Top 10+ Cybersecurity Software and Tools in 2020

In this age of technology, everything seems to driven by computers, software, networks and there arises the need for Cyber Security software. With the growing use of computers, security threats are also increasing by leaps and bounds. Cyber Security Solutions helps you to protect the data on your computers and networks from unauthorized access. As we know, any data theft can result in a huge loss to an organization along with customer dissatisfaction. Cyber Security software protects your application and data using various encryption techniques, helps you plan for disaster recovery by early risk assessment and strategy development to overcome it. It also assists in cybersecurity through antivirus, anti-spyware, firewalls, and Virtual private networks. It is quite easy to manage and deploy with no policies, configuration or expertise required. You should upgrade your Cyber Security Systems as soon as any patches are available as hackers identify new means to attach your data every day. It ensures safe collaboration across all environments, including cloud and mobile. This software also helps in reducing the security incidents through real-time monitoring of your employee’s activities. We have gathered a list of the top 10+ cybersecurity software depending on the ratings and reviews from sites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2Crowd.

Cybersecurity Software


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List of Best Cybersecurity System Software With Reviews

1. WebTitan – DNS-based web content filtering & malware protection

Our Score 99/100

About WebTitan : WebTitan is a DNS based web content filter and a cybersecurity software that blocks malware, ransomware, phishing and provides complete control over the web for businesses, educational institutions, and public WIFI providers. With top features like AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, IOC verification, vulnerability scanning, granular policy control, comprehensive reporting, incident management, etc., this solution provides advanced web content filtering with the capability to prevent access to unsuitable and inappropriate content.

WebTitan Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, IOC Verification, Vulnerability Scanning, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

“If you are looking for the best software to block spam & malicious content then WebTitan is the best choice indeed. It is really super easy to use, install & set up. This is the best software that is offering very excellent security to us by just keeping our workstations safe & free of viruses..” – Martha B.

WebTitan Reviews



51 – 200




200+ Reviews


60+ Reviews

2. Teramind – Insider Threat Detection & Prevention using UBA

Our Score 98/100

About Teramind : Teramind is a leading provider of employee monitoring and is one best cybersecurity system available in the market. It helps in detecting insider threats, prevents data loss and works for over 2000 organizations in finance, retail, energy, manufacturing, technology, government verticals, and healthcare. It helps in detecting malicious behavior and boosts more productivity. This solution records and recognizes, prevents any threats, provides user-centric security approach to monitor and allows real-time access.

Teramind Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

“I haven’t used this software much, but in the past i found it to be pretty easy to use in the past. Obviously designed to help larger organizations with more employees, the software was intuitive and provided a lot of interesting features. Overall pretty good software! ” – Kasey B.

Teramind Reviews


United States

51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



50+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

3. Barkly – Endpoint Protection Platform

Our Score 97/100

About Barkly : Barkly provides the most reliable protection, smartest technology and has a simple management system. This cybersecurity software blocks attack across all the vectors and intents. Top features include whitelisting, blacklisting, incident and endpoint management, AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, etc. With the 3-level architecture pattern, it allows visibility into all the levels of the system, including the CPU and stays up-to-date with continued machine learning d converts threat intelligence into powerful protection.

Barkly Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

“I love how lightweight and unobtrusive this software is – installation is simple, monitoring from a single pane of glass is easy, and alerting is great. It is also super easy to override false positives even from your phone – makes life good for the IT person who doesn’t want to be strapped to their desk.” – Nathan V.

Barkly Reviews


United States

11 – 50





20+ Reviews


02 Reviews

4. Acunetix – Integrated vulnerability management & network security

Our Score 96/100

About Acunetix : Acunetix is one of the leading automatic cybersecurity systems, and it is designed to combat the alarming rise in web attacks. With an extensive feature set of both automated and manual penetration testing tools, it enables users to have insights into vulnerability assessment and also repair detected threats. It works best for government organizations, military, education, telecom, finance, e-commerce, banking and includes many of the fortune 500 companies as its users.

Acunetix Cybersecurity Features : IOC Verification, Vulnerability Scanning

“This is a good tool for performing web application scan vulnerability assessment. It’s as automated tool which supports application scan provided the URL of applications. It can give compliance reports including PCI DSS, HIPPAA, OWASP TOP 10 etc. Acunetix can do credential based scan for web applications.” – Tejas G.

Acunetix Reviews



51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



30+ Reviews


60+ Reviews

5. Indeni– The Automation Platform for IT

Our Score 95/100

About Indeni : Indeni is an automated crowd-sourced cybersecurity platform for network and security infrastructure. Users get access to a living repository of automation tasks, maintenance, high availability, network visibility, security, compliance and vendor best practices. With top features including behavioral analytics, AI/Machine learning, incident management, etc., this software helps in detecting malicious activity and ransomware. Indeni is one of the few cybersecurity tools that keeps checking on the overall data.

Indeni Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Incident Management

“It is a nice product. We could get the whole device info on a click. Management of devices is good. Alert generation mechanism and the way to manage by setting our own rules for device management. Setting up the environment and the functionalities are user friendly.” – Arun David J.

Indeni Reviews


United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



10+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

6. SiteLock – Simply Powerful Website Security

Our Score 93/100

About SiteLock : SiteLock is a leading web security and cybersecurity software with over 12 million websites being under the protection of this solution. From delivering 360-degree security to finding vulnerabilities, from automatically removing malware to WordPress database scanning, this solution defends against all DDoS attacks and meets all PCI compliance standards. Top features include web threat management, two-factor authentication, etc. It also enhances security testing for the websites and accelerates the performance.

SiteLock Cybersecurity Features : Behavioral Analytics, Endpoint Management, Incident Management, Vulnerability Scanning, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

“The software is easy to use and install. I can monitor my website through my SiteLock dashboard to view traffic and bots in real-time. Thank you SiteLock! I run four websites and all are protected with SiteLock. Anytime I have a question, they have 24/7/365 support and I am able to reach someone immediately.” – Germie B.

SiteLock Reviews


United States

201 – 500





10+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

7. JumpCloud DaaS – Directory-as-a-Service for cloud identity management

Our Score 93/100

About JumpCloud DaaS : JumpCloud DaaS enables users in securely managing and connecting users to their systems, applications, files, and networks through a Mac, Linux or Windows. It also allows users to protect their data on the cloud and on-premise resources like Office 365, G Suite, AWS, Salesforce, etc. It is a single point authority to authenticate and authorize the identities of employees and the systems and other IT resources that have access.

JumpCloud DaaS Cybersecurity Features : Endpoint Management

“In this day and age of the cloud, IT is moving towards a one-system view. It just makes more sense to be able to manage that from a central place – and that’s why JumpCloud became such a perfect tool for us.” – Andy Halvorsen

JumpCloud Reviews


United States

51 – 200





50+ Reviews


140+ Reviews

8. ThreatAdvice – Cyber Security Employee Training Online

Our Score 92/100

About ThreatAdvice : One of the best cybersecurity software available includes ThreatAdvice. It is an affordable cyber education and awareness solution that helps in understanding the vulnerabilities a business is entitled to and aims to provide a remedy. Top features include AI/Machine learning, threat awareness, threat intelligence gathering, etc. It lets organizations gauge risks of digitally-executed attacks and has 24/7 cyber hotline and emergency data response.

ThreatAdvice Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning

“It was VERY easy to use and understand from both the consumer and admin side. The navigation was clear and out of a firm of 70, no one had to ask me for help with how to use it. Easy to understand for a beginner to cyber security & simple to navigate for the less tech savvy. ” – Kari W.

ThreatAdvice Reviews


United States

11 – 50





05 Reviews


01 Reviews

9. Tines – Security Automation and Orchestration (SOAR) Platform

Our Score 91/100

About Tines : Tines helps security teams in automating workflow without any complexity. From receiving and fetching alerts to performing numerous steps including logging and threat intelligence searches, this solution determines all the alerts and warnings. It is time-consuming and has employee activity confirmation. It has quick remedies for any detected threats making it a top cybersecurity system amongst all the available ones in the market.

Tines Cybersecurity Features : Endpoint Management, Incident Management, IOC Verification

“We’ve used Tines to break down our processes into a number of easily automatable steps. These processes have included reaching out to other third party services via their REST API and correlating the data to create some really powerful Scenarios. Really Powerful and Scalable! ” – Martin M.

Tines Reviews



02 – 10





08 Reviews


0 Reviews

10. Log360 – One-stop solution to all Log Management and Active Directory Auditing

Our Score 91/100

About Log360 : Log360 is a log management and cybersecurity tool that helps businesses keep their network and data free from malicious activity. With real-time analysis, correlation and archiving capabilities, this solution monitors critical changes in groups and track suspicious users’ behavior. It is an integrated solution that combines ADAudit Plus and EventLog Analyzer into a single console. The prime features include protection of confidential data and thwart internal security threats.

Log360 Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Incident Management, Vulnerability Scanning

“Excellent security management tool for log-in info. Provides essential log-in info for multiple platforms Browser-based access to a simple dashboard. Provides basic log-in data in a centralized platform good for auditing purposes & for compliance reasons. Works across multiple systems & platforms.” – Bruce K.

Log360 Reviews


United States

5001 – 10000


Not provided by vendor



04 Reviews


01 Reviews

11. Heimdal CORP – Proactive Cyber Security Software

Our Score 90/100

About Heimdal CORP : Heimdal CORP is an endpoint web security solution for malware monitoring, software management, internet traffic reporting, and web scanning and filtering. Top features of this solution include vulnerability scanning, AI/Machine learning, behavioral analytics, etc. With the increase in cybercriminal attacks and data leakage, every organization needs a new security solution that gives total security to their business and ensures confidential information to be withheld from getting into wrong hands.

Heimdal CORP Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Vulnerability Scanning

“Heimdal Security’s Thor Foresight Home product is a high-quality solution to providing on-demand scanning and preventing malware from ever entering the computer environment.”- Karel R.

Heimdal CORP Reviews

Heimdal Security


11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



04 Reviews


01 Reviews

12. DNIF – SIEM Security, Event Log Management & Big Data Analytics Platform

Our Score 89/100

About DNIF : DNIF offers remedies to most complex cybersecurity problems. This cybersecurity software helps some of the well-known global companies like PwC, Vodafone, Tata, etc., in giving the fastest query response and also bridges the gap between searching, processing, analyzing and visualizing data. It ingests large volumes of data each day and bounces back with actionable intelligence for better protection with the help of intricate models.

DNIF Cybersecurity Features : AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Incident Management, Whitelisting / Blacklisting

“DNIF is re-inventing the SIEM space with its innovative approach of a single unified platform with unlimited scalability that combines advanced analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and orchestration.” – Sangram Gayal

DNIF Reviews



11 – 50





04 Reviews


0 Reviews

13. Cyber Control – Cyber Risk Framework and Fraud Detection

Our Score 89/100

About Cyber Control : Cyber security project plan and framework, fraud detection reporting suite, and file security review for data privacy and GDPR. Datplan’s cyber control software allows any organisation to introduce a robust cyber security risk framework, while red flagging potential high risk transactions utilising anti-fraud detection tools and performing file security tests to aid data privacy and GDPR requirements.

Cyber Control Cybersecurity Features : Vulnerability Scanning

“Datplan’s Cyber Control was a recommended cyber security solution to provide the guidelines in helping secure our clients and suppliers personal data. The project plan and guides helped us introduce the companies polices and procedures and the fraud detection suite allows us to check our entertainers expense recharges for duplicates or errors.” – MonkeynutUK

Cyber Control Reviews


United Kingdom

02 – 15


89 GBP



0 Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity FeaturesWebTitanTeramindBarklyAcunetixindeniSiteLockJumpCloud DaaSThreatAdviceTinesLog360
Price$1.00/month/userNot provided by vendor$45.00/year/userNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$9.99/month$3.00/month/user$2.00/month/user$300.00/monthNot provided by vendor
AI / Machine Learning      
Behavioral Analytics      
Endpoint Management      
Incident Management       
IOC Verification   
Vulnerability Scanning    
Whitelisting / Blacklisting    

Cybersecurity Software Buyer's Guide

Nowadays with businesses going digital, migrating to a reliable digital process has turned out to be a headache for many organizations – not because of transitional odds but because of the highly malicious cyber world, various types of security threats have developed a new dimension of risk to sensitive business data and financial transactions. In this regard, it has become imperative to look out for a reliable system that can meet perceived cyber security and compliance requirements with ease. That’s where the need for a robust Cyber security Software comes into the picture. It ensures to put forward best level practices to offer top-level protection against constant cyber threats those restricts smooth flow of business through web-based applications.

» What is Cyber Security Software?

Cyber security Software protects your business really well from malware with a number of features. It comes in both fashions – free and paid. Needless to say, the free version comes with limited features than the paid version. The software not only offers firewall protection but also enables you to have parental control on your digital assets. You can back up your files against unwanted data loss and can filter the spam elements out of your system. Whenever you visit any suspicious website, it raises security measures and even alerts you against possible.

» How does Cyber security Software work?

Cyber security Software comes as a complete suite for offering protection against cyber threats. For instance, it comes with a spam filter to keep spam emails out of your inbox. Through File Shredder, it removes sensitive information from your system leaving no electronic traces behind. Similarly, it also saves you from malicious phishing websites and emails through its anti-phishing toolbar. Sometimes, malicious bugs try to access unauthorized ports to get into your system. However, the presence of Firewall ensures only required device ports are in use other than the rest ones and successfully prevents bugs from getting downloaded.

» Is it worth investing money in Cyber security Software?

The cyber threat is increasing on a serious note. Many organizations in the recent past have lost their valuable data and sensitive information that led to serious financial tragedy. In this regard, cyber security software is a boon that will continuously watch over your digital assets and will protect them from any unwanted security breach. Therefore, it is worth investing in ideal cyber security software for sure.

» What are the benefits of Cybersecurity Software?

It is not always possible to be able to save oneself or a company from the attacks of the nuisance attackers and hackers. The hackers create complicated malware which is embedded with corrupted files to make them invisible to human eyes. In this way when a corrupted file is downloaded mistakenly, it results in system breakdown and can result in irreparable damage. So, to get a deeper insight into the importance of internet security software, let’s discuss the various benefits of the software.

› Protects from Hackers

As discussed above hackers try to steal confidential information from the company computers by launching malware and viruses on the network. When contamination occurs the processing speed is slowed down, critical data is hijacked or deleted, and many more. To save them the internet security software assigns strict security protocols which prevent cyber hackers from stealing or gaining intrusion to the data. This includes securitizing passwords, credential details, credit card numbers, etc..

› Protecting Valuable Information

As the main feature of the cyber security software is to protect valuable information, it is generally done by encrypting the data. Many big names in the industry such as Master card Inc, Visa, and many more are already taking the help of advanced cyber security companies to secure customer information.

› Compliance with Rules and Regulations

Numerous cyber security companies also design the software which readily integrates with the legal, insurance and industry restrictions. This is required to establish a streamlined transmission of data from one company to another. Some of the most notable transmissions regulations include FIPS, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and more.

» What are the features of Cyber security Software?

Loaded with many facilities and tools cyber security software helps businesses and companies save their crucial information from malicious hackers. It is done by preventing forceful and unauthorized intrusion to the company's confidential files stored in the computer. So, let’s study various features which work together to eradicate any potential risk affecting confidential business data and information.

› Automatic Updates

Updating of the cyber security software in real time is very essential to provide safety against new and complicated malware, viruses and trojans. Hence, almost all cyber security software gets automatically updated without the need of any user interference.

› Regular Scanning

Once you have downloaded and installed the cyber security system, you can choose the option for timely scans at regular intervals. This helps in detecting and preventing malicious entries into the system.

› Quarantine Threats

When any threat is detected, they are automatically removed from other important information and data. Afterwards, all the infected files along with the infectant are quarantined from others which help in preventing further contamination. These files can later be removed after further action is undertaken.

› Overall Protection

The cyber security system is hardwired in such a way that a single software can serve as the ultimate saviour of all applications or platforms you work with. Starting from email, messenger, to various social media channels, and even the content management platform, anything, and everything is protected by the software.

› Two-Factor Authentication

The feature is coupled with almost all cyber security systems to act as another safe and trustworthy layer for protecting your files against hacking. The feature acts by asking for the login password along with a unique code which is sent to the recovery address of the users. Hence, one has to input both the password as well as the unique code or a One Time Password to be able to successfully log in to the system.

› Single sign-on

This feature allows the users to access multiple platforms or applications after they have successfully logged in to a single place. This reduces the risk of exposure of the login credentials while ensuring that internet security software is working its wonders.

» Before you Choose a Cyber security Software

Installing a cyber security software can save you from many potential risks by providing regular updates on the safety of your systems. However, this may not be always the case. There are some points worth remembering so as to make a good choice and be on the safe side before subscribing to the software. Let’s check them out now.

› Understanding the Company’s needs

Companies and businesses have separate needs based on the size of the group, products and services offered, hence, understanding and noting down the requirements is highly advised. This eradicates the need for head churning when it comes down to choose the best internet security.

› Analyzing the total number of users

While many best internet security software allows a small group of users to work with it, various others allow a larger group. Hence, it becomes critical to have an estimated number of users so as to cut down the list to a more perfect one. This also increases the chance of being able to land with the best cyber security software for your business or firms.

› Budget

Budget of a company affects almost all activities related to the efficient management of operations in the company. Hence, before stepping down to the market for choosing the best cyber security software it is always essential to prepare a budget estimate. This will help to eliminate expensive software and go with the perfect one for your products and services.

» How to Choose a Cyber security Software?

Among the huge collection of options available in the market, being able to choose the best cyber security software is like searching for a needle in a bundle of heaps. Hence, one has to be careful enough while choosing the best software to avoid any future headaches and be on the safe side. Each best antivirus has its own sets of strengths and weaknesses which makes it different from others. So, let’s study the best methods to land with the best antivirus amongst others.

› User-Friendly Interface

The factor which makes the best internet security a popular name among the users is the availability of a user-friendly interface. This prevents the need for any prior knowledge on programming languages and coding skills while allowing anyone and everyone to work on the software.

› User Access Controls

Numerous cyber security software comes with user access controls where the operator or admin can assign different roles to the other group members. This allows keeping a track on the employee activities as well as detecting any unidentified threats in the system.

› Compatibility with System Needs

The best cyber security software should be compatible with your own system as well as the company’s needs for maximizing profits. This helps in tackling the need for churning head to search new business tools in case the software rejects the former tools.

› Multi-Layered Security Protocols

Choosing software which excels in providing multi-layered protection is much better than going for the general one. This is because apart from providing protection against the malware, the software can also help quarantine the threats in a more effective way.

› Protection against Emerging Threats

With the enhancement of science and technology, there is also a constant increase in cyber crimes and advanced malware. To resolve this kind of scary situation, one has to stay updated with the latest software. In this case what’s best than software which comes with automatic updates including in-built protection system against newer threats.

› Reviews

Reviews from the old customers of the software also play an essential role while choosing a good cyber security system. It helps the individual analyze the quality of the services and facilities offered by the cyber security system.

› Mobile Accessibility

Good software also allows the individuals to access confidential information and track the safety of the systems by using smartphones. This is done by providing daily analytics and reports of the scanning of the systems in real time which can help in detecting potential threats.

» Pricing of the Cyber security Software

The lowest pricing structure of the cyber software generally starts from $5/month which can reach a whopping high of $599/month depending upon the various facilities and tools availed. In some software, the number of users also plays an essential role in deciding the pricing plan. However, a number of cyber security software applications also come with the ‘pay-as-you-go’ option which allows the individuals to install extra tools and services after they have paid the subscription fee. To ensure maximum profit and operational efficiency, it is highly advised to complete the free basic version of the trial period, initially. Afterward, the free plan can then be changed by hiring the premium plan of the software in case if it successfully covers all the company requirements.

» Conclusion

Now that you have gained a complete knowledge on how to select best Cyber security Software for your firm, it’s time to put the learning into action. Make a list of your priorities and start looking for the best vendors for your need. No doubt, you have to judge them as per the criteria mentioned in the article to get a hold on the right one. Once you shortlist a couple of vendors, do start using their software on a free trial basis for a week or a month and see whether the software stands tall on what it pitches or not. In case it doesn’t, give it a go else put forward the best offer on the table as your final subscription charge. Remember not to go too hard on the vendor if you know their software is your last and final choice. Lastly, keep your eyes and ears open for any kind of reviews that may save your money from getting wasted on non-ideal cyber security software. As they say, it’s better to have temporarily delayed result rather than having a permanent bad result.

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