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Retail CRM focuses more on frequent purchases in the business world and renders services to all types of customers. CRM helps retailers to win the battle for sales during competitive times. The role of CRM software in the retail industry leads to a better understanding of their customer base and preferences, which helps you to interact with them from their perspective. If you are running a retail business, CRM systems help you to build a large reserve of customer information, including the demographic groups of their purchase preferences. CRM software for small retail businesses supports ...

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List of Best Retail CRM Software


Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

Pipedrive is an outstanding CRM software designed to simplify and optimize sales processes for businesses. Its straightforward interface helps teams manage leads and deals efficiently. The software enables users to track communication, set reminders, and prioritize tasks, ensuring that opportunities are not missed. Pipedrive's visual sales pipeline provides a clear overview of deals, making it ... read more about Pipedrive


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Salesforce Sales Cloud

Build strong customer relationships and grow revenue with a single source of truth.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful solution designed to streamline and optimize sales processes for businesses. It serves as a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offering features that help organizations manage leads, track opportunities, and close deals more efficiently. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, users can easily organize and access customer information, ... read more about Salesforce Sales Cloud


$25 Per month

United States


A CRM Platform that Customers Love

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management tool designed to streamline business processes. It centralizes customer data, making it easy to access and manage. The platform offers sales automation, enhancing efficiency in tracking leads and opportunities. Marketing tools are integrated, aiding in campaign management and targeting. SugarCRM supports customer service functions, including case ... read more about SugarCRM

7 Days

$26 Per month

United States


No-Code Platform to automate workflows and CRM

Creatio is a unique software platform that combines CRM, process automation, and low-code development capabilities, catering primarily to medium and large enterprises. Its standout feature is the seamless integration of these three core functionalities, enabling businesses to manage customer relationships, streamline processes, and rapidly develop custom applications. Creatio's CRM module excels ... read more about Creatio


$25 Per month

United States

Pipeline CRM

A sales CRM platform that offers easy setup, integrations, customization, and intuitive tools.

Pipeline CRM is a high-quality software developed to help businesses organize and manage their customer relationships effectively. It streamlines tasks, keeping customer interactions organized in one central hub. With Pipeline CRM, teams can easily track leads, monitor sales progress, and enhance collaboration. The software offers intuitive features like contact management, deal tracking, and ... read more about Pipeline CRM

14 Days

$25 Per month

United States


#1 Retail Operating System - For Multichannel Ecommerce

Brightpearl is a comprehensive, cloud-based retail management software designed for midsize and growing retail and wholesale businesses. It excels in automating core business processes, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and accounting. Brightpearl integrates seamlessly with multiple sales channels, including online marketplaces and brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring real-time data ... read more about Brightpearl

30 Days

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Square Point of Sale

Power your business with flexible POS software.

Square Point of Sale is a comprehensive and user-friendly payment processing and business management software, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It simplifies sales transactions by accepting various payment types, including credit cards and mobile payments, directly through smartphones or tablets. The software offers real-time inventory tracking, helping businesses manage stock levels ... read more about Square Point of Sale

7 Days

$29 Per month

United States


Top Business Management Software

Oracle NetSuite is a top-notch cloud-based ERP solution that offers various tools, such as CRM, Human Capital Management, Omnichannel Commerce, Global Business Management, and Accounting Software. The tool provides its services in different industries, like IT Services, Healthcare, Professional Services, Retail, and Wholesale Distribution. Oracle NetSuite offers a unified platform that businesses... read more about NetSuite

7 Days

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Small Business Management Software & App

vcita is a robust business management platform that simplifies scheduling and client interactions for businesses. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy appointment scheduling, helping businesses save time and enhance customer convenience. The platform offers a personalized client portal, allowing customers to seamlessly book appointments, pay for services, and engage with businesses. With ... read more about vcita


$29 Per month

United States


All-in-one free platform to manage your team and run your sales

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform designed to streamline tasks and boost team collaboration. It serves as a centralized hub, integrating tools for communication, project management, and customer relationship management. With features like file sharing, automation, calendars, and task tracking, Bitrix24 simplifies daily operations for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly ... read more about Bitrix24

15 Days

$49 Per month

United States

HubSpot CRM

Free CRM Software & Tools for Your Whole Team

HubSpot CRM is a versatile software designed to simplify and optimize customer relationship management for businesses. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it allows organizations to manage contacts, track leads, and nurture customer relationships effectively. HubSpot CRM provides a centralized place for teams to collaborate, ensuring seamless communication and coordination. The software... read more about HubSpot CRM

14 Days

$20 Per month

United States

Zoho CRM

Top-rated Sales CRM Software by Customers

Zoho CRM is a user-friendly software designed to streamline customer relationship management for businesses. It helps companies organize and automate their sales processes, fostering better customer interactions. With Zoho CRM, users can efficiently manage contacts, track leads, and monitor deals in one centralized platform. The software offers customizable dashboards, enabling businesses to ... read more about Zoho CRM

15 Days

$14 Per month


ActiveCampaign for Sales

Drive relationships forward to grow your business.

ActiveCampaign for Sales is a customer experience automation platform, enhancing sales processes. It combines email marketing, automation, and CRM tools. Users can automate email follow-ups, ensuring timely engagement with leads. The software allows for segmentation of contacts based on behavior, aiding targeted communication. Sales pipelines are customizable, adapting to different sales stages. ... read more about ActiveCampaign for Sales

14 Days

$49 Per month

United States

Capsule CRM

The smart, simple online CRM

Capsule CRM is a top-class and user-friendly software designed to streamline customer relationship management for businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive interface, Capsule CRM helps teams organize contacts, track interactions, and manage sales pipelines efficiently. The platform's contact management feature centralizes customer data, providing a comprehensive view of each relationship. Users ... read more about Capsule CRM

14 Days

$18 Per month

United Kingdom

Kapture CX

Power-On Efficient Customer Care

Kapture CX is software designed to help businesses improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. It offers various tools to collect customer feedback, manage interactions, and streamline support processes. With Kapture CX, companies can easily gather insights from surveys and reviews to understand customer preferences better. The software simplifies tracking customer interactions across different ... read more about Kapture CX

7 Days

$39 Per month



Easy Sales CRM Software

Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that caters to businesses of all sizes. It streamlines the sales process by offering lead scoring, email tracking, and sales pipeline management in a single platform. Freshsales provides a 360-degree view of customers, centralizing communication and customer information. It features an AI-based lead scoring system, which prioritizes ... read more about Freshsales


$9 Per month

United States

Insightly CRM

The modern, scalable CRM teams love

Insightly CRM is a versatile customer relationship management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses, focusing on enhancing customer interactions and streamlining sales processes. It offers a unique blend of project management and CRM capabilities, enabling users to track leads, manage projects, and automate workflows in a single platform. Insightly stands out with its easy ... read more about Insightly CRM

14 Days

$29 Per month

United States

Agile CRM

Best, easy, powerful yet affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales and marketing automation for small businesses.

Agile CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that integrates sales, marketing, and service functionalities. It offers contact management to organize customer data. Sales tracking tools help monitor deals and stages. With Agile CRM, users can automate marketing tasks like emails and social media campaigns. The software includes a telephony feature for customer calls within ... read more about Agile CRM


$9.99 Per month

United States

Gofrugal RetailEasy

Retail CRM to add more buyers and repeat them regularly.

Gofrugal RetailEasy is a versatile point-of-sale (POS) software solution tailored for retail businesses of various sizes. It specializes in streamlining sales transactions, inventory management, and customer relationship management. The software supports multiple payment methods, enhancing the checkout experience for customers. RetailEasy's inventory management system efficiently tracks stock ... read more about Gofrugal RetailEasy


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Simplify customer experiences. Remove friction.

BUSINESSNEXT is a comprehensive software solution designed for modern businesses seeking efficiency and growth. Its user-friendly interface simplifies complex tasks, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. The software excels in streamlining operations, offering robust tools for project management, financial tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM). Key features include real... read more about BUSINESSNEXT


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Epos Now

Choose a Smarter EPOS System

Epos Now is a versatile point-of-sale (POS) software designed for various businesses, especially retail and hospitality. It's cloud-based, enabling access to sales data and management tools from anywhere, which is a big plus for multi-location businesses. The software is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes training staff quick and efficient. It integrates seamlessly with popular ... read more about Epos Now


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Elevate Sales with CRM & Clienteling

Endear is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed for retail businesses. It helps stores personalize customer interactions, enhancing the shopping experience. Key features include clienteling, where sales teams can create tailored recommendations based on client history and preferences. It also offers messaging capabilities, allowing direct communication with customers through ... read more about Endear


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Customizable Cloud based CRM Software

Salesboom is a comprehensive software solution designed to supercharge your sales and customer relationship management. With its intuitive interface, it simplifies lead tracking, opportunity management, and customer interactions, empowering your sales team to close deals more effectively. What sets Salesboom apart is its robust automation features, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks and ... read more about Salesboom

30 Days

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United States

Heartland Retail

Faster, Smarter Retail Point of Sale Software and Retail Payment Processing System

Heartland Retail is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and retail management software designed for modern retailers. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy tracking of sales and inventory, even across multiple locations. Key features include real-time analytics, which offer valuable insights into customer behavior and store performance, and an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) ... read more about Heartland Retail


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United States by 500apps

CRM Software by 500apps by 500apps is an innovative customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to streamline business processes. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing customer interactions, sales tracking, and workflow automation. The software excels in its user-friendly interface, allowing for easy navigation and quick access to essential features. Notable capabilities include lead ... read more about by 500apps


$14 .99 Per month

United States

Retail CRM Software Buyer's Guide

» What is Retail CRM software?

Retail CRM software is a software tool that collects, identifies, and organizes multi-channel customer data, tracks customer behavior, and provides valuable insights to determine marketing strategies. Retail CRM software will customize every step of a customer’s journey, show specifically what a customer is looking for, and help create a personalized experience for them.

39% of CEOs around the world claim that providing a good customer experience is the most effective way to establish an advantage over competitors. It is now regarded as important as pricing and quality of products to increase sales and stay at the top of the game. In this new era, customers prefer the convenience of online purchasing, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Retail CRM Software is your trump card to win over your customers and lure them back to your services and products repeatedly. From analyzing activities like high-frequency purchases, and product preferences to key dates and times, retail CRM provides a holistic experience for both the company and the customer base and creates a bond with loyal customers that lasts. 

» Why is it Important for Businesses to Use Retail CRM software?

Online shopping is exponentially increasing everywhere in the world. According to some studies, worldwide e-commerce sales will reach USD 6 trillion by the year 2024. Offering the ultimate customer experience that eventually translates into enhanced sales for the business becomes the pivotal step here. 

80% of customers are likely to make a purchase when they are given a personalized experience and 81% of them say that they need to trust the brand before making a purchase. Apart from quality, these days customers are having higher expectations when it comes to businesses they buy from- their services, follow-ups, variations, cruelty-free, and even sustainability options. This means businesses need to deploy technologies that leverage customer needs and ensure customer satisfaction leading to 100% customer retention. 

Thus, investing in retail CRM software becomes the key driving force behind sustaining profits. 

» What are the Features of Retail CRM Software?

CRM Software for the retail industry offers an array of diverse types of features that help very efficiently in your retail management and streamline operations. These features are robust, and customizable and ensure maximum productivity that boosts both user convenience and client experience. The most important ones would be:

› Omni-channel customer data integration

Retail CRM software is data-oriented. It can collate important customer information from multiple sources like websites, social media, e-commerce, apps, in-store touch points, sales, and other websites. It organizes the data in a single dashboard ready to refer and analyze.

›  Customer profiles

The data collected are segmented into categories and filters such as age, location, intent, repeat purchases, interests, etc. This is used for making a more nuanced approach while reaching out to a customer.

›  Marketing automation

Based on the customer categories, effective marketing strategies are made across channels including personalized email marketing and targeted ads automatically.

›  Automated workflows

A retail CRM manages end-to-end operations from an internal ticketing system, and distributor-retailer network to order and inventory management. All these processes can be accessed from a mobile or a PC.

›  Reporting and Analytics

One of the most important features of a CRM. Data-rich reports and dashboards reflect deep analysis and valuable insights into customers’ behavior and responses. It also includes the performance of marketing campaigns, sales trend analysis, and other opportunities. These help in understanding the bigger picture, taking informed decisions, and catering to customers’ needs efficiently. 

›  Smart Monitoring

Business revenues, product performances, stock variances, and other retail KPIs can be seamlessly monitored.

›  Omni channel Interaction

Customers are in touch with your brand through multiple channels. Retail CRMs stay in touch with them consistently through social media, in-app messaging, emails, push notification and live chat. Creation and assigning of content can be done from a single platform.

›  Loyalty Program

Customers can be enrolled in loyalty programs, simultaneously offering other perks and rewards for maximum engagement.

›  Helpdesk and Self-service Portal

An automated help desk can be set up with the help of an AI to streamline workflow and some software also offer a self-service portal so that customers can solve their query rather than waiting for a customer care representative.

›  Security and Privacy

Most retail CRMs come with API integration, Single-sign-on, data encryption, and other high-grade security systems for utmost protection.  

›  Integration with your Retail Enterprise

The best retail CRM software seamlessly integrates with all your other retail applications, social media channels, and other functionalities and any third-party software. This improves the overall workflow leading to better collaboration and performance.

» What are the Benefits of using Retail CRM software?

The benefits a retail CRM software offers are myriad and endless. You have to take full advantage of it to leverage the software to its fullest. Here are some of the benefits that will convince you-

›  Segmented Data Access

For a retail business acquiring detailed customer data is highly significant. CRM systems for retail help you store indefinite information about customers, their preferences, shopping history, and buying trends as per demography which can be segmented, categorized, and assigned to experts. With this information, you will know what the customers are specifically expecting and serve them best accordingly. 

› Personalized Marketing

Personalized content is 26% more likely to get tapped by a customer. Retail CRM helps you get an in-depth picture of the customer base and create relevant content based on that information. With Retail CRM software, you can ensure that the message you convey is ultra-relevant to the recipient.

›  Streamlined Operations.

Retail CRM automates your entire workflow reducing the huge amount of time and labor, supervising order activity and communication is easy and effortless. You have complete visibility over each step of order fulfillment.

›  Effective Decision-Making

Granular reports and analytics on how your existing marketing strategies are performing help to track the path of your retail journey. This leads to Identifying weak points and making informed decisions down the lane.

› Loyalty Programs

After identifying repeat customers, CRM allows you to track how the existing customers have responded to the various offers and how likely they are to take on the rewards, specialized discounts, and incentives. The more your customers grow the more these things matter.

›  Improved Customer Service

Customers demand a lot when they put their trust in a brand. And it is that brand’s responsibility to hold that trust. One mistake can cost you a loyal customer replacing you with your competitors for a better experience. With an online retail CRM in your hands, you can promptly address customers and establish a long positive connection with them. 

› Customer Retention

With the best CRM software for retailers, your primary concern of retaining customers can be done with ease and accuracy. Loyalty programs and personalized marketing strategies are thoroughly effective in retaining existing customers. Customers are bound to recognize the way you value them.

» How to Use Retail CRM software?

A retail CRM must be equipped with features that allow you to complete every kind of task from fundamentals to specifics. Everything should be preplanned about how you want to get on with a newly installed retail CRM. Below is a comprehensive guide on how a user should move through a CRM in order to reach their goals-

›  Updating customer data: 

CRM software initiates by integrating with existing e-commerce software and managing contacts automatically. It creates huge records of customers without you being worried about it. 

› Managing customers: 

Managing customers should be the next step while leveraging a CRM. With the help of customer-centric data from all channels, insights, and performance results you can decide how to manage customers further.

›  Team collaboration:

This is one of the most important steps, as teams across departments should be aware and updated on all the processes that are going on. They should be able to track and access all the data and results to bring forward their valuable input. 

› Strategizing:

Lastly, taking intelligent and effective decisions and implementing them successfully. If you can’t solve your existing problems or concerns about your reach to customers, there is no use in investing in a CRM. 

» How to Choose the Best Retail CRM Software?

Retail CRM is a bit different when it comes to other CRMs, As a CRM for the retail industry complies with what sales and marketing are really about. While searching for the best CRM software, many retailers might mistakenly start acknowledging the technological features, while the more intelligent way to approach this is to consider your business objectives and required strategies and find one with capabilities that will concrete those ideas. 

You also need to evaluate whether you need a CRM that’s off-the-shelf, that will entail basic features with quick implementation, or that you are ready to commit to a tailor-made custom solution. Analyzing the pros and cons of shortlisted software is also equally important. Some other considerations you might look forward to while deciding on –

›  Data collection and Segmentation Capabilities:

The best retail CRM should be able to offer consumer insights and a 360-degree customer view that goes beyond demographics, purchase history, and behavior. Moreover, they should be able to create dynamic segments according to traits. This is the major function of CRM systems for retail and companies must ensure it.

›  Marketing Effectiveness:

Retail marketing software should direct the consumer journey in the right way, and assess its effectiveness in converting a visitor into a customer. The services should also include multi-channel marketing campaigns execution, analysis, and management.

›  Customization:

One of the most important features to look for is customization allows you to design campaigns in ways that speak volumes about your company. From automation to customizable templates for social media posts, text messages, and email, a retail CRM should include all. 

›  Deployment strategies:

Determine answers to questions like what will happen on a live day, what kind of assistance you will require, whether you will be able to make changes as needed, what are deadlines and communication plans, etc. 

›  Budget and business size:

Analyzing your specific requirements according to the size of your company is also very important. Whether you are a start-up, enterprise, or small business, the size will significantly impact your retail CRM choice. Similarly, it will help you immensely if you choose a retail CRM that fits your budget and will allow you to expand if needed.

›  Protection and privacy:

Retail CRM platforms come in both web-based and cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions are generally more flexible and seamless and offer more encryption, data privacy, and protection. 

So, deciding on which CRM to choose over others requires months-long planning and utmost attention and weighing the pros and cons. The best way to avoid any mistake would be to carefully evaluate what kind of data and workflows your company is used to.

» What is the Cost of Retail CRM software?

With so many retail CRM solutions available in the market, companies struggle to find a suitable one that covers their costs. It is even more confusing when CRM vendors set their pricing in varied ways. This variety is based on factors like the number of users, the size of your company, and the number of features. 

You need to unearth key information on how their CRMs are priced so that you can make a sound decision. Most companies do not mind expanding their spending on CRM software, because of the huge return on investment it offers and because of the competitive market. In general, they’re priced on the monthly basis with different prices for the basic package (key features only) and premium package (advanced features included). There are also many free retail CRM software for retailers available. The major two kinds of pricing systems consist of-

  • Fixed monthly pricing: A fixed price is taken from the company usually ranging from $20 to $130 per month, billed annually or monthly.
  • Per user concept: If you want to deploy a per-user plan, it is usually available in the range of $8 per user per month to $40 per user per month, depending on your package.\
  • Quote-based: Quote-based pricing is for companies that are flexible and need to custom-make their software with features they like. They have to ask the vendor team directly for a price. 

» Conclusion

Customer relationships are like a disease. If left unattended it can get worse. It’s the definition and key driving factor of your business growth. Retaining and gaining customers has never been this easy if done the right way. The customer scenario changes with every passing minute hence it depends on the stakeholders to ensure they have everything they need at the tip of their fingers. This comprehensive guide will assist you in every step of your decision-making process while buying a CRM for your retail business.