9 Best CRM Software for Wholesalers & Distributors 2023 (Free & Paid)

Whether you are a wholesaler or a distributor, a CRM would help you to maintain a centralized database that enables you to store unlimited data of your customers. Now, you can get wholesale and distribution under a single platform called CRM software for distributors & wholesalers. The Distributor CRM software comprises narrower tools like warehouse and inventory management features that control and manage the goods till they get delivered to the end-user. The CRM contains primary features like barcoding, import/export management, stock management, order management, return management, sales forecasting, shipping management, and warehouse management. The CRM used for the wholesale and distribution industry helps manage accurate customer contact information, sales pipeline of territory results with the help of effective opportunity tracking, enables the sales managers to provide data for coaching, improve the way of handling your qualified leads, automated real-time sales reports, and analytics, etc. If you are looking for a wholesaler or distributor, the best way is to immediately perform an online search for a list of top CRM software for wholesalers and distributors!

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What are the Best CRM Software for Wholesale Distributors?

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Best Wholesalers CRM Software | Top CRM Software for Wholesale Distributors

1. SAP CRM - Best Wholesaler CRM To Provide Personalized Customer Experiences

SAP CRM - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up SAP CRM For Wholesalers?

Our in-depth research of the best CRM for the wholesaler industry leads us to the SAP CRM. It is one of the industry-leading CRM with the capability to provide personalized B2B customer experience along with traditional customer relationship management capabilities. It offers a reliable eCommerce platform where users can use enterprise-grade features to boost ROI and improve customer satisfaction.

Using SAP CRM, users can adapt to new business models easily. They can get data-driven insights and know customer bottlenecks to provide an unforgettable customer experience. Additionally, users can build customer loyalty and boost business growth by providing omnichannel support.

If you are running a wholesale distribution company or business, SAP CRM may be the best choice for streamlining your sales, marketing, and customer interaction-related processes.

› What are the Core Features of SAP CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Contact Management: Easily add, edit, or delete contacts from one place.
    • Customizable Rule-based Setting: Automate the process of sending emails, letters, and more.
    • Opportunity Records: Identify purchased and not purchased products.
    • Omnichannel Support: Allow customers to interact with their preferred channel.
    • Customizable Campaigns: Easily create and save new campaigns as templates.
    • Customer Loyalty Indicator: Take action in time using the customer loyalty indicator.
    • Order Status: Users can see the status of orders from anywhere.
    • Personalized Content Delivery: Deliver personalized content to every customer to improve customer experience.
    • Data-driven Insights: Get data-driven insight to produce more profitable results.
    • Supply Chain Management: Manage and make your supply chain flexible with new AI-driven tools to achieve higher goals.
    • Mobile Responsive: It is a fully mobile responsive CRM compatible with any mobile web browser.

› What is The Price of SAP CRM?

Unfortunately, there is no specific pricing-related data on SAP’s official website. You may have to contact the vendor for that.

2. Pipeline CRM - Best Sales Focused CRM For Wholesalers

Pipeline CRM - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up Pipeline CRM For Wholesalers?

Per our evaluation, Pipeline CRM is one of the most popular CRM for the wholesale and distribution industry. It is easy to use and still contains top-notch features to execute more focused sales processes that help close more deals. It offers impressive customization options to reach higher goals.

Whether you want to manage your wholesale business relations with your valued B2B customers or want to drive more sales to boost revenue, Pipeline might become your all-in-one solution. It enables users to track sales, leads, conversation history, and deal progress to streamline workflow effortlessly.

› What are the Core Features of Pipeline CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with many popular business applications.
    • Customization: Add the company logo and specific colors to match the company brand.
    • Pipeline Mobile App: Manage deals on the go with the Sales Pipeline mobile CRM app.
    • Reporting: Generate crucial metrics and create actionable reports for future use.
    • Automation: Automate repetitive and tedious tasks to improve productivity.
    • Email Sync: Compose, send, and receive emails directly from Pipeline using email sync.
    • Collaboration: Boost teams' collaboration and get everyone on the same page.
    • User Permission: Set role-based permissions to restrict access to critical data.
    • Upload Notes: Upload documents and add specific notes to particular contacts like assigned targets, driving directions, and other attributes.
    • Filter, Sort & Share: Easily filter, sort, and share data across teams to make it accessible and organized.

› What is The Price of Pipeline CRM?

Pipeline CRM pricing starts at $25 per user/month/annual billing. Its higher plan costs $49 per user/month/annual billing. It also offers a 14-day free trial for its pricing plans. You can visit the Pipeline CRM website to learn more about its pricing packages.

3. Oracle NetSuite CRM - Scalable Wholesale CRM Software

Oracle NetSuite CRM - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up Oracle NetSuite CRM For Wholesalers?

According to our research, Oracle NetSuite CRM is a powerful and scalable cloud solution with magnificent functionalities that are perfectly suitable for wholesale distribution businesses. You can offer its excellent supply chain portals to your B2B customers and vendors to increase efficiency. It also supports different communication channels like email and phone to meet customers' expectations.

What’s more, it offers a centralized inventory management system for wholesalers to manage inventory across multi-warehouses. It will reduce product handling costs and streamline the product delivery process. Additionally, you can give access to customer data to your employees, like transactions and previous conversation history, to provide the best service experience with your wholesale business.

› What are the Core Features of Oracle NetSuite CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Contact Management: Manage contacts, vendors, and customers from one place.
    • Inventory Management: Manage products efficiently to minimize the stock-out risk.
    • ECommerce: Unified eCommerce system to provide a more engaging online eCommerce experience.
    • Warehouse Controls: Reduce shipping costs and increase on-time delivery using warehouse controls.
    • Metrics: Improve and scale your wholesale business using crucial sales metrics.
    • Supply Chain Portals: Leverage supply chain portals to optimize the supply chain for vendors, sales partners, and customers.
    • Omnichannel Support: Reach your B2B customers using their preferred channels like phone, email, or live chat.
    • Automation: Automate day-to-day wholesale business processes to reduce manual work to improve efficiency and productivity.
    • Financial Performance: Get real-time access to the financial performance of your wholesale business.
    • Mobile Application: It has a dedicated mobile application that can run on Android and iOS devices.

› What is The Price of Oracle NetSuite CRM?

Oracle NetSuite CRM’s pricing is not publicly available. Users have to contact NetSuite to know the pricing.

4. C2CRM - Completely Customizable CRM for Wholesalers

C2CRM - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up C2CRM For Wholesalers?

We believe Clear C2’s C2CRM is an easy-to-use and fully customizable CRM tool for wholesalers and distributor businesses. Users can completely customize the solution to fulfill their unique wholesale business requirements, like managing comprehensive interactions with the supply chain and getting a 360-degree view of customers.

C2CRM also supports integration with ERP tools to get a complete view of sales orders, invoices, and shipments from one place. Additionally, users can automate crucial business processes to grow their wholesaler business. It also offers the best sales pipeline management system to enhance the efficiency of your employees.

› What are the Core Features of C2CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Customizable Sales Pipeline: Create and manage every stage of the sales cycle efficiently and effortlessly.
    • Real-time Reporting: Gets real-time reporting to stay up to date with ongoing tasks.
    • Forecasts: Get accurate sales forecasting to prevent out-of-stock situations.
    • Email Marketing: Leverage email marketing features to run successful campaigns.
    • Inventory Tracking: Tracking inventory to maintain product stocks efficiently and know exactly when to replenish them.
    • Quotes Management: Easily create and manage quotes, simple budgetary quotes, and formal proposals with real-time reporting.
    • Custom Dashboards: Keep track of goals to measure campaign success rates and ROI at a glance on custom dashboards.
    • Knowledge Base: Facilitate your B2B customers and supply chain with a powerful knowledge base to serve them better.
    • Drip Campaigns: Initiate timely follow-ups to automate the sales process.
    • Collateral Management: Rule-based document storing allows users to make them private or public.
    • C2CRM Mobile App: It offers a mobile application where users can access data at any place, any time.

› What is The Price of C2CRM?

C2CRM has a straightforward price. It costs $37 per user per month. You can check out its official page to learn more about its pricing.

5. Onpipeline CRM - Comprehensive CRM for Wholesalers

Onpipeline - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up Onpipeline CRM For Wholesalers?

In our in-depth research, we discovered that Onpipeline CRM is a very popular CRM platform in the wholesaler and distribution industry. It can provide a comprehensive view of your B2B customers with interaction, invoices, and conversation history to serve better. You can understand customers’ bottlenecks and improve efforts to grow your wholesale business using a comprehensive customer view.

Onpipeline CRM also supports multiple communication channels. Your sales reps can easily interact with your B2B customers on their preferred channels, like emails, messages, calls, and social media platforms. Additionally, they can save the entire conversation in a secure place to get a reference from it in the future.

› What are the Core Features of Onpipeline CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Inventory Management: Easily integrate with your ERP and manage inventory efficiently to track products in real-time.
    • Supplier Collaboration: Improve collaboration with suppliers using crucial metrics and insights.
    • Automation: Automate various manual sales processes to improve productivity.
    • Customizable Sales Pipeline: Create as many steps of the sales pipeline as you like and rename & assign them to specific teams.
    • Sales Quotes: Create professional sales quotes quickly and export them as a PDF.
    • Invoices: Easily create invoices in multiple languages and currencies in no time.
    • Customer Profiles: Create individual customer profiles, including customer-specific data like interactions, emails, notes, and more.
    • Schedule & Track Processes: Schedule, create, and track deadlines, tasks, calls, and follow-up meetings.
    • Lead Management: Manage your every lead and convert them into paying customers for your wholesale business.
    • Mobile Responsive: Onpipeline CRM is fully mobile responsive. Users can easily access their data on any mobile device.

› What is The Price of Onpipeline CRM?

Onpipeline CRM’s lowest pricing package costs $12 USD per user per month. Its Advanced plan costs $49 USD per user per month. It also provides a 30-day free trial for each pricing package. For detailed pricing information, visit Onpipeline CRM’s website.

6. Nimble - Best Analytical CRM for Wholesalers And Distributors

Nimble - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up Nimble CRM For Wholesalers?

According to our evaluation, Nimble CRM is one of the top CRM in the wholesalers and distribution industry. It provides robust reporting and analytical functionality to get better insights. It has fascinating features that are designed to grow wholesaler businesses by helping them to track, control, and manage overall wholesale business activities.

What’s more, Nimble’s seamless integration with top industry-specific tools makes it worthy for the wholesale and distribution industry. Using Nimble’s integrations, users will get a robust inventory management feature. It allows users to efficiently and effortlessly control goods manufacturing, logistics, and requirements of goods for vendors and retailers. Most importantly, users can access retailers, manufacturers, and distributors from a single place. Users can assign particular contacts to different team members as well.

› What are the Core Features of Nimble CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Barcoding: Easily add products to the database using a barcode.
    • Order Management: Manage orders from different vendors or retailers.
    • Inventory Management: Easily manage your inventory from different sales channels to get a unified view.
    • Shipping Management: Efficiently manage shipment transportation to ensure successful delivery.
    • Warehouse Management: Manage all goods processes like storing, maintaining, and dispatching goods.
    • Mobile Application: Its mobile app is compatible with Android,iPhone, and iPad mobile devices to grant unlimited access to users.
    • Reporting: Generate reports to get actionable insights for accurate sales forecasting.
    • Real-time Sync: Get real-time inventory data to replenish stocks with real-time sync.
    • Segment: Easily segment B2B customers and suppliers to find them quickly.
    • Workflow: Manage processes in graphical and listicle formats to streamline the workflow across multiple teams.

› What is The Price of Nimble CRM?

Nimble CRM offers a straightforward pricing package. It costs $24.90 per user per month with yearly billing. Users can also get a 14-day free trial for its paid version to practice its features. Navigate Nimble CRM’s official pricing page for more pricing information.

7. Method:CRM - Best Wholesaler CRM For Integration With QuickBooks and Xero

Method - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up Method:CRM For Wholesalers?

Per our comprehensive research, Method:CRM is the best CRM tool that offers a powerful combination of automation and QuickBooks and Xero integration. It is best suitable for wholesalers and distribution businesses that use QuickBooks or Xero for accounting purposes. It can connect their accounting data to CRM with two-way synchronization.

Wholesalers can use Method:CRM to automate the process and segment & target B2B customers more effectively. They can also automate the process of sending follow-up emails to reduce repetitive tasks. Moreover, users can do other beneficial work, such as monitoring stock levels, managing sales pipelines, creating quotes & invoices, and, last but not least, tracking customer data.

› What are the Core Features of Method:CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Automation: Create a seamless workflow using automation.
    • Integration: Sync QuickBooks and Xero for accounting processes like estimates and invoices.
    • Workflow Automation: Create workflow automation effortlessly by just using a drag and drop editor.
    • Online Portals: Provides seamless self-service to your contacts with online portals.
    • Customization: Change logos, colors, fonts, etc., to boost branding with unlimited customization.
    • Templates: Pre-defined email templates, transaction, and report templates to speed up things.
    • Web-to-lead Forms: Automate the lead collection process using simple web-to-lead forms.
    • A 360-degree Customer View: Get a customer's view, including all interactions and history from one place.
    • Integration: Supports integration with other popular third-party apps, like Gmail, Outlook, and Zapier.
    • Mobile Application: Run Method:CRM’s mobile app on any Android and iOS mobile device to manage the sales force on the go.

› What is The Price of Method:CRM?

Method:CRM offers pricing in different segments. Its starting price is $25 user/month/annual. Its high-pricing plan will cost you $74 user/month/annual. You can also leverage a 14-day free trial before choosing any plan. For more pricing-related information, please visit Method’s official pricing page.

8. OroCRM - Best Wholesale CRM Designed to Nurture Customer Relationships

OroCRM - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up OroCRM For Wholesalers?

According to our analysis, OroCRM is uniquely designed and developed to nurture relationships with your wholesale B2B customers. It has a vast range of features that allows you to manage each wholesale customer to build a strong, healthier relationship for the long term.

OroCRM offers the best contacts and accounts management system. It gives you comprehensive control over your database. It also has a user-friendly UI that allows you to manage accounts and interactions under one roof easily. Furthermore, OroCRM automates your B2B customers’ profiles by syncing them with multiple channels, so you don’t have to worry about duplicate entries anymore.

› What are the Core Features of OroCRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Opportunities Management: Manage opportunities throughout the sales funnel to forecast sales pipelines.
    • Leads Management: Manage and nurture leads across all stages.
    • A 360-degree Customer View: Get every customer’s details like interactions, email responses, tickets, and more at a glance.
    • Performance Dashboards: Get actionable insights using sales and marketing performance dashboards.
    • RFM Analysis: Use Recency, Frequency, and Monetary analysis to identify your top customers based on their purchase history.
    • Reporting & Analytics: Get actionable insights by generating crucial reports to track and analyze revenues, pipelines, conversations, and more.
    • Workflow Management: Optimize and organize your wholesale and distribution business processes by streamlining the workflow.
    • Google Hangout Integration: Allows you to communicate with your Google Hangout  contacts easily and quickly.
    • Mobile Responsive: OroCRM’s web version is fully mobile responsive. Users can quickly access data on any mobile device.
    • Intuitive User-Interface: Navigate freely with user-friendly UI and easy-to-use menu structure to access the most viewed items and history.

› What is The Price of OroCRM?

Unfortunately, there is no specific pricing-related data on OroCRM’s official website. You may have to contact OroCRM for that.

9. Nutshell - Best CRM For Distributors To Boost Revenue

Nutshell - Best Wholesale CRM

› Why We Picked Up Nutshell CRM For Wholesalers?

We found that Nutshell CRM is one of the most popular CRM platforms available in the market. It is a CRM for distributors and wholesalers, offering a diverse set of features that can boost revenue. Some of its features are sales automation, a map view, multiple pipeline management, etc.

Nutshell CRM is also beneficial for your distribution business in more than one way. With its sales automation feature, sales reps can automate many routine sales processes. It saves time for reps and allows them to focus on more crucial activities, in other words boosting ROI. It is also magnificently user-friendly compared to several other distributor CRMs that are hard to navigate.

› What are the Core Features of Nutshell CRM Software For Wholesalers?

    • Nutshell Campaigns: Engage with your email subscribers using beautifully crafted announcements and newsletters.
    • Hot Leads: Mark any leads with “hot” and prioritize them as your most valuable opportunities.
    • Sales Automation: Automate routine sales tasks and processes to improve sales force productivity.
    • Data Import Assistance: Get reliable customer support while switching CRM to import data successfully.
    • Nutshell CRM Mobile App: Get unrestricted access to your account data on the go with a dedicated Nutshell CRM mobile app.
    • Multiple Pipelines: Create and access multiple pipelines to track different types of sales.
    • Map View: Field reps can benefit most from map view by knowing the exact location of wholesale leads to schedule meetings.
    • Analytics: Collect your B2B customer data and analyze them to generate crucial metrics to get accurate business insights.
    • Good Customer Service: Provide amazing customer service to increase customer retention and acquisition.

› What is The Price of Nutshell CRM?

Nutshell CRM has straightforward pricing packages. It offers 2 plans. 1) Foundation, $16 per user per month with annual billing. 2) Pro, $42 per user per month with an annual billing cycle. Additionally, Nutshell offers a 14-day free trial. You can check out its official pricing page to navigate its in-depth pricing.

Wholesalers CRM Software FAQs

What is CRM in Wholesale and Distribution?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an online cloud-hosted system that helps any wholesale and distribution business to streamline its sales, marketing, and customer communication-related processes from one centralized place.

Can You Use a CRM to Manage Suppliers?

Yes, you can effortlessly manage suppliers. You can also track other processes like contracts, communications, and agreements to negotiate, manage and resolve any issue or dispute with suppliers.

Can You Use Wholesaler CRM on Mobile Devices?

Yes, the majority of CRM tools nowadays are mobile-responsive. Additionally, most of them have dedicated mobile applications that are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What CRM Features Should You Consider For Your Wholesale and Distribution Business?

You should consider features like contact management, shipping management, warehouse management, order management, barcoding, leads & opportunity management, inventory management, sales pipeline management, analytics and reporting, notifications, automation, a 360-degree customer view, dashboards, integration, and customizations.

What Are The Best CRMs For Wholesalers and Distribution Businesses?

  • Pipeline CRM
  • Oracle NetSuite CRM
  • C2CRM
  • Onpipeline CRM
  • Nimble
  • Method:CRM
  • OroCRM
  • Nutshell