7 Best CRM Software for Accountants 2023 (Free & Paid)

Who told you that accountants don’t use a CRM? A CRM in accounting is software that enables you to make information about your clients and partners accessible within a firm. It centralizes all the existing conversations between your clients and the organization. With the advancement of technology across the world, developers in various companies have developed various CRM software for accounting firms. Over 65% of accounting firms use the CRM system. An accounting CRM platform enables accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals to manage customer data and relationships. If you are an independent accountant, you can opt for CRMs for accountants and bookkeepers. The accounting CRM would benefit you for smoother communication with the clients, streamlined onboarding of clients, increased sales via cross-selling, client retention, better customer service, and a higher level of transparency. For more information, surf the list of top CRM systems for accountants right now!


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What are the Best CRM for Accountants in 2023?

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Best CRM Software for Accountants, Bookkeepers & Accounting Firms Reviews

1. HubSpot CRM - Sales-Focused CRM for Accountants

HubSpot - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider HubSpot CRM for Accountants?

As per our analysis, HubSpot is the best CRM for accountants that helps align their accounting data and manage customer retention. It also lets accountants focus on the technical aspects of their business.

 HubSpot CRM elevates the automation of various processes for accountants' businesses to reduce their workload. Accountants can also trust HubSpot CRM for their brand-building efforts from a single platform to avoid using separate tools.

As a CRM for accountants, HubSpot CRM understands the sensitivity of its customer's data. Hence, it provides a security compliance central database to protect clients' databases for accounting firms. HubSpot CRM offers 24*7 customer support to unlock the potential and boost business.

› What are The Core Features HubSpot CRM Offers for Accountants?

    • Dashboard: A centralized dashboard to access the entire operational process, clients' history, and more to improve efficiency.
    • Collaboration: Conduct team interactions directly across departments or clients to improve productivity.
    • Automation: Automate repetitive tasks to improve profitability & boost the bottom line.
    • Customer Lifecycle: Get a 360° view of customers' interactions, preferences, and more to nurture leads and maximize conversion rate.
    • Analytics: Measure all sales metrics, marketing campaigns, and so on from one place for efficient strategy. 
    • Client Database: Store & organize all client data in a centralized location with easy access.
    • Ticketing System: Automated ticketing routing to provide excellent customer service support.  

› What is the Subscription package Cost HubSpot CRM Offers?

HubSpot offers CRM Suite subscription plans for accountants, including Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. It costs $18 per 2 users/monthly, $1600 per 5 users/monthly, and $5000 per 10 users/monthly with annual billing. You can enjoy HubSpot’s Free Tools as well. Please leverage its 14-day free trial before investing. You can visit the website for detailed information or contact the sales team. 

2. Capsule CRM - Reliable CRM for Accountants

Capsule - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider Capsule CRM for Accountants?

Capsule CRM is a reliable partner for accountants, bookkeepers, financial analysts, consultants, and other financial experts. It is an all-in-one solution for accountants or accounting firms. 

Capsule CRM helps accounting professionals to manage large amounts of data and maintain clients' confidentiality. It also assists accountants in staying efficient and adaptable even in changing circumstances like tax law, dealing with client's expectations, and so on.

Capsule is a trusted CRM software by thousands of accounting firms and professionals worldwide. It manages the entire administrative tasks with flows through its robust features. Capsule CRM is not only focused on delivering functionality, but it also maximizes productivity to boost business efficiency.

› What are The Core Features Capsule CRM Offers for Accountants?

    • Client Engagement: Use Capsule CRM to manage all clients’ personal information with security to build strong customer connections.
    • Sales Pipeline: Manage sales opportunities to visualize the pipeline for client acquisition & retention.
    • Tracking: Use the Capsule tracking tool to create and track prioritized tasks to standardize the sales process.
    • Integrations: Simply synchronize with all your favourite apps or tools to gain a complete view of your customer. 
    • Client Management: Capsule CRM manages all clients' professional information, like project history, billing information, etc., in a centralized place with key people access.
    • Task Management: Easier to manage & track all tasks, deadlines, and projects effectively with Capsule CRM’s task management tools.
    • Lead Generation: Capsule CRM helps key people in the firms to manage, track, & identify potential business opportunities. 
    • Documents Management: Store & manage sensitive documents such as contracts, proposals, invoices, etc., with specific tools.
    • Brand Building: Track each client interaction, analyze data for better understanding, and improve accordingly to build a strong reputation. 
    • Collaborations: A Centralized platform for gathering, storing, and sharing client information with teams to improve efficiency.
    • Mobile App: Access client data, perform tasks, track leads, or notify upcoming events on the go using an intuitive mobile app. 

› What is the Subscription package Cost Capsule CRM Offers?

You can choose any paid plans of Capsule CRM from Professional, Teams to Enterprise priced at  $18-$54 per user/month. Capsule also offers 14-days of free trial. Leverage its Free subscription access for the website and mobile app, with 2 users and 250 contacts. Please contact the sales team or visit the website for more information.

3. Method:CRM - Best CRM for Accountants or Tax-professionals

MethodCRM - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider Method:CRM for Accountants?

We investigated Method:CRM and found it is the best CRM for accountants & accounting firms. It facilitates effortless practice management for professionals by syncing with QuickBooks & Xero.

Method:CRM contains extensive features that automate accountants' administration process and eliminate double data entry. This automation empowers accountants or tax professionals to prioritize tasks and identify potential business opportunities.

Moreover, Method:CRM ensures that firms remain organized and strengthen client relationships. The platform securely manages confidential documents, like contracts, proposals, invoices, etc. In addition, It assists accountants in streamlining their business processes to enhance revenue. Read Our Detailed review of Method:CRM Software

› What are The Core Features Method:CRM Offers for Accountants?

    • Client Portal: Clients can retrieve invoices, make payments anytime, update details, etc., through the client portal. 
    • Customer Management: Get an overview of all customer interactions, purchase history, and upcoming meetings in your inbox (Gmail or Outlook).
    • Mobile App: Experience CRM & QuickBooks data at your fingertips utilizing an easy-to-use mobile app.
    • Financial Management: Manage, create, and organize invoices, purchase orders, bills, payments and more in a central place with easy access. 
    • Automation: Use Method:CRM’s feature schedules recurring reminders and sends messages directly. 
    • Email Marketing: Sync with Mailchimp within CRM to build email campaigns for customer engagement.
    • Reports: Custom reports to acquire actionable insights into overall real-time business performance.
    • Customization: Customizable fields, apps, and more to unlock endless possibilities and simplify the process.
    • Web Forms: Capture visitor information from the website to convert it into leads within the CRM.
    • Templates: Multiple pre-built templates for custom fields, calculations, transactions, and other conditions.

› What is the Subscription Package Cost Method:CRM Offers?

Method:CRM includes Contact Management, CRM Pro, & CRM Enterprise plans for a subscription. It costs $25-$74 per user/month, billed annually. You can also sign up for a 14-day free trial. Contact the sales team or visit the website for more information.

4. Close CRM - Sales Productivity CRM Software for Accountants

Close - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider Close CRM for Accountants?

There are reasons to prefer Close CRM for accountants: 1: easy-to-navigate interface, 2. incredible modern CRM to strengthen client relationships, and 3. outstanding customer support. There is another reason to choose Close CRM to boost the bottom line.

Close CRM focuses on delivering a tailored platform to meet the business objectives for better growth. It facilitates accountants or tax professinals to manage their financial documents, clients' information, and confidential documents with security measures. 

Close CRM encourages tax professionals or accounting firms to identify business opportunities using extensive features. Regarding security measures or customer support, Close CRM is a reliable software that keeps its customers on top.  

› What are The Core Features Close CRM Offers for Accountants?

    • Account Management: Use Close CRM to keep all emails, texts, notes, and call recordings in one place to build client relationships.
    • Tax & Accounting: Dynamic tax & accounting software to standardize and streamline processes to enhance accuracy.
    • File Storage: Securely manage, store, and track all client information in one centralized location with key people access.
    • Client communication: Send, receive, & manage clients' interactions, invoices, and documents in a single place to improve engagement.
    • Collaboration: Leave notes for teams across the organizations to meet the deadlines and improve productivity.
    • Automation: Automates the entire administrative tasks, reduces double entry, and lets accountants focus on prioritizing tasks.
    • Integrations: Seamless integration with third-party apps & tools to simplify the process.
    • Email: Effortless sync with Gmail, Outlook, or another app to interact with clients easily to deliver a personalized experience.

› What is the Subscription package Cost Close CRM Offers?

You can enjoy Close CRM subscription packages as per your business requirements. It includes Startup priced at $49 per user/monthly, Professional cost at $299 per 3 users/ monthly, and Enterprise at $699 per 5 users/monthly with annual billing. You can even consider it a 14-days free trial before investing. Please contact the sales team or visit the website to get more information.

5. Keap - Sales & Automation CRM for Accounting Professionals

Keap - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider Keap for Accountants?

As per our analysis, Keap lets accountants or tax professionals do more in less time to increase productivity. Its powerful automation converts busy work into billable work.

Accountants or accounting firms can concentrate on new business opportunities and nurture leads to convert them into clients using Keap’s robust tools. Keap facilitates segmentation for potential leads by asking clients to update their information at tax time with custom forms.

Keap allows accountants to connect with clients through seamless email text marketing tools during tax season or beyond. It assists accountants or bookkeepers in monitoring, analyzing, automating, and improving processes to achieve target results.

› What are The Core Features Keap Offers for Accountants?

    • Customer Data Storage: Store all relevant information, including project history, purchased services, interaction history, etc., with easy access.
    • Lead Generation: Identify business opportunities across online & offline channels and referral leads to generate more leads.
    • Customer Interactions: Interact with customers through multi-channels, email templates, and more to deliver personalized experiences.
    • Client Portal: Empower customer self-serve to gain valuable insights with relevant projects, invoices, updates, etc., to increase engagement.
    • Pipelines: Track sales process, clients' preferences, and more to gain complete visibility.
    • Payments Services: convenient online payment gateways for easy payments received or paid.
    • Scheduling: Set appointments, reminders, and client meetings based on availability quickly.
    • Mobile App: Stay connected with clients from anywhere, any time, using a dedicated mobile app.
    • Integrations: Seamless integrations with third-party apps or tools to connect with clients & data.

› What is the Subscription package Cost Keap Offers?

Subscribe to Keap packages, including Pro at $159 per 2 users/monthly and Max at $299 per 3 users/monthly with annual billing. In addition, the Pro & Max package includes 1500 and 2500 contacts. Please contact the sales team for in-depth details about the Max Classic subscription package. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial before investing. For more information, please visit the website. 

6. Bitrix24 - Cloud-based CRM for Accountants & Bookkeepers

Bitrix24 - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider Bitrix24 for Accountants?

Our thorough research shows that Bitrix24 is an all-rounder CRM for accountants and bookkeepers. It manages clients, hosts video conferences, sends invoices, plans tasks, and more in an organized way from a single platform. 

Bitrix24 is the best fit for small & large-scale accountants or accounting firms. It helps accountants or tax professionals strengthen customer retention and simplify quotes & invoicing processes. Customizable quotes & invoices can be sent to clients by adding all the related information & logos. 

With Bitrix24, combining all management tools in one place is easy. It facilitates accountants in utilizing tools to get benefits in all aspects by automating processes and aligning systems. 

› What are The Core Features Bitrix24 Offers for Accountants?

    • Communications: Empower clients with a wide range of communication tools, whether remote or not, like video conferences, voice calls, chats, etc.
    • Contact Management: Organize, store, track, & monitor all client information in one location with easy access. 
    • Collaboration: Enhance team collaboration by sharing relevant documents across teams.
    • Task Management: Automates task tracking and creates checklists, sub-tasks, and more to meet deadlines.
    • Calendars: Schedule appointments and plan routine tasks meetings with teams or users to streamline work processes.
    • Reports: Customizable reports to supervise task performance, project progress, and more. 
    • Documents Managements: Secure document management to manage all sensitive documents in cloud-based storage.
    • Integrations: Sync with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft, OneDrive, and more to simplify workflows.
    • Task Automation: Customizable task templates and automate recurring tasks through robotics automation.

› What is the Subscription package Cost Bitrix24 Offers?

Bitrix24 offers Free, Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise subscription packages with cloud-based and on-premises. It is priced at $0 with unlimited users & $399 with a minimum of 250 users/ monthly, billed yearly. You can enjoy its 30-day free trial. To get more details, please visit the website.

7. Insightly CRM - Core CRM for Professionals

Insightly - Best CRM For Accountants

› Why Do We Consider Insightly CRM for Accountants?

Insightly considered through accountants, bookkeepers, tax professionals, or other professionals due to its simplicity and strive to delight customers. It is a reliable partner to build lasting customer retention and growing the business globally.

Insightly assists accountants or tax professionals in streamlining their scattered workflows and retaining missed opportunities. It also enables accountants to automate the entire administrative & sales processes that drive them to focus on prioritized tasks.

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you can build your business profitably through Insightly CRM’s robust tools. If it's about a support system, Insightly delivers excellent customer support. Read Our Detailed review of Insightly CRM Software

› What are The Core Features Insightly CRM Offers for Accountants?

    • Pipeline Management: Insightly’s pipeline management tools that convert leads into opportunities and drive excellent ROI.
    • Lead Management: Store, manage, & capture leads across multiple channels to accelerate sales.
    • Marketing: Automate marketing campaigns to capture leads from the website and convert them into potential leads. 
    • Project Management: Manage all corresponding information and create graphical data visualizations to meet the deadlines. 
    • Collaborations: To improve productivity, share data across teams with accessible formats to keep them on the same page.
    • Integrations: Insightly AppConnect keeps everything integrated for a user-friendly interface.
    • Automation: Build automated workflow, emails, and templates to enhance productivity.
    • Email Templates: Pre-built email templates to send personalized emails and increase engagement. 
    • Contact Management: Get an overview of each contact's details in a centralized place with customized access. 
    • Task Management: Empower team efficiency by automating task-assigning sequences to close more deals faster.

› What is the Subscription package Cost Insightly CRM Offers?

Insightly offers various subscription packages, including Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. It is priced at $349 with 2 users, $899 with 5 users, and 2599 with 10 users/per month, billed annually, respectively. You can also benefit from its free CRM plan for up to 2 users. Its 14-days free trial is considerable before investing. Please contact the sales team or visit the website for more details.

Accountants & Bookkeepers CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is CRM Software for Accountants & Bookkeepers?

CRMs for accountants manage the relationship between a company and its customers and suppliers. Customers are given a personalized experience as they can interact with their account manager to discuss their requirements, ask for help, or get assistance.

Accountants' CRMs also help monitor key performance indicators such as customer satisfaction levels and social media activity to keep the business up-to-date with what is happening across all fronts. Customer relationship management software is available as a cloud-based system, as an on premise solution, or as a hybrid solution.

CRM software for accounting and bookkeeping is suitable for businesses of all sizes. It can help to optimize operations by giving the business access to real-time data regarding their accounts payable and receivable. A CRM for accountants can track the sales process, from allocating leads to paid invoices. This information helps businesses to measure performance against commitments and identify any weaknesses in existing processes before they become roadblocks.

Modern CRM software is one of the most highly sought-after IT industry tools. The CRM software keeps track of sales, customer profiles, and leads. It helps companies with their marketing campaigns, identify new prospects and track existing customers based on customer attitudes, purchases, and overall satisfaction.

This information helps businesses compare themselves to their competitors. It has also helped companies in specific sectors experiment with new service provision models. CRM software can help small businesses manage prospect lists, allowing them to create lead lists based on established criteria such as price or location. CRM software enables business owners to analyze customer data to introduce organizational changes that could benefit their business. This kind of software is ideal for companies that have to deal with a few hundred customers but who want to manage all of their transactions and keep track of their ongoing interactions with those customers.

Using the best CRM for bookkeepers and accountants can reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions, increase revenues and offer customers more personalized experiences to improve brand recognition through better customer communication.

» Why Does an Accounting Firm Need CRM Software?

An accounting firm is not just any company. The accounting firm must be able to help its clients with their taxes, look after their finances, and ensure they maximize everything they can earn. And while there are many ways to do this, a good way in which an accounting firm can do this is through accounting CRM software. By managing customer relations effectively and preventing tax evasion, accounting CRM software can help small businesses grow more than they ever could have on their own.

Having a good customer base is the most critical trait of a successful business. Without accounting CRM software, an accounting firm may not be able to manage the necessary information to get the leads they need. CRM software can help track all client contact information essential to keep in touch with clients and maintain relationships that will help your company continue to grow. Accounting CRM software can also help your company prevent tax evasion. Since tax evasion is one of the easiest ways for a small business to lose money, keeping track of any transactions you make with potential customers or clients is essential.

An accounting firm can use this technology to take notes during meetings with clients, which will help the accountant have a clearer understanding of their needs, as well as plan out how they will go about keeping the client happy and maximizing the amount of money that they could earn.

» Essential Features of CRM Software for Accountants and Bookkeepers:

› Contact management

CRM systems for accounting firms should allow for easy contact management. It should be easy for the user to save a new contact or update an existing one. What is needed is a way to store all the information about a given person in one place and then access that information quickly when making contact.

› Lead Management

When someone asks what CRM software does, they're probably wondering whether it will track their sales leads. The best way to handle this is by having some inbox where potential clients can send an email, including their name and phone number. That way, the inbox can be updated from a customer directly and through sales calls.

› Live Chat

In conjunction with the lead management feature is a need for a simple and easy-to-use live chat feature. It should not be too complicated, but it should not be difficult to figure out how to use it, either. You should be able to chat with most of your customers within the software and have that data located in one place, whether existing or potential clients. This way, you can track what they need and when they need it, so you're always there for them when needed.

› Tax Preparation

A CRM system for accounting firms should have a tax feature that your clients can use to find their favorite or most trusted bookkeepers. It's much easier to click on the link and fill out the information than to search for your accountant through the phone book or Google.

› Calendar Scheduling

While most accounting CRM software will have an essential calendar feature, there should be a way to schedule appointments with clients. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a simple way to ensure you can see them when they come in. There must also be a way for the client to check their schedule so they know when they're free or busy. If there's no easy way to schedule on the spot, you can do it before or after the appointment, but you should never forget an appointment because of scheduling issues.

› Workflow Management

This is like a customer lifecycle, where you'll see how they first became a client and through to their final sale. It should be seamless, easy to use and make sense even if you're not an accountant or bookkeeper. For example, the workflow can start with a lead, move on to an appointment, and end with a sale. That way, you can follow that customer through the entire process and never lose track of them.

› Interaction Tracking

You should also have some tracking system every time you contact your clients. This goes hand in hand with all the other features as well as helps your business grow. Whether it be an email, phone call, or even an actual in-person visit to your office, there should be a record of it so you can track how well you're doing. A tracking system should be available whenever your client receives something from you, whether a phone call or an email.

› Quote Delivery

Quotes can often make or break the sale. One way to do this is through some quote delivery system where the client is sent something via email or regular mail that explains what they're buying and how much it will cost them. The quote delivery system must also match workflow and contact management features. This way, if you're out on an appointment with a client, you can offer them a quote for their services. Additionally, if you can schedule future appointments with that same client, you can remind them about what they need and why it will cost them what it does.

› Automation

Whether it's CRM software or just a standalone software program that tracks your clients, some automation must help you make the most out of your business operations. Prospecting is often a very time-consuming activity. That's why automation is so important. One way to do this is through some lead generation software that will automatically send out emails and phone calls to people you're interested in working with. Don't be afraid of automation. It can make your life much easier and allow you to focus on the big picture instead of the small details.

› Easy Integration

The best CRM software for accounting practice should allow easy integration with other software programs and customer relationship management tools. This way, you can quickly and easily transfer data, like customers and leads, from one program to another.

› Data Collecting Tools

It's crucial to keep up with the ever-changing way people use technology, and your best CRM software provider should allow you to collect the data you need quickly and efficiently. There are various ways of doing this, whether through simple forms or a more complex system. The important thing is that it works, so you don't have to spend much time reinventing the wheel whenever new information needs to be added or updated.

› Reports

You should also be able to take advantage of tools that help with financial reporting. This is something you'll need to know if you're going to expand your business and reach a larger audience. For example, if you've become too busy, there should be some report that suggests what other services or products you might want to add. The information tells you what people want and helps you tailor your business based on their needs, not just what they want.

› Analytics

Suppose you're going to make your business more profitable. In that case, it's vital for accounting CRM software providers to offer a wide range of analytics and metrics for analyzing your business data in an easy way that makes sense.

» Benefits of CRMs for Accountants & Bookkeepers

› More Customer interaction

A CRM will help you stay in touch with your customers more efficiently, thereby increasing the number of potential sales opportunities. CRM for accounting agencies can also help you communicate better with other business partners, giving your company a competitive edge.

› Automated marketing campaigns

CRMs provide a wealth of data that can be analyzed to create automated marketing campaigns and product recommendations. This can be game-changing for small business owners struggling to keep up with today's online shopper demands.

› Easy Payroll

Today, many small businesses are hiring freelancers or subcontractors, who then work remotely and aren't eligible for traditional payroll services offered by companies. With an integrated payroll system, bookkeepers can run their payrolls in one place and keep track of workers' hours, pay stubs, and other forms of documentation.

› Integrated task management

Many small business owners struggle with how to organize the ever-expanding number of tasks they are faced with daily. CRM for accounting agencies provide the ability to manage information like receipts, receipt data, documents, and reports allowing bookkeepers to stay organized and on top of their accounts payable status.

› Accurate Management

Accurate management is the foundation of small business success. With CRM technology, small business owners can track revenue, manage cash flow and identify trends in sales data that can help them pinpoint profitable opportunities and areas where they can cut costs to stay profitable.

» How to choose the best CRM for Accounting Firms

› Cloud-based v Desktop based

One of the first things you'll have to consider is whether the free CRM for accountants will be used online or on a desktop computer. This may not be an issue for some accounting firms, but it's essential to understand that if you choose a cloud-based CRM, it can be accessed from anywhere and typically work more smoothly because they don't require installation. More importantly, this doesn't mean you have to give up on owning your software when you choose a cloud-based CRM.

› Size of your firm

Determining your company's size and how many people will use the software at any given time during the day. If you have a small staff, CRM software for accounting firms designed for a single user might work best. But if your firm is more prominent or has multiple employees using the system, consider opting for something intended for use by several users.

› Cost

Price is usually one of the main factors in an accounting firm's decision about what software to use. Cloud-based CRMs are often more affordable than the software you'll need to purchase upfront. And this is an essential consideration because small businesses are particularly susceptible to financial setbacks from poor management of their finances.

› Change in management

How easily the software can be updated as your firm grows. Smaller accounting firms may not need an ongoing update, but they should be aware of whether or not they'll have to make significant changes down the road. Likewise, large corporations should look for something that will accommodate them as their staff grows over time and changes in departmental responsibilities mean more employees from different areas of the company are simultaneously working on the same project.

› Features

The last thing to consider is whether more features are worth more money or give you access to software that will allow you to customize it as much as possible. So, if you're interested in extra tools such as marketing and customer service features, this could work in your favor.

» Conclusion

This was all about choosing the best CRM software for accountants and bookkeepers. It is necessary to make an informed decision while purchasing accounting CRM software. You must select a CRM that does various functions, including contact management, lead management, tax preparation, scheduling calendars, and managing workflow. Also, you need to consider the size of your accounting firm and then choose the best. Having a good CRM will enhance your customer experience and generate effective campaigns. Therefore, make sure that you keep in mind all the considerations before choosing.