10 Best CRM for Restaurants Management 2022 (Free & Paid)

A CRM is a software that business enterprises use according to their business needs. Restaurant CRM systems are the CRM that suits the hotel and restaurant owners’ business requirements. The restaurants use the centralized database to store the guest information and group them according to the parameters like gender, age, preferences, location, demography, etc. The best CRM for restaurants benefits restaurateurs with tools integrated with guest CRM functionalities for collecting, organizing, tracking, managing the data, and marketing to customers with the help of the entire lifecycle of a business, while providing the best user experience. The restaurant owners using the integrated CRM systems would have everything under a single platform that helps them to make wise decisions on customer loyalty, marketing, and upselling. However, it is for you to find a CRM for all the selected list of top CRM software for the restaurant industry that would be cost-effective and user-friendly.


What are the Best CRM for Restaurants Management 2022?

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List of Top CRM Software for Restaurant Industry | Best Restaurant CRM Systems Review

Toast POS - Best Restaurant CRM Software

1. Toast POS – Top Restaurant CRM Solution

Our Score 98/100

About Toast POS: This software acts as a restaurant CRM software, which helps the restaurants in connecting with the guests outside the four walls of the business area through loyalty programs, email marketing, and gift cards. Other features of this software include avoidance of platform taxes and seamless integration into POS for reducing re-keying information.

Toast POS Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“Customers who order through our Toast website receive faster service than those who order through a third-party site because it’s connected directly to our kitchen. It takes 4 or 5 minutes longer per ticket if the order comes in through an external vendor.” – Daniel Ganem

Toast POS Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



310+ Reviews


210+ Reviews

OpenTable - Best CRM for Restaurants

2. OpenTable – Grow your guest relationships with OpenTable

Our Score 98/100

About OpenTable: OpenTable offers among other services, Restaurant CRM software that manages restaurant operations, from reservations and marketing to event management and customer service. It aims to turn visitors into regulars and loyal customers and provide a personalized experience to the guests, by connecting through email campaigns, tracking its ROI, segmenting customer profiles, gaining a deeper understanding of customer preferences, building guest reports, and measuring success with performance scorecards. Updated to the latest privacy and consumer regulations, OpenTable also has hundreds of affiliate partners.

OpenTable Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“OpenTable provides us with resources to personalize service for our guests. We have information on who they are, what they like, dislike, special occasions, and that helps us to deliver the experience we strive to.” – Ralph Brennan

OpenTable Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


$39.00 /month



1000+ Reviews


70+ Reviews

Popmenu - Best Restaurant CRM System

3. Popmenu – The Restaurant CRM that Lets You Own the Relationship with Your Guests

Our Score 98/100

About Popmenu: Popmenu is Restaurant CRM software suitable for food chains that are focused on establishing a strong customer base through marketing. It provides services like creating personalized websites, and tailored online marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. Automated SMS campaigns based on order history and preferences, sending offers, rewards, and incentives, and having completely categorized customer data are some of the key features of Popmenu.

Popmenu Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“I think Popmenu has been one of my better business decisions in the last few years. I don’t think we could have done the things we’ve done without you guys. It’s been cool to be a part of Popmenu. Looking back on how we were doing business and how we are doing it now, I almost feel like if you don’t have technology like Popmenu you’re going to be left behind.” – Mikiel Arnold

Popmenu Reviews


United States

201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



00+ Reviews


00+ Reviews

Eat App - Best Restaurant CRM

4. Eat App – Grow your guest database on autopilot

Our Score 97/100

About Eat App: With Eat app, the Restaurant CRM Software, you can track customer behavior in real-time and manage your guest’s database effectively. Segmenting your database enables you to send personalized marketing campaigns to encourage guests to return. Build your guest database whenever you want. It lets you provide a more customized guest experience by automatically tracking your guests’ visits and their preferences and easily distinguishing VIP guests from other guests.

Eat App Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“When we started using Eat App, we solved these problems because we were able to select the table and the day (available for reservations) and we were able to put the duration that we wanted each reservation to last. And, the email messaging is working very well. And we find it very useful because we send all types of information [to our guests]” – Pedro Pablo Pazos

Eat App Reviews

Eat App

United Arab Emirates

51 – 200


$49.00 /month



09+ Reviews


00+ Reviews

Upserve HQ - Best CRM Software for Hotel & Restaurant Industry

5. Upserve HQ – Best Restaurant Marketing & CRM System

Our Score 97/100

About Upserve HQ: A unique restaurant CRM software that tracks the return on investment for the restaurant marketing business. Making smarter restaurant marketing plans, and determining the return on investment for its past is also one of its major characteristics. The preparation of guest books helps in allowing preparing the favorite dishes of the guests, and keep a track of their preferred locations, and their budget so that company can deliver target upsells to loyal customers.

Upserve HQ Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“Upserve has really changed how we look at things. It makes it easier for us to really look in the past, to see our future, to understand who our guests are better, to better track them, and better communicate to them” – Andy Husbands

Upserve HQ Reviews



51 – 200


$59.00 /month



270+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

Posist CRM - Best Guest CRM System

6. Posist CRM – Engage and retain customers with integrated restaurant CRM

Our Score 97/100

About Posist CRM: Posist redefines the way a restaurant CRM software works by creating a delightful experience for guests. Be it either fine dining restaurants, quick service restaurants, or cloud kitchens, Posist is suitable for all. It collects all kinds of customer data in one central database, connects with customers through customizable email, SMS, and digital marketing with ad campaigns and promotional offers, and targets customers based on their history.

Posist CRM Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“Integration with Posist has been key to setting the right base for us to grow rapidly. It has helped us launch new properties within days without having to worry about menu configuration, tax setup, training and reporting.” – Rishabh Gupta

Posist CRM Reviews

Posist Technologies


51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



50+ Reviews


730+ Reviews

Bitrix24 - The Best CRM System for Restaurants

7. Bitrix24 – AI-driven marketing suite for restaurants

Our Score 97/100

About Bitrix24: Bitrix24 CRM is a web-based CRM software marketed as an all-inclusive solution that can be used by small and large enterprises. It can customize its interface to specific business needs. Bitrix24’s users have access to a suite of powerful CRM tools and other publishing and collaboration options for personal and business use. It features social media & email marketing technology that enables users to build trusting relationships and track their interactions.

Bitrix24 Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“Bitrix24 CRM is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your customers, as it includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, so that you can gain a clear insight into your company’s results and know whether or not your efforts are paying off.” – Üwen Ergün

Bitrix24 Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$61.00 /month



500+ Reviews


400+ Reviews

Gofrugal CRM - Best CRM for Restaurants

8. Gofrugal CRM – Captivate your customer with Restaurant CRM Software

Our Score 97/100

About Gofrugal CRM: Gofrugal’s Restaurant CRM Software offers a complete restaurant management solution above and beyond point-of-sale systems. The platform provides ERP solutions for restaurant operations, including online ordering, KOT, and delivery. With Gofrugal, it’s easy to see when tables are available, who is catering for them, and which bills are due. You can manage orders and customers efficiently by connecting online orders from any food aggregator to your restaurant management system.

Gofrugal CRM Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“With GOFRUGAL’S web reporter I am able to view restaurant’s performance anytime anywhere, and able to spot revenue opportunities with insight on menu/ items selling…” – Mr. Abdullah

Gofrugal CRM Reviews

GOFRUGAL Technologies


201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



170+ Reviews


01+ Reviews

EngageBay - Best CRM for Food Industry

9. EngageBay – CRM Software solutions for Restaurant Industry

Our Score 96/100

About EngageBay: EngageBay CRM lets you create and customize customer records, set up standard operations for ongoing engagements, and track the performance of any meeting. The CRM system also helps you future-proof your business by integrating with other platforms. EngageBay CRM offers a comprehensive solution to your customer relationship management needs. It allows marketers to focus on the customers they want while ensuring all relevant information from their own company is collected, stored, and organized in one place.

EngageBay Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“EngageBay has everything I need when it comes to managing customer relations and sales activities. The features I most frequently use are automation for sending emails, managing sales, and marketing automation. Plus, having a built-in live chat and help desk tool makes it really easy to engage with customers.” – Hongkiat Lim

EngageBay Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



300+ Reviews


150+ Reviews

SevenRooms - Best Restaurant CRM

10. SevenRooms – Hospitality CRM, Data & Guest Profiles

Our Score 96/100

About SevenRooms: SevenRooms is a Restaurant CRM software enabling restauranteurs to offer hospitality at its best. It helps showcase a restaurant’s brand identity while impressing customers and maximizing ROI. Delivery, pick-up, reservations, events, and waitlists all can be managed from a single channel. It ensures guests are coming back by providing a 360-degree view of guest experiences across on/off premises and running automated marketing campaigns.

SevenRooms Features: Centralized Customer Database, Customer History, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Online Table Reservation, Social Media Marketing, Campaign Management, Loyalty Program, Third-Party Integration

“SevenRooms furthers our knowledge of who’s in our restaurants, who our loyal guests are and how we can better serve them.” John Meadows

SevenRooms Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



10+ Reviews


04+ Reviews

Restaurant CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is Restaurant CRM Software?

Restaurant CRM software improves guest satisfaction, revenue management, and marketing management. The Best CRM software helps a restaurant with everything from online booking to orders, customer service, and marketing. Businesses spend a lot of time on their websites, so restaurant CRM allows restaurants to focus on the customers instead of their websites.

The systems ensure the restaurant stays competitive in terms of product pricing, quality, and customer experience to keep up in this crowded food market. They are also suitable for high-level tourism where success or failure hinges upon your retention strategy using restaurant CRM software tools due to budget limitations or other resource-related problems.

CRM software for restaurants aims to track and retain customers, improve customer satisfaction, and provide operational efficiencies. Tourism, Travel & Hospitality industries flourish on their guest relations and some extra service or product offerings. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, and resorts often have a captive audience with the possibility of repeat visits; they have the opportunity to cross-sell additional services. These systems are already in place in some large companies like Starbucks, Crown Plaza, and Hilton, but they are relatively new in small businesses. Let us look at who needs a restaurant CRM system.

» Types of buyers that need restaurant CRM

Three types of buyers need restaurant CRM software, including:

    • Multi-branched restaurant: These buyers are the majority of restaurants with many branches or units that run individually.
    • Chain restaurant: These buyers have multiple units that share a common point of sale system, but they differ in management, branding, and menu items.
    • Restaurant company: These buyers are restaurants that do not operate as individual branches and share a unified structure with one centralized corporate office making decisions on marketing campaigns and other business-related actions for all locations under their label.
» Why does the restaurant industry need a CRM system?

The advantages of restaurant CRM software include focusing on central management of a restaurant's business operations, such as customer relationship management, data collection, and decision-making. If the buyer is a multinational enterprise or a large organization, then the restaurant CRM system can help reduce miscommunication and increase decision-making efficiency.

Cities in the USA are increasing, and there has been an explosion in the number of restaurants. The US restaurant market reached an estimated $72.8 billion in the year of 2021. Some businesses specialize in setting up restaurants such as starters and fine dining establishments.

The restaurant industry has one of the highest growth rates among industry sectors in the USA. Restaurants are one of the most popular and lucrative industries in the US. The sector is overgrowing at an annual rate of 7-8%, and despite being a seasonal business, it continues to thrive due to sustained demand for dining.

Restaurant owners and operators often use CRM software to track customer behaviors, profiles, and their customers' buying power. Apart from giving them insights into customer behavior, this kind of software helps them manage their customer relations better.

The main reasons why you should use restaurant CRM software are:

    • Restaurant management needs tools that would allow them to operate correctly.
    • Restaurant owners need tools that help them monitor their operations, like food costs, earnings, etc.

Let us look at some of the common features of restaurant CRM software

» Standard features of restaurant CRM software

› Centralized Customer Information Dashboard

CRM solutions for restaurants can take customer information from many sources and present it in a centralized dashboard for better organization. Companies can customize their dashboard with all they need in just a few clicks. It helps in better tracking of activities.

› Detailed Sales And Marketing Analysis

With restaurant CRM software, you can access reports to see which marketing campaigns have proven most effective and how many customers came into your store after seeing an advertisement. More than that, CRM features can help you obtain feedback on which products are the most popular among customers.

› Email And SMS Marketing

CRM for the food industry includes features to manage customer lists, including dynamic email and SMS marketing. Email and SMS campaigns can be customized to fit banner ads with links to affiliate links, coupons, and more.

› Customer Loyalty Program

CRM for restaurants helps you maintain a customer database that keeps track of customer loyalty and feedback. This feature efficiently increases the number of customers coming into your store several times a month by mailing personalized offers or discounts to loyal customers' email addresses.

› Employee Management

With restaurant CRM software, you do not have to manually enter employee data into your system; they get input automatically through computerized systems (including payroll).

› Single-View Performance Dashboard

Restaurant CRM software's single-view performance dashboard enables precise visualization of all business activities across different departments and levels.

› The Online Table Reservation System

CRM software can also act as an online reservation system for your restaurant business. You can access this feature via your mobile device, as well as set up email notifications for reservations made by customers. This feature also allows you to send out automatic reminders to customers who do not show up for their reserved tables, ensuring that you make the most of the number of table reservations available at any time in your restaurant.

› Sales Forecasting & Budgeting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for restaurants allows you to create sales forecasts and budgets for your business activities. This feature helps you track performance for the current quarter and future quarters based on sales history data points. If a particular product is not selling as it needs, you can change the price or alter the marketing strategy to make it more attractive to your customers. Likewise, suppose an advertisement or other marketing campaign is not proving effective as expected. In that case, you can adjust immediately instead of keeping up with ineffective marketing tactics for too long before making a change.

› Reporting:

As a restaurant owner, you want reports and statistics at your fingertips, so you must know if the software allows this. If the restaurant CRM software doesn't have a reporting feature, you could have difficulty obtaining or analyzing data to help you make informed decisions. Therefore, having a reporting feature already set up can be extremely helpful.

› Support From Software:

You also must remember that your restaurant CRM software should be supported by the company and updated regularly so that you don't have to do any technical work. This will save you time and money in the long run. The same applies to updates from the app store because sometimes these updates can cause issues with your restaurant if they aren't rolled out properly.

» Benefits of a restaurant CRM software

Restaurant CRM software is often seen as an option for restaurant owners, but it's a significant investment that can benefit any department. Learn more about the benefits of this type of business management tool.

› Better customer connections

Even though many customers are happy to find out they love your food, they often don't tell their friends. By using restaurant CRM software, you can get better customer contacts by ensuring all your customers are on file. This can be done by staying in touch with them via email and phone calls and offering incentives for new customers.

› Controlling expenses

When you use CRM software for your restaurant, you'll be able to monitor the expenses for your business and make sure you're getting total value from each of your employees by tracking their time spent on different tasks and creating reports that show how well their work contributed to the overall success of the business.

› Track Customer Behavior

You can see how the business is doing as you continue to track your customers. You'll be able to see how many new customers you're getting monthly, weekly, or even daily and where they come from. This is helpful because it helps a business owner improve their marketing strategy.

› Integrate with apps and websites

When your restaurants have CRM software, it will help make sure all of your restaurant-related apps and websites align with your primary business goals. This can help increase your sales from those associated products, leading to more profits for your business.

› Automate your marketing emails

When you use restaurant CRM software, you can automate the emails you send to your customers. This cuts down on costs and is a huge time saver for the business owner.

› Run Loyalty Programs Easily

A significant benefit of CRM software for restaurants is that it allows the development of loyalty programs that encourage repeat business and keep customers returning to your restaurant. You can easily compile data related to customer habits, retention rates, and purchase history to identify segments likely to upgrade or make more purchases over time.

» How to choose the best restaurant CRM software

If you want the best CRM System for your restaurant, you must choose diligently. Make sure that you keep all the blow factors in mind and, if possible, make a checklist and comparison board to finalize the best CRM system for your restaurant.

› Features

The first thing to look for in a restaurant CRM software is the features it provides. You want something that can do all the basics and provide ways to manage your online presence and social media. This way, you're not choosing one that only allows you to do one thing.

› Price

Now that you have a good overview of what your restaurant CRM software should have, it's time to find out if a license is affordable and will fit the amount of money you spend on your restaurant. The price range for this software is between $20 and $300 per month, but it could be anywhere in between. However, the price doesn't always reflect quality. That said, some features are not worth the extra money.

› Compatibility

You must also check if your mobile devices will be compatible with this restaurant's CRM software. It does not end there. You should also check if the restaurant CRM software is consistent with the technology of your establishment. Nowadays, food delivery apps are big market players, so your CRM must have an integration option.

› Support

This is where most restaurants get errors; some even get frustrated if they don't receive the answers they're looking for fast enough. Therefore, checking the restaurant CRM software's support center is essential. Some have no online support system at all. In any case, they must have a phone number you can call in case of emergency and must be open during regular business hours so you can reach them.

› Training

A good restaurant CRM software should provide you with training. This will ensure that everyone in your restaurant knows how to use the tools given to them or how to adjust certain features for their needs. The training should be easy to understand and delivered directly to your computer, tablet, or phone.

› Connectivity

Some restaurants have multiple sites, so it's essential to make sure that you can connect them all and keep all the information synchronized, so you don't have to do double work. However, the best restaurant CRM covers this because each site means money for them, so they will ensure that each client isn't paying twice for the same thing.

» Conclusion

The bottom line is that choosing the best restaurant CRM software for your business is very important. There are many different ones out there, and each has its benefits, but you need to make sure you're choosing a good one.

A restaurant CRM system is one of the best ways for restaurateurs to track their business and ensure they're running smoothly. It is also a great way of gathering information about customers who come in frequently.

It's also straightforward, making it easy for people to navigate and use the software without attending training classes or going through complicated manuals. With this software, you can expect to gain business insights that will help your business grow.