List of 10 Best Retail Management Software 2023 (Free & Paid)

list of top Retail Management Systems

If you have a retail business, you can understand that producing items and taking them to the right people involves a lot of steps. Retail management is the link that bridges the customers and the merchandise they want, and the retail management system is the platform that integrates the tools to run a retail management business.

A retail management system software includes tools and technologies like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (Point of Sale), and inventory management.

It is the one platform that has all the business processes and activities an online business owner needs. From buying goods to storing, managing the sales and delivery- retail management systems POS cover them all. A retail management system software enables a retailer to control hardware, database, application, telecommunication, and all other back-ends technical support they need.

Some POS software provides an all-around solution while some focus on a single aspect. If you have invested in some individual software, you can avail yourself of the retail management software that offers a specific retail management solution. Otherwise, the all-in-one solutions are more beneficial to you to manage.


    • Helps to evaluate manufacturer's marketing initiative
    • Calculate storage risks
    • Makes the shopping experience hassle-free for the customers
    • Helps in the delivery of end-product
    • Stores goods according to market requirement
    • Analyzes data and predicts the market, etc.


A store management system comes with many benefits, like-

    • It makes the transaction process fast and easy
    • The CRM features stores the retailer store information about their customers to strategize promotions accordingly
    • It analyzes the data quickly and shares KPIs for users viewable directly
    • It integrates much other software like eCommerce websites, payment gateways, to give the users a smooth experience
    • It keeps track of all the current stock and warns about refilling

If you have an online retailing business or thinking of starting up soon, having an RMS solution is necessary for this day and age.

Here are the 8 best Retail Management Software for you to choose from

Top Retail Management Software

1. LS Retail

LS Retail best Retail Management Software

LS Retail is one of the most prominent RMS leaders in the industry. This POS (Point of Sale) Software is known as a singular software platform for all your business needs. It guides you by presenting the POS solution perfect for your business and gives a free demo of it. Its expert help can be beneficial to you while setting up the system for the first time and getting their assistance throughout your journey of retail management. LS Retail can fulfill your business needs whether your niche is apparel, furniture, grocery, pet store, electronic, or even travel retail.


    • Helps you analyze data quickly and accurately
    • Adjust according to your customer needs
    • Reports on store performance and sales
    • Provides detailed profit and cost statements and balance sheet analysis
    • Allocate products and items optimally


    • Manages all parts of your business from a single platform
    • Offers seamless experience to your customers
    • Reduces risks by analyzing the KPIs
    • It helps you refill the stock in time
    • Help you manage staff effectively and reduces the training time


LS express POS will cost you $99 per month, and it will give you access to unlimited staff login and unlimited products in the catalog. This RMS software bills you every month and lets you deal with all your employees and manage products from any part of the world.

It also offers some additional packages like team members- $8, lay per POS $9, essentials user at $70.

Why LS Retail?

This Cloud POS Software has got its global exposure through its offices that are located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Its connection with local people and culture lets you have a deeper understanding of your customers and adjust your retail business according to it. It helps you streamline your financial processes and grow your revenue. So you should give it a thought if you are wondering which software to try out first.

2. Square for Retail

Square for Retail best Retail Management Software

Square is designed to make your selling and customer experience smooth and seamless. This grocery store management system focuses on giving you the best exposure so you can sell in your eCommerce store and offline shops. It is also an all-in-one platform and is equipped with all the tools you might need in your retail business.


    • It helps you manage your inventory
    • Manage both offline and online selling
    • Provides a singular platform to manage your team, payroll, and reports
    • It lets you apply for a limited business loan and manage your finances
    • Its compatibility with hardware gives your customers a seamless experience even while buying from a store
    • Manage all your employees along with their unique passcodes and reporting hours.


    • Helps you provide the best experience to your customers
    • Lets your products discover across all Google platforms like Google search, Google images, Google Maps, etc.
    • Have a buyer profile for each of your customers and build your marketing strategy with the specific information
    • Get detailed sales report


As a retail POS system, Square offers a free plan for people just starting a business. It comes with a free online store, basic inventory features, and unlimited product listing.

The Plus subscription helps you with team management and makes advanced inventory and sales reports. It will cost you $60.

The Premium subscription has additional services like account management, Square loyalty, Square marketing, Square payroll, etc. Its prices are determined by judging your particular needs.

Why Square for retail?

The exposure to Google platforms is the most attractive part of Square, along with the improved customer experience. It is your first choice if you have both an offline and online store.

3. Vend

Vend best Retail Management Software

The cloud storage system lets you manage your business from an iPad, MAC, or even a Windows PC. It enables you to create a system for each part of your retail business. This Point of Sale Software ensures your stocks are refilled in time and tracks the cost of each product to present the holistic data to you.


    • It provides real-time reporting with cloud-storage
    • Easy to set up, even on your own
    • You can use it from anywhere in the world if you have access to the internet.
    • Suitable for many genres of retailing like homeware, sports, fashion and boutique, food and drink, hobbies, and beauty stores
    • Works with most existing hardware


    • Automates reordering to fill the stocks for the customers in time
    • Vend comes with a free demo or tour to have a clear understanding of the software
    • It values the security of your business
    • It gives you up-to-date reports all the time
    • This system offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card number.


The Lite version starts from just $99 a month and is best for small businesses. It does not deduct any transaction fee.

For small to medium businesses which have different locations and need integrations, the Pro plan is the best choice. It comes with $129 per month and offers promotional cards, eCommerce channels, etc.

The enterprise version is for large companies, and they tailor the packages suitable to their unique needs.

Why Vend?

Its wide variety of features and quality customer support makes Vend a popular retail management system . It does not cost you a fortune yet covers all the areas of your business.

4. Retail Pro

retailpro best Retail Management Software

Retail Pro is specially curated to save your precious energy with its cutting-edge POS system. You can access the platform from your phone, laptop, desktop, and it is available on iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. Retail Pro has a vast clientele from 130 countries and works in different fields of retail management.


    • Compliant with the taxes of various countries
    • Provides free access to all the software updates
    • Offers end-to-end integration with different tools
    • Available on iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems
    • Simple pricing method
    • It has deep store management functionality


    • You can request a consultation for free
    • The content parts are fully translatable to give you a global exposure
    • Replenishes inventory automatically
    • Gives detailed KPI reports
    • It helps you manage customers and employees easily
    • Can support your business on a global platform


You can set up your business and start at $129 per month for a single location. For each user in a single location, the cost will be an additional $99 per month. You can adjust your pay accordingly when you are growing your business gradually.

Why Retail Pro?

The massive reach of Retail Pro is a sound reason to include this in our list. Also, the customizability of this software and its integrated data gives it a push above the rest. If you are planning to open stores in different parts of the world, this is the best choice for you.

5. NetSuite

NetSuite best Retail Management Software

From garments, books, and beauty supplies to furniture, home goods, sporting equipment, automobile parts, and personal care- NetSuite covers all nooks and corners of retail management for you. This helps you to make strategies, track your finance and give your customers a smooth journey throughout.


    • Get real-time business insights across your phones, laptops, and desktop
    • Its powerful money management system gives you a detailed overview of your financial position and provides a relevant report
    • Its omnichannel POS system helps you win customer loyalty.
    • Efficiently manages stock, so your customers get a constant supply of goods they want to purchase.
    • Suitable for all kinds of retail business


    • Lets the customers buy and return goods from any part of the world
    • Cloud-based storage helps you access the information from anywhere
    • It lets you connect with your customers individually- not just with channels
    • Builds trust of your customers by presenting a consistent and personalized branding
    • Integrates with QuickBooks, Microsoft, and other platforms to give you a complete experience of retail management.


NetSuite does not believe in any one-size-fits-all pricing. It tailors its pricing according to the particular business needs. The number of stores you have, the number of products, and other factors play a crucial role in determining its price. So contact its website to get a quote for your requirement.

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite covers all the software features you might need in your business. As a shop inventory management software , it supports your business in all parts, like CRM, order management, finance, inventory, and business intelligence. So it is a good choice for any retail business you might have.

6. Brightpearl

Brightpearl best Retail Management Software

The creators designed Brightpearl in a way to ease your omnichannel selling. It integrates all sides of your business like marketing, selling, adjusting to market needs, and customer satisfaction and provides a wholesome solution for you.


    • Integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Amazon, eBay, Xero, Walmart, and QuickBooks, etc
    • Handles all the shipping, purchasing, accounting, supplier management parts of eCommerce
    • Uses POS, CRM, retail intelligence to build trust in your customers and convert them to retainers
    • Offers 24/7 tech support
    • Its agility lets you adapt to the current situation of your business


    • Ideal for physical stores as well as online stores
    • Connects all parts of the processing like orders, inventory, suppliers, finance
    • Provides actionable insights from your real-time database
    • Automate all your operations to have a seamless retailing


Brightpearl order management solution is valid for up to 1500 orders per month, and it comes with unlimited tech support, automated shifting, profit & loss statements, and more.

The Brightpearl plan is for monthly orders of more than 1500. It has a dedicated customer success manager, success planning facility, API access, multichannel programs, etc.

You can get a quote for each of the plans once you submit the basic information about your organization there.

why Brightpearl?

Brightpearl increases your efficiency manifold by atomizing many operations and gives you an array of software and tools for integration. You can run your business without constant involvement from your side and give your customers a seamless experience.

7. Aptos

aptos best Retail Management Software

Over 1000 brands have benefitted from Aptos. Its treasured clientele includes Adidas, Sephora, L.L.Bean, etc. Its top-notch technologies and automated recommendations have been helping businesses across the globe and make it easy to maximize revenue with the minimum effort and involvement.


    • Forecast and plan inventory so your merchandise can never get out of stock
    • Improve the connection of each part of the supply chain to give a smooth process
    • Provides similar shopping experience throughout all channels, devices, and touchpoints
    • Gives data-driven pricing suggestions to make profitable and satisfying pricing for your customers


    • Its integrated advanced CRM features turn browsers into buyers
    • Builds up customer loyalty through omnichannel marketing
    • It gives you detailed insights into your business and analytics to help you make more accurate strategizing
    • Get recommendations for discounts and other offers during clearance


Aptos pricing is also not fixed. You have to submit the basic details of your companies to get the pricing models tailored for your unique needs. You can request a free quote from their website.

Why Aptos?

Aptos come in handy while determining the pricing of each product for your business. You can see a considerable boost in your revenue and plan your inventory and CRM strategies accordingly. It also gives you a free demo to help you understand the workings of its features.

8. Cin7

CIN7 best Retail Management Software

Cin7 has a vast clientele for over 20 countries, and its data-based recommendations help you manage your business by stocking the necessary inventory and not stocking too much stuff. It lets you sell from both online and offline stores and manage all of them swiftly. It is one of the best retail management system software for small businesses.


    • Offers integrations with Shopify, Amazon, Xero, Salesforce, and Quickbooks
    • It connects all your platforms in one place
    • Collects your sales data automatically and do not need manual data entry
    • It is fully customizable


    • It increases your efficiency by connecting your sales channels, stock locations, warehouses, etc
    • It helps you automate your workflow and make the process faster
    • You can also get an in-depth analysis of your finances
    • Its advanced CRM technology helps you grow your customers


Cin7 offers different prices for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. The plan for small businesses starts from $299 per month, and it includes all inventory modules for two users.

The business plan is for fast-growing businesses, and it starts from $539 a month. It offers five users and four standard connections.

The advanced plan is for $999 per month and eight users, a customer success manager, multiple B2B stores, etc, and helps you manage and scale your business further.

why Cin7?

From showing off the products in the catalog to helping you sell by using CRM and POS technologies and delivering the orders- Cin7 gives you a wholesome experience for your business. It is ideal for your small or medium business to grow your revenue and help you take the next step of your business.


All these RMS systems are the best in their services. You can check their specific features to find out which suits your exact business needs. You can also calculate or ask for a quote from different websites to check which one is more profitable for your business.

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