9 Best CRM Software for Consultants & Consulting Business (Free & Paid)

CRM Software in consulting supports businesses that strive to improve their customer services. The businesses that use CRM software are B2B, B2C, startups, small businesses, and enterprise organizations. According to the consultants or other professionals, the best consulting CRM software is the one that facilitates workflow management, sales and marketing automation, territory management, and advanced analytics that cover all aspects of the business cycle and unifies their operations. The CRM software for consulting firms helps you choose the right platform, saves or reduces your expenses, provides you with additional features relevant to the business enterprises, optimized platform, and helps in training your employees according to business needs. Whether your company is a start-up or an established company, you require a CRM for the automated sales process, structured pipeline, and email templates to be on top of sales activities. A list of CRM tools for consulting firms and consultants offers you a wide range of options.


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  • Pipedrive
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  • $14.90/month/user
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  • Salesforce
  • United States
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  • Zendesk
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What are the Best CRM Software for Consultants & Consulting Business?

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List of Top CRM Software for Consultants & Consulting Business Reviews

1. Pipedrive - Best Automation CRM For Consulting Business

Pipedrive CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Pipedrive CRM For Consultants and Consulting Business?

According to our evaluation, Pipedrive is one of the most popular CRM for consultants. It offers many functionality that can be really beneficial for consulting businesses. Using its automated sales processes, you can automate many routine sales activities like notifying sales teams and assigning leads to specific reps when new leads are generated.

We also found that Pipedrive offers amazing structured pipelines. You can easily create pipelines based on different stages so you can get a high-level view of your potential client’s status in the pipeline. Additionally, you can forecast sales and know how ready a lead is to crack. Read Our Detailed review of Pipedrive CRM Software

› What are the Best Features of Pipedrive CRM For Consulting Business?

    • Customization: Tailor pipelines as per your consulting business requirements to stay on the right track.
    • Communication and Email: Improve communication efforts by using robust features. I.e., Emails.
    • Sales Reports: Generate customizable sales reports to identify customer sales behavior and forecast sales.
    • Integration: Integrate popular apps with your consulting CRM to increase productivity.
    • Data Security: Protect your precious customer data using Pipedrive’s robust security and privacy.
    • Leads: Increase opportunities by perfectly generating, qualifying, and prioritizing leads.
    • Email Builder: Quickly create eye-catching emails with pre-defined templates using the drag-and-drop builder.
    • Segmentation: Easily segment your contacts to improve communication with targeted clients.
    • Analytics: Reveal which campaigns are driving more leads using robust analytical abilities.

› What is The Pricing of Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive CRM comes with budget-friendly pricing packages. It also offers a 14-day free trial. Its lowest plan is Essential, and its starting price is $9.90 USD per user per month, billed annually. Its Enterprise plan starts at $59.90 USD per user per month, billed annually. You can visit Pipedrive’s website to get more information about its other plans and pricing.

2. HoneyBook - Robust CRM For Consultants

HoneyBook - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose HoneyBook CRM For Consultants and Consulting Business?

As per our analysis, HoneyBook is an amazing CRM with fascinating features and abilities. Using its robust functionalities, consultants can easily find the right target audience for their consulting business. They can also build credibility among clients to establish consistent revenue and scale the business.

It also has an automatic payment reminder functionality. Using this, consultants can send overdue payment reminders to their clients automatically to remind upcoming overdue payments. Consultants can also use invoicing tools for recurring payments. Using this, clients can make payments at regular intervals for specific amounts.

› What are the Best Features of HoneyBook CRM Software For Consultants?

    • Invoice Templates: Create beautiful invoices using templates to provide a rich client experience.
    • Easy Payments: Clients can securely pay directly through the CRM environment.
    • Meeting Scheduler: Schedule meetings faster and generate meeting links to share.
    • Contracts Templates: Securely and quickly create legally-binding contracts for clients using templates.
    • Notifications: Get instant notifications in real-time to stay updated all the time.
    • Automation: Easily set trigger points and appropriate actions to automate processes.
    • Integrations: Integrate with the most popular business apps like Zoom, Gmail, QuickBooks, etc.
    • Mobile Application: Get hassle-free access to data using a dedicated mobile application.

› What is The Pricing of HoneyBook CRM?

HoneyBook has cost-effective pricing packages that you can try free for up to 7 days. Its most downward pricing plan starts at $8 per month with an annual contract. Its most heightened subscription plan’s pricing is $33 per month for an annual contract. Additionally, you will get 2 months free for an annual contract with every plan. Please visit HoneyBook’s official pricing page to know more about its pricing plans.

3. Bonsai -  Top CRM For Keeping Clients & Projects Organized

Bonsai CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Bonsai CRM For Consultants and Consulting Business?

In our research, we found that Bonsai is one of the leading CRM software providers. Its unique design gives complete business support to the consulting industry for keeping clients and projects organized. It's a ready-to-go consulting CRM offering project management, client management, invoicing, and more.

Furthermore, you can create amazing client profiles with Bonsai’s robust client management features. You can also pin rates, notes, contacts, tags, and more with client profiles. Moreover, using project management features, you can organize all the to-do things, documents, and files for projects. Even your clients will get a project view to manage contracts and payments from their end.

› What are the Best Features of Bonsai CRM Software For Consulting Business?

    • Collaboration: You can invite other contractors to your projects so you can manage tasks and track time together.
    • Invoice Templates: Select a beautiful invoice from more than 1,000 invoice templates and customize invoices per consulting business requirements.
    • Centralized TimeSheets: Manage the project’s timesheet as a solo consultant or for your team from one place.
    • Bonsai Mobile App: Work efficiently from your mobile devices like Android and iOS using Bonsai mobile application.
    • Time Tracking: Keep track of your working hours on a daily basis for every project.
    • Task Management: You can add new tasks easily with ease. Even reuse previously used task templates from completed projects.
    • Manage Projects: Add relevant docs, tasks, and timesheets to projects as needed and manage them efficiently to complete the project.

› What is The Pricing of Bonsai CRM?

Bonsai CRM offers straightforward pricing plans with 7 days free trial. Its lowest pricing plan starts at $17/month/yearly billing. Its most costly plan’s pricing is $52/month/yearly billing. Additionally, you can leverage 2 free months in every plan with a yearly billing cycle. Please visit Bonsai’s official pricing page to be more familiar with its pricing.

4. Insightly CRM - CRM To Unify Consulting Business

Insightly CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Insightly CRM For Consulting Business?

According to our evaluation, Insightly is one of the top CRM platforms in the market. Many successful consultants are using Insightly to unify their businesses around their customers. It helps consulting firms streamline their sales processes, create healthy customer relationships, and increase profitability.

This superb CRM offers many fascinating features that are essential to growing consulting businesses. Using its robust pipeline management tools, consultants can tailor opportunities and increase ROI. What’s more, Insightly provides the best security to make sure your data is secure all the time. It supports two-factor authentication, encrypted data, an EU/US privacy shield, and GDPR compliance. Read Our Detailed review of Insightly CRM Software

› What are the Best Features of Insightly CRM Software For Consultants?

    • Kanban View: Move your leads easily with drag-and-drop functionality and visualize them at a glance.
    • Email Templates: Save time with reusable templates and streamline the process.
    • Native Marketing and Service Integration: Build healthy relationships with clients using native marketing and service integration.
    • Contact Management: Pin communication history, links, and activities with clients to get the full picture.
    • Customizable Sales Processes: Easily tailor pipelines based on your consulting business requirements.
    • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with apps that you require, like PandaDoc, QBO, and Xero.
    • Insightly Mobile App: Take your consulting business with you anywhere you go with Insightly’s mobile application.
    • Custom Queue: Seamlessly organize and manage tasks, projects, clients, leads, and more with customizable queues.
    • Business Intelligence Dashboards: Visualise your consulting business processes with 40+ chart types and drag-and-drop layouts.

› What is The Pricing of Insightly CRM?

Insightly CRM offers simple and budget-friendly pricing plans. Its basic plan starts at $29 per user/month. Its higher tier plan starts at $99 per user/month. Users can try all plans free for 14 days. It is also noticeable that all plans are billed annually. You can visit Insightly’s official pricing page to learn more about its pricing structure.

5. Copper CRM - Best CRM to Build Stronger Relationships

Copper CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Copper CRM For Consultants?

We consider Copper CRM based on its amazing capability of building stronger relationships with clients. With its amazing features, consultants can get 50% more accurate reporting and 36% faster response time to clients and prospects. It also organizes your clients and project data in one place automatically.

Furthermore, this CRM offers seamless integration with Google Workspace. It practically allows you to run your consulting business inside Google Workspace. You can use Gmail, Calendar, and Drive seamlessly. Additionally, you can easily track email conversations, find files and manage tasks without leaving your consulting CRM. Read Our Detailed review of Copper CRM Software

› What are the Best Features of Copper CRM Software For Consultants and Consulting Business?

    • Unlimited Contacts: You can efficiently manage unlimited clients in Copper consulting CRM.
    • Google Workspace Integration: Using native Google Workspace integration, you can leverage Google’s top apps to grow your consulting business.
    • Reminders: Create to-do lists and set reminders so you will never miss any activity.
    • Activity Logging: Track every action and activity with your clients using activity logging.
    • Notes: Take important notes while interacting with your clients for reference.
    • Collaboration: Assign tasks and tag team members in notes and activities to enhance team collaboration.
    • Integration: Integrate with other apps that are crucial for your consulting business, like DocuSign, MailChimp, QuickBooks, Slack, and LinkedIn.
    • Customizable Pipelines: Visualise where leads are standing in the sales process and move them easily within pipelines.
    • Report Templates: Quickly generate reports using pre-defined report templates.
    • Automation: Automate the process of creating tasks, updating client profiles, changing deal status, and more.

› What is The Pricing of Copper CRM?

Copper CRM offers cost-effective pricing packages with a 14-day free trial. Its Basic plan pricing is $23 per user/month, billed annually. Its highest plan pricing is $99 per user/month, billed annually. If you wish to know more about its other subscription packages and pricing, you can visit its official pricing page.

6. Salesmate - Top CRM to Boost Productivity

Salesmate CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Salesmate CRM For Consultants and Consulting Business?

In our analysis, we discovered that Salesmate is one of the leading CRMs for consulting. It has robust in-built features that help consultants to generate leads and nurture them to turn into life-long clients. It offers robust automation to manage relationships efficiently. It also offers the best pipeline management tools so consultants can easily manage potential clients.

Furthermore, consultants can easily manage all client’s data from one centralized location. This CRM has built-in channels so consultants can interact with potential clients consistently. Moreover, it offers a robust reporting function to generate advanced reports to make smarter business decisions.

› What are the Best Features of Salesmate CRM Software For Consultants?

    • Lead Generation: Capture vital leads from your website using intelligent bots and store them in one location automatically.
    • Lead Scoring: Easily score prospects and focus more on highly profitable opportunities.
    • Automation: Simplify processes and boost productivity by automating lead nurturing and other crucial marketing processes.
    • Meeting Scheduler: Automate the meeting scheduling process and build relationships by saving time and effort.
    • Personalized Campaigns: Increase the chance of conversions by launching personalized campaigns.
    • Built-in Calling: Seamlessly communicate with prospects using high-quality built-in calling and text.
    • Power Dialer: Increase productivity and connect with more prospects in less time using an advanced power dialer.
    • Email Sync: Manage email communications inside CRM using flawless 2-way email synchronization.
    • Sales Pipelines: Create multiple sales pipelines for different stages of leads to streamline the sales processes.
    • Timeline Entries: Be up to date with the latest interactions, follow-ups, and more with every client using timeline entries.

› What is The Pricing of Salesmate CRM?

Salesmate CRM offers simple, affordable, and transparent pricing plans with a 15-day free trial. No credit card is required. Its Starter plan pricing starts at $12 USD/user/month, billed annually. You must contact the sales team to know the pricing of Salesmate CRM’s Enterprise plan. For more pricing-related information, please visit Salesmate’s official pricing page.

7. Bitrix24 CRM - Sales CRM For Consulting Business

Bitrix24 CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Bitrix24 CRM For Consulting Business?

As per our in-depth research, we believe that Bitrix24 is one of the industry-leading sales CRM platforms for consultants and consulting businesses of any size. This collaborative CRM can enhance collaboration with your valuable clients or other consultants that may be helping with your projects.

This comprehensive software is a powerful CRM in the aspect of team management. It offers comprehensive team management features like attendance, time, docs, and project tracking. Additionally, it offers 100% free sales CRM. This free sales CRM contains all the necessary functionalities that are required to grow consulting business, like a centralized database, project management, and contact center.

› What are the Best Features of Bitrix24 CRM Software For Consultants and Consulting Business?

    • Contact Management: Consultants can easily add, edit, or delete contacts from one place.
    • Sales Cycle Management: Efficiently track every sales stage to manage a comprehensive sales cycle.
    • Custom Fields: Easily add or edit custom fields as per your consulting business requirements.
    • Lead distribution: Properly distribute leads among consultants at your consulting firm.
    • Reports: Generate critical business progress reports to present in a review meeting.
    • Workflow Automation: Easily automate workflows for routine business processes that can save lots of time.
    • Sales Funnel: Track prospects easily and know exactly where they stand in the sales funnel.
    • Task & Project Management: Easily manage projects and assign tasks. Keep track of each task and complete the projects before deadlines.
    • Event Timeline: Track events in real-time from starting to completing events and record activity details.

› What is The Pricing of Bitrix24 CRM?

Bitrix CRM has straightforward pricing plans. It also has a completely free sales CRM for consultants. Its Basic plan pricing is $49 USD/month/annual billing for 5 users. Consultants can also subscribe to Bitrix24’s Enterprise plan at $399 USD/month/annual billing for 250 users. Please navigate Bitrix24’s official pricing page to learn more about pricing packages.

8. Less Annoying CRM - Simple CRM For Consulting Business

Less Annoying CRM - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Less Annoying CRM For Consultants and Consulting Business?

According to our analysis, Less Annoying is easy to use and a simple CRM. It offers tons of features that have easy learning curves. Using these features, you can explore new opportunities, streamline workflows, and, more importantly, keep your clients engaged. All from one platform.

Less Annoying is the best CRM that can handle comprehensive business processes so you can focus on scaling your consulting business. Using its simple reporting, customization, client history, and exceptional customer support, you can stay organized every time and spend more time finishing your client’s requirements. Additionally, using its cool features, you can get more efficient team collaboration.

› What are the Best Features of Less Annoying CRM Software For Consulting Business?

    • Mobile Responsive: Less Annoying is fully mobile responsive. You can access your data from anywhere around the world.
    • Separate Credentials: Every team member has separate credentials, and the admin can give access to specific members to ensure data privacy.
    • Email Logging: Easily log emails from any email provider directly into your CRM system.
    • Free Updates: You will get future updates of the CRM completely free. It will automatically be installed and upgraded.
    • Back-up: Your data will be safe on Amazon.com’s servers with two types of backups, including some copies backed up offsite.
    • Import-Export: Export client’s data to spreadsheets and easily import them to Less Annoying’s servers.
    • Daily To-do Emails: Get an email every morning that consists of summarized tasks and events of the day to stay organized.
    • Data Security: Your client’s data will be safe all the time with 256-bit encryption.
    • Free Email and Phone Support: Starting from the free trial, you will get free phone and email support.

› What is The Pricing of Less Annoying CRM?

Less Annoying CRM has only one straightforward pricing plan with a 30-day free trial. It costs $15 per user/month. Please visit its official pricing page to learn more about its pricing plan.

9. Keap - Top-notch Automation CRM For Consultants

Keap - Best CRM for Consultants

› Why We Choose Keap CRM For Consultants and Consulting Business?

As per our evaluation, we believe that Keap is the best CRM for consulting businesses. Due to its top-notch sales and marketing automation function, it is more suitable for independent consultants and small businesses. Additionally, its fine-tuned relationship management system works like a charm to make consulting businesses stronger.

Keap CRM offers robust features to manage all your clients' communications and consulting business requirements from one place. Additionally, it allows you to see and track all tasks and activities from one centralized place so you can do more in less time. Ultimately, it leads to business growth and increased ROI.

› What are the Best Features of Keap CRM Software For Consultants?

  • Separate Lists: Create and manage separate lists of prospects, clients, leads, contractors, and more to streamline the workflow.
  • Pipeline Automation: Build basic automation for pipeline stages to follow up with prospects or clients.
  • Contacts Appointment Booking: Empower contacts to book appointments themself after filling out the contact forms from websites.
  • Track Deals: Efficiently track leads and deals at every stage within the pipeline to keep organized.
  • Calendar Management: Easily sync and manage your calendar to see scheduled meetings, calls, and appointments.
  • Text Messaging: Leverage the text messaging channel and quickly start communication with clients.
  • Auto-task Creation: Easily follow up with invoices, quotes, and more by using the ability to create tasks for users in your consulting firm.
  • Email Sync: Seamlessly synchronize your professional email address into the CRM system to keep track of every inbound-outbound email.
  • Integration: Integrate with world-class apps like QuickBooks, Gmail, and Xero to become more efficient and productive.

› What is The Pricing of Keap CRM?

Keap CRM offers different pricing packages with a 14-day free trial period. Its lowest plan starts at $149 per month with annual billing. You must contact their sales team to subscribe to its highest package. You should visit Keap’s official pricing page if you wish to learn more about its subscription packages.

Consultants CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

As a consultant, you can easily get benefitted through the consulting CRM software. It’s the best tool for individual consultants and consultancies.

Consulting CRM software is a tool that matches businesses with outside IT experts so they can hire them on a project or freelance basis. It's like bringing in an expert to work for you for a short time. For instance, if your in-house IT worker is out on vacation, you may need someone to take over their job temporarily. Consulting CRM software can help you find someone who does the same work as your regular IT guy at a fraction of the cost.

Two big reasons you should consider CRM software for consultants are expertise and ease. If you've ever been involved in an IT project and had to deal with a substitute, you know how difficult it can be. An expert can handle more complex tasks, making the job easier and less expensive. Also, because they're experts in their field, they're more likely to have the latest software and equipment. Your project will run smoother than if you hired someone with less experience. Consulting CRM software ensures that your IT projects are handled by experts — not someone who's only a little bit better than an amateur.

The best part about CRM for consultants is that it makes things easy on the buyer (you). Instead of blindly hiring a consultant and worrying about things you don't understand, you can look at their work and find out what kind of person they are as you research them.

You can look on the site and see what tasks this person is suitable for or bad for. Even if it turns out that the expert does not work with your particular type of software, there are still consulting CRM system experts available who will be able to help you. The main point here is that by using consulting CRM software, your job will not be outsourced to a bad IT worker.

» Standard Features of a Consulting CRM software

Consulting CRM software is a business management tool specifically for consultants and other service-based businesses. Some of the features that can be found in these CRMs are contact management, lead tracking,and reporting features. Here are features of a CRM for independent consultants, as well as how to select one for your business!

› Contact management

This is the database feature of a CRM for independent consultants. It stores all client information in a central database, which is helpful for consultants working on multiple projects at a time. The database will help you track and organize your client's contact info, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.

› Lead tracking

This tool helps you keep track of all the leads from different marketing channels, such as website traffic, email marketing efforts, and word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients. You can track each lead to the status of your follow-up with them and know when they are ready to buy your products/services.

› Interaction tracking

This feature will help track all your interactions with past clients and new ones in the future! It can help you to see when they want to followup when they want to give you feedback, and what kind of updates they are interested in.

› Prioritization

This is an essential feature of a CRM for consulting businesses. You can prioritize the tasks that need to be done for the customer-focused company to move forward in the right direction. The client manager will input the most important tasks and assign them to one or more consultants so that they can focus on these tasks and close these sales within faster time frames!

› Reporting

The best CRM for independent consultants will provide you with valuable reports for daily business management. The reports can reflect various aspects of your business, such as the status of customer accounts, the time spent on each customer, and your sources of new leads.

› Account management

This feature is pretty much a function of the contact management feature. But it gives you a higher level of an overview on managing customer accounts, which will provide you with better performance in consulting industries like law or accounting.

› Lead management

The lead management tool integrated into most consulting CRM software can help you create and manage many new leads. This will include all the information you need to build a relationship with your clients - their contact info, company information, and other vital details.

› Integration

CRM tools for consulting businesses should be able to connect with your current accounting or operating system because it will be extremely helpful in managing multiple projects simultaneously. An integration like this will help you efficiently process invoices, stock orders, and other financial data!

› Tasks and calendar

The tasks feature of consulting CRM software will help you organize your daily work with your clients. This tool creates jobs and schedules for each client so that their communications will be reviewed more frequently.

› Pipeline management

A pipeline management tool will help you manage your sales pipeline so that you can be assured of closing deals promptly without having to take breaks or lose focus.

» What type of buyer are you?

These are following types of consulting CRM software buyers:

› Independent consultant:

They have a consulting company looking for business solutions. They want consulting CRM software that is flexible enough to handle their needs.

› Client relations manager:

They work with many clients, but they're not managing the consulting services side of things themselves. They need easy access to client information while maintaining relationships with them, leading calls, and driving inbound leads through coaching sessions, sales promotions, or workshops.

› IT manager:

This person will be managing all aspects of IT functions, such as systems and software, on behalf of the company's consultants to deliver customer service, improve productivity and reduce risk in the workplace without additional help from the consultants themselves.

› Large Consulting companies:

They have offices across many countries, and they want to centralize all their data into one place so that it is easily accessible across the company. CRM software for consulting firms should have plenty of tools and features to make working easy.

› Large Businesses:

This business strives to provide high-quality customer service for every customer, no matter where they are in the world. For this kind of enterprise, the best consulting CRM software could manage everything from lead generation and sales to customer satisfaction tracking and management.

› Start-ups:

This company hasn't exactly been around long enough to make a profit yet, but they are trying to get recognized by the customers in their neighborhood before they grow large enough to afford a better software package than what they're currently using.

» Benefits of Consulting CRM Software

The benefits can range from increased productivity to enhanced customer service and more. Therefore, we are here with some of the most exciting benefits. Please take a look.

› Full pipeline View

It is essential to see the big picture when managing your business. Consulting CRM software allows you to view all of your leads, opportunities, and deals in one place – giving you a better overall picture of your pipeline.

› Closer tracking

CRM software for consulting firms will allow you to track the performance of each sales rep within each sales process and measure their performance against the competition. This will give you critical information about the people who work for your company and how they perform.

› Automatic follow-up

Using CRM for consultants effectively manages follow-up activities with a prospect or existing customer automatically. The software will track each deal's status, the follow-ups sent, and how long it took before someone responded. This allows you to track their progress and what actions you can take to improve them.

› Time to bill

The best CRM for consultants is designed to help you bill your clients quickly and accurately, in most cases, within two hours. In addition, many companies opt for a subscription model to capture more data at less cost.

› Improved sales process

Many entrepreneurs struggle with developing a sales process that works because they don't have the proper tools or even a clear idea of what the process should look like without consulting CRM software.

› Marketing and sales campaign

Consulting CRM software is designed to not only help companies manage their customers but also help them manage their pipeline in a consistent, systematic way. In addition, CRM software will allow your marketing department to set up automated campaigns to contact prospects based on specific criteria such as job title, geographic location, and more.

› Sales forecasts

CRM tools for consulting businesses allow you to forecast sales at individual and company levels – allowing your company to see patterns in sales activity over time. This provides essential information that your company can use in making critical business decisions regarding hiring or developing new products and services.

» How to Choose the Best Consulting CRM Software?

CRM for consulting businesses helps streamline their practices, which is why the service they choose can significantly impact their day-to-day work. It's important to consider all a firm's needs and wants before choosing one to maximize its benefits.

› Type of Consulting CRM:

There are two different types of CRM for consulting firms:

    • The on-premise version offers the most customization, including the ability to create custom labels and reports. It can be challenging to implement and maintain, however.
    • The hosted version allows access from anywhere, can be set up in minutes, and offers the same benefits as on-premises software. Logins must be created before an account can be set up and can't be changed once done if another firm hires a consultant. Simple to set up; requires less maintenance; needs constant updating; allows one login for all services tied together by a single project or initiative.

› Better for A&Ps, better for IT:

Some consultancies believe the on-premise version is the best choice, while others think the hosted version is the best fit. For example, a consulting firm may have a lot of A&Ps who prefer to work from home. The hosted CRM would be easier to use and allow them to access their information from anywhere - something they may not be comfortable with as an A&P. If you are considering a hosted CRM for consulting business options for an active consulting firm, it is essential to understand what clients want before making your decision.

› Motivation for using CRM:

Many consulting firms have a long history with particular software, which may make it difficult to switch to another one. Before choosing software, it is essential to consider the firm's history and how much time will be required to train employees and clients in the new program.

› Integration with other services:

Many consulting CRM software integrate with popular operating systems and software such as Outlook, Excel, Salesforce, and Google apps. Some also offer the ability to customize reports and have direct contact with their clients for more personalized service.

› Two-way integration:

CRM for consulting businesses can track their projects from beginning to end, giving them a clearer picture of what they need to do next. In addition, every time someone from the team adds new clients or leads on their own accord or is given new ones by the account manager, everything is seamlessly inputted into the system through two-way integration.

» How much does Consulting CRM Software Cost?

Many people might think that consulting CRM software has a lot of upfront costs, but the truth is that some consulting CRM software is free to use. You don't have to pay a monthly fee or buy a license key. The only thing you'll need at the beginning is initial setup costs for hosting, domain name, and development time for integrating your desired application with your site, ranging from $2-3k.

So how much does it cost? It all depends on how much time you can dedicate to hosting and development. If you're looking at 1-2 hours per week of work, then there's no problem because the fully hosted integration route will run around $10k over six months. If you're looking at doing it and hosting, it will be more like $20-25k. But if you're the type of person that can dedicate ten extra hours per week to managing your consulting CRM software and then another 4-8 hours of dev time to integrate with your site, that's about what it will take at around $30-40k total.

» Conclusion

The choice of consulting a CRM system is a significant one to make. It doesn't mean consultants shouldn't ever use these programs; instead, there are many things to consider when choosing one for a particular firm. Consultancies vary in how they think and manage, so each has different needs and preferences. Just because something works for other firms does not mean it will work for yours. Consider your needs and those of the team before making your choice to maximize the benefits it may provide.

Consultants CRM Software FAQs

What is CRM in Consulting Business?

Consulting businesses depend on tracking and managing communications with every client and prospect. Moreover, it is crucial to find quality leads. The best CRM system can help users do all that to maximize productivity.

Do Consulting Companies use CRM?

Many consulting companies use CRM to streamline their sales processes and maximize marketing efforts to improve profitability.

What is The Best CRM For Consulting Business?

There are hundreds of CRMs in the market to choose from. However, we have shortlisted the best CRMs suitable for consultants and consulting business. They are as follows:

  • Pipedrive
  • HoneyBook
  • Bonsai
  • Insightly CRM
  • Copper CRM
  • Salesmate
  • Bitrix24 CRM
  • Less Annoying CRM
  • Keap

Can You Use Consulting CRM on Mobile Devices?

Users can seamlessly use CRMs on any mobile device, like smartphones and tablets because almost every single CRM either has a dedicated mobile app or is mobile responsive.