7 Best CRM Software for Architects & Building Design Firms (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for CRM software for your architecture business? Well, a CRM architecture application is the answer. CRM Software for architects is a tool designed for improving the daily performance of your organization by bolstering the performance of the employees. The best CRM software for architects provides simplified & rationalized operations, much to the delight of their delight. While choosing a CRM for your profession in architecture, you need to consider personalized CRM software that meets your business needs. As the software deals with deployment through the cloud, extensibility would arise. Data security & scalability are other vital aspects that you must consider. The architecture CRM software helps in fast & progressive invoices, transforming the leads to deals or projects, building up a formidable team, maximizing happy customers, and remote access. Hurry! It’s time for you to choose one of the list of top CRM software for architects and engineers now!


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  • Salesforce
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  • Zendesk
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What are the Best CRM Software for Architects?

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List of Top CRM Software For Architects and Engineers Reviews

1. Nimble CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects & Engineers

Nimble CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer Nimble CRM for Architects & Engineers?

As per our analysis, Nimble CRM is the best software for architects & engineers. Nimble is a well-planned CRM solution of tools and processes for architect businesses that streamline sales, marketing, support, etc. 

Architects or engineers leverage Nimble CRM strategizing marketing to increase ROI and determine interactions with vendors, employees, customers, leads, etc. Additionally, Nimble CRM helps architectures choose segmented reports generating, mapping entire business processes, tagging contacts, and more. 

To cut a story short, Nimble CRM can be a suitable solution for architects and engineers that guide them to enhance efficiency, develop customer relationships for long-lasting, and focus on taking the business to the next level.

› What Are the Core Features of Nimble CRM For Architects & Engineers?

    • Lead Management: Capture, manage, track, and nurture leads to maximize conversion.
    • Contact Management: Align segmented contact based on categories and custom-tag for reporting, etc. 
    • Task Management: Allows architects to allocate, assign, schedule, scrutinize, close tasks, and more.
    • Sales Forecasting: Allows analysis of overall sales data, forecasting trends, and revenue to set realistic goals.
    • Email Marketing: Offers ready-to-use templates for group emailing to schedule, monitor, and track.
    • Document Management: Integration with DropBox and Google Drive to manage docs, contract templates, and more.
    • File Sharing: Intuitive sharing access with clients, vendors, team members, and more.
    • Automation: Automate workflow, like routine tasks, follow-up emails, reminders, update contact details, and more.
    • Integration: Seamless 2000+ Zapier app integration for smooth sync, data exchange, and more.
    • Customization: Customizable fields, workflow, reporting, and more based on business needs.

› How Much Does Nimble CRM Cost?

Nimble CRM offers a sweet and single subscription plan for building strong relationships. It avails a 14-day free trial and costs $24.90 per user/monthly (if billed annually). Please visit the official website for in-depth pricing information.

2. Pipedrive - Organized CRM For Architecture Firms

Pipedrive CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer Pipedrive CRM for Architecture Firms? 

We explored Pipedrive CRM and found the inevitable solution for architecture and firms. It is a sales-oriented CRM that helps architecture organizations manage customers, stakeholders, partners, general contractors, subcontractors, and engineers.

Pipedrive CRM is an all-in-one platform to track overall project progress, forecast sales revenue, profit margin and costs. Additionally, it automates workflow, segment processes, and more. Read Our Detailed review of Pipedrive CRM Software 

Pipedrive CRM offers an easy-to-use platform for architecture that can align its sales, marketing, pipeline, and team collaboration. Architecture firms can quickly gain visibility and valuable insights to improve and maintain their business operations.

› What Are the Core Features Of Pipedrive CRM For Architecture Firms?

    • Sales Pipeline:  Visualize the pipeline and track sales progress and prospects.
    • Client management: Manage logs, leads, contact information, and more all-in-one place. 
    • Project Management: Keep an eye on overall project progress, specific workers’ tasks, and more.
    • Contractor Management: A customizable tool to manage all contractors and send project-relevant information through automated bulk email.
    • Contact Management: An easy-to-navigate database to manage all contacts of contractors, clients, and more.
    • Mobile App: Access real-time information and track project-relevant activities anywhere within the CRM.
    • Automation: Automate tasks and workflow to find any project-relevant information easily.
    • Collaborations: Allow the team to access all the centralized information for further actions.
    • Integration: Flawless integration with email, accounting, and other tools for smooth performance.

› How Much Does Pipedrive CRM Cost?

Pipedrive CRM offers cost-effective subscription packages with a 14-day free trial. It includes 5 subscription packages, Essential, Advanced, Professional, Power, and Enterprise, starting at $9.90 to $59.90 per user/monthly (if billed annually). Please visit the official site to get detailed pricing information.

3. Houzz Pro - Incredible Architecture CRM

Houzz Pro CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer Houzz Pro CRM for Architects? 

Our in-depth research shows that Houzz Pro CRM is one of the incredible software for solo architects and all sizes of architect businesses. It helps architects and businesses manage their leads, customers, proposals, etc., from a single source of platforms. With this cutting-edge technology, every business can move forward to digitize their process, which helps them to scale appropriately.

Furthermore, Houzz Pro contributes value to architect businesses by aligning their processes, improving customer retention, and more as an essential tool. 

Houzz Pro CRM aims to provide an effective platform for architectural marketing. Its comprehensive tools can manage architects’ projects, invoices, clients, leads, assignments, emails, teams, workflow, and more to streamline their business with better customer retention.

› What Are the Core Features Of Houzz Pro CRM For Architects?

    • Proposal Builder: Ready-to-use and customized proposal feature to create proposals instantly. 
    • Leads Management: Generate, manage, track, and nurture qualified leads to convert them into customers.
    • Email Marketing: Offers personalized mass email opportunities where you can track email whenever prospects open emails.
    • File sharing: Allows to upload the document to CRM to securely manage and share documents and files.
    • Gmail Extension: Offers an in-built Gmail extension with customizable email templates to compose and send emails within the CRM.
    • Synchronization: Sync with multiple tools to shorten extra work and simplify workflow.
    • Virtual Consultation: Integrate with the calendar to schedule video meetings, phone calls, etc.

› How Much Does Houzz Pro CRM Cost?

Houzz Pro contains 4 subscription plans that work for business needs. It includes Starter, Essential, Pro, and Ultimate Plans with 30-day free trials. The cost starts from $65 to $399 per user/month (if billed annually). For in-depth pricing information, please visit the official site.

4. InvestGlass - Best CRM For Architect Studio

InvestGlass CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer InvestGlass CRM for Architects?

We have investigated InvestGlass CRM and found the best software for architects. It is a flexible platform that supercharges sales efficiency, marketing campaign, simplify workflow, and more for architectural engineers and construction business.

Any architectural engineers and construction businesses can benefit from InvestGlass CRM by customizing the system, integrating universal hosting apps and tools, and digitizing entire business processes.  

Additionally, many architects and businesses leverage InvestGlass CRM automation with ChatGPT, ensuring cloud-free options to convert leads, track prospects, interactions, and manage pipelines. It also offers a 360-degree view of the entire sales process to gain valuable insights. 

› What Are the Core Features Of InvestGlass CRM For Architects?

    • Portfolio Management: Reduce compliance risk of consistent data, real-time tracking, and more.
    • Project Management: Track the entire project from start to end through multiple stages and forecast project growth. 
    • Lead management: Get more leads, nurture, and convert them into customers to grow revenue.
    • Form Builder: Transforms digital onboarding operations to increase conversion rates and engage more customers.
    • Client Portal: Keep track of all clients, exchange data, share information, etc., in one place.
    • Scheduler: Manage client appointments, set reminders, sync with the calendar, and more to stay organized. 
    • Templates: In-built multiple templates for architecture agencies to conquer more clients.
    • Collaboration: Allows a highly-personalized portal for clients, colleagues, and prospects to communicate, assign work, etc.
    • Automation: Automate marketing, approval processes, and more to save time.
    • Integration: Flawless third-party integration with no code skills to enhance productivity. 
    • Customization: Multiple customizable CRM tools based on business needs to work smoothly and win more projects. 

› How Much Does InvestGlass CRM Cost?

InvestGlass CRM offers 3 subscription packages with a 30-day free trial. It includes Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans in CHF currency, priced from (price converted in USD currency) $220.51 to $442.13 per user/monthly (billed monthly). Please visit the official website for detailed information.

5. Evolved Metrics CRM - Core Architectural CRM Software 

Evolved Metrics CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer Evolved Metrics CRM for Architects Firms? 

Our throughout research shows that Evolved Metrics CRM is the best CRM for architects. Its purpose is to help architects build healthy customer retention and keep them long-lasting. Evolve Metrics CRM is designed for small-mid-sized architect businesses that streamline the entire business process through its robust functions. 

With Evolve Metrics CRM, any architect can manage and track their project status through tracking management. Furthermore, it forecasts revenue and project completion through its analytics tools. 

Additionally, Evolve Metrics CRM can benefit any architect business in other aspects such as data storage, mapping design process, line ups operational and administrative processes, improved communication, team efficiency, and more to scale business.

› What Are the Core Features Of Evolved Metrics CRM For Architects Firms?

    • Project Management: Assemble the entire project process, including leading teams, meetings, and more 
    • Track Management: Track team performances, working hours, project progress, customer interaction, and more.
    • Contact Management: Manage contacts of clients, team members, leads, customers, and more from a single platform.
    • Lead Management: Filter qualified leads and assign them relevant team members to convert into customers.
    • Integrations: Seamless third-party integration to let run the business processes smoothly.
    • Automation: Automate the entire workflow and allow the team to focus on prioritizing work.
    • Mobile Accessible: Access the complete project information and assign relevant inputs to the team from anywhere.
    • Customization: Customizable tools based on business needs to simplify the work process.
    • Analytics: It analyzes customer insights and provides a complete overview of sales, team performance, etc.
    • Reporting: Bring the entire sales cycle reports to forecast revenue.

› How Much Does Evolved Metrics CRM Cost?

Evolve Metrics CRM offers a single subscription package for all users with a 30-day free trial. It costs $25 per user/month. You can get in-depth pricing information from its website. 

6. Unanet CRM- Best CRM Tool By Cosential for Architectural Business

Unanet CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer Unanet CRM for Architect Business?

Our analysis states that Unanet CRM is an essential solution for architectural businesses. It is a cloud-based CRM tool that helps engineers to get more projects through its dynamic proposal generation tool. Unanet CRM provides a growth-driven platform for architectural business.

Through Unanet CRM, engineers benefit businesses by streamlining operational processes, developing strategic marketing campaigns, increasing sales revenue, and improving team efficiency. 

Additionally, automation aligns workflow and eliminates repetitive tasks. It can provide clear visibility of entire work processes by getting valuable insights. Furthermore, any architectural business can convert its inefficiency into strengths and stay long-lasting in the competitive market.

› What Are the Core Features Of Unanet CRM For Architect Business?

    • Project Management: Keep an eye on each project from history to present, track each commitment, opportunity, and more. 
    • Proposal Management: Create, improve, and track proposals with accurate data to accelerate processes and get more projects. 
    • Contact Managment: Filter, manage, track contact data of clients, leads, employees, etc., in a centralized tool.
    • Tracking Management: Track projects on each phase of the lifecycle, team performance, etc. 
    • Contract Management: Monitor, manage, and track all contract activities and modify them if needed.
    • Analytics: Analytics suite provides clear visibility, control, real-time insights, custom reports, and more to drive the business forward.
    • Forecast Plans: Clarity on projects, financials, pipelines, employees, and more to forecast project completion.
    • Mobile Access: Allows access to data, contacts, opportunities, and more from anywhere.
    • Integration: Flawless third-party integration to automate fundamental business processes.

› How Much Does Unanet CRM Cost?

Unanet CRM offers customizable subscriptions based on business needs. Any architectural business can contact Its sales support to get a customizable subscription.

7. Nutshell - Best Architect CRM Platform

Nutshell CRM - Best CRM Software for Architects

› Why Do We Prefer Nutshell CRM for Architects Professionals?

We have researched Nutshell and found the best architect CRM platform that turns more qualified leads into customers. Nutshell can help you to align operational activities to get clear visibility of entire projects and processes. 

Nutshell contains user-friendly attributes that, apart from others. Its intuitive dashboard with an easy-to-navigate option makes workflow easy and saves time. Its automation tool allows the automation of routine tasks, sales tasks, email marketing, and more to increase productivity.  

Additionally, Nutshell’s multiple tools can help architects drive for more projects, improve processes, interactions, map practical views to stay long-lasting in the competitive market. 

› What Are the Core Features Of Nutshell CRM For Architects Professionals?

    • Web Forms: Capture new visit details on the customizable form, manage new contacts, track effective visits on the webpage, and more.
    • Pipeline Management: Drag and drop leads through the sales stages to manage the pipeline efficiently.
    • Dashboard: Intuitive, user-friendly dashboard to get an overview of leads, sales teams, and more.
    • Automation: Automate sales tasks, email marketing, etc., to streamline the workflow.
    • Customization: Custom reports, processes, dashboards, marketing, and more based on business needs.
    • Analytics: Analyze collected data to improve marketing, sales processes, team performances, etc.
    • Reports: Build custom reports based on metrics to gain actionable insights into sales, marketing, and more.

› How Much Does Nutshell CRM Cost?

Nutshell proposes affordable CRM subscription plans with a 14-day free trial. It includes Foundation & Pro, priced from $16 to $42 per user/month billed annually. Any architects can visit the official pricing page to get detailed information.

Architects CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is CRM software for Architects?

CRMs for construction & architects are a vital strategy for managing the sales process to attract and retain your customers. It's a highly specialized industry with its own unique set of needs, so it's important to know what CRM software offers architects before you start shopping.

The most important thing you need to know about CRM software for architects is that it's not any old software. There are several different CRM platforms out there, including what is referred to as hybrid solutions and so on. They all have in common that they can gather data and engage in marketing activities to increase revenue and attract new clients. However, none will help you increase sales with your established customers. That activity is much too high on the list of priorities for architectural firms that want to keep their growth rate consistent. In other words, the best CRM software for architects will sift through the data you already have and help you with marketing activities about bringing in new business.

CRM software for architecture is used to keep track of prospects and clients, which is where part of the appeal of using such software stems from. Being able to create marketing campaigns based on insights you gather from data that's already been collected is a critical differentiator in this niche.

The best kind of CRM software for architects won't just help you with selling your services. It will also help you understand and reach out to your potential customers. That's why we'll talk about the features that make for good CRM software for architects and the ones that will help you sell and keep your current customers loyal.

» Features of CRM Software for Architects

Successful architects work hard to sell their firm's services so that they can make a profit. This includes attracting the best clients, directing the most profitable projects, and employing cost-effective marketing strategies. Concurrently, they must stay on top of all aspects of their business, including accounting, salesmanship, and internal record keeping. A modern architect should utilize software that assists in these tasks, such as CRM software. Here are some basic features every CRMs for construction & architects must have:

› Marketing automation

Many small businesses, including architects, do not employ marketing automation software to automate daily business procedures. CRMs for construction & architects should be able to assist their business with managing the sales process from beginning to end, including workflows for marketing activities and updating customer records with information entered into the system.

› Data management

CRM software for architects can help them keep track of all their essential documents by creating strong links and relationships between documents and contacts. In addition, CRM software allows them to access these essential items from any location as long as they are online. Additionally, it will enable you to export data.

› Lead generation

A successful marketing strategy should begin with knowing your important customers and how they make the most significant purchasing decisions. This helps you create a system focused on the customer's needs. CRMs for construction & architects allow you to interact with your customers directly by creating lead lists. This can be accomplished via emails, phone calls, or other means of interaction to obtain information about them to know more about them and their decision-making habits.

› Optimizing customer service

Engineering & architecture CRM software can help you minimize your calls to customers and increase your client satisfaction by helping to improve the customer-agent relationship. Designate agents in each region to be able to follow up for specific projects. These agents can receive work orders from the sales team and contact a customer if necessary.

› Fast progressive invoicing

If you feel that you are not getting paid on time, the best CRM software for architects may be able to assist in catching this vital fact by automatically checking invoices from all contacts daily. If there is a problem, it will notify you at least 24 hours before it goes past due or if it has already gone past due and needs to be corrected before there is any financial damage.

› Leads into projects

Many architects are hesitant to call on prospects who have never done business with them. They worry about low-quality leads and the possibility of being scammed. Best CRM software for architects can help with this by providing a list of people contacted by other firms and leads from proposals from different companies so that you can be more confident that you are reaching the right people.

› Remote access

CRM software for architects is vital for remote contractors such as architects to access their contact information, document requests, and projects in progress while away from their desks.

› Analysis

This type of software should be able to provide reports based on the information you input and create charts for a visual representation of the data. These charts can help show this information to your management team to make crucial decisions.

› Tracking

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for architects should be capable of tracking projects and tasks from beginning to end. This helps record payments, report income, and track important dates or events within projects or assignments. This helps keep project managers and accountants within your staff on track with everything about a specific project or task.

› Automated campaigns

This type of software should be able to create automated campaigns that are triggered by set dates or events. These may include sending emails, phone calls, or text messages to contacts you have found through CRM software analysis.

› Third-party integration

This is a massive benefit for many companies, including architects. It allows CRM to integrate and communicate with other third-party applications. You can also connect with other programs, such as payment gateways and web applications like WordPress websites.

» What are the Benefits of CRM Software for Architects?

Many people use CRM software to help them run their businesses. Businesses and individual architects use CRM to keep track of contracts or get images and measurements taken by a computerized laser scanning device. Let us see why and how CRM for architects benefits individuals and businesses.

› Improved efficiency:

Using new and best CRM software for architects, one can automate their business and enhance the efficiency of their business process. CRM for architects eliminates the time-consuming task of manually measuring site areas. In addition, it also reduces the risk of human error and avoids delays in construction progress due to inaccuracies in measurements. Furthermore, the best CRM software for architects can be programmed to generate leads and analytics. This helps to utilize an architect's time fully and increases the overall process's efficiency.

› Increased accuracy:

Engineering & architecture CRM software also helps ensure your work is completed with higher accuracy. For architects, CRM software can help increase efficiency in many ways. CRMs for construction & architects can store your customer contacts with their personal information, projects you've worked on for them, and contact details. You can easily export these records to make proposals and keep records up-to-date. You will know your customer's financial information and when they are due to make payments. This allows you to track how your company is performing financially so that you can reassure potential investors that your income is increasing.

› Increased communication:

CRMs make it easier for architects to communicate with their clients without any issues or delays. Through an architecture CRM, for example, you can update clients about new developments in their construction projects in real time. This saves time and is more efficient than making regular phone calls to keep clients updated. In addition, you can also communicate with them more personally by sending them photography, videos, and other images via email rather than simply writing a text message. This also helps to develop better relationships with clients.

› Improved customer relations:

Architecture CRM software that helps keep track of current projects while allowing communication between architects and clients. This way, you can see all your past and current projects displayed in one software program. You can then give clients immediate updates about their work, and you can review the status of their projects. By doing this, you will be able to attract more and more clients to your business while also ensuring they are satisfied customers.

» How to Choose the Best CRM for Architects?

The world of architecture is now more digital than ever before, and those who have embraced the changes have seen their careers take off. Here, we cover how to select the most suitable CRM for architects.

› Features of the CRM:

CRM for architects must have various features to make the software a strong contender. The features should include the following: The software must be easy to use. Architects are generally brilliant but not computer savvy. They like their tools to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. If the CRM is difficult to use, they will get frustrated, and you will lose their interest quickly. Email integration is a must-have feature in CRM for architects. Most architects today rely on email to communicate with everyone else in the office. If you don't integrate your CRM with email, you're losing out on a critical feature that could make or break your business.

› On-premise or cloud CRM software:

Cloud CRM is more cost-effective, with simplified IT management and flexibility. Cloud or on-premise: The choice between on-premise and cloud is often based on your business size and budget. A hosted on-premise system may be the solution if you have a small business with a flat organizational structure, or your budget is minimal. Cloud CRM is a more cost-effective solution, making it easier to manage and scale than on-premise solutions. It also offers more flexibility and scalability, allowing you to move your system to another server if you need to add capacity.

› Pricing:

Architecture CRM is expensive these days, but pricing varies considerably based on the features you require and the size of your business. Cloud CRM is typically much cheaper than on-premise solutions as it does not have many hardware costs associated with running it.

› Scalability:

Scalability is essential to keep in mind when choosing an architecture CRM. You won't require much scalability if you're a small business and only have two or three employees. However, as your business grows, so will your need for scalability.

› Integration with other software:

If you are not met with the feature of integration with other software, your architecture CRM software may be the wrong one for your business. You'll want to ensure that your new system provides integration with email, or users can export leads from the system into a spreadsheet format if needed.

› Ease of Use:

Many other aspects of the system may be necessary, but if your architects aren't able to use the system quickly, it will be a significant burden on the business. This is why Ease of Use is so essential. You'll want to ensure that your CRM software is intuitive and easy to send the correct information to the right team at the right time.

› Customer Support:

Customer support is something every business needs, but it's especially critical in CRM for architects if things go wrong and something needs to be fixed immediately. It's also a must-have when you first begin using a new CRM, as you'll need help maximizing its performance.

» Conclusion

Every CRM software solution is different, but some general rules apply to all of them. The primary pipeline for using any CRM for architects is collecting data from your current and potential customers, the single that information to create effective marketing campaigns. Depending on how well you know your clients, every step can be different. So, make sure you choose the best CRM software for your engineering firms. Also, ensure that it has all or most of the above features to boost employee productivity.

Architects CRM Software FAQs

What does CRM stand for in the architectural business?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the base of the architect's business. It aligns entire business processes to help architects and engineers in project completions. CRM allows architects to easily import designs into a database, align project details with easy access, and more.

What are the objectives of CRM for architectural business?

CRM helps architect businesses increase revenue, nurture client loyalty, reduce operating costs, and improve the core business fundamentals.

What are the best CRM tools for architectural business?

There are several CRM tools for architects' businesses in the market. Our research shows some top-notch CRM tools for your reference:

  • Nimble CRM
  • Pipedrive CRM
  • Houzz Pro CRM
  • InvestGlass CRM etc.