The 10 Best CRMs for Photographers 2023 (Free & Paid)

If you are a photographer and think you don’t require a CRM for your business, then you have got to know that photographer CRM software is a powerful tool that helps develop your business or profession. The best photography CRM software also helps you manage your calendar effectively to keep your client interactions under a single roof, sign contracts, manage a project, etc. The CRM benefits photographers by helping them to store contact information, keep track of their customers, and make effortless deal closing. The tools present in a CRM also enable the photographers to capture the challenging moments, enabling you to manage all your contacts in one place, which helps in your professional growth. You would get assistance from the CRM software on pricing communication, enhancing your demonstration capacity, etc. If you have decided to buy CRM for your profession, refer to the list of the best CRM software for photographers now!


Our Score98/100
  • Pipedrive
  • United Kingdom
  • $15.00 /month
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  • $10 /seat /month
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  • Bitrix
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  • $61.00 /month
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What are the Best CRM Software for Photographers 2023?

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List of the Best CRM Software for Photographers | Best Photography CRM Software Review - Best CRM for Photographers

1. – Get the bigger picture with a CRM for photographers

Our Score 98/100

About offers businesses an opportunity to save money on the cost of a dedicated tech team and system administrators by building their own CRM system around their company’s existing services. markets itself as a fully customizable CRM platform, making it easy for business owners to build and expand their own businesses without having to invest in dedicated staff, or extreme computer skills. monday’s software is designed to be highly intuitive and user-friendly, making it possible for the average business owner to set up a system in one day. Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“ CRM has opened countless doors of opportunities that we never had before. We were able to customize the CRM on top of Work OS to fit the needs of our day-to-day activities.” – Kyle Dorman | Operations Manager at Ray White Reviews


1001 – 5000


$10 /seat /month



2800+ Reviews


500+ Reviews

ShootProof Tave - Best CRM for Photographers

2. ShootProof Tave – The most customizable studio management solution

Our Score 98/100

About ShootProof Tave: Tave Shootproof handles CRM for photographers, runs studios, and sells photos easily and efficiently. Custom designed beautiful galleries, tagging and labeling favorites by clients, print lab integrations, customized invoices, automated payments, automated messages and updates, creating professional contracts quickly, email campaigns, setting promo codes and discount offers easily that lures guests to come back, are some of the key features where Shootproof excels.

ShootProof Tave Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“Since starting my business in 2012, I’ve tried multiple CRMs for photographers only to try and hack my process in order to use them. After being so frustrated with the various ones out there, I finally gave Táve a try. After my first week, I was hooked. I wasn’t limited. I could use Táve exactly how I wanted to. It can be used in it’s simplest form or be completely customized.” – Anthony Gauna

ShootProof Tave Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$24.99 /month



30+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

HoneyBook - Best CRM Software for Photography Business

3. HoneyBook – Best CRM for Photographers

Our Score 98/100

About HoneyBook: Honeybook is a fully-featured client and financial management software designed to serve small businesses. The software helps users simplify their business by providing tools like billing, contracts, and client communication that streamline the payment process in one place. In addition, automated payment and task reminders can be created based on the project.

HoneyBook Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“There haven’t been tools as comprehensive as HoneyBook. It opened up the possibilities for me. Things change all the time and you need something dynamic that you can change on the fly. HoneyBook really replaces a need to have any physical documents and is way more interactive.” – Jennifer Domenick

HoneyBook Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$39.00 /month



500+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

Bloom - Best Photography CRM Software

4. Bloom – A better way to manage all your client relationships

Our Score 97/100

About Bloom: Bloom is a CRM for Photographers that allows you to track all your communication with the client on a specific project. Bloom simplifies booking, invoicing, and client communication. You can quickly establish your booking system without any worry about clogged email inboxes. With Bloom, you can create invoices for completed projects with one click. You can keep track of all your work more efficiently.

Bloom Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“Bloom is the best CRM solution I’ve found for creatives who are looking to amp up their business. It’s a major game changer for me!” – Peter Hurley

Bloom Reviews


United States

2 – 10


Not provided by vendor



00 Reviews


0+ Reviews

Dubsado - Best CRM Studio Management Software for Photographers

5. Dubsado – Make managing client projects the easiest part of business

Our Score 97/100

About Dubsado: Dubsado is a CRM for Photographers that provides contact and contract management, invoicing, and calendar management in an all-in-one solution. Dubsado helps your business stay in motion. Build relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline your projects from start to finish. Dubsado gives business owners worldwide access to all the tools they need in one place.

Dubsado Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“In my first month with Dubsado because I was able to focus on my creativity and my family vs. the management side of business I TRIPLED my monthly financial goal. I’m able to cater to each client in a professional manner, and put deadlines, session dates, and more in one calendar and it all syncs to my devices. Dubsado has been a life saver.” – Nakeshia Shannon

Dubsado Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



30+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

Studio Ninja - Best Photography Business Management App

6. Studio Ninja – The world’s highest rated studio management software.

Our Score 97/100

About Studio Ninja: The highest rating CRM software for photographers that is unrivaled in simplicity features. This software helps photographers in sending quotes and contracts on a rapid basis. This software boasts a beautiful interface liked by videographers and photographers across the world. Conversion of leads into sales, staying on top of the jobs, customizing to-do lists, customization of workflows, seamless tracking of payments, customer satisfaction rating, and 24-hour customer support at the global level are it’s some of the features.

Studio Ninja Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“Finally, a CRM designed by photographers, for photographers – THE EASIEST AND BEST CRM SOFTWARE I’VE EVER USED!” – Scott Johnson

Studio Ninja Reviews

Studio Ninja


11 – 50


$24.90 /month



60+ Reviews


01+ Reviews

Flowlu - Best Free CRM For Photographers

7. Flowlu – Best Free CRM For Photographers

Our Score 96/100

About Flowlu: Flowlu CRM is a social business management software that facilitates customer engagement. It helps managers get what they want from their employees through communication, collaboration, and analysis to increase profits. Flowlu provides a platform for career development by making information about employees and customer data accessible to everyone. The flow of information will help businesses grow in an environment focused on sales, customer service, quality, and efficiency. Flowlu CRM can be used by small and medium enterprises or large companies to eliminate costly mistakes like miscommunication and wasted time.

Flowlu Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“This application is really useful and has multiple features to facilitate the management of any company. The use of this program within the company has brought many benefits, it allows you to perform different tasks more quickly, saves a lot of time, as it eliminates the need for consecutive supervisions.” – Marie D.

Flowlu Reviews


United Arab Emirates

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



270+ Reviews


190+ Reviews

Keap - Best CRM for Photographers with Sales & Marketing Automation

8. Keap – CRM for Photographers with Sales & Marketing Automation

Our Score 96/100

About Keap: Keap CRM is a professional cloud-based CRM and contact management software that is easy to use and manage. It is simple to use, yet powerful enough to be used in bigger companies and large enterprises. Keap CRM has been primarily designed for small businesses but can also be used by medium or large companies. Its features include task management, scheduler, security logins, time tracking, sales pipeline management, customer care automation with support ticketing, and SMS/phone call recording.

Keap Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“We looked at our business model, we were able to hire our first business coach, and Keap gave us enough breathing room to identify the bottlenecks in our production and sales systems. Ultimately, ALL the success has enjoyed comes back to my decision to purchase Keap in 2014.” – Jamie Gilleland

Keap Reviews


United States

201 – 500


$59.00 /month



1100+ Reviews


1400+ Reviews

Bitrix 24 - Best Free CRM for Photographers

9. Bitrix24 – Free CRM For Photographers

Our Score 96/100

About Bitrix24: Bitrix24 CRM is a web-based CRM software marketed as an all-inclusive solution that can be used by small and large enterprises. It can customize its interface to specific business needs. Bitrix24’s users have access to a suite of powerful CRM tools and other publishing and collaboration options for personal and business use. It features social media & email marketing technology that enables users to build trusting relationships and track their interactions.

Bitrix24 Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“Bitrix24 CRM is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your customers, as it includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, so that you can gain a clear insight into your company’s results and know whether or not your efforts are paying off.” – Üwen Ergün

Bitrix24 Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$61.00 /month



500+ Reviews


400+ Reviews

CompanyHub - Best Custom Made CRM For Photographers

10. CompanyHub – Custom Made CRM For Photographers

Our Score 96/100

About CompanyHub: A CompanyHub CRM is one of the best in the market today; it provides you with a 360° view of leads for efficient lead generation. Businesses can save time by scheduling emails, sending bulk emails, and using email templates easily. You can drag and drop tools, add conversations, automate day-to-day activities, generate reports, and manage your sales pipeline within the CompanyHub CRM. The best thing about CRM is that it can integrate with any third-party software. You can keep a track record of events, payments, projects, bookings, insurances, properties, and much more.

CompanyHub Features: Customer Database, Interaction Tracking, Lead Capture, Lead Management, Workflow Management, Communication, Appointment Scheduling, Contract Management, Marketing Automation, Quote Management, Invoicing and Payment, Questionnaires, Third-Party Integrations

“Simple Powerful Customizable CRM that Doesn’t Need a PhD. Customer service has been quick, courteous and helpful since day 1. Right out of the box, it’s super simple to set up and onboard. It’s field based, so you can customize it in an infinite number of way. I run 3 different companies and can differentiate each lead / contact in the the system according to the Project (my company) they are associated with.” – Howard O

CompanyHub Reviews



11 – 50


$21.00 /month



20+ Reviews


40+ Reviews

Photographers CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is a CRM for Photographers?

The crux of marketing is the ability to track and measure the performance of your products and services. CRM (customer relationship management) software helps the marketing strategy by providing detailed records, lists, and reports of your customers' behaviors. It also helps with customer communication by improving efficiency, ensuring quality interactions with your leads, and providing an organized approach to managing client relationships.

CRM for photographers is a fast-growing industry that can make or break any commercial photography business. To succeed in this field as a photographer, you need to learn how the company works from start to finish to build yourself into an expert-level professional who always delivers for their clients.

› Here are some of the uses of CRM for photographers.

CRM for photographers helps in planning a product and customer campaign. Marketing plans help you establish a strategy, generate new leads, track and report marketing efforts, and understand customer behavior, including how they make purchasing decisions. You can fine-tune your marketing tactics to improve sales performance with this information. You can also decide whether to invest time in one area or send multiple messages through various channels to see what works best for you.

CRM for photography lets you build detailed customer profiles to make more informed decisions about your clients' needs. There is a lot to be said about keeping customer contact high, and your way of doing it is by regularly sending them emails and newsletters. If you constantly have this in mind, finding out what they like wouldn't be challenging. Then you will know what to create for them and what not to do.

This allows you to communicate with customers more personally by sending out targeted emails with personalized information according to their preferences and lifestyle. You can also set up reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, etc., so your customer will never miss a critical moment again.

This feature allows you to send out automated responses to new customers as well as existing ones. The information you gather from these responses can create more targeted campaigns and track customer behavior.

Social networking is an integral part of the modern marketing strategy for photographers driven by photography CRM software. It may seem like an extra element, but it is highly effective in helping you build your clients' trust and promote your brand through word-of-mouth advertising. If your business is operating under social media, it would be wise for you to constantly update and add new content through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., so that people continue to find out about what you have to offer.

Let us look into some basic features a CRM software for photographers must have.

» Features of a CRM for Photographers

A photography studio CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that allows users to organize, manage, and track customer information. With CRMs in place, your business can better understand where its customers are coming from and what they need. In addition to better serving your customer base and obtaining more sales leads, you'll also be able to improve server efficiency by reducing unnecessary tasks such as manual document processing. Here are some basic features that your photography CRM software should have.

› Lead Capture & Management:

As a photographer, you'll need a way to capture all of your leads. This usually involves using a third-party website, but it can also be done manually by creating contact information directly on your website. You will want to create a page to do this that is easily accessible from your side menu and a prominent place on your sites, such as the home page or footer. This is what most call collecting leads, and it's just as important as the lead generation tools.

› Calendar Sync:

Another essential tool is the ability to sync your calendar to make sure you're working on the days when you need to be. You can easily do this through the best photography CRMs.

› Invoicing & Payments:

You will also want to be able to invoice clients for work you've completed for them. A photography CRM software will allow you to quickly generate invoices and payment schedules for your clients based on their pricing information, billing method, and location.

› Email & Contact Templates:

Email templates are vital to the success of your business. Make sure you have access to several email templates where you can add details about your service and the work you do. By creating these templates, you'll be able to send emails more quickly, increasing your response rate and, ultimately, your revenue stream.

› Workflows:

Workflows are a series of events or tasks that occur in succession when an action is made on one element within a tool. This can help automate many jobs for those who operate their own business, especially for photographers who have the task of communicating with their clients both before and after a shoot has been completed.

› Integration with the online gallery:

A customer portal where you can upload their gallery and store all their information helps improve the customer experience. In addition, having a customer relationship management for photographers that links directly to your online gallery will make it easier for you to follow up with your clients after purchasing prints or other products.

› Automations:

Automation is the process of triggering an event or activity with little or no human interaction. It's important to note that automation can only be achieved when the platform is set up correctly for it to succeed.

› Time Tracking:

Time tracking is a vital tool if you're trying to assess your business's efficiency better. An essential part of the process is recording your time so that you can be compensated appropriately. You should ensure that you can easily record your time with something like Harvest, which allows you to integrate it directly into your photography studio CRM system.

› Expenses Tracking:

Expense tracking is also crucial for photographers who must be reimbursed for their bills and materials. You can use Harvest to track your expenses with ease quickly.

› Client portal:

A client portal will give you direct access to the clients you have on file via email and the ability to send them newsletters and emails directly from within your photography CRM software.

› Timeline Creator:

Creating a project timeline is vital for you to increase efficiency and accomplish more in less time. This is also used in marketing automation tools, a social media management tool that allows you to monitor your business' social media efforts.

› Mobile apps:

You will want mobile apps available for both Apple and Android devices. This allows you to communicate with clients while on the go more quickly and helps increase efficiency by allowing you to capture their information when they're filling out your contact form.

› Multiple currencies:

Suppose you work internationally or do shoots internationally regularly. In that case, it's crucial to have the best CRM for your photography studio that can track multiple currencies, so that money can be converted as needed for your business based on the exchange rates at the transaction time.

› Geotagging:

Photographers often struggle with being able to understand the location of their clients accurately. A CRM for a photography business with geotagging capabilities will allow you to map out your client base more efficiently and make better decisions about where your next move will be for shooting.

› Analytics:

Real-time analytics help you understand where your sales are coming from, which is especially important when looking at a new campaign or promoting a new product. By understanding this information, you'll be able to utilize it going forward to focus on what works best for your business.

› Permissions:

Another tool that is vital to the success of your business is the ability to manage permissions for your clients. This means you can only provide access to certain features within a tool, such as restricting access to contact information or requiring them to pay before viewing their images.

› Reporting:

This is usually called analytics, and your business must grow and succeed. It also allows you to help better understand what works best for you to reach more potential clients and increase your team's efficiency.

› Client Relations:

Regarding client relations, the best CRM for photographers will help you stay on top of your project status. This is especially true if multiple clients work simultaneously on a single job. When you have them all listed under the same project, it is easy to keep track of all the main components without losing sight of each piece.

Wondering about the benefits of CRM software for photographers.

» Benefits of a CRM for Photographers

The benefits of a CRM for photographers are numerous. Beyond the ability to seamlessly track and manage your hours, clients, and projects, there are other benefits you can also benefit from. Many photographers use CRMs to store images they have taken and track the status of their business needs, like retouching services or photography equipment rentals. But your business doesn't stop there! Your CRM can also be used to manage your marketing materials, brand identity, and delivery of your work. There are countless uses for a more extensive CRM, such as connecting with vendors or using it to monitor progress on current projects or new ones. The list goes on and on!

› Collaboration:

One of the best things about CRM software for photographers is collaborating with clients and sales representatives. This can be done by using a specific time zone or sharing a folder for easy access. When collaborating on projects, you might be able to agree on specific times for scheduling or even arranging online meetings. It is often beneficial to think ahead and discuss potential conflicts in advance so everyone has an idea of how they will work together so that there are no surprises.

› Time tracking:

Time tracking is a vital component of any freelance business, especially one that deals with billing. The time spent on any project should be charged to the client rather than a flat rate for services because it allows for better transparency and streamlines the billing process. CRM software for photographers can keep track of what your time is worth by calculating labor and other fees, which can be assigned to specific projects or clients.

› Project Management:

One of the most critical aspects of managing any project is effectively communicating with those involved throughout the process. From scheduling meetings to scheduling updates and progress reports along the way, project management presents some unique challenges. With CRM software for photographers, you can stay on top of the project's overall status and adjust as needed.

› Manage Communication:

Every artist's business is a small world, and you want to make sure that your career plans are a well-kept secret. When you use CRM software for photographers, no one outside your team sees your client lists, so they don't know who they are working with or who has already been booked! Not only does it provide some privacy for your communication, but it also helps keep clients from booking other artists that might be near completion of their projects before yours is complete.

› Improving Customer Service:

Regarding customer service, using CRM software for photographers can help improve relations by allowing your clients to send questions and follow-up messages directly through your secure website or app. This allows for faster responses and alleviates some of the back-and-forth emailing required when all communication isn't in one central location. Let us look into the cost element of these fantastic CRMs.

» How much does a CRM for a photography business cost?

Whether your company is a startup, you'll likely spend between $500 and $1,000 per user. If you're in an extensive photography business with many staff members, you'll likely spend around $2,500. There are also various ways of getting special deals that can reduce the cost of your CRM for photographers. We'll look at the multiple factors that make up a price for your photography CRM software and where you can find cheap options.

› Pay per-use vs. Monthly Contracts

First of all, there are different business models that you can choose from. Pay-per-use is usually better financially as it gives you complete control over any extra costs with monthly subscriptions. Paying annually adds convenience, but since you only have to sign up for a year in most cases, this isn't too much of an issue unless you expect your business to grow tremendously. If you're unsure which model will better suit your company, ask other photographers what CRM software they use. Recommendations can be found in places like photography talk forums and Facebook groups.

The price of the licensing scheme is just part of the cost. The size of your company will also determine how much additional overhead a photography studio CRM will have. Consider development, hosting, and staffing expenses, as these factors will impact any final price tag. If you plan on getting a custom solution, this cost is easily doubled or even tripled. Here is a guide if you are thinking about choosing the best CRM system for photographers.

» Things to consider while choosing CRM for Photographers

Locating the right cloud photography studio CRM solution for your photography business can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be an impossible task. If you're unsure where to start, these factors can help you find the perfect fit for your company.

› Cost

You may want a free service like that of Dropbox or Google Drive, or you may opt for a free trial with one of the more popular options, like Salesforce or Zoho. Be wary of hidden fees and annual costs per user. The average price per user for Salesforce is $25 per month, and Zoho costs $20 per user per month.

› Features

Does the CRM solution you're considering offer all the standard features you need? Does it have a contact manager with notifications, a phone directory, or call tracking? How about email marketing or social media integration? Some services like Salesforce also allow customers to embed their services on their websites. Look at what bells and whistles are included in your preferred CRM.

› Ease of use

You'll have better luck getting your team onboard if the program is easy to navigate. This especially applies if you're switching over from an older platform or a home-built system. Salesforce has an intuitive interface that can be used by novice and expert users alike, making it a good choice for growing businesses.

› Support

You want to ensure that any issues are addressed relatively quickly. Check out the FAQ section and the customer reviews to see what others have experienced with your potential photography CRM software.

› Training

You want to ensure that you're getting a program that is easy to learn, even if you're going it alone. Salesforce offers a one-time, on-demand training session at no charge. The sales team will also set up meetings with other users to answer questions and ensure that your company is comfortable using the system.

› Ease of setup

Some CRMs only work on desktop computers, while others are web-based. That means you may need advanced IT support to get things working smoothly. If you're managing a remote team or have employees that travel, you may want to go with cloud CRMs that are compatible with mobile devices.

A business cannot survive without effective customer relationship management (CRM) software. Knowing which is the best CRM for photographers can help you to avoid wasting valuable time and money. This is all you need if you're a photographer looking for the best CRM for your photography business. Please choose the best CRM software for photographers based on cost, features, and benefits. Make sure to select the best because it will save lots of time and effort in the future.