Top 10+ Lead Generation Software of 2020

Lead Generation software is a boon to business irrespective of its size as it helps the organization to keep up with the competition in the digital era. An organization can generate leads in diverse ways to get the desired conversions and sustain in the market. Email marketing, social media marketing, forms, landing pages, blogging, SEO tools, content marketing, etc. can generate leads, but deciding the right one to become successful is the tricky part. You can get all these things through lead generation software. The software completely automates the process of finding or attracting the leads online. It gathers the information necessary to find new customers for the business and stay in contact with them. The software may encompass their tools for the lead generation, while others integrate with the organization’s existing CRM program. It aids in gathering and updating leads necessary for improving brand awareness and simplifying access to the data. Therefore, it offers a competitive advantage to the organization as it maintains the best data required for growth. To know about the top lead generation software, you can go through the list that has been brought to you by SoftwareWorld.

Top Lead Generation Software

Our Score99/100
  • HubSpot
  • United States
  • $200.00/month
  • Yes, get a free trial

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Our Score98/100
  • LeadFuze
  • United States
  • $83.00/month
  • Yes, get a free trial

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Our Score98/100
  • Intercom
  • United States
  • $49.00/month
  • Yes, get a free trial

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List of Best Lead Generation & Management Software With Ratings & Reviews

HubSpot Marketing top lead generation software

1. HubSpot Marketing – All in one inbound marketing platform

Our Score 99/100

About HubSpot Marketing : HubSpot Marketing is the most advanced lead generation software on the planet and comes with impressive tools. From helping personal business to big companies, it offers an all-in-one tool for marketers to generate leads and convert them into sales. Its inbound marketing makes businesses appear online, converting website traffic into leads and customers, and optimizing strategies based on the results. It is cloud-based and helps companies of all sizes.

HubSpot Marketing Lead Generation Features : Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Pipeline Management

“Since implementing HubSpot’s software and inbound marketing methodology, we have grown organic traffic by 450%, and our inbound lead-to-customer conversion rate continues to increase.” – KRISTY SHARROW

HubSpot Marketing Reviews


United States

1001 – 5000





3980+ Reviews


5640+ Reviews

LeadFuze top lead generation software

2. LeadFuze – Lead Generation Software for Small Sales Teams

Our Score 98/100

About LeadFuze: LeadFuze is a sales automation and lead generation software platform that aims to help users create more top-of-funnel leads and have more conversations Marketing companies and users use this software a lot for their generating leads and converting them to sales. Top features of this solution include campaign management, prospecting tools, lead generation, capture, and distribution, etc. It helps in targeting, retargeting and creating similar audiences, etc.

LeadFuze Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Prospecting Tools

“Gathering contact emails used to be a labor-intensive process. Once I discovered ablity to add hundreds of leads via a few clicks in LeadFuze, then sat back and watched all of the emails roll in, I was hooked. LeadFuze saves a crap-ton of time and is worth every penny!” – Ryan Battles

LeadFuze Reviews


United States

02 – 10





70+ Reviews


90+ Reviews

Intercom top lead generation tool

3. Intercom – Customer messaging platform for sales, marketing and support

Our Score 98/100

About Intercom: It is the first customer platform that helps businesses accelerate their growth. Intercom helps in building a suite of messaging products for internet businesses to stimulate the growth of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement as well as support. It applies new and better way to acquire, engage and retain customers. An ideal solution for sales, marketing and support teams to better connect and communicate with customers.

Intercom Lead Generation Features: Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Visitor Identification

“Intercom provides us with a tool to field any requests, spanning from support, marketing, sales, and technical advising. We’d be hard-pressed to find a system that supports the needs of multiple departments, and the multiple integrations allow us to serve our users at scale.” – Jesus Requena

Intercom Reviews


United States

201 – 500





670+ Reviews


880+ Reviews

Agile CRM top lead generation software

4. Agile CRM – Sales and marketing CRM for growing businesses

Our Score 97/100

About Agile CRM: Agile CRM is a cloud-based lead generation tool and customer relationship software that helps small and medium-sized businesses. From providing services like contact management, telephony tools, and appointment scheduling to marketing automation, project management, etc., this solution makes it easier for the companies to thrive and succeed on the internet. It allows users to record and access customer data whenever required and integrates with all the essential software too.

Agile CRM Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Pipeline Management, Prospecting Tools, Visitor Identification

“I had a small issue with some stats, and as I needed them very urgently. Worte a mail to support, and they were very fast. Thank you guys for your outstanding attitude, and help. I recommend AgileCRM to everybody. Worth the money.” – Arpad Czimbalmos

Agile CRM Reviews

Agile CRM


51 – 200





350+ Reviews


260+ Reviews

Novocall top lead generation software

5. Novocall – Convert web visitors into sales calls

Our Score 96/100

About Novocall: Novocall is one of the best web callback solution and a lead management software that proactively converts web visitors into leads. Enabling features such as immediate callback to business potential leads that showed interest in the product or services, this solution analyses customer behaviour and helps businesses convert leads to inbound sales calls and real sales agent. It increases the sale up to 50-70% with the help of callback tool.

Novocall Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Visitor Identification

“It gives the ability for my online customers to easily get in touch with myself or my staff. We use FAQs and bots but when people shop online, they often have questions that need immediate personal one-on-one answers and Novocall gives an instant solution that FAQs or bots just can’t do.” – Victor M.

Novocall Reviews



02 – 10





100+ Reviews


0 Reviews

Autoklose Best lead generation software

6. Autoklose – Close More Deals Faster and Save Time.

Our Score 95/100

About Autoklose : Autoklose is the first sales email automation platform powered by machine learning. Our searchable database is jam-packed with millions of verified B2B leads. Pick a niche, generate a targeted list, turn autopilot mode on, and you’re done. You don’t have to make cold calls or deal with the Gatekeeper anymore. Autoklose does all the dirty work and reaches decision-makers directly. All you have to do is respond to their meeting requests from your calendar. We’ve built a well-rounded outbound sales platform. It features automated lead generation software and email drip campaign management tools with CRM integration. Automatically generate new sales prospects by configuring a customer profile and scheduling an email campaign.

Autoklose Lead Generation Features : Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Pipeline Management, Prospecting Tools

“Great Email-Automation Tool with a large database! After using Autoklose for a few weeks, we can definitely recommend it to other businesses! With a very friendly and straightforward interface, it’s easy getting to know all the features and create your first campaigns. The huge database helped us reach out to thousands of leads, saving us time. We really like Autoklose!” – Aaron Ross

Autoklose Reviews



11 – 50





90+ Reviews


160+ Reviews

LeadsBridge top lead generation software

7. LeadsBridge– Lead generation suite

Our Score 94/100

About LeadsBridge: LeadsBridge is an all-in-one lead management software that offers a suite of tools to connect all your lead generation sources with over 240 platforms. It provides a top-notch support service to help marketers avoid any flow interruption and makes it easy to sync CRM/Email software clients. It collects leads from landing page, events, webinars and inboxes. It is an automation tool for marketers involved in Facebook advertising.

LeadsBridge Lead Generation Features: Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Segmentation

“I avoided Lead Ads at first because there was no way I wanted to manual do the process of uploading leads into my CRM, with LeadsBridge is super easy, all on autopilot. Thanks guys, what you have here is awesome!” – Mark Harbert

LeadsBridge Reviews



11 – 50



Yes, get a free trial


40+ Reviews


20+ Reviews

Vainu best lead generation software

8. Vainu – Data-driven sales prospecting & sales intelligence platform

Our Score 94/100

About Vainu: Vainu is a smart, intelligent and data-focused sales prospecting, sales intelligence platform as well as a lead generation tool that helps in focusing on the marketing efforts of the companies. It provides actionable account insights, identifies timely leads as well as determines the most valuable sales prospects. Vainu helps users and marketers in saving a lot of time while selling more with having a better hit rate.

Vainu Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Prospecting Tools

“Vainu brings us entirely new ways to take care of our customers’ needs. We’ve increased the percentage of customers we can help during our first call with them from 75% to 90% since we started to use Vainu. The tool has helped us save over 1,500,000 euros in one year, and we’re just getting started.” – Sakari Pehkonen

Vainu Reviews


51 – 200


Not provided by vendor



20+ Reviews


60+ Reviews

OptinMonster top lead generation software

9. OptinMonster – Lead generation software for marketers

Our Score 92/100

About OptinMonster: OptinMonster has the reputation of being the best lead generation software for blogger, eCommerce websites, marketing agencies, and small businesses. It is a robust customer acquisition application that allows users to create highly effective opt-in forms guaranteed for maximizing user’s growth. From recognizing the growth of email list, improving website conversions to reducing cart abandonment, this solution helps in integrating with many email clients compared to its competitors.

OptinMonster Lead Generation Features: Lead Capture, Lead Segmentation, Prospecting Tools

“OptinMonster brought me more subscribers, which is a given, but what’s more important was that setting it up and making it work well with my site and design was seamless and excellent! I love the product and the people behind it.” – Chris Brogan

OptinMonster Reviews

Awesome Motive

United States

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



30+ Reviews


30+ Reviews

SoPro top lead generation software

10. SoPro – Social Prospecting – Flood your inbox with qualified leads

Our Score 90/100

About SoPro: SoPro is a lead generation software that helps businesses identify and engage with qualified prospects. Top features include lead generation, capture, segmentation, contact discovery, import/export, visitor identification, prospecting tools, etc. It enables us to engage in on a 1-to-1 basis with personalized conversation introductions with the customer. This solution is a reliable, budget-friendly and scalable solution with a design that flows through the sales pipeline.

SoPro Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Pipeline Management, Prospecting Tools, Visitor Identification

“Set up was easy and it’s an extremely flexible service. The team at SoPro are also a pleasure to work with. Nothing is ever too much trouble, they are always looking to innovate and improve their service and they are always open to seeing how we can perform even better.” – Mike V.

SoPro Reviews


United Kingdom

11 – 50


Not provided by vendor



10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

CallPage top lead generation software

11. CallPage – Website button & pop-up widget for automated call backs

Our Score 89/100

About CallPage: CallPage is lead management software and is the most prominent international provider of automatic callback solution, enabling companies and organizations to generate up to 75% increase in more inbound calls from website visitors. From tokenizing customer support to reinventing sales industry, this solution has revolutionized corporations and their outsourced call center operators. This solution helps in converting page views into inbound calls through an immediate callback to a real phone number.

CallPage Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Visitor Identification

“We tested a few different communication solutions before the implementation of CallPage. Only CallPage met all our expectations and had a visible influence on our sales calls records.”- Lewis Pennicott

CallPage Reviews



51 – 200





20+ Reviews


10+ Reviews

LinkeLead top lead generation software

12. LinkeLead – Lead generation software on LinkedIn

Our Score 89/100

About LinkeLead: LinkeLead is a lead capture solution that helps in automating work in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is a virtual assistant and does all the routine tasks. From mass mailing to viewing each and every profile and searching new addresses, this solution with minimal effort and in less amount of time evaluates and creates target audiences specific to the needs of the user.

LinkeLead Lead Generation Features: Contact Discovery, Contact Import/Export, Lead Capture, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Segmentation, Prospecting Tools

“Automation, Functionalities, ease of use, information statistics, in overall it a very good app. I’m generating 30% of all my leads in Linked in with this wonderful app. Really Very good app for sales/manufacturers representatives” – Pablo G.

LinkeLead Reviews


Czech Republic

11 – 50





10+ Reviews


05 Reviews

MaxTraffic top lead generation software

13. MaxTraffic – Conversion Optimization Platform

Our Score 88/100

About MaxTraffic: MaxTraffic is a complete on-site marketing tool that uses web push notification, promotional overlays and exit intent to generate more leads. Preferred by marketers, this solution helps in customer segmentation, A/B testing, analytics, customer profiling, lead capture, lead segmentation, etc. It makes the work more accessible for small businesses to have better sales growth. It supports APIs and is relevant for any brand with a keen interest in increasing their revenues.

MaxTraffic Lead Generation Features: Lead Capture, Lead Segmentation

“We would especially satisfied because the tool is really easy to use. It’s straightforward. THeir support was amazing they understood our needs and we could speak on the business level not only about using the tool. Really Great tool and great people behind it!” – Maja D.

MaxTraffic Reviews



11 – 50





10+ Reviews


0 Reviews

Get Quick Comparison of Top Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation FeaturesHubSpot MarketingIntercomAgile CRMNovocallLeadFuzeLeadsBridgeVainuOptinMonsterMaxTrafficSoPro
Price$200.00/ month$49.00/ month$8.99/ month/user$39.00/ month$83.00/ month$29.00/ monthNot provided by vendorNot provided by vendor$59.00/ monthNot provided by vendor
Contact Discovery     
Contact Import/Export      
Lead Capture         
Lead Nurturing      
Lead Scoring      
Lead Segmentation        
Pipeline Management   
Prospecting Tools     
Visitor Identification    

Lead Generation Software Buyer's Guide

Lead generation is one of the primary tasks involved in every company for running long term business. However, there is a big difference between leads and potential leads. If you know how to capture the right leads, you will not require much effort to convert them into sales. However, many just fall over there. They exercise their marketing efforts against wrong types who either bounce off after few approaches or remain non-responsive to your emails and messages. Actually, drawing potential leads calls for a smart approach where you choose leads based on their interest and behavior patterns best complementing your product or service. Does that sound doable? If not, all you require the best Lead Generation Software by your side.

» What is Lead Generation Software?

It is a cloud-based marketing suite that helps you capture the right type of leads required for your business and converts them into sales easily without demanding your much effort. The lead management system is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses for handling daily lead generation chores such as contact management, form customization, running polls and surveys, social media marketing, and post-sale follow-ups, amongst many others. You can easily manage your marketing campaigns from a single dashboard while auto synchronizing every new data with the system on a daily basis. The moment leads pay a visit to your page, you come to know about them such as who they are, what they do, what their interest levels are, etc.

» How does Lead Generation Software work?

Lead generation software offers you beautiful and high-converting customizable forms to capture leads from websites. You can use them to as in-mail or in-person forms as well to collect lead data from third parties. The software can seamlessly integrate with your other business tools without requiring any coder. It pulls data about your leads through various lead generation tools from their social media pages, professional database, and other websites to give you a detailed view of their interests and niches. Lead management software also ensures your team gets the required information on a real-time basis while keeping rest information secured under privacy shield compliance. The software can be well explored to witness a steep rise in lead conversion with the help of machine learning and AI.

» Is it worth investing money in Lead Generation Software?

If you are a solo entrepreneur, then probably you should not invest in something that costs you higher than your current monthly income. However, you can go for free versions available in the market to get as much help as you can. Once you expand your horizons and step up to a small and mid-sized level company status, go for a premium lead management system software where you can get maximum benefits of capturing quality leads as output against less effort as input.

» What are the features of Lead Generation Software?

Generating a lead and carefully managing them is one of the essential points of the lead generation software. Apart from this, the software is also used for transforming the way companies, and businesses acquire their leads. It is achieved by providing them with new potential customers, partners, and stakeholders. But one question may arise that how does a single software can be able to manage so many things? Let’s have a look at the same.

› Leads Discovering Tools

The lead generation software efficiently manages the art of searching through massive lists of customers and organizing them based on their behaviour. Based on the specific set of keywords, the software automatically filters the most desirable candidates without less or no user interference. After screening, the contacts or leads are tagged separately for easy retrieval when needed.

› Import/Export Tools

Be it importing the extensive contacts list or exporting the details to the sales or another department, the lead generation tools handle everything. One has to set the preference along with the speed of import/export of the location, and bingo, the work is done. It tackles the need for going through every contact information in a detail and then sending/receiving them manually.

› Collaborative Tools

Nowadays many lead generation tools also come with collaborative tools which help employees to stay updated with the progress of lead capturing, nurturing, and their scoring details. Using the feature, the approved members can comment, edit, or reject the points when desired without any worries.

› Tagging Leads

Considered as the latest trend in the lead generation tools, tagging leads according to their behaviour helps in streamlining them into their respective niches. During the lead generating process, a potential customer’s details go through multiple phases of development, thus, not maintaining tags on them can be very confusing later. Hence, tagging them under the respective niches is highly advisable to enhance efficiency in the lead generation process.

› Reporting Tools

The analytics and reporting tools come in handy as they provide a complete and profound layover of the customer’s interest while catering to keep them hooked to your service. By understanding the customer’s orientation, one can merely divest to create more tailor-made products to keep them surprised.

› Customizable Platform

Most lead gen software comes with a highly customizable platform which enables the users to design it as they want. The simple drag and drop functionality, along with customizable themes, fonts, and more help the users to sketch their dreams into reality without much headache. Rather than investing in professional already-used design, this will surely help entice the audience more fabulously.

» What are the benefits of using Lead Generation Software?

The Lead gen software has been witnessing a steady rise in its popularity owing to offering lesser risks when compared to conventional lead capturing methods. Blindly following conventional footsteps may not provide you profitable results. When a company makes use of its workforce for discovering leads, they waste almost 85% of their time in performing repetitive tasks. However, they can simply save that time by using lead gen software. Let’s have a look at the list of benefits that this software has to offer as a minimum.

› Cutting Down the Unnecessary Tasks

While the lead generation process comprises of many repetitive tasks, regularly performing them is not required. Lead management software automates those repetitive tasks. It not only helps you to reduce the wastage of time but also saves your money and human resources.

› Detecting the Right Audience

No matter what your products and services are, if you are not able to find the right audience, all your efforts are worth nothing. The most important aspect of sales is finding the perfect audience which is automatically done by the lead management software. From gathering the data to set priorities, the software does everything within a couple of hours. On the other hand, the time saved can be used to design more customer-engaging products.

› Single Storage

Arranging huge lists of customer information from various sources as per specific folders is undoubtedly an intimidating task. However, the lead management software efficiently gathers, sorts and then stores them automatically in the company server giving you freedom from daily chores. You can quickly retrieve the files when needed without any head churning.

› Tracking Employee Activities

It is always essential to follow employee activities in the business to effectively tackle any potential fraudulent activities. Moreover, this also helps in discovering poorly performing employees in real-time and re-training them for enhancing work productivity in the company.

» Before you choose any Lead Generation Software

Although you may think that hiring the lead management system can mean that you will see a continuous uprise in your company profits, the result may not always be as expected. When it comes to analyzing if the software will be the best for the company, there are some points which are worth considering.

› Set your priorities in order

You will come across an array of options while choosing the lead management system. Hence, you must select the software which stands tall on your basic requirements, both in technical and non-technical sections. It is perfectly okay to ask questions like, ‘Does my company needs to increase lead generation?,’ ‘Do I need to better access my data?,’ ‘Do I need to increase my employee efficiency?’ etc. to your vendor. The more you ask the better you will get confirmed whether the software is good for you or not.

› Continued Assistance

During the course of time, you will continuously require help, for a few days initially, to better understand different attributes of the software. Hence, before choosing the software you must ensure that the vendor has a dedicated team ready for you all the time to help you understand the tools better. This helps in reducing the time required for mastering the software.

› Choosing the Operators List

Not everyone in your company needs to have access to the lead management system. The ones who deal with the leads generation or in charge of the sales department should only be given access to the software. As the price varies according to the number of users assigned, sorting this out in advance will help you finalize your budget for sure.

» How to select the best Lead Generation Software?

Until now, one must have grasped the gist that hiring a lead generation software can work out the process to achieve exceptional results. Thus, no wonder many companies and businesses are moving forward with their idea of subscribing the software. But here the main question is how one can find out if the software one is looking at will be the best lead generation software. Hence, in this list, we have listed some of the essential ideas to get you started. Check them out now.

› Lead Conversion Tools

The best lead gen software must have excellent lead conversion tools to facilitate the process. The list may include tools like A/B Testing, Integration with Google and Facebook’s Ad Builder, and more. Furthermore, if the software also readily integrates with other business tools, then it is an add-on.

› Provision to Choose Callback Timing

Many best lead gen software enables their users to leave their contact numbers, or emails IDs if they want a call back from the company. However, nowadays various software is also allowing their users to specify callback timing according to their preference along with their details. It helps in reducing the chances of missed leads in case if the customer is not available during the call.

› Global Call Routing

If your business covers customers from around the world, then the global call routing is a must-have for your company. Not only it helps save lots of money, but also increases the efficiency of the calls.

› Tag Manager

The most important constituent of the lead management system software is its ability to sort the leads in separate folders. While almost all software help in doing so, investing in software which additionally allows smart inbox filters, multi-channel marketing, and provides data-driven insights is indeed more beneficial.

› Easy Learning Curve

The top lead generation software must have an easy to use interface. It will allow the users, both beginners, and professionals, to quickly grasp the working of the software. Apart from that, the software developers must provide quality assistance until the software is launched with full functionality in the company.

» Pricing plan of the Lead Generation Software

The pricing structure of the lead management system software varies from one another depending on many factors as discussed in the above parts. However, to give you a detailed insight, the lowest rate of the software starts from $9/month and can reach a high of $259/month. Although one can choose from any of the premium plans, experts state using the free basic version initially to be beneficial. As one uses the basic version, they can easily understand the quality of the services provided along with their characteristics and efficiency. Hence, it serves as an eye-opener before suffering loss from hiring poorly functioning software.

» Conclusion

Now that you have fully understood the software, it will be easy for you to select the top lead generation software for your business. In order to make this your fast and last effort, take as much time as needed and select the one that weighs high on pros and stands tall on most of the criteria stated in this guide for an ideal lead gen software.

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