8 Best Legal CRM Software for Law Firms & Lawyers 2023 (Free & Paid)

If you are practicing law, you require a law firm CRM software to manage legal documents, legal tasks, video conferences, legal calendaring, billing, accounting, internal communication, phone system, reports, and legal time-keeping. A customer relationship management platform allows you to store data and manage good relationships with your clients. The best CRM systems for law firms contain primary features like advanced email templates, virtual phone lines, calendar integrations, billing integrations, a robust tool for performing search functions and contact lists, and document storage capabilities. The law firm or an advocate uses the CRM for their profession to better manage client relationships, handle their staff/employees efficiently, manage digital documents, and analyze their firm’s overall performance. However, it would help if you considered factors like budget, vendor reputation, and integration. So, it would help if you researched the list of the best CRM for small law firms before making a decision.


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What are the Best Legal CRM Software for Law Firms & Lawyers?

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List of the Best Legal CRM for Small Law Firms & Lawyers Reviews

1. Lawmatics - Standalone Legal CRM Solutions For Law Firms & Attorneys

Lawmatics - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer Lawmatics for Law Firms?

Based on our review, Lawmatics is the #1 CRM software for legal practice. It provides a tailored platform to meet law firm objectives, from solo practitioners to small-scale firms. It is designed to simplify the legal process from client intake to receiving payments. This process drives repeat clients.

Lawmatics provides an ingenious platform that can benefit law firms in terms of litigation-focused, transactional, or any practice area. It offers easy-to-navigate tools & robust features that help engage clients for long-lasting relationships. 

Using Lawmatics, any law firm can organize functions and enhance their productivity. In addition, law firms can maintain customer retention that drives business growth.

› What Are The Key Features Lawmatics Offers For Law Firms?

    • Pipeline Management: Organize & track prospective leads through each pipeline stage to maximize sales.
    • Contact Management: Manage, create, tag, & categorize leads, existing clients, & professional contacts in one place.
    • Customization: Customize all practice areas, processes based on business needs, and more to simplify the processes. 
    • Client Portal: Secure & efficient way to interact with clients and inform them about case status.
    • Communication: Conveniently connect with clients through text messages, emails, SMSs, and more.
    • eSign Software: Enables secure digital signature from anywhere to eliminate delay in client intake. 
    • Legal Documentation: Manage all legal documents from intake to eSignature through document automation.
    • File Builder: Easily create legal & case-related files using pre-build templates with drag-and-drop builder.
    • Time Tracking: Track billable hours across the entire firm, from lawyers to senior partners, paralegals, managers, etc. 
    • Reports: Custom reports to identify qualified leads, cases, and strategies to turn leads into paying clients.
    • Analytics: Get a complete visual of law firm data & make smart decisions to turn performance into business growth.

› How much are the Costs of Lawmatics? 

Subscribe to Lawmatics packages based on your business needs, including Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. It is priced at $199-$249, with a minimum of 3 users/month. It provides a customizable package for the Enterprise Plan with 20 users with annual billing.  Please contact the sales team or visit the website for in-depth information.

2. Clio - Legal Practice Management Software

Clio - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer Clio for Law Firms?

As per our investigation, Clio is one of the most recommendable legal CRMs. It is designed to focus on matching the legal professional's needs. Clio has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for lawyers & staff to adapt quickly and get benefits.

Clio provides a feature-rich platform that helps attorneys save time and lets them focus on legal cases. It allows attorneys to build strong relationships with potential clients through efficient & organized processes. 

Clio prioritizes data security & compliance with a 99.9% uptime SLA guarantee. It employs secure, reliable software for data storage with encrypted data backup. 

› What Are The Key Features Clio Offers For Law Firms?

    • Case Management: Organize all case-related information, documents, etc., in a centralized place with easy access from anywhere, at any time.
    • Task Management: Manage & assign tasks and track their progress to identify the roadblocks for improving productivity.
    • Contact Management: Organize, store, filter, and tag all professionals & potential clients' information in one place with easy access.
    • Scheduling: Simplify the appointment scheduling process to notify clients about appointments automatically.
    • Client Portal: Intuitive desktop & mobile app for clients to collaborate with their lawyers and communicate about cases.
    • Customization: Customizable online intake forms, document creation, eSignature, etc., to simplify workflow.
    • Campaigns: Create drip email campaigns to engage with the target audience through the client intake process. 
    • Mobile App: Easily access all the cases & client's related information, hearings, etc., from anywhere using a mobile app compatible with iOS & Android devices.
    • Dashboard: Get an overview of billable hours, performances, case status, and more with one intuitive dashboard.
    • Account Management: Sync with a third-party accounting system to simplify the reconciliations.
    • Communications: Communicate with clients per preferred channel to maintain long-term healthy relationships. 
    • Matter Pipeline: Provides an overview of case matter-to-matter status from intake to invoice.
    • Automation: Automates & organizes legal client intake processes to streamline the workflows.

› How much are the Costs of Clio?

Clio offers EasyStart, Essentials, Advanced, and Complete subscription plans. It costs $39-$129 per month, billed yearly. You can enjoy its 7-day free trial. Please contact the sales team or visit the website for more information.

3. Freshsales - Legal Client Relationship Management Software

Freshsales - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer Freshsales for Law Firms?

Freshsales is one of the considerable leading CRMs for legal firms. It is a customer-centric platform that focuses on building & nurturing relationships with clients. It enables customizable functionality for lawyers & staff to streamline their lawful activities.

Freshsales lets legal firms understand cases inside out and securely organize all legal documents, clients' information, and professionals' contact details. By managing entire processes, attorneys can concentrate on prioritizing cases, leading to revenue growth. 

Additionally, Freshsales offers a multi-layered data security model to protect all sensitive information, clients' case data, and more. Its restricted data access is the crucial part that enables role-based access to employee hierarchy.

› What Are The Key Features Freshsales Offers For Law Firms?

    • Case Pipelines: Get an overview, identify, and move potential deals from the deal pipeline to the case pipeline.
    • Tag Contacts: Segments contacts with unique labels or tags to streamline case search out of an extensive case database.
    • Automation: Automates follow-up sequence, online intake client forms, mundane tasks, and more to streamline workflow.
    • File Management: In-built file manager to record & manage all case-related files in just a single click.
    • Collaboration: Integrate with Freshconnect and collaborate with other teams & lawyers to converse about the cases. 
    • Templates: Pre-built versatile templates to create emails, raise invoices, and more to save time & get more cases.
    • Reports: Tailor reports based on facts & insights and make actionable strategies to achieve target goals.
    • Data Migration: Effortlessly migrate all data from spreadsheets to Freshsales. 
    • Web Forms: Easily create web forms using a form builder based on legal firms' requirements. 

› How much are the Costs of Freshsales?

You can subscribe to Freshsales’s packages, including Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise, priced at $0-$69 per user/month and billed annually. You can enjoy its 21-days free trial before investing. Please visit the official website to get more details.

4. monday sales CRM - Powerful CRM For Attorneys

monday sales CRM - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer monday sales CRM for Law Firms?

monday sales CRM is the most preferred CRM because it is a fully customizable and user-friendly platform. It has all the abilities that match lawyers' requirements to provide seamless usability.

monday sales CRM lets legal firms manage their clients, cases, files, documents, and other activities in one platform. Its compelling features easily alter workflows or processes to drive real impact on business. 

monday sales CRM is an intuitive, all-in-one legal solution that lets lawyers get more business by analyzing valuable business insights. It contributes value to scale legal businesses, from small-scale law firms to solo practitioners.

› What Are The Key Features monday sales CRM Offers For Law Firms?

    • Customization: Customizable CRM to add lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, etc., to any board, & manage the entire process.
    • Case Management: Gain complete visibility of overall cases to deliver effective results.
    • Automation: Automate mundane tasks and reduce redundant tasks to let lawyers focus on retaining clients.
    • Timeline View: Visualize tasks, updates, and other data in multiple view options like Kanban board, Chart, Gantt chart, etc. 
    • Dashboard: Get visibility of case progress, earnings, team performance, and more to make intelligent decisions.
    • Integrations: Seamless third-party tools integrations to manage the entire process effortlessly.
    • Collaboration: Real-time co-edit, sharing suggestions about cases, etc., to harness the power of the team.
    • Sync: Easily embed dashboards, videos, boards, etc., into work docks that drive real-time automatic document updation.
    • Tracking: Track each case's status across the firm's billable hours to make strategies and maximize case success. 

› How much are the Costs of monday sales CRM?

monday sales CRM offers Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise subscription plans. It is priced at $0 with up to 2 seats & $19 with a minimum of 3 seats/ monthly, billed annually. Also, contact the sales team to get customizable Enterprise Package information.  You can even enjoy its 14-days free trial before investing. Please contact the sales team or visit the website for more details.

5. CosmoLex CRM - Modern Legal-Specific CRM Software

CosmoLex - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer CosmoLex CRM for Law Firms?

Our assessment shows that CosmoLex CRM is the standalone legal CRM. It is an intuitive CRM software to help legal firms grow systematically. It is designed to modernize law firms from Rolodex & spreadsheets to digital signing, automated meeting scheduling, and smart documenting. 

CosmoLex CRM allows firms & lawyers to grow revenue by streamlining processes, managing clients' retention, and maximizing client engagement. It provides smoother intake workflows to keep prospects engaging and encourage staff to be productive.

CosmoLex CRM's security measures are crucial, which protect all sensitive case data. CosmoLex CRM has an efficient support system that provides all required support to legal firms from employment to usability and whenever help is needed. 

› What Are The Key Features CosmoLex CRM Offers For Law Firms?

    • Case Management: A matter-centric approach connects each detail with related client matters through assessment.
    • Legal Billing: In-built billing options, rapid time capture on the go for spent hours on matters & cases to make payment easier.
    • Law Practice Management: Manage each legal email, task, event, billable thing, transaction, etc., to keep the firm updated.
    • Automation: Reduce legal professionals’ workload, automate administrative tasks, and more from one place to set up better workflows.
    • Client Portal: Share all legal documents, reminders for hearings, set appointments, etc., with a web-based client portal to deliver a seamless experience. 
    • Document Management: Manage & store all sensitive case-related documents with secure in-built cloud storage to streamline productivity.
    • Email Management: Organize each email with its appropriate client-matter folder with role-based access.
    • Legal Accounting: Keep track of each finance and comply with legal accounting regulations.
    • Integrations: Effortless integration with accounting, time & billing to simplify the process.

› How much are the Costs of CosmoLex CRM?

CosmoLex CRM offers a single subscription package priced at $89 per user/month, billed yearly. You can also enjoy its free trial before investing. For more information, please contact the sales team & visit the website.

6. Vtiger - Open-Core CRM For Legal Firms & Professionals

Vtiger - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer Vtiger for Law Firms?

Vtiger is the preferred CRM for law firms due to its customizable & affordable platform for all sizes of firms. It is the best fit for legal firms, professionals, & solo practitioners. It has empowered major legal businesses across the globe.

Vtiger’s AI-powered tools empower firms to streamline their processes, marketing, cases, & support teams. This customizable and simple-to-use software lets attorneys learn quickly and utilize its features to manage large volumes of data.

Additionally, Vtiger helps lawyers gain a 360° view of the customer journey with a single platform to understand their cases & requirements. It has essential data security complaints with GDPR, ISO, and other standards. Read Our Detailed review of Vtiger CRM Software

› What Are The Key Features Vtiger Offers For Law Firms?

    • Intelligent Documentation: Upload & organize all legal documents in one place with security compliance. 
    • Collaboration: Collaborate with the lawyer's team for sensitive cases and documents to get effective results.  
    • Integration: Effortless third-party app integrations like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., to simplify the workflows.
    • Document Viewer: Collaborate with clients privately for sensitive documents from the document viewer tool.
    • Scheduling: Create an appointment, schedule meetings, and more by syncing with the calendar in a few clicks to win the client’s trust.
    • Automation: Automates repetitive tasks, eliminates redundant tasks, and follow-ups to enhance productivity.
    • Communications: Communicate with clients as per their preferences to maximize engagement. 
    • Case Management: Manage all cases in a centralized place with role-based access at employee hierarchy to protect sensitive information.
    • Case Activity: Get visibility of clients' activities from calls to meetings, emails, SMSs, and shared documents in one place. 

› How much are the Costs of Vtiger?

Vtiger’s subscription packages include One Pilot, One Growth, One Professional (with Standard & Single App), and One Enterprise (with Standard & Single App). It is priced at $0-$30 per user/month, billed annually with Single App. You can also sign up for a 15-days free trial. For more information, please contact the sales team or visit the website.

7. Law Ruler - Fully-Featured Law Firm CRM

Law Ruler - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer Law Ruler for Law Firms?

We explored Law Ruler and found it is the best CRM for case management & intake software. It is an industry-specific CRM that accommodates the needs of versatile firms, like criminal law firms, corporate law firms, consumer law firms, etc. 

Law Ruler can modernize law firms through specific CRM features to achieve business goals. They can systemize client intake, automate processes, marketing, and more with Law Ruler CRM. As a result, it drives business growth, client increments, revenue growth, and more. 

Law Ruler focuses on data-driven techniques & tools to help top criminal law firms practice effectively. This legal CRM empowers law firms with effective marketing techniques to maximize engagement and retain customer relationships.

› What Are The Key Features Law Ruler Offers For Law Firms?

    • Contact Management: Manage all information of clients, lawyers, staff, etc., in a centralized location with easy access. 
    • Intake Forms: Smart intake forms capture client information to increase engagement and maximize client intake.
    • Time Tracking: Time billing platform to track billable hours for convenient payment receive.
    • Dashboard: Customizable dashboard for keeping track of firms’ priority KPIs. 
    • Client Intake Pipeline: Building forms to track client information and optimize each client’s status.
    • Campaign: Automate email drip marketing to send personalized messages and keep leads engaged.
    • Reports: Custom reports to track case progress, fees, client behaviour, and more to make better decisions.
    • Softphone: In-built software enables online phone calls by clicking the “call” button. 
    • eSign: Convenient digital sign for clients with a simple click to deliver a personalized experience.

› How much are the Costs of Law Ruler?

Law Ruler offers Pro, Premium, and Enterprise subscription plans priced at $169-$212, including up to 3 users/month, billed annually. Please contact the sales team to get customizable Enterprise package details, which allows 10 users.  You can visit the website for more details.

8. PracticePanther - Attorney-Client Relationships CRM

PracticePanther - Best Legal CRM Software

› Why Do We Prefer PracticePanther for Law Firms?

PracticePanther is the most demanding legal practice management software in the law world. It is a cloud-based CRM with a user-friendly interface to simplify law firm practice.

PracticePanther is focused on helping firms or attorneys to digitalize their operations and enhance productivity. It has robust features that efficiently manage a law firm’s financial transactions. This makes lawyers focus on other cases to win more clients.

PracticePanther provides industry-standard secure software with security features like 256-bit military-grade encryption & CAPTCHA. Using this security, law firms can keep their sensitive client's case information safe with role-based access permission.

› What Are The Key Features PracticePanther Offers For Law Firms?

    • Online Payment: In-built online payments with flexible modes make it easy for clients to pay the fees.
    • Client Intake: Custom innovative intake form to fetch clients' information and introduce clients to the business.
    • Automation: Automates the entire processes, reduces mundane tasks, etc., to simplify the workflows.
    • Reporting: Custom reports to track each case, payment, document, and more and improve productivity.
    • Case Management: Organize all contacts & matters to get a holistic view of the real-time status without skipping a beat.
    • Storage: Secure cloud-based storage to save documents, files, images, videos, audio, and more automatically with real-time updation.
    • Time Tracking: Track time & expense to get paid faster and grab more billable time.
    • Templates: Custom pre-built intuitive templates for invoicing, expenses, payment information, and more to make work easier.
    • Integrations: Seamless integrations with Dropbox, Google, OneDrive, etc., to make legal document sharing simple with clients & colleagues.
    • Collaborations: Easy sharing of documents in real-time with teams, attorneys, and clients & store them within CRM without using third parties.
    • Client Portal: Easy interactions with clients using a two-way messaging portal to maintain transparency.

› How much are the Costs of PracticePanther?

PracticePanther offers Solo, Essential, and Business subscription packages, billed annually for $49-$89 per user/month. You can enjoy its 7-day free trial. For more information, please visit the website.

Law Firms CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is CRM Software for Law Firms?

If you're a lawyer, you likely know that without an organized system of records and correspondence, your work can become disorganized in no time. But before you go running out to buy software that can manage this for you, there are some things you should know.

CRM for law firms is software or programs that help businesses to manage customer relationships within the company. Legal CRM software will help with numerous tasks, from managing contact lists, tracking interactions, and staying up-to-date on recent trends within your industry so that you can better serve your clients. You can find many programs and systems designed as integrated CRM systems to help you manage your contacts with clients and paperwork.

» Why do Law Firms need a CRM System?

Law firms have an incredible amount of information on each client that deals with their firm. They track many different types of information about their clients, from how often they're calling, how long they like to talk to your office, and even if a prior client has referred them. Most law firms manage this paperwork in whatever way works best for them. Not only can this cause issues during the billing cycles when you forget to bill your clients or send out invoices too late or not at all, but it can also create unnecessary stress for your staff since the employees do not know what is going on with their clients. Legal CRM software is essential to manage these tasks and reduce some burdens.

Contact management is the single thing that all law firms will have the most difficulty properly managing a client relationship. If a client doesn't call you back or is not returning messages, there might be many reasons for this. Some of these reasons could include: The letter being left too late, the person being on vacation, or not wanting to be bothered by any legal issues they may have. CRM for law firms can help in managing contacts efficiently.

Many law firms use Excel spreadsheets and text files to manage these records. This can lead to errors and issues with updating their records and current information. As you can see, it isn't easy to use a spreadsheet and a text file to manage the information and keep it secure.

So for managing your legal firm efficiently, legal CRM software would be the best option.

» Features in CRM Software for Law Firms

CRM for law firms is software that assists attorneys with their day-to-day activities. Here are some features that make the best law firm CRM so you can get an idea of what matters when choosing software for your office.

› Automated Workflows:

Best CRM for small law firms can save money. The first step that saves money is automation. Automating the flow of information in a law firm is the best way to make that flow effective and efficient. The faster attorneys can find info, the better they can be at their jobs – otherwise, they are wasting time looking for information when they could be helping clients or networking with colleagues.

› Reporting:

Once you've got all of your workflows automated, it's crucial to have a way to report on that data in whatever format you need for your business. In other words, you will need to check the data against something – which is where reports come into play. When you have automated workflows, you will want to know how much money your firm makes and how many outstanding cases. Reports allow you to access information in a way that allows for detailed analysis.

› Social Media Integration:

Social media integration is one of the top features that most law firms pursue in their CRM software. The reason for this is simple: the more people your law firm can reach, the more business it will get. Social media integration solves this problem, allowing attorneys to reach out and interact with their existing and potential clients through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

› Case Management:

The primary purpose of any Legal CRM software is to manage your cases. Not all case management systems are the same; some allow you to assign employees different cases, while others may not stay organized or allow you to access information quickly enough. The answer lies in finding a case management system that provides flexibility and accessibility but doesn't go overboard. It makes it challenging to find the information you need when you need it.

› Case Status:

CRM for lawyers should have the ability to view and access case status. This information is vital because it allows you to run your business more efficiently without wasting time or money. You will be able to find out when a case has been assigned, when it was assigned and how it's progressing. If this feature matters most to you, you should consider checking for a system allowing fast access to case status. This will save you time because it won't take too long to look at a case's status, giving you more time to think about what the next step, in that case, should be.

› Project Management:

Project management is another essential part of the best legal CRM system that you should be looking at. Law firms often use this feature to track tasks, projects, and milestones. A project management system is an excellent way to keep track of all this information.

› Billing:

Law firms are already distinct in that they charge a percentage of their client's total billings – but tracking the progress on these bills can be difficult without the proper tools like CRM for lawyers. This makes completing your billing process an enormous amount easier than it would otherwise be if it were left to human labor alone.

› Widget Integrations:

Looking at information from your CRM for small law firms on a dashboard is a handy feature. You can quickly and easily view the details of a case, an employee, or any other important information you need by putting widgets into your dashboard. There are plenty of widget integrations for legal CRM software, so you should review the available ones and ensure that one suits your needs before buying the software.

› Document Management:

Document management is essential to keep track of files or documents related to an individual client. This is important because these documents can be beneficial when you need to reference something. Document management systems have many essential functions but can also integrate with other software. In other words, you can use these systems to keep your information organized and automate specific tasks.

› Document Sharing:

Once you have an organized document management system, it's time to start looking at ways to make your files accessible to others. This is done through document sharing on the best legal CRM software. This allows other attorneys in your office access certain documents that might be best handled differently than how you created them.

Documents are often sent via email, which can be a significant source of data loss – but document sharing helps prevent this from happening by copying documents and files when necessary. When you need to share a file with another attorney, click the share button on the documents and send it electronically. Some document management systems provide you with the ability to attach files.

› Case Properties:

You will want to look out for this feature when evaluating the best CRM software for your lawyers. This allows for customized information about individual cases, which can be extremely helpful in running your business. You can set properties for everything from contact details and case status to time or money spent on a given case. Some applications even allow you to track budgets and sales commissions to keep an eye on your profit margins and your client's progress.

» What Benefits of CRM Software for Law Firms?

Many lawyers can attest that the physical address books are scattered around their offices and desktops, leaving little to no room for new clients or changes. With the best CRM software for lawyers, you can ensure that your contacts are organized in a way that will allow you to find the information you need quickly and efficiently. For example, if you're looking through your contact list and need to know a client's phone number, you can find it in other parts of your CRM record faster than paper-based files. Let us check out some significant benefits:

› Optimizes performance:

Best law firm CRM can help maximize performance. It is also helpful in reducing errors that are common with disorganized records. CRM software is designed to manage your client data, which can be confusing and challenging to organize unless you have specialized software.

› Constant Communication:

Best law firm CRM allows you to constantly contact your clients so they will always feel like they are your top priority. Communicating with them through all channels is also essential, which is another reason why having good law firm CRMs helps immensely.

› Multiple ways to communicate:

A CRM system designed to help manage client relationships is also essential. Some of the many ways that clients can share with your law firm are over the phone, via email, and even by fax.

› Better Client Relationships:

Having a sound CRM system that stores all your information about your clients helps improve how you will be treated by your clients and those trying to hire you. You will gain more opportunities for new clients and referrals from existing ones.

› Bills accurately:

CRM software for law firms is designed to help you track client activity and allows you to be more accurate in billing, which will help prevent late fees.

› Improved Employee Productivity:

Having CRM software for law firms that will allow you to keep track of your employees and what they are doing will not only increase their productivity, but it will also help to cut down on the number of times they need to be reminded about their tasks and what needs to be done in their work environment.

» How to Choose CRM Software for Law Firms?

There are many different CRM software for law firms. The first thing you should look at is what platform you will be using, which could be one of two: Windows-based or Mac-based. Some systems combine both, but if you choose to go with one or the other, you should look at what functionality is best for your firm and which will help you manage client records easily while keeping your information secure. Before you choose the best CRM software for law firms, keep in mind the following:

    • Your firm will probably use your CRM as part of an ecosystem that includes most, if not all, other related tools, such as marketing and billing software. If you plan to use these products, ensure that your best CRM allows you to integrate with them. Also, ensure you can connect to other databases and work with them through the same interface.
    • With this in mind, it is essential to consider the features of the various systems. Look for those tools that will help you generate leads based on your client's needs. Also, take note of what features are available to export data. Some systems make it easy to do this, but others do not. If you plan to be more active in marketing your firm and promoting it on the web, look at a system that lets you export data in a way that can be easily used elsewhere.
    • Not all uses will include the software as part of its primary function, so look at how flexible it is. You will probably want the program on your computer to access it from any location. Otherwise, your users must go through the duplicate files each time they want to access them, which can be a real pain for many people.
    • Different CRMs for lawyers come in different sizes. If you plan to use your program in a small office or professional setting, look for something simple and efficient. On the other hand, if you are interested in big-money items, a giant program that divides your day into several parts is best. You may also want one that connects with other applications like marketing tools and accounting software.
    • Look for a system that can be easily used by people who are not computer-savvy. They should be able to enter, update and verify data without looking at a manual or training session.
» Conclusion

It would help to consider these essential things before choosing the best CRM for lawyers. Make sure that your CRM for law firms should automate your work and make it smooth. Crucial functions like sending emails, managing a client portal, generating campaigns, and organizing documents, should be done with ease with the best legal CRM. A CRM can indeed benefit you in plenty of ways. It can increase productivity and emphasize better client relationships. Therefore, make sure that you choose the best CRM for your law firms.