9 Best CRM Software for Professional Services 2023 (Free & Paid)

The information technology market offers the best CRM for professional services besides the CRM for product selling. CRM software comes in handy for all types of service providers for data management, including client profiles, past transactions, email communication, telephonic conversation, social media, & others that would be easy to retrieve in case of need. Hence, if service is the nature of your business, you can choose CRM software for professional services firms. The professional software services CRM would be helpful for you to identify cross-selling opportunities, retrieve the client data, comply, and automate the laborious & time-consuming tasks that pave the way to efficient functioning. The advantages include better customer support, targeted campaigns, updated information, identifying qualified or profitable leads, and productivity enhancement. If you are seeking a piece of in-depth information, look out for the list of the best CRM software for professional services today.


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What are the Best CRM for Professional Services in 2023?

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Best CRM Software for Professional Services with Reviews

1. Insightly - Best Unified Professional Services CRM

_Insightly - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Choose Insightly as The Best CRM For Professional Services Firm?

In our in-depth research, we discovered that Insigthy CRM is best-suitable for professional services due to its fantastic features. Many well-known firms like COACT and Momentum use Insightly CRM to unify their sales, marketing, and customer service teams. What’s more, Insightly CRM has a user-friendly interface. Hence, professional services organizations (PSOs) can easily use Insighty CRM’s fascinating features to explore new opportunities.

Using Insightly CRM’s automation feature, PSOs can easily automate repetitive processes and create efficient workflows. It will help firms spend more time with clients and give them the attention they deserve. Firms can also track leads effectively to ensure they don’t slip through the cracks.

› What are The Core Features of Insightly CRM Software For Professional Services?

    • Centralized Customer Data: Enable your teams to access customer data centrally for better collaboration.
    • Lead Management: Manage your leads with a weather eye to grow your business faster.
    • Pipeline Management: Use pipeline management features to tailor opportunities and increase ROI.
    • Record Linking: Easily link records to simplify complicated administrative relationships.
    • Interaction Linking: Link every interaction, like emails and proposals, with contacts to track interaction frequency.
    • Metrics: Create crucial metrics to get actionable insights and know the progress of the organizational goals.
    • Data Sharing: Easily & quickly share data between teams to ensure they are on the same page.
    • Integration: Use AppConnect and easily integrate with the apps that firms already use, like HR, Accounting, and Communication apps.
    • Mobile App: Use Insightly CRM mobile app to provide professional services on mobile devices like Android and iOS smartphones.

› What is The Pricing of Insightly CRM?

Insightly CRM has 3 budget-friendly and straightforward pricing plans: 1) Plus, 2) Professional, and 3) Enterprise. Its starting plan is Plus. It costs $29 per user/month/billed annually. Insightly’s highest-paid plan is Enterprise. Its pricing is $99 per user/month/billed annually. Users can leverage a 14-day free trial for every pricing plan, excluding the Enterprise plan. Please explore Insightly’s pricing page to know more.

2. Capsule - Customizable Online CRM For Professional Services

capsule- Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Pick Capsule as Top Professional Services CRM?

Our comprehensive analysis shows that Capsule is one of the top online CRMs for professional service firms. It is fully customizable. Firms can easily customize field types to fulfill business requirements. They can also build numerous sales pipelines to differentiate services. Furthermore, Capsule has an intuitive and user-friendly UI. Users can easily operate and be familiar with the tool to maximize efficiency.

We also found that Capsule offers a free starter CRM. It is a game-changer opportunity for start-ups and small-sized professional service firms. In this starter CRM, PSOs will get essential features for 2 users and 250 contacts.

› What are The Prime Features of Capsule CRM Software For Professional Services?

    • Multiple Records: Users can store multiple records of data like calls, notes, files, and more in Capsule CRM.
    • Collaboration: Improve collaboration between teams using centralized client information.
    • Intuitive: Capsule has an Intuitive interface that makes it easy to use and quick to adapt.
    • Analytics: Learn how the sales team is performing and more using analytics to make profitable business decisions.
    • Customization: Easily create unique custom field types based on your business requirements.
    • Multiple Sales Pipelines: Create multiple sales pipelines to manage sales for various services.
    • Integrations: Sync Capsule with your favorite apps and get a complete view of your clients to do more in less time.
    • Mobile App: Capsule CRM has a dedicated mobile application allowing users to access crucial data anytime.
    • Communication: Allow clients to interact with your firm through their preferred channels like social media, live chat, email, and more.

› What is The Pricing of Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM comes with 3 simple and cost-effective subscription plans with a 14-day free trial. They are 1) Professional, 2) Teams, and 3) Enterprise. It also offers a free version. Its low-cost plan is Professional. It will cost $18 per user/month. Capsule’s high-cost plan is Enterprise. It costs $54 per user/month, including premium onboarding and priority support. Please visit Capsule’s official pricing page for in-depth details.

3. Pipeline - All-in-one Professional Services CRM

_Pipeline - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Choose Pipeline as The Best CRM For Professional Service Firms?

According to our research, Pipeline is an all-in-one CRM software for professional services. It is a feature-rich customer relationship management solution that can streamline sales processes to crack more deals in less time. Plus, it's easy to install and operate. Users can start working on leads in no time.

Pipeline CRM has a smart lead management system. It can easily manage every single lead in the pipeline and track them. Users can easily identify which leads are ready to convert and which need more nurturing by adding tags or filtering them. Users can also assign filtered leads to appropriate team members so they can start working on them.

› What are The Top Features of Pipeline Professional Services CRM?

    • Collaboration: Whether you are a one-person team or have 1000 team members, get a next-level collaboration using Pipeline CRM’s intuitive features.
    • Easy Installation: Get Pipeline CRM up and running in no time using an easy installation process.
    • Tracking: Track and monitor clients, contractors, and leads to reduce admin work so you can spend more time healthifying your relationships.
    • Email Integration: Easily manage your emails from the same place you are managing client information using email integration.
    • Notes & Documents: Attach notes and upload crucial documents to contacts so you can refer to them in the future.
    • Reporting & Metrics: Generate important reports and metrics to track the team’s performance so you can make sensible business decisions.
    • Customization: Pipeline CRM is easily customizable. Users can rename every pipeline or metric to meet their business standards.
    • Mobile CRM: Access client's database, generate crucial reports, and more on the go using Pipeline CRM’s dedicated mobile application.

› How Much Does Pipeline CRM Cost?

Pipeline has 3 reasonable subscription packages to offer: 1) Start Plan, 2) Develop, and 3) Grow. They are straightforward and have no hidden costs. Pipeline’s lowest pricing plan starts at $29 per user/month/billed monthly. It costs $25 per user/month if billed annually. Pipeline’s highest pricing plan starts at $59 per user/month/billed monthly. It will charge $49 per user/month if billed annually. Additionally, users can get a 14-day free trial for any of the plans. Don’t forget to visit Pipeline CRM’s official pricing page to learn more about its subscription packages.

4. Creatio - No-code CRM to Automate Business Services Workflows

Creatio - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Pick Creatio as Top CRM For Professional Services?

Our extensive research says that Creatio is a top-level CRM to automate business services workflows with a no-code process. PSOs can easily automate crucial processes of sales, marketing, project management & accounting, order fulfillment, customer care, and more. Additionally, they can execute personal data compliance workflows to meet the data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Suppose PSOs want to initiate an internal audit. No worries, Using Creatio, they can efficiently manage audit workflows across multiple assets like physical, financial, and legal. What’s more, PSOs can manage certification processes to ensure full regulatory compliance. They can also manage and streamline legal cases by maintaining a unified format for legal documents.

› What are The Key Features of Creatio Professional Services CRM?

    • No-code Workflows: Easily automate business-related workflows with powerful no-code tools.
    • Customer Management: Manage existing and prospective customers by easily accessing their detailed information to boost sales.
    • Contract Management: Keep track of contracts, legal documents, agreements, and other related docs to streamline the workflows.
    • Partner Portal: Maintain relationships with subcontractors and partners using a robust partner portal.
    • Lead Management: Increase the conversion rate by automating the entire lead cycle from capturing to sending them to the sales department.
    • Multichannel Campaigns: Initiate personalized multichannel campaigns to engage with targeted audiences and increase market awareness.
    • Event Management: Organize, manage, and track different offline and online events from one place.
    • Mobile App: Use Creatio on mobile devices to automate workflows from anywhere.

› What is The Price of Creatio CRM?

Creatio CRM has 3 pricing plans to offer with a 14-day free trial. They are 1) Growth, 2) Enterprise, and 3) Unlimited. Every plan requires a minimum of 5 users to subscribe. Its starter plan pricing is $25 per user/month. Its most advanced plan pricing is $85 per user/month. Creatio also has 3 products - Sales, Marketing, and Service that users can add to the pricing plans. Each Product pricing is $15 per user/month. You should visit its pricing page to learn more about its pricing plans.

5. HubSpot - Excellent CRM Tool For Professional Services

_HubSpot - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Choose HubSpot as The Best Professional Services CRM?

In today’s digital era, showcasing the right services to the right people is crucial, and HubSpot can help in doing that. As per our comprehensive research, HubSpot is one of the best CRMs for professional services. It is suitable for every business size. Using HubSpot, you can produce content that best justifies customers' issues so you can establish your company's reliability in the market.

Moreover, HubSpot offers perfectly engineered search engine optimization tools. These solutions can help you attract more clients by allowing you to create knowledgeable content and resources. HubSpot also provides marketing automation so you can nurture leads and prospects until they are ready to convert.

› What are The Core Features of HubSpot CRM Solution For Professional Services?

    • Marketing Analytics: Easily measure the performance of marketing campaigns with in-built analytics and reports.
    • Web Hosting: Host your website for free on a fully optimized and scalable infrastructure.
    • Landing Page Builder: Create eye-catching landing pages without any technical help using a free landing page builder.
    • Live Chat: Interact with your website visitors in real-time using the free Live Chat feature to crack more deals.
    • Chatbots: Use chatbots to qualify leads with pre-defined chat replies.
    • Pipeline Management: Efficiently manage the sales pipeline by visualizing the entire sales cycle to organize leads and crack more deals.
    • Lead Management: Arrange, prioritize, and engage with prospects from one centralized place.
    • Social Media Management: Initiate social media campaigns and manage social interactions from one place.
    • Mobile App: Use HubSpot’s free mobile CRM app to get your hands on crucial clients' data on the go.

› What are The Prices of HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot offers 4 affordable and easy-to-understand subscription packages, including a free version. They are 1)Free, 2)Starter, 3)Professional, and 4)Enterprise. The Free package consists of essential features for up to 5 users. HubSpot’s lowest pricing plan is Starter. Its cost starts at $30/month with an annual commitment. The same plan will cost you $50/month with a monthly commitment. HubSpot’s most powerful and highest pricing plan is Enterprise. Its pricing starts at $5000/month with yearly billing. Please visit HubSpot’s official pricing page to learn more about its subscription plans.

6. Keap - Amazing Automation CRM For Professional Services Industry

_Keap - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Pick Keap as Top Professional Services CRM?

According to our complete analysis, Keap is an amazing automation CRM for the professional services industry. It offers cutting-edge features and capabilities to its users. The tool is suitable for every business size. Its centralized client database allows you to improve collaboration between your teams so they can do more in less time.

Using Keap’s unmatched automation feature, you can automate manual tasks and save time to perform other valuable tasks. Additionally, using Keap’s smart marketing and sales functionalities, you can launch marketing campaigns, take follow up with prospects, set timely reminders, and do more to scale your professional services business.

› What are The Key Features of Keap CRM Tool For Professional Services?

    • Client Management: Easily manage clients by storing their crucial data like name, address, and email in a single centralized database.
    • Contact History: Keep previous interactions saved as contact history to recall them whenever needed.
    • Lead Capture: Leads will be automatically captured directly from the websites and added to the database.
    • Mobile App: Easily add or edit client information, notes, tasks, and more while on the move using a dedicated mobile app.
    • Automation: Use a powerful automation feature to put repetitive tasks & actions on autopilot.
    • Sales Pipeline: Keap offers a Kanban board sales pipeline so you can get better visibility to explore new sales opportunities.
    • Integration: Sync your CRM with the apps you regularly use, like Xero, QuickBooks, and Gmail, to be more productive.
    • Email Marketing: Launch email marketing campaigns fueled by attractive templates, broadcasts, and marketing newsletters.

› What is The Pricing of Keap CRM?

Keap CRM has 3 straightforward pricing packages to offer with a 14-day free trial. They are 1) Pro, 2) Max, and 3) Max Classic (Formerly InfusionSoft). Its reasonable pricing package starts at $159 monthly for 2 users and 1500 contacts with annual billing. Users have to contact Keap’s sales team to get a subscription for its most powerful plan. Please explore Keap’s official pricing page to learn more about its pricing plans.

7. CentraHub - Great CRM to Provide Professional Services

_CentraHubCRM - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Choose CentraHub as The Best CRM For Professional Services Firm?

Our complete evaluation says that CentraHub is a great cloud-based CRM tool. It is particularly designed to fulfill the unique requirements of businesses that provide professional services. CentraHub has many robust features to offer with easy learning curves. Due to its vast functionalities, the tool is suitable for all-size businesses.

We also found that CentreHub offers a lifetime free CRM for up to 3 users. This free CRM includes fundamental features for sales, marketing, and services, like leads management, document management, and mobile app. Although this free version is limited to essential features, it is a perfect fit for start-ups and solopreneurs.

› What are The Top Features of CentraHub Professional Services CRM?

    • Customer Management: Get a 360-degree view of your customers to easily fetch, analyze, and manage all customer data from one place.
    • Sales Automation: Efficiently manage all leads, sales pipelines, and opportunities with a simple drag-and-drop functionality.
    • Marketing Automation: Streamline marketing efforts and optimize campaigns using CentraHub CRM’s ultimate marketing automation functionalities.
    • Integration: Flawlessly integrate CentraHub CRM with crucial business tools to streamline workflows and boost productivity.
    • Analytics & Reporting: Get real-time insights into your team's performance using robust analytics and reporting capabilities.
    • Data Security: CentraHub’s cloud-based infrastructure makes your clients' data secure and accessible 24X7.
    • Mobile Application: Easily manage your sales pipelines, leads, and customer data from anywhere using a dedicated mobile application.
    • Customer Support Service: Handle customer support tickets and track their progress effortlessly using CentraHub’s exceptional customer support service features.

› What is The Pricing of CentraHub CRM?

CentraHub CRM offers a free version for up to 3 users and paid subscription plans. Its paid plans are simple and affordable. They are 1) Startup, 2) Professional, 3) Enterprise, and 4) Ultimate. Its most budget-friendly plan pricing is $10 monthly/user/billed annually (Minimum 3 users required). Its highest-paid plan pricing is $50 monthly/user/billed annually (Minimum 10 users required). Please visit CentraHub’s official pricing page to know more.

8. Nutshell - Best User-friendly CRM For Professional Services Industry

_Nutshell - Best CRM for Professional Services

› Why We Pick Nutshell as Top CRM Software For Professional Services?

In our comprehensive analysis, we found that Nutshell is one of the top-rated CRM software for the professional services industry. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate, even for low-technical people. In addition to that, users can efficiently nurture their business relationships with clients and prospects using its intuitive features.

While in search of the best CRM solution for professional services, we realize that every professional services business has different requirements. Hence, Nutshell would be the best choice due to its dozens of native and thousands of third-party integrations. The tool offers native integration with crucial software like Intercom and QuickBooks. It also provides third-party integrations with tools like Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads, Webflow, and Wufoo using Zapier and AppConnect.

› What are The Prime Features of Nutshell Professional Services CRM?

    • Data Import Assistance: Importing clients' data from spreadsheets to CRM will be quick and easy using Nutshell’s impressive data import assistance.
    • Nutshell Mobile App: Easily operate your Nutshell CRM account to access crucial client details from your mobile device using a powerful CRM mobile app.
    • Business Card Scanner: Users can easily and instantly add new leads and prospects from their mobile devices using Nutshell’s business card scanner feature.
    • Native Email Marketing: Organize and initiate effective email marketing campaigns to attract new leads using native email marketing.
    • Email Templates: Quickly create personalized emails to communicate with your clients and leads using email templates.
    • New Leads Report: Keep an eye on lead sources using New Leads Report so you can identify which campaigns are more effective.
    • Sales Automation: Easily create an automated sales process that benefits your sales team and reduces the time to go to the next sales stage.
    • Web Forms: Allow website visitors to give feedback or connect with a sales team by easily embedding web forms into websites.
    • Sales Report: Easily generate crucial sales reports to track your sales team’s performance efficiently.

› How Much Does Nutshell CRM Cost?

Nutshell CRM comes with 3 simple and budget-friendly pricing packages: 1) Foundation, 2) Pro, and 3) Enterprise. Its most reasonable pricing plan starts at $19 per user/month/billed monthly. Its highest-paid plan pricing is $79 per user/month/billed monthly. Nutshell also offers add-ons. Users can also save 15% on every subscription plan with an annual billing cycle. Noticeably, users can subscribe to any of the plans and use all its features completely free for 14-days. Please visit Nutshell CRM’s official pricing page to learn more about its features, add-ons, and pricing plans.

Buyers Guide: CRM Software for Professional Services

To stay on top of the competition and grow their practice, professional services firms need sophisticated customer relationship management software. The features that make a CRM system valuable for professional services include contacts with detailed contact information, opportunities, and contracts that track sales pipeline data for prospects, email templates for specific client types, managing time off requests by team members, and upcoming work commitments.

» What is CRM Software for Professional Services?

CRM Software that helps keep track of your contacts and lets you know when they need something or want to be contacted again? That might sound like a salesperson or client relationship management software. But it's not. It's Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Whether you are in sales or professional services, it's a valuable tool that makes you more efficient and effective at your job, whether you are a sales rep who has to keep track of leads or if you're in professional services and have multiple clients across several industries. A professional services CRM will help you:

Track customer calls, emails, time off requests, and upcoming business commitments. This is especially useful if a company has several different companies working on a project (for example, a custom software developer). It allows you to track the work that another team member has so that you can be sure it's getting done promptly (this works exceptionally well if those other members aren't taking regular time off).

Make it easier for clients to request assistance, whether they're downloading your templates or creating new contracts.

Save time – let the software update your calendars automatically based on the date of your next meeting, and client calls.

The higher a sales manager goes in a company, the more difficult it is to keep track of who is doing what, when, and for how long. CRM software for professional services firms can keep everyone on the same page by tracking time and assigning tasks to ensure everyone is doing their part to reach the company's goals.

» Features of CRM Software for Professional Services

CRM software for professional services, is one of the essential software in any business. It's a type of automation that helps to store and manage information about customers, contacts, orders, and much more. In this guide, we'll go through some key features you should look for when choosing CRM software for professional services business. 

› Workflow automation: The more you can pack into your workflow, the less time you need to waste on admin and the more time you have to focus on serving customers. Look for CRM software for professional services that offer automated storage of customer information and tasks like invoicing or debt collection. As part of this, look for an interface that is easy to use with a clean design. Also, ensure data entry is simple and quick without typos ruining everything, which can sometimes be an issue with mobile apps when typing quickly on a tiny keyboard.

Contact management: One of the main benefits of CRM software for professional services is that it helps you manage your customer database, contacts, and, as a result, leads. Look for tools that will allow you to quickly email, SMS, or create phone calls with specific information about your customers. 

Order management: Professional services CRM should also have an easy-to-use web interface to view orders by customer or contact type, quotes, and invoices. 

Email marketing campaigns: An email marketing component to professional services CRM will allow you to create, send and track customer sales emails. If a customer has already purchased from your business, you can use this as a chance to offer them more products or services. Ensure that your emails are well-segmented for each customer and that you're only sending relevant information that won't be seen as spam. An integrated email marketing service such as MailChimp, Get Response, or Campaign Monitor is a good component in this area.

Reporting and analytics: A proper CRM tool for professional services firms should provide reports on the data stored and tracked in the system. Also, ensure the tool you choose has a good set of analytics tools that will allow you to monitor your leads and sales for future campaigns. 

Social media integration: Social media integration with your professional services CRM is an excellent way to grow your business. It allows you to add a 'follower' feature and ensure you get updated on any new social posts that customers share about your business.

Lead management: To help manage your customer database, service business CRM software allows you to manage and segment leads. This means you can look at each lead's sales and demographics data to identify specific customers you should target. As a result, your bright leads can be turned into pre-qualified prospects or cold email leads.

Support: Customer support or service desk is another critical area of your service business CRM software. This is where you'll need to go when a customer has a problem or question about their order. The process shouldn't be too complicated and shouldn't delay the resolution of customer issues unnecessarily, so it should be easy to contact support from the main dashboard interface of your software.

Employee tracking: One of the critical benefits of service business CRM software is that it helps you to manage your employee database and track who works where. This enables you to ensure that you have a full-time staff with regular working hours and visibility into their activities, which can be very useful in employee performance reviews.

Payment gateway integration: Professional Services CRM software helps streamline payment processes for your business. Look for a system compatible with the most common payment gateways to simplify the collection process and create reports on how well each customer performs in different countries or states.

Real-time data: One of the key benefits of CRM for the professional services industry is that it helps you get instant access to customer and contact information even when you're not working. Use the CRM for professional services to monitor performance and do real-time forecasting based on data that the workforce has entered. For example, if sales start dropping off mid-summer, use this information to take action and send a message through your CRM with a call-to-action reminding people to take some time off during the summer.

Data analysis:  You can also use data analysis reports in your CRM software to track specific metrics like daily sales, long-term trends, or whether certain products have been successful.

» Benefits of CRM Software for Professional Services

If you're in any service-based business, CRM software for professional services firms can be a great tool to help you keep track of your customers and prospects. Here are some of the advantages that CRM software offers for a service-based business:

› Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks:

CRM software for professional services firms can help you manage your customers and prospects as completely and efficiently as possible. For example, an office manager who has to keep track of all their clients' information is likely to have a lot of details to remember about each client. These details can entail hours, days, or even weeks that could be far better spent on more profitable, meaningful work.

› Removing misunderstandings:

CRM software allows you to keep track of your client's information and keep them in contact with one another at all times, eliminating the potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications within your business. By keeping everyone updated on everything, you can eliminate any potential problems before they arise.

› Better customer service:

You can significantly improve your customer service with the ease of accessing information that professional services CRM can provide. You'll be able to have all the required information about a client in one place and get quick access to what they're looking for. The easier it is to help your clients and prospects, the better your support will be, and the more likely they will come back.

› Managing attendance:

You may want more control over how much time your employees spend with each client and prospect. CRM software for professional services makes scheduling appointments easier, tracking the hours spent with or talking to a particular client, monitoring who's turning their paperwork in on time and who's late, etc.

› Improved customer retention:

CRM software for professional services makes it easier to keep your clients coming back to see you or refer friends and family. With easy access to information, you can keep them up-to-date with progress on their project and other work you're doing for them. If they've been with you for a while, they'll know how much progress you've made and will feel more comfortable recommending your services to their friends or family members.

› More accurate customer reports:

Spreadsheets can be great tools for analyzing how well a project is going, but they're rarely precise enough for the details of a specific client's business.

» How much does CRM Software for Professional Services cost?

If your business has complex needs, the cost of the software and implementation can quickly go up. Therefore, understanding what your budget is going to be before purchasing CRM software for professional services is essential. Ideally, a Professional Services firm should budget around $100-$300 per month per user for CRM software. Then add 30% of that cost to the bill to cover implementation, training, and support. Make sure you ask any vendor how long it will take them to provide you with a fully functioning tool and any upgrade costs that may occur along the way.

» Conclusion:

Be sure to evaluate all factors carefully before you invest in any system. There are various CRM software for professional services firms available on the market that can track your leads, but not many automate the processes for creating reports and organizing contacts. Make sure to choose the best CRM software for your professional services firm.