List of Top 10 Employee Background Check Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

top 10 Background check software

» What is Background Check Software?

Organizations hire employees after conducting a thorough background check. That is, they verify the information provided by the candidates, including a candidate’s past employment records, education history, financial, criminal and other such data. Doing this kind of data verification manually for hundreds of candidates can be strenuous. That’s where a background check software solution can come in handy. The software not only helps validate candidate information but also stores the completed verification records in its centralized platform for easy access. Moreover, it offers enough customization as well as tracking tools to speed up and simplify your workflow. You can opt for stand-alone background check software or get it within an all-inclusive recruitment software solution.

» How to Choose the Best Background Check Software?

If you want to choose the best employee background check software, you have to ensure the system contains a specific set of features & functions. To start with, the software must combine ease of use with a powerful performance. It should let you conduct different types of candidate background checks, from identity validation to employment validation to credit reports and reference checks. It should also offer legal compliance to help you adhere to all the rules. It must have adequate tracking & accurate reporting tools, along with seamless third-party integrations. Make sure the software offers a sufficient level of customization to suit your distinct workflow. Lastly, check if the cost justifies the functionality on offer. Since there are many background investigation software out there, selecting the right one can be tricky. Here’s a list of the top-performing tools in the market to save your time & energy.

» List of the Top Background Check Software

best Background Check Software

1. Checkr


One of the leading background check software for employers, Checkr, not only accelerates your hiring process but also turns it more strategic. It packs in a modern, tech-enriched mechanism that automates and optimizes your workflow to screen candidates accurately. Whether you are into retail, technology, or hospitality, irrespective of the size of your company, this software is capable of fulfilling your distinct staffing needs.

› Features

    • AI-enabled background checks
    • Comprehensive candidate screenings
    • Education and past employment verifications
    • Criminal record checking
    • Civil search capability
    • Tools to evaluate candidates’ physical fitness – occupational health & drug check runs
    • Motor Vehicle Reports validating driving records
    • Local and global screening support
    • API integration support
    • Integration with your HRIS and ATS platforms
    • Adherence to all the state & federal laws and regulations


    • It provides precise screening records.
    • It helps you fill positions faster without compromising on quality.
    • It helps cut down manual tasks through automation.
    • It enables you to stick to a more organized, strategized yet, custom background screening process.
    • It promotes fairness in hiring by reducing human bias, making your organization more inclusive & diverse.


The background check software by Checkr is available in the following four pricing packages:

    • Basic +: starting from $29.99 per check
    • Essential: starting from $54.99 per check
    • Professional: starting from $79.99 per check
    • Volume Discounts: for businesses with the need to conduct 300+ background checks a year

Also, the system offers a number of add-ons at additional costs, no matter what plan you choose to go ahead with. There are different pricing plans for international background checks.

2. Good Egg

Good Egg-best-background-check-software

Good Egg offers you innovative, fast and compliant employee background check software. From candidate text messaging to strong security and robust screening tools, the system includes everything you need to hire the right candidate. In addition to that, it provides hassle-free integrations with major applicant tracking systems to further streamline and simplify your recruitment process, lowering the standard time-to-hire to a great extent.


    • A comprehensive, modern way to run background checks that not only validate applicants’ past but also consider their present & future behaviour
    • Candidate text messaging
    • Powerful, Artificial Intelligence-enabled tools to run background checks across social media platforms
    • Support for criminal history verifications
    • Drug and health checks
    • MVR checks
    • Employment and education checks
    • Continued monitoring
    • Easy integration with a variety of ATS tools
    • Solid security measures
    • Compliance with all the necessary rules & laws


    • It streamlines your hiring process.
    • It helps you conduct background checks more effectively through its AI-powered technology.
    • It empowers you to hire the best-fit candidate for every role in your organization.
    • It lowers your organization’s time-to-hire.
    • It offers efficient, proactive customer service to let you make the most out of the system.
    • It’s continued monitoring helps you ensure everyone on your team stays aligned at all times.
    • It provides a pleasant experience to the candidates.


Since a background screening software system can never be a one-size-fits-all, Good Egg offers a customizable pricing package depending upon your individual business requirements & budget. Get in touch with the team to request a quotation.

3. Veremark


Veremark is a global employee background check and screening software solution that enables you to screen prospective and existing employees. The system is easy-to-use, fast and secure. It offers direct integration with your current hiring workflow, making the process simpler & efficient. Using this software, you can run an extensive range of background checks, right from reference, financial and civil checks to academic achievement, employment history and criminal record checks. The aim is to make the entire screening process smoother.


    • A variety of candidate background checks are available, globally
    • Simple, fast, and secure platform
    • Unmatched accuracy of screenings
    • Powerful dashboard with both single and multi-user accounts
    • Updates and alerts in real-time
    • Automated follow-ups
    • Data sharing capability
    • Trackable results
    • Insightful, shareable background check reports
    • Integration with other business systems, such as CRM and ATS
    • Scalable to meet your growing needs


    • It offers a simple interface for you to set, manage and understand hiring risks.
    • It is a trusted and completely customizable system, allowing you to stick to your unique needs and processes.
    • It enables you to get the right information through a variety of background screening options.
    • It empowers you to hire candidates from across the globe.
    • It streamlines your business operations through hassle-free integrations.
    • It is suitable to use for any industry and role.
    • It provides robust support 24/7.


Veremark offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Thus, whether you request a single background check or hundreds of them, there is no long-term contract to sign. The software also offers a free trial.

4. ClearStar


As one of the comprehensive background check systems for employers, ClearStar is more than just another screening software. The solution combines ease of use with robust technology to help you hire faster and with confidence. From pre-employment applicant screening to health and drug testing to contractor screening to background checks to medical screening, the system offers it all. Moreover, it includes social media checks and employee monitoring functions, too, for a more accurate process.


    • Powerful candidate background check system and services
    • Global screening support
    • Access control and employee monitoring
    • Robust security mechanisms
    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Reliable tools that offer accurate results faster
    • Compliance support to adhere to all the guidelines


    • It provides precise background check results from its extensive pool of screening options.
    • It enables you to hire confidently, regardless of the significance of the role.
    • It allows you to run candidate screening across the globe, helping you grow your team wisely.
    • It helps you make better hiring decisions, irrespective of your industry.
    • It accelerates the hiring process.


For pricing details of their background checks software, you can get in touch with the ClearStar team.

5. Accurate


With Accurate, running candidate background checks for employment becomes simpler, streamlined and more precise. Its all-inclusive background screening platform generates thoroughly professional results, helping you make informed recruitment decisions. You can tailor the background checks according to your unique needs. Besides, predefined packages of background checks are also available. What’s more? The software comes in with compliance capability to let you stay in line with standard regulations, maintaining your business reputation.


    • A comprehensive employee background investigation software
    • Scalable searches to meet your desired volume
    • Predefined as well as fully customizable background screening packages
    • A variety of background checks – employment history, education details, driving history and criminal background
    • Global background checks
    • Compliance tools
    • Flexible and scalable software
    • Background check API
    • Integration with your existing applicant tracking software


    • The system is suitable for businesses across industries, irrespective of the size and stature of the business.
    • It offers reliable, accurate background checks.
    • It allows you to personalize the screening process to match your current workflow.
    • It helps find the ideal-fit candidate with more ease and confidence.
    • It makes the hiring process more transparent, with a better experience for both your team and candidates.
    • It enables you to maintain your brand through compliance.
    • It has a proactive support team ready to assist you 24 hours a day, every single day, wherever you are.


The pricing information of Accurate background check software is not available. You can connect with the Accurate team to request details and get a quotation.

6. VICTIG Screening Solutions Suite


With VICTIG screening solutions, you can solve problems, save money and reduce turnaround time. It has partnered with more than 50 data providers to offer you an all-in background check software for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Using this solution, you can run precise employment and education verifications, as well as drug testing. The best part? While the system is beneficial for employers to build a safe work environment, it is suitable for use by volunteers & tenants too for availing the best background check services.

› Features

    • A comprehensive background check software
    • Suitable for employers, volunteers and tenants
    • Capability to run employment verifications, education checks, and drug testing
    • More than 50,000 sites nationwide for drug collection
    • Integration with 50+ data providers
    • Intuitive routing of your requests to the best possible solution
    • FCRA compliance


    • It makes your background check process more progressive, effective, and simpler.
    • It helps you solve gaps and problems in your existing screening workflow.
    • It saves you money and resources while reducing the overall turnaround time.
    • It eases your administrative burden.
    • It helps you hire with more confidence by providing you with all the necessary, accurate details about the candidates on time, every time.
    • It enables you to stay compliant with all the required regulations and rules.


The pricing information of the VICTIG screening solutions suite is not available. You can contact the team at VICTIG and share your background screening requirements for a custom solution & quote.

7. Asurint


Asurint offers a robust employee background screening software solution that helps you hire the best-fit candidates with confidence and ease. Whether it’s criminal background screenings, financial background verifications, or drug testing and driving records, the system offers plenty of background check services. Its advanced tools automate the bulk of your employment background check procedures. As a result, you can lower your manual workload significantly. That, in turn, helps you avoid possible human errors, increasing the overall efficiency of your hiring process.


    • An all-inclusive platform for employers to run employee background checks & screening services
    • Automation of your employment background screening process
    • Customizable interface to maintain your branding and leverage the current workflow
    • Easy-to-use design for employers and candidates
    • Web-based, mobile-friendly Candidate Direct portal
    • Integrations with a number of HRIS and ATS tools
    • Compliance with the FCRA laws
    • Proactive support team


    • It automates and simplifies your current background screening process, speeding up the recruitment cycle.
    • It makes the otherwise complicated candidate screening process smoother, faster and more accurate.
    • It helps reduce human errors through automation.
    • It saves you precious time and resources to focus on other critical tasks.
    • It enables you to make more informed hiring decisions by minimizing what we can call false positives.
    • It helps you adhere to all the standard laws and regulations.
    • It provides candidates with a hassle-free onboarding experience.


For pricing information, reach out to the Asurint team. You can also get a customized background screening solution by sharing your distinct requirements.

8. HireRight


HireRight offers a smart background check software tool to businesses of all sizes and stature. Its solution is comprehensive, on-demand and agile. With over 150 types of background check services, you can do a lot with this software, right from ID document verifications to criminal record checks to professional qualification validation to credit history and academic checks. What’s interesting is that it caters to more than 200 nations and territories to meet their distinct screening needs.


    • A powerful, comprehensive pre-employment background check solution
    • 150+ background screening services
    • Intuitive interface offering ease of use
    • Compliance-driven tools
    • A flexible solution that adapts to your requirements
    • Global reach to gather accurate details about the candidates’ background
    • Smoother onboarding experience for candidates
    • Efficient management of your employee background screening process


    • It is suitable for use no matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization – small businesses, mid-sized corporations and large-scale companies.
    • It boosts transparency and confidence in the hiring process.
    • It improves the quality of your hires across roles and responsibilities.
    • It offers a faster turnaround time with real-time outcomes.
    • It offers flexibility and scalability to meet your unique screening requirements.
    • It has a global reach to provide you with precise background information from across the world.
    • It is compliant with industry standards.
    • It works well with the top applicant tracking software, streamlining your entire workflow.


Since the pricing information about the HireRight background investigation software is not available, we suggest you reach out to their team directly.

9. Freshteam


Freshteam helps you get rid of the complications and delays in your background check process. The software automates the otherwise lengthy task of candidate data verification, saving you time and resources. Using this system, you can validate the candidates’ educational, financial, criminal, professional, and other such records with ease. Not just that, the software is designed to store the information gathered in a secure way. What’s more? It comes in with an easy-to-comprehend interface and a powerful dashboard so that you can stay up-to-date with all that’s happening in your background screening process.


    • Intuitive dashboard to visualize your background screening process
    • Support for education, employment, criminal, financial checks and more
    • A self-serve portal for your candidates to submit information
    • Automated yet customizable workflow to complement your current workflow
    • Intelligent filters to switch views and eliminate unnecessary data
    • Support for local as well as international background checks
    • Compliant with the FCRA guidelines


    • It enhances the quality of your applicants and, thus, your hires.
    • It helps speed up the hiring process by automating the manual workflow.
    • It reduces the chances of human errors and bias in the background check process.
    • It enables you to keep your workspace secure for all.
    • It empowers you to adhere to all the state and federal laws.
    • It allows you to make the right hiring decision every step of the way.


You can start a free trial of Freshteam’s background check software for 21 days. For a more comprehensive solution, you can opt for their elaborate HRMS software, available in multiple pricing plans.

10. First Advantage

First Advantage-best-background-check-software

First Advantage provides expert solutions in resident & pre-employment background screenings. It is a robust system with a suite of configurable services to fulfil your unique background check needs for employees, residents and volunteers. Whether you want to run a professional background check, financial record verifications, or criminal record checks of potential employees, this software helps you retrieve the right information from reliable sources; faster. All that while maintaining compliance.


    • An all-inclusive employment background checks software for employees, residents and volunteers
    • Background screening for vendors, freelancers, executives and contractors
    • Professional, financial, criminal, and social media screening
    • Monitoring of driving records
    • Global searches and reach for businesses having an international presence
    • Unique and easy-to-use interface
    • A configurable set of services


    • It enables you to optimize and accelerate your background check processes.
    • It provides accurate results out of its efficient screening operations.
    • It empowers you to work with talents from across the globe with its global reach.
    • It helps minimize hiring risks, helping you hire confidently and protect your brand, whether you are recruiting a full-time employee or partnering with a contractor.
    • It works for businesses across industries, from staffing, healthcare and retail to transportation, manufacturing and banking.
    • It helps you create a safe working environment.
    • It saves money, is simple to deploy and offers mobile workflows.
    • It lets you stay compliant with the necessary rules & guidelines.


Get in touch with the First Advantage team to know the pricing details of their background check software for employers.

» FAQs

1. What is background check software?

A background check software solution is a tool that helps you verify candidate information before you proceed to hire them. Using such type of software, you can easily validate a candidate’s educational, professional, financial and criminal record history. The software is available as a stand-alone system as well as a part of a complete recruitment platform.

2. What is the purpose of background check software?

Background check software aims to furnish accurate, relevant details about your applicants while making your hiring process streamlined and smoother. Besides, the purpose is to minimize risks and enable you to hire faster with confidence.

3. What are the key features of an employment background check system?

Every employment background check system comes with a distinct set of features. However, there are certain aspects common to all. These features include ease of use, intuitive dashboard, real-time updates, screening options such as professional record checks, criminal record checks, education verification, and financial record validation, centralized & secure storage, mobile-friendly remote access, global & local screening support, integration with the leading ATS and HRIS systems, actionable insights, scalability and flexibility, and compliance.

4. How would a background screening software system help my organization?

With background check software in place, your organization is able to save time and money while complying with all the required regulations. Since a majority of tools automate your process, you get accurate results with minimal administrative burden. The system allows you to acquire all the necessary information about applicants, helping you hire the right person for the right job. It also speeds up the entire hiring operation, reducing the time-to-hire significantly.

5. How much does an employee background screening tool cost?

The cost of background screening tools varies from vendor to vendor. For instance, one system can cost as little as $30 per check, while some may cost a whopping $149 per month. Luckily, many vendors offer customizable pricing and a pay-as-you-go model to suit your individual requirements and budget.

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