The 10 Best CRM for Operations 2022 (Free & Paid)

Are you searching for the best CRM for operations? If you are new to CRM software, it could be daunting to pick the CRM software relevant to your business. Hence, you need to know that operational CRM software is a centralized system designed to support every function in a business enterprise, including sales, marketing, customer service, and storing customer data, leads, and employee information with the help of a shared interface. The role of CRM software in operations is to improve routine business operations and store the data securely for all business activities with existing and prospective customers. It helps you drive marketing campaigns and add and store new leads from tradeshows, and digital marketing generates demand for the software. You also get the benefits of increased sales activities, better service & support to customers, sales automation, etc. To know the best-suited CRM software for your business, refer to the list of top operational CRM software now!


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List of Top Operational CRM Software | Best CRM for Operations Review


1. Pipedrive – Best CRM Software for Operations

Our Score 98/100

About Pipedrive: Pipedrive is the best CRM software for any sized business. With a clear dashboard, easy-to-use features, and an expansive library of integrations with other apps, it’s the perfect CRM for anyone who wants to be more productive with their business strategies. Pipedrive provides the easiest way to manage your business and customer relationships. With its intuitive interface, advanced filtering tools, and powerful reporting capabilities, this CRM eliminates a lot of the hassles that come with keeping up with current opportunities.

Pipedrive Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“Using Pipedrive’s CRM is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve seen our annual revenue explode, and the outlook just keeps getting sunnier” – Mitchell Workman

Pipedrive Reviews


United Kingdom

501 – 1000


$15.00 /month



2400+ Reviews


1500+ Reviews

Salesforce CRM - Best Operational CRM System

2. Salesforce CRM – Popular CRM Software for Operations

Our Score 98/100

About Salesforce CRM: Salesforce CRM is a software company that offers cloud-based customer relationship management solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Salesforce CRM manages the company’s relationships with current customers as well as potential customers and partners. Salesforce offers a range of features including phone, email, chat, social media monitoring and enterprise content management. The solution is available in numerous languages and offers thousands of plugins, including those that extend the system’s functionality beyond basic CRM to business analytics, email management and marketing.

Salesforce CRM Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“With Salesforce, we’re building a unified information source to help us reimagine collaboration across our entire platform. This will enable NBCUniversal to continue delivering the highest level of transparency, insights, and results for our customers.” – Linda Yaccarino

Salesforce CRM Reviews


United States



Not provided by vendor



17000+ Reviews


12900+ Reviews

Freshsales - Best CRM for Operations

3. Freshsales – Manage sales operations to boost productivity, and ramp up sales.

Our Score 98/100

About Freshsales: Freshsales CRM is a sales CRM designed to be used with Gmail and Google Calendar. It helps you keep in touch with your prospects and manage your meetings from Gmail. Freshsales CRM is integrated perfectly into Gmail, which means you can use all the features of Gmail without having to switch to an additional window or program when checking emails. You can also manage your contact details and create sales campaigns and reminders with the help of Gmail and Google Calendar.

Freshsales Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“As soon as we were given a demo of Freshsales, we knew it would resolve some of our most pressing sales challenges, to begin with. In fact, after a short set-up period and minimal training, we were able to hit the ground running from Day 1. And it hasn’t disappointed till today.” – Jean-Philippe Thiery

Freshsales Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



500+ Reviews


900+ Reviews

Zoho CRM - Best CRM Software for Operations

4. Zoho CRM – Hyper-manage operations with rich analytics

Our Score 97/100

About Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM is a cloud-based platform that helps you organize your business and track your projects. It comes with a variety of features; this CRM has made it possible for anyone, regardless of their experience or level in their field, to manage their business effectively without having to worry about anything else. Zoho CRM offers numerous features to manage sales and business where you can find process management, sales enablement, sales forecasting, marketing automation, customization, team collaboration, etc.

Zoho CRM Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“With Zoho CRM, we experienced a 65% increase in our sales pipeline. We also managed to reduce our lead to real prospect time by 60%, which is huge. I would definitely recommend Zoho CRM to companies that are experiencing complexity with sales and marketing and witnessing rapid growth.” – K.C Watson

Zoho CRM Reviews


United States

5001 – 10000


Not provided by vendor



5900+ Reviews


2200+ Reviews

Insightly CRM - Best CRM System for Operations

5. Insightly CRM – Do more, better, faster with Insightly Operational CRM Software

Our Score 97/100

About Insightly CRM: Insightly CRM is a software solution for small and large businesses. Insightly CRM has plenty of features to help you manage your workflow and stay in touch with your customers. Insightly CRM is available for U.S. and Canada only. It is available in several languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and more. CRM system is designed for teams that want to manage their clients, leads, and contacts on the go. It’s a very flexible tool that can be adapted to different industries with its modules.

Insightly CRM Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“Bridging the gap between sales and marketing has always been important to us, and Insightly makes it easy to facilitate open communication between departments. We are excited to continue to capitalize on the tools that we’ve never had before. The opportunities within Insightly are endless.” – Chris Reider

Insightly CRM Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$29.00 /month



500+ Reviews


700+ Reviews

Creatio - Best Operational CRM

6. Creatio – Top-notch Operational CRM to streamline business strategy

Our Score 97/100

About Creatio: Creatio CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software for small businesses. This program allows users to manage their business and customer relations using their private domain. It uses an intuitive, easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for new users to learn how to use the platform without difficulty. Being made available on a monthly subscription basis, this software is accessible at any time, whether you’re at work or home. For those who are equally interested in using the system daily, there are also several add-ons that can be purchased that offer paid features such as phone support and more features.

Creatio Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“With Creatio, we consolidated all customer data, tuned lead and opportunity management using business rule capabilities, and streamlined the sales process.” – Jana Sergejenko

Creatio Reviews


United States

501 – 1000


$25.00 /month



80+ Reviews


200+ Reviews

Bitrix24 - Best Operational CRM Software for Salespeople

7. Bitrix24 – Best Operational CRM To Increase Your Sales Team Performance

Our Score 97/100

About Bitrix24: Bitrix24 CRM is a web-based CRM software marketed as an all-inclusive solution that can be used by small and large enterprises. It can customize its interface to specific business needs. Bitrix24’s users have access to a suite of powerful CRM tools and other publishing and collaboration options for personal and business use. It features social media & email marketing technology that enables users to build trusting relationships and track their interactions.

Bitrix24 Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“Bitrix24 CRM is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your customers, as it includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, so that you can gain a clear insight into your company’s results and know whether or not your efforts are paying off.” – Üwen Ergün

Bitrix24 Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$61.00 /month



500+ Reviews


470+ Reviews

Vtiger CRM - Best Operational CRM

8. Vtiger CRM – Best Operational CRM software to improve customer acquisition

Our Score 96/100

About Vtiger CRM: Vtiger CRM is a web app that integrates with web apps like Gmail, Outlook, and other tools to manage lead-based marketing campaigns. With Vtiger CRM, you can use your site’s content to create campaigns, build and maintain relationships with leads and customers through email or social media channels or integrate your site’s user database. Vtiger CRM is not just for large companies managing huge databases of leads or sales information. It also works well for small businesses that want to take their marketing efforts to the next level by building on what they already have in place on their website.

Vtiger CRM Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“We were looking for the best CRM on the market, we compared the capabilities and decided that Vtiger has the tools, characteristics, and features that we were looking for at an unexpectedly low cost per seat.” – Wilmer Oliveros

Vtiger CRM Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



300+ Reviews


380+ Reviews

Copper CRM - Best Operational CRM Software

9. Copper CRM – The best Operational CRM system for relationship builders

Our Score 96/100

About Copper CRM: Copper CRM is a leading provider of intelligent software systems for different industries. Through its cloud-based platform, Copper CRM provides business-grade capabilities to users to win today’s competitive marketplace. Copper CRM offers a wide range of standard customer relationship management (CRM) software features, including lead management, case management, and quote management, as well as marketing automation features, such as multi-channel lead capture and eCommerce capabilities.

Copper CRM Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“I love that Copper is simple, easy to use, and intuitive. Our business is all about relationships and it helps us build better relationships with our clients.” – Crescent Diamond

Copper CRM Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$29.00 /month



500+ Reviews


1000+ Reviews

Agile CRM - Top Operational CRM System

10. Agile CRM – Handle More Leads with Sales and Marketing Automation

Our Score 96/100

About Agile CRM: Agile CRM is cloud-based CRM software aiming to improve marketing services by integrating sales, social media, and marketing within our central management system. The CRM tool supports 50 plug-ins and integrations with different applications and websites. It easily imports contacts and offers gamification, which helps in workflow management. You can easily schedule appointments, manage projects, and build a landing page within no time. It’s the best CRM for marketing your business.

Agile CRM Features: Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, Service Automation, Sales forecasting, Lead Management, Pipeline Management, Contact Management, Internal Communication, Reporting & Analytics

“I’ve used Agile CRM since 2015. The marketing automation features are powerful and so much better for handling advanced email campaigns than other CRM SaaS solutions. The awesome landing page and web form designers are just the cherries on top. Great SaaS software at a really great price!” – Paul Hansen

Agile CRM Reviews

Agile CRM


51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



400+ Reviews


300+ Reviews

Operational CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is Operational CRM Software?

When purchasing operational CRM software for your business, you want to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. But being in the market for operational CRM software is daunting. There is so much software on the market that offers different benefits. This buyer's guide will help potential buyers understand what functionalities are available with operational CRM software and advise which software they should spend their money on based on their needs.

CRM for operations is a flexible and unique system that can be customized to meet your business needs. Adapting this system to your business will eliminate obstacles and give you complete control in managing your data, resources, and tasks. You will start with CRM as a point of entry into your business processes. As they grow, they can be integrated into other areas of your organization's systems to provide an integrated view of how all components of the company are functioning concerning each other.

CRM software for operations integrates contacts, customer data, and tasks with your back-office systems. This software helps manage customer information, sales and support activities, and customer service. The operational CRM system has many features that can be customized to meet your business needs. With customer relationship management software, you can create customer profiles, set customer rules, and access customer information for better customer service.

Customer relationship management software is created with a user-friendly interface that can be accessed anywhere. The operational CRM system is available in various versions and is compatible with your business environment. When using operational CRM platforms, your information will be easily accessible whenever you require it. It will provide real-time data without any delays or errors.

» What are the benefits of CRM Software for Operations?

Operations CRM software is the technology solution that bridges the gap between front-office operations and back-office order fulfillment and inventory management. Operations CRM systems provide data transparency, integrated process automation, and productivity improvements that result in increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and improved competitive business intelligence.

› Better Collaboration between Departments:

Since operational CRM software provides collaboration tools, companies can coordinate their operations better. Businesses can use operational CRM software to manage the archiving, distribution, and monitoring of operational information among all the front-office teams.

› Improved Customer Service:

Because business leaders can access all relevant customer information in a consolidated database, they find it easier to address individual issues or changes in order fulfillment procedures for each customer and follow up with customers at any time. Moreover, with improved communication between different departments within a company, businesses can also redirect activities to provide better service.

› Improved Inventory Management:

With the help of operational CRM software, businesses can keep track of their inventories and update their inventory levels promptly without manually entering data.

› Increased Productivity:

While the business had to worry about multiple data sources in the past, the new generation of CRM for operations allows companies to access all relevant information from a single central database. Furthermore, it provides an interactive dashboard that displays all actions taken by different departments to deliver better business analytics.

› Improved Customer Acquisition and Retention:

Because these systems provide access to all relevant customer information, businesses can better manage customers with greater customer satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value.

› Higher Business Intelligence:

Since operations CRM software provides access to customer data and reports, companies can generate more informed decisions about their products, services, costs, and competition.

› Improved Sales Forecasting:

Rather than relying on what customers report or the number of orders they place, the system can automatically predict customer demand based on historical data trends.

› Reduced Costs:

One of the most significant advantages of operational CRM software is that it saves a company money by eliminating time spent on repetitive tasks and automating operational processes.

» Features of Operational CRM Software

CRM software for operations tracks customer contacts, prospects, and leads. It helps a company organize and control interactions with its customers. A good CRM will help you better understand your customers to improve your products or services and make more money.

Here are some essential features a CRM system for operations must have:

› Scheduling:

You'll want to schedule appointments, meetings, and social events in your CRM system for operations. This will relieve you from unnecessary tension in scheduling meetings and planning events.

› Contact Details & Phone Calls:

It should also be able to keep track of customer contact information (email addresses and phone numbers). So every employee can have access to information when needed. This promotes efficient communication and keeps clarity during work.

› Sales Reporting:

Your operational CRMs should be able to give you customer sales data reports, including sales volumes, sales profits, and average gross profit per sale. You can also organize your customer sales data by customer, product, or other criteria.

› Email & E-Invites:

The ability to send email invitations for customer events like new product launches, invitation-only launch events, and any other types of email-based marketing campaigns from which you're running an online store.

› Performance Tracking:

You'll want to track your customer's inbound and outbound calls. You can also try to learn how long they are on the phone with you, how they take their time while talking to you, etc.

› Advertisements:

It should be able to advertise your current products and services in emails and on websites, Facebook, and other social media sites.

› Online Payment:

Operational CRMs should be able to handle online payments (such as credit card purchases and cash or check transactions). This is particularly important if you are selling online products from your website.

› Lead Management:

Operational CRMs should be able to keep track of customer leads for future follow-up and nurture. You can also send them relevant information about your company and services to those new prospects that you're continuing to follow up with.

› Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation is a process in which you use automated means, such as emails or web forms, to deliver beautiful customized marketing messages to your customers. The goal of marketing automation is to engage users with your brand and products online so that they become loyal customers over time.

› Data Analysis:

Best operational CRM software should be able to analyze data and draw statistical conclusions about your customers' behavior. You can also use this insight to provide actionable insights that help you provide a better customer experience.

› Customer Relationship Management:

Sales, marketing, and customer support rely on a solid CRM system for operations to be successful. Essentially, it is an organized and streamlined way to manage your database of customers and prospects so that you can maximize contact with them, grow your sales pipeline and improve your bottom line through the connections made with customers.

› Security:

You don't want anyone else gaining access to confidential information from your database because security is of utmost importance when working with sensitive customer data.

» How much does an Operations CRM System cost?

An operational CRM system is more than just a "CRM." It's a complex, dynamic tool that can help your company make smarter decisions. Business owners understand the potential of an operational CRM system and are looking for a clear answer to this question: How much does this type of CRM system cost?

The good news is that operational CRM costs vary significantly from system to system. The bad news is that the cost of your CRM system depends on its complexity and the level of customization you want. Organizations have different needs when it comes to operational CRM implementation. For example, the more complex the organization is, the more features will be included in the CRM system. On top of that, a smaller organization may have only one employee, while a more prominent firm may have multiple departments and tens of employees. Here's what you need to know about operational CRM costs.

Operational CRM costs vary widely from system to system. Some are very affordable. Others are expensive. You can't judge a CRM by its price tag; you must examine its features and ask yourself if it will fit your needs. Also, check its usage and ask for a free trial so your money is worth it. An operational CRM software costs between $9 and $ 300 per month. It is recommended to go for a yearly subscription to be billed annually at a lower rate.

» What can you expect from choosing the best operational CRM software?

Operational CRM is a system that manages the flow of information in a business environment. It precisely monitors and manages frequent, accelerated customer interactions. Users can monitor complex data on particular customers and track interactions to determine what methods are most effective for maintaining long-term rapport with these customers. The best choice of operational CRM software is usually based on requirements, size of the company, industry chosen, and price range. All would be viable choices until one has been appropriately analyzed to include how modern technology will benefit the company through its various features.

1. Cloud CRM software:

Cloud CRM software is said to be one of the best operational CRM software in the world today. It can be accessed through any device. This is possible because it's compatible with any operating system. It offers countless features that are enough for even the most complex operations.

2. Number of features:

Its features are more than enough to suit most operational needs. Any size of company can use it. It is designed with open APIs to give more chances for integrations. The features are integrated with technological advancements that can benefit the company significantly. Some of its features include customer relationship management (CRM), contact management, marketing automation and analytics, web-to-business apps, sales force automation (SFA), and mobile apps

3. Customization:

It is easy to customize by choosing the best operational CRM software according to your size of business, industry, or budget. The cloud-based software can grow with the business and provides different pricing packages depending on the company's needs.

4. Ease of Use:

It is designed with a simple layout to ease use by any employee in a company regardless of training on its use. Its user-friendly design can be learned quickly with its help manual, which is frequently updated to keep it up-to-date. The software also has a user forum that ensures users can ask and find answers using tags.

5. Integration:

Cloud CRM software is compatible with device technology and integrates any other business software. It offers an open API that provides flexibility to integrate with other applications in the company. This is advantageous for companies because they can manage their customers more effectively by combining the various systems used in their business.

6. Support:

The best operational CRM software can be accessed through its world-class support team. They are available 24/7, readily available in case the user needs assistance anytime and at night.

7. Cost:

Its prices vary depending on the company size or other things needed, but it is still cheaper than other CRM software in the market today. It is designed with a payment plan that will fit well with any budget.

» Conclusion

Cloud CRM software is continually improving as technology evolves. There are numerous benefits that it offers to the company and its employees. It can be customized to meet the requirements of all users in a company, easily accessible from any location, easy to use by any employee regardless of training on its use, and integrated with other software systems used in the business.

Operational CRM software is essential in a company because by controlling the flow of data and information and monitoring the performance of different employees, they get professional and efficient work. Choosing the appropriate software for the company is a critical task and should be thought over in advance. Make sure you select the best CRM for your business.