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Online conference software is a necessary tool for businesses and organizations. It helps in making remote work possible. Companies having multiple offices rely on these type of software to schedule and hold meetings. Conference software strengthens communication with remote working employees in the blink of an eye. Have you ever thought of working with a team whom you have never seen, yet trust them with your heart and work alongside them? It is evident that you cannot do so. Video conferencing software works with an efficiency of 100% to give you that ease and help you connect with your ...

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Productivity Superapp for Chat, Meetings, Docs & Projects

Lark is an all-in-one collaboration suite developed to combine messaging, video conferencing, and document collaboration seamlessly. Its standout feature is the integration of these essential tools into a single, user-friendly platform, enhancing team communication and productivity. Lark excels in real-time document collaboration, allowing multiple users to work together on documents ... read more about Lark

7 Days

$12 Per month


Google Meet

Online web and video conferencing calls

Google Meet is a user-friendly video conferencing software developed by Google, aimed at facilitating seamless and efficient online communication. Primarily designed for professional use, it offers high-definition video and audio meetings, accommodating up to 250 participants. A standout feature is its deep integration with Google Workspace, allowing users to easily schedule meetings through ... read more about Google Meet


$1.65 Per month

United States


Video Conferencing Software for Webinars and Virtual Meetings

Livestorm is a dynamic web-based video conferencing software tailored for businesses. It's designed to streamline virtual events, webinars, and meetings. Its intuitive interface makes setting up and managing events easy, even for beginners. Livestorm supports various event types, from small meetings to large-scale webinars, with features like real-time analytics, audience segmentation, and ... read more about Livestorm

7 Days

$79 Per month


Google Workspace

A flexible, innovative solution for people and organisations to achieve more.

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a collection of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google. It includes popular applications such as Gmail for email, Google Drive for storage, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for document creation and editing, and Google Calendar for scheduling. Workspace enhances team collaboration through shared calendars, documents, and ... read more about Google Workspace

14 Days

$6 Per month

United States


Made for people. Built for productivity.

Slack is a communication platform designed for teams, offering a streamlined way to collaborate. It organizes conversations into channels, allowing users to focus on specific topics or projects. Direct messaging enables private conversations, while file sharing makes document collaboration easy. Slack integrates with numerous apps, including Google Drive and Trello, enhancing its functionality. It... read more about Slack


$8.75 Per month

United States


The No. 1 event software for B2B conferences

Bizzabo is a comprehensive event management platform designed to empower organizers to create exceptional experiences. It's user-friendly, offering seamless event creation and management. Key features include customizable event websites, integrated email marketing, and a robust registration system, ensuring efficient attendee management. Its networking tools enhance participant engagement, ... read more about Bizzabo

7 Days

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United States

GoTo Webinar

Hassle-free Webinar Software & Virtual Conference Platform

GoTo Webinar is a prominent webinar hosting platform designed to facilitate smooth and professional virtual events. It stands out for its ease of use, allowing organizers to set up and host webinars with just a few clicks. The platform supports various webinar formats, from interactive Q&A sessions to large-scale presentations. GoTo Webinar's reliable streaming quality ensures a seamless viewing ... read more about GoTo Webinar

7 Days

$49 Per month

United States


Best Platform for Webinars

Hubilo is a forward-thinking event management platform specializing in virtual and hybrid events. It stands out for its immersive virtual environments, which simulate physical event spaces, enhancing attendee engagement. Hubilo's platform supports interactive features like live streaming, networking lounges, and virtual booths, making online events dynamic and engaging. The software offers robust ... read more about Hubilo

7 Days

$10,000 Per year

United States


The #1-rated platform for webinars, virtual & hybrid events

BigMarker is a comprehensive webinar and virtual event platform designed for hosting, marketing, and monetizing online events. It's versatile, catering to webinars, workshops, and large-scale conferences. The platform offers high-quality live streaming and video hosting capabilities, ensuring a seamless viewing experience. BigMarker includes interactive features like polls, Q&A sessions, and chat ... read more about BigMarker

7 Days

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United States


Flexible solutions for modern team collaboration

Zoom is a widely-used video conferencing software, acclaimed for its simplicity and efficiency in connecting people globally. Its primary feature is high-quality video and audio conferencing, suitable for both small meetings and large webinars. Zoom stands out with its ease of use, allowing quick setup and joining of meetings with a simple link. The platform supports screen sharing, enhancing ... read more about Zoom

More than 30 days

$1,100 Per month

United States


Embrace a legacy of communication

Skype is a versatile communication tool renowned for its video and voice-calling capabilities. It stands out with its high-quality video conferencing feature, which is widely used for both personal and professional meetings. Skype supports instant messaging, making it convenient for quick text-based conversations. A significant feature is its ability to handle international calls at low costs, ... read more about Skype



United States


Business Communication Solutions & Software

3CX is a versatile, software-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution designed to manage business communications. It supports both VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and traditional phone lines. 3CX offers features like video conferencing, live chat, and mobile apps, facilitating remote communication. Its call center functionalities include call queuing, reporting, and recording. The system ... read more about 3CX


$195 Per month

United States

Webex Meetings

Where common ground is found.

Webex Meetings is a comprehensive video conferencing software by Cisco, designed to cater to businesses and educational needs. It's known for its robust security and high-quality video and audio capabilities, supporting virtual meetings with up to 100,000 participants. Key features include screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and real-time polling, enhancing collaborative experiences. A unique... read more about Webex Meetings


$950 Per month

United States

Webex App

The leader in collaboration & customer experience.

Webex App, developed by Cisco, is a versatile communication tool designed to enhance team collaboration and productivity in the modern workplace. It integrates video conferencing, messaging, file sharing, and whiteboarding in one platform. The app allows users to host or join high-quality video meetings, with features like screen sharing and virtual backgrounds, making it ideal for remote teams. ... read more about Webex App


$14.50 Per month

United States

GoTo Meeting

Simplified online meeting software with enterprise-grade security – perfect for a work-wherever world.

GoTo Meeting is a streamlined video conferencing software designed for businesses, offering a balance of simplicity and powerful features. It facilitates high-quality video and audio meetings with ease, accommodating up to 250 participants. Users appreciate its one-click meeting access and intuitive interface, making it accessible for all skill levels. Key features include screen sharing, a ... read more about GoTo Meeting


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United States

TeamViewer Remote

Secure remote access and support

TeamViewer Remote is a powerful software designed for remote access and support, connecting users to any computer or mobile device globally. Known for its reliability and security, it allows users to remotely control computers, making it ideal for IT support and managing remote teams. A key feature is its straightforward setup, requiring no complex configurations. TeamViewer offers file transfer ... read more about TeamViewer Remote


$719.00 Per month


Zoho Meeting

Online meeting software for all your video conferencing & webinar needs

Zoho Meeting is a versatile online meeting and webinar solution tailored for businesses and individuals seeking efficient virtual collaboration. It stands out with its simplicity and ease of use, requiring no software installation to join meetings. Key features include high-quality video conferencing, screen sharing, and interactive webinars with audience engagement tools like polls and Q&A ... read more about Zoho Meeting


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British Indian Ocean Territory

RingCentral MVP

Unified Communications Solution for Business

RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone) is an all-in-one communication platform designed for business efficiency and versatility. It combines messaging, video conferencing, and phone services in a single application, streamlining communication. The platform's video conferencing feature supports high-quality meetings with ease of screen sharing and team collaboration tools. Its messaging component ... read more about RingCentral MVP


$30 Per month



Video Calling API for Web and App Developers

Whereby is a user-friendly video conferencing tool known for its simplicity and ease of use, designed primarily for small to medium-sized businesses. It operates directly in the browser, requiring no app or software installation, making it highly accessible. Whereby allows users to create personalized meeting rooms with custom URLs, facilitating easy joining of meetings. It supports video meetings... read more about Whereby


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Dialpad Ai Meetings

A new way to meet, with built-in Ai

Dialpad Ai Meetings is an innovative video conferencing software that distinguishes itself with AI-driven capabilities. It's designed for businesses looking to enhance their meeting experience with smart technology. A standout feature is its real-time voice intelligence, which transcribes meetings, captures action items, and offers live sentiment analysis, making meetings more productive and ... read more about Dialpad Ai Meetings


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United States

Intermedia Unite

Unified Communications for Small Business

Intermedia Unite is an integrated cloud-based communication platform designed to enhance business connectivity and collaboration. It uniquely combines phone system capabilities, video conferencing, screen sharing, and file management in one comprehensive suite. The platform's phone system offers enterprise-grade telephony features like auto-attendants, call routing, and voicemail. Its video ... read more about Intermedia Unite


$27.99 Per month

United States


Teach, sell, inspire with scalable meetings, webinars & conferences.

ClickMeeting is a versatile web-based platform designed for webinars and online meetings, catering to businesses and educators. Its strength lies in its ability to host interactive webinars, allowing for live, on-demand, and automated presentations. Features like polls, surveys, and chat enhance audience engagement, while customizable webinar rooms offer a personalized experience. ClickMeeting ... read more about ClickMeeting


$32 Per month


Real-time streaming to massive global audiences is an innovative software platform developed to enhance digital media experiences. It offers a suite of APIs that allow developers to integrate high-quality audio and video capabilities into their applications. With features like noise suppression and voice enhancement, improves clarity in communications. Its video APIs provide crisp, clear visuals, ensuring a professional-grade ... read more about


$495 Per month

United States


The sovereign cloud collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes.

Rainbow is a versatile software solution designed to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration within organizations. It's an all-in-one platform combining chat, voice, video, and file sharing, making it ideal for teams seeking a unified communication tool. Rainbow's interface is user-friendly, promoting ease of use even for those new to collaboration software. It supports one-on-one ... read more about Rainbow


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France is a user-friendly software that revolutionizes the way people conduct remote meetings. It's notable for enabling users to host or join conference calls and online meetings without any fees, making it ideal for businesses, educators, and personal use. The platform supports high-quality audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording features, enhancing ... read more about


$400 Per month

United States

Conference Software Buyer's Guide

Running Online Conference for various business needs has gone primary these days. It helps to create an active online communication channel through audio/video meetings and seminars to make long-distance or international communication secure between you and your clients. Not just clients, employees at different countries of an organization use video conferencing to host virtual meetings with each other thereby eliminating the need of any in-person attendants. However, not every time it turns out to be a cakewalk. In a case where the need for running audience polls becomes necessary or circulating abstracts to all attendees for review comes as necessary, the task becomes complex. Under such scenarios, taking the help of an ideal web conference software becomes an easy way out. Let's see how exactly a conference management software application can help you to host a web conference with ease.

What is Conference Software?

It is nothing but a simple software application that unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging through an easy to use platform. It offers audio, video and screen sharing options that let you arrange a useful web conference without anyone's help. Through instant messaging, you can send a one-one message or to a group to post brief status updates. The online customer management software lets you filter and customizes a live feed on the actual network. Also, you get real-time notification about any content or groups through email, almost instantly. You can raise audience poll or even ask for voting on blogs, microblogs, documents or on other topics. Through the discussion board, you can share your ideas, ask for advice or even gather feedback from the participants. Through user directory, you can browse through a directory of users on the network. Apart from the above-said, the software offers basic audio/video tools, presenter tools, content management tools, conferencing options, and other productive tools to help you organize an excellent web conference for your business need.

How does Conference Software work?

With the features mentioned above, you can import new contacts or even create a directory of clients. You can also edit or remove contacts as per your needs and keep your address book updated. Along with maintaining your connections, the feature of webinar timeline helps you to keep track of statistics and all the information which seem essential.

In video conferencing software, your audience could be kept targeted way before the commencement of the webinar. They would be learning what the webinar would cover — interest is increased by the introduction of the presenter and letting the audience knows what to expect. You can also provide extra information and files before the events.

All accounts and sub-accounts get encrypted. The credentials of each user are kept safe while logging in and no one can get access to the other accounts too.

A comprehensive and extensive support structure is maintained in conference management software. It supports a good network connection while holding a conference. Through conference management software significant events could be organized and handled as well. The software can work in multiple languages. A translation module permits the utilization of other languages as well.

You can set and reset permissions on various functions based on deadlines or user’s tasks. Through the benefit of a powerful e-mail module, any number of participants could be targeted, and emails could be personalized and customized. Users and administrators are always in need of an efficient web-based browser along with an internet connection and a hosted solution to use the system. You can collect data, and files from the participants using participant management tools efficiently.

Also, you get information related to the platform performance and reliability in terms of its uptime to downtime ratio, quality of audio and video, number of call drops, etc. If you go for the best conference solutions they can perform well without taking up an exorbitant amount of bandwidth. Now let's have a look at some of the important features of an ideal conference management system.

Is it worth investing in any conferencing software?

We generally spend a good deal of time in arranging conferences which are likely to lose managements because it becomes a bit hectic to handle arrangements and scheduling and rescheduling them manually. It is time-consuming, and that is the reason why we want to employ conference management software to save valuable time. Not only holding of meetings should be done virtually but the arrangements and scheduling should also be left upon technology.

Now you may question the actual need of software as per your company size and niche of business. If your conference hosts not more than 50 delegates on one round and you don't need to host more than one or two conferences in a month, then it's better to handle the things manually. On the other hand, if you host scientific, medical or academic conferences catering more than 200 to 300 delegates at a time, you would definitely find the web conference software to be of your use. It will handle almost all sensitive work rituals such as delegate registration and payments, circulating abstracts, full papers, and presentations, and running review process which if done manually will make room for possible human errors.

What are the features of the software?

When choosing software, may it be, free conference software, or a basic web conferencing software, or an enterprise-level video conferencing software, we tend to pick up the best one. The features held by the software determine its quality. Characteristics of good software include:

› Multi-User Functionality: This particular feature allows co-workers to log into the browser directly with the ownership of multi-user accounts. This functionality avoids confusion over credentials and helps the user to save money on multiple accounts. It also means, the software can take care of multiple videos conferencing under a single time frame.

› Address Book Management: A proper target to the particular audience is the primary key to webinar success. Webinar address book could be used to manage your contacts and keep them organized. The moment someone visits your website or leaves details at your contact pages, the software organizes them into the address book which you can retrieve at any moment you want.

› Real-Time Chat: The limitation with most video conferencing software is that they lack in terms of off-video communication, in terms of chat or file sharing. However, you get those added features with conference software. You can chat with your clients to keep the flow of communication in case of the video breaks due to poor internet connectivity.

› Screen Sharing: This feature includes sharing access to the given computer screen. The graphical terminal emulator operates it. It delivers its implementations in online training in which the trainer can share screens with various participants to train them at a time. With multiple screen sharing options, you save time and effort at the same time.

› Delegate Payments: The software has the facility to collect payments directly into your bank account. So, you can set it up either as a checking account or as a merchant account. This feature of conference software comes handy when you need to raise donations or fund for any purpose through the conference.

› Facilitate Review Process: Soon after the conference, you can electronically distribute review forms to the participants. You can customize the review form, anonymize the submissions and track the progress quickly through the online conference software. There is absolutely no requirement of waiting for a long period of time to analyze the feedback as the software does that for you almost instantly.

Now that you have understood the features, you may find the software to be interesting for your business but do you really need it? Let's have a discussion.

» Before selecting any online conference software

Though there is a wide range of conference solutions, though people are mostly inclined towards secure video conferencing software, there are certain things to consider before purchasing online conference management software. The setting of the budget is essential. It would enable you to run a trouble-free assessment of the stability and potential longevity of each supplier with ease. If you run a small company, then you can consider buying conference management software at a cheaper rate. Set your priorities right. You might not be needing too many features as they would be wasted being unused. Having established your preferences, you can now filter amongst the online conference management software as you would already be having your conference solutions at hand.

» How to choose the best conference software?

When you start to look for video conference software in the market, you may probably get confused with so many options available to choose from. Unless you know how to separate the wheat from the chaff, you may find yourself with a not-so-good type of software with two months down the line. That's why it is imperative to make a smart purchase. To make a smart purchase, all you have to do is to keep in mind certain judging criteria while selecting an online conference management software for your business.

› ABSTRACT SELECTION: It is one of the most important features that enable you to select abstracts in multiple ways such as individual selection, bulk selection, and automatic selection. You can also assign a status to them such as "Accepted", "Declined" or "Request Corrections" etc. You can quickly input results into the system with no difficulty.

› ACCESS CONTROL: Go for a secure video conferencing software in which every page and function gets governed under a system of permission. It certainly keeps unprivileged users out of the picture and offers different kinds of users a different set of features to access as set by the administrator.

› LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATION MODULES: Ideal conference solutions offer multiple language compatibility, mostly English, French, German. You can also replace the default languages with new ones as per your need. If you are catering global audience then ask your vendor about the availability of this feature in their software. Also, the best conference management system allows you to translate any page without the need of uploading or downloading the texts which make your task even easier.

› EASY EXPORT OF DATA: The online conference software should be able to easily export collected data (profiles, abstracts, surveys, payments, etc.) to Excel or CSV within minutes. It should also provide easy options to download user uploaded files either from an FTP server or as a zip.

» Pricing of Online Conference Software

The price of conference management software depends upon the number of host and the features added to the software. In the market, you will get some free software as well those are good for one to one meetings and sets you under limited time restriction for group meetings. To avoid that, you have to enter the basic subscription model that usually starts with a nominal monthly price of $15 per host per month. If the number of hosts is exceeding more than 10, it is better to go for the enterprise model that costs around $40 per month with unlimited hosting capacity. On the top that you will get some additional features such as a putting the brand logo on the screen, creating a single sign-on system, dashboard & User management privileges, extended support, and customization options, etc.

» Conclusion

Once you set your budget and priorities, the last but not the least task is to choose the best online conference software. It is in our instincts to pick up what is best. Some conferencing software is easy to use whereas others are not. However, when choosing the best software for yourself, you should make sure that you understand its functions and the technologies correctly. You also need to make sure that your hardware runs incompatible with the software. Ask for post-implementation assistance. Make sure, the training cost of it should be free, but not all vendors would provide you the same for free, still give it a shot. Lastly, when it comes to choosing the best conferencing software, it is strongly recommended to seek advice from your closed peers or anyone who has already purchased it.