Top 10+ Construction Management Software In 2019

With the expansion of real estate, construction companies require a construction management software that helps these companies manage details related to construction work. A construction management software helps in planning, costing and estimating time of a construction project. In recent years, construction project management software went all the way from desirable to essential requirement of a construction business, having in mind that it is almost impossible to liaise with contractors and track progress without one. A construction software provides real-time access to construction scheduling, documents, change orders, photos, warranty management, etc. Construction is a task-driven business and construction project management software plans it accordingly. If you are into the construction business, you should consider having one of the top construction software for better productivity. Below is the list of top-rated construction management software, by SoftwareWorld, for you to decide and own.

Best Construction Management Software

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List of Best Construction Management Software With Ratings & Reviews

1. Procore – Construction project management suite

Our Score 99/100

About Procore : Procore has been one of the most talked about construction management software in the last few years. The reason is not just the quality rich features but the efficiency it provides to the project management team. Construction companies can manage multiple construction projects with ultimate visibility and without going remote. Procore ensures quality and safety by mitigating real-time risks and accessing data just a click away. Labour Management, Financial management, Time management are other important features that make Procore leading software.

Procore Construction Management Features : Accounting Integration, Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management

“Builder’s Club is a great information sharing and educational platform disguised in a fun, interactive package. Coupled with a bit of friendly competition amongst peers and the opportunity to earn rewards—what’s not to like?” – ANDY SCHULLER

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543 Reviews

2. HeavyBid – Estimating software for the construction industry

Our Score 98/100

About HeavyBid : HeavyBid is an offering from the HCSS Solutions for the estimators and construction companies. HeavyBid is designed to estimate and bid work across civil industries that include underground, earthwork, mining, pipeline, plants, and heavy construction work. Every construction work begins with estimating the cost incurred in complete work process. HeavyBid helps in quickly import data, build estimate, analyze quotes, compute quotes, calculate and elaborate structures, consider production history and pass on information to the concern companies.

HeavyJob Construction Management Features : Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Contractors, Subcontractor Management

“Fantastic for entering man/equipment hours, daily reports, and notes. The field easily enters their daily crew information which eventually is imported into our payroll system. HCSS has worked well with the past two payroll systems we’ve had. Great reporting options.” – Krista L.

HeavyBid Reviews


United States

201 – 500


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482 Reviews


8 Reviews

3. EZOfficeInventory – Asset Tracking and Maintenance Software

Our Score 97/100

About EZOfficeInventory : Asset tracking is equally important for a company involved in construction business. EZOfficeInventory is one of the best asset tracking software that not only tracks complete asset lifecycle but also keeps a track of all the tools and equipment that your organization owns. The software streamlines the equipment inventory and makes you utilize your assets wisely. Apart from this, EZOfficeInventory deals with cost management, asset management, comprehensive data management, and full-featured maintenance module.

EZOfficeInventory Construction Management Features : Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Equipment Tracking

“Very easy to use and understand. Great user interface. Editing is a breeze! This software is taking me from several huge spreadsheets and no photos to a streamlined, searchable, history tracking, photo attached inventory system. No longer do I have to track multiple files and spreadsheets. It is all in one place.” – Marvin B.

EZOfficeInventory Reviews


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11 – 50



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417 Reviews


21 Reviews

4. CMiC – Cloud-based, single database PM and financials software

Our Score 96/100

About CMiC : CMiC is a platform where construction software is evolved. From planning budgets to managing drawings, cost forecast to maintain contracts and revenues; CMiC processes database on your fingertips. CMiC seamlessly connects with your team members and assists in supervising their work formats. The software is one of the best construction management software that takes care of your project goals; maintain budgets, increase profitability, and assists in staying complied with the deadlines with contract management features.

CMiC Construction Management Features : Accounting Integration, Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, Subcontractor Management

“Business intelligence has been—and continues to be—a top priority for us. CMiC helps us effectively leverage the data that already passes through our company every day to make well-informed decisions at all levels of the company, from executive to project management.” – Luis Berumen

CMiC Reviews



51 – 200



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132 Reviews


11 Reviews

5. ePROMIS ERP – Begin your business transformation today with ePROMIS ERP

Our Score 95/100

About ePROMIS ERP : ePromis is an exceptional construction management features that accomplish each crucial roles of any construction company. The software is flexible, modular, secure, and customizable that allows business to rethink its advancements in a completely new way. ePromis is a business suite that runs of smartphones and tablets; hence providing data irrespective of location. With built-in business intelligence features, you can manage finances, ERP, operational performances, and instil accountability in the workplace.

ePROMIS ERP Construction Management Features : Accounting Integration, Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, CRM, Equipment Tracking, Estimating, Incident Reporting, Mobile Access, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management

“Easy to Use, Real time updating capability, Easy report configuration, Effective asset & inventory management, Easy Project costing & Cost management. It’s been more than 8 years, that we have been using ePROMIS ERP Software without any hassles. We are happy to recommend this software to the Construction Industry.” – Joseph

ePROMIS Reviews

ePROMIS Solutions

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201 – 500


Not provided by vendor



113 Reviews


1 Reviews

6. Oracle Aconex – #1 Construction Project Management Software

Our Score 94/100

About Oracle Aconex : Oracle Aconex is cloud-based construction management software that connects major construction and engineering projects. Aconex is one of the best solutions to manage information and work process across your projects while handling multiple assignments. Aconex deals with document management, project controls, workflow management, BIM management, quality, and safety of projects, providing insights into projects and analyzing data, bidding and estimating quotes.

Oracle Aconex Construction Management Features : Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, Incident Reporting, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management

“Aconex is the best tool I have found for managing documents and mail on medium to large projects. I greatly appreciate Aconex’s flexibility to adapt to policies and procedures you may already have. It does not force you into one way of doing things but at the same time doesn’t require up-front configuration to get started. – Karl A. H.

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7. ConstructionOnline– Build faster, smarter, and better with ConstructionOnline

Our Score 90/100

About ConstructionOnline : Construction Online is construction management software by UDA technologies that has been rated as number one by most of the software review sites. Construction Online is associated by some of the world’s best construction companies because of its rich features. The software offers cloud management system, dynamic estimating, Redline Planroom, Daily project logging, RFI Tracking, and change order management. It is the world’s fastest scheduling software that brings speed and power in pre-scheduling the projects.

ConstructionOnline Construction Management Features : Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Change Orders, Commercial, Contract Management, Contractors, CRM, Residential, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management

“A few months ago I did not even know that something like this existed. It has opened a whole new world for me and I am blown away by what this software can do. We demo’ed a few competing products before making a choice and it was the wide range of features at the most competitive price that sold us on ConstructionOnline.” – Rean W.

ConstructionOnline Reviews

UDA Technologies

United States

11 – 50



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5 Reviews


1 Reviews

8. Dynamics SL– Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution

Our Score 90/100

About Dynamics SL : Dynamics SL is a boon to the construction management companies because of its capabilities in accomplishing major project related tasks. It is an ERP solution that combines financial management planning and building customer relationship management. Dynamics SL is power-packed to fulfill unique requirements of construction industries, government contracting, and professional service management. Business can access role-specific information and perform data entry task with this inevitable construction management software.

Dynamics SL Construction Management Features : Accounting Integration, Budget Tracking/Job Costing, Commercial, Residential

“Microsoft Dynamics SL is being used throughout our whole company on a daily basis. It is used from service techs, to sales people, and to accounting department. If someone is looking for a true accounting system for a small to mid-sized company, then I would definitely suggest looking into Microsoft Dynamics SL.” – Shivakshi C.

Dynamics SL Reviews


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9. BuildingConnected – The best builders choose us to make preconstruction easy

Our Score 89/100

About BuildingConnected : BuidlingConnected is one of the best construction management software that aids in pre-management and prebuilding planning. Builders use this platform to quote, bid, send invitations to vendors, track opportunities and plan the projects. Preplanning is a crucial part of construction management which BuildingConnected sorts very easily. It provides virtual analytics reports that help in taking preconstruction business and plan the projects accordingly. With dedicated support system and fast-growing network, BuildingConnected is one the most used construction management software today.

BuildingConnected Construction Management Features : Commercial, Contractors, CRM, Subcontractor Management

“BThe ability to manage all of our bid invites in one place. With the abundance of job opportunities in the current market, it give us the visibility we need to plan our work flow accurately and successfully.” – Jonathan Hughes

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6 Reviews

10. iSqFt – Experience the iSqFt Difference

Our Score 88/100

About iSqFt : iSQFt is understood the construction market and helps in performing digital take-offs solution. iSqFt is one of the most used construction management software that helps commercial contractors send bids, build a relationship, sell products, and perform digital take-offs. The platform has become the most trusted software as it helps in finding new work and connect with more than 1500 general contractors at one go. You can share your bids, data process and track competitors one single platform.

iSqFt Construction Management Features : Contractors

“Skanska’s offices in Georgia and Florida have been pleased to use iSqFt for our invitation-to-bid needs since late 2009. This service has greatly simplified the time and effort needed to communicate with the subcontractor community, and our subcontractors have accepted iSqFt with open arms..” – Clinton Aldridge

iSqFt Reviews

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35 Reviews


14 Reviews

11. Onware – Collaborative contract administration software

Our Score 87/100

About Onware : Onware is cloud-based, user-centric construction management software. With easy to use features Onware has been one of the most used software by the bidders and contractors. The software has an integrated smart approach towards increasing productivity and efficiency of the construction companies. The software project’s data in a real-time analytics and visualization tool so that the companies handle major projects with ease. Onware is constantly updated with new versions and features to make the work process easy.

Onware Construction Management Features : Change Orders, Contract Management, Contractors, RFI & Submittals, Subcontractor Management

“Useful product for engineering and construction companies. Time-saving, flexibility to work anywhere just need an internet connection, data flow between documents. Searching and documents filing. Reporting. Ability to build companies including all fixtures. Predefined emails subscriptions. EXCELLENT HELPDESK SUPPORT!” – Luda K.

Onware Reviews



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33 Reviews


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12. FINALCAD – Mobile based construction management solution

Our Score 86/100

About FINALCAD : FinalCad is field construction software with exceptional mobility. The software works on a mobile platform that helps construction companies to go digital in buildings, energy, infrastructure, maintained and operations. Use FinalCad in managing construction activities, and handling various integrated activities. The software is modeled to generate better productivity and managing data excellence during construction projects.

FINALCAD Construction Management Features : Commercial, Contractors, Incident Reporting, Residential, Subcontractor Management

“Excellent application for the control of the progress of the work. The ease of communication and flow of information between all the actors involved, which allows controlling and improving processes and therefore reducing costs. Knowledge of a very useful tool for construction professionals” – Adriana H.




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Get Quick Comparison of Top Construction Management Software

Construction Management FeaturesProcoreHeavyBidEZOfficeInventoryCMiCePROMIS ERPOracle AconexConstructionOnlineDynamics SLBuildingConnectediSqFt
PriceNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$29.99/ month$90,000.00/ one-timeNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$99.00/ month$190.00/ month/user$3,600.00/ yearNot provided by vendor
Accounting Integration    
Budget Tracking/Job Costing        
Change Orders      
Contract Management     
Equipment Tracking  
Incident Reporting  
Mobile Access 
RFI & Submittals    
Subcontractor Management       

Construction Management Software Buyer's Guide

Managing construction business calls for handling multiple non-core tasks for the smooth running of the business. When that gets hampered through human errors and inefficiencies, you start to lose profits. What makes the job harder than usual are mistakes from miscommunication and inability to access documents on a real-time basis. In this regard, the construction management software can efficiently tap to your pain points and can offer you solutions with ease. It can organize, schedule, and track projects for you and can offer to help hand for collaboration and data latency issues. However, selecting an ideal construction project management software is important as well. Unless you know about its features, benefits, working process and best rate in the market, you can’t close a profitable deal with the right vendor. This guide will help you find answers to all questions related to buying an ideal construction scheduling software for your business. Let’s start with a basic understanding of the software.

» What is Construction Management Software?

It is a proven enterprise-grade solution for construction project managers to handle projects of higher volume and complexity with ease. It helps you manage the unlimited number of projects and offers complete visibility on the ongoing progress on a real-time basis. Best known as construction estimating software, it has Predefined templates for the common capital project execution processes. Through automated workflow processes and other tools, it handles a number of tasks such as document management, contact management, scheduling, contact storage, RFIs management, the creation of submittals, maintenance of daily logs etc. Also when it comes to finalizing the decide the final cost of the project, you can use the application as construction cost estimating software.

» How does Construction Management Software work?

Every project goes through a certain project management lifecycle – Conceptualization, Planning, Execution, and Termination. In this regard, this software on a whole can act as a construction scheduling software also as a construction accounting software, the way you need it to be.

As said earlier, it makes use of multiple tools and third-party APIs to handle construction projects of multiple niches simultaneously. It not only stores your project documentation but also helps you systematically organize them. The functionalities support information in the form of plans, photos or specifications via hyperlinks or attachments. It solicits and receives bids as well as manage punch list.

» Is it worth investing money in Construction Management Software?

When it comes to handling a construction project, it is not surprising to have sleepless nights owing to manage documents and handle processes till the project gets completed. Starting from RFIs, submittals, and other common processes to managing accounts, the process demands the involvement of more brains than computers. It rises per month expenses in terms of staffing and human resource management. However, if the same can be addressed at a cost 25%-30% lesser than before, wouldn’t it be worth considering? An ideal construction management software can help you reduce the cost by even more percent if chosen carefully.

» What are the features of Construction Management Software?

The construction management software is created to make business processes like budget management, decision making, communication, etc. easier in the construction industry. These are done with the help of innovative and revolutionary facilities which reduce both time and usage of finances. So, let’s have a detailed study on the various features working together to make the construction management software a huge success.

› Accounting

The construction project management software uses advanced tools to create account payrolls, receive or share them as required. As the process is automated the need for user interference is eliminated. Moreover, the software can also be adjusted according to the client’s preference.

› Job Scheduling

Using the construction project management software can aid assign tasks or jobs to employees without any difficulty. Moreover, it can also aid in the efficient handling of several projects at a single instance along with project handling.

› Analytics and Reporting

Daily analytics helps keep a track on the company’s success while simultaneously listing out the lacking areas. The real-time availability of analytics data and reports helps to understand customer behaviour and orientation so as to design tailor-made services to keep customers hooked.

Managing Documents

Construction scheduling software provides streamlined creation and transfer of documents between construction companies. As this is done through a single software, managing documents becomes easy, enhances productivity, while reducing the usage of pen and paper helping in attaining sustainability.

› Managing Equipment

Numerous construction scheduling software also comes with this feature which enables allocation of types of equipment while maintaining their efficient working. Using the feature, construction companies can record equipment needs while deciding the type of equipment to be used. Furthermore, one can also customize alerts to notify employees in case of sudden equipment demands.

› Managing Project

One of the most essential features of construction management software is its ability to manage projects automatically. Starting from allocating different types of equipment to assigning tasks to the employees, each and every work can be done in the software.

» What are the benefits of the Construction Management Software?

Since its inception, the construction estimating software has garnered a lot of attention as it streamlines the various tedious tasks involved in the construction management process. Designed to be a helping hand during the construction processes, the software pretty much everything in real-time. Hence, let’s have a detailed briefing on the plethora of benefits provided by the construction estimating software.

› Managing through a single software

The construction scheduling software allows its users to manage every single operation related to the construction industry through a single software. Hence users do not have to churn head installing different construction management tools for different purposes, such as accounting, allocating tasks, employees, location, and more.

› Centralized Storage

As all of the information and data are stored in single centralized storage, accessing them becomes pretty easy. Hence, one can easily track and verify the past audit records, or billings, and more from the heap of others. This reduces the wastage of resources as well as the time required for accessing a specific file which had been uploaded in the past.

› Reduces Costs

The construction software, as discussed above, completes the work for many, hence, implementing one is always a better choice. This reduces the total expenditure of the company as it works automatically without any user interference. Nowadays many software also provide advises which helps determine the best possible ways to maximize profit by devising specific plans and products.

› Helps in Increasing Brand Value

The construction software effectively reduces the processing time and lets companies focus on creating customer-specific products. As more time is saved, an individual or a company can rather rectify the lacking areas by studying the daily analytics and reports.

» Before you choose a Construction Management Software

Hiring a construction management software can solve pretty much everything a construction company needs, but there are some points one should be clear before going for a specific construction management software. So, let’s have a look at them.

› Understanding Company Needs

Before choosing a good construction cost estimating software one must understand the company needs first so as to be on the safe side. Each construction company has its own demands so listing down the desired factors can help cut down the myriad of options available in the market. It also increases the chance to land with a profitable software for your company.

› Analyzing the total number of users

Being the second most important point while looking for a good construction cost estimating software, it further helps in narrowing down the options. While many construction software provides access to a small number of users, many come with the facility to assign a large group of users. Simultaneously the facilities and tools provided in the software also changes which finally helps in determining the cost of the software.

› Budget Friendly

The last but the most important point which should never be missed is the budget or pricing plan of the software. As discussed in the above points, the pricing is determined by various factors. Hence, if your company is relatively new in the construction industry or does not have many employees, then choosing an expensive software can put heavy pressure on the budget. This is what no company will ever want to face during its working.

» How to choose best Construction Management Software?

Among the myriad options available going for a specific residential construction management software can be pretty intimidating for many. Including this, choosing a random option also increases the risk to hire a comparatively bad construction software which can lead to losses. Hence, we have hand-listed some of the most important factors to help you in choosing a good residential construction management software.

› User-Friendly Interface

A good construction scheduling software often has a user-friendly interface which attracts users due to its simplicity. Due to the lack of requirement for coding skills anyone and everyone can easily use the construction management software.

› Single Dashboard

Numerous construction software comes with a single dashboard system nowadays which enables users to complete various jobs under that single software. Hence, users can complete billing, creating and managing payrolls, automating the allocation of types of equipment, and more through a single software.

› 24/7 Customer Support

The first and foremost criteria of the best construction software is an instant, 24/7 customer support. It helps users as well as companies to avail instant customer-specific solutions within real-time, thus, serving as an added trust layer for the construction company.

› Real-time Accessibility

Understanding the needs of customers, many software companies have devised advanced construction software which provides real-time analytics and reports. This helps in understanding customer orientation and the website’s performance. Moreover, many software also allows users to access information on projects through their smartphones or laptops at any time from anywhere.

› Compliance with other Tools

One of the basic features which should be present in construction estimating software is the ability to easily integrate with existing tools. This helps save both money and time as well as eliminate the risks of future headaches.

› Security and User controls

Securing the confidential information of a construction company is as essential as managing a business. Any lacuna in the construction software can severely jeopardize the functionality of a business. Hence, nowadays many software come with two-factor authentication systems, active firewall, and user controls. The user controls can be used to assign specific roles to the circle members which also helps keep a track on the activities of the employees.

› Reviews

Reviews or comments from previous users of the construction scheduling software can also help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the software beforehand. Hence, in case of negative comments or frequent service requests, one can list out the most promising construction software without any issues.

» Pricing of the Construction Management Software

Depending upon the facilities and tools availed in the software, as well as the number of users, and the time period of the software, the pricing plan varies from one to another. While the lowest software comes with a $8/month pricing plan, the highest one can reach up to $499/month depending upon the requirements. Apart from this, many software also comes with a free basic version or a free trial period subscription initially. Many experts have advised going with a free version of software first to try out its features before going for the premium plan. If the software manages to satisfy all the company’s needs, then the premium plan of the construction management software can be subscribed as desired.

» Conclusion

Now that you have fully understood the construction management software, you can start scheduling a call with a number of vendors to discuss your project management needs. You can and should weigh those vendors in terms of their software capability, vendor reputation and flexible price offerings in order to select the one that can promise you quick profit on your investment. Don’t step back to ask for a free trial to judge software’s efficiency. It will ensure that you are investing your hard earned money on the right construction project management software required for your company.

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