Top 10 Church Management Software In 2020

A Church Management Software is a kind of computer software that is designed in a special manner to help the churches and the religious groups to manage, automate, as well as organize all the day to day operations. This software is responsible for handling numerous tasks as well as regular activities of a church like managing the data basis of the members, communications and emails, a worship presentation program, the various religious and community events, finances, fundraising, and others. It is extremely important to manage and handle the finances of a religious organization along with the activities and resources so that the membership can be extended. This is why church software is used. The software helps in streamlining all the administrative tasks, foster communication, and actively monitors the growth of a particular congregation. To know about the best church management software that is currently ruling the market, consider the list of the top church management software mentioned below, coined together by SoftwareWorld.

Church Management Software

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List of Top Church Management Software 2020 | Best Church Software

1. Breeze ChMS – Cloud-based church management software

Our Score 99/100

About Breeze ChMS : The world’s easiest web-based church management software for small and mid-sized churches; Breeze ChMS offers the feature where the user can comfortably store an unlimited amount of information of each person by adding a custom field. The user can also organize and communicate with groups through Breez ChMS. It’s easy to use software to maintain the financial health of the Church; the user can track giving and generate report through the software. You can schedule volunteer for events and organize all church events through Breez ChMS.

Breeze ChMS Church Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Child Check-in, Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Pledge Management, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

Every church needs this. Breeze has been incredible. Their customer service, commitment to innovation, and their product are top-notch. I love the features, the ease of use and the mobile applications.” – David P. – Meeker United Methodist Church

Breeze ChMS Reviews

Breeze ChMS

United States

1 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


360+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

2. Church Giving – Cloud-based solution to manage church donations

Our Score 98/100

About Church Giving : Increase giving for Churches and Ministries with Church Giving; the church management software offers effective tools where the user can find ultimate ways to give, daily deposits feature, in-depth reporting feature, cash/check recording, auto recurring giving feature, text giving and much more. The user can also create and manage church or ministry events through Church Giving. This software is available in 45 countries and used by 8600+ churches. Church Management Features : Built-in Accounting, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Pledge Management

“A great experience from day one thanks to personal customer service. Great Customer Service, Price is fair, and in my conversations with their people, I got the real feeling like this is a company that really wants to be the best they can be. It does what it is supposed to do. It works and integrates seamlessly.” – Neal F F. Church Giving Reviews

United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



150+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

3. Aplos Accounting – Online accounting software for nonprofits & churches

Our Score 98/100

About Aplos Accounting : Grow your nonprofit organization with Aplos Accounting; it’s online nonprofit software to attract donors and it really automates the way where the user can get instant insights of all growing donations and impact. The user can track bookkeeping and donations in one place through Aplos Accounting. The user can also get many features like customizable nonprofit reports, fund accounting and donation receipts feature through this software. Meet fundraising goal and raise more money with Aplos Accounting.

Aplos Accounting Church Management Features : Accounting Integration, Built-in Accounting, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Pledge Management

“Cloud-based Accounting with multiple user accounts makes it easy to keep finances updated. Super-responsive customer service are always there when you need them. Bank integration makes it easy to import transactions. Reports are quick and easy to generate with customized data.” – Brandon B.

Aplos Accounting Reviews

Aplos Software

United States

11 – 50





130+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

4. Church Community Builder – Web based church management software

Our Score 97/100

About Church Community Builder : Church management software for the engaged church community; Church Community Builder is a helpful church software to connect with your community people. The user can build and maintain small groups with the effective communication feature of Church Community Builder. It’s also a robust software platform for volunteer scheduling and online giving & donor management. The software offers web forms feature, children check-in feature, multi-site support, and much more to the users.

Church Community Builder Church Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Child Check-in, Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Pledge Management, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

“The Industry Standard for Web Based Church Administration. Church Community Builder allows me to keep track of everything that I need to keep track of in one place. It allows the church to empower each ministry to easily do the administration that’s required. Everyone benefits from a centralized system.” – Jim G.

Church Community Builder Reviews

Church Community Builder

United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



380+ Reviews


70+ Reviews

5. Text In Church – Member & guest communication tools for ministries

Our Score 97/100

About Text In Church :  The trusted communication software for all sized Churches; Text In Church is a Church texting and email communication software where the user can follow-up the guests and engage with church members. The software provides the ability to the users to follow-up new visitors and existing members. 23 billion texts are sent each day and 90% texts are read within 3 minutes through Text in Church Software. It’s also easy to integrate with the third-party platform.

Text In Church Church Management Features : Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

“These guys have an intense focus on seeing churches build systems for following up with the people they encounter. They are paving the way for many churches to be able to connect with new people on a personal level. Thank you so much!” – Mark Tenney

Text In Church Reviews

Text In Church

United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


210+ Reviews


03 Reviews

6. ChMeetings – Church Administration Simplified

Our Score 97/100

About ChMeetings : CHMeetings is a robust church management software designed for churches of all sizes and denominations. Effortlessly manage church membership, groups, events, follow-up, broadcasts and more! CHMeetings has a proactive Firewall to ensure that your data is kept safe from unauthorized users. Features such as group SMS, cloud hosting, daily backup, and multi-device access are integrated for easy daily church administration. Get support to help your church easily adopt our solution.

ChMeetings Church Management Features : Event Management, Small Group Management, Attendance Tracking, Member Directory, Multi-Site Management

“Absolutely the best value on the market. Rich, full-featured, user-friendly. The best customer service ever! You will not be sorry if you choose Chmeetings. It has helped our church double in the 4 months we have used it.” – Pastor Curt

ChMeetings Reviews


United States

1 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


2 Reviews


0 Reviews

7. Servant Keeper – On cloud or On Premise – complete church management software

Our Score 97/100

About Servant Keeper : Church software that saves your ministry time; Servant Keeper offers quality features for Church management where the user can easily get member and volunteers management feature, donors and contributions management, child check-in & security feature, sacramental records management, events & attendance management and much more through Servant Keeper. It’s also valuable software to build groups and for effective communication. You can analyze church activities through reporting feature of Servant Keeper.

Servant Keeper Church Management Features : Accounting Integration, Attendance Tracking, Child Check-in, Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Pledge Management, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

“Online directory for church membership. Saved many man days of work recording and tabulating contribution statements to the membership Opens door to online communication to church membership. Allows membership to review their giving statements at any time online.” – Albert F.

Servant Keeper Reviews

Servant PC Resources

United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


600+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

8. Kindrid – Mobile giving and donor engagement for churches & nonprofits

Our Score 96/100

About Kindrid : Improve your church’s vision with Kindrid; it’s a church’s giving platform. It’s easy to integrate software with the third-party platform. The user can find Bank Giving (ACH), unlimited designations feature, multi-location tracking, bank-level security, daily and manual deposits feature, event registration, robust reporting, processing fee feature and much more features with Kindrid. It’s secure church management software for all kind of churches.

Kindrid Church Management Features : Accounting Integration, Built-in Accounting, Event Management, Online Giving

“KINDRID provides one of the best giving platforms available today. The software is easy to use, with a great user interface on the front and back end that not only makes giving a breeze, but also helps our internal team with easy reporting and financial information. They also offer the lowest rates on processing fees..” – JOHN BLANCHARD

Kindrid Reviews


United States

11 – 50





120+ Reviews


0 Reviews

9. ChurchTrac – Online church management software

Our Score 96/100

About ChurchTrac : Affordable Church management software that’s easy to use; ChurchTrac is a Church software for small and large Churches. The user can keep track of people, small groups, attendance, events, finances and more through the software. The user can also find membership management, child check-in & security, contributions & giving, and much more features through ChurchTrac. Church members can update their own profiles, print giving statements, directories and more with ChurchTrac.

ChurchTrac Church Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Built-in Accounting, Child Check-in, Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Online Giving, Pledge Management, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

“Great Product…! If you are a small church that needs a good online database that doesn’t break the bank, this is it. There are numerous features that you can choose what fits your particular ministry and have everything in one area… instead of needing 4-5 different programs to do it all. ” – David C

ChurchTrac Reviews

ChurchTrac Software

United States

2 – 10



Yes, get a free trial


290+ Reviews


06 Reviews

10. TouchPoint – Church management system with open source software

Our Score 95/100

About TouchPoint : Manage Church and engage with people through TouchPoint; it’s flexible church management software for church members. The user can maintain records of people, families and church membership through TouchPoint. It’s also a dominant solution for church organizations, attendance tracking, and online registration. This church management software is accessible through any devices from anywhere. You can also manage contribution and pledge management through TouchPoint.

TouchPoint Church Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Child Check-in, Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Online Giving, Pledge Management, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

“I love that it can do -everything-. It is where all folks manage their online giving, it is where we print new directories from, we can send our weekly newsletters from it, registration for summer programs, scheduling of acolytes etc., and so much more. It is “one stop shopping” for all things congregational management.” – Sara Y.

TouchPoint Reviews

TouchPoint Software

United States

11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


230+ Reviews


190+ Reviews

11. ChurchTools – Cloud-based church management software

Our Score 95/100

About ChurchTools : Improve organizations & grow a healthy church through ChurchTools; its cloud-based church management software helps the user to bring people, operations, and ministry together in one place. The user can get people & group management, resources management, check-in feature, document management, calendar feature, event management, and much more features through ChurchTools. ChurchTools is multilingual software offers digital solutions for effective church management.

ChurchTools Church Management Features : Attendance Tracking, Child Check-in, Event Management, Member Directory, Member Portal, Multi-Site Management, Small Group Management, Volunteer Management

“We love the possibility to use ChurchTools in different languages. For diverse international churches like ours, it is exactly what is needed!” – Bruno Nicoletti

ChurchTools Reviews



11 – 50


Not provided by vendor

Yes, get a free trial


10+ Reviews


02 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Church Management Software

Church Management FeaturesBreeze ChMSChurchTracServant KeeperChurch Community BuilderText In ChurchAplos AccountingTithe.lyChurchToolsTouchPointKindrid
Price$50.00/month$5.00/month$9.99/monthNot provided by vendor$37.00/month$30.00/monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$600.00/year$15.00/month
Accounting Integration   
Attendance Tracking      
Built-in Accounting    
Child Check-in      
Event Management        
Member Directory       
Member Portal        
Multi-Site Management        
Online Giving         
Pledge Management       
Small Group Management       
Volunteer Management       

Church Management Software Buyer’s Guide

A software application makes the world a better place and the same goes right with churches as well. A Church Management Software can let your church survive and thrive through many tools. This guide will help you to select the best church management software (ChMS) that will better address your needs. It will help you to figure out the right software that will enable you to spend more time with your ministry and less time with paperwork.

» What is Church Management Software?

It is a software application that lets you effectively manage your church by taking care of and automating many tasks. For example, it can keep an eye on your contributions, memberships, and attendance on a real-time basis. Not just that, it can also manage schedules for events, and classes for you. It can also schedule worship services on your behalf. If you need assistance with your accounting needs, it can handle that as well with many tools catering towards fund management, and the ability to track income and expenses. You can manage donations and online giving just by sitting in front of a system without any additional workforce. Some software also provides features to lead groups, ministries and volunteers as well.

» Is it Worth Investing Money in Church Management Software?

A faith institution can experience a large amount of inflow of believers at any time and efficiently managing them can become pretty hard. Hence, in these cases taking the help of a Church Management Software can help in tackling the issues you are currently facing. Not only it lessens the amount of work by providing various services, but also helps in keeping an accurate and authentic record on the Church activities.

Although the software provides numerous facilities and tools, choosing them may not always be the best option. For example- A Church or a faith institution which does not have many members or organizes small events only, installing the software may not be too useful. Whereas the same Church Software can do wonders when investing in big Faith institutions where there is excessive work pressure.

Hence, the most important thing while choosing a Church Management Software is to understand the Church’s needs and determine a Church Software based on them can be a practical step.

» Before Choosing a Good Church Management Software

With the availability of a large number of options to choose from, anyone can be confused while selecting a good Church Management Software. Hence, we have compiled the most important points one should remember before going for any particular Church Software. So, let’s check them out now.

› Based on Needs:

Understanding the Church’s needs is equally important to that of choosing a good Church Software to work. When you have adequately listed out the points which you require in the software, the task becomes comparatively easy. Thus helping to choose you from a myriad of choices without churning your head.

› Based on Price:

The Church Management Software comes at different prices, mostly differing from each other depending upon their facilities and tools. Hence, one should calculate a user-friendly budget first and then explore the various available software within the price to avoid pressure on the expenditure.

› Based on the Number of People:

The total number of people who will be using the Church Management Software also has a more significant impact on the type of Church Management Software you are going to use. Hence, running an analysis of the total number of users can prevent last-minute headaches.

› Based on Extensions:

Another essential factor is the use of extensions. Many Church Management Software supports a wide range of extensions, which also come with a heavy hiring price. Thus, if you need a customizable Church Software, you may have to pay a hefty amount as your subscription charges.

» What are the benefits of Church Management Software?

It becomes quite challenging to manage the growing number of people for any faith institution, as manual screening can lead to mistakes and hence, give rise to confusion and dissatisfaction among the masses. Here, using a Church Management Software can effectively help in reducing the growth and expansion of such problems.

So, let’s now talk on the numerous benefits a church management software can bestow upon its users.

› Eliminating Pen and Paper-based method:

Following the pen and paper-based processes to list out all the vital Church records and data increases the risk of potential mistakes. This is because a single Church can also house a large number of people as its disciples and hence, maintaining a 100% legitimate and mistake-free data can take both long time and use of more resources to complete.

› Accessibility:

The Church Database software also streamlines the job for the admin as it collects and gathers all information in a single place, such as calendar events, upcoming meetings, functions, and more. This, when shared with the approved circle members, can notify them in real-time for the future community meetings and more.

› Financial Reports:

What can be better than a Church software which not only helps in managing the Church and its activities but also provides a detailed report on the financial expenditures as desired? With the handy and fully-customizable financial statements, one can easily keep a track on the weekly and monthly spending and plan out a more effective way to increase mass participation while simultaneously ensuring lower expenses.

› Personalized Intimations:

The Church Management Software also comes with personal intimation facilities which are the most elegant way to keep your Church members notified in case of an upcoming function, community meeting, or even a funeral. Moreover, the software also supports mass intimation through emails which saves a lot of time as compared to designing and sending every email individually.

» What are the features of Church Management Software?

Specially designed to reduce the workload on the faith institutions, Church Management Software comes with many unique features which sets them apart from any other management software. So, to have a complete understanding of how to implement and utilize the various elements of the Church Software, let’s have a brief look at the numerous features of the software.

› Membership and Events Management:

With the church bookkeeping software, the faith institutions can keep a track on the total number of believers attending the Church with their times to reduce the dropouts by helping them resolve their issues beforehand. Similarly, the software also comes in handy during organizing events by lending a hand in noting down important details like payment processing, tracking, and reporting, etc.

› Finance Tracker:

The in-built finance tracker also helps the admins or managers to track the total expenditure, uploading every single financial bill in a unique place, adding donations by people and noting revenues all in a single location. Being a handy feature, it allows higher officials to keep a track and verify the bill’s authenticity, thus, preventing any potential frauds.

› Communication Tools:

Furthermore, various Church Software also comes with communication tools which help individuals to send intimations via emails, SMS, or pop-ups to a group of people at a single time. As a wider audience is reached through in a single instance, the communication tools help increase mass participation as well as gain followers to the Church.

› Check-in and Child Security Management:

Nowadays many church management software also comes with check-in and child security management to help you track the entry and exit of the Church members including children which acts as a safe layer concerning the safety of the members. Being ready to use and user-friendly, these trackers can be turned on to manage the activities efficiently for specific meet-ups and locations.

» How to Choose a Good Church Management Software?

With the availability of a myriad of options to choose from, choosing a good Church Management Software can be like searching a needle within heaps of straw and pretty intimidating for beginners looking for installing a Church Software for catering the various demands of their Church.

Hence, we have created this list by compiling the most important factors to let you make a good choice while going for a specific Church Management Software. Check them out now.

› Services Offered:

Understanding the numerous services offered in different Church Software can ease the pressure on an individual by giving them an idea on the functionality of the software. This helps in tackling the need for going through each Church Software by installing them or subscribing to them and wasting a lot of money. Getting a clear idea about the software can also help achieve the desired results sooner and without much struggle. So, one should be extra careful while choosing a particular church membership software and verify that all the needs are fulfilled with the top services.

› Accessibility:

Various Church Management Software companies have also come up with the idea of providing their users to access the recorded data and simultaneously track the Church activities through a single mobile app from anywhere and at any time. This ensures that the faith institution is free of any fraudulent and suspicious activities.

› Pricing:

Depending upon the facilities and tools availed from the Church software, the pricing can also differ from individual to individual. While the pricing plan of a Church software can start from as low as $10/user/month, at the same time others can demand as high as $500/user/month depending upon their usage and services provided.

› Reviews:

Reviews are the next best thing to help you choose good church management and bookkeeping software company when you are being confused in all other categories. Reviews often consist of legitimate remarks from previous customers who have already used the software. This category may also include poor ratings and bad comments, stressing that the software you are looking for might be a fraud. According to experts, a balance of both good and bad comments is often a good measurement to measure software’s service.

» How much does Church Management Software Cost?

The pricing of a church management software starts at the lowest monthly subscription of $4. There is also some free version available with limited features. Some free versions of church management include Bitrix24, CCIS Church Management Software, and Church Trac, etc. To get the premium feature you, you need to pay a monthly subscription ranging from $5 to $39. Church Trac charges $5, CCIS Church Management Software offers premium at $30, and Bitrix24 has a pricier side with $39 per month.

If you don’t want to involve with the hassle of a monthly payment, then you can buy ACS and Power Church Plus Software, which charges $280 and $395 for a lifetime Subscription. You can also avail the SaaS model of the Power Church Plus Software with a monthly subscription of $39.95 and a yearly price of $455. Other popular church worship software like Breeze ChMS, CCIS, Faithful Steward, charges $50, $30, and $20 per month respectively.
CCIS Church Management Software and Faithful Steward offer web-based platform with a monthly price of $29.99 and $20 respectively. However, you have to pay an additional $20 as an activation charge if you choose Faithful Steward.

All churches have their specific requirement based on the number of followers, donors and the amount of work they execute daily. A church management software comes with various features and benefits, and for that, you have to shell out some extra money as well. While some software with essential element offers free services, they don’t provide the same user-friendly interface or security which are required in this current scenario. Rest, the choice is yours.

» Conclusion

With the emerging challenges and issues while running a church or any faith-based community requires the assistance of modern technology. All the product features and benefits we are discussing in the preceding sections are enough to clear your confusions about the usage of the Church Management System. It’s better to realize the crucial aspects of current technology and adapt it to empower our existing technology.

The good thing is that most churches around the world are understanding it and seeing the productive output. Managing your vital resources, finances, along with addressing a myriad of operations is impossible to handle manually. Partnering yourself with technology can help you eradicate all the operational errors and assist you in running your community with full optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a church management system?

Manage your church with the best church management software. You can easily manage the daily operations of your religious organizations through this software. You can manage your church membership, fundraising, event management, and many more things through Church Software. Let’s understand some valuable features of church software.

What are the features of church management software?

  • Membership management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Member Directory
  • Donor management
  • Financial accounting
  • Communication tools
  • Pledge Management
  • Events management
  • Volunteer management
  • Check-in and child security management

What are the advantages of church management software?

  • Easily Track Membership
  • Improved Community
  • Improved Event Management
  • Contribution Management
  • Dashboards
  • Personalizing Emails

What is the best church management software?

  • Breeze ChMS
  • ChurchTrac
  • Servant Keeper
  • Church Community Builder
  • Text In Church
  • Aplos Accounting
  • Church Giving
  • ChurchTools
  • TouchPoint
  • Kindrid

What's the best Free Church management software?

  • ChurchInfo
  • ChurchCRM
  • Excellerate
  • Rock RMS
  • Working Church

How much does church management software cost?

The software can begin around $10/month to $110/month.


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