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An insurance CRM is a solution that helps in enhancing the relationship with the clients of the insurance agents. A client is an essential asset for an insurance company, just like any other organization. The best CRM solution for insurance agents enables you to improve the bond between the agent and the client, increasing clients. It enables you to get all the leads, claims, and automated assignments. The same goes for the best CRM for health insurance agents. The difference between the insurance agents and the health insurance agents is that the former may deal with insurance like fire, ...

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List of Best CRM for Insurance


Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

Pipedrive is an outstanding CRM software designed to simplify and optimize sales processes for businesses. Its straightforward interface helps teams manage leads and deals efficiently. The software enables users to track communication, set reminders, and prioritize tasks, ensuring that opportunities are not missed. Pipedrive's visual sales pipeline provides a clear overview of deals, making it ... read more about Pipedrive


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Proven CRM and turnkey marketing solution

Act! is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to streamline business processes. It helps manage contacts, leads, and customer interactions effectively. Key features include sales pipeline management, which enables tracking of sales opportunities from lead to close. Act! also offers marketing automation, allowing users to create and send targeted email campaigns. The software ... read more about Act!

14 Days

$30 Per month

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A CRM Platform that Customers Love

SugarCRM is a customer relationship management tool designed to streamline business processes. It centralizes customer data, making it easy to access and manage. The platform offers sales automation, enhancing efficiency in tracking leads and opportunities. Marketing tools are integrated, aiding in campaign management and targeting. SugarCRM supports customer service functions, including case ... read more about SugarCRM

7 Days

$26 Per month

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Less Annoying CRM

All of your contact information in one place

Less Annoying CRM is a user-friendly customer relationship management software designed specifically for small businesses. It stands out for its simplicity and affordability, offering essential CRM features without the complexity and high cost of larger systems. Key features include contact management, allowing users to keep track of their leads and customers; a calendar to manage tasks and events... read more about Less Annoying CRM

30 Days

$15 Per month

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Ringy (formerly iSales)

Your Complete CRM Solution

Ringy, formerly known as iSales, is a dynamic CRM software designed for small to medium-sized businesses, focusing on enhancing customer relationships and sales efficiency. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies customer data management, allowing businesses to track interactions and sales progress effectively. Key features include automated lead tracking, which helps in nurturing ... read more about Ringy (formerly iSales)


$109 Per month

United States


Best Sales CRM Software with Advanced Automation for Teams

Salesmate is an excellent software designed to enhance sales processes for small and medium-sized businesses. Tailored for simplicity, it offers a range of features to streamline customer relationship management (CRM). With Salesmate, users can efficiently manage leads, track sales pipelines, and automate repetitive tasks. The platform facilitates communication by integrating with email and ... read more about Salesmate

15 Days

$23 Per month

United States

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Drive customer growth and loyalty in financial services with Data + AI + CRM + Trust.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a specialized software designed for finance professionals. It's a part of Salesforce, a famous platform known for managing customer relationships. This software is tailored to help banks, insurance companies, and wealth management firms better serve their clients. It does so by giving a complete view of each customer's profile, including their financial goals... read more about Salesforce Financial Services Cloud


$300 Per month

United States


No-Code Platform to automate workflows and CRM

Creatio is a unique software platform that combines CRM, process automation, and low-code development capabilities, catering primarily to medium and large enterprises. Its standout feature is the seamless integration of these three core functionalities, enabling businesses to manage customer relationships, streamline processes, and rapidly develop custom applications. Creatio's CRM module excels ... read more about Creatio


$25 Per month

United States

Shape Software

The All-in-One Business Management Solution

Shape is a cutting-edge CRM and sales automation software specifically crafted to boost efficiency and drive business growth. Its standout feature is the seamless integration of sales, marketing, and customer service tasks within one platform. Shape excels in lead management, effortlessly capturing and nurturing leads to maximize conversion rates. The software's robust automation tools streamline ... read more about Shape Software

7 Days

$119 Per month

United States


Sales Engagement Software for Inside Sales

VanillaSoft is a dynamic sales engagement platform designed to boost sales team performance. Its lead management feature optimizes sales routing, ensuring leads are followed up promptly and effectively. The platform offers an intuitive queue-based interface, making it easier for sales reps to prioritize tasks. Auto-dialing capabilities increase call efficiency, while logical branch scripting ... read more about VanillaSoft

7 Days

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Top Business Management Software

Oracle NetSuite is a top-notch cloud-based ERP solution that offers various tools, such as CRM, Human Capital Management, Omnichannel Commerce, Global Business Management, and Accounting Software. The tool provides its services in different industries, like IT Services, Healthcare, Professional Services, Retail, and Wholesale Distribution. Oracle NetSuite offers a unified platform that businesses... read more about NetSuite

7 Days

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Small Business Software & CRM System for Small Business

Thryv is a comprehensive business management platform created for small businesses. It combines essential tools like CRM, marketing automation, and appointment scheduling in one user-friendly interface. With Thryv, businesses can easily manage customer relationships, streamline communication, and boost their online presence. The platform includes features like online booking, allowing clients to ... read more about Thryv

7 Days

$20 Per month

United States


All-in-one free platform to manage your team and run your sales

Bitrix24 is a versatile business management platform designed to streamline tasks and boost team collaboration. It serves as a centralized hub, integrating tools for communication, project management, and customer relationship management. With features like file sharing, automation, calendars, and task tracking, Bitrix24 simplifies daily operations for businesses of all sizes. Its user-friendly ... read more about Bitrix24

15 Days

$49 Per month

United States

Vtiger CRM

Maximize Growth with the best AI-powered CRM and GPT

Vtiger CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. It centralizes customer information, making it easy to track interactions and manage customer relationships. The software offers sales automation, helping in managing leads, opportunities, and sales pipelines. Marketing tools within Vtiger assist in executing campaigns and tracking ... read more about Vtiger CRM

15 Days

$12 Per month


FreeAgent CRM

CRM Software that's easy to use

FreeAgent CRM is a modern, cloud-based customer relationship management solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and streamline sales processes. Its standout features include a highly customizable interface, enabling users to tailor the CRM solution to their specific business needs. FreeAgent CRM excels in automating sales workflows, managing ... read more about FreeAgent CRM


$84 Per month

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Leading small business CRM and automation platform

Keap is a versatile customer relationship management (CRM) software designed for small businesses, offering an array of features to streamline client interactions and business processes. It includes advanced automation for tasks and marketing, helping users efficiently manage emails, appointments, and follow-ups. Its sales pipeline management tool ensures effective tracking of prospects and deals... read more about Keap

14 Days

$249 Per month

United States

HubSpot CRM

Free CRM Software & Tools for Your Whole Team

HubSpot CRM is a versatile software designed to simplify and optimize customer relationship management for businesses. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, it allows organizations to manage contacts, track leads, and nurture customer relationships effectively. HubSpot CRM provides a centralized place for teams to collaborate, ensuring seamless communication and coordination. The software... read more about HubSpot CRM

14 Days

$20 Per month

United States

Zoho CRM

Top-rated Sales CRM Software by Customers

Zoho CRM is a user-friendly software designed to streamline customer relationship management for businesses. It helps companies organize and automate their sales processes, fostering better customer interactions. With Zoho CRM, users can efficiently manage contacts, track leads, and monitor deals in one centralized platform. The software offers customizable dashboards, enabling businesses to ... read more about Zoho CRM

15 Days

$14 Per month


Zendesk Sell

Sales CRM Software & All-in-One Sales Platform

Zendesk Sell is a sales automation software designed for enhancing productivity in sales processes. It offers a streamlined interface for managing sales pipelines, ensuring efficient tracking of deals from initiation to closure. The software integrates with email, allowing for easy communication and follow-up with prospects. It features detailed reporting tools, providing valuable insights into ... read more about Zendesk Sell


$19 Per month

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Maximizer CRM

A CRM specifically built for the sales leader… finally.

Maximizer CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management software designed for businesses seeking efficient client management. It offers contact and lead management, centralizing customer information for easy access. Sales management tools help track deals, from initial contact to closure. Maximizer CRM features marketing automation, streamlining campaign planning and execution. Customer ... read more about Maximizer CRM

7 Days

$65 Per month


Odoo CRM

The #1 Open Source CRM Software

Odoo CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management software designed to streamline and enhance business interactions and operations. It stands out for its user-friendly interface and modular structure, allowing businesses to customize and scale the platform according to their specific needs. Key features include efficient lead and opportunity management, accurate sales forecasting, and ... read more about Odoo CRM


$24.90 Per month

United States

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Adapt and innovate with intelligent CRM and ERP business applications.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of business applications that integrates CRM and ERP capabilities with productivity applications and AI tools. Designed for both small and large businesses, it offers modules for sales, customer service, field service, finance, operations, commerce, and HR management. Dynamics 365 facilitates customer engagement through personalized experiences, ... read more about Microsoft Dynamics 365

30 Days

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Easy Sales CRM Software

Freshsales is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that caters to businesses of all sizes. It streamlines the sales process by offering lead scoring, email tracking, and sales pipeline management in a single platform. Freshsales provides a 360-degree view of customers, centralizing communication and customer information. It features an AI-based lead scoring system, which prioritizes ... read more about Freshsales


$9 Per month

United States

Insightly CRM

The modern, scalable CRM teams love

Insightly CRM is a versatile customer relationship management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses, focusing on enhancing customer interactions and streamlining sales processes. It offers a unique blend of project management and CRM capabilities, enabling users to track leads, manage projects, and automate workflows in a single platform. Insightly stands out with its easy ... read more about Insightly CRM

14 Days

$29 Per month

United States


Insurance CRM Software for Sales & Marketing Automation

Insureio is a dynamic and user-friendly software designed specifically for insurance professionals. It streamlines the process of managing insurance policies, offering a comprehensive suite of tools in one platform. Key features include efficient client management, where users can easily track client information and interactions. The software also excels in policy tracking, ensuring that every ... read more about Insureio

30 Days

$25 Per month

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CRM for Insurance Buyer's Guide

Being an Insurance Company, you must be looking for CRM software that helps you collect leads, track contact information, monitor risks, and incidents, and analyze the same. For agents, it is essential to be aware of the client's policies to plan their sales strategies accordingly. Therefore, you need a complete web-based CRM solution for your business with customizations in compliance with federal regulations. Thereby you can enter data about policies sold and automatically track the renewals. Here is a guide if you're looking for an insurance company CRM system explicitly built to manage your insurance business. But before that, let us understand, what is insurance CRM software?

» What is Insurance CRM Software?

Customer relationship management software is designed to simplify and automate tasks in a Business. These functions may include lead management, contact management, policy administration, billing, merchant invoicing, expense management, and cost allocation, among many other things. However, it does reduce human burden by automatically entering data, keeping records, and analyzing performances. Isn't that amazing?

Also, it promotes a paperless tomorrow where data can be stored in servers rather than in physical folders. Insurance agency CRM systems are a potent tool for increasing sales. In the insurance business, tracking and monitoring agents' completed targets and the sales generated is indispensable. A good CRM software can easily keep a record of the data.

The motive of having a CRM is to enhance the internal and external relations of a business, promote sales and have progressive goodwill. Therefore, choose the best CRM system for your company to improve your customer experience and convert your prospects into future clients. To select the best insurance CRM systems, it is necessary to have a better insight into the standard features of insurance CRM software.

» Standard Features of Insurance CRM Software

Insurance companies mustn't waste their time and money on less-quality services. Below are some excellent insurance CRM software features you must look for while choosing the best insurance systems.

› Insurance workflow automation

Insurance CRM systems are one of the most efficient tools in simplifying insurance processes and generating leads and sales. For example, in the case of lead generation, without requiring additional data entry, an online application will connect directly to a quotation engine, provide a rating, and then generate the actual policy.

› Policy Tracking

A policy tracking system tells you the due date of your premium, the expiry of the insurance policy, and other important details. Insurance CRM software can easily manage the type and nature of the policy, payment status, price, risk, management, and other essential aspects that might affect your insurance policy.

› Insurance reporting

Insurance reporting helps in identifying unexpected scenarios affecting your business. CRM software for insurance companies can help issue reports and analyze the companies, performance, sales, and policy data. All this can be used to make better decisions, plan campaigns, and understand risks. Therefore, we can say that it is one of the best mechanisms for analyzing and managing uncertainties in the insurance industry.

› E&O Protection

E&O protection is an essential tool for any business and can be expensive. Agents scan, store, communicate, view history, and other related documents related to clients efficiently with the help of insurance CRM software. It will record emails, messages, or any other communication. This helps and protects parties during E&O claims

› Integration

Insurance company CRM systems should come with multiple third-party integration features. This will help insurance businesses rely on various tools to ease the interaction. In addition, integration helps in better performance, boosts productivity, and makes work more innovative. Therefore, if your company uses Zapier as a tool, your CRM should easily integrate into the workflow.

› Management and tracking

Management and activity tracking is one of the essential features of any insurance CRM system. It aims to monitor the performance of the agents or a team at large. At times, various CRM software come with a call tracking mechanism, which can be integrated into your mobile phones to generate and track leads.

It can also track systems, data, applications, networks, and browsing history. This maintains transparency among the employees and employers, making them more responsible in their day-to-day tasks. Also, decisions regarding ROI can be made by tracking agent activity and regularly analyzing new applications.

› Built-in texting

As per built texting, The CRM tool can automate emails and send them to a list of people. In addition, CRM software for insurance companies can integrate itself with various other texting platforms to send messages.

› Pipelines

For an insurance agent, it is vital to manage their pipelines. Insurance CRM software helps quickly view and change channels to drive leads. For example, pipelines could include new leads, appointments, clients with quotes, and clients won. In addition, agents can easily categorize their data to send automated communications. Therefore, tracking, managing, and efficiently communicating through CRM servers is necessary.

› Referral Marketing

CRM for referral marketing should be included in your overall business plan. The primary purpose of insurance sourcing is to get people insured within the shortest time possible. Having a CRM to track these referrals helps you focus your efforts on the best class of referrals, those who have had a history or those that need coverage.

Working with the referral marketing team will help you make amendments to the CRM if required after the beginning stages for better efficiency and accuracy. Active outreach is one of the best ways to get more referrals. If you aren't a phone person, send out targeted emails and have activity on your social media accounts.

Now that we know the features let us hop on to its benefits.

» Benefits of CRM for Agents and Insurance companies

If you're wondering about the benefits of choosing the best CRM for insurance companies, then check out the points below:

› Improved workflow

With the help of an adequate insurance CRM system, all the processes are automated. As a result, employees can work on tasks of greater importance.

› Security

CRM software ensures high security while handling sensitive data of users and employees. Therefore, there is a 0% chance of data leaks and hacks. Apart from this, no individual can gain unauthorized system access to tamper data.

› Better insights

When a company uses a CRM tool, the tool generates regular reports on employee and company performance. Both parties can use all this data to create automated campaigns and plans.

› More commission

Having a CRM will create a sales pipeline that will quickly help you navigate and track all the leads. With the help of insurance automation campaigns, you can structure your conversation toward attracting prospects. This promotes building better relations with your clients at the early stages.

› Increase retention

If you're willing to enhance client retention rate, then it is recommended to have insurance CRM software for your company. This will help agencies communicate with clients for renewal before their insurance ends.

› Easy expansion

After your business grows, you can quickly look for expansion because CRM software is generally cloud-based, and a vendor sells the service. Therefore, no physical boundaries exist, and you can expand your business to heights.

» How to Choose the Best CRM for an Insurance Agency?

Are you looking for the best CRM system for an insurance agency? Let us help. We've compiled this handy guide to lead you through the process of finding and installing CRM software that's right for your company.

› Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation, or the process of gathering contact information and business requirements from potential customers, is as crucial to an insurance agency as it is to any other business. As a result, many systems offer lead generation features, such as:

This can be helpful for both your sales and marketing staff. For example, if a customer has recently purchased a policy, their information might be stored in your CRM system with the relevant contact details and file number. With this information, you can target potential clients with a customized message based on their specific needs. This will save time when reaching out to new customers.

› Scalability

Fast growth and expansion are expected among insurance agencies. It's essential to be able to add staff members and implement updates to your CRM system. CRM tools allow for the creation of more user accounts, more data storage space, and enhanced security.

› Accessibility

Some CRM systems limit how and when you can access your information; however, you'll need to have an easy time accessing customer data to be a successful agency. This will allow your employees and agents to access the information they need when they need it. In addition, accessing data on any mobile device can help keep you and your team more productive.

› Ease of Use

Finally, look for CRM systems that are easy to use. Unfortunately, many companies choose a CRM system that is too complicated, which can increase your time spent on administrative tasks and reduce efficiency for both you and your team. Instead, look for systems: You and your employees can focus on what you do best: building relationships with your customers and closing more sales.

› Customization

Plenty of CRM software helps you choose features. It gives you the power to customize your CRM software with a unique dashboard and other features. In addition, many CRM software companies offer more sophisticated alternatives via APIs if you require even more customization to personalize the product to your business. This allows programmers access to all technical specifications and coding for complete software customization.

› Impressive Dashboard

The CRM System dashboard is an elegant tool that allows you to visualize your most important data. It's instrumental because it can show you the current status of your top customers, provide an overview of when they're coming back, and provide you with the tools to build systems to improve customer service. That's what makes this CRM system so great; not only is its ability to make your business run better, but it also has fantastic tools that help grow your sales.

Pricing is another essential factor. Let us see how it is analyzed.

» How much does an Insurance CRM cost?

The cost of an insurance CRM can depend mainly on the size of your organization and the particular requirements you have. For example, some systems can interface with multiple carriers to simplify policy changes. Others offer seamless integration with legacy systems and vertical markets to help decrease inefficiencies. The timing and complexity of the project can also affect your costs. A more involved project may require more staff resources, thus increasing the final bill. More extensive coverage will require more questions to be answered, resulting in a higher underlying cost.

In general, the total cost of an insurance CRM can be broken into three components: software licensing fees, implementation fees, and support fees.

› Software Licensing Fees

These fees cover the essential cost of the system. The price will vary significantly based on several factors, such as how many users are allowed in your organization, what functions you need, and how complex they are.

› Implementation Fees

These fees cover the cost of customizing your application to fit your needs and how you will use it. This can include adding fields to tailor policies, setting up tax codes, billing foreign and domestic carriers, or any other changes you may want to make in addition to the basic configuration and features of the system.

› Support Fees

These fees cover the cost of providing support for the life of your system. This can include a phone line to receive calls from users, an email address to send alerts on issues, and an account monitored 24 hours per day with specialized support staff ready to help you resolve any problems.

It's time for you to know how we have short-listed these ten best CRM systems for insurance companies

» How We Evaluated the Best Insurance CRMs

We have ensured to compile the best insurance CRM software providing plenty of features and services. Most of this software has a sales pipeline, referral marketing, contact management, sales automation, and other features. We have analyzed these ten-software based on their pricing, features, usability, accessibility, and support.

» Conclusion

Choosing the right insurance CRM software is necessary, but you must understand your business, requirements, and needs. Therefore, mapping out a strategy can help you answer all questions regarding your business. Next, you need to understand the objective of your business, the finances you're willing to invest in, and the size of your business. Then, you can easily choose the best CRM for insurance agencies after you draw insight into your business analytics.