Top 10 Bug Tracking Software In 2019

Bug tracking software is one type of software application to track software bugs in software development projects. The best bug tracking software offers the exclusive process where you can smoothly capture the bugs and report to the developer team. Software development is not an easy process, it’s much longer and toughest job in the world; it really requires so much time, money and attention to develop error less software. If you belong to the same industry, you can easily save much time, money and efficiency by using best bug tracking software for your software development business. You can easily manage all bugs and assign to the right people through the bug management software. So, if you are looking for the best bug issue tracking software for your business, SoftwareWorld provides you the unique collection of top rated bug tracking software. Let’s take a look.

Best Bug Tracking Software

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List of Top Bug Tracking Software To Fix Bugs Faster

1. Wrike – Manage your projects from start to finish with Wrike

Our Score 99/100

About Wrike : Turn your strategies into an actionable plan with Wrike; leading online project management software offers an extremely powerful feature for team collaboration. The user can set priorities and align their team to work faster across the organization through Wrike. It’s working as the best bug tracking software to achieve error-less work and client satisfaction; the user can get backlog management, filtering, issue tracking, task management, workflow management and much more bug tracking features through the software.

Wrike Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Task Management, Workflow Management

“I think it’s amazing to be able to have a tool that helps me collaborate, and to be surrounded by people that have the same vision and really want to get everything done, and done beautifully. Reduce miscommunication and mistakes when everyone has transparency into work.” – Juan A.

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501 – 1000



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1054 Reviews


565 Reviews

2. Backlog – Backlog delivers seamless bug tracking power

Our Score 98/100

About Backlog : Leading online project management software for developers; Backlog offers quality bug tracking solutions to the users where the business team can capture, assign, prioritize, and resolve bugs quickly. Through this bug tracking software, the user can easily track who is working on the project and when. The business team can easily recognize every bug in their workflow through Backlog. Maintain your teamwork quality and project quality with the best issue and bug tracking software.

Backlog Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“Before Backlog, information sharing was difficult. New project members experienced information gaps. After Backlog, people joining in the middle of a project could easily follow progress and get up to speed quicker.” – Atsuyuki Matsuda

Backlog Reviews


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11 – 50



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11 Reviews


1 Reviews

3. Instabug – In-app feedback & bug reporting for mobile apps

Our Score 97/100

About Instabug :  Gather comprehensive feedback from your beta users and have a live conversation with your users through Instabug; it’s in-app feedback and bug reporting software for mobile apps. The user can get the detailed bug reports and easily spend their time in creating technology not in debugging through the software. The Instabug allows the user to capture screenshots of bugs and user can also attach their voice note and screen recording of the app through the software.

Instabug Bug Tracking Features : Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“Easy to integrate with all platforms allowing an fast way to get feedback from beta-testers. Integrations with third party platforms like jira for task control and slack for communication. A lot of feedback from our beta-testers allowing us to fix bugs, improve and even rework features before hit the final users.” – Yasmany C.

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51 – 200



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59 Reviews


86 Reviews

4. Sentry – Track exceptions with modern error logging

Our Score 95/100

About Sentry : The team can boost efficiency and improve user experience with Sentry; the leading bug tracking software offers open-source error tracking feature that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real-time. It’s easy to install software with just a few lines of code where the team can triage, reproduce, and resolve errors with high efficiency and visibility. The user can integrate error tracking with workflows and easily see the impact of each release.

Sentry Bug Tracking Features : Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Workflow Management

“Sentry has reduced a lot of frictions. Having good data in a dashboard that looks nice and is easy to share helps us create a better culture. Sentry’s ultimate benefit is people really caring about the project and working well with the rest of the team.” – Ben Stevenson

Sentry Reviews

Functional Software

United States

51 – 200



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32 Reviews


39 Reviews

5. ReQtest – Test management, bug tracking & requirements management tool

Our Score 94/100

About ReQtest : Get comprehensive test management, advance bug tracking features, complete requirements management, and intuitive agile board to visualize task with ReQtest; it’s ultimate bug tracking software where user can effortlessly capture, track and manage bugs and issues; user can also get chart feature for visual presentation of bugs and built-in features to quickly find a specific bug through ReQtest. The user can also add images and videos with voice over to their bug reports.

ReQtest Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“Best part is that you can access it from anywhere because it is fully cloud based. Second thing is visual presentation of bug reports. And many other features makes it very easy to use and helpful in testing process. I use it for test management ad bug tracking but it is also helpful for requirements management.” – Alvin A.

ReQtest Reviews



11 – 50


$10/ user per month



3 Reviews


1 Reviews

6. Zoho Bugtracker – Bug tracking & issue management software for SMBs

Our Score 93/100

About Zoho Bugtracker : With Zoho BugTracker you can get real time information about the success and progress of bugs submitted by your team or customers specific to position and intensity. Automate bug management just the way you want with customized business rules, so you can focus better on your work and your customers. Using Zoho BugTracker’s simple workflows you can monitor the bugs and also trigger announcements and set priorities automatically. Create your own text or numeric fields tailored to your needs. With custom fields, you can do this and much more. You can even make the entire portal match your signature business style.

Zoho Bugtracker Bug Tracking Features : Filtering, Issue Tracking, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“My company FINALLY adopted some project/bug tracking software after 2 failed, previous attempts. Love Zoho. My entire company LOVES using Zoho Projects/Bug-Tracker. I found Zoho and from the trial through today, they’re amazing. It’s easy to customize anything, the pricing is great, the support is fantastic and very responsive.I HIGHLY recommend Zoho Projects/Bug Tracker” – Vincent M.

Zoho Bugtracker Reviews

Zoho Corporation

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5001 – 10000





45 Reviews


15 Reviews

7. – Visual bug tracking tool

Our Score 92/100

About : Collect visual feedback from clients & colleagues directly into your favorite app with; it’s leading bug tracking software where the user can capture feedback & bugs, explain feedback by drawing annotations & assigning labels, and report feedback in one click and send directly to Trello, Jira, Github, and more integrated software. The user can get clear bug reports in seconds through The software also provides quick sharing options of screenshots. Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“ is all about reducing the number of steps. Although it’s hard to say how many hours we now save each month, I can say it has helped us reduced our Q.A. testing process by more than 60%!” – David Dawkins Reviews

Romain Dardour

United States

1 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


48 Reviews


0 Reviews

8. GoodDay – Productive Work and Inspiring Management

Our Score 91/100

About GoodDay : GoodDay is a project, product and work management platform that gives teams the best tools for planning, day-to-day work, and continuous improvement of all processes based on transparency, accountability, agility, and recognition. We built easy-to-use software based on the key principles of modern management science and positive psychology. With GoodDay, effective management happens naturally. GoodDay architecture and features automate work organization so you don’t have to. For the first time, you can access work quality metrics that clearly show progress and areas for improvement.

GoodDay Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“GoodDay packs three most important management tools: lists/boards for task management, Gantt-chart for planning and calendar for event management. It is surprising that there are not so many project management solutions that have all three. Managers usually workaround this by using a separate software for the missing part which brings unnecessary complexity.” – Mikhail A.

GoodDay Reviews

GoodDay Work

United States

11 – 50





53 Reviews


28 Reviews

9. Airbrake – Bug and error tracking software

Our Score 90/100

About Airbrake : Fix errors in minutes with Airbrake; bug tracking software offers full-stack application monitoring solutions to the users where they can find real-time updates about what’s broken, where and why. The User can never miss an error and easily get to the roots of their errors through the software. The user can easily monitor their entire tech stack and debug faster through Airbrake. It’s easy to integrate software with Slack, Jira, GitHub, GitLab and other productivity platforms.

Airbrake Bug Tracking Features : Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management

“It wasn’t until we switched to Airbrake that we finally were able to get our exception emails under control. The ability to see your errors in one place, mark them as resolved, and organize them by deploy makes all the difference.” – Joshua Krall

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11 – 50



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24 Reviews


20 Reviews

10. YouTrack – The issue tracker designed for agile software teams

Our Score 90/100

About YouTrack : A project management tool that can be adapted to your processes to help you deliver great products. Track tasks and bugs, plan sprints and releases, create workflows, and customize YouTrack for your business processes. Never force your process to fit the limits of a tool again. Unlike other issue trackers, YouTrack can be customized to your needs! YouTrack lets you configure an Agile Board for any process you can dream up. Use the Agile boards to support you with your Scrum, Kanban, and mixed processes.

YouTrack Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“YouTrack helps keep projects on track. The business I work for uses YouTrack effectively to track problems and projects to keep people on task and aware of what their responsibilities are at any given time. he thing I like most about YouTrack is that it gives users great tools to stay on track with projects. For example, a user can identify a bug in our processing software and create a ticket.” – Dayne E.

YouTrack Reviews


Czech Republic

501 – 1000





24 Reviews


30 Reviews

11. Axosoft – Axosoft is the Scrum software for agile teams

Our Score 87/100

About Axosoft : Plan accurately, track visually, and release confidently through Axosoft; this is the scrum software for agile project management. This software offers a great solution to the software developers and team where they can be more productivity and deliver high-quality work to their clients on time and on budget. The user can monitor the work progress and release on time through Axosoft.

Axosoft Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“It is an excellent software for collaborative work and monitoring in the development and execution of projects under the SCRUM methodology. It offers several options for configuring the panel in such a way as to adapt it to the convenience of the team within the framework of the methodology.” – Assaf Y.

Axosoft Reviews


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11 – 50



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27 Reviews


25 Reviews

12. devZing – Bug Tracking, Test Case Management and Version Control

Our Score 88/100

About devZing : The user can create great software with devZing; it’s a bug tracking software with test case management and version control features. The software offers different hosting for great workflow and perfect bug tracking like Bugzilla hosting, Subversion hosting, MantisBT hosting, Testopia hosting and Trac hosting. The user can also find full administrative control, charts and email reminders feature with DevZing.

devZing Bug Tracking Features : Backlog Management, Filtering, Issue Tracking, Release Management, Task Management, Ticket Management, Workflow Management

“We had several issues with a different host provider including the lack of support when needed. Moving to devZing was the best thing that we have done. devZing helped to make the transition seamless. Everything came up working perfectly. AND several of the issues that we had with the previous provider disappeared.” – Craig M.

devZing Reviews


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02 – 10



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21 Reviews


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13. Stackify Retrace – Performance (APM) for developers

Our Score 86/100

About Stackify Retrace : Diagnose, improve and accelerate performance with Stackify Retrace; it’s an application monitoring and performance tools for developers; the software providers APM solution to the developers where developer team can improve code quality, get all the applications insight in one place, and improve & track deployments. The team can comfortably know about their applications, app performances, and diagnostics in one place through Stackify Retrace.

Stackify Retrace Bug Tracking Features : Filtering, Issue Tracking

“A great tool for people who are in the development team looking to analyse or troubleshoot bugs in server logs without the hassle of having to look at the bland system log view by the operating system. It is presented beautifully and clean layout – customising to the point where you feel best suited for your needs.” – Isabel N.

Stackify Retrace Reviews


United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


68 Reviews


53 Reviews

14. zipBoard – Better Bug Tracking for Designer Developer Collaboration

Our Score 85/100

About zipBoard : zipBoard is a bug tracking and visual feedback tool which lets software teams take screenshots and assign tasks while browsing their web-based (web-apps, websites and E-learning) products. It makes collaboration among agile teams easier. You can either use zipBoard when iterating over a new product or adding features to an existing one. It makes communication easier amongst web developers, designers, project managers and QA. A visual platform to stay updated on your web projects. It’s an online whiteboard on top of your website to discuss, comment, annotate , share feedback and assign tasks. No more emails, spreadsheets, skype calls to track issues for your web projects.

zipBoard Bug Tracking Features : Filtering, Issue Tracking, Task Management

“This is a must-have eLearning course reviewer tool for eLearning professionals who are more visual. Specifically, to track bugs, make annotations, and leave feedback for your eLearning team. ZipBoard even displays changes and comments in real time.” – CHRISTOPHER PAPPAS

zipBoard Reviews



02 – 10


Not provided by vendor



54 Reviews


06 Reviews

Bug Tracking Software Buyer's Guide

A product life cycle in software industries is comprised of many parts such as planning, development, quality analysis, bug fixation, and final delivery. However, the major part that involves keen observation is third and fourth one. The quality analysis consists of finding out the bugs and then fixing them periodically to give the best user experience. It demands heavy responsibility in the form of working hours and time that directly affects the ROI. However, this can be avoided easily through a Bug tracking software with ease.

» What is Bug Tracking Software?

A bug tracking software is a program that self analyzes a software application to detect the bugs affecting the quality performance in the future long run. It tracks the bugs down and helps in clearing them with little manual effort. The software comes in a customizable format to address the need for individual requirements.

» Is it worth investing in money?

Consider the case of manual testing through a team of two testers – a junior tester and a senior tester. On average, a junior tester charges $20 per hour and a senior tester charges $35 per hour. Combining the two, the total cost may come around $60 per hour. Now, when it comes to a Bug tracking software, the same will cost approximately $40/ month that too for unlimited users. Now, it does not take a complicated calculation to figure out that a bug tracking software can help you save a lot of money on a yearly basis. Moreover, with software by your side, you can perform the QA faster than the manual process that too with zero chances of human errors to surface. That will reduce the total man-hours and would enable the firm to invest the same on other projects to gain additional profits.

» How does bug tracking software work?

It has a dashboard through which it can trigger email notifications when a bug is created, attempted and resolved. It labels the severity of bugs and assigns them to testers with pre-defined custom actions. It also automates your SLAs and keeps a log report for future reference.

» Before choosing any bug tracking software

If you are new to this software, it is highly imperative to go for free bug tracking software for the purpose of self-analysis. Go for the free trials before selecting any particular software. Also, come up with a budget to avoid falling into the marketing gimmicks while purchasing bug reporting software.

» How to select the best Bug Tracking software?

Some best and unique way to find the best bug tracking software

1. It allows allocating files centrally

While conducting a single process, you have to involve many file formats such as images, videos, spreadsheets, documents etc. As each format of these files is not concentrated in one location, it becomes hard to trace or track them. Therefore, you need to pick a software, that allows you to put all your files in one central location. You will rarely find any free bug tracking software providing cloud-based services. Although you may have to pay a small cloud subscription charges, it’s a smart step for every organization.
Some software includes features that send notifications to employees whenever an upload takes place. Uploaders can also add some specific comments to the uploaded file for better understanding and future references.

2. Seamlessly integrates with third-party apps

We have reached a digital era which has significantly eliminated the requirement of possessing an internal storage space. The cloud-based apps such as Google Drive, DropBox, and Your Box etc. enables us to upload humongous amount of files and access them with ease. Most companies maintain multiple cloud platforms to store their data safely. Therefore, you might require a bug reporting app that seamlessly works with other cloud-based storages.

3. Track old files separately

Ideally, you often allow a note, date, and information of the user in a file you created. It helps you to track your progresses on a specific file. When you compare both versions of the same data, you can quickly figure out the changes you did and how much specific the differences are. Hence, it’s essential to select a bug tracking app that let you maintain your earlier and current versions of files without any hassle.

4. Let you access data faster

Easy accessibility offers immediate results and escalates productivity rapidly. A bug tracking software with advanced search features allows you to search your desired files based on their names, formats, and titles. Every minute you save adds up to your productivity and efficiency.

5. Unique Automation feature

The crux of using an application is to make your tasks easier. Rather than wasting time notifying everyone manually, choosing a bug detection software with automation feature is a worthy investment. An automation feature automatically sends an email notification to the concerned party regarding all bugs issue.

You can modify the notification pattern as per your requirement. All you have to do is create some rules setting your software to take specific decisions when a particular situation arises.

You can also add some custom functions to the bug reporting software when the situation heightens to an upper level. Notifications work great in a daily run, but emergencies require the immediate attention of the manager and higher authorities. With custom notification, you can notify the concerned parties with an SMS along with stating the issue in details at the comment section.

» What are the features of Bug Tracking software?

Basic Features you will find in Most bug tracking software

1. Effective Submission of Bugs

It’s easy to lose a bug while submitting. Therefore, active submission is necessary as sometimes a small bug can create a tornado of troubles. It’s crucial to select a bug reporting software, which assists you for detail submission and keeps your customers informed whenever required.
Select an application that allows you classify bugs and enables you to log them according to their severity. Some apps allow you to attach a bug description file while submitting them. It also allows you to notify authorities when the status of a bug changes. You can export all your bugs in one single file format if you opt for the right software.

An ideal app provides you with a platform to create a concise and summary view of the bug as per your requirement. You can mention crucial ‘actions to be taken’ plans on the 'concise view' while describing the plan in details in the 'summary view'. You can prioritize the bugs and set the most critical bugs at the top priority.

The best app let your schedule a milestone to rev up the bug resolving process. It allows you to group your bugs separately and distribute responsibilities easier. If your App has a dashboard, then you can track live track your team’s progress, thus increasing their efficiency.

2. Live Dashboard

When you are working with a group, it often becomes stressful to keep up with everyone. A live dashboard feature in the bug control app lets you effectively collaborate with an employee and take control of the situation.
Co-authorization features in apps help you to keep a keen eye about the whereabouts of the project and get instant notifications within seconds of any changes in the project.

You can notify your teams about priority based projects and asks them to work on them promptly. The dashboard also allows you to check the status message of each employee, will enable you to check which project your employees are working on.

3. Customization and appointing roles

Most big issue tracking software allows users to provide a specific part of access to few employees while keeping some controls to themselves. A manager at the top hierarchy can divide the roles and give special privileges to maintain the company’s working style.

You can assign special access to admins, managers, contractors, and clients to access the user portal and carry out their respective tasks. Your assignee will have the power to submit, assign or work on a specific bug within a matter of minutes. You as the primary controller can track the activities of the assignees.

Cloud-based apps have opened a gate to a myriad of an employee-friendly work environment. Now geographical restriction in work has limited to a mere word only. The work from home concept is gaining traction and companies are adding freelancers and employees around the world. By providing access to clients, you are actually regularly updating them how far their work has been done. You can provide selective access to your clients such as showing them the bugs list.

4. Provide image preview features

Downloading unnecessary images is both time and data consuming. Most bug reporting apps come with image preview features, which let you see an image without downloading it. It helps you with saving thousands of seconds which you probably spend by click and open specific files.

» What are the benefits of bug tracking software?

Anything that can make your final product get more refined is definitely worth investing money and a Bug Tracking Software is no exception either. Here are the top benefits of having such an issue tracking software by your side.

› High-Quality Output:

It keeps looking at finding flaws in the development cycle through a number of permutation and combination of possibilities and when it finds one, it fixes the same without any hassle. Some bugs are difficult to detect under normal supervision but the software tracks that even thereby guarantees about quality delivery of the final output.

› Promises High ROI:

The entire purpose of business is to get a high return on investment (ROI). In case of a software development cycle, that is directly proportional on the time spent by the team on fixing bugs and flaws over a period of post-delivery revisions. However, with a bug reporting software system by your side, the team can confidently finish the QA on one go. Thus, a decrease in the production cost via man-hour will give you a big return on your investment.

› Reduces communication Gap:

Through chat interference and email notification, even a free bug tracking tool can provide a better communication channel. It periodically follows up with the testing team and reminds them to fix the bug. As it stores the information inside a central repository system, accessing data on a real-time basis becomes a quick affair.

› Provides dependable metrics:

In case of manual bug fixing, the team prepares a data sheet of usually frequently occurring bugs to help them in coming phases. It takes equal sweat and labor to prepare the sheet as looking for new bugs. However, a bug reporting software does that with ease. It creates a dependable metrics of commonly occurring bugs based on recent fixations which can be referred to in future. It will help the team analyze and fix the working methods in order to avoid future occurrence of such flaws.

» How much does a Bug Tracking Software cost?

You can start using the software by paying nothing to a free bug tracking software. However, the features will be very limited and will be of little to no use. Subscribing to paid software will however enable you to use the application to its full potential. Now when it comes to pricing, it varies depending upon the number of users and the features. With a minimum of 10 to 15 numbers of users in mind, it will cost $20/month on an average. However, the cost will keep reducing when you plan to switch to big subscriptions. For instance, for the same number of users, a yearly subscription of a bug reporting software will cost around $50/month on an average. However, before zeroing on any software, makes sure it is going to address all your requirements effectively.

» Conclusion

Needless to say, a bug tracking software can help you in achieving an error-free output with ease. It not only optimizes your working hours towards delivering a final product but also maintains a log of past errors for future analysis. Also looking from the cost angle, it is worth investing money when compared with per hour rates charged by manual testers in the market. Thus, definitely, one should go for it but make sure to choose the right one by subscribing to a free bug tracking software version. In that way, you will be able to choose the right software that will address your requirements with ease.

Get Quick Comparison of Top Bug Tracking Software

Bug Tracking Features Wrike Backlog Instabug Stackify Sentry Airbrake Axosoft ReQtest devZing
Price $9.80/ month/user $18.00/ month $49.00/ month $10.00/ month/user $26.00/ month $49.00/ month $250.00/ year/user $10/ month/user $19.00/ month $15.00/ month
Backlog Management            
Issue Tracking                    
Release Management                
Task Management              
Ticket Management            
Workflow Management                

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