10 Best CRM Software for Freelancers (Free & Paid)

Are you a freelancer wondering whether you require a CRM? The answer to your question is yes. If you seek CRM software in freelancing, you must go for freelancer CRM software or CRM software for solopreneurs. CRM in freelancing is an application designed for centralizing customer interactions, transactions, and projects and monitoring the sources of revenue in a single platform. CRM in freelancing helps you to master customer lifecycle with intelligence, automated streamlining of operations, better collaboration, improved workflow with project management, boost your profits with reports and analytics, helps you to be organized, and maintains a centralized database on client information and other aspects. Furthermore, you can also automate tasks like data entry or certain correspondences like email or message confirmation. If you are looking for more information, do thorough research on the list of best CRM software for freelancers now!


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List of Top CRM Software For Freelancers & Solopreneurs


1. Pipedrive – Best CRM Software for Freelancers

Our Score 98/100

About Pipedrive: Pipedrive is the best CRM software for any sized business. With a clear dashboard, easy-to-use features, and an expansive library of integrations with other apps, it’s the perfect CRM for anyone who wants to be more productive with their business strategies. Pipedrive provides the easiest way to manage your business and customer relationships. With its intuitive interface, advanced filtering tools, and powerful reporting capabilities, this CRM eliminates a lot of the hassles that come with keeping up with current opportunities.

Pipedrive Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“Using Pipedrive’s CRM is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We’ve seen our annual revenue explode, and the outlook just keeps getting sunnier” – Mitchell Workman

Pipedrive Reviews


United Kingdom

501 – 1000


$15.00 /month



2400+ Reviews


1500+ Reviews

HoneyBook - Best CRM for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

2. HoneyBook – All-in-one software for freelancers

Our Score 98/100

About HoneyBook: Honeybook is a fully-featured client and financial management software designed to serve small businesses. The software helps users simplify their business by providing tools like billing, contracts, and client communication that streamline the payment process in one place. In addition, automated payment and task reminders can be created based on the project.

HoneyBook CRM Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“There haven’t been tools as comprehensive as HoneyBook. It opened up the possibilities for me. Things change all the time and you need something dynamic that you can change on the fly. HoneyBook really replaces a need to have any physical documents and is way more interactive.” – Jennifer Domenick

HoneyBook Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$39.00 /month



500+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

Zendesk Sell - Best CRM for Solopreneurs

3. Zendesk Sell – Leading CRM Solution for Freelancers

Our Score 98/100

About Zendesk Sell: Zendesk Sell CRM is a powerful customer support and sales software. It helps businesses optimize their customer experience, increase revenue and improve profitability. Some of the features include: email marketing automation, lead management, task management, chat functionality, and more. Features are built for both inbound and outbound customer interactions – whether on the phone or through emails alone. It is compatible with different languages, so it’s accessible to everyone! Zendesk Sell CRM is an investment that will pay off in the long run by increasing your business’ competitive edge among others who don’t use this software.

Zendesk Sell Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“We are using Zendesk Sell and Support to give our sales and support teams everything they need in one platform. They are able to effectively and efficiently collaborate and improve the customer experience.” – Bonni Poch

Zendesk Sell Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


$49.00 /month



3100+ Reviews


400+ Reviews

Bigin by Zoho CRM - Best CRM Software for Freelancers

4. Bigin by Zoho CRM – Begin your journey as a freelancer with Bigin

Our Score 97/100

About Bigin by Zoho CRM: Bigin By Zoho CRM is a one-stop solution to manage and boost customer relationships. With the help of bigin, you can easily automate your workflow by sending personalized emails and tracking multiple projects with the help of various pipelines. A unique feature of this CRM is the stage transition rules, which makes it helpful in meeting the requirements of a project undertaken by your company. You can easily automate repetitive tasks and track progress with the customizable dashboard.

Bigin by Zoho CRM Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“With Bigin I put the process in place just once, saving me 5 minutes per lead. Earlier I had to write the contact and company, and look up the company website. Now, I’m really happy about the automation. It’s a huge time saver.” – Lennard Timm

Bigin by Zoho CRM Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



120+ Reviews


80+ Reviews

Freshsales - Best CRM For Freelancers

5. Freshsales – CRM System software for Freelancers

Our Score 97/100

About Freshsales: Freshsales CRM is a sales CRM designed to be used with Gmail and Google Calendar. It helps you keep in touch with your prospects and manage your meetings from Gmail. Freshsales CRM is integrated perfectly into Gmail, which means you can use all the features of Gmail without having to switch to an additional window or program when checking emails. You can also manage your contact details and create sales campaigns and reminders with the help of Gmail and Google Calendar.

Freshsales Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“As soon as we were given a demo of Freshsales, we knew it would resolve some of our most pressing sales challenges, to begin with. In fact, after a short set-up period and minimal training, we were able to hit the ground running from Day 1. And it hasn’t disappointed till today.” – Jean-Philippe Thiery

Freshsales Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000


Not provided by vendor



500+ Reviews


900+ Reviews

Bitrix24 - Best Free CRM For Freelancers

6. Bitrix24 – Free CRM System For Freelancers

Our Score 97/100

About Bitrix24: Bitrix24 CRM is a web-based CRM software marketed as an all-inclusive solution that can be used by small and large enterprises. It can customize its interface to specific business needs. Bitrix24’s users have access to a suite of powerful CRM tools and other publishing and collaboration options for personal and business use. It features social media & email marketing technology that enables users to build trusting relationships and track their interactions.

Bitrix24 Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“Bitrix24 CRM is an excellent tool for improving interaction with your customers, as it includes instruments for creating reports and analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, so that you can gain a clear insight into your company’s results and know whether or not your efforts are paying off.” – Üwen Ergün

Bitrix24 Reviews


United States

51 – 200


$61.00 /month



500+ Reviews


400+ Reviews

Flowlu - Free CRM For Freelancers

7. Flowlu – Best Free CRM For Freelancers

Our Score 97/100

About Flowlu: Flowlu CRM is a social business management software that facilitates customer engagement. It helps managers get what they want from their employees through communication, collaboration, and analysis to increase profits. Flowlu provides a platform for career development by making information about employees and customer data accessible to everyone. The flow of information will help businesses grow in an environment focused on sales, customer service, quality, and efficiency. Flowlu CRM can be used by small and medium enterprises or large companies to eliminate costly mistakes like miscommunication and wasted time.

Flowlu Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“This application is really useful and has multiple features to facilitate the management of any company. The use of this program within the company has brought many benefits, it allows you to perform different tasks more quickly, saves a lot of time, as it eliminates the need for consecutive supervisions.” – Marie D.

Flowlu Reviews


United Arab Emirates

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



270+ Reviews


190+ Reviews

Bonsai - Best CRM Software For Freelancers

8. Bonsai – Manage your own digital workspace and client list.

Our Score 96/100

About Bonsai: Are you a freelance business owner who struggles to maintain an organized digital workspace and client list? Then, at Bonsai, your struggles will come to an end. Bonsai offers a variety of tools to help you manage everything from prospects to projects to contracts to payments. CRM software for freelancers includes client management, project organization, and collaboration with other companies.

Bonsai Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“I’ve been a Bonsai user for years. It has allowed me to grow my career as a fulltime freelancer especially with the ease of making contracts and collecting payments. Thanks, Bonsai for understanding what freelancers need at every stage of their freelance career.” – Diane Serra

Bonsai Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



10+ Reviews


50+ Reviews

Clientjoy - Best CRM System For Freelancers

9. Clientjoy – Become a master Multi-tasker while keeping your Clients happy

Our Score 96/100

About Clientjoy: A successful online business relies heavily on customer relationship management. In this scenario, Clientjoy plays a critical role as a one-stop CRM software for freelancers and small businesses. Businesses can seamlessly manage pipelines, contacts, emails, mobile apps, client portals, and calendar bookings with automation tools. This way, you won’t have to switch between platforms; everything takes place under one roof, and keeping your clients happy will be a breeze.

Clientjoy Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“As a small non-profit helping children in Nepal & India (Namaste-Welfare), we are so happy to be able to use Clientjoy to manage our Leads & Clients, but also, Proposals & Invoicing, all centralized in 1 system. We could not think about living without it anymore! Highly recommended!” – Yannick Jolliet

Clientjoy Reviews

Pivoting Softwares


11 – 50


$129.00 one-time



08 Reviews


20+ Reviews

Evolved Metrics CRM - Best CRM Solution For Freelancers

10. Evolved Metrics CRM – Best CRM for Freelancers

Our Score 96/100

About Evolved Metrics CRM: Evolved Metrics CRM provides a seamless, connected customer experience. From modern, mobile-friendly technology to powerful, insightful reporting and an all-inclusive set of features, their dynamic customer service software has been engineered to help you dominate your market by fully connecting with your customers. Evolved Metrics gives your team a single system of record that speeds up collaboration, simplifies service, and helps you drive revenue growth. You can communicate with customers, manage every lead and case in your pipeline, and manage the entire customer relationship lifecycle.

Evolved Metrics CRM Features: Work Organization, Communication Management, Quote Management, Document Management, Contact Management, Proposal Management, Project Management, Notifications, Time Tracking, Billing and Invoicing, Task Management, Reporting & Analytics

“We used Salesforce in the past and moved over to Evolved Metrics’ CRM because it is simpler, easier to navigate and most importantly we have a real person we can talk to about any challenges.” – Justin from Questor Technology

Evolved Metrics CRM Reviews

Evolved Metrics


02 – 10


$25.00 /month



00 Reviews


00 Reviews

Freelancers CRM Software Buyer’s Guide

» What is a CRM for Freelancers?

CRM software is a vital tool in a freelancer's kit and can be significant. But what exactly is CRM for freelancers? It's a system of software tools that helps freelancers organize their time, clients, and expenses. It can also help you keep track of the work you do and receive from your clients.

All-in-one CRM for freelancers is a customer relationship management system. It's built to help your business track what is going on with your clients and customers so that you can better provide service. There are different CRMs for different industries and purposes. They all have the same general goals: To keep your clients happy and engaged, provide strategic insights about the customer, or manage multiple contacts efficiently.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong in your business. You might have outsourced projects, you may have canceled them, or you may be getting warnings that specific clients are "unreliable." The only way to identify these issues is to keep a record of them, create alerts for various situations that may arise, and give you the ability to do something about them. Without a CRM system for freelancers, this will be a lot harder than it should be.

You should be able to update information about these situations quickly and contact the client if they are not meeting the standards you have set. There might even be times when you need to find a new client to make more money. That way, you won't suffer from losing one client or business-related issue.

If your business is relatively new, keeping track of clients and customers may take a little more effort than usual. It's not like having clients for years, but for a freelancer or small business owner, keeping track of all their contacts would be much harder than it has to be. Although there will be many more ways to avoid losing business on the internet, you will have a lot more competition and new clients popping up daily.

For example, if you only have one contact email address on your website, someone could replace you with another freelancer or a small business owner. This means that being able to keep track of who has contacted you and how often will give you the advantage over competitors who may not be as experienced in business as yourself and can do all this tracking through the best CRM software for freelancers rather than having to check emails on their computer manually.

» Features of CRM for freelancers

CRM software is a system that individuals and companies use to manage contacts and customer relationships. To succeed in business today, it is not enough to work hard; instead, it is needed to work smart; you have to communicate with your customers and tease customer loyalty effectively.

› The ability to assign tasks via email or mobile apps

Best CRMs for freelancers should allow you to give tasks via email and track the status of these assignments so you know what have been done and what remains to be done. It is also essential to be able to set reminders for each task so that you are reminded about what still needs doing.

› The ability to access data from anywhere

With the mobile app, you should be able to access the customer database even when you are not on your computer. If a customer contacts you by phone, email, or mail and wants a callback, you can record this information immediately.

› Ease of use and navigation

The best CRMs for freelancers and solopreneurs should be designed to be easy for employees to use, especially if other departments within the company use them. In simple words, it should have a friendly user interface so everyone can easily use and manage the software.

› Easy access and email alerts

With the best CRMs for freelancers, people can easily access the data stored in the system. There should also be an easy way to view the data and email alerts when there is a new message or status update on the database.

› Powerful reporting features

The best CRM software for freelancers should have powerful reporting features so that you can look at data about a particular group of customers or projects. It must quickly generate reports so that you can draw quick analyses and make decisions.

› Third-party integration

Another way you can use your CRM systems to benefit your business is by integrating them with other systems such as accounting, inventory, and other tracking methods.

› Easy sharing of information

CRM systems for freelancers should easily share information about customers and projects with others within the company. This could be through spreadsheets, which you can import into the CRM or a web portal. You should also be able to share this information with anyone outside your company so they can easily access it.

› Data Security

The best CRMs for freelancers will indeed have the best security features. This means that the data on your database is protected from IT and other issues that could cause harm to your business.

› Create templates

If you want to automate things, you should create templates so that new contacts can automatically be added to the database based on their details. This could be a plate for customer contact, an email template, or a project contact.

» Benefits of CRM System for Freelancers

CRM systems can help freelancers organize their businesses and reduce maintenance costs. A CRM allows freelancers to manage their projects more efficiently and command more clients by tracking them in one convenient location- their computer screen. To set up your CRM account, you must find a service provider like HubSpot or Salesforce so that you can enjoy these benefits.

› Increases productivity:

A CRM system can help you increase your productivity by improving your workflow. Using CRM software for freelancers, you can keep track of all projects, clients, and activities you must do for each project. And the best thing about it is that it ensures you don't forget to keep up with your work.

› Helps to Grow Your Business:

CRM software for freelancers to build their businesses faster while increasing their income. You can also connect with other companies so they will be aware of what services you offer them, and in return, they might recommend you to their friends or clients looking for freelancer service providers like yourself. This way, your business will grow and reach new heights in no time.

› Helps to Improve your Work Productivity and Satisfaction:

By tracking your work productivity, you can determine whether you are working efficiently or not. If you meet your headlines every time, your work will be more productive, and as a result, you will be happier. But if you fail to meet the deadlines, your productivity will decrease, and a lot of stress will pile up.

› CRM system helps determine possible freelancers:

Many people will come forward when you start new or old projects, claiming they can be a good match for the job. But you don't want to take and hire the first person who claims they are the best match. However, if you have CRM software, it can help you determine whether they are the best fit for the job. This will save you time in terms of not hiring and finding someone who is a bad fit for the job.

› Helps to track up projects:

Even though there might be some uncertainty regarding when a specific task will begin and how long it will take before its completion, keeping track of this information can still be beneficial as freelancers how much time is left until their next project commences. This way, you can pan in advance and ensure you do not run out of time before it's completed.

› Don’t avoid unwanted tasks:

Clients or employers might approach you with a job that is not of interest to you, and in return, they might ask for a percentage of the end deal. But if this happens too often, it won't be easy to turn down the people who want to hire you. And by maintaining track of these kinds of jobs, you will easily avoid getting into these kinds of situations too often.

» How to Choose the Best CRM Software for Freelancers?

CRM software for freelancers is designed for individuals to track their interactions with others. It has become a dispensable tool for everyone who needs to manage their contacts, appointments, and tasks efficiently. CRM software for freelancers differs from other CRMs because it concentrates solely on the most critical aspects of business management: relationships between contacts, sales activities, and daily work tasks.

› On cloud or in-house CRM: what to choose?

Deciding on the correct software is only half the problem. It would be best to choose whether to host it on your server or deploy it on the cloud. Choose a hosted CRM if you have stringent data security and privacy regulations, have no time for complex installation and maintenance procedures, and plan to use this software only by a few users without adding new ones later.

On-cloud CRMs are typically more expensive than traditional on-premise ones but are easy-to-use, frequently updated, and there's no need for theirs for storage space and data backups. You can install them on your server or the cloud; it's up to you. Depending on your business needs, it would help if you choose between in-house and cloud CRM software.

› Several features: do you need all or only a few?

Most CRM software for freelancers has dozens of features. Products with fewer features are usually more affordable, but they might not be effective for your business. To choose the perfect CRM software, you should understand precisely what your business needs and how many of these features are necessary for it to flourish. This is undoubtedly the best solution if you can find software with everything you want in one product. Otherwise, your needs will determine which components should be purchased separately and how much the total price will cost.

› Scalability; what will happen to your data if the system grows?

Web-based CRMs provide enormous technological growth and scalability opportunities but don't always allow take advantage of them. When choosing a web-based CRM software, you need to decide whether you want to: fully control your database operations (especially backup), connect it to any server with an already existing database, store your data on a cloud storage service or rely on the private server hosting provider's significant factor if you plan to expand your business and if you hope that this software works in the future.

› Cost: is it right for you?

The main factors influencing the overall cost of CRM software are the number of users, licenses, and maintenance fees. You should ensure you have enough budget to purchase high-quality software. When you are evaluating your products, please take into account: the cost of hosting your web-based system (you can host it on the cloud or your server), free updates for one year, and additional support during this period, monthly fees (one-time or monthly) for the technical support department. Spend time comparing costs to see which package is more affordable for your needs

» How much does CRM Software for Freelancers Cost?

If you're a freelancer who works remotely as part of a team, then CRM software is an absolute must. It will allow you to track your progress and give you vital information when deciding on your next project. Freelancers have plenty of options at every stage of their careers, from beginners to experienced freelancers who want to improve their work process and build a client base.

Which option is right for you? What kind of budget can you realistically allocate? These are the kind of questions that will determine which CRM software app is right for you and the price. So, how much does CRM software cost? Should you be spending more than $200? Can a free one do the job just as well or perhaps even better than a paid-for one? All these questions pop up in my mind. To start, make a list of features and then choose the best CRM for your freelancing business. The CRM usually costs between $5-$200 / month. It is cheap from other large-scale CRMs, which are usable by a group of people.

» Conclusion

Many CRM software companies offer free trials, so you should look around to determine which provides the most value to you. It is essential to know before buying a CRM system that you are likely to pay a lot of money for the software, but it does have great benefits. So, if you choose one for yourself and your company, it will be wise to invest in one and make sure you use it well. These systems are designed so people can use them comfortably; to do that, they need to understand how they work, what benefits they offer, and how to use them effectively.