corporation

United States




Yes, get a free trial


40+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

7. Flow-e – Email Client for Managers and Small Business Owners

Our Score 92/100

About Flow-e : Turn your mail inbox into a visual task board with Flow-e; this is a powerful visual task board for your email. The user can find many crucial productivity software features through Flow-e like he/she can delegate tasks, schedule meetings, manage work, and set the deadlines from their inbox. Associate your task management feature with your email and increase team productivity. The user can even track delegated tasks of the team through this software.

Flow-e Productivity Features : Collaboration, Notes Management, Project Management, Task Management

“For years I would bounce back and forth trying to find a new task manager that would “solve” all my problems. When I found Flow-e, I instantly setup my categories and I cannot tell how much of a difference this web app has made to my productivity. It’s a true game-changer.” – Dustin Boss

Flow-e Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


06 Reviews


05 Reviews

8. Taskfeed – Customer Onboarding Management for Salesforce

Our Score 91/100

About Taskfeed : Deliver a great impression to the customer with Taskfeed. This software is customer Onboarding tool built on Salesforce platform. The user can plan, manage, collaborate and measure customer onboarding through this software. It’s the helpful software where the user can collaborate and share with their customers and it saves time and money. The user can gain their visibility across all teams and manage the project with customers through Taskfeed.

Taskfeed Productivity Features : Collaboration, Project Management, Task Management

“Taskfeed gives me the confidence that we are delivering a great first impression to our most high potential new customers.” – Alistair Wildman

Taskfeed Reviews


United Kingdom

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


10+ Reviews


01 Reviews

9. I Done This – Agile task management tool

Our Score 90/100

About I Done This : Track your team progress through I Done This; wonderful business productivity software provides the best platform to your team where the team member can check daily updates, completed tasks, project reporting, and project management features. The user can get complete idea about their team productivity and he/she can also improve their strategies and ways with the help of this software. You don’t need to conduct more meetings, make your email smarter through I Done This.

I Done This Productivity Features : Collaboration, Project Management, Task Management

“I Done This is an incredible management tool which has provided me with unprecedented visibility into our productivity and the areas where we need to improve.” – Harley Finklestein

I Done This Reviews


United States

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


110+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

10. TrackTik – Security Workforce Management Platform

Our Score 89/100

About TrackTik : Achieve your vision of Security with TrackTik; security workforce management software offers the ability to view, analyze and control the entire security process at one place. It’s a helpful option to integrate your on-site, mobile and back-office functions. TrackTik offers cloud-based workforce management features. The user can increase collaboration with team member and easily share their files and notes with each other. Increase team productivity with TrackTik.

TrackTik Productivity Features : Collaboration, Document Creation, File Sharing, Notes Management

“TrackTik’s state-of-the-art architecture is ahead of many others who use outdated coding languages and databases. Add to the fact that new features are constantly being released, many of which were built by the CEO himself, we have a truly flexible end-to-end solution that will continue to meet our greatest business needs.” – Jason Carroll

TrackTik Reviews



51 – 200


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


70+ Reviews


70+ Reviews

11. Y-Productive – Make yourself more efficient and productive

Our Score 88/100

About Y-Productive : Get feedback about your personal work productivity with Y-Productive; it’s personal productivity software for Mac and Windows users. The user can easily increase their efficiency and productivity through this software. It’s a helpful way where you can track actual time spent on work and get feedback on your productivity. You can easily control your work behavior and block digital distractions through this software. Y-Productive offers the easiest way to focus on important tasks.

Y-Productive Productivity Features : Project Management, Task Management

“I found Y-Productive and it perfectly fits my needs: it does the job of tracking my time and presents the data in a very nice and comprehensible form. I can spot what causes my productivity to drop with just one glimpse of an eye.” – Michal Stechly

Y-Productive Reviews



02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


60+ Reviews


02 Reviews

12. TickTick – Todo list, checklist and task manager app

Our Score 87/100

About TickTick : Discover the amazing checklist feature with task manager at TickTick. It’s task management software available for Android, iOS, and Web. The team can manage all things with the intuitive design and features. Use can also set a reminder of deadline through the software. It offers the flexible ways where the user can share list, assign a task to the team and easily collaborate with their team. It’s also easy to organize daily plans with attractive theme options.

TickTick Productivity Features : Collaboration, File Sharing, Notes Management, Project Management, Task Management

“I love it’s clean interface, it is really easy to see and to use. One of the features I use the most is smart date parsing, it is so easy to add tasks and due dates and repeating options this way, also, paired with Voice input mode, it is really powerful and easy to add tasks on the go.” – Sergio Eduardo R.

TickTick Reviews


Hong Kong

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


30+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Productivity Software

Productivity FeaturesSamepageI Done ThisDragFlockTrackTikZoho CliqFlow-eY-ProductiveTaskfeedTickTick
Price$7.00/ month/user$48.00/ year/user$3.00/ month/user$4.50/ month/userNot provided by vendor$3.00/ month/user$5.00/ month/user$7.00/ month/user$25.00/ month/user$2.79/ month/user
Database Creation 
Document Creation  
File Sharing      
Notes Management      
Office Suite 
Presentation Tools 
Project Management        
Task Management        
Team Chat    

Productivity Software Buyer's Guide

Productivity software falls in those categories of applications that assist users by enhancing their efficiency. Creating essential documents, graphs, presentations, worksheets, and databases are some of the prime examples. Users of productivity apps mostly belong to business sectors who use software like database management system, spreadsheet applications, graphics designing software, word processors to carry their daily tasks. They also go by the name communication and collaboration programs that aid users to do their regular job with ease.

» What is Productivity Software?

Employee productivity or workforce productivity denotes the process that calculates the efficiency of a worker or group of workers. A productivity software enhances that efficiency by making it easy for the employer to facilitates works for the employees. In the paperless world, businesses execute their tasks through digital means, and it happens via productivity tools. With a top productivity software like Microsoft Word, one can easily create, modify, store and share their crucial documents without depending upon the traditional paper-based documentation process. It usually simplifies the complex process associated with conventional methods while promoting productivity and eradicating unnecessary time consumption.

» Is it worth investing money in Productivity Software?

The best productivity software comes with a bundle of features that helps your employees to stay focused, updated and motivated. As most productivity software uses cloud-based computing, it doesn’t require a physical storage unit, which significantly reduces your storage management cost. Besides, with each process being handled digitally, you don’t have to follow the complicated manual documentation process, neither you have to keep a stack of old files piling with dust, inside the corner of the storage room. They are easy to operate, and most of the necessary features don’t require any great coding skills or technical skills. Hence, it reduces the cost which you might expend for training your new employees.

All the above benefits don’t even cover a glimpse of what productivity has to offer. Feel free to read further for in-depth insight.

» Before choosing any Productivity Software?

With a simple online search, you will find a vast list of productivity software with different subscription fees. While some offer a comprehensive pack of tools, others comprise of stand-alone software that is developed specially for niche businesses. Therefore, it’s essential to use your wits before investing in any productivity apps.

› Your type of business:

Before opting for online productivity software, make sure you check all the features of a productivity tool and make a list of how much you need them. For example, if your business focuses solely on designing, then you can buy a standalone Photoshop or Corel draw app. Likewise, if you think your business will do well with database management, word processing, spreadsheets, data management features, then you might invest in a full package of Productivity software.

› ROI:

Every investment has a return on investment. If today you are investing in service or commodity, then it will benefit you sooner or later. However, your investment entirely depends upon the time frame of your expected return. If you are a small company, and you invest more than your profits, then that will result in counter productivity. Meanwhile, if you think your business is lacking behind due to productivity issues, then there are various free versions of productivity software (although they don't comprise most of the feature), you can try.

› Price:

While subscribing to a premium version of a productivity monitoring software, make sure you are not overpaying it. You will find ample of software which offers similar features at a great price. Sometimes good pricing brings good customer experience, so better perform in-depth research of the software.

» How to choose the best Productivity Software?

Although availing features must remain the prime focus of business while going for the best productivity software, you must buy software that does what it claims and do it efficiently.

However, there are other factors that you must consider as well:

› User –friendly:

The work of productivity software is to make things better for the organization rather than bringing complication in the work culture. Good user-friendly software enables even your most technologically challenged employees to carry their work efficiently with minimum supervision. So, before buying a premium, try the demo version for a few days and see the response of your employees.

› Customer Support:

Encountering minor setback and error is quite common while using new software for the first time. With robust and prompt customer support, you can quickly get rid of your software complications and learn how to tackle small errors in the future. Go through the reviews of the software, and ensure they have an exclusive 24X7 customer support system.

» How does Productivity Software work?

First of all, productivity software belongs to a diverse range of tools, which can’t be put under one umbrella. Although, most productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Open Office, Plus Office, Zoho includes a myriad of productivity tools that facilitate a comprehensive benefit for all businesses. The work of top Productivity software starts from organizing your files to editing them with pictures & videos, creating databases, sending emails, creating business cards etc.

The software is a modified and user-friendly version of complicated tools which was once only used to hardcore professionals. However, the emergence of technology has made everything within the click of a few buttons.

» What are the features of Productivity Software?

› Word and data processing software:

Even though digital imagery and videos have dominated the world, written words still hold vital importance in businesses. Whether it’s regarding developing a marketing plan or releasing a memo or a benefits policy, the importance of words will always maintain a top priority in an organization.

Word processing software helps in creating those documents by facilitating a digital platform where one can enter text and store them for the future. The software also allows you to copy the text, modify it and even delete it when required. High modification and alteration features of the word processing include copying, moving, removing, changing the text’s size, text’s font, bolding the text, underlining etc. Some best productivity software for small business comes with exclusive tools like spelling & grammar correction, table & infographic creation etc.

The format features allow you to manage your texts into columns, add header & footer, insert pictures, page numbers, calendar etc. the word processing software saves your countless time spent in writing address and name of the sender in each letter. With merge function, you don’t rewrite a message every time for a new person. You might confuse word processing software with text editors, but it’s the myriad of unique features of word processor that differentiate it from the later.

› Spreadsheet software:

If word-processors escalate your written texts, a spreadsheet software enhances the way you work with numbers. This feature of cloud productivity software changes the way you deal with calculation and functionalities by improving your data handling ability. This software helps in creating data, modify data and populate fields by allowing you to interact with various databases. Its offline and online sharing facility makes it easier for you to collaborate with your employees in a much easier way.

The UI of a spreadsheet consists of rows and columns also known as cells. Users can fill the Cells with texts and numerical data. Contrary to other complicated data processing applications, spreadsheet software allows easier mathematical calculations. Some advanced features in spreadsheets include multiple functions and conditional expressions.

› Presentation software:

You can call it the best productivity software for small business if you find this feature in a productivity app. With this app, you can create a presentation in the trendiest way possible. Creating a captivating presentation is a hassle, which no one wants to get involved. Utilizing this feature, you can put images, texts, audio/video to your ideas and serve your vivid presentation in a platter.

There was a time when presenters used to hold the pre-written posters in front of a projector, and the graphics were printed on a transparent plastic film. The process was quite inflexible as even a single mismatch could result in a complete do-over. With the advent of presentation software now you will find ample of tools that seamlessly combines text with general media enabling you to create a bedazzling presentation within minutes.

› Database software:

Database software plays a crucial role in creating databases and managing the information stored in them. Also called database management systems or DBMS in organizations, these tools allow users to store, modify, retrieve and search for specific information. A database software comes in handy if you are running a business and wants to keep your bookkeeping tasks updated. Besides, if you own a website and wants to compile your client lists in your site, you might need a database software to carry that work efficiently.

Any top business productivity software includes database management software in its bundle. For example, Microsoft Office comes with Microsoft Access. Some standalone DBMS software includes Filemaker, Delicious monster software, abanquest, MySQL, Oracle etc.

› Graphics design:

Graphics designing plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of a large section of customers. Most businesses use a combination of content and graphics to make their information captivating, ensuring a successful conveying of information to the target audience. The graphic designing feature in a productivity software allows users to create, modify and integrate other factors in an image. You can convert a bland 2d image into 3d by adding a few simple tweaks. You will find various Could-based and web apps which offers such features at a nominal price. However, with a productivity monitoring software, you will get these features with the bundle pack.

› File management software:

Usually, a file management software allows you to store, arrange, and retrieve your files from a storage location. You can create new files & folders, modify information and move them from one place to another. The app also enables you to add or edit metadata to the data along with making you sort your files easily as per their size, creation date, file format etc.

› Organization and time-management:

Whether it’s an offline or online productivity software, all come with time-management features like calendars or to-do-list that helps an organization to manage their team efficiently. With an organizing tool, employees can list their daily work and set the deadline as per the requirement. The reminder feature in the app helps a user to stay with the schedule.

» What are the benefits of Productivity software?

Irregular workflow poses a tremendous challenge for project managers to the extent that it might cost them a promising deal. Modification in working hours, unavailability of a team in one place always results in a communication gap, leading to unorganized workflow. A productivity software helps in bridging the distance gap between employees and make the world one small place.

› Staying in the schedule:

Whether you have a team of fixed-timers or freelancers, direct communication is essential to keep the work going. A productivity tool helps you manage your workforce irrespective of your geographical location. Most productivity tools allow you to assign specific tasks to your employees and set a deadline for them. It also lets your team interact with each other and share their work on one platform. For example, MS word features live co-authoring where more than two writers can edit a single document on a real-time basis.

› Convey information for rapidly:

Team productivity software comes with visual components and text formatting options, allowing you to target every type of customers. Through this app, you can customize your marketing approach accordingly. You can integrate vivid infographics along with videos to make your information more lucrative for your customers. What makes it better is its simplicity. Most productivity software developers focus on creating a user-friendly interface, allowing non-technical employees to execute a premium level work. Unlike the traditional process, it doesn’t take a significant time for modification or alteration, which saves a considerable amount of time of the employees.

› Familiarization is easier:

Training a new employee to carry a task always hinders the current process, which further reflects in the productivity report of the overall team. The productivity apps help a newbie to carry out his/her work without following a robust training process. As every feature is at disposal, your new employee won't waste precious time by interrupting you every single second. Less interruption means less distraction for team member and lets the new employee get onboard with your current team as faster as possible.

› Deliver on Time:

It all depends on the tools you choose for your business. There are productivity tools which track your every move on a project. Whether to set individual tasks to all your employees or divided a single responsibility among them, it’s crucial that they all complete it within time. A productivity tool let your employee stays on track by continually reminding them of their next submission. You can track their project report in a single click, rather than calling them individually.

» How Much Does Productivity software Cost?

When it comes to productivity software, you will find a lot of open-source and free apps on the internet. Although they do most of the jobs as similar to paid apps, using open-source software is always a risky business, especially when it involves handling classified data. The price of for a premium subscription ranges from $50 to $500, depending upon the cloud storage capacity and the features they offer.

» Conclusion

The market is transforming at an exponential rate, and there is no back out option once you enter in the race of time. The only option for you, as a business person is to brace yourself and move along the time. An online productivity tool helps you deliver promising results with high-efficiency and paying a small price for it instead benefits you in the long run than hurting you financially.

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