8 Best Construction CRM Software In 2023 (Free & Paid)

Are you eager to know about construction CRM system (one of the best software) that is capturing the whole market? Let me make you aware of this wonderful software fully. This software helps the business to increase the efficiency and accountability of the project by streamlining project communication & documentation. Construction scheduling software can be selected according to the size of the company. Make sure that the tool you are selecting comprises of all the features that you’re looking for. This tool is user-friendly software and is very easy to be used. Real Estate CRM software has eliminated the manual work totally and assisted the sells team to sell your products fast. Real Estate CRM software is used in the real estate industry and is applicable for real estate agencies, brokers, material suppliers, retailers, developers, and builders. It keeps all the contacts at one centralized database and automatically logs all the interactions done by you. This software helps to carry out the administration that is effective with an inbuilt informative tool. It is a total business platform. It can convert an opportunity into a project and results in the right project award. We have brought a list below of the top 10+ construction scheduling software with ratings and reviews captured from websites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd.

Construction CRM System

Our Score98/100
  • Pipedrive
  • United Kingdom
  • $14.90/month/user
  • Yes

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Our Score98/100
  • JobNimbus
  • United States
  • Contact Sales
  • Yes

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Our Score98/100
  • Followup CRM
  • United States
  • Contact Sales
  • No

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What are the best Construction CRM Systems in 2023?

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List of Best Construction CRM Systems | Top CRMs for Contractors With Reviews

1. JobNimbus - Best CRM to Optimize Construction Business

JobNimbus - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick JobNimbus as The Best Construction CRM Software?

According to our comprehensive research, JobNimbus is the best construction CRM system to optimize your construction business. The system has top-notch features that can make a difference for your construction business. For example, it offers a highly accurate estimating feature. You can leverage this feature to quickly build the most accurate estimates and bids.

Furthermore, JobNimbus offers a best-in-class invoicing feature. You can effortlessly create professional invoices and securely collect payments from one centralized place. The tool also has a dedicated mobile application. Hence, you can quickly develop estimates, create invoices, and capture payments on the go.

› What Are The Top Features of JobNimbus CRM For Construction?

    • Automation: Best CRM tool to send automated welcome messages whenever you add new clients.
    • Reminders: Set reminders for crucial activities like due payments and client appointments.
    • Estimates: Create eye-catching, accurate estimates to win jobs faster.
    • Mobility: Leverage a robust mobile app to optimize your construction business from anywhere.
    • Sales Boards: View all jobs and leads on the sales board for better visualization.
    • Create Invoices: Great CRM to generate professional paperless invoices with lightning-fast speed.
    • Integration: Integrate with top roofing apps to leverage HOVER and EagelView for aerial measurements.
    • Forms: Create custom forms with vital queries to get all the essential info in the first meeting.

› What is The Price of JobNimbus CRM?

JobNimbus CRM offers 2 subscription packages with a 14-day free trial. The packages are 1)Growing and 2)Established. Both packages are customizable based on users' requirements. Hence, users must fill up a request pricing form and submit it to get the package pricing tailored to their needs.

2. Followup CRM - All-in-one CRM For The Construction Industry

Followup CRM - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick Followup as The Top Construction CRM Software?

As per our analysis, Followup CRM software is an all-in-one solution for construction companies. The system is designed and built for construction businesses to track bids and leads effortlessly. It has many excellent features that can help construction businesses to grow.

For example, Followup CRM’s lead-importing feature can automate importing leads from multiple sources. This way, businesses can quickly and accurately track leads. Additionally, they can separately keep an eye on leads to know their progress.

Followup construction CRM offers flawless integration with Outlook. Hence, businesses can easily organize their contacts in Outlook and send and receive emails directly into the secure CRM environment.

› What Are The Best Features of Followup CRM Software For Construction?

    • Sales Dashboards: Leverage sales dashboards to track and align the sales team’s activities.
    • Custom Proposals: Awesome software for creating clean, branded, consistent custom proposals.
    • Reports: Generate crucial reports covering losses, wins, and other sales activities to track the team’s performance.
    • Centralized Repository: The software has a centralized repository to store all crucial business data securely.
    • Digital Bid Calendar: An excellent tool with a streamlined bid calendar to track biddings and win more jobs.
    • Email Tracking: Easily track emails to get notified when they are opened so reps can reach customers at the right time.
    • Leads & Bids Tracking: Amazing software to efficiently track bids and leads progress at every stage.
    • Mobility: Followup CRM offers a powerful mobile app supported for iOS devices to run the business on the go.

› What is The Pricing of Followup CRM?

Followup CRM provides 3 subscription packages: 1)Team, 2)Professional, and 3)Enterprise. These packages' prices are not publicly available. Hence, users need to contact the sales team to know their pricing. Moreover, we found that Followup CRM offers a simple plan option for businesses with up to 5 users. This plan’s pricing is $4500 annually, including starter plan features, 5 users, and training sessions. Check out Followup CRM’s official pricing page to know more.

3. Pipedrive - Top Easy-to-use CRM System For Construction Companies

Pipedrive - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick Pipedrive as The Best Construction CRM Software?

Based on our evaluation, Pipedrive is one of the top easy-to-use CRM software to grow your construction business. The solution provides many fascinating features with easy learning curves. You can do more with these easy yet powerful features. For instance, the CRM allows you to easily track and monitor all project activities through detailed views and high-level.

Furthermore, Pipedrive is the best-fitted CRM for small construction businesses, enterprise-level businesses, and everything in between. The tool’s easy-to-implement features and intuitive interface help you deliver an exceptional customer experience. In a nutshell, Pipedrive CRM software helps you maintain profitability even in non-favourable circumstances. Read Our Detailed review of Pipedrive CRM Software

› What Are The Top Features of Pipedrive CRM For Construction?

    • Project Management: Record every project activity and efficiency track them to measure the team’s efficiency.
    • Streamlined Processes: Best CRM to ensure no task is missed or duplicated by streamlining processes.
    • Automation: Great software to automate routine activities to decrease human errors.
    • Document Management: Efficiently store, sort, organize, and manage crucial documents from one place.
    • Centralized Place: Access all contacts, leads, and deals data from one centralized place.
    • Custom Emails: Create custom emails with pre-filled personalized details to streamline communication.
    • Team Collaboration: Give your teams access to a centralized database so they can collaborate.
    • Mobility: Use a cutting-edge mobile CRM app to take your constitution business wherever you go.

› What is The Price of Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM has 5 transparent and cost-effective pricing packages: 1)Essential, 2)Advanced, 3)Professional, 4)Power, and 5)Enterprise. In addition, the tool provides a 14-day free trial for every plan. Pipedrive CRM’s most budget-friendly subscription package is Essential. Its cost is $9.90 per user/month, billed yearly. The tool’s most costly package is Enterprise. Its pricing starts at $59.90 per user/month, billed yearly. Users can also choose to pay with a monthly contract. Please check out Pipedrive’s official website for in-depth subscription package details.

4. Capsule CRM - One of The Best Construction CRM Software

Capsule - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick Capsule as One of The Top Construction CRM Programs?

Per our complete analysis, Capsule CRM is one of the best CRM solutions for construction companies. The tool is trusted by many renowned construction businesses worldwide due to its robust functionality and capabilities.

Capsule CRM software offers more than one reason why it is among the best in the highly competitive construction industry. Some of the top reasons are excellent project management, enhanced workflow automation, and advanced data analytics.

Furthermore, Capsule CRM can seamlessly integrate with other construction tools like Cin7, Tidy Build, and Xero. Using all these tools together by integrating with Capsule opens the door to excellence.

› What Are The Best Features of Capsule Construction CRM Software?

    • Sales Pipeline Visibility: Amazing software to visualize the entire sales pipeline adequately.
    • Project Management: Excellent software to manage projects efficiently for completion before deadlines.
    • Collaboration: Easily communicate with team members using a mobile app to improve collaboration.
    • Automation: Superb CRM tool using powerful automation to stay efficient and competitive in the market.
    • Notifications: Get notified for crucial activities like status changes and task completion to stay updated all the time.
    • Better Customer Service: Awesome CRM to provide better customer service with vital customer info at your fingertips.
    • Data Analytics: Great tool for collecting and analyzing data to surface vital insights that can help decision-making.
    • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with crucial business tools to bring more flexibility to the business.

› What is The Pricing of Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM offers 3 budget-friendly and simple subscription plans with a 14-day free trial period. They are 1) Professional, 2) Teams, and 3) Enterprise. Moreover, the tool has a free version with essential features for up to 2 users. Capsule CRM’s lowest pricing package is Professional. Its pricing is $18 per user/month with a monthly contract. Capsule’s highest pricing package is Enterprise. It will cost $54 per user/month/monthly billing, including priority support and premium onboarding. Don’t forget to explore Capsule’s official website to learn more about its pricing packages.

5. monday sales CRM - High-performing CRM For The Construction Industry

monday sales CRM - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick monday sales CRM as The Best Construction CRM Software?

Our throughout research says that monday sales CRM is one of the top-level and high-performing CRMs for construction businesses. The solution consists of cutting-edge compliance and communication features. Compliance features ensure privacy and security compliance throughout the documentation to increase customer satisfaction. Communication features allow clients to communicate with the business using multiple channels.

Furthermore, monday sales CRM offers other modern-age features to manage customers effectively, prospects, and leads for building long-lasting business relationships with them. This means more sales and more profit. The CRM software also provides subcontractor management, individual project tracking, and better collaboration to take one’s construction business to the next level.

› What Are The Top Features of monday sales CRM Software For Construction?

    • Custom Dashboards: Amazing customizable dashboards to see the data at a glance.
    • Automation: Easily automate mundane processes and save time to address essential affairs.
    • Streamlined Communication: Stay in touch with teammates even from on-site using real-time collaboration tools.
    • Secure Storage: Awesome software to securely store documents like blueprints, permits, and agreements.
    • Gantt Charts: See in-depth project tracking in the Gantt chart view to aggregate data for making data-driven decisions.
    • Subcontractor Management: Efficiently manage subcontractors working for you to reduce miscommunication.
    • Integration: Outstanding CRM to integrate with your favourite tools like Zoom, Gmail, Jira, and more.
    • Mobility: monday sales CRM is fully mobile responsive, allowing you to access data on any mobile device.

› What is The Cost of monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM comes with 4 straightforward and reasonable subscription packages, including a 14-day free trial. They are 1)Basic CRM, 2)Standard CRM, 3)Pro CRM, and 4)Enterprise CRM. The tool’s most budget-friendly package is Basic CRM. It costs $10 per seat/month with annual billing (minimum 3 seats required). Its Enterprise CRM package is customizable. Users have to contact the vendor to know its pricing. Check out monday sales CRM’s official website to get more pricing-related details.

6. Pipeline CRM - Amazing Construction CRM Program

Pipeline - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick Pipeline as The Top Construction CRM Software?

Per our evaluation, Pipeline CRM is one of the amazing construction CRM tools. It is an ideal CRM for independent contractors, big-size construction businesses, and any business size in between. Pipeline CRM provides magnificent functionalities to manage bids with extreme measures, win more jobs, and double the revenue.

Moreover, Pipeline CRM is fully customizable. Construction businesses can easily tailor the software based on their unique business needs. I.e., Businesses can customize deal stages to efficiently track & monitor various revenue streams (Commercial vs. Residential). They can create custom fields like a job site, post-bid, or primary contact and automatically set them to appear on every deal page.

› What Are The Best Features of Pipeline CRM For Construction?

    • Easy to Use: Great CRM with an easy-to-use interface to efficiently manage bids, leads, and clients.
    • Lead Management: Awesome CRM tool for efficiently managing leads throughout their lifecycle.
    • Customization: Easily customize your construction sales pipeline per your company’s requirements.
    • Automation: Fantastic software to automate crucial activities, alerts, and more to push deals forward.
    • Notes: Take notes and attach them with the bid to use them in the future for quick reference.
    • One-click Mapping: Easily & quickly plan routes with intelligent one-click mapping for field teams.
    • Integration: Manage your Gmail or Outlook inboxes from Pipeline CRM by seamlessly integrating with them.
    • Mobile App: Cool mobile CRM app to engage with leads on fields or at home using iOS or Android mobile devices.

› What is The Price of Pipeline CRM?

Pipeline CRM offers 3 subscription plans: 1)Start Plan, 2)Develop, and 3)Grow. They are budget-friendly and transparent. Pipeline’s low-cost subscription package is Start Plan. It costs $25 per user/month/annual billing. Pipeline’s most popular & costly package is Grow. Its pricing is $49 per user/month/annual billing. Moreover, the tool offers a 14-day free trial before subscribing to any package. Visit Pipeline’s official website for detailed pricing information about the tool’s plans.

7. Houzz Pro - Comprehensive Construction CRM System

Houzz Pro - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick Houzz Pro as The Best Construction CRM Software?

Based on our research, Houzz Pro is a comprehensive CRM software trusted by more than 3 million design pros & contractors. It offers cutting-edge functionalities for construction businesses to take on more projects, communicate better, and get more organized.

Houzz Pro CRM enables businesses to create professional-looking estimates and proposals. Additionally, the tool allows users to save them in a centralized place along with particular client communication so that it can be found and tracked easily.

Furthermore, Houzz Pro offers award-winning customer service with dedicated support teams. Customers can contact support teams using various ways. They can chat with the online team to leverage real-time support or send emails at their convenient time.

› What Are The Top Features of Houzz Pro CRM For Construction?

    • Premium Profile: Great tool to create a premium profile for showcasing your construction business.
    • Lead Management: Import leads from multiple sources and efficiently track them till they convert.
    • Email Nudges: Allow customers to approve proposals & estimates quickly using this feature.
    • Quick Replies: Stop creating messages from scratch and use “Quick Replies” to save time.
    • Video Consulting: Meet prospects & clients virtually to engage with them more personally.
    • File Sharing: Share important documents securely with cloud-based file sharing to win customers’ trust.
    • Gmail Extension: Leverage native Gmail extension to manage your business emails within a CRM environment.
    • Room Scanner: Use a high-tech mobile app to virtually remodel any rooms by scanning them.
    • Life-sized Walkthroughs: Use an AR feature to create 3D plans and give homeowners walkthroughs with your mobile device.
    • Mobile App: Use a superpowered mobile app to interact with clients even when working in the field.

› What is The Pricing of Houzz Pro CRM?

Houzz Pro CRM software offers simple and reasonable subscription plans. They are 1)Starter, 2)Essential, 3)Pro, and 4)Ultimate. Businesses can use any of the plans' features free for 30 days except the Ultimate plan. The lowest pricing package is Starter. Its pricing is $65 per user/month/annual commitment. The highest pricing package is Ultimate. It costs $399 per month/annual commitment, including unlimited users. Explore Houzz Pro’s official pricing page to learn more about its subscription packages.

8. Unanet CRM by Cosential - Robust CRM to Grow Construction Business

Unanet - Best Construction CRM Software

› Why We Pick Unanet as The Best Construction Management Software?

According to our complete evaluation, Unanet CRM software by Cosential is a robust tool to grow your construction business and revenue. This cloud-hosted software is specifically designed and developed for construction companies. The software has many powerful features and capabilities that can give business developers, marketers, and project managers a competitive edge.

Unanet CRM offers various opportunity management tools. These advanced tools help businesses explore new opportunities and ensure that businesses are pursuing the right projects with the right margins. Unanet CRM also provides customizable dashboards to view and update data faster for better visibility.

› What Are The Top Features of Unanet CRM by Cosential?

    • Pipeline Management: Effortlessly manage the pipeline using a drag-and-drop capability.
    • Proposals: Quickly create beautiful proposals in PDF, MS Word, or Adobe InDesign files.
    • Reporting & Analytics: Generate and analyze crucial reports to make better decisions.
    • Configurable: The tool is highly configurable to meet the AEC industry-specific requirements.
    • Centralized Data: Connect personnel, company, contact, and project data of multiple departments to reduce data entry.
    • Email Marketing: Use integrated email marketing tools like HubSpot & MailChimp to boost marketing efforts.
    • Dashboards: Put crucial metrics on the dashboards to get real-time visibility.
    • Mobile App: Leverage a cutting-edge mobile app to connect with clients and prospects from home.

› What is The Pricing of Unanet CRM by Cosential?

We explored Unanet CRM by Cosential's official website and found no pricing-related data. It is recommended to contact its sales team to learn about its subscription packages and pricing information.

Get Quick Comparison of Top Construction CRM Software

Construction CRM Features Pipedrive Zoho CRM Procore HubSpot CRM ConstructionOnline Copper amoCRM Accelo PayPanther ProDBX
Price $14.90/ month/user $45.00/ month/user Not provided by vendor Not provided by vendor $99.00/ month $19.00/ month/user $15.00/ month/user $16.00/ month/user $29.00/ month $19.00/ month/user
Client Tracking                  
Contract Management            
Project Management                  
Quote Management              
Sales Management              
Time Management          

Buyer Guide on Construction CRM Software

Amid seemingly fierce competition, only businesses with digital transformation have recorded 100% survival. Today, when the world is severely suffering from a pandemic crisis, construction companies are among the ones facing trouble in customer retention and attracting new clients.

Construction firms revolve around client relationships and retaining lead opportunities. Unfortunately, they are losing behind because of a lack of digitalization and the right software implementation.

This article will guide you on the importance of digitalization and the benefits of implementing CRM software for construction.

» What is Construction CRM Software?

Construction CRM software is a customer relationship management system tailored specifically for the building and construction industry.

CRM market has grown 10x larger and has been adopted by most industries. In recent years, construction industry has been adapting CRM for construction for its advantageous features.

The construction industry is based on clients’ trust and healthy relationships. Mostly, builders, developers, and general constructors are awarded projects based on relationships they have built over the years.

» What are the features of Construction CRM Software?

A good project management system is the key to a successful business. Construction CRM software lets you manage projects from the bidding process to post-sales. It minimizes the need for site visits and hands-on intervention, which helps builders focus more on construction projects.

The construction business requires focus and willingness to adapt new methods and techniques. Lack of product insight, undefined goals, and lack of knowledge and training may lead to subsequent failure.

Here are the features of the best construction CRM apps that will help you choose better construction management software;

› Contact management

Contact management is one of the basic features of any construction CRM software. Every business runs on customer relationships, and the construction business is nothing different.

This feature helps the business track leads, store and organizes customer data efficiently, and maintains communication history.
Construction business uses this feature in processing sale pipeline, which helps in improving lead generation and maintaining customer relationship.

› Opportunity management

Small construction businesses always lookout for opportunities for business growth and progress. When you plan to implement the best CRM for small businesses, it must feature opportunity management.

This feature enables the business to monitor the sales funnel and provide the necessary information to complete sales.

Opportunity is about generating revenue through contacts or accounts properly, without which a business may fail to achieve its goal.

› Account management

Account management is one of the primary features without which a construction business can come to a standstill. Best CRM for builders features account management that keeps records of accounts of businesses that your construction company deals with.

It captures account records and directs the construction company accordingly.

› Order management

Construction companies are based on bidding, quotes, and grabbing opportunities. Order management feature assists construction companies in finding opportunities, visualizing bids, and finalizing quotes to get hold of new projects.

CRM for construction businesses automates and streamlines order processing capacity, responsibility, and sales visibility.

› Proposal management

Construction management software not only assists in managing orders but offers enough viability to make proposals. The software creates professionally designed proposals with the help of automatic proposal generators.

These generators develop creative sales proposals that instantly grab customer attention.

In addition to all the features discussed above, a construction CRM software must possess the below qualities;

Blueprinting, file imports, and drawing
Bookkeeping and record maintenance
Staff management, attendance tracking
Manage bids and orders
Manage client data and contact data
Forecasting, estimation, and budget management

» What are the benefits of construction CRM software?

Customer relationship is one of the key benefits that any construction CRM software provides. Establishing better interactions with clients means generating more deals, more loyalty, and more profit.

Apart from building relationships with architects, engineers, fellow builders, and project stakeholders, the best construction CRM software offers numerous benefits, which are discussed below;

› Streamline operational process

Contractors and construction CRM software streamline complete work processes like scheduling appointments, account management, contact management, contract management, analytical tools, reporting, forecasting, and estimating budgets.

The construction management system is not restricted to a single process but relies on a complete package. The CRM software specially meant for construction businesses streamlines each process, thus enhancing efficiency and increasing productivity.

› Automation

We are living in a digitalized era. Hence everything ought to be automated. Construction CRM apps virtually manage construction businesses. A construction company deals with multiple projects every day.

Tasks such as generating leads, closing sales, client interaction, and assigning work routines are time-consuming when managed manually.

Best construction CRM software allows companies to automate routines. Managers can set parameters and assign roles. Whenever a new project is finalized, CRM software automatically assigns roles, saving both time and errors.

CRM software also sends emails to clients. These emails are predesigned to suit sales proposals, feedback surveys, and fixed quotations.

Automation helps optimize repetitive work, which saves both time and money. Employers and team members are left with enough time to personally work on high-priority projects.

› Generating sales and revenue

Business deeply relies on lead generation and customer relationships. When the company is not aware of where its leads are coming from, it becomes extremely difficult to process. Without sales visibility, a construction company cannot forecast its revenues and sales growth.

Best CRM for small construction businesses provides an option to keep track of leads, how the team interacts with leads, and the number of deals closed successfully.

CRM for construction businesses helps companies know their client requirements and client base, access repeat sales, and make efforts to generate leads.

CRM software also helps companies analyze their profit margin based on deals acquired. In case of low revenue, managers can analyze and evaluate the issues smartly and make a proactive approach to regain clients’ trust.

› Build customer relationship

Customer relationship is one of the essential aspects of any business. CRM for construction businesses streamlines customer data in one place. This helps the company view all the contacts, map their customer journey and send promotional emails.

CRM technology has been most underrated in the construction business. However, with the advancement of technology in business communities, the construction business is now getting the hook of CRM software.

Builders can now understand client needs, know customers’ perspectives and improve services accordingly. Building companies run only on client relationships and trust. When they provide better services, they get popular, and ultimately business grows.

Apart from these benefits, CRM software for the construction business is advantageous in many ways;

Provides real-time access to project-related documents
Keeps track of bids and follow-ups automatically
Visibility and schedule of upcoming appointments
Track labor time spent on tasks
Keeps track of inbound and outbound leads
It the streamlines supply chain of materials
Develops relationships with suppliers and clients, maintains follow-ups with staff on future prospects and deals
Helps in meeting deadlines by organizing and scheduling work plan

» What things to consider when choosing construction CRM software?

Construction CRM software is chosen according to the company’s requirements. Small-scale the business may integrate the best CRM for the small construction business. As small businesses require limited features, they can easily go by limited functionalities.

Large-scale construction companies are complex and require customized CRM. Hence, choosing the best construction CRM software depends on three basic factors;

› Functionality

Choosing the best CRM for the construction business largely relies on business goals. The builder needs to evaluate the firm’s requirements, complexity, and functionality before finalizing CRM software.

› Budget

Not every construction business undergoes regular profit. This is a highly ambiguous sector with uncertain revenue. If the company is new, it needs to establish its base first.

The cost of construction CRM depends on its features. If the company is in its initial stage, it may not require as complex features as an established one. Hence, evaluating the budget is important before choosing the right CRM.

› Set-up

CRM for construction project management is available both on the cloud and on-site. Depending on the technological acceptance of the company, choose the hosting software.

Small construction companies readily integrate free software with limited features. Large-scale companies want an all-in-one solution with customized features. In addition to the above reasons, here are some more features to look for when choosing the best construction software.

› Mobile accessibility

Before investing in project management software, make sure it is mobile-friendly. The software must be accessible on smart phones and iPad, same as on desktops, meaning it should offer the same functionalities on all devices.

› Ease of use

No matter how technologically savvy you are, you always want software that is easy to use for your team members. The software you choose must have easy to use interface, functionalities that align with the work process, and an uncomplicated dashboard. Although the software you partner with may provide staff training, it must have a simple-to-understand interface.

› Customization

Not all construction business is equal. Each company has different requirements, as they might deal in diverse genres. Many times, one construction company possesses different departments like interior, architecture, engineering, or renovation. Hence, the construction management system must be customizable to suit specific requirements.

› Communication

The construction management app you choose should be capable of handling both the internal workforce and communicating with clients. In addition, the software must possess the ability to track inbound leads, track current jobs, and send payment requests and emails automatically.

› Security

It is important to choose functional software, but security is equally necessary. If your software is not secure, your data may be exposed, resulting in huge risk.

When choosing your construction management software, make sure that it has mandatory security features. Check for encryption tools and safety protocols to prevent your company from being a breach of security.
Dashboard reporting

Happy and informed stakeholders contribute largely to business success. Dashboard reporting might not seem a crucial function, but it plays a vital role in the construction business. This feature offers a customizable dashboard reporting system that allows you to put regular updates and detailed reports for stakeholders.

The biggest mistake made by construction company managers when choosing the best CRM is they do not consider alternatives. When you are planning to invest in software, take time to analyze its features, your requirements, and how the new system works.

Investing on just any platform without going through feedback and reviews will not only cost you money, but your whole system might come under huge risk.

» How much does construction CRM software cost?

The purpose of construction CRM software is to manage sales processes and keep track of inbound and outbound leads. However, most construction companies are integrating construction CRM systems to establish communication through automated emails, work allotment, documentation, order management, and custom project management.

Construction management software pricing greatly depends on features, functionalities, and user capabilities. Small building companies require limited features and may sometimes opt for the free version. Contrary to smaller companies, larger business requires better functional software to suit substantial needs. They readily pay thousands of dollars for the required tools and features.

Typically, before installing the software, you need to pay a setup fee and then monthly or annual fees, depending on the software pricing policy. Numerous construction software offers free trial period that helps in scrutinizing its features and functions.

Construction CRM software also offers customizable plans, beginner plans, and advanced pro plans, depending on the features you choose. The billing amount may vary from $10 to somewhere approx. $300 per month.

Construction CRM is designed for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. It is important to choose the ones that offer the best pricing based on features and reviews.

Before purchasing the best CRM for construction business, it is always better to directly contact the vendor for custom pricing.

CRM software also provides future upgrades at an additional price. The launching price may range somewhere around $1000. Hence it is important to spend some time and evaluate your company’s requirements before investing in software.

» Conclusion

In comparison to other industries, the construction business has been a little slow in embracing construction CRM software. Today, construction and contractors’ business has seen a growth of 25% after accepting digitalized solutions. CRM is a boon for this sector as it has not only improved sales and revenue but has taken care of leads, orders, job work, work processes, and numerous other solutions.

When it comes to choosing a construction CRM system, it might get difficult. Hence, it is always advisable to spend time and find the perfect solution.

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