9 Best CRM for Marketing Agencies 2023 (Free & Paid)

Do you know that you can get CRM software for marketing? If then, it will be an immense pleasure to give you a description of the CRM software for marketing. Marketing CRM software is a technology that enables you to manage your relationships and the rapport with the company and the customers, including potential customers. The CRM in marketing would be profitable to the marketing companies and agencies by educating the customers about various marketing tools, better segmentation, establishing a better relationship with the customers, higher level of customer retention, better anticipation of customer requirements, effective communication, and a higher level of data security. CRM software in marketing also enables you to design better marketing strategies. If you want to know more or take immediate action for your business growth, watch out for the list of top CRM software for digital marketing & advertising agencies now!


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  • HubSpot
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What are the Best CRM Software for Marketing Agencies?

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List of Top CRM Software for Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies Reviews

1. Freshsales - Best CRM to Analyze Business Performance

Freshsales - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Choose Freshsales as The Best CRM For Marketing Agencies?

As per our complete research, Freshsales from Freshwork is a top-notch CRM for analyzing businesses’ marketing performance. The software helps marketing agencies to identify quality leads and prospects to move them into deals pipelines. Here, agencies can efficiently track and monitor prospects and know their current status.

Moreover, using these pipelines, agencies can forecast revenue and gain crucial insights into deal performance. Additionally, agencies can know how reps are approaching deals and identify the touch points that can be improved. After improving the way reps approach the deals, agencies can boost team productivity and maximize the ROI.

› What are The Key Features of Freshsales CRM Software For Marketing Agencies?

    • Sales Campaigns: Top app to initiate effective sales campaigns and deliver eye-catching offers to the right audience.
    • Event Tracking: Great software to track the prospects’ journey and know how they are engaging with business.
    • Web Forms: Create different web forms to extract crucial data of website visitors.
    • Live Chat: Engage with prospects in live chat to understand their pain points better.
    • Customer Interaction: Awesome system to get customers' interaction history in a chronological timeline view.
    • Customer Database: Save customer data in one place to easily and quickly access them.
    • Reports Dashboards: Superb reports dashboards to track key metrics in real-time.
    • Automation: Good solution to automate routine tasks like sending emails and setting reminders.
    • Mobile App: Use a robust mobile application to track key metrics and generate reports on the go.

› What is The Price of Freshsales CRM?

Freshsales CRM from Freshworks offers 3 straightforward and cost-effective subscription packages: 1) Growth, 2) Pro, and 3) Enterprise. It also offers a free version for up to 3 users. Marketing agencies can leverage a 21-day free trial for every paid package. Freshsales’ most budget-friendly package pricing is $18 per user/month/billed monthly. Its most-expensive package pricing is $83 per user/month/billed monthly. It also provides add-ons. Explore Freshsales’ official website to get in-depth pricing information.

2. Zoho - Reliable CRM Software For Marketing Agencies

Zoho CRM - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Select Zoho as The Best CRM For Digital Marketing Agencies?

In our comprehensive evaluation, we found that Zoho is one of the best reliable CRMs for digital, ad, and marketing agencies. It is trusted by 250,000 businesses worldwide, including renowned businesses like Scarlett Entertainment and Bonfire. It consists of cutting-edge features that empower your agency to run faster, smarter, and better.

Zoho CRM offers exceptional omnichannel communication support. No matter how your clients reach you, you will always be ready to engage with them. You can easily connect your email and phone book clients with CRM to communicate with them. Additionally, you can capture leads from social media platforms and know what everyone is saying about your brand online.

What’s more, Zoho can notify you in real-time whenever prospects are reading your email campaigns, exploring your website, or engaging with your business through any channel.

› What are The Core Features of Zoho CRM For Marketing Agencies?

    • Marketing Campaigns: Start marketing campaigns and compare them to know which is driving more traffic.
    • Deal Attachment: Great tool to attach deals with relevant contacts to manage related processes.
    • Social Media Management: The best tool to manage agencies’ presence over social media platforms. 
    • Real-time Communication: Top software to communicate with prospects in real-time to understand them better.
    • 360 Client Management: Outstanding solution to get all your data under one roof to quickly access and manage them.
    • Automation: Streamline workflow by automating tedious tasks such as sending invoices and quotes to prospects.
    • Email Marketing: Seamlessly integrate with your email service provider to run powerful email marketing campaigns.
    • Telephony Marketing: Flawlessly integrates with 50+ telephony providers to run telephony marketing campaigns efficiently.
    • Mobile App: Convert any place into your office using Zoho CRM’s power-packed mobile application.

› What is The Price of Zoho CRM?

Zoho CRM provides 4 simple and cost-effective pricing packages with a 15-day free trial period: 1) Standard, 2) Professional, 3) Enterprise, and 4) Ultimate. It also offers a free version for up to 3 users. Zoho’s most budget-friendly package pricing is $20 per user/month/billed monthly. Its high-in-cost package starts at $65 per user/month/billed monthly. You must explore Zoho’s official pricing page to learn more.

3. Creatio - Low-code CRM For Process Management

Creatio - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Pick Creatio as The Best CRM For Digital Marketing Agencies?

Based on our analysis, we believe that Creatio is one of the best low-code CRMs to manage comprehensive processes for advertising and media agencies. It provides fascinating features that help agencies acquire new customers, boosting sales & cross-sales. It also assists agencies in building effective marketing campaigns and reaching target audiences.

Moreover, Creatio allows agencies to create a centralized database to save overall customer information. Using this crucial customer data, agencies can get a holistic view of clients and create a comprehensive interaction history.

Creatio can also help agencies to enhance collaboration with their customers using the most personalized marketing campaigns created by Creatio’s low-code platform.

› What are The Prime Features of Creatio CRM For Marketing Agencies?

    • Customer 360° View: Leverage a 360° customer view to create more personalized communications with customers.
    • Customer Segmentation: Create influential target segments using no-code tools in no time.
    • Marketing Campaigns: Simple solution to manage complex marketing campaigns to boost lead generation.
    • Lead Management: Great software to manage the end-to-end lead cycle.
    • Sales Process Automation: Reliable tool to manage comprehensive sales cycle, from lead generation to closing deals.
    • Sales Performance: View up-to-date sales metrics using Creatio’s intelligent gaol setting to track and monitor sales performance.
    • A/B Testing: Use the split testing method to select the best emails and start mass email campaigns.
    • Marketing Calendar: Use a built-in marketing calendar to quickly and easily plan routine tasks.
    • Mobile App: Creatio offers a user-friendly mobile application to run your business while you are moving.

› What is The Price of Creatio CRM?

Creatio CRM offers 3 subscription packages with a 14-day free trial. They are 1) Growth, 2) Enterprise, and 3) Unlimited. Each package requires a minimum of 5 users for the subscription. Its starter plan pricing is $25 per user/month. Its highly advanced package pricing is $85 per user/month. Additionally, Creatio provides 3 products: 1) Sales, 2) Marketing, and 3) Service. You can add any product with the pricing package. Each product's pricing is $15 per user/month. You must explore Creatio CRM’s website to learn more about its subscription packages.

4. Pipedrive - Robust CRM Software To Grow Business

Pipedrive - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Choose Pipedrive as The Best CRM For Ad & Marketing Agencies?

According to our research, Pipedrive is the top-level CRM for marketing agencies. It includes magnificent features that can help any marketing business to grow in scale. This unique and powerful CRM lets agencies know their leads and prospects better. They can establish strong and healthy customer relationships and streamline engagements as well.

Pipedrive CRM can provide agencies with a 360-degree view of customers and leads. Additionally, it can record any crucial information throughout the customer journey. This information allows agencies to build more personalized marketing campaigns and maximize lead engagement to boost customer retention rates.

› What are The Top Features of Pipedrive CRM For Ad & Marketing Agencies?

    • Email Builder: Simple drag-and-drop email builder to create result-driven email campaigns.
    • Smart Contact Data: Extract your contacts' web data using the Smart Contact Data feature with one click.
    • Customization: Great solution to customize pipelines based on your specific business requirements.
    • Web Chat: Use the combination of live chat and chatbot to turn visitors into qualified leads.
    • Automation: Excellent software to automate your mundane routine tasks so you can focus more on marketing.
    • Insights: Accurately collects all the business data to analyze and provide actionable insights.
    • Visual Reports: Visualize reports to keep track of different business progresses.
    • Mobile CRM: Use Pipedrive’s mobile CRM app to ensure sales, marketing, and collaboration processes continue on the move.

› What is The Price of Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive has 5 transparent and budget-friendly pricing packages: 1) Essential, 2) Advanced, 3) Professional, 4) Power, and 5) Enterprise. Users can try any of the packages free for 14 days. Its most affordable package pricing is $11.90 per user/month/billed monthly. Its most advanced package pricing is $74.90 per user/month/billed monthly. Please visit Pipedrive’s pricing page to know more about its subscription packages.

5. Salesmate - All-in-one CRM Solution For Marketing Agencies

Salesmate - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Select Salesmate as The Best CRM Tool For Advertising & Media Agencies?

In our in-depth research, we reveal that Salesmate is an all-in-one CRM tool for digital marketing agencies. It is specially designed and developed to address all kinds of issues marketing agencies are facing on a daily basis. The tool is flexible for all sizes of agencies. Salesmate can help agencies manage different types of services, including SEO, Link building, Content marketing, PPC, Affiliate marketing, and more.

Furthermore, Salesmate offers a wide range of top-level features. Agencies can use these intuitive features and leverage many eye-catching benefits. They can start effective lead-generation campaigns and explore new business opportunities. Additionally, they can efficiently nurture new leads and drive them through the funnel.

› What are The Best Features of Salesmate CRM For Marketing Agencies?

    • Contact Management: Superb tool to create a strong customer profile.
    • Lead Generation: Build eye-catching web forms and embed them on your website to start capturing new leads.
    • Live Chat: Chat with website visitors in real-time to convert them into the most qualified leads.
    • Meeting Scheduler: Use Salesmate’s Meeting Scheduler tool to book more appointments.
    • Chatbots: Leverage chatbots to automate the lead generation process.
    • Automation: Start automated welcome email campaigns for new arrival leads.
    • SMS Marketing: Use simple yet effective built-in SMS marketing to enhance customer experience.
    • Custom Pipelines: Efficiently manage your services by generating individual pipelines for each service.
    • Lead Scoring: Fantastic solution to know your lead’s true potential.
    • Built-in Calling: Make calls in 80+ countries directly from Salesmate using its built-in calling feature.
    • Mobile CRM App: Use a powerful mobile app to connect with our customers and manage your pipelines from anywhere.

› What is The Price of Salesmate CRM?

Salesmate offers 4 straightforward and budget-friendly pricing plans: 1) Starter, 2) Growth, 3) Boost, and 4) Enterprise. Agencies can try Salesmate free for 15 days. Its most budget-friendly plan pricing is $15 per user/month/billed monthly. Salesmate’s high-tier plan - Enterprise, is customizable, and its pricing is not publicly declared. Users must contact the vendor to know its pricing. Explore Salesmate’s website to learn more about its subscription plans.

6. Close - Comprehensive CRM to Grow Revenue

Close - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Pick Close as The Best CRM For Marketing And Creative Agencies?

According to our evaluation, Close is a comprehensive CRM uniquely designed and developed to grow revenue for any business. It is best fitted for start-ups and small marketing agencies due to its amazing features. Agencies can easily onboard their teams in minutes. They can also analyze KPIs and workflows to get actionable data in real-time.

Moreover, Close CRM has a simple and fast setup process. Marketing agencies can quickly set up and start working on deals in no time. Agencies can also import their leads and contact database using Close CRM’s CSV import feature effortlessly. Additionally, they can easily migrate from over a dozen CRMs using a one-click migration tool.

› What are The Key Features of Close CRM For Marketing Agencies?

    • Email Marketing: Use top email marketing tools like email tracking and bulk email automation to reach the target audience.
    • Integration: Great tool to seamlessly integrate with popular apps like Drip and Microsoft.
    • Web Forms: Create amazing web forms that can help you generate more sales leads.
    • Team Management: Good software to onboard your team members quickly and start working on deals together.
    • Built-in Calling: The tool has smart built-in calling features to supercharge sales processes.
    • SMS: Amazing software to send SMS in just one click directly from the CRM.
    • Pipeline View: Fantastic solution to forecast sales performance using an effective pipeline view.
    • Sales Funnel Report: Built-in Opportunity Funnel Reporting tool to track conversion rates and sales velocity.
    • Mobile App: Communicate with your leads and customers from any location using an amazing iOS mobile app.

› What is The Price of Close CRM?

Close CRM has 3 transparent pricing plans: 1) Startup, 2) Professional, and 3) Enterprise. It also offers a 14-day free trial. Close’s most affordable subscription plan is Startup, and its pricing starts at $119 per month, billed monthly. Its most expensive plan is Enterprise, and its pricing is $749 per month, billed monthly. Close’s most popular plan is Professional, and its pricing starts at $329 per month, billed monthly. The Startup and Professional plan includes 3 users, while the Enterprise plan includes 5 users. Users should visit Close CRM’s official website and explore its pricing page to learn more about its subscription plans.

7. NetHunt - Perfect CRM For Digital Marketing Agencies

NetHunt - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Choose NetHunt as The Best CRM For Marketing Agencies?

Our research indicates that NetHunt is an out-of-the-box CRM for marketing firms. It offers cutting-edge features that make the tool suitable for all-size marketing agencies. The tool has a custom pipeline feature. Using this feature, agencies can build separate pipelines for particular marketing services to manage them efficiently.

Moreover, we found that NetHunt offers flawless third-party integrations, including native integration with Gmail, LinkedIn, and Google Workspace. The tool is uniquely developed to provide all CRM features inside Google Workspace and Gmail environments. It means your teams can stop going back and forth between tabs. Plus, using CRM features inside the app they are using daily can provide them with a competitive edge.

› What are The Top Features of NetHunt CRM For Digital Marketing Agencies?

    • Data Organization: Great system to automatically streamline and structure business data effectively.
    • Mobile App: NetHunt CRM is accessible on the go using its dedicated mobile application.
    • Duplicate Prevention: Ideal CRM tool to keep your database free of duplicate entries.
    • Integration: Seamless integration with third-party apps like Facebook Messenger and Slack.
    • Reporting: Great tool to visualize crucial reports in an easily understandable way.
    • One-click Data Entry: Create contacts with just one click from chats, LinkedIn, inbound emails, calls, and more.
    • Automation: Amazing software to automate routine sales processes for saving time and money.
    • Lead Capturing: Capture leads automatically or with one click and instantly save them into the CRM system.
    • Sales Process: Create effective sales workflows to move leads through sales pipelines hassle-free.

› What is The Price of NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM software has 3 simple and reasonable subscription plans that include 1) Basic, 2) Business, and 3) Advanced. The software offers a 14-day free trial for every subscription plan. Its low-cost plan pricing is $30 per user/month with a monthly billing cycle. Its high-cost pricing plan starts at $120 per user/month with a monthly billing cycle. Agencies must visit NetHunt CRM’s official pricing page to explore in-depth comparisons of plans.

8. Copper - Top CRM Software to Make Clients Happier

Copper - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Select Copper as The Best CRM Software For Marketing Agencies?

In our thorough analysis, we found that Copper is one of the top CRM software to make their clients happier. More than 900 digital and creative agencies, including small and big brands, trust Copper CRM to delight their clients globally.

Copper is designed and built, especially for Google Workspace. Fast-growing agencies can efficiently use Copper + Google to strengthen their business relationships with clients to increase customer retention rates.

Furthermore, Copper CRM provides many outstanding features. Using its Centralize Relationships feature, agencies can get every little detail 100% organized. Additionally, if we see Copper + Digital Agencies by the numbers, Agencies have saved 13 hours per user per week for manual data entry. They have generated 50% more accurate reports. They have responded to clients and prospects 36% faster as well.

› What are The Core Features of Copper CRM For Marketing Agencies?

    • Manage Contacts: Reliable tool to efficiently manage every contact detail like emails, files, notes, calls, and more.
    • Integration: Use wonderful Copper + Google native integration to track Gmail activity, access Google Calendar, and more within CRM.
    • Collaboration: Enhance collaboration by connecting the team’s different Google Workspace accounts.
    • Interaction History: Great tool to quickly access the overall customer interaction history.
    • Sales Pipeline: Efficiently monitor the sales pipeline to track reps’ end-to-end sales process.
    • Productivity Tools: Amazing solution to deliver tools like reminders, files, tasks, and more into Google Calendar and Gmail.
    • Automation: Good solution to make workflows and automate manual tasks whenever needed.
    • Mobile Application: Use the Copper CRM mobile app to keep organized and nurture new leads on the go.

› What is The Price of Copper CRM?

Copper has 3 transparent and affordable pricing packages: 1) Basic, 2) Professional, and 3) Business. It offers a 14-day free trial for each subscription package. Copper’s most affordable package pricing is $29 per user/month/billed monthly. Its most costly package pricing starts at $134 per user/month/billed monthly. You should visit Copper CRM’s official website to get more updates about its subscription packages.

9. Clientjoy - Amazing CRM to Get Complete Visibility

Clientjoy - Best CRM for Marketing Agencies

› Why We Pick Clientjoy as The Best CRM Solution For Marketing Agencies?

According to our research team, Clientjoy is one of the renowned CRM solutions. It provides complete visibility for overall business processes. It unifies sales, proposal, and invoicing activities to stop late payments and lost files.

Clientjoy CRM is equipped with robust features that offer 20% higher predictability so agencies can put an end to guesswork. Agencies can create a predictable sales pipeline to get clarity and make hesitation-free decisions.

Clientjoy CRM also offers email sequences and proposal templates so agencies can reduce turnaround time for converting prospects into clients. Additionally, agencies can create automated reminders and recurring invoices to get paid on time.

› What are The Prime Features of Clientjoy CRM For Marketing Agencies?

    • Client Management: Put all clients, prospects, and companies under one roof for easy and instant access.
    • Custom Sales Pipeline: Awesome software to create customizable sales pipelines based on your business requirements.
    • Dashboard: Good software to track vital activities like email opens, proposals accepted, and more using an intuitive dashboard.
    • Predictable Sales Pipeline: Great software to create predictable sales pipelines to identify sources that work for you.
    • Invoices & Reminders: Create recurring invoices with automated reminders to ensure seamless cash flow.
    • Payment Integrations: Integrate with popular online payment systems like PayPal, Stripe, and Payoneer to get paid on time.
    • Customization: Fully customizable software to add your company logo, color, and more to boost branding.
    • Integration: Perfectly integrate Clientjoy CRM with over 5000 apps to streamline the workflow.
    • Clientjoy Mobile App: Simple mobile app for Android users to get crucial insights and receive real-time notifications.

› What is The Price of Clientjoy CRM?

Clientjoy CRM provides 3 straightforward and budget-friendly subscription plans: 1) Starter Plan, 2) Agency Plan, and 3) Enterprise Plan. Its lowest plan pricing starts at $15 per member/month/billed monthly. Its highest plan pricing is $49 per member/month/billed monthly. Users can also leverage a 14-day free trial before subscribing to Starter and Agency Plan. Please visit Clientjoy CRM’s official pricing page to learn more about its subscription plans.

Marketing Agencies CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re looking for the best CRM for an advertising agency or social media services, this CRM buyer's guide will help you make the right decision. This guide goes through the essential process of choosing the CRM. This includes 

    • What Does a CRM Do for Marketing Agencies?
    • What Features must you look for when choosing the best CRM for a marketing agency? 
    • How much does a CRM for marketing cost?

Let’s dive in. 

» What Does a CRM Do for Marketing Agencies?

Before we jump to what CRM for marketing agencies does and choose the best CRM for advertising agencies, let's understand why agencies need CRM in the first place. We can categorize these reasons into two parts. 

Reason #1. Data, More Data, Lots of Data. 

Proper data management is the reason behind successful creative and marketing agencies. Because if data is not managed well, the agency will sink sooner or later! Why? Because agencies generate tons of data per client. If not handled well, this precious data can ultimately cause the loss of both client and agency. 

Reason #2. Stagnant Revenues and Lost Opportunities 

Many creative agencies lose tons of revenue because they keep jumping from one project to another without organizing things. Moreover, tasks like making modifications and pitching clients often take more time, and thus the actual work [the one that brings revenue] takes a back seat, resulting in revenue loss. 

And hence, there's a desperate need for a CRM for marketing that automates the lead collection and communication process and, most importantly, organizes all the information in one place. In-built advanced analytics will automatically show areas where more efforts are needed to improve revenue and gain new opportunities. 

Now, CRM for marketing helps agencies in the following ways: 

#1. Leverage Data for Data-Driven Marketing:

A CRM is a helpful tool to understand how your lead generation efforts are stacking up and, most importantly, where your leads are coming from. 

#2. Planning customer journey:

Every marketer must deal with the customer journey at one point. And CRM is the best way to prepare and track your customer journey because it gives you holistic views into how your customers engage with your brand and whether your marketing efforts are paying off. 

» What Are the CRM Features for Marketing and Creative Agencies?

Below are the top must-have features when selecting CRM for Marketing and Creative Agencies. 

#1. Web to Lead Functionality 

This feature automatically collects the lead data from the website. The general workflow is as follows.

    • The user fills out the lead form on site
    • CRM logs in the data,
    • Sales representatives can follow up with prospects through this data. 

This feature saves time for sales and marketing teams as otherwise, they would have to manually enter the lead data into CRM and remove the duplicate data.

#2. Customization

Many marketing and creative agencies often collect so much client data that, in the end, it's difficult to optimize it well. Thus, a good CRM provides versatile customization options that let them tweak functions so that data is captured and organized correctly.

#3. Client Retention Features

A business can't survive if it keeps running after new customers. Current customers need attention too! 

So, your agency needs to retain current clients by providing them with additional services and attention. 

Any CRM you choose should give client retention features, including a 360-degree view of the client's history, work, payments, communications, etc. 

It will benefit you in the long term as you can understand your client's needs well and can even upsell and cross their other services in your agency. E.g., Cross-selling Instagram paid ads service to YouTube paid ads clients. 

#4. Billing Functionality 

Agencies often keep CRM and billing software separate. But it's both expensive and time-consuming. Here's why. Firstly, the team has to input all the data into CRM manually. 

Secondly, you need to pay the cost of billing software separately. Having a billing option within CRM saves your agency from this hassle. Each billing hour, price, and expense is automatically recorded within the CRM. And you don't even have to pay a cent extra for billing software. 

#5. Mobile Access

'Why mobile access is required when all the work happens from a desktop or laptop?'. 

Well, one of the perks of working in a marketing agency is that most of the marketing team will be working out of the office. In other words, many of them are working in the field, negotiating client deals, doing presentations and pitching, shooting videos, photography, recording Instagram and FB stories, and other parts of modern-day marketing. 

This shouldn't stop you from keeping in touch with other clients and team members. What if a client asks for an urgent response from you, and you are not in the office? 

It's going to be unpleasant, right? But having a CRM with mobile access can combat this issue as you instantly reply to them in urgent matters while accessing all the critical data to resolve their problem. This is only possible when you have a mobile version of your CRM. 

#6. Client Portal Option

How often does your agency get a client call asking for invoice details or reports? You need a client portal if you need help counting it on your finger. 

Getting constant calls from clients can disrupt you and your team's workflow. And thus, any CRM you choose must provide a client self-service portal where clients can log into their accounts and check the invoices and deliverables. 

But that's not all; you can take it a step further by allowing your clients to submit updates and approval on the project. This will significantly reduce work disruptions and save time that would otherwise go into taking follow-ups, answering calls, giving updates, etc.

#7. Partner's Pipeline

As a marketing agency, developing a list of solid contacts is critical. You can leverage these contacts to help you promote your client's business. You will need to constantly make and manage these relationships, as they will be the key to helping your clients gain maximum results. 

These contacts include PRs, media partners, influencers, bloggers, photographers, etc. A CRM is one of the best ways to collect and nurture such communications.

#8. Third-Party Integration

It doesn't matter how good a marketing CRM is. The list of things that need to be added is never-ending. Furthermore, multichannel marketing is the future. Hence, you will need more than one communication or marketing channel to survive shortly. And to fill this gap, you will need to take the help of third-party tools and integrations. 

You can't just rely on Facebook to find your potential clients. Connect with them through Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and other channels. So, whatever CRM your agency decides to go forward with, ensure that it has tons of third-party integration so that you can take advantage of essential things.

#9. Enhanced Email Communication 

Reminder! Email marketing is not dead.

It's still one of the highest revenue-grossing marketing channels out there. So, you need to jump on the wagon if you still need to use email marketing. 

The best CRM for a digital marketing agency has advanced email marketing capabilities that will help you manage your relationship with clients and run marketing campaigns for them. Pay special attention to these features when choosing the 

    • Bulk emailing
    • Premade email templates
    • Email tracking
    • Email marketing automation

#10. Number of Client Records 

A CRM is a valuable tool as it helps record a client’s address, phone number, email, and other basic information. 

However, the best CRM tool for a marketing agency is the one that lets you scale as your business grows. This facility is available in the majority of cloud marketing CRM. 

#11. Data Backup 

As a digital agency, there is nothing worse than losing the essential data of your client. Hence, to safeguard your data, choose the CRM that provides regular data backups which can help you in case your original data gets corrupted! 

Please note, this list is by no means comprehensive. There are several other factors that you will have to see when choosing the right CRM for marketing. However, this list contains the top things that are a must-have! 

» How Much Does a Marketing Agency CRM Cost?

This section will give you a brief overview of how much the best CRM tools for marketing agencies cost and what hidden charges you may incur once you start using them. 

Firstly, let’s explore the pricing model. Not all CRM for marketing agencies come in the subscription form. If you would rather pay a one-time fixed fee, several great CRMs available in the market. 

Three Types of Pricing Models

Modern CRMs for an ad agency, a marketing agency, or social media marketing have three pricing models: 

Flat Fee Subscription Free-Forever Plan. 
In this pricing structure, the CRM vendors have a flat fee. For a fixed period, regardless of features and functionalities. It can be a month or a year. This is a standard model with modern CRMs. The price is generally charged. Every month per user.  Some CRMs also have a forever free plan, providing limited access and a budget for high-priced software. 
It can range anywhere from $5000 per year for small-sized agencies to as high as $40,000 for large enterprises.  It can range anywhere. Between as low as $9 per user per month to $1500. Per user account for enterprise CRM.  Although there are $0 charges, the features and number are often limited. 
» How to Create a Realistic Budget for CRMs?

When looking for the best marketing agency CRMs, you must price your budget accordingly. Apart from monthly or one-time fees, you may also have to pay extra costs to use the software. These are as follows: 

    1. Add-ons cost - Many CRM for creative agencies have several add-ons to extend the functionality of the software. The price of an ad can differ based on complexity, features, etc. However, it's still an expense you will need a budget for. 
    2. Set Up fees-Although cloud-based CRM for marketing and creative agencies doesn't call for intensive setup, you may still need to migrate your data from the old system to the new system, which can cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000 depending on the volume. 
    3. Requirements and planning - If you are a small business, you can directly start using CRM out of the box without much planning. However, if you are a large-scale enterprise marketing agency, you will spend time and money documenting processes, migrating data, reviewing existing systems, etc. The planning phase can cost over $10,000 for large agencies with high-volume data. 
    4. Support - You will need to invest in customer support, whether a small-scale or large agency. The excellent news is that cloud-based CRMs often have support teams ready for your call. 

They may even help you up your ROI. But the amount of customer support can vary wildly depending on the CRM. 

This is much more true in the case of enterprise marketing agencies, as the number of employees is much higher than small and mid-scale agencies, and thus they should be ready to shell out more for premium large-scale customer support. 

» Conclusion

CRM is a tool worth investing in if you run an advertising, creative, or marketing agency. 

By centralizing information and making data management more accessible, CRMs can bring in more revenue and reduce lost opportunities. 

Use the above points to ensure that you choose only the best CRM for your digital marketing agency.