Best Bug Tracking Software

Bug tracking software is one type of application that can efficiently track software bugs in software development projects. The best bug tracking software offers an exclusive process where you can smoothly capture the bugs and report them to the developer team. Software development is not an easy process. It’s a time-consuming and challenging job. It really requires so much effort, budget, and attention to develop high-performing software. If you ...

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List of Best Bug Tracking Software


Versatile & Robust Project Management ...

Wrike, a dynamic project management platform, revolutionizes team collaboration with its user-friendly features. Designed for simplicity, Wrike empowers teams to plan, track, and manage projects seamlessly. The platform's customizable dashboards offer real-time insights, enhancing decision-making processes. Wrike's flexibility adapts to various work styles, making it suitable for diverse teams and... Read More

14 Days


United States


Manage your team’s work, projects, & ...

Asana is a powerful project management tool that streamlines collaboration. With a user-friendly interface, it's easy to create tasks and assign them to team members. Tasks can be organized into projects, making it simple to track progress. The platform allows real-time communication within tasks, reducing the need for endless email chains. Asana's calendar feature helps teams stay on schedule, ... Read More

7 Days


United States

The Work Management Software To Maximize... is a versatile work operating system designed to streamline collaboration and project management. Its colorful and intuitive interface simplifies complex workflows, offering customizable boards to fit various team needs. From task tracking to project timelines, adapts to your unique processes. Team members can easily communicate, share files, and update progress in real-time... Read More

7 Days




One app to replace them all

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform that caters to diverse team requirements. Its user-friendly interface simplifies task organization and collaboration. It also offers customizable views to adapt to different workflows. With features like Docs, Goals, and Time Tracking, ClickUp centralizes tools and eliminates the need for multiple applications. The platform fosters transparency ... Read More

14 Days


United States

The All In One Team Project Management ... is a collaborative project management tool that simplifies teamwork. It streamlines task management, making it easy to assign and track progress. It enhances communication among team members with a user-friendly interface. offers Gantt charts for visual project timelines. It allows file sharing to promote seamless collaboration. The platform integrates with popular tools ... Read More





Application Monitoring For Web & Mobile ...

Raygun is a comprehensive application performance monitoring (APM) and error-tracking platform. It is designed to empower businesses by providing deep insights into the performance of their software applications. Raygun has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complex task of monitoring and troubleshooting. The platform allows developers to identify and resolve errors and performance ... Read More

14 Days


United States


Application Performance Monitoring & ...

Sentry is a robust error-tracking and monitoring platform. The tool is designed and developed to help developers identify, prioritize, and resolve issues in their software applications. With a straightforward interface, Sentry simplifies the task of error detection and troubleshooting, making it accessible for users with diverse technical backgrounds. The platform provides real-time insights into ... Read More



United States

Stackify Retrace

Application Performance Management & ...

Stackify Retrace is a superhero for your digital applications, ensuring they operate seamlessly. It's a robust tool designed to simplify the monitoring and optimization of application performance. With an easy-to-use interface, Stackify Retrace is like a friendly guide through the complex world of software. Supporting various programming languages, it effortlessly adapts to your tech landscape. ... Read More



United States


Most Reliable App & Cross Browser ...

BrowserStack, a valuable resource in software testing, functions as a cloud-based platform that facilitates the testing of web applications on various browsers and devices. It offers a practical solution for ensuring cross-browser compatibility, allowing developers and testers to assess how their applications perform in diverse environments. With BrowserStack, users can access a vast array of real... Read More

7 Days




Project Management Software for Virtual ...

Backlog is an extraordinary issue and bug-tracking software that streamlines project management by recording, prioritizing, and resolving tasks. It serves as a centralized hub, fostering collaboration among team members. This tool categorizes issues, allowing teams to allocate resources efficiently. Users can assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress, enhancing overall project visibility. ... Read More

30 Days




Web Debugging Proxy and Troubleshooting ...

Fiddler is a robust web debugging and proxy tool. It empowers developers by offering a comprehensive platform to inspect, debug, and analyze HTTP/HTTPS traffic. With its user-friendly interface, Fiddler facilitates real-time monitoring, allowing users to scrutinize requests and responses. This tool serves as a valuable ally during the development phase, providing insights into network ... Read More



United States

Zoho BugTracker

Ship great software with automated ...

Zoho Bugtracker is a dynamic solution that helps streamline bug-tracking and project management. This platform empowers teams to efficiently identify, prioritize, and resolve software issues in a collaborative environment. With its intuitive interface, Zoho Bugtracker simplifies the bug reporting process, allowing users to submit detailed bug reports seamlessly. The tool facilitates clear ... Read More

7 Days




Powerful project management for all your...

YouTrack is a versatile issue-tracking and project management tool designed to streamline collaboration and enhance productivity. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing teams to effortlessly create, manage, and prioritize tasks. With customizable workflows, it adapts to diverse project requirements. YouTrack's agile boards facilitate seamless project monitoring, ensuring teams stay on track... Read More

14 Days


Czech Republic


Visual bug reporting and feedback tool

Ybug is a user-friendly bug-tracking and feedback tool that simplifies the process of identifying and resolving issues within web applications. With its intuitive interface, Ybug enables users to capture detailed bug reports effortlessly. Teams can also leverage annotated screenshots and concise descriptions to streamline communications. The tool's real-time collaboration features facilitate ... Read More



United States


Scrum software for agile teams

Axosoft, a robust project management software, empowers teams to efficiently organize and track their work. With its agile approach, Axosoft supports iterative development, allowing teams to adapt to evolving project needs. The platform excels in providing visual project management tools, aiding in planning and execution. Its intuitive Scrum boards enhance collaboration, facilitating seamless ... Read More

14 Days


United States


Error and Real User Monitoring

Bugsnag is a reliable error monitoring and detection platform designed to empower software development teams. Its primary function is to identify and track bugs and errors within applications, ensuring a smoother user experience. With real-time error alerts, Bugsnag allows teams to swiftly address issues, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall product reliability. The platform's diagnostic ... Read More



United States


Your #1 User Feedback Platform

Usersnap is a dynamic visual feedback and bug-tracking tool that revolutionizes the collaboration between development teams and clients. Acting as a virtual communication bridge, Usersnap simplifies the feedback process by allowing users to capture and annotate screenshots directly on the web page. This visual approach provides crystal-clear context for developers, expediting issue resolution. The... Read More

15 Days




Frictionless error monitoring and ...

Airbrake is a robust error-tracking and monitoring solution pivotal for developers aiming to enhance software quality. Serving as a vigilant watchdog, Airbrake detects and reports errors in real-time, allowing development teams to swiftly address issues and minimize downtime. The platform's intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of error trends, enabling data-driven decision-making... Read More



United States


Open Source Project Management Software

ZenTao is a comprehensive project management and agile tool. It stands as a versatile solution for teams seeking streamlined collaboration. Functioning as a project management platform, ZenTao facilitates efficient task tracking, progress monitoring, and team communication. With a focus on agile methodologies, the tool provides Scrum and Kanban boards, adapting to various project management ... Read More




Visual Website Feedback & Bug Reporting ... is an innovative visual feedback and bug-tracking tool that redefines collaboration between clients and development teams. Acting as a bridge for seamless communication, allows users to capture and report issues directly from a website or application. The platform's unique browser extension simplifies the feedback process by enabling users to annotate and describe issues with ... Read More





Visual review, approval, and issue ...

zipBoard is a dynamic project collaboration and feedback platform that serves as a pivotal tool for teams aiming to streamline the development and review process. As a cloud-based solution, zipBoard facilitates seamless collaboration among team members, allowing for efficient feedback collection and task management. The platform's visual approach enables users to provide clear annotations directly... Read More

14 Days




Error Logging & Tracking Service for ...

Rollbar is a powerful error-tracking and monitoring platform that stands as a cornerstone for developers committed to delivering high-quality software. Functioning as a vigilant sentinel, Rollbar detects and reports errors in real-time, enabling development teams to diagnose and resolve issues swiftly. The platform's intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of error trends and impacts... Read More



United States


The best bug tracking tool & visual ...

BugHerd is an intuitive visual feedback and bug-tracking tool that transforms the way teams collaborate on web projects. Serving as a virtual collaboration hub, BugHerd allows users to capture and annotate issues directly on a website, simplifying the feedback process. Its unique browser extension streamlines issue reporting by providing a visual context for developers. The platform excels in task... Read More

14 Days




Cover your projects & customer support ...

DoneDone, a robust issue-tracking and project management platform, plays a pivotal role in simplifying task management for teams. As a user-friendly solution, DoneDone empowers teams to create, track, and resolve issues efficiently. Its straightforward interface enhances collaboration by providing a clear overview of tasks and their status. DoneDone excels in issue organization, allowing teams to ... Read More

14 Days