Top 10 App Development Software In 2020

The App Development Software is gaining huge momentum. This type of software is a really helpful option for you if you belong to the app development industry. You can easily develop the error less mobile application with the help of top mobile app development software. It’s really a cost-effective option and you don’t need to invest much time to develop the best app with higher accuracy. You can easily increase your business revenue by delivering the quality mobile application to your clients. The app development software permits users to make their own applications, which can be run easily on mobile phones and tablets. The mobile app development software has numerous benefits and you should have a sound knowledge about them. A number of business owners have stated that application development software has allowed them to earn additional revenues. To know about the best app development software that is currently ruling the market, consider the list of the top application software mentioned below.

Best App Development Software

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List of Top App Development Software | Best App Creation Software Reviews

1. Docker – Software containerization & deployment services

Our Score 99/100

About Docker : Leading companies look out for a powerful platform that understands the importance of creating a cutting-edge web application. Docker is one of the best app development software that provides a platform where you can manage, build, and secure all the company based application. Docker provides a professional setup ideal for developers to experiment with their ideas. Other than giving an intense custom made platform, Docker also takes care of security features required at every step of app development.

Docker App Development Features : Collaboration Tools, Data Modeling, Software Development, Source Control

“All my current infrastructures of my clients are based on docker, I have been able to create database clusters with maria DB and several nginx using docker, likewise I have been able to create API’s and micro services with containers that I have created myself.” – Raúl L.

Docker Reviews


United States

201 – 500





250+ Reviews


200+ Reviews

2. Skuid – Code-free UX platform for building bespoke business apps

Our Score 98/100

About Skuid : Skuid builds a custom made mobile and web application that fulfills the customer’s demands. Skuid is an open platform that gives developers enough flexibility to change the codes. This robust platform designs and develops apps that are voice-enabled, faster, and integrated. Skuid creates apps 90% faster and more powerful by using killer UX that has never been used before.

Skuid App Development Features : Code-free Development, Collaboration Tools, Data Modeling, Mobile Development, Software Development, Source Control, Web App Development

“Skuid and Lightning are seamless. My team doesn’t have to think about what system they’re working in, they just know that they can get their job done.” – Nadia Alia

Skuid Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



6 Reviews


20 Reviews

3. Rakuten Aquafadas – Content creation & app building without coding

Our Score 96/100

About Rakuten Aquafadas : Enterprises that are looking to create high-quality apps may rely on Rakuten Aquafadas. This platform helps in building visually attractive web applications. You get high-quality reading experience enriched with innovative e-commerce. Rakuten makes sure to keep a control on costs while giving digital interactive content services to the users. With Rakuten, you can create apps for banking, films, in-app ads, chats, and many other purposes.

Rakuten Aquafadas App Development Features : Access Controls/Permissions, Code-free Development, Collaboration Tools, Deployment Management, Mobile Development, Reporting/Analytics, Software Development

“We have made some digital magazines with this solution like Couleurs JAZZ, integrating videos, music, pictures, texts, etc… We have created a really personalized reading experience working with Rakuten Aquafadas, using our usual PAO software, InDesign.” – Valéry G.

Rakuten Aquafadas Reviews

Rakuten Aquafadas


51 – 200


€7500 per year



9 Reviews


0 Reviews

4. Aha! – Web-based product road map management solution

Our Score 95/100

About Aha! : App development software is the game changers for any type of business. Aha! is one such developer program that has brought a new level of transparency in the app development market. Aha! provides a new platform and provides an amazing customer experience with its breakthrough features. Business can create different apps for marketing and product management. With two different apps, Aha! helps in segregating products as per customers’ choice and managing marketing campaigns for future benefits.

Aha! App Development Features : Collaboration Tools, Debugging, Deployment Management, Mobile Development, Software Development

“Incredibly easy to setup and use. The interface is clean and consistent, and largely self explanatory for anyone – you don’t need to be a product or project manager. Easier management, improved communications, better roadmap visibility.” – Jon

Aha! Reviews

Aha! Labs

United States


Not provided by vendor



200+ Reviews


150+ Reviews

5. IMIconnect – Multi-channel customer journey automation

Our Score 93/100

About IMIconnect : IMIconnect offers connectivity with customers within a fraction of seconds with its intensive and user-friendly features. with IMIconnect you get a full-featured application for 10+ channels. You can now create end-to-end flows using visually interactive tools and application builders. Users can leverage pre-built applications with customized tools using IMIconnect as well. IMIconnect improves customer experience using context-aware messaging, rule-based channel monitoring, and vivid contact policies.

IMIconnect App Development Features : Access Controls/Permissions, Code-free Development, Collaboration Tools, Compatibility Testing, Debugging, Deployment Management, Source Control

“Easy to use, very simple and quick to learn. We’ve built a complex set of rules for when to send or not send messages, and the platform let us do this rapidly and with very little fuss.” – John M.

IMIconnect Reviews


United Kingdom

501 – 1000


Not provided by vendor



4 Reviews


0 Reviews

6. Comidor – Low-code digital transformation and BPM platform

Our Score 92/100

About Comidor : Digital transformation for business is possible only when you have the best app developer software like Comidor. This software enables the business to run digitally and collaborate seamlessly. Top logistic companies, media houses, and business firms have opted Comidor for its incredible ability to change the journey. Comidor focuses on business development and increases efficiency by using modern BPM platforms.

Comidor App Development Features : Access Controls/Permissions, Code-free Development, Collaboration Tools, Compatibility Testing, Data Modeling, Debugging, Mobile Development, Reporting/Analytics, Software Development, Source Control

“I was looking for a BPM software with collaboration functionalities too. Comidor offers both of them. Workflows, process scheduling, templates on processes and emails, charts( Gantt, KanBan etc.), KPIs and a collaboration tool to communicate and interact with your co-workers. – Anna K.

Comidor Reviews



11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



7 Reviews


1 Reviews

7. Worksheet Systems – Build online databases & custom business applications

Our Score 91/100

About Worksheet Systems : Worksheet Systems is one stop solution for developers that provides ease of control and confidence to build custom defined applications. It is a robust data management software platform that can be used both cloud-based and on premises. Worksheet Systems uses no code to develop applications, hence making it easier to use. It helps in building business –worthy database management applications that are accessible from any devices.

Worksheet Systems App Development Features : Access Controls/Permissions, Code-free Development, Collaboration Tools, Data Modeling, Software Development, Source Control, Web App Development

“Worksheet Systems is as easy as Excel, & as powerful as SQL – if you need a user-friendly data management platform that offers collaboration & security features, it’s definitely worth checking out. Worksheet Systems provides useful insights on our data & ensures decisions are made on accurate information.” – Peter

Worksheet Systems Reviews


United Kingdom

2 – 10





5 Reviews


0 Reviews

8. King of App – App development & customer engagement platform for SMBs

Our Score 90/100

About King of App : King of App is an open app development platform that creates amazing apps for both iOS and Android devices. The platform is a composition of 600 pieces that combines and creates outstanding apps that anyone can think of. King of App is an affordable platform with added new features. Whether you are making a website, developing apps, or selling software solutions; King of App can assist you with multiple projects with its incredible features.

King of App App Development Features : Access Controls/Permissions, Code-free Development, Deployment Management, Mobile Development, Software Development, Source Control, Web App Development

“The ‘WordPress of apps’ is a great idea, allowing even those with no developer experience an ergonomic and intuitive way of building a basic app.” – Eli J.

King of App Reviews

King of App


11 – 50





9 Reviews


4 Reviews

9. RingCaptcha – Phone verification platform for customer engagement

Our Score 89/100

About RingCaptcha :  Just 90 seconds, and you can have some real-time onboard features on your own website or app with RingCaptcha. This platform is reliable with easy to use features. RingCaptcha provides 2-factor authentication features that can be embedded in your application for user verification. RingCaptcha has been popular among service apps as it takes phone verification to a new level. The app verifies, retains, and engages the customers with its trustworthy and highly accredited features.

RingCaptcha App Development Features : Mobile Development, Software Development, Web App Development

“We really like the way RingCaptcha works as it helps our business a lot. We began to get more users who are verified by OTP and is more chance to be a premium user. In our platform, through RingCaptcha only we gain around 15-20% more users. This is a great leap for us as it helped our business profit a lot.” – Minnu D.

RingCaptcha Reviews



11 – 50





40+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

10. Swiftic – Your Presence Out There

Our Score 88/100

About Swiftic : Swiftic is an outstanding solution form a small business that is looking for future growth but does not have adequate resources. Whether it is a pet shop, restaurant, a café, a spa, or any small or local business; you get all types of tools at Swiftic. The platform allows you to custom-make applications that is beneficial for your business. You get profitable features, upgraded tools and visually attractive features for app development.

Swiftic App Development Features : Code-free Development, Mobile Development

“I wanted to make an app because I wanted to make my business more accessible to clients on the go. And that’s just what I got: I can engage returning customers, book new business, and sell products — all through the app” – Dr. Marnita Sandifer

Swiftic Reviews



11 – 50





2 Reviews


01 Reviews


Get Quick Comparison of Top App Development Software

App Development FeaturesAha!King of AppRingCaptchaSkuidDockerRakuten AquafadasComidorIMIconnectWorksheet SystemsSwiftic
PriceNot provided by vendor$120.00/ year/user$49.00/ monthNot provided by vendor$7.00/ monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$70.00/ month$41.00/ month
Access Controls/Permissions     
Code-free Development       
Collaboration Tools       
Compatibility Testing  
Data Modeling    
Deployment Management    
Mobile Development       
Software Development        
Source Control      
Web App Development    

App Development Software Buyer's Guide

As per a recent survey by an America Investment company Morgan Stanly, 91% of adults are mobile users and they spend 70% of their entire day on their device. That’s the reason most of the companies are adopting a mobile-centric approach and building their own apps to attract the potential audience. Though big companies have an in-house team to build their own app, small and individual entrepreneurs constantly look for the alternatives. In this regard, building an app on your own through software comes as an ideal solution to many. In this guide, we will discuss the same in a detailed manner.

What is App Development Software?

Application development software brings you a handful of tools to create a mobile application with ease. You can take your business on your mobile wherever you go. Pre-defined themes make it easy to create a white label app within an hour. You can create both native and hybrid apps compatible to run smoothly in any platform such as iOS, Android and Windows. A number of plug-in APIs along with auto-synchronization can make the app run smoothly without the need of any developer at all.

› Basic of Apps:

Once you decide to go through the catalogs of different app development software applications, you will come across terms like native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. If you are a novice, you should know the basics about them.

› Web Apps:

Web apps are not opened through any app, instead, they are the mobile version of a website built using JavaScript, CSS, and Java. One major plus point is that the operating system does not matter here as the website can operate in almost any device.

› Native App:

Native Apps are specific purpose apps and are created in different versions (iOS, and Android). Prior approval is required to get them live on Play Store and iTunes store. As the regulations keep changing frequently, obtaining approval becomes a daunting task.

› Hybrid App:

These apps have only one code base and are made available on app stores for download. Just like web apps, they are created through HTML5 and then are integrated with Native cross-platform technology. In short, hybrid apps are just like web apps that can be accessed like native apps. As compared to the other two, hybrid app is easy to create, update and manage.

How does App Development Software Work?

With an App Development Software, you can easily make an app without having any coding knowledge.

It works in three simple steps:

Step 1: Select a layout

There will be many pre-defined layouts for you to choose from. All you have to do is to select anyone and get started. They all will be having different features as per their niches. For instance, a wedding planner app template will have features such as Venue Locators, Directories having a one-touch call, Navigation etc. whereas a real-estate app will have pre-added features such as Search systems to locate nearby properties, intuitive layouts for listing properties, Money Transaction feature for selling or renting out properties. So, you have to select the layout that best matches your requirements.

Step 2: Add the required features

Like we discussed in the last step, once you select the layout, it will come with pre-defined features to make your job easy and quick. However, there will be certain other features that you can consider adding depending on your business requirements. For instance, you can add a Live Chat feature to your Real-Estate application or you may even consider integrating Push Notification feature to make your video streaming app more popular.

Step 3: Publish

It is the last step and gets completed with a few clicks. Once you push it live on Andriod and iPhone platforms, it will take a few hours to a couple of days to get published. And then, you will be all set to welcome more digital footprints towards your business.

How to Choose the Best App Development Software?

With an App Development Software, you can easily make an app without having any coding knowledge.

There are n-number of self-claimed best app development software applications available in the market. However, it is up to you how clearly you can choose the best one amongst the best available. Though that is not an easy task to do but is not impossible either. All you have to do is to scrutinize them through certain judging parameters such as:

A reputed name in the market:

Nowadays, it is easy to know whether the software is popular or not by looking at its customer review online. Though there could be non-organic reviews a ratio of 70:40 (Positive: Negative) is enough to state that the software is worth your attention. Don’t just depend on the reviews from a single website, instead, look from multiple sources before finalizing anyone.

Multiple supporting orientations:

Multiple supporting orientations means that the app can be aligned both horizontally and vertically on your screen. This feature is a must-have thing if your app involves playing videos. Nowadays, inserting promotion videos has become a common thing irrespective of your business niche. That’s why choose software that stands high on the same.

No Bar on Push Notifications:

Push notification is your boomerang that will bring your audience back to your app again. Thus, it will be your ultimate weapon for increasing traffic. However, it can equally cost you money if your app maker software will start charging beyond a certain limit. Thus, keep the software on your list that promises no bar on creating push notifications.

Prefer software offering Real Time Updates:

Post live, every now and then your app will go through small changes and repetitive bug fixations. Unless the software updates the changes on a real-time basis, you will have to wait for few hours for the changes to take place. So, go for the one that offers an update.

What Are The Benefits Of App Development Software?

If you have ever tried to hire a team for building an app, you can easily conclude the benefits. Here are the top three benefits amongst all.

› No Coding Knowledge Required:

Anyone can make an app without having any prior knowledge of coding. With that being said, you no need to have proficiency either in HTML or Java to get started. The bottom line is you no need to hire any coder at all.

› Saving of Time:

As there will be pre-defined themes and templates, you can build the app within a day which usually takes months for developers for even publishing it in iTunes Apple store. So, in case, you are in a hurry to launch an app, subscribing to mobile app builder software would be your ideal bait.

› Saving of money:

An entry level custom app will cost you around $55,000 and can go way higher up to $150,000 with additional features. However, if you choose ideal mobile app builder software, the same thing can be achieved under a budget of $35,000.

Features To Consider Before Choosing an App Development Software

Before going for particular application development software, there are certain things that one should be aware of to avoid mistakes. Otherwise, you may end up buying a not-so-good software. In this regard, here is the complete checklist for the same.

› Application Privacy and Security

Application privacy and security are the bare essentials as the confidential data can be hacked otherwise. Therefore, look for these protocols before purchasing the software.

› Reseller Possibilities

For product-driven businesses looking with a future possibility for reselling, it is important to ensure the possibility of the same beforehand. This is because developers do not usually integrate reseller options into their app development software. Hence, prior information on the reselling capacity of the app can ensure a seamless experience during app development. Generally, creators also bundle up reselling apps with free websites and tools to facilitate resellers.

› Push Notifications

The efficiency of an app can witness a sky-high percentage if the app maker software will provide the facility of push notifications. It plays a major role in engaging customers and intimating them whenever a promotional product, update, or a new feature is released, thus, maintaining the flow of traffic.

› Customer discounts or loyalty programs

Many app creators also integrate client discounts and loyalty programs. These programs aid in keeping a track on customers’ behavior and improve customer engagement for product-driven businesses, while simultaneously creating interesting platforms for the audience to invest in.

› Social Media options

When an app development software is integrated with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more, not only it helps to create a platform for sharing marketing materials, but also facilitates downloads of the app through social links. Make sure, your App Creation Software has this feature covered under its basic plan.

› Analytics and Reporting

Many app development software also allows their users to generate and track daily progress by providing analytics and reporting dashboards. This gives a detailed insight to the users on their acquisition skills, the percentage of customer retention, and customer behavior. So, the integration of analytics and reporting is a criterion one should definitely put on their list irrespective of the type of the app development software.

› Instant Messages

If your business hosts product-driven app development software, then instant messaging capability can serve as a boon to your business. Recent surveys have stated that products offering instant support by messaging can also boost the traffic inflow and review of your product, as it shows customers that your business or product really cares for them. Hence, while going for an app development program, one must explore if the creator provides an instant messaging service.

› Location Tracker

For a company or business which serves customers from all around the world, the geo-targeting feature can help provide customer specific resolutions depending upon their locations. Furthermore, the feature can also help track the quality of customer engagement from various parts of the world and similarly improve the organizational efficiency and reach.

› Administrative Controls

Although almost every app development software application provides admin controls, it differs from creator to creator. The type of app, such as web app, native app, or hybrid app is also one of the deciding factors leading to the difference in the facilities and tools provided to the administrative members. Thus, in such cases, it is very important to carefully analyze, understand, and prioritize the target audience first before listing out the various facilities and admin tools of an App Creation Software.

› Customer Support

A good business not only focuses on creating income opportunities for itself but also understands the value of a good network of customer communication as well. While many app development software enables direct interaction with customers via 24/7 chat services, phone calls, emails, or even SMS services, many others do not provide such channels at all. Hence, one should always properly investigate on the app or creator information from different sources to be sure about the efficiency of the app development software.

How Much Does an App Development Software Cost?

Each app development software application has a free basic version that it offers under a trial version. Many app development software applications also allow users a free trial for a period of a 3-6 month with limited access to professional admin tools, the user chooses between the SMBs or goes for any premium plan to get additional facilities and tools. Depending upon the usage, types, additional facilities, and tools, the pricing of these premium plans generally start from as low as $10/user/month and then goes up to even $699/user/month. The annual package of a mid-level app development software starts from $199/user/year and can go as high as $1200/user/year.


Drawing potential customers towards the business is not an easy task, especially in the current scenario of cut-throat competition. In this regard, a decision to make your own app through an ideal application development software will certainly help you towards achieving a bigger sales target. However, just do not forget to choose the software as per the important parameters to get the best return on your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use app development software?

You can easily make the process faster of app development with app development software. The software offers IDE, code-free developments, API, templates, analytics, and many more features to develop high-quality mobile applications.

What are the features of app creation software?

  • Access Controls
  • Code-Free Development
  • Mockup Creation
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Drag & Drop
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Data Modeling
  • Debugging
  • Deployment Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

What is the best software for app development?

  • Docker
  • Zoho Creator
  • BuildFire
  • Skuid
  • Rakuten Aquafadas
  • Aha!

How much does app development software cost?

The software can begin around $7/month/user to $299/month/user.

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