List of Top 10+ Best Issue Tracking Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)

For an error-free workflow, every company needs to have an issue tracking software. This software tracks and manages the issues. It often encompasses resource allocation, time accounting and priority management. It maintains the workflow in addition to implementing a centralized issue registry for better processes. Mostly used by companies and organizations, for developing projects and finding issues with it, an issue tracking software gives commendable outputs and finds out where the problems are. It helps developers in fixing the bugs in the software. A good development team always comprises of developers, testers and an issue management software. Every company wants the workflow to be as smooth as it can be and an issue management software helps in making it possible. Outputs given by this software helps in making a good project become the best. It is used by customer support in call centers to resolve customer issues. Finding the right issue tracking software is difficult, but with the list curated by SoftwareWorld, one can choose the most efficient issue tracking software.

Best Issue Tracking Software

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List of Best Issue Tracking Software | Top Issue Management Software Reviews

1. Zendesk – Cloud customer service software

Our Score 98/100

About Zendesk : Discover the best customer support with Zendesk; the customer service support software offers the best issue tracking solution where customer service department can easily communicate with their customers through live chat and messaging and resolve their issues easily. The software also provides phone option to directly connect with customers. The customer service executive can easily audit issue, scheduled for issue management and assign the task to the team through Zendesk.

Zendesk Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“Zendesk has been a great partner in helping us serve our customers. Zendesk’s product and ecosystem have allowed us to be agile and tailor the solution to meet our business needs.” – Tim Smith

Zendesk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





2300+ Reviews


2730+ Reviews

2. Freshservice– A complete IT service management (ITSM) tool for business

Our Score 98/100

About Freshservice : Modernize your IT infrastructure with Freshservice; it is easy to use and simple to configure cloud-based IT service desk solution for IT organizations where the user can get incident management, SLA management, knowledge management, service catalog, self-service portal, team huddle feature to start a conversation between team within a ticket and much more features. The user can easily collaborate and assign a task to their team and align business goals through Freshservice.

Freshservice Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“FreshService is a simple to use system that has allowed us to manage IT issues, assets, and changes within a quickly growing company. With FreshService implemented we’re now able to put metrics to the volume of support our team provides to the company. We’re tracking assets across multiple states.” – Bryan S.

Freshservice Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


360+ Reviews


700+ Reviews

3. Wrike – Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

Our Score 98/100

About Wrike : Manage works and projects easily through Wrike; the online project management software is the best platform for the project management, product development, and business operations team. The user can comfortably collaborate with their team and track issue through Wrike. This feature really improves work quality level and streamlines the workflow of a team. Project managers can find real-time status updates, visual dashboard & reporting, resource & workload management, and much more features through Wrike.

Wrike Issue Tracking Features : Dashboard, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“Wrike enables my team to deliver all of our projects on time and with a standard of excellence, and for me that’s really everything.” – Lydia Baillergeau

Wrike Reviews


United States

501 – 1000



Yes, get a free trial


1540+ Reviews


1080+ Reviews

4. Freshdesk– Online Customer Support Software & Helpdesk Solution

Our Score 98/100

About Freshdesk : Freshdesk is customer support software to streamline customer conversations in one place; it is also useful to automate repetitive work and to collaborate with other teams to resolve the issue faster. Through using Freshdesk, the team can work together and resolve issues and customer problems faster. The user can discuss specific parts of tickets with experts from across organization with Freshconnect feature and share ownership of tickets with other teams through shared ownership feature of Freshwork.

Freshdesk Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Task Management

“We began looking for a new tool in autumn and were keen to get one in place and optimised ahead of the Christmas peak period. Freshdesk ensured that the implementation process was as smooth as possible, and the team were up and running within 48 hours.” – Vaughan Potter

Freshdesk Reviews


United States

51 – 200





2010+ Reviews


2250+ Reviews

5. SolarWinds Service Desk – A Service Desk Built Just For You.

Our Score 97/100

About SolarWinds Service Desk : IT service management software for the modern employee; SolarWinds Service Desk is IT service desk software offers valuable features to the IT infrastructure where the user can find ticketing, change management, service legal department, self-service portal, knowledge base, IT asset management, reporting, risk detection, benchmarking, and much more features to improve IT organization incredibility. The user can also get the recurring issue, scheduling, issue auditing, task management, and much more features through this issue management software.

SolarWinds Service Desk Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“Great software..! Everything WORKS. We have used similar software in the past, but email notifications would SOMETIMES work, newer features were always spotty – with Samanage, everything has been rock solid. When something doesn’t work, the chat support team has been phenomenal” – Mike N.

SolarWinds Service Desk Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000



Yes, get a free trial


490+ Reviews


590+ Reviews

6. Halo Service Desk– Designed to power workflows

Our Score 96/100

About Halo Service Desk: Halo Service Desk is a cloud-based helpdesk solution designed to streamline processes related to workflow management, operations automation, customer & employee engagement, and more. The platform includes a built-in incident management system, which helps businesses handle incidents, service level agreements (SLAs), and communications through a centralized dashboard. Halo Service Desk comes with customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, which allows managers to track configuration items, log incidents, and identify issues across the pipeline. Other features include automated escalation rules, notifications, a customizable knowledge base, ticket management, asset management, and more.

Halo Service Desk Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Issue Scheduling, Knowledge Base, Project Management, Recurring Issues, Task Management

“Halo is the first service desk software I’ve used in my almost 20 year IT career that I can honestly say I LOVE. Implementation is the smoothest I’ve ever seen, our consultant is fantastic and responsive to any of our needs and I love how easy things are to customize.” – Wendy Decker

Halo Service Desk Reviews

Halo Service Solutions

United Kingdom

50 – 100



Yes, get a free trial


7 Reviews


10+ Reviews

7. PagerDuty – Incident Management & Operations Performance Software

Our Score 95/100

About PagerDuty : The cloud-based digital operation management software connects people, system and whole data in a single view to improve visibility and actionable intelligence across operations. Through this issue tracking software, DevOps team can easily track IT operations, resolve critical issues and also track incident management status in an effective manner. The software provides real-time operation feature to the team to streamline incident resolution for the organization.

PagerDuty Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“We immediately handled the overflow of noise from Nagios, AppDynamics, Dotcom-Monitor, SCOM(from our dc provider) and were able to drop a cellular device using the centralized phone contact with Pager-Duty. We also were able to put our on-call schedule into PagerDuty to realize immediately who was on-call…” – Michael H.

PagerDuty Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


170+ Reviews


500+ Reviews

8. Instabug – In-app feedback & bug reporting for mobile apps

Our Score 94/100

About Instabug :  The mobile development team can communicate and collaborate through Instabug to build better apps. The mobile app developers and the beta testers can easily submit their feedback and bug reports and easily assign discovered issue to the team members through this issue tracking software. The in-app feedback and bug reporting software automatically provides visual users steps and collect features request in one place. You can also find many valuable and essential features for effective issue tracking through this software.

Instabug Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard

“As soon as we integrated the SDK and saw our first bug report we knew that we’d made the right choice. It was just so easy and seamless! Now we have instant feedback from our users, which is greatly accelerating product development.” – Darius Emrani

Instabug Reviews


United States

51 – 200



Yes, get a free trial


80+ Reviews


160+ Reviews

9. Backlog – Online project management tool for developers

Our Score 93/100

About Backlog : Release high-quality projects on time with Backlog; this is online project management software for the developers to get robust project management solutions; the software provides bug and issue tracking solutions, task management feature, version control feature and much more. The developer can easily track the projects and work visually through Backlog. The software is also available for the iOS and Android devices.

Backlog Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Knowledge Base, Scheduling, Task Management

“I can easily found out my issues raised by tester. I am able to fix my development issues easily with backlog. Thanks” – Santhosh Rao M.

Backlog Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


50+ Reviews


70+ Reviews

10. Vision Helpdesk – Help Desk, Multi Company Desk and ITSM / ITIL Service Desk

Our Score 92/100

About Vision Helpdesk : Simplify customer support with Vision Helpdesk; the customer service software provides the best solution for the help desk and IT service desk. The user can get ticketing, multi-channel support, collaboration feature, gamification, task management, help desk automation, customer support survey, multi-language help desk, help desk reporting, SLA rules & ticket escalation and much more features through this IT help desk software.

Vision Helpdesk Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Dashboard, Escalation Management, Issue Auditing, Knowledge Base, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“Affordable Best Service Desk Solution with all the fruit of the big players, After piloting over 8 of the most reputable help desk providers we settled with Vision Helpdesk. They provide all the functionality of the larger Help Desk providers at an affordable cost.” – RYAN DAVIS

Vision Helpdesk Reviews

Vision Helpdesk


11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


20+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

11. – Visual bug tracking tool

Our Score 91/100

About : Get the bug tracking and issue tracking software for the agile developers and team; the user can easily collect visual feedback from colleagues and clients directly into their favorite application through The user can capture feedbacks, bugs, and issues; explain by drawing annotations, assigning labels, and tagging teammates; report feedback in one click, send directly to leading software like Trello, Jira, Github and much more. Issue Tracking Features : Assignment Management, Issue Auditing, Recurring Issues, Scheduling, Task Management

“ has really been a home run for reviewing online material and sending them out to our virtual partners like a front-end developer. By combining with Trello, I can confidently share design feedback in an efficient and asynchronous manner with my team.” – John Quinn Reviews

United States

02 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


50+ Reviews


02 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Issue Tracking Software

Issue Tracking Features Wrike Freshdesk Zendesk SolarWinds Service Desk Freshservice PagerDuty Instabug Backlog Vision Helpdesk
Price $9.80/ month/user $19.00/ month/user $1.00/ month/user $19.00/ month/user $19.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor $49.00/ month $18.00/ month $8.00/ month/user $19.00/ month
Assignment Management                  
Escalation Management            
Issue Auditing              
Knowledge Base              
Recurring Issues            
Task Management                  

Issue Tracking Software Buyer's Guide

Handling and delivering the product with the best quality to the client is essential for every company. However, the quality team has to face many difficulties that arise during product development. These difficulties are bugs or defects that result in errors and deviated behavior of the software. The issue tracking software tracks bugs or issues and comes with several other benefits that increase productivity.

» What is Issue Tracking Software?

An issue tracking software enables a team or an individual to track, record, and follow the issue or ticket progression until it resolves. Generally, the issue tracking software ensures that the issue tracking cycle goes smooth, error-free, and makes customer service easy.

» What are the Features of Issue Tracking Software?

An Issue Tracking System provides end-to-end ticket management for all service-related requests. This also includes capturing customer complaints and requests, while categorizing and distributing them to the appropriate people to solve them efficiently.

Several issue tracking software products available in the market, while most of them offering common features. However, you need to choose the one that suits your company's needs.

› Ticket Management:

This feature of issue tracking software allows users to create customer issue tickets, depending on the specific customer query or request.

› Task Management:

This feature allows users to create various lists of tasks directly from the issue tickets. This enables users to track the status of their queries and requests right from capturing to the closing of the ticket.

› Assignment Management:

The issue management software assigns tickets to the relevant people, using the data from the ticket fields, as well as on their availability and area of expertise.

› Integration:

Your chosen software should offer integration with other IT tools your company use, which is vital. Check if your software can integrate with your email system. This will streamline communication and resolves more cases in less time.

› Live Chat:

This is another important feature to look for in any issue tracking software, as it makes easy for your customers to get in contact with you. Your employees can also manage these customer contacts easily.

› Knowledge Sharing:

This feature allows you to maintain all the records of customer tickets within a central location. This knowledge base is useful for your agents and managers to search the database to find solutions from previously solved customer queries.

› Analytics and Reporting:

This must-have feature in your issue management tools help you to improve and evaluate your customer satisfaction in the future
Visual Reports: Visual reports allow your manager to understand the performance of their team.

› Customization: 

Your software should enable you to customize labels, tasks, SLAs, and menu’s to run with the processes already in place.

» What are the Benefits of Issue Tracking Software?

Issue tracking tools records all the customer queries and requests, apart from solving them. This information can be used by the companies to recognize areas of improvement in the quality of their services and products. Several other benefits of the software give you sufficient reasons on why you should consider and invest in the issue tracking software.

› Automate Capturing of Issues:

The issue tracking software allows you to capture all customer requests and queries by using various methods such as emails, phone calls, and online forms. The software allows users to categorize the issue tickets and route them to appropriate customer agents.

› Content Creation: 

The issue management system records all customer queries and requests in a central location. Companies use this data to create relevant content such as FAQs or guides by comprehending common customer challenges.

› Customer Feedback: 

The software enables your customers to share their feedback once their query resolves. The organization can improve the quality of customer service by analyzing this information.

› Customer Database Integration: 

One of the benefits of the issue tracking solutions is, integrating with the company’s CRM software to give easy access to customer data. This feature helps the organization during the validation of customer calls and identification of issue tickets by referring to customer information.

› Consistent Improvement:

Companies need to improve their products and services consistently to maintain existing customers and obtain new customers. Analyzing customer requests and queries is one of the best ways to find any vital problems and ascertain areas of improvement essential for customer satisfaction.

› Identify Opportunities for New Features:

Customer feedback and complaints identify various bugs to fix, that help companies to add new features to improve their product quality.

» What is the Cost of Issue Tracking Software?

As the companies are focusing on improving their product quality and customer service, the popularity of the issue tracking solutions increases day-by-day. An effective issue tracking offers a positive experience to your customers when they are interacting with your organization. The software helps your team to better consolidate customer feedback for your services, products, and process improvements. Therefore, it is important to choose the best issue tracking software for your organization to increase productivity.

One of the biggest concerns of the organizations regarding the issue tracking software is its price. Small and medium-sized organizations often choose cloud-based software that offers easy-to-use, low cost, and subscription-based pricing options. However, large-scale businesses use a variety of CRM solutions that integrates with other IT systems and meet their business needs as well. The basic cost of the software starts from $10/10 users/month and if your company size is more than 10, then it is $7/user/month.

You must enlist your needs and search for the relevant software that meets your needs. You can also try their free version to understand how the system works. If you are comfortable with its functionality, then you can buy the product. However, choosing a monthly package instead of the annual package is a smart decision.

» Conclusion

The issue tracking software acts as a primary platform, where your customers can interact with your organization. Hence, you need to pick an effective issue tracking software to meet your business needs. However, choosing the perfect issue tracking solution for your company doesn’t need to be difficult if you consider features you are looking for to meet your business needs most, your budget, and your company size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is issue tracking software?

You can easily record and manage customer complaints tickets with the issue tracking software. The software is helpful to follow up with the relevant stakeholders until resolution. The software is basically used in IT departments or it's used for customer services. You can easily record and manage bug reporting issues and customer queries through the software.

What are key features of issue tracking software?

  • Ticket Management
  • Prioritization of issues
  • Team collaboration
  • Assignment management
  • Escalation management
  • Issue scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Task Management

What are the benefits of issue tracking software?

  • Centralized platform for issue tracking
  • Early detection of bugs
  • Quick actions
  • Quality product development
  • Ontime product delivery
  • Improved communication
  • Improved collaboration

What is the best software for issue tracking?

  • Wrike
  • Freshdesk
  • Zendesk
  • SolarWinds Service Desk
  • Freshservice
  • PagerDuty
  • Instabug
  • Backlog
  • Vision Helpdesk

How much does issue tracking software cost?

The software can begin around $08/month/user to $19/month/user.


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