10 Best Reference Check Software for 2023 (Free & Paid)

top 10 Reference Check Software

» What Do You Understand about Reference Check Software?

Reference check software is a set of programs for automating contacting and enquiring about the references provided by job applicants. It aims to increase the efficiency of human capital management professionals in procuring a piece of detailed and reliable information about the shortlisted employees. The companies use reference checking tools integrated with an applicant tracking system.

» What Are The Steps to Get the Best Reference Check Software?

The reference check software differs according to the company or business requirements. Hence, you need to understand your requirements before making a final decision. Each automated reference checking software contains different features. However, the recruiters would follow the standard process of performing the reference and background checks, which is the most critical selection process. The steps for selecting the best reference check software are:

  • Be sure about your requirements
  • Check for the features that you seek
  • Check for the software’s compatibility with your system
  • Check whether the application suits your budget. (Sometimes, the companies compromise with the budget if it is the only application that meets their requirements.)

» Top 10 Reference Check Software Platforms in 2023!

best Reference Check Software

1. Xref


Are you looking for insightful software that automates your employment reference checking process? Xref is one of the most advanced online reference check software designed to help users with better candidate insight in a few seconds. The software facilitates your request and automation submission within the 24-hour turnaround time, including additional valuable layers. The recruiters and HR department get an online platform that enables them to perform reference and background checks like criminal past criminal records, ongoing court cases, employment background, skills, qualification checks, and financial credit checks.


  • It is an automated reference checking software that includes bulk reference checking with no limits.
  • It offers automated templates for reference checking questions.
  • It helps you to get relevant insights & fraud alerts.
  • It facilitates the usage of facial recognition & liveness detection technology.
  • It is user-friendly software.


  • It offers protection to your business from possible reference fraud.
  • It helps in hiring candidates quickly.
  • The app helps the business in hiring suitable candidates.
  • Xref provides the platform for HR professionals to benchmark applicants based on values & competencies.
  • The built-in reference questionnaire present in the software helps acquire candidate information.


Contact the sales team to know different types of pricing packages.

2. Zinc


Are you seeking an application that performs all-in-one global background checking? Zinc is an automated reference checking software with a unique approach to conducting background verification. The advanced companies that care about the candidate experience would use the background checking tools in Zinc. It allows performing an employee reference check manually or through a predetermined methodology. The software offers the most potent sharing options to companies and employees. Zinc is a reference check system developed using blockchain technology, which empowers candidates to control their data.


  • It is an automated reference checking software
  • It is a reference check system made up of blockchain technology.
  • It contains a centralized dashboard that allows user interaction.
  • It provides robust sharing options to companies & employees.
  • It provides functionality to perform candidate background checks manually or automatically.


  • It saves your time with the help of an automated process for quick response.
  • It helps in conducting a bulk reference check.
  • It offers the most effective service to business enterprises.
  • It is a GDPR-compliant software that complies with EU and UK law.
  • It allows the users to have live chat support instantly.


Contact the concerned reference check vendor for pricing details.

3. RefLynk


Do you want to eliminate the time-consuming hiring process? Sometimes, screening thousands of resumes and conducting a background reference could overwhelm the recruiters. However, the good news is that technology offers you the most incredible gift in the form of RefLynk, which offers you an automated reference check system used in multiple ways. With RefLynk, you can expect a response from at least 72% of the responses. The software features you with alerts and notifications via text and email after the completion of reference surveys. It also provides consistent feedback and comparison. RefLynk also allows easy consumption of extensive data. You can get the reports online either in HTML or PDF format. The companies also use RefLynk for conducting efficient and productive exit interviews.


  • It notifies the candidates with alerts and notifications by text and email after completing the surveys.
  • It is a candidate-centric application, enabling users to take the initiative to collect response feedback.
  • It sends automated reminders to the candidates every 12 hours in case of declined references.
  • It delivers the status report to your inbox every morning.
  • It enables customized surveys through text or email.
  • It offers a simplified report reading.
  • It provides automated feedback.
  • It is configurable software, adaptable to any user.


  • It saves your time
  • It avoids the refusal to provide a reference check.
  • It gives a piece of direct information to the competent supervisors.
  • It enables you to reach people in any location.
  • It helps you to avoid spam email filters.
  • It makes the reports easy to read.
  • It allows you to send phone invitations to candidates and references.
  • It can be used for multi-purpose feedback.


RefLynk offers different types of pricing packages like:

  • School pricing: The pricing comes to you at $39/month
  • Church/ministry: The church/ministry pricing costs$9/month. 
  • Volunteer pricing: The billing of the volunteer package comes to you at $9/month.
  • Home Healthcare: The pricing for Home Healthcare is $39/month.
  • Corporate pricing: The pricing for the corporate package is $59/month.
  • Reseller pricing: The candidate fees start from $1.20/candidate.

4. Crosschq 360

Crosschq 360-best-reference-check-software

Are you seeking a tool that performs reference checks? Crosschq 360 is a tool developed by Talent Intelligence Cloud. The purpose of developing Crosschq 360 is to assist the world build diverse and winning teams. Hence, it eliminates traditional reference checks. Crosschq 360 is a reference check system for employers designed to perform digital reference checks, pulse surveys, & artificial intelligence predictive quality to hire new talent. It empowers recruiters to make quick & unbiased hiring of candidates. Crosschq 360 performs an automated process and generates candidate reports within 48 hours, based on their information. It also streamlines efforts, including ATS.  Crosschq 360 also helps build a new source of qualified and active talent.


  • Designed for providing alerts/notifications.
  • Comprises background screening
  • Offers the users an activity dashboard
  • It helps the recruiters with candidate management
  • It is highly customizable and user-friendly.


  • Saves your time on reference checks.
  • Helps you to form a winning team.
  • It saves 85% of your overall turnaround time.
  • It is 100% online reference check software that offers data security.
  • It aids in interview management.


Contact the sales team or the vendor to know the pricing details.

5. RefNow


It is an online reference check software that helps companies to make quick and intelligent recruitment decisions through online employment reference reports. With RefNow, you can request a reference within 30 seconds. It also enables the candidates to add their referee contact details, which enables the recruiters to collect references through a secure and mobile-friendly questionnaire. The users can also view and download a complete reference report with detailed feedback about the candidate within 36 hours. Many global businesses rely on RefNow for gathering detailed employment references about the candidates with the help of automated GDPR-compliant feedback. It enables the recruitment team to collect speedy references based on the information to select the right candidate among various prospective applicants. The reference check system would take care of references through automated emails, text messages, and phone calls until all references get completed. RefNow also enables you to set teams for different levels, like agents, teams, and organization admin.


  • It is an online reference check software.
  • It contains automated GDPR-compliant feedback.
  • It features the uses with Pro Plan Plus.
  • It allows customized questionnaires.
  • It is an applicant tracking software.


  • It speeds up the hiring process.
  • It helps in creating an automated reference request.
  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • It provides 24/7 customer support
  • It notifies the candidate to add a new reference in case of failed reference.


The user would get 5 free credits as a trial. However, if you need more credits, the charges would be based on reference credit. Contact the sales team or vendor to know more about the pricing.

6. Jointl


It is a cloud-based pre-employment reference checking software that allows recruiters to assess and manage candidate scores. Among all reference checking tools, the form builder tool is one such tool that allows users to use pre-defined templates and questions to collect references from prospective candidates. Also, it allows you to add customized questions according to your business needs & individual requirements. Jointl encourages engageable conversations with automated response analysis, giving you comprehensive insights into candidates’ personalities. Jointl also promotes pre-employment assessment to instantly identify the right fit among thousands of candidates, reducing your turnover and resulting costs. It enables you to gather references with only one click.


  • It includes bulk reference requests, completion alerts, etc.
  • It is also automated reference software.
  • It features the users with role-based permissions.
  • It provides AI-enabled solutions with automated analysis of reference contexts.
  • It provides access to share results with team members to facilitate collaboration.
  • It offers readymade and customizable templates within a few seconds via an interactive template.


  • It performs reference checks with lightning speed.
  • The pre-employment assessment helps in getting valuable insights at a single glance.
  • It offers real-time management of the screening process from the dashboard.
  • It helps in the quick identification of the right talent.
  • It saves the recruiters from stress.
  • It provides a positive & pleasurable hiring experience to the recruiters and candidates.
  • It helps to conduct reference checking effortlessly.


Jointl comes to you in four versions.

  • Free: It comes to you with a free trial for 15 days with the features essential for the screening process.
  • Specific Solution: It contains the modules for automating specific stages of the selection process. The pricing for the Specific Solution version is $49/month.
  • All-in-one: It comes to you with a complete solution for automating the entire screening process with a $99/month pricing.
  • Enterprise: It contains advanced workflows, permission, and security, designed for extra-large business and enhanced administration requirements. Contact the vendor to know about the pricing.

7. VidCruiter


It is an automated reference checking software that lets you quickly get better insights into your next employee without a phone call or email. Hence, VidCruiter would be ideal for recruiters seeking the software without performing manual work. It cuts long email threads and numerous phone calls through automation, reducing the administration department’s lengthy load. Furthermore, it provides an in-depth and accurate response, which builds confidence in your next candidate’s steps with data-driven responses and automated scores. It also helps in collecting & protecting legitimate responses, which avoids fraud. Hence you would get assurance with authentic and accurate reference information while your data gets safeguarded against unauthorized users. The platform will flag an error if the reference’s IP address or device matches the candidate’s IP address. 


  • It is an automated reference check system for employees.
  • Designed to give better insights about the employees in record time.
  • It provides you with an on-demand video interview.
  • Live & pre-recorded video interviews.
  • Offers job applicants a user-friendly and custom-branded digital hiring experience.
  • It provides the users with various pre-built and custom integrations to seamlessly exist with your current software.
  • It offers a secure and confidential process.
  • It contains anti-fraud IP tracking.
  • It helps in developing a custom-branded questionnaire.
  • It offers the users with assigned weighted scoring.


  • Performs reference checks without phone calls or emails in a record time.
  • Provides you with an in-depth and accurate response.
  • Easy validation and secure references.
  • Provides honest and reliable responses at all times.
  • Protects your data from unauthorized users via anti-fraud detection & restricted access.
  • Helps monitor the users who can view a candidate’s references despite having restricted access features.
  • It helps detect misspelled or out-of-use reference email addresses, including email bounce tracking.


Contact the sales team to get the pricing details.

8. Referoo


It is Australia’s leading online reference check software for its efficiency and simplicity. According to the sources, it collaborates with Digital ID, designed by Australia Post to provide an instant and secure background id. Sometimes, when you communicate with a candidate’s previous employers over the phone, you may be unsure about the feedback you would get from them. However, in the digital world, companies perform reference checks online. Today, there are new ways to verify a referee. Referoo is an online referencing tool that generates fast and secure reference checks. The software features the users with a suite of customizable tools regardless of the business type and size. It is also easy to understand how the users operate the software. Referoo enables you to perform automated reference checks, which makes the entire process faster and easy. You can also complete the reference checks via email, SMS, or phone. The software’s online reference checking solution helps clients deliver an efficient reference check.


  • It is a complete online referencing tool that helps quick reference checks.
  • It provides flexibility and customization.
  • It enables you to make quick analyses and reports.
  • It is a self-service portal.
  • It allows the users to make customized question templates.


  • It saves your time and ensures that you complete reference checks faster.
  • It helps business enterprises to establish contacts with referees.
  • It helps in creating evaluation surveys to gather candidate information.
  • It helps the HR professionals to send an email invitation to candidates & track their status.
  • It suits all types of businesses.


It has a free trial. Please feel free to contact the sales team to know the pricing details.

9. Checkmate


Checkmate is a user-friendly online reference checking software that collects and verifies employee background. It offers the users a catalog of reference check template questions they can choose according to their needs. The software provides the users with an intelligent questionnaire functionality to collect the required information of all candidates in real-time. It enables the recruiters to form their questions according to the furnished information. Also, you get the platform to send reference requests through email or text to candidates to nominate referees and answer questions that recruiters & hiring managers ask them. Over 190 countries use Checkmate for reference and background checking.


  • It contains automated alerts for reference requests. 
  • It contains customizable forms and templates.
  • It is a self-service portal.
  • It allows bulk reference requests.
  • It is multi-language software.
  • It helps you to prevent fraud via fraud alerts.


  • It provides 24/7 customer support.
  • It minimizes your risk of optimizing the hiring process.
  • It performs international criminal checks.
  • It performs global qualification verification.
  • It plays a critical role in anti-money laundering.
  • It saves the referee’s time with the help of a direct questionnaire.
  • It generates a consolidated report
  • It offers users a questionnaire library.
  • It helps in building an appropriate questionnaire for each role.
  • It provides multiple ways for a referee to respond to phone calls online.
  • It helps you to keep track of the progress, updates, and alerts.
  • It offers branded experience to the users.


Checkmate offers different pricing packages like:

  • Casual Check: The pricing comes to you at $17 per check.
  • PlusPack: The pricing of PlusPack is $145 per check.
  • Enterprise: Contact the vendor to know the pricing of the enterprise package. 

10. SkillSurvey Reference

SkillSurvey Reference-best-reference-check-software

It is an online reference checking software solution that delivers data and reduces first-year turnover. SkillSurvey Reference became famous for its simplicity, compliance enhancement, and meaningful feedback. It is also a reference check system for employers that helps them with an automated reference check solution, speeds up their process, and lets users get an in-depth and comprehensive view of all candidates regardless of their hiring, onboarding, or interviews. It is the only software that improves talent decisions and reduces risk via predictive analytics.


  • It is an online automated reference check solution.
  • It features the HR manager with in-depth reference checking.
  • It helps in applicant & activity tracking.
  • It contains approval process control.
  • It offers users customized templates, questions, and branding.


  • It gives insights to the employers about all candidates & employees.
  • It helps in finding & hiring suitable candidates quickly.
  • It helps in the deployment of people analytics.
  • It helps the recruiters in the smooth hiring of the candidates.
  • It helps in team empowerment with 92% less time.


Contact the vendor or sales team for pricing details.

» Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of reference check software?

The purpose of reference check software is to reduce the load of recruiters while quickly performing background checks and finding suitable candidates.

2. Why is reference check software essential?

Reference check software helps in many ways. It focuses on helping human capital management professionals work more efficiently to procure detailed and reliable information about candidates.

3. What does HR do with reference check software?

The HR uses the reference check software to perform a thorough background check of the prospective employees by contacting their previous employers, colleges, schools, and other references furnished by a candidate. They also use that software for screening the candidates.

4. Does the reference check software suit small businesses?

Yes, it does. However, it depends on your mindset and budget.

5. What is cloud-based reference check software?

Cloud-based reference check software is a tool that helps recruiters in automating the recruitment process through verifying referee details. 

6. What software would be best for conducting a virtual interview?

VidCruiter reference check software best suits virtual interviews as you can speak to the candidate through video calls.

7. What is the best employee reference check software?

The best employee reference check software depends on your business requirements. Hence, it is for you to decide what the best is.

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